Monster black dong for a latina cutie interracial brunette

Monster black dong for a latina cutie interracial brunette
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The group of threshers came at her, all claws and mouths, covering her body. They grabbed at her breasts and rubbed their chubby hands across her tightly bowed belly. They went at this for a few long minuets before they could control themselves no longer and began shoving their fat fingers in her sloppy cunt and even in her little sweet slut and her wet pussy enjoy in two big cocks at the same time by dpwiz asshole.

She was rocking back and forth, cum oozing out of her pussy and dripping onto the floor. The threshers were all in a frenzy, begging to be allowed to fill her with their sperm as well. Someone raised the chains again so that she was tipped back up more horizontal, making her pussy obtainable for the beady eyed lizards. One of them positioned himself right in front of her head and shoved his throbbing cock against her face.

He reached behind her head and ripped the cloth free of her mouth. She started to scream, her mouth wide open. The thresher took his opportunity and shoved his thick skinned member straight into the girls small mouth. She could barely think or breath she was so paralyzed with the fear that he would break her jaw.

He shoved himself further into her warm wet mouth, reaching for her throat. She tried to open up farther for him, mostly so she could still take in a breath of air. The head of his cock hit the back of her throat and he began fucking his dick deeper and deeper down her throat. She was choking now.

He smiled down at her struggles thrusting faster, throat fucking her as much as her small mouth could take of him. Just when Mara thought she was near suffocating, he pumped forward one last time his head sunk down into the top of her esophagus and he let loose a huge load of sperm directly down into her stomach.

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She gagged and shook her head, pleading in her mind for him to stop. He put his cupped hand on the underside of her neck, feeling his cock through her skin, pulsing and spurting his hot cum down into her.

The others were watching and manipulating themselves to the sight of the strangled girl being filled once again. the bulge of her tummy expanded slightly and the cum from the previous violation started pouring out of her poor used pussy.

Without letting more than a few seconds go by, another thresher pierced his fat thick cock into her pussy, stopping the cum from gushing out all over the floor. the thresher at her head released her and pulled himself out of her mouth to let her breath. She gasped and sputtered and spit out what was left in her mouth, barely able to concentrate on the next phallus tearing its way inside her, like a plug, forcing all the cum back into her womb and distending her belly once again.

This new males cock fucking her was not as long as the first but certainly wider. While pounding in and out of her he reached his hand behind him and into the jar of oil. He slapped his hand down on her ass cheeks violently, the oil splashing all over them, seeping down her crack into her tightly strained hole.

Dripping further still down to her widely stretched pussy lips, making it much easier for him to push himself almost fully inside her. His cock was widest at its base, and he was so close to having her tight little pussy wrapped around it. He pulled her to him, his claws cutting into the soft oiled flesh of her waist. He finally settled all the way inside her pushing her already stretched insides just a little further.

Her head was hanging down now, no sounds coming from her except the occasional pained moan. He fucked her roughly now, churning the cum lodged up inside her womb.

He reached both clawed hands around underneath her stomach and grabbed hold of her bulging belly tightly. She squirmed against him trying to make him loosen his hold on her, afraid he was going to make her explode. The force of him pressing down on her stomach made his dick start to slip out of her inch by inch. The cum starting to leak out around his balls and down his legs. He pressed his hands into her stomach harder, making cum spray out of her around his cock, growing harder inside her as he watched her pussy trying to push his massive dick out of her.

her stomach shrank a bit as the cum being forced out of her pooled around the threshers calloused feet. She thought he was going to push it all out of her. She started sobbing in relief as she felt the pressure lighten little by little. He stopped, her stomach now flatter but still filled with sperm, and returned his hands to her hips. He sank his now trembling and teased cock back into her until he felt the tip of himself rest against the ruined muscles of her cervix. He pounded into her with fast but short strokes, barely able to hold back his composure as he plowed his massive cock deep down into her canal, his head stretching through to her most private place.

She bucked against him, feeling his cock pulse with the promise of more hot sticky cum. He held her still as the first wave came, exploding into her with such force her body slid away from the base of his cock. He quickly pulled her back down to his torso, careful not to let any spill out. He began filling her back up again, his first torrent of sperm overfilling her womb, stretching it back to the shape it was before the brute so violently forced it flat.

She screamed as she felt another pump of his cock, bringing one more load of burning hot cum up into her. He pressed himself even tighter against her, smashing his balls up against her clit as hard as he could, sending his last spray of sperm straight into the girls already expanded cavity.

She was just as full as the first time, her stomach straining against the leather strap, painfully cutting into the soft skin under her breasts. He stayed inside her still hard as a rock, still shoved completley inside her to keep the cum from spilling out. He could feel what little control she had left over her muscles trying to hopelessly push him out of her. He chuckled to himself.

"Its no use girl, Ive plugged you up tight. I'm not going anywhere for a while." They moved a table underneath her swelling belly and he moved out of her, slowly turning himself underneath her, her poor abused pussy still skewered by his amazingly hard cock. He lied down on the table beneath her and positioned himself all the blair williams sucking licking fucking step daughter pornstars hardcore back inside her, a little cum seeping out of her pussy and her belly moving and cramping and he did so.

Another male stepped up behind her, his dick already covered in the helpful oil. He lined himself up with her tiny little asshole, her muscles less clenched than before. He rubbed his dick up and down between her cheeks pressing in a little more each time until he stopped at the entrance to her virgin cavity. She was exhausted. It was all she could do to shake her head and plead no. Just as she did, a thresher in front of her smacked her face with his fully erect cock.

"Shut up slave!" The male behind her held her still and pushed forward into her, you could almost hear a popping sound as his head lodged itself inside her tightest hole. The thresher beneath her shuddered as he felt him slid into her above him. She could barely cry, her face being repeatedly slapped by two or three thresher cocks.He never backed himself out of her, just slowly pushed further into her, ignoring the little control she had left over her tightening wife goes wild when finds him fucking her mom. He was about two thirds of the way in when her body would give no more and he began fucking her ass slow and steady.

Trying to push more and more with not much more going inside her. He withdrew almost fully from her now widened hole, and poured more oil down onto his raging hard-on. Even with the oil, her body was so much smaller, so much tighter even with the other threshers cocks in her, far more than he expected. He slid back into her as far as he could, still with four or five more inches to go he held himself to her and thrust short and hard into her until the oil eased his way to being fully inside her.

Her perfect round ass cheeks rested above the base of his cock.

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He could feel her insides moving and stretching to allow him to fill her as much as he could. Her belly bulged slightly more, coming to rest on the threshers chest below her.

The cock buried in her ass began thrusting with more ryhthm now, long forceful strokes, tip to base, continually for what seemed like forever. The girl now had another cock stuffed up into her mouth, pressing onward for more. The force of the thresher behind her pushed her head down onto the calloused member inside her mouth, making it finally reach her throat. The thresher in front of her grabbed her head with both hands and began pounding his still growing dick into her throat over and over.

The male underneath her, still impaling the poor girls pussy with his fat stone hard cock began to fuck her as well with short powerful strokes.The cock splitting her ass from behind began to fuck her faster.his strokes pounding into her violently, her stomach slapping roughly against the others chest below her. The scene was too much for the thresher with his cock down her throat. He seized suddenly inside her and one large load of sperm was visibly seen running through his pulsing dick and down towards her throat, literally expanding in her neck with the force of his orgasm.

He sprayed endlessly into her stomach, jerking and pushing himself further into her until her face smashed up against his fat belly. The tip of his cock was almost at the bottom of her throat.

He pulled out of her for just a moment, cum spraying everywhere all over her face the pressure of it almost stinging her skin. She got one good breath in and he shoved himself completely back down inside her, the tip of his cock coming to flirty czech teenie opens up her spread kitty to the special at the top of her stomach.

The thresher still plowing into her ass began to come as well, burying himself deep into her, pushing her body against him at hard as he could. He breathed out a very strained sound as he orgasmed inside her. Mara was practically in shock, not fighting or screaming anymore. barely awake though she could still feel the threshers cum almost burning her insides as he filled her and filled her.

More cum splashed down her throat and into her stomach at the same moment the others second load was deposited into the depths of her. Her stomach was bulging at an obscene rate, being pushed against the brute below her.

She now looked as if she was about to pop any second, her fully pregnant looking belly full of cum from every orifice. She choked on the cock in her mouth and he retreated a bit, letting her breathe. The thresher behind her let out one last pint of sperm, bucking against her and spraying it as deep as it could go.

Cum started leaking from her pussy even past the cock still fucking her. He removed his softening member from her aching pussy and it was immediatly replaced by a large cold metal plug. The same was done when the other thresher cock left her ruined asshole.

They then pulled another large leather strap from her pussy flat across the plugs and between her ass cheeks and fastened it up with the rest of the her bindings. They pulled the chains again and she tilted up almost vertical facing them with her enormous belly protruding out from her. One of the threshers came up to her and rubbed his scaled hands all over her pregnant belly full of cum. "Yes this will do nicely. You really can hold your own for a human female." She was almost unconscious now, her head sex waptric com storys sex stories down, eyes closed.

"Now, leave her for the night." he motioned towards the group. "And you, little one.if I come to you in the morning and those plugs aren't still inside you, you fellow on one hot milf japanese and hardcore be worthless to me and I will discard you accordingly.' He threatened her.