Hot wife fucked by black man in hd twosome and hotwife

Hot wife fucked by black man in hd twosome and hotwife
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I have always been interested in femdom and humiliation. Being controlled and forced to do things you wouldn't normally do. It all started from a few pictures on my laptop that my fiancé found. Bondage. We started talking about bondage, orgasm denial, master and slave and she decided we should try it.

That is where our story begins. "Well let's just give it a try" carry said to jack as they sat on the edge of their bed. Carry was a small petite 22 year old girl with black hair flowing down to her shoulders. Perky b cup breasts and very slight tan, brown eyes. "How do we do this?" jack said. Jack being 27 year old guy, short ash blond hair, medium slender build.

"Well you will refer to me as mistress, at all times. You will do whatever Redhead girl moans loud when she gets say, if you disobey, you will get punished" Punished? How? Said jack Carry quickly grabbed jacks nipple though his shirt and twisted it fast and hard, jack let out a terrible cry "Next rule is you will not speak, if I speak to you, the only word I want to hear is yes mistress, do you understand?" "But wait, shouldn't we discu-" Jack was cut short as carry pushed him onto his back, knees on his arms, sitting on his chest, she grabbed his balls and squeezed them in her hands.

Tears came to his eyes and he managed to mumble "yes mistress" "Good boy, now take your clothes off and stand with your hands behind your back." Jack did as he was told, his balls still stinging from the punishment they received. Carry slowly walked behind him, taking his belt, she bound his hands behind his back. She slowly walked around the room, cleaning up a few things that were left on the floor.

She then sat down on the bed again, slowly she touched jacks penis, softly, there was a mess of pre-cum that had formed, she played with it between her fingers.

"When did you cum last?" carry asked There was no response. "Bitch, when I ask you a question, you may answer it" carry screamed "3 days ago mistress" jack said Carry slowly stroked his cock, jack moaned as he felt an orgasm coming on.

"Mistress, May I cum pleases?" jack begged Carry just stopped and said "no". She walked over to the computer and logged on. Jack couldn't see what she was doing.

Moments later she got up and bald twat gets the facial abuse treatment over to the bedside table. Took jacks wallet and went back to the computer. A few minutes later she got up and lay next to jack "All done" carry said "you will find out soon enough what it means to be a little bitch" She untied jack and ordered him to make dinner. For the next few days things seemed to be going ok.

Carry was making jack clean the apartment in the nude. Cook dinner. Treat her like a princess.

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Jack was enjoying it. Until one afternoon carry comes into the room where jack is making the bed. "Stop what you are doing, stand with your legs spred and hands behind your head." Carry said Jack did as he was told, carry then came and tied a blindfold around his head. Took his hands and put them behind his back and tied them together. Jack heard strange noises, a package opening, carry making surprised sounds. He was curious to see what she ordered.

His thoughts where quickly interrupted by a cold metal object being mujhe chodne ka tarika jungle around the base of his penis.

Then he felt something slide over his penis and he heard the click of a lock.

"Right, you won't be needing that for a while" carry said "bend over now" she pushed jack down to his knees, face on the bed. He felt a cold slimy feeling around his asshole. Something was being pushed against it. Harder and harder. "relax or this will hurt" carry said slowly the object was pushed further and further into jacks ass until jack felt he could not tack anymore and the object popped in.

"there we go, such a good boy" carry said, helping jack up. She removed his blindfold As jack looked down, he saw that his penis was locked away in a stainless steel chastity device.

The object inserted was a vibrating butt plug. "Get on the bed slave" carry ordered Jack lay on the bed, she spread his arms and legs to each corner of the bed and bound them. She put the butt plug on the first speed. There was a soft hum and jack started to move and groan. "Feels good?" carry asked smiling. She then left the room. Jack lay there.

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The feeling of the butt plug that filled is ass was amazing. The vibrating against his prostate was overpowering but his cock locked away in a tiny cage worried him. What will happen when he gets hard? There is no room. As he wondered that, his felt the cage confining his erection. Carry walked in with a mug of hot chocolate.

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Sat the mug on the bedside table, walked to the computer and put a movie on. She then climbed over jack, sat behind him and pressed play. As she sipped her hot chocolate, she turned up the butt plug speed and slowly rubbed and played with his nipples. "Stop moving and shut up or else you will not cum for the rest of the week" she said Once the movie was finished, she untied jack. Leaving the butt plug on.

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She told him that if he can make her orgasm then she will consider letting him cum. Jack dove right in, kissing her inner thighs, grabbing her ass and pulling her closer. He could feel the butt plug massaging his prostate as his cock tried to grow in his cage, it was now causing discomfort. Jack kept looking focus, he has been on the verge of orgasming for over 4 hours.

"come on slave, make me orgasm." Carry moaned as she bucked her hips, she grabbed his head and held it between her legs, "oh yes oh god yes! Eat my pussy! AHHH!!" carry lost control and collapsed as she orgasmed. She just lay there, panting. Trying to catch her breath.

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Jack lay next to her, After a few minutes, carry gets up, walks to the dresser and gets a key "You want to cum now?" she asked "Yes please mistress" jack said almost begging As she unlocked the chastity device and removed it.

A stream of cum flowed out of his cock as he moaned. "Well, seems you don't need to cum after all" she said "No please, that was not an orgasm, please can I play with myself and cum" jack begged "Nope, maybe if you are a better slave, you can have a proper orgasm" carry laughed "Now clean yourself up and keep that butt plug in, I have another surprise on the way" If you enjoyed the story.

I will continue. PM me if you need pictures. I am a slave after all