Big latin milf booty bouncing on black man

Big latin milf booty bouncing on black man
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As Julian walked into the hotel room dragging his bag behind him he could hear water running in the bathroom. Great he thought to himself! So he called down to the front desk to have someone come up and look at it. The girl said they would send someone right up.

Julian had spent all day on a train, and was exhausted. He was really looking forward to taking a nap before going out for dinner. After about ten minutes of waiting Julian tossed his bag onto the bed and pulled out his pajamas. Just as he was undressing he heard a knock at the door.

It had to be the maintenance guy, so he hollered that he would be right there. Quickly Julian pulled on his flannel bottoms, and then his fleece top. He then ran to answer the door, and just as he did his cock poked itself out of his unbuttoned fly hole.

Slightly embarrassed he apologizes for wild bang with hot playgirl pornstar and hardcore very awkward greeting. The big hulk of a man just chuckled, and said no worries young man, and said "My name is Ronald and, I have seen more crazy things around here than that." Julian said I could imagine, and recovered enough to say please come in Ronald!

As Ronald walked past Julian held his hands over his crotch area attempting to not have us an instant replay.

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As we continued on down the hall towards the bathroom Julian could not help but notice how big and strong Ronald was. Julian was getting a bit turned on in h Ronald's presence with his tool belt clanging off his black teen sizi sev fucked by stepbros cock, and with the sweaty man scent he left in his wake.

As Julian entered into the bathroom Ronald said the running water sound appears to be coming from the toilet. Walking over to the toilet Ronald bent over lifting its lid off, and placed it onto the seat. As Ronald turned around Julian stood in the door way trying to cover his now raging hard on. Julian shifted his weight, and leaned against the door frame hoping Ronald would not notice his erection. As Ronald walked towards Julian he smiled, and said, "Do you see something you like young fella?" Julian stammered for words but all that came out of his mouth was a squeak that was supposed to be a "yes." Ronald said, "Take your hands away from there, and let's see what we have," as he knelt down in front of Julian.

Julian's fully hard six inches stood straight out of his opened pajama fly. A droplet of pre cum formed at the tip. The hulk of a maintenance man grabbed his Julian's cock, and squeezed as his cum droplet fell to the floor. "This pipe appears to have a leak," Ronald said and as he looked up. Julian asked if he knew how to fix such a thing.

Ronald began stroking his callused hand up and down Julian's cock not saying a word.

Julian let out a soft moan to let him know he was enjoying his hand on his cock, and wanted more. Julian closed his eyes now in ecstasy, and began to rock his hips gently speeding up Ronald's strokes.

Then Julian felt a warm sensation and when he opened his eyes, and looked down Ronald had removed his baseball hat, and was sucking on Ebon gorgeous teenie wishes for wild lechery cock full throttle. His cock sucking skills were very polished, and Julian knew he was going to cum fast if Ronald kept this technique up, and soon as suspected Julian began to erupt in his mouth, and with that Ronald put both of his hands on Julian's ass, and pulled him tight against his beard covered face.

Julian's knees got weak, and gave way as he pulled Julian to the floor. Soon Julian's new found friend was on top of me, and was hurriedly tugging my pajama bottoms off! Julian pulled his top off, and the cold tile floor instantly gave him goose bumps.

Julian was now lying completely naked in front of this burly guy that was now feverishly unbuckling and unbuttoning everything that covered his manhood.

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When finally! After much anticipation Ronald's cock bounced out of his boxers! His cock was thick and long sticking out from a sea of black pubic hair. Julian anxiously pulled his knees up to his hairless chest, and spread his legs exposing his shaved asshole to his now glazed over eyes.

As Ronald leaned forward making an audible growl a string of spit slowly emerged off his bottom lip, and expertly landed right on Julian's puckered asshole. His fingers deftly worked Xxx saxy 18 yer balik spit into his asshole, and then putting those same fingers to his own mouth to taste his own ass.

Now letting Ronald his new found lover take over from here, Ronald eased his big cock against Julian's quivering hole then slowly fed his big cock inside of Julian. He gasped out aloud in pleasure!

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It felt as if he was splitting me in two as I dug my fingers into his big strong arms. Working in and out slowly he seemed to be struggling as his breathing was heavy, and his sweat was now dripping onto my torso. I wrapped my legs around his waist, and pulled him all the way into me as we began to fuck in a gentle rhythm seemed to work for both of us. Amazed at the sight of this hulk of a man Julian had hovering over him he began to see the look of pleasure come over Ronald's face as he began to fuck Julian faster, sunny leone xxx vidoe mp4 low harder until he let out a cowboy size yell as no doubt he squirted his cum deep inside Julian's bowels.

Julian's now juicy ass was letting Ronald glide in and out with great ease. With one last grunt Ronald fell atop Julian in exhaustion.

As he pulled out of Julian he kept apologizing for some reason but Julian assured him he was ok and that he loved it rough. Ronald got up and pulled his pants up and put his tool belt back on, and held out his hand to help Julian up. Julian picked up his pajamas, and as Ronald put the lid back on the toilet he said "yeah this toilet is always acting up." "Next time all you really have to do is jiggle the handle" flashing a big old smile.

"Or you can simply call the front desk, and I can come jiggle it for you smiling once again." Julian told him he was there for three nights, and that he should expect more problems with that toilet.

They both laughed as Julian followed him to the door, and Julian and Ronald kissed good bye.