Little girl bruatally rape movie

Little girl bruatally rape movie
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The wife and had planned out little adventure for months or years. An adventure that would open our world to new heights and desires. We had talked mostly texted about it mostly while I was working out of town. I would get all hot and bothered and start sexting her. We have always had a great sex life. We enjoy each other and each other's company if you know what I mean. We had expanded our sex life to what would be normal for monogamous relationship.

But we finally took it to the next step. About five years ago we had been hot steamy sex and I put my cock in her ass. Nice and slow with a lot of lube and she loved it. It was real tight and warm. While I was thrusting in and out of her ass I was talking dirty to her. She loved it k"fuck my dirty little asshole." E"You like that baby" k"omg it feels so fucking good." E"Take that dick" that was a short sample of about twenty minutes of fun.

It was such a good night. A night busty latina gets huge dick in her cunt put on the bucket list that started the expansion of our great sex life. I headed off to salt lake later that week leaving the family behind to week my two weeks on for Uncle Sam or in a wet hell hole what ever you'd prefer to call it. My weeks weeks of loneliness being away from the family. Well when your working away from home you have to please yourself so I got out the phone phone and started sexting the wife.

E"did you enjoy sex this week" k"omg it felt so good" e "ya you like having a cock in your ass" k "mmmm it make me feel like a dirty little whore" e "so your down to do it more" K"ya it feels so good".

And on and on and on After two weeks my sexual drive is high and all I can think about is having my wife's wet pussy wrapped around my cock. I flew in that night had dinner, did all the normal things family's do put the kids to sleep and locked the door to our room. Things always get steamy fast with us so we went straight the point. I was behind her getting out two weeks of aggression and she says "put it in my ass" okey dokey last time it felt so fucking good.

I live my fingers with some of her pussy juices and start prepping ass for a good fucking. I pull my cock out and press it gently into her ass slowly. Spit on my fingers to further lube my cock. And I start really fucking her ass. K"omg it feels so fucking good. Ya baby fuck that ass, fill it with your cum baby"she really likes it. I fill her ass full of cum she groans and says "omg that warm cum feels so good in my ass." And this goes on for a few months to come.

She had liked it or seamed to like it so much that my mind had started to wonder maybe it could feel good for me. But I would often suppress those thoughts cause that's gay. But if my wife does it to me that doesn't make it gay. I grew up a homophobe so it still didn't seem right to me. But to hell with it I'm gonna try in see if she with touch my ass without her being weirded out.

One night we were fucking and I was on top. She would always reach around my leg and rub my balls while I was fucking her and I would reach around and rub her pussy or put my fingers in her ass. I grabbed my balls and pulled them forward and grabbed her hand and slid it up toward my asshole. She caught on on plunged a finger into my ass making me cum almost instantaneously it felt.

it felt good. This goes on for some period of time. I'm in salt lake toward the end of my rotation and get all horney thinking about my sexy wife and all the things that I want to do to her or her do to me and I lay down on my bed get out the iPad and start surfing the porn.

I surf or the normal stuff then get a curiosity of how many straight men let their wife enter their stunning college stunner enjoys her first interracial fuck pornstar and hardcore. And that when I had found out what pegging was. I kept this a secret from my wife for quite some time not knowing how to come out and say "honey I want you to fuck me with a strap on dildo" It seemed like months had past since I had made my new discovery and was still contemplating what to say.

But one night I figured fuck it she already sticks her finger in their. Just tell her. We had got all hot and bothered texting small perky tits teen babe aurora belle banged by stepbro smalltits hardcore night and I just said it and she thought it sounded hot. The night I came home home from SLC she drove us to a sex store and I went in and bought one. "Awkward". That night she put it on and boy was she sexy.

She turned me over put a bunch of lube on it and pressed into my ass. It hurt. But slowly I started to relax and the better it started to feel. I could tell she liked to be in control, thrusting into my ass. Talking dirty to me it was so hot.

The night ended and the toy went in the bag.

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That was the next extension of our sex life. Our sex toy collection had started to build and fantasies had also started to build. One night I pushed my cock into her nice tight asshole doggy style and grabbed a dildo and shoved it into her pussy. She screamed and moaned with pleasure.

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She absolutely loved it. E"o ya baby you like two cocks filling your fuck holes" k"omg it feels so fucking good" I don't think her pussy had ever been so wet it her entire life. Time went on and it was always nice to look down and see her holes filled. Like the way her pussy would throb in and out with a huge dildo penetrating her with a butt plug in her ass.

I never would have thought I would be the type of guy that would let another guy in on his treasured wife. She was mine and all mine we had always be monogamous. We had a great sex life but I found that I really enjoyed "wife gets double penetrated porn" "husband shares wife porn" after discovering that she loved when I would fill both her holes.

So one night while I was doing it her telling me how much she loved it I asked her if it would be better if it was two real cocks filling her holes. K"o ya baby that would be feel so fucking good two cock filling my holes omg that would be so sexy" so my mind started to ponder. I had been out of town and we had been sexting and she said she was totally down to try it if I was ok with it.

Where does one even start to search for a man to come fuck his wife with him. Craigslist, swingers party's or clubs, how does one find somebody. Craigslist no to many weirdos. Swingers club what if we see someone we know awkward. We have always kept our sex lives behind doors. Friends no defiantly not to awkward. These thought had been pondered for. years. Sexual fantasies held back with lack of the know how or what to do.

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Fuck it well just go to a bar and ask somebody to fuck you. Our Adventure. We had asked her father father to watch the girls for the weekend and we went on a little get away adventure. We rented a hotel room in the heart of Denvers night life. We went to the hotel room first and unloaded or bags.

We brought our big duffle bag full of toys also. She wanted to take a nice hot bath in the jacuzzi tub to relax for a bit before we hit the town. She undressed and got in the tub soap suds up to her nipples boy was she sexy.

I was laying on the bed all horney when she got out. I had dipped into the toy bag already and got out the 3 inch cock extension and put it on and put a few toys on the night stand for easy access. She came out of the tub and walked over to the straddled me reverse coy girl and slid her pussy over the massive cock extension and started riding it.

Moaning louder than usual because we were at the hotel. I love looking down and watching the cock go in and out pretending it's someone else's. while I'm watching her be pleasured. I reached to the night stand and lubed up a dildo and slid it into her ass ass she bounced up and down at this point almost screaming in pleasure. Telling me how much she likes it. How she wishes it were two real cocks. Her pussy juices flowing out now all wet and steamy. I was about to cum when she jumped off and said excitedly let's go to the bar.

We got ready. She had put on this sexy pinky getting her money maker fucked by rico strong blue dress that hardly covered her ass. Did all her make up and god was she sexy that night. Right before we left the hotel room she pulled down her pantys and said "I won't be needing these tonight" touched her finger to my chin asked "are you ready" in a slutty ditsy tone. Not the way she usually acts.

We walk out the door and make our way to a Denver night club. We walk in and it filled with college aged kids all in their get ups. The club is loud and sex is in the air. Everybody's is having a great time the wife out on the dance wazoo is pounded on cam hardcore blowjob flaunting her sexiness like I have never seen before grinding and rubbing over different men through the night.

She gets takes a break and we go sit at the bar. We order drinks and I'm having a nicotine fit so I tell her I'm going to step outside and have a smoke. I make my way outside and light up a cigarette thinking to myself, tonight's going to be the night I can feel it. My brain running a million miles an hour. Running the night through my head a dozen times taking notice on how many men would take second or third looks toward my hot wife.

I finish my cigarette and walk back in the club. That's when the real night had started to begin. When I made my way back from a distance I saw my wife sitting facing a handsome lad late twenty's early thirty son a suit talking.

His hand was rubbing on her thigh. I distanced myself behind a pole keeping emotions under control and dad and duddys daughter hardcore she is so wonderful in this brief skirt bulge down in my pants as I brainstormed the night ahead. She was so sexy sitting on that bar stool. It was like tunnel visions watching the two of them talk his hand slowly sliding up further.

Lights and music and life going on all around and nobody noticed those two at the bar. She grabbed his hand and slid it all the way up to her pussy.

I could hardly control myself heart pumping cock beginning to harden. He must have put a finger in her pussy as her head kinked back in pleasure and she gently pulled his hand out. She ran her hand up his pants and brushed his cock. You could see the bulge grow in his pants. She was so seductive. I then walked up and put my around her. His face was flushed he had no idea what was going on. I said "hi pard how's it going getting friendly with my wife." He began to blush and started to try to either explain himself or come up with and excuse.

He introduced himself "mmmmy names jimmy. I said "it's ok you wanna come over to our hotel room and have some fun" he had no clue what to say or think and he then stuttered sure." We made the short walk back to our hotel.

Wife escorting us both and as soon as the hotel door closed be hind us the fun began. We made our way to the middle of the room and my wife dropped to her knees in front of us and started rubbing our cocks through our jeans. I unzipped my pants and pulled my cock out and put it in her mouth.

Jimmy unzipped his pants and his huge cock flopped out it had to be 10 inches. The wife began to rub his cock and pulled her mouth off mine and said "omg I'm gonna have fun with that monster tonight" she put webcam lesbian twins tube porn cock in her mouth still jerking us both off. She began to gag on his dick.

Jimmy looked at me to see my reaction and I said she's all ours buddy be as rough as you want. I pulled her and bent her over the bed pulling her dress up to expose her lower half. Jimmy walked up and grabbed her hips and began sliding his massive cock on her pussy.

He looked like a horse about to mount a mare. He thrusters his cock into her pussy. Her face looked as if she was in ecstasy.

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She was screaming at this point. K"it feels so good baby" k"you like watching his big cock thrust in and out of my pussy" I jumped up on the bed and put my cock in her mouth. Every time jimmy would thrust her head would be thrown down on my cock. I grabbed her by the hair and pushed her face to the point she gagged. Jimmy and I switched places I fucked and she sucked. She rubbed his cock a few times then got on top of him and started riding him cowgirl.

my cock almost exploded watching her pussylips being pulled in and out from jimmys enormous cock. She was riding him like a bull. I lubed up my cock and pushed her head forward and pressed my dick into her ass. She whimpered of pleasure as we simultaneously fucked her holes. It was so tight. She began screaming into orgasm her pussy flooded with sexy big ass anal first time talent ho. Jimmy began to shudder in his movements and filled her pussy with cum.

About at the same moment I filled her ass with cum. We pulled out and cum poured from both holes as she collapsed onto the bed. I decided to go take a shower I jumped in and I could hear a quiet moaning and the bed moving. I left the shower running and peaked out the door. She was on top of him again riding him reverse cowgirl. Slamming her ass down as hard as she could.

I felt like I should be mad I thought it was over but my cock began to grow I started masturbating watching her. She enjoyed strange cock so much. Thrusting her hips down.

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She orgasmed again and jimmy started to shutter again she jumped off and jimmy stood up she finished him off half sucking half beating him off till he came all over her face and tits. I came at the same time then jumped in the shower like I had seen nothing. I heard the front door shut and she came in a few moments later. She told me jimmy had left and jumped in the shower with me.

We washed each other's body's of the sweat and the unknown cum that she had wiped off her chest and I was still horney. I got out first and dried off and went and put the cock extender and waited till she got out. While she was drying I was like a ravaged animal and pushed her down on to the bed face first and held her he'd down while I lubed the cock and shoved it into her ass. She moaned in pain not pleasure.

I asked did you like that big pretty teen girl rides on big weenie hardcore blowjob you fucking whore.

I was fucking ass so hard she began to tear up. Take that cock you cum hungry whore. It was exhilarating but I could tell she wasn't enjoying it. Thrusting as hard as I could. She wept in pain. Take it like a man I said. I pulled out and ripped the extender off turned her around and blew a giant load in her face and tits. Never thought you liked having loads blown in your face. She was hurt I thought but she smiled and said did you enjoy that I saw you beating off in the corner.

I laid down in bed face first and passed out. I was awoken to the sound of hand cuffs clacking on my ankles. My hands had already been cuffed to the bed posts I was spread out on the bed like a helpless starfish.

She walked around with fire and sex in her eyes. "Let's see you take it like a man" she was dressed in her sexy maid outfit with a strap on cock on. e "That was figurative speaking baby". She laughed and dumped a bunch of lube on my ass.

I sqeezed my cheeks together so she couldn't penetrate my ass. She got mad and whipped me. The pain spread across my face.

"Your turn to be my little whore" "take it like a gang bang de presente para sra quent xvideoscom as you'd say" I kept clinching and she whipped me again. "Open up it your turn". I slowly loosen my cheeks and she presses in. Not nicely either I whimper. "Take it" as she she presses in and bottoms out. She starts vigorously pounding my asshole. I can't breath it hurts so bad.

She whips me repeatedly I can fill the burn. Eventually I loosen up. She is enjoying herself way to much. She beats me down with words while she fucks me. "I loved his big cock" "you've never fucked me like that" as she thrusts harder. "You'd be lucky if I let you join next time" "whose the little whore now"She fucks me till I almost piss myself or at least that's what it felt like.

Our strap on had fake ejaculant in it and she released a huge load into my ass. She made me feel helpless. But still very horney at the same time. She said she's in control now. She uncuffed me and rolled me over with a big smile started to suck my dick then looked up and said put the cuffs back on I laughed the she whipped me.

She whipped me again and again. I put them on now I was facing up handcuffed like a helpless starfish again. She smiled and said I have a better idea. She put her skimpy blue dress back on brathar and sistar anal storys put a blind fold on me.

I heard her walk out the door. She was gone for 1 maybe 2 hours when I heard the door open. It was quiet and their where quite a few foot steps but it was real quite. I felt her climb on top of the bed and straddle me like she was in doggy style position. She ripped the blindfold off and there was four guys that I could see. "You like watching your little whore be fucked" and it started.

She stared at me while they took turns she was smiling. "Like that baby" a guy claimed on the bed and put his cock in her mouth. She was being plowed. I had so much Precum dripping it looked as if I had just came. She turned around so my face was looking at her pussy and a well endowed guy shoved his cock into her.