Lucky guys get off with two pornstars

Lucky guys get off with two pornstars
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The wealthy young blonde and her raven haired friend sat close together on the back-seat of her sleek limo. Lillian, the blonde, was divulging the story of the first of two sexual encounters she'd had just a few hours ago on their first day back at school. Claire, Lillian's friend, was listening avidly, mentally licking her lips at the image of the blonde girl's beautiful, pale-white breasts sliding up and down the penis of the hunky (if a little slow-witted) Daniel Clark, a jock from their class whom Lillian had been cock-teasing since the previous year.

The thin, supple girl was a huge admirer of Lillian's body and sexual prowess, not to mention list of conquests which far outstripped her own despite both having large libidos for girls their age.

Claire did have a few notches on her belt that Lillian didn't know about, but even with those she doubted she could match her friend's pure sex drive. They had explored each others bodies several times during their friendship and Claire sometimes masturbated to thoughts of her best friend in bed with her or even a guy, it was just kinky thinking about Lillian in any sexual situation.

Memories of tasting the blonde beauty's mouth and pussy stole across her mind at least once a day. The horny pair had similarities and differences to their youthful beauty.

While both girls sported lustrous pale skin, Lillian's breasts were larger than her friends, not enormous for a teen, but ample and straining ever so slightly against her white school shirt. Claire couldn't produce quite as impressive cleavage, naturally built with a smaller sized blondies love edging the d pornstars handjob, but it was no less arousing to those she presented it to.

Her lithe frame gave her a height advantage however, contrasting to Lillian's softer, petite figure. Both had cute mouths, Claire's white teeth and red lipstick contrasting nicely with Lillian's pink braces and lip-gloss.

The shorter girl's shining blonde hair sat framed around her head, brushing lightly around her shoulders and nape. Claire's hair was longer, flowing halfway down her back, some spare locks secured behind her ears as they rested down her chest. Although contrasted in their appearance, the two were undeniably beautiful and shared a strong taste for all things lascivious. Claire had been waiting in class when her friend had made her rendezvous with Daniel, left only with her imagination to entertain her.

Now she was getting the story and enjoying every detail. However, what Claire hadn't yet realised was that Lillian had an ancillary goal to telling her this story.

The blonde vixen knew her friend was highly attracted to the cute man driving the limo. Paul had been in the employ of Lillian's mother for a while, and although Lillian assumed, in her general lack of care for such details, that he was about 30, he was closer to 20.

At somepoint during Lillian's recent phase of discovering how much she could accomplish using her body, an arrangement had been struck between her and the chauffeur. Although to her slight annoyance they had-had to wait a short time before the girl was of legal age, since Paul's insisted on at least a modicum of propriety, after then she had begun "bribing" the man with sexual favours in return for arranging some side-trips during their drives.

Despite the arrangement the two considered each other friends and it had taken some convincing for the nice guy to fall for her wiles. He was a fit man with sandy coloured hair, and his tailored chauffeur suit made him look very dashing, the sunglasses and cap being nice touches on top. Claire had wanted to jump the man's bones for some time and would normally be dreamily watching him through the one-way partition to the driving compartment but she was distracted by Lillian's tale.

Lillian had expected this and as part of her plan she had not quite closed the partition when they got in the vehicle, meaning Paul could clearly hear everything being said between the girls. It was a miracle they hadn't crashed.

'Man that sounds kinky!' Claire giggled to her friend. 'I wish I had a key to that secluded closet too, rather than having to borrow it from you every time! Still, I was expecting something a little more. When you got back to class you seemed as if you'd had the fuck of a lifetime, not just started Daniel on the path to being your toy.' At this, Lillian leaned in conspiratorially.

'That's because something else happened after Daniel left. Or someone else did anyway.' 'Ha! I knew it. Who found you in there? Was it one of the seniors you've been after? Or a teacher?' She said the last one jokingly but Lillian's mouth twitched into a smile, stopping Claire short. 'What? Really? A teacher!

You slut, which one? I bet it was Mr. Jacobs, you said something had happened between you before!' Claire was practically bouncing with excitement at the juicy gossip. Here Lillian dropped the biggest bombshell of the story, although she didn't quite realise how large until a minute later.

'Actually…it was Mr. Keefer.' As she'd been building suspense over the course of the day, ignoring Claire's continuous needling as to what had happened until now, Lillian expected tricked stepmom tsuck my cock better reaction than the one she got. Claire's face went through a series of expressions, none of which being the devious glee she'd expected.

Instead she flushed surprisingly scarlet for a girl that pale, a mixture of shock and confusion lining her features. Lillian's own face fell slightly.

'What? What's wrong? I know Mr. Keefer is a little older but it turned out he really knows what he's doing and he has this…way…of lulling you in and ' 'I know!' Claire cut across her quickly, then she sat back a little, looking on the verge of tears. '…Claire?' The penny should have dropped for Lillian much quicker than it did of course but being more than a mite self-centered it took her a little longer than most to read between the lines when it came to other people.

'I…he…I mean we…' The dark-haired beauty was scrounging for words. Before she could find the right ones though, the penny finally dropped. 'You mean you've already had him?' This time Claire got an unexpected response as Lillian whooped with laughter, despite her friend's sudden outrage. 'Aw c'mon Claire it's a little funny isn't it?

I mean he hides that side of him so well, I'd never have lucky employee gets to fuck his boss horny lady pornstars and hardcore he was such a great guy underneath all the sternness. I couldn't have known what was between you, he was never even your teacher!' Claire still couldn't quite grasp the words she was looking for. 'It's not that, it's just that well, I don't even know how it could have happened between you!

He retired at the end of last year and during the break I ran into him and…er…since he wasn't a teacher anymore…' She lost her temper a little as she blurted this out. 'I just thought I was special ok!' Lillian was somewhere between feeling sorry for Claire and thinking about how the bastard had used them both. All that talk about future potential and the guy hadn't even been a teacher the whole time anyway.

He really was a tease. Sneaky bastard. Of course the idea that this was almost exactly the way that Lillian treated boys went over her head but that was to be expected. 'What the hell was he doing at the school then? He was even answering his phone and everything!' 'He's helping fit in his replacement, but he doesn't work at the school anymore.' Claire brushed this aside quickly.

'It's not fair Lil! You get to have so much fun and for once I had something my own and you got that too! We were supposed to be having a proper relationship!' 'We've shared guys before haven't we? Besides who cares about some asshole that leads you on and then goes with another girl? He's no better than any of the dumbasses our own age.' Claire subsided a little, still looking somewhat downtrodden.

'I suppose.' Lillian decided that despite things not going the way she'd planned, it was about time to cheer up her friend, and she knew what would do it too. 'Look, the guy was an asshole but the way I see it you got what you wanted out of him and now it's time teeny escort fucks for cash natural tits doggystyle leave him behind.

In fact, since I think neither of us wants anything to do with him anymore I think we should go to the mall and get our picture taken in one of those booths. We'll give him the finger and put a message on it: "You got used!" That'll teach him for trying to trick us.' Claire was starting to perk up a little at this idea.

'C'mon Claire, cheer up! You're a beautiful woman and the only person who gets to decide how to use your body is you!' Here Lillian brought up her next idea. 'And speaking of…' She turned her head towards the driver's partition, at which Claire giggled nervously through blinked back tears, but blonde amateur gf fucks huge cock in office least she smiled.

'Aw Lil, shush. You're just being silly now. He likes you, not me!' Actually, since she didn't know Paul had been listening to the whole story, she couldn't have known that he was feeling more than a bit annoyed at how the girls had been treated.

Although he'd done things with Lillian he'd never attempted, or even wanted, to trick her into anything and Claire was a nice girl too even with her normally forward attitude. Listening to the story had actually endeared the girl to him more. Lillian could take care of herself but Claire seemed a bit more delicate on the inside. 'I'm sure you can command him easily enough, he's a good boy.' Lillian pressed the intercom button, surreptitiously flicking the partition up the last couple of millimeters at the same time so the voices wouldn't echo.

'Paaaauuul, Claire and I need to go to the mall for a bit. Could you take us there on the way home please?' The two girls giggled together, Claire already feeling a bit better with the support of her friend. 'Yes of course Miss Bell, no bribe required this time.' He was a stand-up guy if anything. 'Why Paul, I think I must insist upon a bribe. Claire here thinks it would only be fair.' There was a pause on the other end of the line. 'I'll think about it, but in the meantime I can detour to the mall ma'am.' Lillian rolled her eyes at Claire.

'He just HAS to be gentleman all the time. Don't worry though, I used your toy so you get to use one of mine.' 'Thanks Lil, you're spoiling me now!' The detour to the mall didn't take long. The girls hurried to the photo-booth and edited their picture as Lillian had planned, Claire pocketing it to send it to her former boy-toy later. The mall itself wasn't far from Lillian's mansion and twins and brothers naked and naked tube porn long they'd pulled up to the garage, Lillian insisting that Paul give in to her demands.

She'd been gearing herself up for this on the drive and she hoped that she was setting up something Claire wanted. Her step-father's limo was not in the garage and her mother wouldn't be home for a short while, her daily meet up with other wealthy heiress socialites taking precedence over meeting her children on their return from school. Perfect. 'Ok Paul, get back here, that's an order!' The back of the limo was spacious, with room for at least 6 people in it's circle, with a carpeted floor that Lillian, and she suspected her mother at times, found very comfortable to lie on.

Paul got in looking a little sheepish, and Claire in turn blushed at the close proximity to her crush. He sat down opposite the girls and couldn't decide which to look at. They were both incredibly sexy and he couldn't deny that to his brain and other parts, but he was also trying not to do anything that might upset Claire. This was the first time Lillian had ever seen either of them so shy, yet she figured it was for the best. What Claire needed right now was a guy who respected her, and Paul was ridiculously nice, in more ways than one.

He continued to prove this. 'Miss Farwood, I'm not years old ex girlfriend cum in mouth what Miss Bell has told you about…us, but you don't have to do anything you don't want to here.' Lillian may have been self-centered most of the time, but she knew how to read her friend.

Paul's words gave Claire her confidence back, knowing that what was about to happen was because she wanted it to. 'Paul, you can call me Claire, and there's something I've been meaning to do for a while.' She moved forward off her seat to lean in and kiss the man.

Lillian smiled triumphantly as her plan came to fruition, even if it had been a bit round-about in getting there. Paul and Claire's tongues twined together, the girl with her hands on his tight chest, the man's on her hips. She was halfway sitting and standing between his legs, putting most of her weight forward to rest on him. This meant she could easily feel the growing mass in his crotch, and her confidence grew another few steps.

She rubbed the stiffening member through his pants, grabbing one of his wrists to pull his fingers to her small bosom. All the while their faces never came apart as they fiercely kissed, passions strong as the young woman claimed him as she'd wanted to.

Lillian sat watching with an arm resting on her knee, her head resting on the back of her hand as she observed the couple she'd created.

She heard the sound of a zipper as Claire retrieved the driver's penis from its hiding place. The dark-haired girl was now resting on her knees, sitting up and leaning forward so she could kiss Paul while tugging on his dick.

Lillian admired the view as she saw Claire's elbow move with the rhythm of jerking the guy off, her ass sticking back nicely towards where she was sitting, the skirt surrounding it also swinging with the movement. The blonde took off her shoes and with a slender, stockinged foot she flicked the skirt up without her friend noticing. Now she could see the white panties, and the damp which was starting to moisten the cloth, pussy lips starting to become more defined and visible as it began to cling.

That same pussy filled her vision more as Claire shuffled back to make room, resting on her hands now before the man's erect penis. Lillian could see that one of the pair had undone Claire's schoolshirt as it was now hanging down her sides, her breasts visible to the man in front of her.

Paul let out a groan as Claire's mouth took in his pink bell-end, her tongue flicking around the sensitive ridge around the tip. She was moaning quietly as she sucked the head repeatedly, her small breasts swaying with the movement. From Lillian's position she was could see Claire's pussy push towards her every time the girl's head sank down on the cock, her arched back curving up to her nape and jostling black hair. Paul was leaning back opposite her, his eyes firmly on those of the sucking girl.

The swaying ass in front of her eyes became too much for Lillian, her own urges rising as she watched the show. She reached out and placed two fingers at the top of Claire's panties, slowly rubbing them down her friend's nether regions towards her clit.

This caused her friend to writhe her back in pleasure, also resulting in her taking more of the cock in her mouth. Paul's perspective was just as arousing as Lillian's. He had the vibrant green eyes of Claire flicking up towards him as she looked between him and the tool in her mouth. He could see her smooth pale breasts and belly swaying gently underneath, her school outfit sexily hanging off her lithe frame.

And now Lillian, whom he'd almost forgotten about, was full-handedly rubbing the girl between them on her pussy, eliciting happy moans from both girls.

The blonde put her hands under the red skirt in front of her and slowly drew the soft cotton panties down the pale legs they encircled.

That particular enthralling smell came free with the garments release, casting its spell upon Lillian. Her fingers continued to massage the moist lips of Claire's pussy, the tip of her forefinger just slipping between them, eliciting another full body squirm in reaction.

Lillian chuckled to herself at the chain reaction she was causing across their three bodies. Claire's mouth only became more active at Lillian's actions, providing Paul with even more stimulation and Lillian herself was getting turned on by everything occurring. The bare pussy was far too inviting and Lillian couldn't help but lean forward to support her fingers with her tongue, breathing in the evidence of her friend's arousal.

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Two fingers pushed into the tight hole while her wet tongue flicked and pushed at that sensitive area between ass xxx barjan new rep sex stories bf story pussy, slipping into either with more exuberant licks.

Her other hand unconsciously dropped to her own pussy, reaching down her tucked in shirt to slip under her skirt and panties, moistened yet again that day after so many arousals, feeling herself up.

She added another finger to those exploring her friend's pussy and she felt the walls resist expanding to allow it. Lillian felt the urge to stretch Claire's cunt out as much as she could. Claire herself couldn't believe how lucky she was right now, all thoughts of her previous anger banished as her favourite male and female crushes were giving her the use of their bodies, as she gave them hers.

'Claire your mouth feels so good on me.' Paul breathed, his eyes drifting between the girl and the roof. She giggled sweetly between sucks and sworled her tongue around his solid cock head.

'Mmm this pussy is fantastic Paul,' said Lillian, ready to move the show along for the sake of her friend. 'I think you'd like it just as much as her mouth, how about you give it a go?' Claire moaned her approved of this idea around the man's penis as he nodded wordlessly, in awe at the girl's ability to give him pleasure. Lillian pouted as Claire reorganised herself to pull Paul's pants off completely and unbutton his shirt, the sweet pussy moving out of the blonde's grasping tongue.

Although there was plenty of room on the floor, Claire straddled the chauffeur's lap, her knees and short skirt either side of him. The skirt itself was making it difficult for the pair to see down so Lillian, practically jumping forward, went in to help. As she lined the cock up to the waiting pussy she couldn't help but give it a quick suck, excited at the idea that she was kissing her friend via a thick dick.

'Hey slut!' Claire said cheerily, craning her head around to look at what her friend was doing below her. 'Give it a rest and fucking put it in me already. He's mine now.' Lillian, with only a little reluctance, gave in to her friend's demand and put the cock in place, its tip just inside the pussy.

Without allowing either pair to start she placed her hands on Claire's hips and pulled her down the shaft's full length, both boy and girl letting out noises of delight. Shuffling back to her seat quickly to get a full view, Lillian resumed her self-attentions with gusto, slipping both skirt and panties off sweetheart is getting wild drillings smalltits and hardcore she went.

Claire was already fucking the man aggressively, her cunt well lubricated from excitement and Lillian's help, releasing her pent up arousal and emotions. She held his hands against her breasts as their pelvises attacked each other, squeezing his fingers around her cute tits.

Each time the cock bottomed out inside her cunt she let out a loud girlish squeak. She was paler even than Lillian and her alabaster skin seemed to glow before Paul's eyes. Her cunt gripped his thick johnson tightly as their thrusts brought them together with a slapping sound, his balls jostling up as well.

The enveloping warmth surrounded his crotch and was the most wondrous thing he'd ever felt. Even Lillian's goddess mouth hadn't felt as good as this to him (although if she'd heard that thought she'd have shown him what a real throat-fucking was like as opposed to the relatively tame blowjobs she'd given first time around). The blonde herself was still resolutely fucking her own pussy with a slender hand, pressing the heel of her hand down her clit in a way she liked to do.

The thrusting between the couple become longer but still hasty, each push making Claire rise a little further. She had her hands on the roof to stop her head thudding into it, only barely succeeding as her shaking arms could barely find the strength to resist the hard thrusting, her own knees tensing up and working against her. Her mouth was hanging open as her loud squeals filled the small compartment and Paul kept thrusting harder thinking about how those red lips and wet tongue had just been sucking deep on his dick.

Lillian always loved the loud sounds of her friend's high pitched squeals, moaning lowly in guttural response, communicating their love of sex to each other. The noise was enough to drive her over the edge, losing control of her body as she writhed with the orgasm rocking her body, slipping off her seat to the carpeted floor.

Her orgasm was mostly internal, meaning Paul wouldn't have to clean up a large wet puddle this time. From the floor Lillian looked up to see her friend's buttocks rising and falling, a dick sliding deep into her pussy. Her fingers continued to grind into her own cunt despite the deep orgasm she'd already had, her voyeuristic pleasure continuing on. Her nipples had become so hard that they were almost poking through the shirt they strained against.

Claire's head was now resting against the roof of the limo with her hands, all three lever points working to push her body back down onto the cock for maximum push and as fast as possible.

Her tits and torso vibrated in Paul's hands with the speed of their coupling. As their pace reached a crescendo Claire reached her climax, riding it out with a brazilian whore loves riding on ramrods hardcore blowjob squeal.

Paul new this was going to set him off as well. 'Get off me quick Claire, I'm going to cum, I'm not wearing a condom,' he told her through clenched teeth.

The girl made no signs of wanting to comply, tightening her grip on his body with her thighs and continuing their fast paced fucking, replying in short breaths. 'I. Don't. Give. A. Fuck. Cum. In. My. Fucking. Cunt.' As much as his good sense and nature tried to rebel against this idea he was overcome with a need to comply, not that the girl riding him would have let him do anything else anyway as she was well prepared for this eventuality anyway, being on the pill.

Swearing to himself under his breath his cock began twitching as his balls emptied out into the sweet teen's pussy, filling it quickly. Again, Lillian saved him some clean up as her head was beneath the couple and at a perfect angle to catch the dripping extra. After grinding her pelvis against the spurting cock for a minute, Claire pulled herself off to get a taste of the combined juices plastering its length, inadvertently my big sister and brxxx on Lillian's face, providing her with the same flavours, not that either girl minded.

Paul shuddered as his now very sensitive dick was cleaned of the fluids covering it, both girls in front of him moaning with delight at their meals.

Lillian pulled herself out from under her friend, leaning her head around to compete for sucking the cock before it deflated. The sexy teens plied their long tongues over its entirety, balls included, almost making him hard again as they finished together with a french kiss, his own cum connecting their lips each time their mouths shifted apart. As the kiss finished all three sat back for a minute to recover. Claire looked between her two companions. 'Thanks Lil, thanks Paul. I feel much better now.' She kissed the friendly man's knee a few times, her crush on him completely solid now.

'It was my pleasure Miss Ha-…Claire.' Paul corrected himself through panted breaths. Lillian felt devious delight at having brought this event about, especially as all parties were well satisfied. She knew she could rely on Paul, good boy that he was. Guys and girls were ever her playthings, bowing to whatever whims came upon her. This time she'd even done a good thing as well, helping her friend out in a trying time. Truly, she thought to herself, Lillian Bell is a magnificent specimen of a human being.

Ever caught up in her own self-glorification. Paul checked his watch and realised with a start that he didn't have long before he needed to pick up Lillian's mother. He quickly dressed the girls, kissing each up their legs as he did so, and shooed them out so he could air the vehicle out a bit.

Lillian's mother was dense but not totally oblivious, although she was close on occasion. The girls retrieved their bags ben 10 ebony cartoon xxx storys the limo's boot and left Paul a happy man as they went into the house. Quickly trotting up the stairs the two jumped into the shower together, joyously cleaning each others sweat and other fluids from the day's exertions.

As Lillian was giving her friend a hickey, she noticed the door across the large bathroom swing open then shut very quickly. Almost shut, that is. A slight space was left before the door was closed and halfway up its length a single eye was wide and staring. Caught up in the thrill of it, Lillian whispered into the ear close to her lips, Claire's face lighting up as she learned of their audience. Evidently Rhys had arrived home and had wandered into the bathroom without registering the noise of the shower.

The steam had fogged the shower's glass up but it was easy to tell what was occurring within. Claire pushed Lillian against the wall and put her face between the blonde's perfect breasts, licking up the warm water washing down their swells. Before they could get the show rolling however the water missy martinez house calls episode brunette and big tits to cool rapidly, their long shower having run too far.

The girls began to shriek at the cold and turned off the shower quickly. As Lillian turned back the door was shut, much to her annoyance. As the girls dried off she said to her friend. 'This isn't over. His show got ruined so we have to give him a proper one now.' 'How are we going to do that?' 'His room's just across from mine.

I normally take care of myself in the closet but tonight we may have to sit on the bed and 'accidentally' leave the door open.' 'For your own virgin vs massive black mandingo too! You horny thing!' 'Shut up, you were the one who said you wanted to try him, this might just bring you one step closer. Aren't I always doing such nice things for you?' As she said this though Lillian knew it was something of an excuse.

Despite herself she had some odd emotions going through asian babe get her privates covered in head. She and Rhys had barely spoken before and after their respective parents had married and she didn't think much of him. Fairly unprepossessing, he didn't really strike her as interesting in any fashion, and despite being the same age they didn't share any interests that she knew of.

In her own head though, the idea of showing off her full, naked body to her step-brother and, gosh, even letting him touch her suddenly seemed like the best idea in the world. Her mother arrived home shortly afterwards, informing them that her husband wouldn't be home for dinner due to working late. Claire was a regular visitor so there was little surprise as to her being there. Dinner soon followed, the staff already having the meal prepared in time for their employer's arrival.

The girls were out of uniforms now, Claire having borrowed clothes from her friend, and they sat opposite Rhys during the meal, having agreed on their plan before arriving at the table. As the siblings' mother asked them vague questions about their day, Lillian reached out a socked foot to rub her step-brother's leg.

He jumped a little at the touch, but no one looked his way, the girls having promised themselves not to and his new mother not being prone to noticing much anyway. Lillian shortly pulled her leg away, giving the boy a moment to relax before another foot, this time Claire's, started on him again.

As the two girls were sitting so close together he couldn't tell which one, if not both, was touching him. His step mother asked him a question and he jolted back into reality again, a foot still rubbing his leg as the girls took it in turns to tease him, stammering a response to the question before going back to his meal, utterly unsure of what to do. He made no movements to stop the event under the table but not much to acknowledge it either. Nothing conscious anyway, physical stirrings occurring whether he wished them to or not.

A foot, Claire's as she was actually the only one tall enough to reach that far although that mental deduction was beyond Rhys at that moment, confirmed this as the reaching toes pressed onto the bulge. The meal ended and Rhys watched the girls spring away to rush to Lillian's room, his step-mother retreating to her own side of the house, leaving him alone at the table.

Only after the staff had cleared away the dishes, their last activity for the evening, was Teen tastes her own panties swimming in semen able to exit the table without embarrassing himself.

Although a guest room was available for Claire she had her things in Lillian's room, and the pair had quickly changed into pajama tops and bottoms after dinner, Claire again borrowing the clothes. There was more chest room than she needed and their height difference meant her midriff showed when the top shifted. They reclined together on the bed, slyly keeping an eye on the crack in the door they had purposefully left open.

The sound of Rhys coming up the stairs was eventually heard and they knew he had paused outside the door before pushing into his own room. 'Don't worry, he'll be here soon,' Lillian promised. 'We just need to make enough commotion to summon him.' This idea appealed immensely to Claire. At first they just lay on the bed and giggled over talk about the future possibilities of Paul and Daniel, but soon Claire's eyes began to rove over the gorgeous, supine form before her.

Lillian was mid-sentence when she was interrupted by a tongue entangling with her own. Whatever thought she'd had at that point rushed out of her head as she responded to the kiss with enthusiasm. A hand began to sneak its way up the inside of her top as Claire reached for a breast. Lillian turned her body to make it easier, wanting to feel the fingers squeeze her flesh and tease her nipple. One of her own hands was resting on her raven-haired friend's thigh, gently kneading the flesh but not rushing into the warm, triangular area above it.

Despite initiating the contact, Claire couldn't help but admire Lillian's immediate response and reaction. 'I love your mouth,' she said between kisses. 'You always know just what to do with it. Before, with Paul, when you had your mouth on me, it almost distracted me from what I was doing.' Lillian responded to the compliment by kissing the girl on the neck again. 'I wish I was as good as you,' Claire continued. 'I couldn't even deepthroat Paul, and I really wanted to do that for him.' Lillian shook her head knowingly.

'Don't worry you'll get your chance for that. Besides, it just takes a little practice to get there. It's not for everyone but some of us like it. You just have to get used to it.' 'Aren't you afraid you'll choke?' 'As long as you're the one in control it's fine.

Things can get hairy sometimes, honey pleasures chap with fellatio smalltits hardcore that can be just as kinky.' Lillian thought it best not to mention that she'd discovered this enjoyable kinkiness with Mr. Keefer when he throat fucked and choked her since that was likely still a sore spot for Claire. 'I know!' she exclaimed, shuffling off the bed to rush into her favourite walk-in closet for a moment before coming out with a long pink sex-toy the pair were well acquainted with.

'You can practice with this.' Claire's eyes widened a bit at the larger-than-life dildo. 'With that? Isn't it a little…big?' 'That just means you'll be really good at it when it comes to the real thing.' Lillian pushed the worry aside matter-of-factually. 'You don't have to choke the whole thing down straight away though. Get it nice and wet so you can slip it in easy.' She bounced back onto the bed and lay down with gorgeous babe make pussy squirting easy camdotnet back on the pillows.

She winked as she placed the dildo straight up on her crotch. 'Now come on, see if you can deepthroat my cock.' Claire's misgivings vanished entirely as the erotic image compelled her forward. Lillian watched as the dildos end vanished into Claire's warm mouth. She was treating the cock like she would a normal one, wetting it up as much as possible and using her tongue to explore its entirety.

Lillian rather wished she owned a strap on as she had to hold onto the cock-shaped toy tightly to keep it steady, although this did mean her own genital area was getting nicely stimulated. She began to direct Claire's movements.

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'Ok I think it's wet enough. Now as you start to move your lips further down, let it slide along the groove of your tongue til it hits the back of your mouth.' Claire wordlessly complied, moving her mouth further down the pink dildo with each head movement until the unmistakable sound of the tip hitting her throat, causing a small gag.

'When you put it in, you have to resist the gag reflex and breathe through your nose. Tilt your head a bit so your throat and mouth line up better, it'll make it easier. There you go girl!' Claire came up for air, coughing loudly while attempting to smile.

She felt she was getting the hang of it. She'd just needed the confidence to try it, and basking in Lillian's approval gave her an abundance. As Claire went back to it, Lillian flicked her eyes to check at the door.

Sure enough, there was an eye glinting out of the darkness at her. It was somewhat ahead of schedule, but evidently their game of Footsies had encouraged him further than they thought. She looked away i am the rider of my dildo and began to move her hips in rhythm with Claire's throating practice, helping her push the dildo deeper into her sucking mouth, projecting her voice as she dirty talked for their audience, a lascivious smile showing off her pink braces.

'That's it baby, take that dick into your throat. Practice that deepthroat so you can please the next guy you give a blowjob. Suck in that long, pink cock like a dirty whore.' The enthusiastic cock sucker still wasn't aware of their voyeur at the door. 'Mmm, Lil you're such a good teacher. Hopefully I'll be able to do this as well as you soon.' Lillian jumped at the opportunity Claire opened for her.

'Claire Farwood, you'll need to practice for a while before catching up to me.' She pulled the dildo away from her crotch and, tilting her head back, slowly slid the entirety of its length down her throat, leaving only its black plastic base sticking out, a small bulge visible in her throat. Both teens watching her, already aroused, went up a few notches in their attraction for the gorgeous blonde deepthroating the sex toy. Pulling the long pink shaft out with a slurp, Lillian pulled up her friend for a kiss, whispering into her ear that their guest had seductive blonde has her juicy snatch hammered. Rolling off Lillian to lie beside her, Claire made a show of glancing past the door, then curiously looking directly towards where Rhys' unblinking eye stared into the room.

Using her powerful lungs she made a screech, dropping the dildo on the floor and scaring the boy to go stumbling backwards. 'He's watching us Lil!

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Your brother is right there!' There were rumbling sounds outside the door as Rhys tried to escape but he tripped over again, knocked the girls' door open as he sprawled in the hall. He lay there possum-like as he knew he was caught. Lillian couldn't help but be reminded how she had been like that earlier that day, and almost felt sorry him. Almost. 'Hey you perv!

What the fuck do you think you're doing spying on us?' Claire yelled at him. ' didn't mean to…' he stammered out, standing up and trying to hide his tented pants.

Lillian cut across him, playing along with Claire. 'What? So you were just accidentally standing there outside the door getting an erection for no rea…son?' Lillian faltered in her accusation as adorable peach is showing off her opened tight cunt in closeup saw just how impressive the tent in the boy's pants actually was.

It was easily bigger than Daniel or Paul's normal sizes, even with it under his pants Lillian could see this. The dull boy might just have something interesting about him after all. She composed herself quickly. 'I always knew you were a perv. Getting stiffies watching me in my school uniform, or at our parents' wedding when I wore that dress.

You've wanted to fuck me since we first met!' The boy just stood there, unable to hide his prodigiously large 'shame' giving truth to the statement. Claire rushed in to play good-cop. 'Aw Lil, who can blame him?

You really are a sweet thing when it comes to sex. You can't be all that mad at him. Look at that hard dick we gave him there.' 'But he's my step-brother for fuck's sake.' 'It's not his fault he was attracted to you before you were related. Give him a break hey?' Lillian moved in for the kill. 'Fiiine. But he's definitely owes us yeah? He watched us having fun, plus our toy is dirty from being on the floor now.' 'Hey, you're right! I've got nothing to practice on.' Claire turned to look at the boy pointedly.

'He's going to have to find something else for us at least.' Rhys' face was having difficulty keeping up with his thoughts as it dawned on him ami has hairy twat fucked with sexy toys they were suggesting. Lillian couldn't believe that for having such a sharp father the boy wasn't quick. Then again her own parent wasn't much to brag about in the brains department so it was probably best not to worry about it.

'Well come on then,' Claire said exasperatedly. 'It's a school day tomorrow and I want to get some more practice in before bed. Shut the door and get over here!' The boy's legs carried him over to the bed before he even realised what was happening.

The beautiful pair on the bed pulled him down and turned him so he was on his back. They slid down his sides and off the bed, pulling his pajama pants off along the way.

The solid cock flew up like it was spring-loaded, standing tall and erect before the girls, unshaven balls sitting beneath.

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It was definitely one of the largest Lillian had seen, let alone Claire. 'Hmm, what do you think Claire? Will it be ok to practice on?' Lillian asked coyly. She no longer dwelled on the weird emotions that went with wanting to touch her sibling's genitals and simply reached out to grasp its surprisingly hot length.

It was big ass milf got her tits bouncing while riding a dick flesh beneath her fingers.

'I suppose it'll do.' Claire's tone couldn't quite convey the intended disappointment she'd meant to inject into the sentence, wanting too much to try her new technique on the massive penis.

Her fingers stole in under Lillian's, who sat back a little to watch her friend's progress. Unlike as with Paul however, this time she wasn't going to let Claire have all the fun with the cock.

Claire was already working on lubricating the giant object in her hands, spitting on it with profusion and ambitiously shoving it into her mouth. Lillian had no idea if the boy had ever had sex, let alone a blowjob before, but she knew that he was definitely enjoying the sensation.

He wasn't making much noise but his eyes were easy to read. Claire was noisily gagging on the cock, trying to fit its girth into her oral hole, black hair shaking with her shuddered head movements. 'You're getting better Claire, but let me show you how it's done.' Lillian practically pushed her friend aside as she took her step-brother's dick into her wide-open mouth, sliding her tongue over her lower teeth to allow it deep into her throat. She gurgled around it, her puffy lips sucking on the invading pole.

Claire tilted her head in to kiss and lick the remaining shaft not inside her friend's mouth, swapping places after the blonde came up for air. Each girl did their best to take as much in as possible, Lillian far outstripping her friend but still not quite making it.

'Damn girl,' Claire said during one of her breathing breaks. She'd come close to puking and needed a rest. 'After what you did to that toy I'd have thought you could get this down too.' Lillian wasn't about to let that challenge stand. Pulling off her pajama top, her wobbling breasts making Rhys' eyes go even wider than before and causing the cock to twitch in her hand, she prepared herself over the gigantic shaft.

'Push me down if I stop Claire. I'm gonna take this fucker the whole way down even if it chokes me.' Claire thought about resisting the demand old bug creampied after getting nailed in all holes the shortest of moments before arousal at the prospect shot through her brain and galvanised her hands to run through the blondes hair to grasp her head.

Rhys hadn't quite got into the thrusting side of things yet so it was up to the girls. None of the skull-fuckings Lillian had ever received, including the one earlier that day, had ever cut off her airway as much as when she launched her head down her step-brother's cock. She slowed to stop with just over an inch to go, her throat bulging.

She shifted her mouth around trying to accommodate more of the titanic instrument, Claire forcing her head down. Her nose futilely struggled for air as slowly but surely she took that last inch down. Eyes half closed, her lips finally felt the hair of his balls and she felt her internal glow pulse with pride from having made it.

Claire let go, allowing Lillian to come gasping for air. 'Fuck, that was amazing! both girls spoke at the same time.' Lillian stood up, pulling Claire up by the hand with her. She removed her pants and both items of Claire's clothing too. Still holding her hand she led the girl around the large bed and threw her down onto it, climbing atop her on her hands and knees.

'I need that giant, fucking monster inside me. Get up here and stick it in me brother. Now.' Once again Rhys' body moved without his brain keeping up. He stood in front of the girls' waiting cunts, cock in hand and ready to go. Lillian was right. He'd wanted to fuck her ever since they met, and he wasn't going to let this chance pass by. She looked back over her shoulder at him, eyes looking vicious, her slutty mouth pouting.

'Fuck me brother.

You've had that cock in my throat, now put it in my cunt.' A squeal to match any of Claire's escaped Lillian's mouth as she felt 2019 xxx sex stories storys moving pussy get penetrated. Claire herself was sucking on one of the splendid breasts hanging above her, and delighted in the quivering of Lillian's body from being transfixed so fully.

Rhys' hips now began moving back and forth, finally remembering to use them, his length pushing deep into the waiting pussy. Throughout the course of the day Lillian had been tit-fucked, throat fucked and played with in a number of ways, but she hadn't yet had someone fuck her pussy.

And what a way to get it fucked too. Her step-brother's giant trouser-snake was not one she'd have expected when she got up in the morning. It felt so good to have something move so deep inside her, almost as if it was going far up into her stomach, and she didn't imagine the whole thing was making it in either. A wave of disappointment went through her as the cock pulled out from her.

Beneath her, Claire's expression changed swiftly from sultry passion to open surprise as her own pussy was introduced to Rhys' dick. Lillian had put Claire beneath her for her own amusement while she was getting doggy fucked, but it seemed rude to stop what was happening now since they were each enjoying it so much.

The girl was once again letting forth noisy squeals as she was getting fucked, her chest heaving with every breath. 'Oh god yes. That cock is so.ah.ah…big!! Fuck me with it! Fuck me! Ah! Fuck me!' Lillian was already feeling jealous, so to quiet her friend she pushed some fingers down the girl's mouth and throat, testing her newly acquired resistance.

Claire took it all in stride though, enjoying the taste of the pussy fountains huge booty fucked pussy squirts big cumshot fingers in her mouth, muffled squeaks of noise still emitting around them. She closed her lips around them with a long moan as Rhys pulled out of her to go back into the step-sister he worshiped.

He went between the two for a while but he wasn't going to last very long, so Lillian directed things to where she wanted them. With one hand playing inside Claire's pussy, she had the boy retrieve the toy from the floor and hand it to her.

Then she turned back to him and gave him another order, which he was about to readily follow. 'Fuck me til you cum inside me. You're not going beauteous girlie shows off fucking skills hardcore and blowjob get me pregnant so don't worry, I want you to fill me up with your god damn sperm okay?' She'd barely finished speaking before the ram-rod penis was back inside her and going strong.

That attended to, Lillian started to stimulate Claire's clit with practiced fingers, causing the girl's typical squeals to erupt again. They were cut off just as quickly as the dildo found its way back into her throat, Lillian not caring it had just been on the carpet and slightly dirty, shoving it into her friend's mouth vigorously. As one hand was reaching underneath to play with a clit, and her body shaking from the fucking she was getting, Lillian rested her weight on her friend's head with the dildo, causing it to go deeper than ever.

Claire was gagging and gurgling but not resisting, instead she was beginning to understand what her friend had meant when talking about loving to deepthroat. Lillian barely noticed as she was so intent on having her step-brother shoot his load inside her. His hands were on her hips, squeezing her buttocks as she thrust it back towards him, the soft flesh bouncing as their bodies made contact.

She continued to moan and encourage him towards the end, jack-hammering the dildo into her friend's mouth all the while. 'Fuck me BIG brother. Fuck your cute, little step-sister's cunt with that huge dick. Fuck me and make up for all this time you've hidden it away from me. God it's so fucking big. Come on, fuck it deeper into me. Deeper!' It was a good thing their side of the mansion was isolated or even Lillian's dim mother would have heard the noise.

'Try harder. Try and fuck me so hard it comes out my mouth. That's it brother, fuck me hard like that. I can feel it throbbing. Are you ready to cum? Cum inside my cunt big brother. Cum inside my cunt. Cum inside my, ah…' The massive rod jerked inside her as it exploded, Rhys letting forth his first long groan as his balls emptied into his beautiful, writhing step-sister.

Lillian held the dildo all the way down into Claire's throat, forgetting to pull it out as she received her internal hosing down, the dark-haired girl's mouth wide open with spit flying as she gargled around it. Cum splattered onto Claire's belly as it dripped out of Lillian's pussy. Lillian recovered enough to allow her friend to breathe, and they all rested in this position for a good long while.

Rhys didn't want to take his cock out, almost afraid it would never find its way back. Not likely. The sluttiest girl in school had just found out access to the largest cock she'd ever sucked was in the room across from hers. He wouldn't have to worry. Even more cum found its way onto Claire's body when Rhys finally pulled his cock out. Lillian collapsed on top of her, no longer being held up by the steel rod, the cum spreading between both girls' navels.

No one could quite find the right words to say. Rhys was on the floor panting and letting the blood flow back into his body. Claire's throat was sore but she felt well satisfied, thinking of all she could show Paul next time. Lillian was also content. She hadn't orgasmed this time but she'd barely needed to. She'd cum several times during the day and that fucking she'd received was so deep and fulfilling she felt that wondrous internal glow pulsing inside, made even warmer by the cum spread inside her.

In one day she'd had some of the best sexual experiences of her life. She smiled, braces and lips glistening as a thought occurred to her. The year had only just begun.