Milf hidden and shower a fucking family affair

Milf hidden and shower a fucking family affair
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Ashley Chapter Two Jax_Teller©2016 By Jax_Teller From Chapter One We watched the video, smoking drinking nice cold beers, and discussed the play session. Janis said she's never topped before and Ashley said wow really because she was so natural at it.

Janis asked Ashley if she wanted to try it and she quickly said no, she'd been mommy to too many "lovers" before. She went onto say she enjoyed playing safely like this with no expectations beyond the playrooms' door. She went on to say she wanted to try it all, that she's not had much sex out side of missionary or cowboy positions and never had a session last more than ten minutes before. Janis said oh you poor girl, well you found the right people now. Janis asked Ashley, so you've never been with a woman before, and Ashley said no quickly.

Chapter Two We three became close friends that first night and bonded emotionally with each other. Sleeping together was a real dream come true for amara romani pussy on top of lilly ford licking it, a beautiful woman on either side of me.

In the morning I got up to pee and when I returned the girls had snuggled up to each other and I decided to make breakfast. I went about making a breakfast of champions and when I went by the bedroom to check on them, Janis was laying between Ashleys legs eating her pussy. Ashley had one hand in Janis's hair and the other pinching her nipples, pulling on them and then releasing one for the other.

Beyond the beauty of their sexual encounter, I was facinated by the fire cupping bruises visable. I thought for a second to get my camera but got a whiff of bacon and went back to the kitchen.

It wasn't long before the girls wandered out to the kitchen still buck ass naked, sniffing out the bacon. I pulled chairs from the table for them and sternly said sit. Both of them obediantly took a seat and I put coffee in front of both of them, and an orange juice. I put a plate of bacon followed by cheesey eggs, toast, and bagels and cream cheese on the table. We ate and discussed the interaction over the last couple nights, I had been a tool, and I wanted more.

I told them I wanted them to be mine as in my submissives and that I was planning another fetish night open house party for the RockvilleHeights Munch group.

Janis had been submissive to me before as a play partner and quickly answered yes. Ashley asked what that all meant, I gave her the basics of BDSM, munch groups and play parties in a lenghty conversation that incluuded input from Janis. Ashley voiced her concern of annonomy and her place in the community in that she worked at the bank.

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Janis spoke up and said that there are lots of people in the lucky guy gets to nail some blondes community from all divisions of the community.

She went on to say without naming names which would wrong, that there are members on the bank board, Sheriffs' department, the board of elders, and several churches, who attend functions, so she had nothing to worry about. I told her that what happens at kink events stays at the kink events.

I told her it is like my videos from the play room, they don't leave this house, are never on the net at all, and that I have a independant sytem for the videos that is not connected to or sharing the internet at very old ladies porn storys, so no chance of being hacked.

The Videos serve as documentation in case there was ever a question as to consent or what happened as well as personal amusement. Ashley said I am in then, and then asked a very basic question, are sceenes scripted or just in the moment?

I told her that as an example, Janis and I had discussed a possibilty of wrestling and the fact that you liked rougher sex. It gave me the oppertunity to clear space for wrestling in the play room and her the time to think up several senerios that could play out, but that no direct scripting was done this time.

Janis said she perfers a flowing metheod of play but there are some that have contracts and scripts, and rehearsal play to perfect the final performances. Ashley seemed to take every word in and said as a submissive does she wear a collar?

I said, to me a collar is a sign of commitment and that as a play partner I usually don't collar. She seemed antsy in her seat and Janis asked her if all this talk was exciting her. Ash said yeah she was wet thinking about it all. And before the words were out of her mouth, Janis was moving to her. I said hey why don't we take this to the play room? We moved into the play room and I sat down on the heavy couch bench and held my cock up up and told Ash to sit on it.

She swiped some vasoline and rubbed her asshole as she squated over my cock. My cock slid into her slowly until she was resting, fully impaled on my cock. Janis slid up under her and began licking her pussy. Ashley said oh my God that feels good. It didn't take long before my cock exploded in Ashs's ass and as my cock slid out of her.

Janis jerked it a few times and a few more squirts of come splashed onto Ashley's pussy. Ashley slid down some and Janis ate my come from Ash's asshole and pussy. As Janis was reaming her asshole for my come, Ashley said Oh my fucking God that is so fucking nasty and started to come, shaking and trembling drawing her knees together and then apart, pulling Janis's mouth into her pussy.

Janis helped Ashley to her feet when she was done coming and they both said how worn out they were. I suggested a nap and we all ethnic beauty gets fucked on a pole to the bedroom and took a nap. It was dark when my stomach woke me, and I noted Janis had left at some point but Ashley was still at my side. As I turned to get up Ashley said Janis had to get home and left about an hour ago.

I thanked her and we both headed to the bathroom at the same time, play racing. I stopped at the door and said after you waving her on, and she rushed past me and sat on the toilet. I stood in front of her and intently watched her as she let a stream of pee loose in the toilet. She looked up at me and said go away, I said no slut, She looked confused for a second and then said sorry sir.

I waited until she was johnny sins xxx full muvi and then moved to the toilet to relieve myself and she moved closer and asked if she could hold it while I pee. I said sure but you clean up what you miss. Sure enough she waved my dick all over the place spraying urine all over the toilet and floor around it. She laughed and said who knew it was harder than it would seem. She reached for the mop in the corner as I went out into the living room.

She followed shortly after me, as I was ordering dinner for us from the Chineese place. She said what a great time she was having and that she debolina dutta hot sex story didn't want it to end, but she knew she should go home and get some sleep before work tommarrow. I said well here is a thought for you to think about, and I offered her a trial run of being master and submissive, that she could keep her job, temporarily move in here, keep her apartment and try out the 24/7 life of a submission.

That way if it wasn't for her she could simply go home any time she wanted. She said she would have to think about it and I said sure.

The door bell rang as we finished talking and I handed her a fifty dollar bill and told her to give it to the delivery person. She said yes sir, but as she turned to the door realized she was still naked. She said naked? I said yeah they really don't care. I knew the delivery girl from Changs where I had ordered from and she was a glorious Lesbian who I joked with from time to time, and had seen me and others naked here before.

Kaylee made nothing of the fact that Ashley was naked and walked right in and put the food on the table just like she had done crap tons of times before. She told Ashley the total and Ashley handed her the fifty and told her to keep the change.

Kaylee said thanks Shadow, I waved and said hey Kaylee this is Ashley and they shook hands. Kaylee said so you having another party anytime soon? Deepthroating a giant dick with casey stone said in two weeks, that she should see an invite in her email in the next few days, that I was just getting to planning it out. Kaylee looked right at Ashley and said hope to see you there, and she left.

I said see another one of the community. Ashley said really? I said yeah, and as Ashley laid out diner for us in the living room, I pulled up a video of Kaylee and a girl friend of hers from a year ago at one of my play parties. They did a very sensual scene with a lot of tickling and teasing using feathers a Wharton wheel and some sharps as well.

Ashley said obviously that girl enjoyed what Kaylee was doing to her, but blood trickling from the cuts? I said well they were just drops, and that was the apex of their scene, the control it took to barely scratch enough to draw blood, but not deep enough to require medical intervention.

It was about the bond and trust one for the other for if either of them flinched or slipped, injury and blame would be upon them both. I copied the video from today and last night on dvd and thumb drive as we ate diner.

As Ashley dressed I handed her the dvd and thumb drive and told her my first order for her was when she was here, I wanted her naked, no excuses. I told her I hoped to see her after she got off work at the bank, went home and picked up a bag of essentials.

If she didn't call or show up, I would know it meant she wasn't interested. We hugged good bye and I watched as she drove off. I sat down at my computer and linked into the OnStar in her car and watched on the map as she drove straight home. I pulled up the camera on her phone just as she sat it down on the charger next to her bed. Unfortunately for me it didn't face the bed but I could see the TV in her bedroom and a few minutes later she put the dvd in and played the video copy I made for her.

I could see her fast forward the video to the point Janis wrestled her to the floor. Janis barked at her and then I heard a switch click and a vibrator come on. It was interesting listening to the video in the back ground and the sound of the vibrator changing tones as she worked it supposedly on her pussy.

Just as the video got to the point that Janis stuffed her strap on into Ashley's ass, I could hear Ashley in real time moan. I dialed her number and as she picked up her telephone I could see a hibatachi vibrator in her lap. I told her I had really enjoyed her and hoped that she would take me up on my offer. She said she had enjoyed our time together, and I interrupted her and asked if she was ok, because she was breathing so hard. She said she was ok, and that she'd see me tomorrow.

She hung up with out waiting for a response, and as she put the phone back on the charger, she shook her head smiling. She turned the TV off and the light her bedroom, so I disconnected from her phone, and sent her a text, good night sexy. Ashley had to be at work at nine am so I turned the her phone camera on at six am and watched as she got up showered, and packed a bag.

She went to work and as she drove I ordered flowers to be delivered at her work slightly before noon. It cost extra but I didn't care, I had a note attached saying Thanks for a good time. I watched on the banks security cameras as the delivery guy presented them to her.

The tellers all made over her and she blushed as she went to her desk and started dialing her phone. My phone rang and she thanked me for the flowers and card and said she would see me after work. I said great, see you then, you fucking little slut, and I watched her squirm in her chair as she hung up. The tellers made over her and she went back to work with a little extra skip in her walk.

Around two thirty in the afternoon I got bored and decided to have some fun so I reset the banks clocks to think it was closing time and the computer security system shut down at three.

After a few minutes and phone calls the bank closed and sent everyone home. I watched as Ashley left the bank and then I tracked her again as she drove to my house.

I opened the door to my house and as she pulled into my drive way I stood there my cock half hard hanging out. As she parked in front of my door I walked out to take her bag. She got out and handed me the bag and then asked how I knew she'd be there, at that time, because she didn't even know the milf jodie west fucked prone by sons friend would close early.

I said well, I was a know it all or so my parents always told me. She laughed as I led her inside. She stopped just inside the door and took her clothes off and neatly folded them and asked where she should put them. I showed her a drawer in the bedroom and space in the closet. I took her over to the bed and told her to lay down. I laid next to her and I turned to face her and began to kiss her.

Slowly I kissed her at first with just my hand onher upper arm. I matched her depth and fervor as we kissed and started caressing her breasts softly. I wanted to establish a standard that making love was one thing and raw fucking was another. I also wanted to gift her a satisfying love making session that she seemed to never have had in her life. I broke the kiss to move down her neck to her ear lobe, and then down to her breasts.

Her nipples klarissa loves to get a deep fisting small for the size of her breasts but were very erect. I was busy tonguing them alternating between one and the other making mental notes to use the heavier nipple clamps.

By the pleasure she was getting from my attention I thought to ask her if she had ever considered piercing her nipples. I moved back up to her ear lobe and to her mouth, while letting my hand slide down her stomach to her pussy.

I placed two fingers over her clit one on each side. I began small rhythmic circles and her legs spread almost immediately. I kept kissing her and loving every minute of it, taking my time to enjoy the art of making love. Ashley was moaning and almost purring as I felt her legs begin to tremble. I moved my fingers down and into her pussy, using the palm of my hand to continue circular pressure on her clit.

I alternated between kissing her on the mouth, nibbling on ear lobes and her nipples. I felt her pussy pulse and a small gush of girl juice coated my fingers. I slowly moved on top of her pinning her hands over her head and wiggled until my cock was at the entrance of her pussy.

When I felt the wetness of her pussy, I pushed slightly sliding my cock inside her slowly, Ashley gasped and gripped my hands tighter. I began to rhythmically push into and out of her, building in depth and speed with every stroke. Her pussy got wetter with every stroke and I could feel her energy building, her body trembling. Finely I let go of her hands and pulled her legs up and began pounding her pussy.

The sounds of her moaning were only slightly louder than the sound of my cock slamming in and out of her pussy sloshing as it went in and out of her.

I felt her jerk and spasm and felt her come splashing my cock and balls. I picked up the pace to my top speed and deep trusts fully penetrating her and pulling almost out of her before slamming my cock back into her and she begged me to come in her.

She became very vocal that she wanted to feel my come in her, she wanted to feel me in her, and when I felt my orgasm begin, I held my cock in her and Ashley started to giggle. I was some what taken back but reactions are reactions and when I stopped coming inside her I pulled my cock out. As my cock head slid out of her she put her hand over her pussy and pulled some come up to her mouth nlicking her fingers clean.

I laid down beside her pulling her into my arms and she laid her head on my chest and began to cry. Just a release of emotion I thought and then she really began to sob, tears flowing from her. I held her through her release and when she stopped, she turned over and got a tissue from the night stand and blew her nose.

She laid back down into my arms and quietly said thank you. I said you are welcome, and she drifted off to sleep. I went into the kitchen and started diner. Fourty five minutes later Ashley emerged from the bedroom and I told her diner would be ready soon, that it was nearing six pm, to have a seat at the table. I got diner on the table and she was quiet as we ate, and finely I asked her what was wrong, and she said I probally thought she was crazy and I would want her to leave after breaking down like that.

I went to her side of the table and pulled her to me and hugged her. I told her that I was here for her and if she aleska diamond in knee socks gets pounded to talk about it we would, if not we wouldn't but I respected her honest reaction either way. She asked so she could stay? I said oh my yes, I wanted her to stay, and she hugged me tighter and then released me.

After diner we talked about the play party I was planning and she helped out with the event page. I called Mike a friend and asked if he would be interested in doing the videographer work for the party, explaining what kind of party it was. I also told him about my video system and that I needed him to use my equipment so there would be no chance of it getting distributed accidentally. He agreed and asked to see the place and told him to come over Saturday afternoon that there would be some people over, so he could get an idea of what to expect.

As we worked on the event page I asked her if she could pose for me secured to the St Andrews cross for the cover art. She agreed and we went to the play room and I secured her facing the cross so her face wouldn't be in the picture.

She was very compliant and the picture turned out very well although I could still see the faintest of marks still from the cupping. We finished the event page and sent invites to the RockvilleHeights Munch group and my Email list of Kinky Folks.

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The event was scheduled for two week ends from now, so anyone not all ready Vetted would have to be if they wanted to attend. Ashley asked me about that, and I told her it was basically a back ground check and a reference from someone all ready Vetted.

Most of the munch group folks were Vetted and everyone on my Kinky Folks list were. I picked her up from the couch and carried her to bed, in the morning she got chap staffs his cock in moist pussy hardcore massage and showered while I made her breakfast.

She sat at the table and said Sir you are absolutely spoilng me, and I said you are mine and I want the best for you in all things. She bounced out the door a happy camper, off to work.

I did some work online and got a request to be Vetted. I looked the persons' profiles up and the person was of legal age, but younger than I usually allow. She claimed to be a bisexual Domme and a new member of the RHM group.

I ran the back ground check and she had no police record, and it served to confirm her age of eighteen. I called LadyRed the RHM groups' leader and inquired of Mistress Kyra. She confirmed that Kyra had been to two of the groups monthly munches and seemed all right. I thanked Lady Red and hung up and although Mistress Kyra met the criteria to be Vetted I sent her an invitation to diner for an in person Vetting. A couple hours later I got an affirmative response for diner and I gave her the option of the OliveGarden on Main street at six pm or the Red Lobster on South Hadley at seven pm.

She responded emmediately Red Lobster. I confrimed the place and time and sent Ashley a message that we would be eating out tonight and I would fill her in when she got home. If Mistress Kyra was genuine I had a plot in mind for Ashley. When Ashley got home from work I had pulled the Escalade out and she asked about it never having seen it before. I told her I had purchased it from a government auction, that it was a former secret service backup vehicle for the presidential detail, never actually used.

Fully bullet proof, and mirrored windows, less than 3000 miles it was a classy ride that I kept in the garage for special mia khalifa can feel it in my stomach. I walked with her inside and told her to keep her dress on but to remove and leave her panties.

I watched as Ashley removed them and put them in the laundry. I told her we were doing our do dilligence Vetting a new comer to our circle but supposedly an experienced Domme at eighteen years old. I saw the questions on her face and told her Mistress Kyra was young to be "experienced" and being new to us, meant a more rigerous Vetting process. I told her even though we would be in public I expected her to remember her submission to me.

We went to the resturant and I gave the greeter my name and told her I expected one more to join us. Our waitress arrived and the greeter presented a young woman at the same time.

We three gave her our dirnk orders and the young woman introduced her self as Kyra and I introduced myself as Shadow and this is Ashley. We sat and looked over the menu, and when the waitress took our order.

I was surprised that Kyra was wearing a simple tee shirt and worn jeans. I could see she had no bra on under the tee shirt and her makeup was poorly applied. She was not what I expected of Mistress Kyra, from browsing her profile pictures. I asked her how she got into the kink scene and she went on to tell me her mother was a prostitue in Los Vegas and sex was exposed to some wild stuff. I asked her if she worked a day job, other than her website and professional Domme services.

She said no, that was her only income and really didn't need any other. I asked her if she had a dungeon that she used and she said no she mostly used motel rooms.

I asked about her pictures on the website and who took them. She said she had done them using mirrors and editing software. She asked about the party and how many I am expecting. I told her the party was strictly a social event that no business was allowed at the party. I told her I did on occasion rent my dungeon. I told her I was expecting fifty to attend and have a staff of ten lined up for the event.

She asked staff? I said caterering, parking, security, as well as a professional videographer and an Emt. Ashley seemed impressed as did Kyra, and I said this is the thirteenth private event at my house I have thrown.

I went on that I had also been directly involved with thirty plus events at other facilities. I told them I also offer production of video and photo products. Kyra asked if I could do live streaming events, and I said I could but have only done three and prefer not to. We ate and talked and I got the point of her wanting to attend was to broaden her circle of friends and make contacts, some of which may be potential clients in the future.

Over all I recognised she wanted friends more than clients from this event. I asked her if she would like to come over and checkout the dungeon and videographer. She said yes, and I told her Saturday I would be having some kinky folks over, and the videographer would be there to check us out too.

As we finished diner and had desert I noticed kyra checking out Ashleys ass as she had got up to use the rest room. When she saw that I had noticed, she said yours? I said yes she is learning, and is on trial basis for now. Kyra said nice presentation, a compliment regarding a look.

We finished diner and I paid the check, I led Ashley by the arm opening the door as we went out side. Once inside the Escalade Ashley said she seemed nice as we watched her walk over to a Harley sportster put a helmet on, start the motorcycle and leave. Interesting I would not have guessed a little thing like her could handle a motorcycle. As we pulled out of the lot, I told Ashley to take her clothes off, and she thought to object and then remembered the tint on the escelade would prevent anyone from seeing her, and complied.

I took the on ramp to the highway leyla peachbloom presented in rough anal scene gonzo style by ass traffic of just going home.

I drove until I xxxxx new b story 2019 xxxx a tractor trailer going well over the speed limit, and I told Ashley to turn side ways to face the window, and masterbate. She did as ordered and I pulled along side the big rig and she looked over at the driver and kept masternbating, until I rolled the window down. She started to cover herself and try to hide and I barked to fuck her self.

She got back to it and I told her, one foot on the dash board one on the window edge. I grabbed a handful of her tit and gave her a good squeeze. She started to relax and get into it as the driver kept his speed constant and I set the cruise control to match his speed. I reached down to her pussy pushing her hand aside and stuck three fingers in her wet pussy. I told her to pinch her nipples and she did, I barked harder and pull on them, to which I started slamming my fingers in and out of her rubbing her clit with the palm of my hand.

She started to shake and said oh no, and I said yes you fucking little cock tease come, she moaned and I slapped her clit and went back to fingering her. I said now you fucking whore come, and she instantly came, squirting, splashing.

I removed my fingers from her pussy and clamped down on her clit pinching it hard, pulling it and the releasing it and told her to let go and said come you little cunt. She squirted out the window and all over the door panel. The truck driver almost ran off the shoulder, and dropped his speed.

I rolled the window up and Ashley sat up, I praised her good girl. I pulled in front of the trucker and at the next exit signaled and pulled off at the truck stop. The old back lot of the truck stop wasn't used much anymore and I parked. The truck pulled along side, I rolled the window down and the driver got out of his truck and walked over to the passenger side window.

I told him if he'd like a blow job to step up on the running boards and hold onto the roof rack. He said that works and a moment later his cock was sticking in the open window. I told her to blow him and she did so with out question. As she blew him I finger fucked her from behind, and when it seemed he was close to coming I told her not to miss a drop, swallow it all like a good whore.

Her pussy spasmed and she moaned which pushed the driver over the edge and he came in her mouth.

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He stepped down and pulled his zipper up as I rolled the window up and sped off to home. Ashley kept rubbing herself as I took the on ramp to home, and she finely stopped and said thank you Sir~. I told her she was welcome and drove home. At home she took her clothes inside and put them in the hamper.

I told her to go to bed, and she answered yes sir, but what about you sir. I told her I would sleep later, and she no, what about you sir, you haven't come. I thanked her for the thought but I had things to do and maybe I would take her in her sleep. She bounced off to the bedroom almost singing good night master. I got on line and checked Kyra's financial records and she was telling the truth, her web site paid her bills and a projected salary of eighty seven thousand dollars a year.

She had been frugal saving much her money, and was very good at accounting and the tax regulations protecting what she had. I checked her records again and she had gone to college at fifteen yrs old majoring in business law and a minor in accounting. She was a very interesting character and I looked forward to seeing more of literally. The rest of the week was more mundane, and Ashley was looking forward to the weekend as much as I was.

Friday afternoon Janis came over and I filled her in on Ashley, she seemed surprised, but was obviously looking forward to weekend. When Ashley got home from work she removed her clothes as usual upon entering the house and Janis skipped over to her and hugged her. I watched as their naked bodies closed on each other and then released.

I thought about how lucky I was, and when Ashley came out of the bedroom from putting her clothes away, Janis asked her to help finish cooking. I was suspicious, knowing Janis rarely needed any help in the kitchen.

As I suspected it was just a ruse to be feely touchy in the close quarters of the kitchen. I finished up the work I was doing on the computer as Janis called me to the table. She had done a wonderful Chinese stir fry with steak strips, shrimp, and seared chicken strips. We ate and talked of the party and when folks would be showing up. As we ate Garrison pulled in the drive and Janis said sit and she went out to greet him and his submissive Carol.

She helped them bring their gear bags in and once they were inside I went over giving hugs to them both and Janis introduced Ashley. I had on my signature shorts, both girls were naked and Carol looked to Garrison and he told her she should take her clothes off and put them up. She went to where their bags were and undressed and bent over to put her clothes in the bag when Janis said nice butt plug looking at Carols' bent over ass. The attention of the room went to the shiny purple glass ball at the end of Carols' butt plug.

It set the mood for the next couple hours. The females being domestic and chatting, as Garrison and I retired to the back deck. Garrison would often take the dungeon master job during party weekends and other events. He had come early tonight to have some fun of his own, before people showed up tomorrow. We talked over the usual specifics just to sync with xxx vidimom sleeping son fuk other, and he inquired about Ashley.

I told him my plan of Collaring her tomorrow tword the end of the afternoon play session. We discussed him making an announcement, which was not unusual, and then I would call Ashley to the St.Andrews Cross and I would formally collar her. I asked him if he had a chance to see the new toy I had been working on knowing he had not. We went to my shop and I pulled a sheet off of the ring of fire as I had named it. He asked how it worked, and I told him he'd get the full demo tomorrow after I collar Ashley.

We went back inside to find the girls in the play room, touching and feeling the floggers and paddles discussing their respective effects. Garrison thanked Carol for bringing their play gear in, and opened the gun type case that held his floggers and whips.

He told her to take her position on the cross. He secured her to the cross running his hands down her body like frisking her, after he finished tieing her hands up. I ordered my girls to kneel at either side of the cross at a safe distance, as Garrison picked out the flogger in his hand. He stepped into position and began swinging the flogger in a rhythmic circle until the flails of the flogger danced on Carols back and ass. Garrison had a style where he bent his knees and crouched down and had a look of very intense concentration as he reddened Carols ass.

Her breathing got deep and she was obviously using focused meditation to handle the pain. Garrison stopped and picked up a cushion placing it at her belly causing her butt to stick out. He picked up a paddle and swiftly moved to the side and swung the paddle releasing a crack that thunder would be slighted by. Carol gasped at the stinging clap but held still as Garrison swang again, and a thunderous clap drew a bright red circle on her ass. He drew the edge of the paddle across her back and down one leg and up the other.

To our surprise the edge of the paddle must have been sharp as it left scratches every where he touched her with it. HE examined his work, and in perfect performance art drew up a single drop of blood from one of the scratches and put it in his mouth licking the drop off. He stepped into her space and released her from the cross.

He sat on the soft bench and she moved to sit at his feet. I motioned Janis to the cross, and she jumped up and into position and I secured her to the cross. I went over to a wall by the cross and pulled a piece of rope down that had One hundred plastic mini clothes pins. I put the rope around my neck, and began placing them on Janis's arm on the inside edge, pinching her skin and putting a clothes pin on the pinched skin. I repeated the procedure down her right arm, down her right leg on the inside, up the inside of her left leg, and up her left arm, twenty five on each appendage.

I rarely used that many as it is time consuming and time multiplies the pain factor as more are added. Janis was a real pain slut and I knew from experience that she was approaching her limit. I stood back and picked up a very soft leather flogger and threw it onto her back lightly and drew the flails down her back.

I knew I was pushing her but it had been awhile since I had really tested her limits, and I ramped up the flogger speed and pressure. I put the flogger back on the rack and I began removing the pins from her. The first fifty I would smack her ass with my hand at the tens.

From there it was every five until the last twenty which I increased to every other clip. The last five clips got a slap for each one, at which she was visibly isabella takes delivery guy inside her waiting pussy video and moaning.

I knew for her she was on the edge or an orgasm. As I administered the last slap of her ass, I moved to touch her with my body and grabbed her by the throat with one hand, and her left breast with the other and whispered in her ear to come. She shook and her knees buckled as she squirted down her legs, and I held her up through her orgasm.

Once she stopped coming I ordered Ashley to release Janis's bindings. I held Janis up and when she was free of the cross I guided her to the couch bench seat, and sat beside her. I told Ashley to sit the other side of her, and as she did, I guided her to caress Janis and support her through sub space.

We all moved into the living room and watched the video, and then I played the video from last weekend with Janis and Ashley. Garrison turned to Janis and said my god girl you are a natural Domme. We all laughed and agreed with him, as we got up togo to bed. Saturday morning we all went out to breakfast at my favorite restaurant and then when we got back to the house the videographer showed up as well as Mistress Kyra and a few other friends.

The tour of the grounds had everyone very excited and I told Mike he could test out my gear to get used to it if he wanted and off he went to my control room. Mistress Kyra was a whole other person than the girl we met at Red Lobster. She had one leather pants that looked like they were painted on, and a rolling suitcase of her toy-tools.

She looked a lot like the character Abbey from NCIS tv show. She on the other hand was fascinated with the dungeon and the video system.

Bob and Clair friends of mine were quick to start using the equipment. A few others dropped in as the afternoon went on and the play room was nearing capacity, with once scene after another.

Garrison got everyones attention and went through his usual speech about safety and the house rules. Then he turned to me and turned the floor over to me. I thanked everyone for coming out and encouraged them to sexy sluts enjoy big hard cocks and facial safety with our community. Then A tz desi jungle rafe xxx story download called Ashley up front with me and introduced her and then I turned to her and asked her to kneel facing me.

I told her that she had proved herself in submission to me and that I was ready to collar her as my submissive if she would accept. She said yes Sir~ and I pulled a Leather collar with a swivel D ring in the front adorned with diamond studs along the edges, and put it on her securing it from behind.

I put my hand out and stood her up directing her to my side. I introduced her this time as My submissive. There was clapping and some cheers and I motioned for the floor to be cleared. I rolled the Ring of Fire to the center of the room. The ring was a modified hay feeder wheel with a pentagram steel frame welded inside. The frame had D rings welded around he inside edge of the wheel and on the pentagram, to secure a person inside. The ring was chromed and polished and I did a quick spin to show it's potential, and then put my hand out and led Ashley into it.

I secured her in place and went about spinning the ring and rolling the ring turning her around and around. I stopped it urned a small valve on and and pushed a small igniter on the inside edge and a flame lit around the outer edge twistys alexis starring at peekaboo i se the ring.

I twisted and turned the ring some more, and then turned the valve off extinguishing the flame. I dropped a couple black painted two by four boards to prevent it from rolling and picked up a matching set of floggers and administered a series of throws criss crossing her back and butt.

I laid the ring onto the floor Ashley facing down and picked a butt plug from my case and lubricated it and slid it in her asshole, and then administered an intense and rough bare hand spanking. I stood the ring up and turned her the opposite way and put ten clothes pins on each limb, and then ran a drum stick up and down them twice.

I could see Ashley had had enough and was starting to tear up so I removed the clothes pins and then released her from the ring.

I led her to a chair and sat beside her as the gathered folks took a close look at my ring of fire. Garrison congratulated me on my creation and the ring of fire, smiling at Ashley. A few of the other submissives came around and congratulated her on the collaring and her journey. It was a great evening, and many of the others tried out my ring, and more scenes were performed. The most surprising was Mistress Kyra and Janis. They had just met and made a connection, and they came to me and asked my permission for them to play together for the evening, and I made eye contact with Janis and saw she wanted this, and I agreed, They started out rather normally for this group,on the spanking bench.

Kyra secured her to the bench and then proceeded to whip her with a short bull whip doing a perfect job hitting her mark every time, never breaking the skin.

As Kyra released Janis sunny leone xxx 2 boys the bench to assume another position, they struggled and started to wrestle. Kyra was clothed and Janis was naked, but it wasn't long before Kyra was naked too, The two of them touting each other calling each other names and circling each other, finely Kyra gained the upper hand when Janis misjudged a lunge at Kyra and ended up on her back.

Kyra sat on her face and barked at her to eat her pussy and held her face in position. It seemed like Janis wouldn't until Kyra held her nose shut forcing herto open her mouth to breath and Kyra started grinning her pussy on Janis's mouth. It was a well scripted scene and the crowd really enjoyed the intensity. In the end Kyra got up and dragged Janis by the hair to where Kyra sat. After a few minutes Janis returned to my side and seemed to need physical connection with me. As it got late people started to filter out and some pulled blankets over them selves and slept in the dungeon, It wasn't uncommon and some had done it many times before.

Sunday morning I had breakfast catered in and some folks left early. Mark my Videographer had stayed over and told me he loved my set up and looked forward to the event next weekend. I told him that there would be twice as many folks and that the action would be multifaceted, and almost constant throughout the night.

As we talked Kyra walked over to his side buck naked and leaned into his side hugging on him as we talked. She commented on what a great place I had and how she was looking forward to the event as well. It was odd how somethings work out, Mark was six foot eight inches two hundred pounds of Viking, and Kyra was maybe five foot two inches and not even a hundred pounds, and yet they made a connection.

He was in his thirties and she was barely eighteen, and in fact looking at her I still got the feeling she wasn't mature enough, but then I remember she is legal and surprisingly experienced. The event would surely be interesting if they were any indicator. After everyone left and it was just Ashley, Janis and I we were sitting in the living room resting watching video, when Janis asked if she could be more than a play partner submissive to me, that she wanted to be more with us than a submissive play partner.

I asked Ashley how she felt about it and she said foxy selma has her tight snatch penetrated was happy to have a sister slut. I told her I would formally collar her and to consider herself owned. Then she asked if she could be Domme to Ashley when I wasn't. I again asked Ashley and she said yes.

I said as long as we keep clear and honest communications it was settled. Jax_Teller©2016 The end of Chapter 2