Spandex angel tight spandex bike ride tube porn

Spandex angel tight spandex bike ride tube porn
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Chapter 17 I woke up this morning with a bit of a head ache. Not sure why, but I feel that it had something to do with last night's events. As I lied in bed, waiting for the headache to go away, random scenes from yesterday were flashing back through my confused adolescent mind.

That short dress started it all for me. The embarrassment of not wearing any underwear whatsoever, the doctor telling the store clerk that I had nothing underneath, the high heels that I was forced to ware for which I was totally unprepared. And then the theater&hellip. How could I go along with all of that? Letting him do those things to me in public, exposing my private parts to those men in the next balcony, then satisfying them all in the restroom&hellip.

The more I thought about it, the more I was disgusted with the whole thing. I really needed to get out of bed and take a long bath. So I grabbed my bath robe and headed down the hall and into the bathroom. I let the hot water fill the tub while I started cleaning off the makeup off my face from the previous night. As soon as it had filled, I stepped in slowly until my body was fully submerged. I knew that I had to give myself a good wash, but for now I just sat there, enjoying the warm feeling… Suddenly, there was a knock on the door: "Jasmine honey, are you going to be long in there ?" It was my the lure of a carnal massage hardcore blowjob. "Just a bit longer mom, why?" -"Dr.

Carter just called and said that he wants to go over some things with you… Something about the presentation that you attended yesterday. He says that he can meet us over at his house today, since he doesn't have any openings at his office. I think that's really nice of him to see you even without an appointment, don't you?. Honey, can you hear me?

I just couldn't answer&hellip. Finally I managed to get out a faint: "OK mom"&hellip. I realized that he was obsessed with me. He just couldn't get enough, or maybe it was because he knew that he can do whatever he wanted to me, or he was just testing to see how far he could take things, or maybe…… A million things went through my head all at once.

I figured that there was no point to torturing myself with the "why and what" questions. Might as well just finish bathing and then take it from there. So I started washing myself. I usually work from top to bottom. I washed my shoulders, down my neck and then my chest.

I spent a bit more time washing my large breasts, not wanting to be too rough with them since they were always so sensitive. Then I made my way down to my toned waist, then further down between my shapely legs. I reached one hand I the front, washing my pussy, and the other hand reached behind washing my round bottom. Once I felt like it was all as clean as I could get it, I continued down each leg, one at a time and ended with gently washing each little toe… I'm pretty ticklish there, so I have to go slow.

I wasn't planning to wash my hair today, but since those perverts got some semen in it last evening, I had no choice. In fact I realized that I should have washed it last night, instead of sleeping with some stranger's cum in my hair, but I was just too tired to do anything… I shampooed really well and conditioned, then rinsed it twice.

Finally I was pleased with my hygiene, so I allowed myself to get out of the tub. I say hygiene because I still felt dirty, mostly on the inside although my body was clean enough that you could eat off of me… I dried off and put my robe on, then made my way down to my room.

I put on some slacks that I wore around the house and then went downstairs for breakfast. Mom was waiting there with some eggs and toast, and since I had no dinner last night, I just started digging in… -"I'm glad you're hungry dear, now eat up and then go get yourself ready. I'll drop you off at DR. Carter's in an hour.

He gave me the address and it's on my way to your aunt's house. I'm so happy that you are making progress with the therapy.

Hopefully you will be much better by the time you start school again." I couldn't even come up with an answer to what she was saying… I just looked down at my plate and kept quiet. How could I tell anyone what kind of "progress" I was making? After breakfast I went upstairs to get myself ready. I did my hair and put on a pair of shorts and a tank top while listening to some radio in my room, hearing that it will be another 90 degree day.

Some tan lines from the other day were starting to show, but I made no effort to cover them. I really didn't want to look good for the bastard, but on the other hand I had no choice.

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He seemed to like my body dressed just as much as undressed, and I didn't want to think about what he had planned for today. Surely it was something I would hate, something that would give him pleasure and cause me distress, something I could never share with anyone else and that I hope no one would ever find out… Mom came upstairs to let me know that we would be leaving in 10 minutes.

I just took one last look at myself in the mirror for no particular reason other than pure habit, then left the room and went downstairs. We drove to Dr. Carter's house, it was in a really nice neighborhood, probably all doctors and lawyers living up there… We pulled in the driveway and mom just told me that he was expecting me, so I should just go ring the doorbell and she will come pick me up when I call her. Then I got out and she drove off happy that her little girl will be getting some extra help outside the regular sessions.

I nervously made my way to the big door in front of me, then hesitantly reached for the doorbell and pressed the button once… He sure was expecting me. He showed up hot brunette wife enjoys sex in bath seconds, probably have seen the car in the driveway and was just waiting for me to make the move. The door opened and he just greeted me with a big smile and asked me to step inside.

I immediately noticed that he was just wearing a loose robe, probably nothing underneath it… I stepped inside shyly and he led me to the living room. It was rather large, with tall windows letting in the summer sun.

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The air conditioning was on, so the temperature was quite pleasant, maybe even a bit chilly for my taste. He offered me a drink, but I said that water will be fine. After fixing himself a stiffer beverage he came back to the living room and sat down next to me on the large leather sofa. -"So how have you been my dear?" he asked while handing me the ice water. ''Fine, I guess&hellip." I just said as I shrugged my shoulders.

Wasn't sure what he was looking for, what exactly he wanted to hear. -"How do you feel about out little outing the other day?" I just looked back at him, not sure how to respond&hellip. -"I really liked how well you behaved yourself in public.

You really are a well-mannered lady." He said with a smile. "You were so gracious in the way you satisfied me in the men's room, and especially nice to those two gentlemen whom you so skillfully sucked and swallowed up all the way&hellip." My eyes grew bigger and I just blushed and looked away. I knew he was just trying to get a response from me, maybe even embarrass me more with this conversation.

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I was silent, but he continued reminding me of the degrading thing I did at the theater, the whole time making it all sound like he was paying me a compliment.

About how good I was with their cocks in my mouth, or how nice my tits looked in that tight dress, the brunette slut brandy lyons is being quite gen what a good girl I was for cumming so easily right when he wanted me to up in the balcony and keeping silent in order to let the other people enjoy the show as I was being forced to orgasm. He went on and on about all that. "Why did you invite me here today?" I finally asked, partly because I wanted to know, and partly because I just wanted him to stop reminding me of what I had done so far at his request.

-"Well my little one, I just thought a visit would be nice. To be honest I find it really exciting that you are here in my home, and even more exciting that your mommy delivered you here so willingly. In fact, when I offered to see you today, here, she was more than happy to bring you. She must have thanked me several close up scene of shlong licking pornstar and hardcore for saying you outside of the regular schedule, mentioning something about her wanting you to be all better before you start the next school year.

She is such a great woman and I'm sure a great mother, so we wouldn't want to disappoint her; would we now?." I just shook my head. -"All right then, do you like music? Jasmine ?." "I guess&hellip." -"Well, why don't I put some music on and you can dance a little bit for me&hellip.

" He turned the surround sound on and it was pretty loud. I just looked at him puzzled. "I'm not sure what you want me to do. I'm not a dancer." -"I just want us to have some fun, do something different today. Why don't you get up and start dancing slowly right here in front of me…? Come on, don't be shy now…" I had no choice, after just looking back at him and noticing that he was serious about this, I just got up off the sofa and stood in front of him like I was told. Then I slowly started moving.

First just my feet, then my hips and shoulders. I wasn't stupid, I knew he wanted me to perform some kind of sexy dance or something, but I had never done anything like that before, I wasn't a stripper and he knew that. So I continued moving slowly to the rhythm of the song, feeling the base in the hard wood floor. He seemed pleased with my performance so far, so I thought that I must be doing something well. As I continued he asked me to slowly start taking my clothes off.

I knew that was coming so I just complied without questioning anything. I started by taking my top off, exposing my bra. He smiled as he looked at my large bust. I looked down and noticed that my nipples had gotten hard and were poking through the material. It was probably from the air conditioning and partly just because they were always so dam responsive.

He liked this and just kept looking and licking his lips and my body swayed before him. Next I slipped my shorts off slowly, moving my hips to the music and turning around as I did that to give him a good look at my round but as it was being uncovered.

It wasn't like I wanted to put on a good show, but I knew that I had no choice. I knew that if I didn't do my best to please him, he would make me do who knows what other things and just make my existence a living hell, even more so than it already was… So I continued. I slipped the shorts off and then turned around, letting him see more of my butt, hips, bare legs, then my panty covered muff which was forming a rather puffy camel toe between the top of my shapely thighs. I was wearing white panties and bra.

They were silk and quite thin. It was making a contrast with my new tan and the pervert seemed to like this. In fact he commented on how "exotic" it looked. Not really sure what he meant by that… He also made a remark about how he liked my freshly painted toes and how mature teen fisting xxx our dirty movie they were. I had forgotten all about that.

The day before I did my manicure and pedicure for the little pool party at Katie's house. But of course he acted like I did it for him, even though we both knew that wasn't true. He was fully aware that I hated all of this, but was getting off on tormenting me about it. I just played along and thanked him for the compliment as I continued dancing for him like a bimbo.

I saw that he expected more, so I gave it to him… I gradually pulled my bra straps down off my shoulders, than after a few slow moves I reached in my bra and pulled my heavy breasts over the tight cups, making them stand out even more as they were pushed up obscenely.

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He liked this and opened his robe, not wearing anything underneath as I suspected, showing me just how much he was enjoying this by letting his erection out into full view like he was proud of it; like it was meant as a compliment or something… I just made an effort to look away and continued by slipping my thumbs under the sides of my panties and pulling them half way down. This exposed part of my round bum and down to the top of my cunny.

After a few more turns of my body I started pulling them all the way down, bending only at the hips while keeping my knees and legs perfectly straight. I knew he loved this and hated myself for doing it but then again I was somehow proud of myself for handling the situation pretty well under the circumstances. He still wanted more, so I had to start moving my hands all over my young body, touching my tanned skin slowly, rubbing gently in the areas that I knew incited him, like my full breasts, my bubble butt and down my legs.

I was deliberately avoiding my nipples and cunny as I knew they were too sensitive for me to just touch without consequences. And we both knew that those consequences were; my body would get wench gets banged cruely interracial and hardcore aroused and I would slowly start to lose control of it. He wanted that, I'm sure of it, and I knew that eventually he would take advantage of that, but for now I wanted to have as much control over it as I could.

Based on what I had told him during our sessions and what he obviously knew just from being in the medial field, he had all the information he needed to play with me as he wished, to make my young body respond as he wanted and make me do awful things against my will… As I continued moving to the music, he gestured for me to move closer, than closer, until I was a foot in front of him.

Then he asked me to get on the couch and sit in his lap. I did and he asked for a lap dance. I was a bit baffled… I have heard of lap dances and I think I saw something similar in a movie, but that was about the extent of my knowledge in that subject. He knew that I had never been to a strip club or nothing else even remotely close to that.

So he just asked me to try my best and just move and grind up against him, to use my body to make him "happy". I started by rubbing my inner thighs against his legs.

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He seemed to like that so I continued. Then I lowered my butt and swayed my hips in his lap, touching his legs and eventually rubbing against his hard cock. I could feel that he was wet and ridged, but acted like I was expecting it and just continued moving on top of him. I got closer and touched his chest with my breasts, rubbing them on him, brushing my hard nipples against his, then getting up a bit and brushing them against his face.

He enjoyed that and stuck his tongue out and licked my tits as they moved for his entertainment. His hands were by sis side the whole time so far, but now he started moving them on my body. First on my legs, then up towards my hips, then my butt, rubbing and slowly squeezing my cheeks, parting them a family affairs soft black hair and cheating and then mushing them together again.

Then he would move his hands up, maintaining contact with my skin the entire time, brushing over my fully exposed breasts and my sensitive nipples. I tried my best not to have any reaction to this but I failed… I gasped like a little girl and squirmed in his lap as my areolas were touched and played with by his greedy hands. He then played with my blonde hair a bit before close up scene of shlong licking pornstar and hardcore on it lightly at first, then harder, forcing me to bring my head down lower as he leaned forward and planted a kiss on my soft lips.

I didn't respond, nor did I pull back. He kissed me again, lingering a bit this time, then slipped his tongue in my mouth and explored it while tasting my saliva and biting my lip a bit at the end. He then let go of my hair and I straightened my back again, not stopping my little dance in his lap. All the while my butt was pressed against his erection, our genitals rubbing on each other. I was aware that my cunny had gotten wet and our juices started mixing together. He waited as long as he could before finally reaching down and positioning his throbbing erection at the entrance of my wet pussy and instructing me to lower myself on it.

I did as requested and my lips slowly parted to receive the bulbous head between them. I kept lowering myself more, little by little taking his entire penis in my tight little hole, aided only by gravity and my profound wetness… He just took in a deep breath as his large prick entered me harshly, inch by inch, being squeezed like in a vice; a tight, moist and soft teenage cum hole&hellip.

I just held my breath for the first few penetrations, trying to balance myself in his lap, impaling my shapely body on his stiff member. I kept the rhythm up as I went up and down on him, over and over again, feeling and fighting back the sensations invading me from inside. Trying not to think about what I was going, not to notice how he was playing with my breasts, how he was pulling my nipples one my one into his mouth slobbering all over them, twisting his tongue all over my round heavy globes before sticking it beck in my mouth as I was riding him like a whore… I was going slow at first, but started picking up the pace little bit little as to get this over with before my body would totally betray me again… -"You're incredibly skilled Jasmine, more than anyone would ever expect from someone at such a tender age as yourself, from someone with such little experience that is obviously eager to learn how to please me…" I just pretended not to hear him and continued my desperate attempt to finish the job before having to withstand another shameful orgasm of my own.

-"Now I want you to pull your sweet little pussy off me completely, yes… just like that, and then go all the way down again. Ohh&hellip. yesss… that's it baby, keep doing that. Get all the way up, let it just sit between your chubby folds and then get back down on my cock&hellip." This was harder for me to perform but I did my best to please him. I was getting up almost until it popped out and then beck down on him until it was rammed all the way up inside me. It hurt a but every time it went in, but it was also sending waves of pleasure through my entire body as it was passing through my opening and pushing my vaginal walls apart.

I started breathing heavily, partly because of the extra effort, but mostly… I hate to admit this even to myself, mostly because of the sensations that were being sent from my tight wet cunny all the way to my young brain. Over and over this repeated until I was orgasming uncontrollably in his lap, not stopping what I was doing, but instead slamming myself harder and fasted on his throbbing cock. As my orgasm subsided, another one followed and to my stupefaction I was having multiple orgasms while riding him like a bitch in heat.

He grabbed a hold of both my breasts and squeezed them together with one hand while slapping them with the other. They were all red and my nipples were poking upwards like they were asking for more without my permission. From an outside point of view it must have looked like I was the one enjoying this, like I wanted it more than him even. This was far from the truth, but if you were to come in the room you would witness a young girl, naked for the exception of her bra tight under her ample bosom, riding this man that is more than twice her age like a horny cowgirl, moaning like a whore while he just sat back and enjoyed his cock being milked between her tight folds… I finally had to stop, almost collapsing on him from the multiple orgasms that I just experienced, trying desperately kiley jay in sexy in spots big catch my breath… He gave me a minute, then ordered me off his lap and just sliding my sweaty body over to the side when he saw that I wasn't budging.

I didn't get off right away because I wasn't even able to move, but he made comments about how much I liked being on him and how I couldn't get enough cock in me… I had no energy or inclination to say anything, instead I just laid back on the cold leather and held myself around my torso like a baby giving itself a hug.

He just looked at me for what seemed like forever before speaking: -"You know you're not done here…" and looked at his cock all wet and standing at attention. "I… I can't anymore&hellip. I'm sorry…" was all I could muster. -"Don't worry my little fuck toy, I'll get on top this time.

I'm almost there anyway&hellip." And with that he got all the way on top of me and positioned his penis at my mouth. I just opened up and received him with my tongue sticking partly out. He started pumping in and out slowly at first, but sped up after a bit, sliding himself between my pouty lips all the way down my throat before pulling out with a pop and then going back in. Repeating this he started fucking my mouth and pushing so far in that he was bumping his balls on my chin each time.

I could feel how full they were and was expecting a mouthful of semen any moment. I just sat there and took it, hoping to be able to swallow it all without chocking when the moment will come. It wasn't long before he showed me just how horny my performance had made him. He grunted and stiffened up three gorgeous teens feasting on juans cock my mouth as he pushed all the way into my throat and started ejaculating long, thick jets of cum that seemed to gush straight into my tummy… I couldn't breathe anymore, not even through my nose, but he kept going.

Time stood still for me as I prayed that he would be done before I pass out. I felt like I was drowning, my face turned bright red and I started pushing back on his hips and thrashing my body uncontrollably to get a breath on much needed air. He mercilessly just kept pumping his semen down my aching throat until I swallowed the last drop. As he pulled out I took in a loud deep breath and started coughing multiple times. I was barely able to regain my composure as he just watched and massaged his cock in front of my face.

He seemed more than pleased with himself at this point, and I felt like I never hated anyone more than I hated him now. Eventually he got up off the sofa and went to make himself another drink, leaving me there catching my breath in a pile of sweat and shame, with cum all over my lips and chin and tears in my eyes… He brought me some more water and I gladly took it and drank it all at once, then sat back and just waited for him to say something.

Without a word he just handed me my clothes off the floor and I started getting dressed again. I felt so used and cheap at that point, but tried not to think about it… He finally told me that I could call my gorgeous slut eliza ibarra was seduced by daisy for a lesbian fuck to come pick me up from my "play-date" unless I wanted to have some more "fun". I just grabbed my phone and made the call, urging her to hurry up. We stood in silence as I was waiting for her to arrive, him looking at me with a grin on his face and me looking at the floor in shame… She got there after what seemed like an eternity and I went outside quickly, but not before he made me give him a "nice goodbye kiss".

Of course she wanted to know what we had discussed and how it went and God knows what else, so I had to make some stuff up in order to get her to leave me alone. We eventually got home and I ran upstairs to my room and took my clothes off, bunched them up, put on my robe and went straight to the bathroom down the hall. Threw the sweaty clothes in the hamper and got in the shower. I had never taken a cold shower before but today it felt like one was needed, so I just stood there letting the cold water caress my overheated body.

It took me a while before I started washing, but eventually I was done and put my robe back on without drying off. I have a few robes that I use, one in particular in made out of silk. I got this one for summer mostly, since the others were too warm to wear on hot days like this.

It was a nice pink, and the thin material clung to my wet body like cellophane wrapping. The water made it semitransparent but in my dazed state I didn't even notice. So I opened the door and walked down the hall back to my room.

As I was half way down the hall my mom called me downstairs to "come and see something, quickly". I just rand down to see what she wanted. In the family room she was holding a puppy which my uncle Jeff had brought as a surprise for my brother and me. I was just transfixed on the dog and immediately started playing with it, then jumped and gave my uncle a big hug. They were all staring at me for some reason&hellip.