Cock enters attractive teen cunt hardcore blowjob

Cock enters attractive teen cunt hardcore blowjob
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Mummy's true passion- part thirteen My first impression was that the room was small. But after I had somehow managed to find my breath, because I was still very excited and felt my dripping cock, which hang out of my pants, getting ready and in some way, back to life, I realized that what I had thought was the whole room was only the foyer.

Up to the ceiling all different kinds of SM- cloth hung on the walls. And in the middle there was a door, covered with smooth, red leather. Mum looked at me and gave me a certain kind of a motherly and refreshing smile and I was sure there was pride in it, too. "So, are you ready to enter what I like to call the boutique of darkness?" May asked and turned half back to us, because she had stepped a little in front of us and cleaned my cum off her boot with some tissue.

"I am." Mum said and I just nodded my head, trying to get back to, well, reality. So mum took a deep breath as if she had to prepare herself for what was to come. In fact that didn't really help me to get back to earth and the mystical way May used to stand beside the door didn't help either. I took a deep breath, too although I had no idea what was to come beyond that mysterious door. Finally May ended the situation and simply opened the door.

Our eyes followed her steps and honestly I must confess, that only seeing this gorgeous woman walking a few steps with these high heeled boots on which I just had shoot my load turned me on immediately. Then the door was opened and I somehow felt disappointed.

I don't know what I had expected after the tension that had been stressed. Maybe I had hoped to see little red angels flying off the door or a shiny light or whatever.

But behind the door there was just a dark room and I could see a light red carper leading to the center or at least what I thought what was the center. Then May clapped her hands and the lights switched on in the room and they were really bright and shiny and a happy smile tied and he buries his black seed deep up my face.

I looked at mummy and saw her smiling, too. Her white teeth looked ever brighter in this certain, smooth light. "Now let's stop this being stunned stuff, guys." May said and I was a little surprised hearing her talking like that. So we followed her inside and I kept my eyes moving between her bare ass cheeks and those hot shoes.

Mummy, as if to check if her son would be ready soon to give her more pleasure, wrapped her hand around my shaft and it was the most natural thing in the world for me. As she felt I was getting hard and fresh blood was being pumped through the big artery she moved her hand up and down my shaft as if she wanted to let me know how happy and proud she was on me that moment.

"You seem to be a real glutton. " May said as she stopped and turned and saw her friend again playing around with its son's cock.

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"Well, you know me" Mum simply replied without losing the grab. "Yes, I do, I do indeed." May said and I saw that uncertain grin on her face. Then the two women smiled and looked at me then they looked to some certain corner of the room and looked back at me and smiled again, first on each other, then on me. I looked up and femdom fetish lady sonia tube porn the first time I saw the whole room.

It was a huge one. The ceiling was lower than the one in the SM- studio and I soon found out why. Except of a round part in the middle of the room, where we almost were, it had two stories. Spiral stairs led to the upper one and there were markers in some corners and some on the way up the stairs.

They said things like "soft sex", "toys", "hardcore", "fetish", etc… I for sure knew that the different clothes obviously were sorted by preferences of couples. "I think we all know where we belong, don't we?" May said. Mum and I smiled, maybe because it was so really obvious what bound us all together. "Follow me." May english sexy film nayi film with her Mistress voice and we obeyed.

Mum tried not to lose grip with me shaft as we walked up the stairs but the spiral was too tight "We must be under the back yard." I said and somehow was surprised hearing my voice, because I hadn't said a word for what now seemed like ages to me. "You're absolutely right, slave." May said but turned around and gave me grin telling me that the slave treatment was paused by now and she just was bantering me.

As soon as we had left the last stair mummy's soft hand wrapped around my shaft and I couldn't do else but moan a little. Mum gave me another motherly smile. "Now I am glad to present to you SM- paradise" cheered and raised her hands as if she was holding something heavy up.

We turned and looked in each direction and came to the conclusion that May was absolutely right. There was nothing that was not there. On one hallstand there was all the classic SM- cloth like latex and leather stuff, on another were tons of all kinds of costumes, nurses, devils, secretaries, it was like a candy store.

Mum meanwhile had left me but my cock was hard, so I thought she had gotten what she wanted. I found her, after I had walked around a while on my own and checked some hot costumes in which I would love to see mummy, in the- you might guess- shoe corner together with May.

The two had completely undressed and the used cloth lay on a small crowd on the floor.

Mum was just trying on some heeled sandals and May had changed into a pair of sexy black leather boots which ended right under the knee. "What do you think, slave?" May asked. "Well, it's high heeled and shiny and sexy like hell." I said. "Oh, you like seeing your mistresses naked and only wearing these shoes, honey, don't you?" Mum said and I knew that new lust had grown in her. I could see new juice starting to glitter on her pussy skin.

"So why don't you show us your appreciation like you have learned it?" I knew what I had to do. I stepped even closer to the women and got on my knees. "He's really well trained, my dear." May said. "You've done a great job on him." "Thanks, May. But it's not all my work. Just look at him. Just knowing his mummy is in the same room gives him a hard on." Mum replied while I got lower until I lay almost on the floor. "Yes dear, you're really right.

I think he is something like the born slave and the best of all is that he enjoys being his mummy's sex slave almost more than his mum enjoys being his mistress." May said and just as I wanted to start kissing mummy's toes trough the sandal she moved her foot away. "I don't see why we should stand here." Mummy said, her voice had changed back to the cruel mistress tone, massive lust lay in it.

"I agree, I think we have been way too good to him till now. Just imagine we have allowed him to lick our asses, at least you even let this prevent eat your glory black big body mom and sun sex kenya shit." May replied.

My two cruel mistresses walked a short while until they reached a part of the boutique which obviously was the part specialized for mum's and mine and for sure also May's preferences. I didn't dare to get up on my feet and hearing those beautiful ladies talking like that above me turned me on really much. They took seats on a red, low leather sofa. Mum crossed her legs so her right foot was in the air.

"You're absolutely right. It is such a pleasure for him to be allowed to be his mummy's toilet." Mum said just as May took her seat on her left. I lowered my mouth to mum's left foot because I didn't dare to get higher as these ladies talked. Finally I got in contact with mum's skin. Whenever I had licked her feet like a dog slave, I had had the feeling that the time before hadn't been as good as the action that was currently happening.

And it was just milf shaved black suspect taken on a raunchy ride that this time.

In my head I saany lion csex storiesa chochot the taste of my mistress mum's toes with their taste from the morning, when I had woke mummy up by giving her a foot lick. And I must say it seemed to be much better, but maybe it was just an illusion. My tongue found its way between mum's toes and under the leather of these sandals. I kissed her toe nails and tried to wrap my mouth around her foot. Then, as May as it seemed had found a position she liked on the sofa, I felt cold leather touching my cock mia khalifa full lenth storys. More blood pumped into my shaft immediately and I couldn't do else but moan.

"Oh my god, your son enjoys being treated like that so much." May said I worked my licks to mummy's feet backside to find the heel. "Yes I know, when I woke him up this night to empty my bowl, he felt like a child on Christmas." Mum laughed. "Did he?" May gave back.

I meanwhile did my best to wrap my tongue around the heel. For some reason the idea of being not even worth touching my mistress's skin and being forced to kiss her shoes gave me a real flash and certainly May got aware of it as my cock moved. "Look at him, look at your prevent son." I heard May saying, "He is down there, licking his own mother's shoes and there's nothing on earth he would do better." "Yeah May, I know.

Right now he is working his tongue down my heel, he does not dare to touch my skin and he knows why." Mum said but her voice had become softer and I knew she was touching herself the whole time. I could smell her sweetness flowing from her fuck hole above me and I knew it wouldn't take long till she would order me to lick her.

But till that happened I truly enjoyed my work on her lovely feet. Then May suddenly talked to me:" You, slave, lick the floor under your mummy's feet, you are not even worth touching her shoes with your tongue." I was a little surprised and maybe shocked that this unbelievable woman had found another way of humiliating a guy licking his own mother's shoes with pleasure even more. But since I loved being treated like this and hearing the ladies talk I obeyed for sure and started kissing the floor around my cruel mummy's shoe.

It was warm wood and from time to time mummy moved her foot and stepped on my stretched out tongue softly. I had the idea of being her slave for cleaning the ground of her shoes and had pictures in my head of a prevent, but certainly hot future. May the whole time kept her shoe tip on my cock top as if to check my level of excitement.

She was obviously satisfied. "May, now I need to cum really bad, shall we let my son lick the juice?" Mummy asked but certainly was not serious.

"Well my dear friend, it's your son, so it's your decision." May replied and I thought I had heard her giggle. latin cutie ashlynn taylor gets her pussy pumped hard right, honey, you've heard it, so get up your slave face to mummy's sweet pussy and do your duty." I heard mum's order. She certainly didn't need to tell my twice so I got my face up the ground while mum spread her beautiful legs apart to give me sight and entrance to her perfect pussy.

I got my face above her sweetest place and started sucking her clit with imminence joy. True streams of her sweet juice flew over my face and tongue and I heard May ordering me not to miss any drop now there I was honored by being allowed to eat my mummy's pussy hole. I certainly did my best to obey.

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Then I felt mum being really close and got prepared for her final shoot. She moved her ass and whole lower body under my face as if to pull back power and get ready for the shoot. And then she loosened the grip, so to speak, and all her joy and pleasure streamed over my face, I heard her scream. "Jesus, yeah honey, eat all mummy's juices. Yeah eat me, baby, eat my." After what seemed to have been almost half a minute the waves of liquid hitting my inner mouth got weaker and the loads got smaller.

"You like eating mummy, don't you? Honey I love you so much. You really made your mummy cum by kissing the floor under her feet and that's really true slave love. Come up here, I want to taste my juices myself." I crawled up and kept the last drops inside my mouth. Then I reached her mouth and we changed a great French kiss while she tasted and swallowed her own pussy.

"You taste so great mummy."I said and smiled. "I really do, sweetheart. Do you want to cum, too?" My cock was rock hard meanwhile. As I opened my mouth to answer May, who had gotten on her feet and now stood beside us, cut my word. "He will get his chance but I need him hard for the next station. Now undress slave, I don't think you will be able to use this cloth anymore anyways." I did as I was ordered and saw almost all my new cloth being a total mess, covered with shit and juice and blood and urine, simply with all the disgusting things I had eaten since I was in May's house.

Finally it all lay on a crowed. "Now," naked mistress May said to naked me and naked mummy, "would you please follow me to our next station? We have seen the basement and the shoe corner, now we will get to the place I like to call "shitty boutique". You guys will find everything there you can think of concerning scat games." Right around the next bench we found it. There was really a shield saying "shitty boutique" but the place was relatively big.

"All right, let's have a look." May said and worked her hands trough a few hallstands pulling out some pieces here and there and throwing them over some close chair. Some were made from leather or varnish others from latex and few had metal within. After a few minutes may seemed to be satisfied and turned around seeing mum kneeing in front of me and giving me some "keep it up, although you have to wait blowjob". "So, busty brunette has her orgasmic twat slammed friends, we have a few really interesting pieces right here." May said and didn't even care about the fact that I was getting a blowjob by my mum.

"Slave, come over here and try this on" she said and pulled some black leather thing from the crowed. I took my cock from mummy's mouth and got close to the mistress.

The piece of leather turned out to be a really cool slave stream wear. With the help of the ladies I put it on. The great thing was that you had to put your cock through a hole framed by a metal ring in the front, so it looked bigger and it got harder automatically.

As I stood there with this thing on my body and my almost hurting hard penis between those beauties I thought that I would not like to be elsewhere on earth than here. Mum walked around me like mothers do when they are on a shopping tour with their sons. "What are these buttons for?" she asked and touched some little metal button beside the metal ring.

"Well, that's honestly the reason why I choose this model." May replied,"I'll show you." She checked the crowed again and got something that looked like a jockstrap but made from black leather with buttons that obviously were fitting those on the stream wear. "Oh, I see." Mum said and the women put the strap over my cock. It was pressed a little but it didn't hurt.

The interesting part was that this jockstrap was not close but left much space around my cock, it also seemed to be very tight on the back, so that there was some kind of empty room created around my cock. I still didn't have any idea what this thing might be made for.

But mummy's face lit up. It seemed she had found out what it was good for. "Oh, my god. This thing is that disgusting, you must be a real prevent if you like this, that's sick." she said.

"So I am right you like it really well?" May replied with a certain smile on her face. "You know me, you can bet I do" Mum cheered.

"Shall we show it to him?" May said as she saw the asking look I still had on my face. "Sure, but I'm all empty, I gave it all to his mouth, how could I have known you would have such a thing." Mum gave back and a little disappointment lay in her voice. "Well me dear, I held it back when we were in this machine, I gave him just a little pearl, so if you don't mind I would be your substitute." May said and this time I thought she sounded really excited for the first time.

"Sure I don't have anything against it, just show us or at least show him." Mum replied and het face got a little brighter again. May turned towards me. "Slave." she said, "you love your mummy, right?" "I do" I said. "And you love her body" "I do" "And maybe most of all you love her asshole." "That's right" "And you are totally addicted to your mothers shit, is that true?" "Yes madam" "So you don't just like eating it, if you could, you would also sex waptric com storys sex stories it, right" "Jesus, sure I would, I love how mummy's shit tastes smells and feels." That second I knew what this thing was for.

"But you also like my shit, right slave?" "Sure my mistress, I tasted it earlier and I would be honored to be your toilet slave." "Good boy." May turned around and ordered me to lower until the upper hole of this construction was right underneath her asshole. "I held this back for so long" she said just as she started pressing and her ass cheeks got spread. I looked at mummy and saw some pride in her eyes. Then I saw the brown sausage from May's glorious asshole slowly moving forward and right into one common space with my cock.

Then there was one second of total silence before the brown hit the red flesh. It felt warm and the odor slowly crawled up my nostrils. I liked it very much and enjoyed the feeling as the brown snake broke for the first rime and fell easily into the space under the flesh. "There is more." May moaned. And I was looking forward to it. She pressed again and a new load was forced from her bowl. I was surprised because this second load was bigger than the first in length and width. As it flew into the empty space it got cut in two pieces right in the middle by my cock's top.

The feeling was beyond amazing as this breathtaking woman shitted on my cock and pressed her worthy mistress bowl in one room with my slave cock. Maybe this is something only true slaves can comprehend. As the second load had broken the space under my cock was completely filled up with brown joy. The space above my cock was much smaller and I knew when May would be done my cock would be wrapped in her warm ass crap from all sides.

So it didn't take any longer and her third load got pressed out. Again her ass cheeks spread apart and I felt like in heaven. My mum kind of had tears of pride in her eyes for what a perfect and well educated slave her son was. The upper side was almost perfectly filled as the third sausage broke. After that only small pearls and thin smooth cream fell from mistress May's back but it was the perfect size to cover my cock and fill the space all up.

"That was so very good." May said. "You've done it well salve." May closed the hole above the space by turning some fitting leather piece down from the rear side and closing the zipper.

"Now your cock is all covered by your mistresses shit. How does it feel, slave?" she asked. "It's warm and smooth and it makes me want to cum really bad." I replied. "So you really want to fuck my load of shit, is that right?" May lifted one eyebrow like she had done before.

"Yes, I will do anything!" I said it louder than I had planned to. "Anything, really?" Something hot and evil lay in May's voice now. "First you have to do your slave work and clean fake cop bangs busty babe in the barn ass, and because I'm in such a great mood, I will allow you to cum while you do that.

But don't think you will take this thing of in a short while. You will feel my shit around your cock all day whenever your mummy or I make you shoot a load today, you will cum in my shit, and if you do really good, then maybe I will be merciful enough to allow you to take it off, did you understand that?" I nodded me head.

May turned around again and I fell on my knees. She leaned forward and spread her ass cheeks for me. I saw her asshole was a whole mess. So I started licking all the small pieces of shit that were around the center. Again I noticed the mild taste of her shit and enjoyed each lick I got.

After a while all the little pieces were eaten and I got to the center. I made my tongue hard and forced it inside May's ass. I thought that right then my cock and my tongue were wrapped by the same semi liquid material and sucked a couple of brown pearls from May's backside hole.

I felt my cock being pumped with blood and hot slut with braided hair wants a cock in her ass telsev my orgasm was not far. Then May laughed. "You know what? I held a little back when I filled your shit bag." Then she pressed and I felt her anus tighten and then widen around my tongue. A small sausage hit my tongue tip and right that moment I couldn't stand the situation of licking my mistress's ass hole clean with her shit all around my pride while my mummy watched and was proud on my slave work, any longer.

And I felt my penis exploding right into the mess that was all around it. My whole arousing amateur teen showing off her private parts shook and I thought, as I kind of always think, that this shoot was really the best ever, maybe it was.

The small sausage was forced down my throat and it was as is with every little bit of mistress shit I swallowed me penis shot another small load into its shitty bed. I licked May all clean and finally she was satisfied with my work. My cock started becoming soft and I could feel it letting a little space of air being free between the juice mistress mess and my flesh. I thought that right there now my cum, the worthless cum of a poor brunette quinn wilde and asian rina ellis hot oral sex, touched the worthy ass liquid of my mistress and I, for some reason, felt a little proud in my slave heart.

The next thing I noticed was, that the metal ring, my pride was wrapped by didn't allow it to get all soft. So I had a semi hard on all the time what certainly affected my lust in an advantaging way for my two sex- hungry mistresses. I wasn't allowed to pull my cock away from its warm and smelly bed, but having a hard on all the time made doing these nameless things easier and excited me more. "Now my dear," May talked to mummy and didn't even care about the still shaking slave who had fallen to the ground as she had pulled her ass away from him, "I've got something for you." She grubbed in the crowed she had thrown to the chair for a short while and took a few panties and some bras and many other really breathtaking lingerie up.

The most of them were black but some were red and a few were white. "I hate these girly pink underwear stuff." She told mum and the women started talking about the different parts and didn't even care about me.

I wondered a little why May didn't insist on me to make her cum, too since I had mum let cum three times since we were in May's house but I thought she maybe simply was a much rougher mistress because she didn't have these true feelings of love mum certainly had for me since I was her son.

After a while I found my breath again and got on my feet, because I really wanted to see all the sexy lingerie May and mother were showing and trying on. "Well, I like this one, but we have a strict rule concerning covering our sexy parts, if you understand." Mum just said. "Ok, I see" May replied and handed mum, who just undid an all see thru, black G- string, a tiny white nothing, "try this on, I think it will confirm your rules." Mum stepped inside the white material and I saw what May had meant.

In the front the panty was completely open and only a small, red band ran through it. Mummy's pussy was kept almost completely uncovered and so I thought the rule would tolerate that for sure, because if you were really strict by now my cock was covered, too. "Well, I think as long as I stay ready for junior's cock all the time I think it won't be a problem." Mum laughed and smiled at me with a blink of her eye.

"Turn around sweetie." May ordered mum and she obeyed. "Now lean a little forward I want our slave here to see something." Mum did as she had been asked and I saw what Young beautiful hottie at the casting show had meant. In the small string, that runs through the ass cheeks was a small hole, too.

"So" Mum felt her back with her fingers, "my honey really has entrance to all of his mummy's lovely fuck holes." She giggled silently. "Well, May this one is definitely bought." After this small presentation May explained a few things concerning other pieces she offered mum to try on.

She liked some and disliked some and loved few. After about one hour had run by, while my cock certainly was covered in May's shit, Mum had decided to get a few things. For example she took this panty with the hole in all three colors and she got some varnish bra which left her nipples uncovered. She also bought few stockings and something like eight pairs of the sexiest shoes one can imagine.

And she got us one thing that looked was a combination of a mask and panties. As May explained it was made for one special action. The slave would wear the mask and the mistress would wear the panty and because there was nothing in between all the liquids the mistress let flow from her body would be directly be eaten by the slave.

So it was no question, we had to get this thing. But finally the shopping tour seemed to be ended. Just as we were already walking out and back to the living room, to sit there dressed in casual cloth and completely ignoring that one of us had the shit of another all around his cock and would cum in it over and over again because he loved the feeling more than anything, mum saw a couple of nice sexy office intern kristine andrews is a small tit hanging on one pillar.

"What's that?" she asked and May turned around. "Oh, I wanted to leave this for another time, but if you ask…" May replied and something lay in her voice that made would have somebody else feel frightened but turned me on. "Now, will you follow me again?" she asked and her voice didn't change.

Then she switched on some light and in the same dark corner, right left to the door, got bright and showed a little but clean piercing studio. Mum and I immediately knew what it was as we just saw the instruments laying on some small but clean metal table and a cozy lay just in the middle of the small room.

"May, when did you start piercing?" Mummy asked and I heard surprise laying in her tone. "You never told me all this time." "Well, sorry for that but I hoped that you some day would get here again with a new slave and lover and then I would show you. I guess my plan worked." "I think so" mum said and joy and excitement lay in her tone this time. "Now let me explain what these bands are made for." May began anew and took out some picture folders.

"if a mistress gets her pussy pierced," she opened the first folder and we saw a picture of a close up vagina with a nice piercing through the clit, "she sometimes gets really used to it," she turned a few pages in one turn, "and gets a few more piercings," the picture showed a vagina with four piercings on each pussy lip, so all in all the woman had sixteen little silver rings down there, "and with these bands," May skipped the page, " you can kind of mend the pussy." the last picture showed the same vagina but this time a few of the bands were pulled through the rings and that way her pussy lips were pulled close together.

"Wow" was all I could say. Then I turned around to look at mummy who had looked over my shoulder. I saw her face stretched in ecstasy and saw thick streams of pussy juice running down her legs. "Ok, I think I don't have to ask you how you liked this." May said and I nodded.

I had hoped that mum would like it because I had gotten turned on by these pictures myself and felt my cock growing into the warm brown all around it again. "When will we do it?" Mum pressed out and I knew she was actually still cumming. End of part thirteen. You might have noticed that our little story is getting to its end slowly. I've realized that the comments kinky housewife brandi tied up and tormented getting less and less but I really would like to get more of them, so if you read it, please take your time to cement it, too, 'cause it takes me much time writing these stories and I think it's a gesture of respect if you tell me how you like it.

Well anyways, I hope you truly enjoyed this little episode and look forward to those which will come.