Couple had sex in daylight watch part on ulacamcom

Couple had sex in daylight watch part on ulacamcom
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It was late at night probably about 1:00 or 2:00 and I was sitting on my couch watching the late night ads for porn on your mobile.

I was carefully stroking my cock underneath a blanket I had draped over my legs. Then my sister, Katrina, walked in and sat next to me. She was 8 years older than me at 23 and I was still 15. She had long dark hair that she parted in the middle and had a gorgeous face. She pale and had a few freckles with perfect teeth.

She had big tits which I had only ever seen once when we were swimming and her top came down when a wave hit her. I wouldn't call her fat but two delicious schoolgirls experiment with lesbian sex had a bit of a gut but it was the only part of her, except for her tits, that was large.

She also had amazing long legs that were always nicely shaved or waxed.

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Kat was wearing black tights and big stripy socks and a short skirt than one would wear to the gym. She had a black singlet on and over it she was wearing a pink jumper with a zip up the front.

She was usually pretty fashionable but she looked nice in what she wore around the house anyway. A lot of the time in summer she wouldn't wear panties but just a dress so sometimes I would catch a flash of it. Kat sat down across from and said "fuck I'm cold as man" and she placed her legs under the blanket. I hadn't zipped up yet and didn't even try because I thought it would have looked suspicious. Her feet hit my stiffy right away and she looked at me with a sneaky smile and shook her head at me.

She used her feet to pull me off for a few seconds and it feel awesome because her feet were really cold and I was really horny.

She stopped and I sighed "please don't stop". I didn't know what she would do but I thought I had fucked up for a second then she grinned stood up and knelt down in front of me. Without saying a word Kat tossed the blanket to the side and pulled my jeans and underwear completely off and threw them to the side also.

Kat grabbed my cock with both hands and and started to alternate using left then right then left and by then I was oozing a lot of pre cum and family strolls mom and son xxxsex stories used it as lube and rubbed it all over her hands as she pulled me off.

Then using her index finger she started doing circles around my foreskin as it went up and over the head of my cock. She kissed the slit and used her tongue to flick over it, all the while she was slowly pulling me off with her hand. She was slowly working her mouth down my dick and now she was just passed the head. Then all of a sudden she took all of me in the mouth, she coughed a bit and came off me and breathed in loudly.

She did this a few more time and I was nearly going to burst. She went back to flicking the slit with her tongue and pulling me off. She must have read my body language because she was going faster now and positioning herself over me so she could catch my cum in her mouth.

I came up as the most I had ever done and I squirted up and hit her on the cheek beneath her left eye. The next squirt she caught in her mouth and another landed near my belly button.

The rest just sort of oozed out onto my dick and her hands.

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She looked at me, swallowed, then showed me her clean mouth and brilliant teeth. She continued rubbing me and rubbed my cum on my balls and my cock. I calmed down and she got up and sat on top of me with her legs apart facing me, so my cock would be in her pussy if I was hard and I adjusted myself a bit.

She leant in and we made out for about thirty seconds we broke off and she said "you're a shitty kisser, you know," I didn't reply but I smiled and she smiled at me and hugged me.

The next bit was weird we sat there in an embrace, that wasn't in anyway sexual despite our positioning, for ten minutes. It was more a brother sister hug. We broke the hug and Kat kissed me on the forehead. I stretched my hand out and wiped my cum ex girlfriend brianna oshea getting fucked and taking cumshot pornstars and hardcore her face and it dropped off my finger onto her breast so I rubbed it in and fondle her tits.

She didn't stop me so I pulled down her singlet and bra and fondled her tits. I was hard again and I started to rub my cock against her pussy through her tights. She was set and I could feel her juices running through her clothes it made me happy that this was making her horny.

Suddenly she stood up in shock and yelled "I'm not gonna let you fuck me, you're my fucking brother!" I was confused and said "Sorry sis". She stood up and walked to her room and I sat there on the couch replaying what had happened in my mind. After a few minutes she came back and threw her wet panties at me "There you go have fun, but don't touch my clean ones" she smiled "oh, and don't come in my room I'm studying and you'll distract me".

I smelled the panties and they smelt brilliant they were still wet and the sweet, musty smell filled my nostrils. I got up to go to my room and have a wank with the panties. As I walked passes my sister's room I heard her moaning softly.

I opened the door to peek in and she was lying on her bed, legs up naked and fingering her pussy. She moaned louder and lifted he pelvis up.

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I stroked my cock with the panties they were warm on my skin and after a few minutes of wanking and watching Kat masturbating we were both near orgasms. As she came I saw her look at me and she smiled as she moaned, and I came into her panties.

She gasped "I love you lil bro" "I love you too sis" I replied