Buying beautys muff with specie hardcore and european

Buying beautys muff with specie hardcore and european
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What is a married woman to do when her husband goes to prison for a long time?

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Well, I know that I've been doing what I've needed to since my hubby was sent away a year and a half ago (and he has another 10 to go). After all, before that happened, we fucked constantly. It was part of the agreement of our relationship to begin with, he has a lot of high demands sexually and I'm a woman who likes to give into a man's demands and lustful desires.

No, he doesn't know that I'm now quite a bit whore but really, why cause that kind of unnecessary upset?

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I guess it WAS bad on my part that it was only 5 days after he was gone that I went out to a bar the next town over and well, had one drink and was talking to a man and the next thing I knew I was outside in the parking lot giving him a blowjob!

It's part of what I do though. When a man shows me his thirst for the nasty and freaky, I'm one who is apt to give in to that. Perhaps I should backtrack just a bit though.

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See, I've been a slut since the age of thirteen, well, I grew into a slut gradually starting at thirteen and it escalated every since. It began with my stepfather when my mother went to the east coast to see her parents and I was alone at the house with Dave, my stepfather. Dave was in his early 40's and having begun puberty only a little over a year prior, I had an attraction to him, but I was too nervous and too naive to even flirt!

However, Dave apparently had looked at me several times when I'd be in my bra and panties coming out of the bathroom going to my bedroom. And the night my mom went to the east sex pornse com sex stories 1080, I was taking a nap on the sofa and I woke up to Dave standing not far from me and he was jacking off and grinning at me.

I didn't know what to make of it. Sure, I knew what a dick looked like. Enough boys at school showed theirs too me and I even sucked one of them in the bathroom once. So Dave smiled and said "You sure are pretty. Now come on into the bedroom with me." I froze, unsure if I should although I knew what he had in mind, at least to some extent. "But Dave." I said. He then gave me a serious look and sternly said "I said get into the bedroom.

Now." So, I got up off of the sofa and walked to my mother's and his bedroom and he followed me closely behind. He then pushed me onto my stomach so I was bent over the bed. I was a little freaked out but then I felt him licking on my clit and probing my virgin hole with a finger. I started feeling wet and all warm and started moaning. It felt good what he was doing and then he got up and climbed up onto warming up a guy by a blowjob from behind and pushed his cock into my unfucked pussy.

Once the hymen was broken I let out a gasp and then a loud goran and he started pushing his cock into my now bloodied pussy and he started biting on my neck and shoulders and started squeezing on my still developing young tits. "Now want that.

I know you want that baby." He said to me in my hear which sent chills through me. He wasn't able to hold back for very long because of my young cunt being so tight and he pulled out and spread my ass cheeks apart with his hand and squirted his hot cum onto my asshole. I felt so nasty, yet so good at the same time. I was unsure as to whether or not it would always hurt, but he told me I'd get used to it.

The same thing he told me the first time he fucked me up the ass about six months after that. Yes, six months had passed and he was fucking me any chance he could get when my mother was not home.

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He started showing me dirty magazines and a couple of porn videos and then he started to train me like the girls were in the videos, by sucking his cock well, swallowing cum, getting my wet pussy fucked often and then six months later, he surprised me and horrified me at the same time when he wiped Vaseline onto my virgin asshole and then forced his cock past my sphincter, literally making me dizzy and feel a rush of pain and feeling suddenly violated.

I remember yelling "Oh my god, it hurts! Stop!" and he then reached in front of him where his briefs were sitting on the bed not far away and stuffed them into my mouth and continued to violate my anal cavity with his hard prick. My eyes were watering and I didn't know if it would ever end.

"Fuck you nasty bitch, you're so goddamn tight I'm gonna cum right up your fucking ass!" and with that he pushed into my ass as much as he could and I felt it throb repeatedly as he pumped all of his hot jizz into my ass. He held still for moments after and was sweating and I felt slippery and my ass felt gaping when he pulled out and I could feel his cum dribbling out and running down over my pussy.

It took me a couple of hours to ponder over whether I was angry or whether I wanted him to do this again to me, but that couple of hours later I went to him in the living room as I knew mother wouldn't be home for 3 more hours and I got to my knees and bent over the sofa and looked at him and said "Do it again.I want you to do it again." Well he smiled a HUGE smile and said to me "I knew you'd like that.

You really are a nasty little whore. But you like bein my nasty little whore don't you?" I nodded and smiled and prepared for him to penetrate me anally once again, but this time I planned on rubbing my clit and fingering my cunt at the same time, which I did and I started to gush all over my fingers when his cock invaded my anal cavity once more.

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Well I just realized that I need to go for now, but this is just the beginning of what I have to share with you Feel free to contact me here and I also have windows live messenger if you'd like to chat. Be it 18 to 65, so long as you;re a dirty man who likes a freaky lady. Bye for now Felicia