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Shameless sluts take cocks in their mouths and pussies at cfnm party cfnm strippers pussyfucking
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Raising Chelsea Part 2 by Sinturian NOTE: If you have not read Part 1, please be advised that it would be worthwhile to do so for the continuity of the story. Chelsea's fourteenth birthday was coming, and per our discussion, I had agreed to buy her an adult sex toy to pleasure herself. I went online to the Adam & Eve website and began shopping, finding they had a wide array of toys and pleasure devices. I waited until Chelsea got home from school, and called her to my office and showed her the website.

Despite her apparent "surprise" to find this much online, I had the impression she may have been on this site before this. At any rate, she picked out a "wild rabbit" dildo/vibrator that had both an insertable dildo and a second arm that served as a tickler for the clitoral area (and would work on the anal area, as well).

The most interesting thing about this toy, from my perspective, was that it could be ordered in various lengths and widths, so it could be "custom fit" to the user. I had been concerned that at her young age, Chelsea was (technically) a virgin and other than masturbatory stimulation, she had not yet been penetrated deeply enough to break her hymen (at least I didn't think so).

We specified the two inch long version, but one and a half inches wide, which I thought would give her plenty of "feeling". I also ordered an egg vibrator in a jelly texture and a finger vibrator, both of sunny leone xx story ditfull sex stories downloading I thought she might enjoy having me use on her. Chelsea sprang a surprise on me a couple of days before her birthday; she wanted to invite some "girlfriends" over for a pool party and sleepover and wanted me to do a cookout of burgers and such for the party.

Now, none of this was a problem, because we had plenty of room and the pool was heated and I enjoyed cooking on the grill…but Chelsea had NEVER invited her friends over before.

I was somewhat shocked, but of course, I said yes. Her "gifts" arrived the morning of her birthday, and fortunately, she opened them before her friends showed up. She was delighted with the toys and said she couldn't wait to try them out (and neither could I), but I insisted she wait until her friends were not around and we could "enjoy" the toys together.

She gave me a fake frown, then burst into a big grin and kissed me, saying "Thanks, Dad.

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You're the best ever!" Her friends showed up around three in the afternoon, each bringing a small gift, and the girls were all giggling and laughing and all very cute. Chelsea, as I have described, is a strawberry blond who is developing into a real beauty, just like her mother.

But the three friends who showed up were equally striking, but totally different. Stephanie (or Steph, as she liked to be called) was very youll just love watching this hardcore bonus scen and willowy, with long, straight black hair, dark eyes, a pure light complexion, small breasts but nicely proportioned hips.

She could be an adult fashion model, except I knew she was only fifteen, even if she looked over twenty. I knew from Chelsea that Steph had taught her how to properly masturbate to orgasm, so Steph had a certain sex appeal just by being there. Dawn, on the other hand, was a little pixie, with platinum blonde hair (which Chelsea told me was natural), also a very light complexion with a hint of freckles on her nose and chest just below her throat and had a perfectly proportioned, shapely body.

I later got to see exactly how perfectly proportioned, and even though she was the youngest at age thirteen, she could pass for much older in a dim light. Dawn came across as sweet and innocent, but she also oozed sensuality; I was ashamed that I even had that thought cross my mind.

Finally, there was Maria; a Hispanic beauty with clear olive skin, dark hair and eyes, a flashing smile and gorgeous white teeth. She seemed very sophisticated for some reason, though she had only recently turned fourteen. Her figure was also perfectly proportioned, though her breasts were slightly larger than any of the other girls. I wasn't sure, but she may not have been wearing a bra, and her nipples were definitely showing through her top, even though they didn't appear to be aroused.

The girls ran into the house and I relaxed around the pool with a drink and a book, though my mind was having a hard time cooperating. I was wearing swim trunks and a tee shirt, but was regretting not wearing more. These girls were much more developed and lovely that I remembered girls of that age to be when I was in school.

With a roar of laughter and giggling, they all rushed out on the patio and chased around the pool until finally, at some unknown signal, they all jumped into the pool. I was tongue tied, because each of them was interracial increible free interracial see more on tiny ccc tube porn an extremely skimpy bikini or two piece bathing suit. In fact, Chelsea was probably the most modest, with a two piece suit featuring a bikini bottom and very small halter top.

Steph and Dawn each wore string bikinis that were little more than three very small triangles of cloth. And if that were not enough, Maria wore a string bikini, as well, with a very small thong bottom and an even smaller pair of triangles covering her nipples than the other girls. Not that I was complaining, but I was totally surprised by the sexuality being exuded by these girls.

As they climbed in and out of the pool, and ran around chasing one another, my cock was at a constant state of tension. I wasn't completely hard, but I was definitely aroused and my balls would give me fits if this arousal continued too much longer.

I tried to concentrate on my book, but it was difficult, as I was given regular glimpses of nipple and lips as the girl "arranged" their suits after each plunge into the pool. It was obvious that they knew the effect they were having on me, but in truth, I was enjoying it tremendously; I was just worried I would have a very frustrating night, because I had given Chelsea my word that I would not masturbate again, until she was present.

And I didn't see that happening this evening, with the girls staying over. Finally, everyone started talking about food and how hungry they were, and that was my cue to start the grill and put the burgers on. The girls all went in to dry off and put on cover-ups, and soon dinner was served.

They wolfed down the meal as though they were a group of football players, and then just crashed around the pool. It was turning dark and the pool lights were on and the landscape lighting gave a soft glow to the backyard.

I cleaned up the dishes, and went back out to check on everyone. As if a switch were thrown, they were all up and giggling, and before I knew what was happing, the cover-ups were off and four gorgeous, naked teenage girls were romping around my backyard; in and out of the pool and around the deck. I tried to say something; tried to object, but they made too much noise, and I was overcome with lust, simply seeing naked pussies and tits all around me.

I couldn't control my cock, and it was twitching in my swim trunks, and my balls were telling me they needed to be emptied very soon. One thing I noticed (of course) was that each of the girls had a mainly shaved pussy, including Chelsea. Dawn was completely bald, Stephanie had a thin "runway" running down her Mons to her slit and Maria had just an oval of dark hair outlining her lips, with the edge of the lips clear and peeking through.

It took me a while of looking to hardcore fucking for wild honey blowjob and amateur all of these details. Chelsea, I already knew, had bare lips and a small patch of strawberry blond fuzz just above her slit. The show went on for a while, and about nine, they had worn down (and so had I), and they donned their cover ups and we moved to the kitchen for ice cream and cake.

A short while later, they headed off to bed, giggling and laughing; Chelsea kissed me goodnight, while whispering in my ear reminding me of my promise. I was exhausted, but horny as hell. I was determined to keep my promise, and knew Chelsea and her toys would make it up to me later on. I retired to my room, and was almost asleep when I heard the door open and a figure slipped in. I felt her slide under the covers and her hands caressed my chest and stomach and one slid down to my cock.

Chelsea knew how desperate I was for relief and had apparently decided to take care of my needs, even with her friends in the house. I whispered something to her, but she didn't answer; instead her hand circled my cock and began to stroke, and then she surprised me by ducking beneath the covers and I felt her warm, wet lips slide onto my cock and she began to suck and slide her mouth up and down my length. I hadn't had a head job like this since her mother was alive, and it was incredible!

Part of me wanted to stop her; she was my daughter, after all. Part of me wondered where she had learned such technique; but the controlling part of me wanted to shove deeper into her throat and cum as deep as I could. I knew I couldn't last, and tried to push her away (but not very hard), and when I felt I was cumming, I tried to warn her to pull away, but she clamped on even harder, and I felt a finger scratch my scrotum, then touch my anus, and I couldn't help but begin to unload. Instead of pulling away, she swallowed and sucked and swallowed, and almost none of my jism escaped her voracious mouth.

My wife had sucked me on a number of occasions, and didn't mind swallowing my cum, but I didn't expect Chelsea to take to it so readily. I harlots gets her panty soaked lingerie japanese completely spent and lay back gasping for breath.

She slid up beside me, kissed me on the lips, and slipped her tongue into my mouth so I could taste my own semen. Then she slid to the edge of the bed, before leaning over one more time, kissing me on the cheek and whispering "Thanks Mr. B; this has been a great party!" and then she slipped out the door. I lay there in complete nubile films lesbians are better at making love and embarrassment; that had not been Chelsea.

It was one of the other girls, but I didn't know which one it was! I could hear giggling and laughter coming from the girls' bedroom; apparently this was planned and not a complete secret. Normally, I would have gone in and told the girls "lights out" and encouraged them to quiet down and go to sleep, but under the circumstances, I was too embarrassed to confront them at the moment.

I lay back and after about an hour, drifted off to sleep. I woke about 7:00 group sex is what euro sluts crave next morning and the house was quiet.

I slipped into the shower and took my time to wake up, then got dressed and went down to the kitchen and fixed a pot of coffee. I started to put together the makings for breakfast, but waited to start cooking because I didn't know what time the little monsters would be up and around. I chuckled to myself, thinking of how they might have conspired to pull off that stunt; and who in hell did that marvelous mouth belong to?

I knew it wasn't Chelsea, but I had no clue which of the others it might have been. I started to get an erection just thinking about it.

And wow, what I was going to do to Chelsea to get back at her. About 9:00, they all came stumbling into the kitchen, still wearing their sleepwear, which mainly consisted of very short babydoll tops. Two had the briefs to match, but the other two seemed to have nothing on below. Steph and Maria flashed me some bare bottoms, and at least in Maria's case, I glimpsed a bare, slightly hairy pussy. But then I had seen it all the night before around the pool.

As they began to wake, and I started to serve breakfast, they were busy whispering and giggling all over again, and it was clear they were amused by my attitude and the events of the night before. I had a semi-hard on all through the morning, and I was sure they all noticed. Chelsea caught me alone just after breakfast while the girls got dressed and kissed me on the lips; with a big smile she said "Dad, you are the greatest, and that's the best birthday, ever!" Then she ran to join her friends.

They all left for home before noon, and Chelsea went to her room to lie down. I decided to go for a swim, and stripped to my shorts before deciding "what the hell…I haven't skinny dipped in a long time" and since Chelsea was lying down, dropped my trunks and dove in to begin my laps. I was in the pool awhile and then climbed out and lay on one of the lounge chairs to dry. I closed my eyes and must have dozed off, because the next thing I remember was feeling a hand stroking my erect cock.

I started up, and then saw Chelsea on the edge of the lounge, in her bikini, stroking my cock. I was fully aroused and seeping pre-cum. She leaned over and licked a droplet from the tip, then smiled and said "Why don't we go in and try out my new toys?" I couldn't resist that invitation. I followed her to her room, then took her by the shoulders, turned her around and looked her straight in the eye.

"Who was that that came into my room last night?" She got a very wicked grin and said "Did you like that?" I told her I had, very much, but I thought originally it was her. When I realized it was one of the other girls, I was shocked. "Who was it?" I insisted. She shook her head, smiled and just told me it was the winner. "Winner of what?" I asked. She told me they all wanted to do it, but knew only one could get away with it, so they drew straws.

Chelsea said she was disappointed not to win, but she was sure she would get a lot of opportunities in the future. She said they made a pact not to tell who the winner was, but that if I enjoyed it, ebony whore gets her ass filled with cum juicy would be another slumber party with another drawing and another winner.

As we talked, Chelsea, was undoing her top and the dropping her bottom and stood naked before me. I was so turned on I couldn't speak. I reached out and took her in my arms and kissed her deeply, tongue and all; not a fatherly kiss, and my cock twitched against her belly. I laid her back on the bed, and asked where her toys were. She pointed to the nightstand, and in the drawer, I found them all, and it appeared they may have been used the night before.

Chelsea saw my look, smiled and said the girls tried them out, but she didn't. "I waited for you"; then she spread her legs. Her slit was dripping fluid. I took the egg vibrator busty julia de lucia perfect pussy gets fucked in the taxi started massaging her thighs and around the perimeter, but away from her clit. I leaned over and licked her bare skin inside her thigh and up across her belly button and worked my way up to a nipple.

I gently licked, sucked and bit the nipple until it was swollen, and then moved to the other nipple. I let the vibrator "accidently" brush across her vagina, briefly touching her clitoris, which caused her to jump in surprise and pleasure.

With the vibrator on low, and held in my palm, I let my finger slide into her opening and circle around. Her hips began to hump, trying to reach the vibrator, or to get my finger in deeper, but I just kept teasing. I knew exactly how to tease her and exactly what it would take to trigger her climax; her mother had been much the same way.

I worked my tongue back down her body until I reached her opening, then dipped my tongue into her juices, causing another moan and body reaction. Her mother had the longest, hardest, deepest orgasms of any woman I ever knew, and Chelsea was much the same. I reached into the drawer again and took out the wild rabbit. I placed it against her opening and she spread her legs further to give me complete access. It wasn't long, but it filled her young pussy completely, and the tickler just touched her clit.

I switched it onto low, and her body went completely rigid, as though hit by an electric shock. At first, it scared me because I thought something was wrong, but then I realized she had been right on the verge of climax, and just that quick jolt had triggered her orgasm.

Her body went from rigidly stiff to suddenly bucking and her hips were gyrating and she was trying to get the rabbit deeper into her vagina. She was moaning, over and over and "oh my god…ohhhh" was the only thing she could say. I moved the rabbit around, keeping the sensitivity high and let her spasms go on for almost two minutes. By that time, she was limp as a rag, covered in sweat and her juices were running down her thigh and soaking her bed. I turned the toys off, put them away and just held her in my arms awhile.

I had an erection, but knew my time would come. I finally got Chelsea to her feet, led her to the bath and turned the shower on. I got in and washed her from head to toe. As I started to open the shower door and get her out to dry, she shook her head and muttered "No…not yet".

I thought she wanted to stay under the spray, but instead, she dropped to her knees and took my cock in her mouth and began to slide up and down my hardening cock. I almost stopped her, but then realized she wanted this even more than I did.

Her nails stroked my testicles and beneath, and one hand slid around and opened my german selfy record for indark and a fingertip slipped into my anus. Any man will tell you that stimulation of the prostate gland is often very arousing. It certainly is for me, and the thought occurred to me that one of my innermost fantasies is to have a woman masturbate me and suck me while she massages my prostate gland with her finger up my ass.

Chelsea was almost there (and so was I) and it also occurred to me how well she could be trained. I could feel my cum, start to rise and tried to pull away, but she wouldn't let go and I shot into her throat and actually felt my cock touch the back of her throat (and perhaps beyond) south afrikan sex sex stories vidio Chelsea just sucked and swallowed, and soon I was pumped dry.

My knees were weak and I could hardly stand.

I turned the water off and slumped down beside Chelsea, and we just sat in the shower for awhile. We spent the rest of the weekend relaxing and recovering, and I intentionally let the sexual tension subside, though I was sure Chelsea was enjoying her masturbatory activity on her own. Two or three times a week, I would "check" on her to make sure she was doing it right, and of course, we both took care of each other's needs during these checkups.

There was just enough of a break in between to keep everything fresh and exciting. About four weeks after her birthday party, Chelsea asked if she could have the girls over for another cookout, pool party and sleepover.

Of course, I said yes, but asked if the other parents were OK with this. She assured me they all were in favor of it because it also gave them an opportunity for a "date night" or night off from parenting. I looked forward to it, but had a serious conversation with Chelsea.

I warned her that there would not be another drawing for a "winner" to take care of me. She just grinned, and said "We'll see". I had a feeling I was already going to lose that battle. The girls all showed up early Saturday afternoon and noisily changed into the same (or at least similar) very brief swimsuits, and the horseplay began. Around five, I started the grill and put the burgers on and the girls all stayed in their swimsuits and ate on the patio.

They put the cover-ups on as it began to cool, but when the lights went on after dark, they all changed to nude. I was in heaven, but also concerned that someone might discover the scene, though our house is very isolated. I just watched the naked flesh in all its glory until bedtime, around nine o'clock. I went to my room, with a raging hard-on. Before long, the anticipated soft knock came on my door and I told whoever it was to come in. I have an over-sized leather chair in my bedroom to sit and read in the bay window.

I was sitting there with nothing on but a tee shirt. The door opened, and in walked the little pixie, Dawn. I was surprised, somewhat, as I kind of expected one of the other girls. She came in and softly closed the door, and turned to face me. She was wearing nothing but a light blue teddy and it appeared she had no panties on. "Did you 'win' the drawing?" I asked her. She grinned and just nodded her head.

"Well, come over here and let me look at you". The only light in the room was a lamp on the bedside table that was only a 25 watt light. She came over, took off her top, stood before me completely naked, and I told her to blonde office girl needs a big black cock in her pink ass up on my lap.

As I described her, Dawn was the youngest and smallest of the girls; she was only about 4'8" tall and probably weighed around ninety pounds, but as I discovered, most of that was solid muscle. Dawn, it seems, was a top notch gymnast at the school, and despite her tiny size, was very muscular.

She climbed onto my lap and put her arms around my neck, leaning close and whispered, "are you disappointed?" "No, not in the least, and I kissed her and my hands cupped the cheeks of her little ass. Her legs were on the outside of both my legs, and she spread them further and settled down on my lap. I could feel moisture drip onto my thighs.

My hand slipped further under her and found her slit…it was soaking wet. I had noted that she had an extremely puffy labia and Mons, and no pubic hair at all except for a very fine fuzz. I wondered if she shaved, waxed or simply had not grown any. I asked her as I stroked her opening, and she said she didn't grow any down there; in fact, she told me, her mom also had almost no public hair; it ran in the family. For some reason, this turned me on even more, and my cock jumped, bumping into her bare bottom.

I stood up and held her in place with her legs wrapped around me, walked over to the bed and laid her on the end. I knelt on the floor and put my head between her legs and began to lick and tongue fuck her tight slit. Her swollen labia had covered her clit and opening from view, but she spread her legs wide to give me full access, and then she did something I've never seen. She put her legs all the way back, over her shoulders and gripped her ankles on each side of her face which completely opened her honey pot for my access.

My cock was already twitching and dripping, but I wasted no time in licking, sucking and tonguing her as fast as I could. I blond babe double fucked by black cocks her little bud and nibbled it gently. I could hear her whimpering, asking me to go faster, deeper…and then I felt her start to shudder and her legs came down around my head, squeezing together almost to the point I couldn't breathe and she bucked in spasm after spasm.

Her juices soaked my face and I almost drowned. My hand was around my cock and I needed to cum in the worst way.

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Finally, she relaxed the scissor hold she had on my head and I was able to get free. I stood up, leaned over her body and began to jack off furiously, intending to cum on her belly and chest. That lasted only a few seconds until she put carnal and randy sex games hardcore reality hand on mine and stopped my movement.

"Let me" she alia bhatt xxx storys photo. She stood up, turned me around and pushed me back on the bed and stood between my legs as her little hands began to stroke my cock; very softly, very gently, but oh so effectively. It only took about a minute before I felt the first the first spasm of my climax and as it started, Dawn continued stroking, but she also leaned down and began licking my balls and scrotum.

She drained me thoroughly and then told me not to move. She went to my bathroom and I heard water running and soon, tamed teens teen with big tits ass fucked was back with a warm cloth she used to clean my stomach and chest of my cum. She licked my cock clean, before she used the cloth on it.

I had no idea where this little girl learned such a womanly action, but I was thoroughly delighted. I also knew that Dawn had not been my mysterious visitor the first time. I slept in the next morning, and though I didn't get up until around 8:30 or so, the girls were still not up and around.

I started coffee and began the fixings for pancakes. They finally started to come down about an hour later and each one was yawning and sleepy eyed, but all had satisfied smiles on their faces. I fixed them each a plate and all but Dawn had a cup of coffee. Dawn had milk. I served myself last. As they each finished, they took their dishes to the sink; first Stephanie, who then came around the table, leaned over and kissed me gently on the lips and said "Thanks, Mr.

B. That was wonderful." She had no more moved than Maria was there and also leaned over, kissed me on the lips and even slipped a little tongue into the kiss, much to my surprise, and then she also grinned and thanked me. Then it was Dawn's turn, and she gave me the longest kiss, though without the tongue, but it was very heartfelt. Her eyes twinkled as she thanked me "for everything".

Finally, after the girls headed off upstairs, Chelsea walked over with a huge grin, kissed me chastely on the lips but said nothing before going to join her friends. I knew there would be more sleepovers.

It wasn't a group sleepover that came next. All week, Chelsea, had been very cheerful and couldn't do enough around the house. I was delighted, though she had always been extremely helpful since she was the "lady of the house". We didn't play every day. In fact, sometimes it was two or three days between visits. I knew Chelsea masturbated on her own; I had heard her on one occasion, and had observed her on another when she didn't know I was there.

That was fine by me. A few days after the sleepover, she told me she was going to her room to "relax", which was always code for me to come join her. I waited a few minutes to let her get ready, then went to her room, to find her naked and kneeling in a doggie position, showing me her anus and pussy lips from behind; it was a position she knew was my favorite to see her in. She was very softly stroking herself mummy handjob playfellow leather pants my big black threesome her head and shoulders down on the pillow.

She heard me come in and whispered in a husky voice "Daddy, please touch your cock to my asshole and rub it there and come on me there." Her voice was lust filled and I was immediately aroused even more than before. I had always enjoyed fucking her mother in the doggie position, and I still thought of the sight of her ass and cunt up in the air, begging to be penetrated. I moved up behind Chelsea and touched the head of my cock to her little rosebud; God, how I wanted to shove it in her, but I didn't.

Instead, I rubbed it up and down her crack, stroking myself all the while; my pre-cum was lubricating her crack and the sensation was almost like intercourse. I felt, more than heard, the sensations of the jelly egg vibrator I had given Chelsea as she used it on her pussy while I was rubbing against her butt hole. She started to moan and cry out "OH…Ohhh…Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh" as her spasms started and I didn't hold back myself. I shot my stream onto her butt, her back and made sure one shot struck her little opening.

She continued to have spasms, even after I was through, and I stroked her back and neck as she finished cumming. "Thank you" she whispered. I went to the bath and collected a warm washcloth and returned to clean her up.

Normally, she cleaned me up, but she couldn't reach where this young miu kimura blows cock in sensual modes was; and I loved being able to wipe her down.

We both went into the shower, and as I washed her down, she moved my hand to her crotch and I stroked her clit in the shower until she came again. She kissed me, thanked me and quietly informed me Stephanie would be spending the weekend. Stephanie came over on Friday after school; it seems her parents wanted to go to Las Vegas, and she dutch teenager jizz spray european and cumshot old enough to stay alone, but they were delighted she would be staying at our place.

Her mother called me to be certain it would not be a bother, but I assured her that Steph and Chelsea got along great and were no trouble. She was welcome any time. Stephanie looked fantastic; her long hair was almost to her waist and was almost coal black and very straight.

I supposed she ironed it to get it that straight. I had seen her brush it several times and she seemed very intent on keeping it well groomed. She wore shorts and a halter top; her legs were long and shapely and though she had small breasts, they were nicely shaped and I could tell she wasn't wearing a bra. Her nipples were erect from the moment she showed up We rented a movie and made popcorn Friday night and the girls stayed up late while I turned in around ten. I was a little surprised (and disappointed?) that I had no visitor during the night, but I didn't masturbate to take care of the itch; I wanted it to build, in fact.

Saturday was a morning of chores and I watched sports during the afternoon while the girls went to the mall. That evening, I took them out for pizza and we rented another movie. Again, I headed off to bed around ten told the girls goodnight. I was almost asleep when there was a soft knock on my door. "Come in" I said. The door opened, and I could tell by the shadow that it was Stephanie.

My bedroom lights were off, but she closed the door, came to the bed and felt her way under the covers. She had on a nightshirt and immediately snuggled up to me without saying a word. She put her arms around me and leaned up to kiss me; I kissed her back and felt her tongue touch my lips. I reciprocated and we tongued each other furiously as our bodies ground against each other. My hands found her butt, and I wasn't surprised that she had no panties on.

She pulled away, and I heard and felt the rustling as she took her top off and then pressed her naked skin against me once more. My cock was rubbing against her belly and I knew I was seeping fluid. My fingers found her crotch and she was slippery and wet. I slid down and began to lick her little nipples; tonguing and biting them softly and she seemed to like that a sexy arab cutie filled with fat dick. She had not touched my cock with her hands; they simply rubbed my shoulders and encouraged my head to places she wanted to feel my tongue.

I worked down across her belly and tickled her belly button before moving lower. I found the small "runway" of hair that led to her slit and followed it with my tongue until I got to her clit.

It was swollen and the sheath was out from between her labia lips. I was surprised at how large her clit seemed to be, but my tongue could feel how swollen and long it was. The button at the tip was hard and I could almost feel it throbbing. I sucked it between my teeth; not biting, but simply holding it gently while I massaged it with the tip of my tongue.

"Ohhhh…fuckkk…fuck me, fuck me&hellip.oh…" Steph yelled as she started to cum on my lips. It was loud enough that I was certain Chelsea had heard. I slipped my middle finger into her opening as she spasmed and felt up behind her clit to the soft area that was her G spot.

It made her buck even harder and scream even louder, but I didn't care. This girl was completely in the throes of an earth shattering orgasm. And I was delighted. I'm not sure how long her climax lasted, or even how many she had, but I knew they were multiple and they had lasted a long time. She still hadn't said anything except for the expletives during her cum. She lay back, panting and recovering and I turned on the soft bedside lamp.

I wanted to see her body. It was beautiful; long and lean and perfectly proportioned other than the small breasts. But even lying flat on her back, her tits were firm and pointed and didn't flatten in the least. Finally, she turned toward me, smiled, and said "That was the best cum I have ever had. Thank you." I smiled back and just leaned over, kissed her, and said "My pleasure." She kneeled up on the bed, then straddled me and kissed my lips as she moved her Mons up and down on my hard cock.

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She was soaking wet and the slick fluid quickly covered my cock, mixing with my own secretions. I didn't want to penetrate her; I still was afraid that intercourse was going too far with these girls.

I rationalized that they were masturbating and cumming all the time, whether I was around or not and I was just "facilitating" their pleasure. I started to say something and Steph whispered "Don't worry. I know what I'm doing and I know you don't want to be inside." She was only partly correct. I "wanted" to be inside…very much so…but I didn't dare. I have cum in many different ways, but I think this was the first time that a woman had used her labia and clitoral shaft to massage me in quite this way.

My entire cock felt it and I could feel my orgasm starting. Steph put her tongue in my mouth and we tongue-fucked in rhythm to her movement, then she pulled away to lean over and whisper in my ear that she was going to lick my cock completely clean as soon as I came, and hearing that nasty thought set me off.

It almost felt as though I were actually fucking her; it was wonderful. Just as I was starting to finish, she moved down, and true to her word, began licking and sucking me completely clean and dry. No towel would even be necessary. I got up and led her to the shower and bathed her and kissed her.

I fingered her a bit, but even though she seemed to enjoy it, she whispered she was done for the night. I dried her off and she toweled me off in return and then headed off to Chelsea's room to go to sleep. I now knew that Stephanie had not been my secret visitor.

The next morning, I was again first up and started breakfast. Chelsea was first to show up and she grinned at me, asking "Dad, what in the world did you do to her? I've never seen her so satisfied. She always wants to fool around a little, but she said she had enough for the night. She had a huge smile aj 24 sex xxx come her face." I told her I had only done what comes naturally, and let it go at that.

Stephanie showed up after a bit and looked all dreamy and tired, but she had a healthy appetite for breakfast. Sunday night, we drove Stephanie home and dropped her off; her folks had returned from Vegas but she gave me a quick kiss on the lips when she got out of the car. When Chelsea and I got home, we were both tired and went to bed, although I thought I heard a buzzing from her room. I just smiled and went to sleep. For the next few weeks, we just did our normal routine and two or three times a week, we would entertain one another.

Once, Chelsea asked me if I would like to fuck her. It shocked me a bit, even though we talked about any and everything, but I explained again why we couldn't have intercourse. She seemed to accept that and assured me she would not be fucking anyone else without discussing it with me first. I thought that was a good idea. Chelsea called one afternoon and asked if I minded if Maria came over and stayed a few days with us? Of course I didn't, and told her so.

She and Maria showed up and Maria had a small suitcase with her. She also had a black eye and Chelsea started to explain that Maria's parents had had a bad fight and her mom threw her dad out of the house. Maria had been struck during the fight.

Her mom wanted her out of the house, in case her dad came back drunk. She was afraid of what he might do to Maria before the police could respond. I told them Maria could stay as long as she wished, but I got her mother's phone number and called her. Her name was Delilah and she somewhat confirmed what the girls yoga trainer force tstudent for xxx told me.

She apologized, but I assured her it was OK. In fact, I told her, if she would like, she could cana bas xxx sax story stay at my place if she was concerned about her husband. She assured me she was safe, but Maria needed to be away until things were settled.

She told me she had filed for divorce sometime before, and the final decree should be coming through at any time. She thanked me for keeping Maria safe and we hung up. I was a bit ashamed of myself because of her trust in me, because I knew her daughter was probably my secret visitor from the first slumber party. I recalled the voluptuous young body and the unusual trim of the pubic area that almost looked like a bullseye.

The girls went in and got settled and I started dinner. We finished eating and the girls cleaned up. I went to my room to read and the girls stayed up to watch television. I finally went to bed and fell asleep. I had no visitors and really hadn't expected any.

This went on for three days, with the girls going to school together and after the third day, Maria asked if I minded taking her home to get some fresh clothes, and of course I didn't mind. Her black eye had almost completely faded. When we got to her home, she invited me in to wait and I hoped to meet her mother, but she was still at work. The house was clean and neat and well cared for. Maria was back in a few minutes and we headed home. Friday night came and we went out for a fish fry and rented a movie.

About ten, I headed to my room and showered and climbed into bed. I had just dozed off when I felt a warm, naked body snuggle against my back. The breasts that pushed against my shoulder blades were obviously Maria's. I rolled over and said "Hi there.

You were my secret visitor before, weren't you?" She giggled, then pulled my head down and kissed me, inserting her tongue as a sneak peak of what went on behind the scenes of housewives gone black masturbation naturaltits did so.

Her hand very softly stroked my cock and her other caressed my balls. She slid under the covers and took me into her mouth and her lips and tongue began to go to work. Maria had one of the most incredible techniques for oral sex as anyone I have ever been with and it wasn't long before I was ready to cum.

Then she stopped! She straightened up beside me, then rolled over on top and kissed me on the lips, and I could taste myself on her lips and tongue. She pressed belle milf first time cheater caught doing misdemeanor break in against me and then reached down and grasped my shaft and moved it to her opening.

"NO!" I shouted, but even as I tried to stop her, she moved and I was inside. It felt like being in a kidskin glove, filled with warm butter. It was a perfect fit and I could not remember any feeling like this during intercourse before. "We have to stop! We can't do this, Maria!" She didn't stop, but raised herself up and looked me in the eye. "Mr. B, it's alright, I'm not a virgin and haven't been for some time.

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My father started taking me when I was ten, and kept it up, raping me whenever I tried to stop him, until my mother found out last year. My mother is a strong woman and she chased my father out of the house with a butcher knife.

Then she filed for divorce the next day and we thought he was gone for good. A few days ago, he showed up drunk, before my mom was home and tried to rape me again, but I fought him off. Mom showed up about that time and again, she chased him out of the house.

She hit him with a skillet and split his head open, and then she called the police. They took him to jail. In all the time he kept using my body, he never once gave any thought to my feelings or my pleasure. You are so different; I want to please you and have you please me. I want to fuck, just once, and get pleasure out of it!" I was speechless.

All this time, she kept moving on me, my cock sliding in and out, though it had started to get soft. My concern was overcoming my passion. "Please" she said. "I want this so bad." My cock responded to her soft voice and hardened again. I rolled her over on her back and looked into her eyes as I began to slowly pump into her. I kissed her lips, her nose, her eyelids and back to her lips. Her pussy grasped me perfectly and the friction produced incredible sensations. She raised her knees up and lifted her hips slightly from the bed and as she spread her legs wide, I made an extra effort to rub against her clit as I stroked.

Before I even knew it, she began to cum and her vaginal walls clamped against me so hard that she squeezed me out. Her climax was deep and extremely hard. I dropped down quickly and licked her opening, encouraging her to let it all out. She finally relaxed, and then smiled, kissed me and said "I want you to cum in me. I want to feel it." I was obviously concerned about this, but she assured me she was "safe". "I have been on the pills for some time now…you won't make me pregnant.

I started to mount her, but then she said to wait. She rolled over, put her butt sunny leone and woman sex, legs spread, and her head on the pillow and "presented" herself for my full view and pleasure.

I couldn't resist, and mounted her doggy style and began to pump, slowly and deeply. I could feel the head of my nina nirvanas coworker gets even when she got him fired interracial and pornstars touch her cervix, but she didn't seem to mind.

As my rhythm picked up and I started to get close to a finish, she reached back between her legs and stroked my cock and balls with her nails. I couldn't help but groan and my orgasm began and I rammed in as hard and deep as I could get to cum in her pussy. I don't recall a more pleasurable fuck, even with my wife, whom I loved deeply. I collapsed on the bed and couldn't move. The next thing I know, I was being cleaned with a warm cloth but when I looked, I was surprised to find Chelsea cleaning me and also cleaning Maria.

She had a smile on her face, but didn't say a word. She finished, kissed me on the lips and then left the room. Maria snuggled up beside me and went to sleep.

Maria spent the next two nights in Chelsea's room, and we didn't repeat the visit, though I felt certain if I had wanted to, it would have happened as often as I liked. I was just concerned, and had a lot to think about.

It was finally time to take Maria home, and her mother would be there from work to greet us. I found out she was a registered nurse at a local hospital and worked a lot of long hours. When we got to Maria's house, her mom was there and I met Delilah for the first time. I was floored! She was absolutely gorgeous and could have been Maria's older sister instead of her mother. Same complexion, same beautiful hair, same voluptuous build (perhaps slightly more voluptuous) and a fabulous smile showing pearly white teeth.

I could hardly speak when we were introduced, and she knew I was embarrassed. "Mr. B, I have heard so much about you. Thank you for taking such good care of my Maria. I hope we can get together, soon." I assured her she was more than welcome, and I looked forward to getting together with her and Maria.

What was Victoria summers shakes her attractive tits saying! With that, I excused myself and headed home.

It had been a long and glorious week. What would the future bring?