Hawt whore really cant live without fucking a lot

Hawt whore really cant live without fucking a lot
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Preface: It's Sunday morning! The last four days have been a blur, controlling the sexual life of three women. Angela white big tits at busty sex with them and directing two of them to give their husbands to the third. They've written accounts of their encounters. They've begun to share their fantasy lives with me through their Fantasy Journals.

They have each confirmed submission through specific tasks. It is my decision today will be a day of rest and reflection, on my end.

Because they easily worked as a team to give Tina the ultimate experience, it's now time to push their teamwork further. It's time to push them, individually as well as together. Many different opportunities for assignments revealed themselves in my thoughts for the "Team". Getting Lori and/or Kelly to test Tina's inclination to female-female playtime; giving Tina more experiences to reveal her sexual prowess; getting Kyle, Tina's husband, to fuck Lori and/or Kelly; getting Kyle's secretary to fuck me; but, most important, see if Mike (Lori's husband) and Paul (Kelly's husband) can become a part of the team (without them really knowing!).

The rest of the weekend found me reading the posts made for fantasies and viewing the photos. There wasn't a ton of extra information to build any teamwork, so, they will be there for me to review in the future.

There were a few messages about the following week's schedule. Wednesday would be JUST me with Lori, while dropping groceries off at Kelly's. Lori will sneak into my car and hide herself on the floor of the backseat.

Thursday would be JUST me and Tina. After dropping off groceries at Lori's, Tina would be out walking and hop into my car. Friday would be JUST me with Kelly. Kelly should be visiting Tina when my delivery happens. Kelly will climb into my car and leave with me. However, there would be assignments for each of them to be completed with the help of another. Both Monday and Tuesday morning would be huge. This week was meant to make sure they could work as a team, without me, and when they ARE with me, we would talk about their experience with the teamwork assignments.

Kelly's Fantasy Journal entry was about having sex in Tina's pool, with everyone around, but, not letting anyone know she was getting laid.

She wanted to feel seed erupting inside her while not letting anyone know she had just taken someone's full orgasm. She was worried the guy wouldn't be able to handle filling her without making it obvious he was having an orgasm, but, that would have to be a bridge to cross if she ever fulfilled the fantasy.

Her picture had her bikini tied around her neck, but, hanging between her breasts. Her bottom pulled aside to expose her pussy, a hand holding it in place. Lori's Fantasy Journal entry was a reflection of our experience. She said the fantasy that has dominated her fantasy life, other than having control of someone, was my mentioned "three questions" direction. It was all she could think about.

What were the questions? What else might Teacher direct besides 'salty breath' which she assumed was swallowing his load? Everywhere she's gone since hearing that, she has been watching for discreet places to take someone. Her picture was her shirt pulled down, breasts exposed, her skirt hiked up and panties pulled aside, one leg lifted off the floor and pretending to wrap around her lover.

Tina's Fantasy Journal entry surprised me a bit, as it was her at a glory hole, sucking a cock that popped through, then, tugging it a bit as she turned and slipped it in her pussy or ass. She wanted to let him cum all over the place, but not inside her, not swallowing it. She said the thought of the cum launching all over was erotic to her.

Her amy anderson xxx fuking hard all sex stories storys was her catcher pose against a wall, her hand wrapped around an imaginary cock sticking out at her.

The Story Begins: Monday morning, it was obvious how our week should start. The following group message was sent through the Teamwork App: Well, it appears my Goddess enjoyed herself and my Toy and Student kept the boys in line. I enjoyed the video and photos added to the experience journals by Lori and Kelly.

I'm confident if Kyle ever talks about his secretary, Tina will crush his pitiful story…and we've just begun! I've added a couple of tabs to the Teamwork app.

I expect each of you to learn the Scenarios, Roles and the Directions listed. The Scenarios will be things like the "Three Questions" I've mentioned before. Look through Roles to understand how you should behave during the Scenario. There will be very few times I ask you to play a role with your husband. The Directions will be playtime directions like the "Salty Breath". This way, when you ask for permission to play with your husband, or I give you direction to play with someone, I don't have to type a long message like this.

Please familiarize yourself with the terms and details. I expect eager compliance for every interaction in the future! Today is a reward for Lori and Kelly for how great they did with involving their boys. Tina, you get all the kids at the pool tonight.

Get them before the boys get home. During the day today, Tina, you will go get a hotel room and two keys, leave a bottle of something you know everyone will like in the room. You'll get thank you cards to give to Lori and Kelly. Inside the generic thank you message will be two written letters, sealed. One addressed to the wife, one addressed to the husband.

The wife's letter will say "enjoy yourself and remember how much fun I had with your husband." The letter to the husband will say, "DO NOT LET YOUR WIFE SEE THIS! You're meeting <put the other couple's names>. I expect you'll treat your wife as you treated me. I expect you both, together and separately, to give these beautiful women anything and everything they want. Encourage them to use their phones again, and you use yours.

I expect YOU to send me AT LEAST pictures of your cock in each pussy, I expect to see each wife's face with your cock these horny college hot sexy beauteous cuties her mouth.

If, when you get to the hotel and the other couple has arrived, you want to tell her I set this up, you may…but…not that you're sharing pics with me! Do not disappoint me. Goddess" Or however you see fit ;-) Put the hotel key separately in the envelope. Lori and Kelly, you will each open your letter, show him the note, show him the hotel key. Ask him what his note said, but don't push. Lori and Kelly, get dolled up, Clean…Belle…for when your guy gets home.

Tell him Tina wanted to make sure he understood how much she appreciated things…tell him she will have the kids for a few hours. Do NOT tell him about the other couple. Just tell him to get dressed up, quickly, so you two can enjoy the time you have.

Keep in touch with the other wife, make sure you do not end up arriving together to the hotel room. As soon as you get out of the driveway, wiggle your skirt or dress up enough he sees your lack of panties. First to arrive is responsible for setting the mood, getting naked, getting the hubby hard and ready. Second to arrive, wives are to pretend to be surprised.

See how the boys handle things. Ask if they knew, don't push or show disappointment, instead, encourage it. Naked wife should approach clothed wife and embrace, kiss, undress…the two of you should play with each other, ignoring the guys for a bit. See how they handle the assignment they were given. Make sure they accomplish their assignment. Each of you will suck each of them. Each of you will fuck each of them.

You two will stay Fresh…CONTROL YOURSELVES! Even though neither of you are being rewarded with an orgasm tonight, I am rewarding Kelly with a fantasy fulfilled. When the two of you have let the boys accomplish their tasks from Goddess, I want the two of you to look at the boys and tell them how you want them to finish.

Kelly on the bottom of a girl 69. That you want your husband fucking the other woman, pulling out to let you swallow his load. You want him to record pulling out of her and you swallowing his load. Here's the deal though…you're NOT going to swallow his load.

When your husband pulls out of your friend because he's going to cum, you will grab his cock and take his first burst of cum in your mouth (or your face, or down your chest between you and your friend)…then…move his cock and let him spray his cum against your friend's pussy while you stick him back inside her and pull his hips forward.

Make him cum in her pussy. When your friend sticks her husband's cock inside you to cum, kegel tight…hold his cock inside you and feel him fill you. You are NOT TO ORGASM! As soon as he's finished, let him pull out. When you husband finishes and pulls out of your friend's pussy, immediately take his cock in your mouth to clean it. Stick it back in your friend's pussy to pull more of his cum out of her for you to clean off his cock.

Clean your friend's pussy. Sit next to each other and kiss, use your fingers and tongue to clean any cum off the other's face or chest. I'll expect full reports. For the new tabs in the app, there were just a few starter terms and deions: Situations: When given a situation to pursue, without further Directions, consider your ability to orgasm dependent on our current Agreement.

All Girl You are free to play with any woman currently identified. You may even bring in another woman from the area, if you choose. You are NOT to play with any man involved. Your focus should be on providing pleasure to any woman you are involved with, regardless of the pleasure of any man involved. NO ORGASM, unless given explicit Directions. All Good NO LIMITS on playtime, or seduction tactics. You are free to play with anyone currently involved. You are NOT to bring anyone else into playtime.

You are to focus on pleasing the person you are with at each moment, in any way you choose. ORGASM per Agreement or Directions. All Gorgeous You are free to have a man fuck you when you are focused on target woman. Must have Direction for his orgasm. Your orgasm by Agreement or Direction. All Gratuitous You are completely free to play with anyone present throughout the encounter. This Situation allows you to orgasm as you choose and freedom to finish any man in any way you choose.

All Guy You are free to play with any man involved. You are NOT to try to bring another man from the area or play with any woman involved. Your focus should be on providing pleasure to any man you are involved with, regardless of the pleasure of any woman involved.

ORGASM per Directions. Bring-A-Buddy Your playtime with target is dependent on target's ability to find another person of same gender to join you.

Your focus must be on target first, buddy next. Orgasm by Agreement or Direction. Bring-A-Friend Your playtime with target is dependent on target's ability to find a friend to join you. Friend may be of any gender. Your focus must first be on target, then friend. Orgasm by Agreement or Direction.

Bring-A-Pal Your playtime with target is dependent on target's ability to find another person of opposite gender to join you. Your focus is on target primarily, friend secondarily. Orgasm by Agreement or Direction. Candid Camera Expectation is that you will get as much of playtime as possible on camera, as a video, without your partner knowing it is happening.

You should practice getting your phone to video mode and hiding it around the house so you're ready to do this with a target. Explicit Camera You will playfully bring your camera out and get pictures and/or video of your encounter. EVERYTHING should be on YOUR camera. You can promise to share later, but, you should NEVER give your contact information to a target. If you want the target to play again in the future, we will discuss how to share without giving away your contact information.

Tagalong Your ability to play is dependent upon finding another person to participate. This may be person specific, like "waitress, Tagalong" means your ability to play is dependent upon getting the waitress to join us. Free to orgasm at will when you successfully recruit a specific target. Non-specific targets, like "Tagalong, female" will allow orgasm by Agreement or Direction. Three Questions You will approach the target individual and ask three questions. 1. Are you sexually healthy…nothing sexually transmitted?

a. If answer is "unhealthy" you're done b. If answer is "healthy" continue to next question 2. Would you be interested in helping me fuck my friend over there? (indicating me) a.

If answer is "yes" you're done b. If answer is "no" continue to next question 3. Would you like to find somewhere private for just the two of us? a. If answer is "no" you're done b. If answer is "yes" take them wherever necessary for fulfilling whatever finishing Directions Roles: Aggressive Think Sharon Stone in Sliver…Demi Moore in Disclosure. Empowered woman who knows what she wants and isn't afraid of going after it.

Dressed to impress. Does not give up control of the situation or the target. Ariel Think ditzy. Think TOTALLY naïve. You will appear easy to manipulate (you should always stay in control to follow Directions). It will also indicate you need to be ready for something to do with water. Bikini will almost certainly be involved, but, could also mean skinny-dipping. Amateur You will talk to the target about your desire to get into porn, but, without having to deal with all the industry bullshit.

You want to do it on your own, with people you choose…and you're choosing them. For Explicit Camera, you'll have a camera operator. For Candid Camera, you'll tell the target there are cameras around the room, but, you're trying to do a hidden cam show.

Available You will make sure the target knows you are available, despite whatever other situation is in play. This will usually happen when I see someone's attention focused on you while we are together.

You are NOT to disappear with the target without further Situation and Direction. Back-to-School You will be the "school empty nester". A bit frazzled, slightly askew fashion sense, exhausted, but, anxious for something to do now that you're not chasing kids. Belle Think "southern belle". Flirty, fun, smarter than anyone understands, but, a little naïve.

Low-cut top, short skirt or shorts. Bright lipstick, subtle eyes. Clean When you dress, you'll be pantiless and braless Cougar You will be expected to find a much younger man in your endeavor.

You'll be the "teacher" in the situation. You'll want to control the situation, control the target. Be mindful of the Directions for disposition. Hotwife You will take the lead with the target. Target is to understand your 'husband' needs the story, needs the pictures (if given that Direction), needs the video (if given). Most of all, 'husband' needs to know you'll arrive worn out and sore from sex.

Further Directions for target's disposition. Off-to-School You will be the "non-traditional" student. Looking like you are lost in today's rush of school and life. Your fashion will be casual and functional. You'll have a bag overstuffed with things you "must have" for classes and projects (and a toy or two).

Sub You will dress as appropriate. You will stand just behind Target, on their left side. You will respond appropriately to everything said. You'll ask for permission for EVERYTHING during time together. Target must order your drinks, food, whatever…you will ask if you can drink, for every sip; ask to eat, for every bite.

Tease oldnanny granny lesbian and teen strapon fucking You'll wear something more revealing than normal. You'll flirt heavily, but, give every intention you'll NOT follow-through with the target. Remember, you're not a whore, you're a tease! Vengeful You will use Tina's story as your own…a husband who is cheating or has cheated…as the way to bring target into your encounter.

If there is opportunity for multiples to play, this is your approval to add more than one to playtime. Directions: Back-Side When target has his orgasm, it should cover your back.

Broke-Back Take your target's cum in your ass. Bush Pilot You will make sure your target fills your pussy with cum, evacuating it as soon as possible. If our Agreement allows you to orgasm when you are filled, you are free to orgasm at this time; if you are given the Fresh Direction, you will NOT allow yourself to orgasm.

Otherwise, you must be given the direction to Finish. Detour Take your time with your target. Don't make it obvious, just enjoy what you're experiencing.

Finger Licking Target oral on you, allow use of fingers during play. Orgasm is by Agreement or Direction. Finish You can orgasm according to our agreement. If that means when you are filled with cum, or if examine legal age teenager sex act hardcore and blowjob means whenever you want.

BUT, your focus must remain on your lover's pleasure. Fresh You are explicitly being told NOT to orgasm. Regardless of Agreement, you will NOT orgasm during your encounter. Gut Check You will have him finish when you're on your back, pulling him out to take his cum on your stomach.

Handshake Move each female participant's hand to your primary male companion's cock. Show her how to massage and sexy chicks camila and dike engage in threesome creampie him.

Harmonica You will be oral on a man and woman fucking. Play them both until she has an orgasm. If he is allowed to cum, clean them both as thoroughly as possible. Harpsicord Target should be oral on you while you are being fucked by a man. Target can focus on your pleasure or shared pleasure, should clean at least your pussy after being filled. Intro Your job is to "introduce" your primary male companion's cock to each female participant, guiding it inside her pussy. Lewinski Stay at least partially clothed during your encounter.

When your target finishes, let it spray all-over your clothes. Lip Service You will control target's oral activity on your primary male companion.

Coaching her to his preferred methods of oral pleasure. Lock-Down Target does NOT get into your pants. No touching, tasting, fucking. Your bottoms stay on throughout the encounter.

If not given this Direction, you are free to get your target near orgasm by whatever means necessary. Play-Along Exaggerate your pleasure when target finds your favorite places. Do NOT fake pleasure if target struggles to please you, guide them to your pleasure spots and exaggerate your pleasure when they are doing things right.

Mud Mask Finish your target orally and let his cum cover your face, very little in your mouth. Repetition Do not let your target stop after the first orgasm. Regardless of how you finish the first time, a Direction of Repetition means you are not to stop focusing on their pleasure when they finish, but, to find a way to try to get them excited for a second round of play.

Salty Breath You will finish your target orally, swallowing his load completely. Shower His cum should be taken across your chest, typically either as he fucks your breasts or you're sucking him off. Sing-Along You will be oral on a female target. Make her orgasm. If this hot sluts play ribald dykes girlfriend and homemade done with two of you, the target is allowed to orgasm.

Speeding Ticket Finish your target as quickly as possible. Without further Directions, you will NOT orgasm. Trumpet You are only allowed to suck your target to orgasm.

Will be given additional Directions for where to take his cum. I see their Fantasy Journals trickle in during the morning: Kelly's Fantasy Journal was about seducing Kyle.

She wanted to see if she could get him to fuck her, even if it took blackmail about telling Tina about the secretary. She wasn't sure about how likely that would be, but, she wanted to experience Kyle. She wanted to see if Tina should be happy or sad about Kyle's affair. Her picture was a bathroom selfie, her back against the wall, her shirt and bra pushed to her biceps, behind her head as a kind of pillow against the wall, her leg lifted and panties pulled aside.

Lori's Fantasy Journal was complete submission. She wanted to be by my side, walking through a room of people, being directed to do everything from kiss the shoes of someone to flashing her breasts to sucking and fucking, all at my direction. Her picture was a sheepish face, with her shirt pulled up as if flashing someone and her shorts pulled down to mid-thigh, exposing her pussy.

Tina's Fantasy Journal was pulling a true Goddess. She wanted to introduce Kyle's secretary to her Master, since she knew what Kyle was packing and his tendencies. She wanted to offer her Master to secretary, thanking her for her letter, showing her what that letter prompted her to start. The condition being she wanted to watch secretary with him. She wanted her Master to fuck secretary, but, keep his cum to herself. Her picture was laying on her back, completely naked, her hand appearing to slip her lover's cock into her to cum.

Late Monday night, notifications from the Teamwork App were plentiful: Tina's Experience Journal: I grabbed a plastic pint of Hot Damn! I hit the dollar store to buy the generic Thank You cards, grabbing one for each couple. Then, headed to the hotel to get the room. Checked in, grabbed two keys. Went up to the room and sat down to draft my Letters…Master was clear about the letters for Kelly and Lori, so I followed directions. For the boys, this is what I came up with, only the names changed for the other card: Mike, do NOT let your wife know what I'm writing!!!

I've set you and Paul up for the swinging excursion they wanted, but you two didn't let happen. I want the four of you to know how much I appreciated that revenge fuck…and…I'm hoping I might be able to play again in the future ;-) You two should treat your wives like you treated me…let them have you however they want…but…Goddess demands some proof that things were wonderful, so, you will send me at LEAST four pictures.

A picture of each wife's face as she's sucking your cock. A picture of your cock inside each wife's pussy. Your wife is NOT to know you're sending me these pics though! Turn it into something that turned you on about our time together and see if everyone can use their phones as cameras…have fun…do NOT disappoint me! XXX, Goddess When I dropped the cards off to Lori and Kelly they were all giggles and smiles.

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I think, after watching me with the two husbands, they were ready for this! From the pics I received from them after the kids went home, I think they all had fun…I received the four required pics; a pic from Paul's perspective of him fucking Kelly with Mike's cock in her mouth; a pic from Mike's perspective of the same situation; a pic from Mike's perspective fucking Lori with Paul's cock in her mouth; a pic from Paul's perspective of the same situation; then, video from each of them as they began to cum, pulling out of their wife's friend, spraying cum on their wife's face, then on the friend's wife's pussy, then inside her pussy.

They both kept the video rolling long enough to see their wife clean his cock. There were smiles all around! I think it could be difficult to keep these boys calm, now that they know their wife and a neighbor are into this kind of sex…will Master allow me to play with them again?

Kelly's Experience Journal: When Tina dropped off the card and invited the kids to the pool, it was fun…I smiled and thanked her for the card…a bit giddy because I knew what was happening, but, reserved since I didn't want the kids to delicious schoolgirl swallows a massive load pornstars brunette any hints. When the kids left, I took a long hot shower, shaved my legs and my puss. It was very difficult to keep from touching myself, but, I know how disappointed Sir would be if I did.

The thought of Mike's willy filling me with his seed is keeping me so wet and horny. I slip into a dress I know Paul likes, and I can wear without a bra or panties.

When Paul arrived home, I met him at the door with a passionate kiss and he said, "Damn woman, what's this for?" and I handed him the card from Tina. He opened it and saw the hotel room key and smiled. Then, he saw the notes with our names on them. Mine was already opened, so he opened it and read the brief note Tina wrote to me. He smiled. I said, "I didn't open yours, although, I was more than tempted…so what does yours say?" He opened the note and opened his mouth, like he was going to read it…and stopped…he scanned the paper at least three times before he opened his mouth again, "it says we're to have fun, that she wants us to have fun, because she had fun and might want to play again with us…that's a pleasant surprise, isn't it?" I smiled and nodded, reaching for the note.

He pulled it away from me and folded it up, inserting it back into the card and slipping the key into his pocket. "I'll jump in the shower quick and get dressed. We can head out in about 20 minutes, alright?" "Sure, hun, whatever works!" I text to Lori and she says Mike isn't even home yet, so, it should work out fine with us arriving first. I make my way to the bathroom and flirt with Paul while he's taking his shower. He gets a bit frustrated that I'm so flirty, but, gets ready and we head into the car.

Before he even moves out of the garage, I shift my hips and dress up, revealing my freshly shaved and pantiless pussy to him. He looks and says, "What are you doing? You're going to make the drive difficult, aren't you?" "No, just want you to know how excited I am for some alone time where we don't have to worry about kids walking in on us!" He smiled and looked a bit weird as he started to drive out of the garage. I left my dress hiked up, I even tipped my seat back a bit and spread my legs.

I didn't touch my pussy, but, I did massage my breasts over my dress and I did press my palm against my pelvic bone, above my pussy, just to make sure he knows I'm ready to play. We get to the hotel and I make sure I'm covered before climbing out of the car. We make our way to the room and there's a pint of Hot Damn on the stand with the TV, and a handwritten note from Tina that said, "Have fun…remember…be good to each other…I want to be invited back to play again!" I laugh as I read the note out loud, then move to Paul and kiss him passionately.

I reach back and unzip my dress, peeling it away to make sure he sees there wasn't a bra either. "Now, let's get you out of those clothes…I've got some ideas I'd like to get to." He backs away, saying, "Well, we can certainly get started, but…" I don't even let him continue as Newbie addison gets her pussy pounded hardcore style brunette and cumshot start to push his shirt up, opening his belt and pants.

"…hun…hold on…" I just keep going, dropping his pants to the floor, dropping to my knees and pulling his boxer briefs down to get his willy in my mouth. He almost falls over, stumbling out of his pants as he continues, "HUN…slow down…having you take pics of playtime with Tina was hot…why don't you grab your phone…take some pics and video of our playtime.

I'm going to grab mine as well. Let's capture some moments for our own kind of pleasure reel!" Sir, I'm so impressed with the way he brought this up…knowing it was something Tina was requesting of him, I was working to see how he was going to include it…I was getting hot witnessing his sexual awakening.

There's no way he's controlling me, but, it was hot as hell seeing him finally suggest something sexy! "Sure…it was hot doing it, so, I'm not sure how it'll work, taking pictures of ourselves, but, yeah, let's do it!" I grab my phone and toss him his, "So, let's see how this works, because I want to suck that willy…like RIGHT NOW!" I get back to my knees and put his willy in my mouth, turning my head awkwardly to the side to get a selfie with my phone.

I look up and he's already got his phone trained on my smile around his willy. Then, the door opens…it's Lori. "Wait…what? What are you two doing here?" The door closes, and Paul and Mike make eye contact. Mike begins, "Lori, and Kelly, Tina told us she wanted the FOUR of us to have some fun…since the swinging didn't happen the first time. She thought if the four of US had fun together, it might make it easier to play between us in the future." Paul sex brazzers com new storys his agreement as he's standing there, pants on the floor, with my hand wrapped around his willy.

I stand, completely naked, setting my phone on the rough wrestling kinky nicole finds a good match of the bed, and make my way to Lori. "Well, I guess we should tell the boys we've played ourselves a couple of times after the whole New Year's Eve fiasco, huh?" She nods as I move in for a kiss.

As we kiss, Lori reaches behind her and unzips her skirt, letting it fall to the floor, exposing her pantiless pussy. My hand immediately reaches up her shirt and around her back, finding no bra straps, I move my hands to her breasts. After giving each of them a good squeeze, I pull my hands out from under her shirt and lift it over her head. She lifts her arms straight up so I can push it off her completely.

I glance around the room. Both of us girls are completely naked, Paul is standing there naked and Mike still fully clothed over by the pint of Hot Damn, now laughing.

"Tina really set us up, didn't she?" We all laugh for a moment and Mike continues.

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"Gotta hand it to the Goddess…she's put the four of us where we couldn't put ourselves, and, she wants to jump right back into the mix, but, make sure we're all okay with everything first.

She's smart…she's amazing…she's gorgeous…I can't wait to get her back with us!" Lori moved over to him and began to kiss him, looking up at him. She said something and he smiled, reaching around to smack her bare ass as he starts to peel off his shirt and she redirects to his belt. Paul has snuck up behind me and wrapped his arms around me, one hand moving to my breasts, the other to my puss. "So you know, I may enjoy being with Tina…but…YOU'RE the one I want…every…day…you're my princess, always have been, always will be…got it?" I fight back a tear, knowing I've already given him to another woman and been fucked by Sir, but, I wouldn't be experiencing this without Sir, so, I am EXACTLY where I want to be!

"Got it, baby…" I whisper into his ear. Then, I slither back down to my knees, turning around and slipping Paul's willy back into my mouth. I look up at him, again taking a couple of pictures of my smile around him. I feel a hand on my back, gentle touch, running down the middle of my back, then, lips on my shoulder and some whispers in my ear, "Let's give them a show." So, I pull my face away from Paul's willy and turn toward Lori.

We kiss again, rising from the floor to stand. I hear Mike this time, "When the two of you were taking pictures and video, it was the hottest thing…let's remember this time with some pictures and videos.everyone okay with that?" We don't even stop kissing as we both nod agreement. I can hear the boys around us with their phones snapping pictures.

My hand drops to Lori's smooth puss, first one, then two fingers curling up inside her. Her knees buckle a bit as she shifts her legs apart to give me some added room to finger her. She turns, her back to me now. She raised a hand and curled a finger to direct Mike over to her, kissing him deeply before reaching down and playful teen megan rain pounded by massive hard schlong one of my hands, guiding it to Mike's willy.

As I wrap my fingers around him, I can feel it get harder in my hand. Each stroke of his shaft is greeted by further stiffness. "Paul, get over here…" I find myself saying. As I put Lori's hand on Paul's, I continue, "…thanks, baby…" I raise my voice so everyone hears to continue, "…now…do we need any rules for the four of us?" Lori responds, quickly, "NO limits…Tina's limit was because she's not married to anyone that was playing…I want to be free to let our playtime flow, without thinking about what's happening…everyone alright with that?" "Sounds wonderful…" I instinctually reply, my hand sensing further stiffness in Mike's cock at the thoughts, "…I think Mike agrees as well." He smiles at me as our eyes meet for the first time this evening.

"It appears Paul agrees as well…" I hear Lori mumble, "…so…let's play?!" We both drop to our knees and begin to suck the other's husband off. I look up and see Mike taking pictures of me sucking him. I use my left hand to stroke him as I continue to suck his head, my right hand moving to Lori's breasts, then to her puss. I feel her shift her legs and bring a hand between my legs.

But, we both seem to be on the same page, because we pull our lips away from the other's husband and turn to each other, kissing passionately. We situate ourselves facing each other, I have my right knee on the ground between Lori's legs, her right leg is between my legs. While I never stopped stroking Mike, I turned my head to Paul's willy, moving my face to take him in my mouth. I feel Lori's lips touch my left hand and let her bob her head up and down Mike while I simply squeeze around the base of his length.

I look up at Paul and smile as he takes my picture swallowing his length. As soon as I pull my face away, Lori is there to kiss me, turning toward Paul again, letting me return to Mike.

I move both my hands to Mike's ass as I take him in my mouth. I drive my face toward his hips, shoving his willy down my throat. I gag on his length, something I can't do with Paul, and hold his hips there until I am forced to pull back to get a breath. I smile up at Mike as my face dives right back down on him. I can feel his hottie gets banged and her feet spermed flex against my throat and all I want to do is feel his seed down my throat…but…I know what I'm supposed to do…maybe next time Sir will want me to do something else.

I feel Lori's hand rub my ass, slipping below my hips and her fingers finding my pussy. She runs her fingers between my lips, slipping a finger inside me.

I feel her guide me to my knees, shifting my body so my knees were spread, but, I could still reach Mike's willy with my lips. Then, I feel Paul's willy rubbing between my puss lips and slipping inside me. I feel the familiar twitch, but, focus my attention on swallowing Mike. After a couple more times gagging on his length, Mike grabs my head gently and pulls it away from his hips, looking down at me, "If you do this much more, I'm going to be useless to both of you…" I smile up at him as I feel Paul pulling back and pushing forward against my hips, the familiar slap of his hips against my ass.

I break the silence, "Paul, you're not going to finish too quick, are you?" He responded he didn't think so, but, I continued, "Well, let's take a little break…" I pull my hips forward and feel his willy leave my puss.

All I want, right now, is to feel Mike's length inside me…but…I know he needs to get inside Lori first, if we want to finish them the way Sir directed…so…I turn and motion for Lori to lay down on her back, motion for Mike to get to his knees on the floor.

As soon as he's in position, I stroke him a couple of times, licking my hand and spreading Lori's puss lips before rubbing him between them and slipping him inside her. She gasps a bit at his entry and I hope Paul doesn't get a complex about size…as he slides deep and shallow within her, first slow, then faster, I keep my hand on her pelvic bone, pressing down to feel his willy moving inside her.

She grabbed my hand, moving it and shaking her head at me. I think she would have lost control if I continued! I move my lips to Mike's, then turn and see that Lori has already brought Paul's willy to her mouth again, now taking both men. I shift to perfect body blonde fuck purse snatcher learns a lesson Paul and hear Lori's moans of pleasure from Mike's movements. It is obviously driving Paul over the edge.

He pulls his hips back as he says, "Damn…I need another break…" I kiss him again as he sunny leone xxvi with boy, ".and…I can't believe I didn't let this happen that New Year's Eve!" Mike responds, as he pulls out of Lori, "That's fine Paul. I'm not sure I was ready then either. I think introducing Tina the way these ladies did was the perfect way for us to be brought together, rather than just the ladies playing with each other and us jumping in." "Yeah, I was trying to control things back then…now…I feel more comfortable letting things flow." Lori interjects, as she sits up, "But, I know I'm ready for the bed, this floor isn't very comfy." "Took the words out of my mouth…" I add, as I'm already moving to the bed.

"Hey, I've got an idea…" Lori smiles at me, I think she knows exactly where I'm going. "…I know I've sucked both of you, and Lori's sucked both of you, but, I think we've only actually screwed our own husband, right?" Lori nodded her head. "Well, I think it's time…" Lori nods her approval. "…I want to put Paul inside you. I want to be able to lick you while he does you.

I want him to pull out of you and finish down my throat." Lori smiles as she responds, "Damn girl…that sounds hot…watching Mike's cock fuck your beautiful pussy, pulling out and letting me taste you when he cums…yeah, I can get on board with that. I just want to be on top, taking Paul doggie, if that's alright?" I nod my approval as I situate myself onto my back and help her straddle my head, keeping my hair out of the way of her knees.

"Alrighty then, Paul…warn Kelly you're pulling out so she can get that cock in her mouth…same thing for you Mike…warm me you're pulling out so I can get that thing to my mouth…oh…and you should definitely be recording when you're going to cum!" "mmmmm…yeah…record that…for sure." I couldn't help myself from adding.

As Paul's balls hover over my face, I pull his willy down to my mouth and suck him, making sure to leave him spit soaked, then, lick between Lori's lips, circling her nub with my tongue. I move Paul's willy to her puss and realize I'm putting my husband in another woman's puss. I pause for a moment, somewhat torn…then…I feel Mike's head rub between my lips and slip inside my puss. I gasp a bit at what a change he is from Paul, and it refocuses me on slipping Paul into Lori's puss.

Mike husband masturbates in front of wife free story SO good sliding inside me. I have to concentrate to keep from orgasm. I kegel down on him as he pulls back and release when he drives forward. Focusing on my actions against Mike is holding my orgasm at bay. I open my eyes to watch Paul slide in and out of Lori and use my fingers and tongue to tease Lori's nub and Paul's balls.

Splitting my attention to timing my kegel to Mike and pleasing Lori and Paul is a lot of work, but, I see why Sir wants me to learn the control. To choose when I can and will release myself to the pleasure and when to focus on my lover's pleasure. Paul's voice brings me back to the moment as I hear him say, "Damn…I'm gonna cum already…" he pulls his hips back and I wrap my fingers around him, I can't get it to my mouth before he launches all over my face.

Quickly blinking my eyes, I get his willy right near Lori's puss as he launches his seed to splash against her puss lips, the glob mostly falling to my neck. I guide Paul's hips back to Lori's, pulling him into her and holding him against her hips as I feel him tense with the next launch of his seed inside Lori.

My tongue moves to her nub, to Paul's balls, I can taste his seed and her juices hairy teen mature man our business is private his hips buck a bit with more seed filling her.

"Lori…um…Kelly put me back inside you instead of swallowing my cum…" "Damn Paul…just fuck me…just fill me then…if she wants your cum in me, FILL ME!" His hips rocked back and forward again, another blast of seed into Lori.

"FUCK YEAH! This is why I didn't want any limitations…I LOVE the feel of you filling me Paul…FUCK ME!" Then, Mike's willy twitches inside me and his hips buck before he pulls them back, popping out of me as he says, "Lori, you're making me cum!" I can't feel him inside me, but, I feel something against the outside of my puss, then, I feel him fill me…COMPLETELY…and, "Lori's putting me back in Kelly too…FUCK that feels AMAZING!

What are you doing to me Kelly?" I continue to kegel against Mike when his hips pull backward, letting nurse alexis fucks while nurse tori watches drive deep inside and milking his seed from his willy when he pulls back.

My attention is so focused on Paul's willy pulling some of his seed out of Lori, getting it into my mouth to clean him that I almost forgot to enjoy Mike's seed deep inside me.

His hips bucked me…HARD…Lori's hand pressed against my pubic area, just like I did to her, jolting me out of focus and nearly pushing me off the cliff into orgasm. I slapped her butt and heard her laugh as lurch after lurch of Mike's hips sent more seed deep into my puss. When he finally pulled out of my puss, I could feel his seed oozing out and dribbling down to the sheet beneath me. Then, I feel Lori's tongue and her fingers.

I feel her slide Mike back inside me and pull him out. I forgot about that part of my assignment. I was too focused on staying away from orgasm. I hope Sir will forgive me for this mistake, but, Paul was already moving away and slipping his clothes back on. Lori was climbing off my face and Mike was moving toward his clothes as well. I just wanted to lay here and relish in the pleasure that was washing over me now that we've finished our experience.

German selfy record for indark

Lori pulled me to a seated position and we kissed. Then, the boys returned, half dressed, and we kissed the other's husband before kissing our own. They helped us to our clothes. As we returned home, Paul asked if I enjoyed everything that happened. I smiled at him and reached a hand to his thigh.

I gave him a squeeze and said, "you're MINE. It is fun to play with someone else, but, I'm ALWAYS going to return to MY guy…got it? What did you think about tonight, and the other night with Tina?" He said he enjoyed the lack of limitations tonight, more than trying to remember what limits we had with Tina.

He also said having me put him inside Lori was hot as hell, instead of just playing with Tina. When we finally get home, I sent a message to Tina that we had arrived so she could send our kiddos home. Paul disappeared for a while, I'm guessing to text his pictures, but, I didn't even ask. I have a feeling the boys will want to play more often, I hope Sir will help us keep our husbands happy, after what they've experienced in the last few days!

Lori's Experience Journal was as follows: When Tina stopped by with the Thank You note, the kids about exploded at the thought of pool time again tonight. I overplayed the gratitude with the card and she told the kids they were welcome any time, so, they went immediately! I made my way upstairs and it was all I could do to keep from playing with myself as I took a shower, shaved, even used my post shower lotion to make sure I was smooth and fresh for tonight.

I'm not necessarily looking forward to fucking Paul, I remember he was significantly smaller than Mike, but, I'm certainly looking forward to seeing how Mike's cock looks in Kelly's pussy. I'm also looking forward to see how the boys handle this whole thing. Deciding on a skirt and lightweight pullover shirt, I pull my hair back so it won't get in the way. Light makeup. Gargled mouthwash, quick spritz of perfume chanta rose and lorelei lee whipped ass video from job the body before stepping into my skirt, slipping my arms upward through the arms of my shirt.

As my shirt falls across my breasts my nipples pop visibly underneath. As I step into my skirt and lift it to my hips, I'm picturing Kelly, naked, body a bit sweaty, cum dribbling down her thighs, walking a bit bowlegged after Mike is done railing her.

It seems like no time at all before I get the text from Kelly that Paul is home. I told her it was going to be her first at the hotel.

As soon as I get the confirmation from her and an alert hit they were leaving, Mike walked in the house. I decide to play it shy, waiting for him to come into the living room, with me leaning back on the couch, my ass at the edge. I'm flaunting the card in my hand as he asks, "no kids?" I shake my head. "What's this?" I motion it toward him.

He opens it and sees the hotel key, looking at me quizzically. I shrug my shoulders, he sees the letter addressed to me and reads it. Then sees the letter addressed to him and opens it. He silently reads the note, before I say, "so, it's a couple of hours of time alone…want to get changed so we can head out?" He nods, running upstairs to get himself out of his work clothes and into something else. When he opens the door to the car, I hike my skirt up before I sit, letting him see my bald pussy as I take my seat.

"Well then…guess I know you're ready for something to happen, huh?" I simply nod to him as he shuts the door. When he climbs in the car, he can still see my pussy sitting on the seat of the car.

He reaches for my thigh, but I grab his hand. "Seriously…you're going to make me look at that the whole way to the hotel?" I smile and nod at him. "Well then, guess I should be used to that." My smile continued with his conversation, "So, we're still okay with us, after the experience with Tina?" I nod, still smiling, "If she wanted to join the two of us, you'd be okay with that?" I nod, my smile growing, "What if Kelly and Paul approached us for the whole swinger scenario again?" "Mike, I told you to fuck our neighbor…I enjoyed watching you fuck our neighbor…I STILL go back and watch the video I took of you fucking our neighbor…and…if my best friend asked me to let you fuck her, I would put your cock inside her myself…" He looked over at me and stared, "…do you doubt me?" He shook his head, "…good…what is that look for then?" "Just wondering if this has been an option all marriage, or a recent development?" "Something about that New Year's Eve night woke something up inside me…when we heard about Tina's situation, it just presented an opportunity to see how I youthful sweetie fucked by old paramour oldvsyoung and hardcore react…I enjoyed it…A LOT…but…the biggest question is…do I get another guy's cock inside me?" He turned and looked at me again, contemplating the proposition.

"Are we really swingers now?" "NO! I'm not ready for a key party or simply swapping for sex. I want to enjoy watching you with someone else, I want you to watch me enjoying someone else, whether it's a man or a woman…" He contemplated the statement. Looked like he wanted to say something but stopped himself. "Mike, I'm not LOOKING for us to have sex with other people…I'm willing to let it happen, if the opportunity presents itself.

Does that make sense?" He nods, with the hint of a smile crossing his face. "Don't go getting any ideas that you can just bring someone home and expect me to play along.

I'm in control of my pussy AND your cock. You don't get to just fuck someone without my approval, and, you're not going to force me to fuck someone I don't approve of, got it?" As he's nodding his head, and his mouth opens to start talking. I realize I need to keep control of the conversation, so, I continue, "Mike, there's nothing you're going to say that will change my mind about that control…you understand?" He nods his head. "Good. I amateur lesbo cuties get their spread slits licked and reamed see treating you like a bitch and commanding you to do things or not do things, or anything like that…alright?" He nods.

"Now, can I say something?" I nod. "What are our rules then, if I find a woman I'd like US to play with, how do I bring her into a conversation? If you find a man you want to try to bring into our bed, how do you bring that to me in conversation?

If you tell me you want to fuck this guy or that guy, do I get any veto power?" He takes a breath, so, I jump in, interview facial forget your car problems after sex any woman you want, any time you want…if you want me to bring any man I want, any time I want. Like I said, I'm not looking to bring others into our bedroom, just looking to see when opportunities might present themselves…got it, big shot?" He nods and smiles awkwardly.

Teacher, I need to understand how to get control of this situation. I can't wait for my next encounter with Teacher, and my next assignment, but, I need to make sure Mike's good with how we roll! So, we walk up to the room and I open the door…Kelly is already on her knees, Paul's cock in her mouth. The curves of her body are gorgeous, her breasts, her hips.

Then, she turns and I remember I've got to be surprised at this situation. She feigns surprise better than me with her greeting. We both look at our husbands, but, they handled it perfectly. Mike stepped up with, "Tina set this up…for us to have fun…so we're all good with what happened with her and she might be invited back into something with us." Kelly makes her way to me as the door closes and tells the boys we've played, on our own, a couple of times since the New Year's Eve fiasco.

We then kiss, and, since See how this large pumped up stranger girlfriend homemade already naked, I reach back and unzip my skirt, just letting it fall to the floor.

I feel Kelly's hands run up, beneath my shirt, along my back. When she noticed I didn't have a bra on, I saw a bit of a smile. Kelly lifted my shirt off and immediately ran her hands from my hands above my head, down my arms to my breasts. Each of her hands found a breast, massaging them quickly as her lips found my nipples, squeezing each in turn. Her tongue licking circles around each, in turn. Her hand slides down my side and finds my pussy, letting first one, then a second finder curl inside me.

I turn around, letting my back press against her stomach, feeling her breasts against my shoulder blades, her breath against my neck. As I continue to enjoy Kelly's fingers fucking me, I look over and notice Mike has also gotten undressed. I curl my finger at Mike, beckoning him to join Kelly and me in the middle of the room. As soon as he gets close enough, I kiss him passionately. While I kiss Mike, my hand finds Kelly's and leads it to Mike's cock.

I couldn't believe hearing Kelly call Paul over. She sounded so assertive. Something different than the deions I hear from Teacher. When Paul arrives behind Kelly, she grabs my hand and helps it find Paul's cock. It is a bit underwhelming, compared to Mike, but, I enjoy having a cock in my hand. The excitement is in the fact I know I'm going to have this cock inside me, and Teacher is allowing me to be filled by his cum. I sense Kelly starting to drop to her knees and I join her, twisting my head to take Paul's cock in my mouth.

I can hear the phone taking pictures, so, I look up and smile at him. Then, I hear Kelly gagging as she pulls her face away from Mike's cock. Her body immediately moves forward again, I can feel her desire as her body tenses next to me, struggling to take all of Mike down her throat. As I continue to bob my head up and down Paul's shaft, I'm beginning to feel like there have been enough pictures this way, especially since I haven't even sucked Mike yet, and I know he's going to need to get those pictures.

As if on cue, I can feel Kelly's body shift and pull myself back, kissing her as I see her face turning toward me. Instead of turning back to Paul, I decide to turn toward Mike. I don't want Paul to feel he's lacking too much, so I make sure I don't take all of Mike and gag like Kelly did, but, I do feel Kelly hasn't removed her hand from Mike's cock, so, I take enough she can feel my lips, I run my tongue along the underside of his shaft, tickling his head. I feel Kelly shift her body again and take the opportunity to kiss her again.

Kelly quickly turns toward Mike and I know she wants his cock, so, I decide it's time to up the game and help her lift her hips a bit as I guide Paul to his knees on the floor. I suck his cock again, making sure he's good and hard then rub his cock between her pussy lips and slip him inside her.

I lift my face to his and kiss him passionately as his hips rock forward and back, fucking his wife. I pull away from our kiss and see him snapping some pictures, so, I move my face to Kelly's ass and kiss her cheek, reaching a hand underneath her stomach and teasing her clit.

My other hand reaches around to Paul's ass and forces him to drive harder into her, squeezing his ass and holding him inside her as I hear another cough and gag from Kelly, I look down and she's smiling up at him and diving back down his length. When she pulls her head back this time, Mike pulls his hips away and tells her he's not going to be any use to us if she keeps doing this.

As soon as Mike says something, Kelly calls Paul out about his ability to last any longer. When Paul agrees it's time for a bit of a break, Kelly starts to guide me to the floor, on my back, and Mike to his knees between my legs. She licks her fingers and strokes Mike's cock a time or two before rubbing his head between my lips and slipping him inside me.

He's stretching me, as always, and it makes me gasp a bit, but, I turn my head to Paul and take his cock into my mouth. I take my time sucking and licking him to keep things active, but not too much, while I wait for Mike to get some pictures of his cock in my pussy.

I see Paul taking some pictures as well, must be to show that I'm getting both of them at the same time. I feel Kelly press against my pelvic region, the pressure against Mike's thrusting cock was almost too much for me to handle.

I move her hand and shake my head at her. I think she understands why. I see her kissing Mike, then Paul. The thrusting of Mike is getting intense and I find myself moaning with pleasure. Paul pulls his hips back as he says, "damn…too quick back at it…I need to stop again. I can't believe I didn't let this happen that New Year's Eve!" Mike pulls his cock out and says something about the timing being better, and the method of using Tina to open the door was almost perfect.

As I sit up on the floor, I interject that I was probably too pushy back then, but, I just needed to get to the bed…the floor was bothering me too much. Everyone agrees, and Kelly even suggests we move to our final position of the encounter. Hearing her describe watching Paul's cock moving in and out of my pussy, of teasing my clit with her tongue while he fucks me…hell, even having him pull out so she can swallow his load…gets me hot and I even tell her that!

I add that I want to see Mike's cock in her beautiful pussy, trying to keep the focus on her, rather than on Mike, and mention that I want Paul doggie-style, just so I can make sure Kelly gets her position…and…because I think it's the best way to get Paul as deep as possible in my pussy.

Kelly lays on the bed, arranging her hair to make sure it will be out of the way of my knees and legs, then, helps me straddle her face.

As we finalize our positions, I continue, "Alright, Paul, warn Kelly when you're going to cum, so she has some time to get you into her mouth…same thing for you, Mike, give me a moment to get you into my mouth…got it?" Both boys nod their understanding, so, I continue, "oh, and both of you should be recording video when you cum…this will be a moment I'd like to relive!" Kelly's response was perfect with a long "mmmmm" and then encouraging them to record it.

I feel Kelly moving around under me, then, Paul's cock rubbing between my lips, there's a pause in her demeanor. It is time to distract her with Mike's cock. This is exactly what I was telling Mike I would do, to put him in my best friend's pussy.

I draw his cock into my mouth, slobbering on his length before helping guide it to her pussy. As I rub his head between her lips it is everything I wanted to see. I put his head right at her threshold and look up at him with a HUGE smile. He's grinning as well, he knows how she hungered for his cock in her mouth, and how she is probably aching for his cock in her pussy.

He raises his phone as I move my eyes back to her pussy. When he knows I'm ready, he pushes his hips forward. I have reached my hands under her hips, using my fingers to spread her pussy open for his cock.

He pulls back a bit and then forward, his cock going further inside her. Watching his cock pull back again, now moist with her juices, then push deeper, is driving me crazy. Having Mike inside her has reminded Kelly that it's time to let the husbands fuck. I now feel Paul's cock pushing inside me, and her tongue flicking my clit. The sensation of her tongue and his cock begins to push me toward the cliff, watching Mike's cock back and forth is not helping me.

Luckily, before I could get too far along toward the cliff, I hear Paul announce he's already going to cum. I feel him pull out of my pussy, I feel a blast of cum against my pussy and I feel him slide back inside me, his hips bucking forward and slapping against me with more cum filling me.

I hear Paul say that Kelly put him back inside me and I just let loose on him yelling at him to fuck me, to focus and fill me, since that's what Kelly wanted. I don't even remember what I said, I just hope it's nothing so bad he's upset about it! When he has finished and pulls out of me, I decide to give Kelly a taste of her own medicine and press my hand against her pelvic area, just above her pussy. I can feel Mike's cock moving within her. Then, a smack on my ass from Kelly lets me know she understands why I needed her to stop earlier.

Now, it's Exclusive the hottest blonde lovita fate turn as he announces he's about to cum.

I see him pull his hips back and his cock pops out of Kelly, I wrap my fingers around him and try to get him to my mouth. His cum launches between Kelly and I, hitting my breasts and splashing down to her stomach. His second jolt was placed perfectly, splashing Kelly's clit and dribbling across her gaping pussy. Then, guiding his cock back inside her, his hips slam forward so his third jolt of cum was deep in her pussy. Kelly must be working him good, Mike starts going on about whatever she's doing driving him crazy and being amazing.

I'll have to ask her what she was doing! When Mike finishes, I pull his cock to my mouth and lick him, then suck him. I move his cock back inside Kelly and pull it out, he's covered in cum again and I clean him off.

Slipping him inside Kelly a third time to pull more cum out proves more difficult, so, I give up and let him move away, as Paul was already starting to get dressed. As I move and sit, I help Kelly to sit next to me and we kiss, tasting cum on each other's lips, I drag a finger along Kelly's throat to collect some of Paul's cum and lick my finger clean. Kelly drags a finger along her stomach to collect some of Mike's cum and lick her own finger clean.

We all collect our clothes and get dressed. On our way home, Mike tells me he had a great time. He said he's not sure how this will develop, but, he's excited to see what will be next.

Finally, making our way home and sending a text to Tina to send our kids home. It was then I noticed Mike missing. Probably sending his texts to Tina. I hope Teacher understands that he's opened up Pandora's Box with these boys. They will probably want to play more, with all three of us!

Followup: Seeing how excited and into things the boys were tonight, it's obvious where I need to take things. The Goddess will be starting her own team tomorrow. We have just expanded OUR Team without even letting them in on the adventure fully! Now, let's see how the girls handle a serious conversation with their husband.

It's time to remove the limits and make sure these boys know the girls are 'in charge'.