Stunning trio for euro wench hardcore groupsex

Stunning trio for euro wench hardcore groupsex
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It was a long drive to her house. He'd spent the time thinking. Mostly he thought about the many ways he wanted to have sex with her when he got there. But he knew this was by no means a certainty. Women, and particularly this one, were unpredictable. In spite of the sexual heat of their earlier conversation, her reaction to his unannounced arrival was more or less a crap shoot.

He told himself that all he could do would be to read her reaction when he pulled up, and go from there. One thing was for sure. He wasn't going to waste time on small talk. He pointed the truck up her long gravel drive.

He could see the house through the trees long before she could make out who's vehicle was coming up her drive. But the crunch of tires on gravel made sure there was no sneaking up on her. He could see her on the porch steps, her face a mixture of question and anticipation. His truck didn't clear the trees until it was close to the house. He watched her expression change as she realized who had come up her drive, and why.

She wore a light sleeveless top and cutoff shorts that fit loosely around her thighs, but couldn't hide the flare of her hips. The possibility of finally getting a look at that beautiful ass sent a surge of blood to his already thickening member, pushing it more than halfway across his thigh.

She was blushing. He slowly stepped down from the cab and around the front of the truck. As he did she said "Hello.I.uh." but couldn't finish. Her face was red now. He advanced, never taking his eyes off hers. In his eyes she could read his intentions clearly. Her breath caught in her throat. He crossed the last couple of steps to her and stood close, his eyes taking her in. Her big round eyes and inviting lips were just as compelling as he'd remembered them. He wondered briefly whether kissing her would be as pleasurable as he'd imagined so many times.

With his right hand he reached up and let the outside of his angela white big tits at busty trail down the side of her neck. He leaned in and kissed her, softly. There was a tingling electric heat to her kiss.

His left hand was at the top of her thigh where it joined her hip, just under the frayed hem of her shorts.

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His right hand caressed her shoulder and then slid deliberately down to cover her breast. He could feel her already stiffening nipple poking into his palm.

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Then, with both hands he reached under her shorts to cup the globes of her perfect little ass. He pulled her to him, crushing her mound to his now completely engorged penis. A hand slid under her to run a finger along her slit. As he did, she gasped. She was already very wet. He planted his mouth at the junction of her shoulder and neck and kissed his way up to her ear, and whispered "I'm going to turn your knees to jelly".

Her arms were around his neck, one leg was wrapped around behind his as she ground herself against him. He unhooked himself from her and undid the top button of her shorts, unzipped the zipper and they fell to the ground.

She wasn't wearing any under wear. Slowly, deliberately, he undid his jeans and slid them off his hips. She watched with rapt attention as more and more of his shaft was revealed, until, as it sprang free she made a choking noise.

He spun her around and guided her down on her knees, on the steps.

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She presented her beautiful ass to him. As he knelt behind her he reflected that it was indeed as pretty as he had dreamed it would be. But now the preliminaries were over. The urgency too great.

He trailed the head of his member along her slit to lubricate it, rubbed it back and forth a little, then eased it into her. A long "Oooohhh!" escaped her as she stretched to accommodate him. He pulled out completely, then eased in again, a couple of more inches this time.

"Huh! uhhhh un!" from her. She was tight, but so wet that he had no trouble getting his entire length in on the third stroke. He could feel the tip of his member flatten into her cervix. Some women find this uncomfortable, for others it's an incredible turn on. She fell into the latter category.

As soon as she felt him hit bottom she backed into him hard, a stream of very graphic four letter instructions spilled out of her mouth and her hips began bucking into him as if they had a mind of their own.

If there had been anyone within a hundred yards, and fortunately there wasn't, the racket she was making would have brought them running. It wasn't long before she ground through her first orgasm. And unlike some women he'd been with, when she came she left no room for doubt. He stopped thrusting long enough for her to finish and catch her breath. He enjoyed the feeling of her clenching along his length for a minute.

Then resumed the short, chopping thrusts that had originally gotten her off. Her hips bucked and her thigh muscles quaked. She grunted and cursed her way to the next orgasm quickly.

He pulled out but he was by no means finished. Experience had shown him that an occasional change of venue would allow him to last much longer. It had also shown him that now that she knew he could bring her to orgasm he could do just about anything he wanted.

Not that he wanted all that much. Just to fuck her until she was completely sated. He took her hand and helped her up, then pulled off her top. Her nipples were something else he had been dreaming about and she didn't disappoint him there either. While her breasts were not large her nipples more than made up for it by jutting pointedly, straight off her chest. Her aureolas were extremely puffy sexy redhead minx rides a stiff rod dark red, like a cherry mousse piped on to the very tip of her pointed tit by a pastry chef.

The nipples themselves stuck out stiffly from the center nearly half an inch. She was a small woman. About 5'2" and maybe 110 pounds. He hooked an arm under one of her knees, the other around her waist and picked her up. Pulling her to him, he took one of those delicious nipples in his mouth and carried her into the house.

Inside, he looked for an appropriate piece of furniture. The couch. He sat her down facing him. He now had access to all hot amateur fuck at home brunette big tits goodies and he made the most of it. He slid her ass out to the edge of the cushion, leaned over her and went to work on her nipples again, sucking each one alternately, while he pinched and twisted the other. Her hands clutched the hair on the sides of his head.

She pulled his head to her breast, arching her back to stuff as much tit into his mouth as she could. Her hips gyrated underneath him, searching for the cock that she desperately needed back inside her.

He was acutely aware of her need. She would definitely get what she wanted. But not before he teased her a little. He kept the object of her desire just out of reach.

He trailed the big, soft head along the sides of her cunt. When she twisted to the side to catch it, he arched forward, sliding the underside of his shaft along her slit and clitoris. She gasped, "Give it to me, damnit!" "I will. I certainly will. As soon as you tell me exactly what you want." "I need it!" " I know you do, and you're going to get what you want, believe me. But you've been teasing me with that sweet little ass for a very long time. I think it's only fair that I return the favor." He pushed himself up.

On his knees between her legs, he grasped the shaft of his cock and rubbed the tip all over her pussy. She struggled to catch it in her cunt. " Damnit! Fuck me! You.shiiit!" She screamed, sprang off the couch and slammed into his chest, knocking him to the floor. On top of him, she straddled his hips, braced one hand on his chest and reached between his legs with the other. Cock shaft in hand she lodged the tip in her aching cunt and sat down, sheathing his entire thick length in one motion.

A few strokes later she was on the way to cumming again. He had been just laying still, allowing her to get her pleasure and enjoying the show as she did, But as he watched her approach the pinnacle, he began to thrust. He pulled his knees up, planted his feet and raised his hips off the floor, hammering his cock into her.

He jack hammered his thick length into her until she began to cum, then he stopped thrusting, leaving his hips several inches off the floor.

Reena sky elsa jean in girl tagging braced her heels under his thighs, grinding and twisting herself against his mound. He felt her gush. She was soaking him in her cum. He lowered his hips to the floor and she lay on his chest, both of them laboring to catch their breath. "You haven't cum yet, have you." She said. "No, not yet". She said "I need a drink of water" and got up.

As she did his cock slid out of her with a lewd slurping noise. "Damn" she said "you're still hard". "You complaining?" "Well, I don't know how much more i can take".

She headed into the kitchen and he followed her. She ran them both a glass of water and they each took a long cool drink. "Hmm" she said, looking down at his still rigid member "What are webcam teen getting facial on cam find me on hotwebcamteensorg going to do with that". She reached out with the tips of her fingers and lightly caressed the reddish purple tip, making his cock twitch.

He watched the passion return to her face. She leaned over slightly and, grasping his shaft with her left hand, she cupped her right breast with her right hand and guided his cock tip across her nipple. "Oooo, that's so sexy" she said, sweet chick sydney sky getting horny for large dick up into his eyes.

"It made me cum so hard". She gently cupped his balls with her right hand and rubbed the tip of his cock all over her nipples and between her breasts. "Come for me" she said as she gazed up into his eyes through her eye lashes.

"I want you to come". She eased past him and headed for the bedroom. He was right behind her. He had wanted her before today, very badly. But the way she was looking at him. The way she was talking to him. The things she was saying were too much.

On the bed, He spanked her ass. First one cheek and then the other. Then his hand found her sweet naked pussy. He ran a finger along it and it slid in easily.

He lined his cock up with her pussy and drove it home with one thrust. He pulled all the way out and then drove it into her again. Over and over again he thrust his full length into her.

She had enjoyed more than one orgasm and, as she said, it was his turn. Now he could use his cock on her for his maximum pleasure. Over and over again he pulled his cock all the way out of her tender little pussy, teased her swollen cunt lips with the tip, then slid slowly, sensuously all the way back in to the bottom of her sopping twat. He fucked her in the way he knew would give him most pleasure, the most sensation.

But he couldn't cum.

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It happened to him sometimes. When the sex was prolonged, aggressive, he got to a point where it was difficult to get off. This was one of those times. She sensed this. "You having a hard time, Baby?" she asked. She lay over on her side and big cock son sex mom "Let me help" and reached out for his dick.

Her right hand cupped gently cupped his balls, "Umm, Baby. Your big, heavy balls are just full of cum". With her wicked beauteous girlie craves for a large cock hardcore blowjob hand she guided his cock tip to her nipple and swirled it around, then flicked it back and forth. Wild anal outdoor sex hardcore and blowjob looked him in the eye and said in a soft sweet voice "I'll take care of it".

He was up on his knees, next to her pillow, left hand braced on the headboard. She used her grip on his cock shaft to pull herself a little closer to him and laid his shaft along her cheek. Slowly she kissed her way along his rigid length to the head of his cock. He gazed down at her. The sight of this intensely sensuous woman playing her lips and tongue over the tip of his cock was beyond the pale of any mere blow job.

She seemed to savor the taste and softness of the cockpit in her mouth as if it were a perfectly ripe plum. Her right hand continued to cradle his balls while her right maintained just the right grip on his shaft. She never attempted to get his whole length into her mouth, instead concentrating all of her attention on the first couple of inches of his cock. But she certainly knew what she was doing.

When she decided she had found the correct combination of suction, lips and tongue she momentarily released her left hand from his shaft and guided his right hand to the back of her head. Taking her signal, he pulled her to him, burying another inch or so into that supple mouth. "Umm hmm" she breathed in encouragement, and pulled on his shaft to innitiate the rhythm she needed to get what she wanted. He released the headboard and used both hands to cradle her head.

At the same time he began to pump his hips slightly, fucking that incredibly talented mouth with short thrusts. "Ummm, mmmfff" she mouthed. She brought the same passion to sucking his cock as she had to fucking him. Seemed to enjoy it every bit as much. She sucked harder. Almost, it seemed to him, too hard, but there was no stopping her. Her tongue became firmer and worked greedily at the underside of his cock tip. Most women perform this service as a chore, but this one really loved it, was intensely stimulated by it.

Her ministrations became almost frantic. She released her grip on his shaft and balls and put one hand on his ass and the other on his hip, forcing his cock into her mouth while increasing sucking and tonguing.

"Aaaarrrggghh! Jesus!" he groaned. "Oh Baby, it's too much!" But she didn't let up. He felt like every hair on his body was standing straight out. Every pore tingling like it was on fire. It was so intense he thought about pulling away, but that would have been hard to do.

"Ooohh Shit! Uhh unnnn! I'm gonna, uh uh, I'm gonna!" "Uuuuummm hhhmmmm" from her. His hips began to thrust with an urgency that was beyond his control. A couple of tongue flicks from her sent him over the edge.

The first rope of cum shot out of him with a force he couldn't recall experiencing before. She held on tight to him, greedily sucking as his cock twitched, throbbed and spent itself into her hungry mouth. He never saw a drop of his semen. "Jesus Christ, that was incredible" he said. She regarded him for a moment, then said "So were you". "So" he said "maybe we can do this again some time". She smiled up at him and replied "Anytime you want, honey, anytime you want".