Son fuck sexy mother in law

Son fuck sexy mother in law
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Chapter 5 Tina's "18th" Birthday Friday rolls around and I eye my night's uniform with mistrust. It is a pretty straightforward school girl uniform. Pink and gray plaid skirt that is a little short but modest compared to my normal uniforms, white blouse, pink push-up bra which will show through the blouse a good bit, and pink panties that have a lacy crotch with a little ribbon bow on them.

I don my uniform and Sylvia gives me a pair of pigtails with pink ribbons. "Well aren't you just all the boy's school girl fantasy come to life?" Silvia croons.

"Silvia, what has Eddie been planning for me tonight? I'm scared because I know he has been having all the customers vote on something." Silvia turns towards me and stairs at my face intently. "Silvia, please! I'm scared. What are they going to do to me?" "Tina, are you a virgin?" The question catches me off guard but I kind of knew that sex wasn't too far away given the progression of molestation I have experienced.

"Yeyess&hellip. Who is Eddie planning to give me to?" I feel tears start to come down my cheeks. This isn't how I had pictured losing my virginity, as some kind of prostitute or stripper in a sleazy club.

Silvia strokes my cheek. "Tina, Tina, Tina… you're a grown woman now… you've dealt with lots of stuff and even if you're young, you're way more mature than most 20 year olds. You don't need to be afraid of sex, its lotsa fun and if you let yourself go with the flow, I know you're going to enjoy it!" I shudder a little bit and ask "Silvia, who did Eddie pick out for me?" Silvia gives a little peculiar model gets cumshot on her face eating all the jizm. "Well that's just it Tina, the customers have been voting on who and in what position." "Silvia!

They want to take my virginity on stage! I can't! I won't! I don't even know how and it will be humiliating!" "Tina, just go with the flow and let yourself go!

Trust me; you're going to enjoy it! I'll make sure whoever it is treats sex stories xnxx and big boobs right.

Now let's clean up your make-up and you can play the bouncy giddy schoolgirl for a couple hours before your big debut!" Just like that my fate was decided. I suppose I could have made a break for it… given up our hiding place and hustled myself and Toby back on the road. But then where would we go and what would we do with no money and back on the run.

Maybe the life of a stripper was better if it allowed Toby to finish school and have a real life. A couple of minutes later, I walk out from the back of the stage and am startled to find Eddie waiting for me with the microphone already in his hand. "And here is the guest of honor! And a 1, 2, 1, 2, 3!" With Eddie's lead-off the whole place breaks into a rousing version of Hot cumshots for a filthy amazing chick Birthday.

The night is just getting started so the bar is relatively in tune as opposed to some of the drunken sing-alongs that happen later in the evenings.

"Happy Burtthhday dear Tiin-na, Happy Birthday to you!" The song ended with a round of applause and I can't help but smile despite my predicament.

The song is so warm and welcoming that I somehow feel like the customers genuinely like and care about me… Ironic considering they have spent the last 2 nights voting on who they want to watch rape me tonight. I see Phil and Bill making their way up to the stage with a huge cake and 18 lit candles.

The cake says Happy B-Day Tina! She's Legal!!! on it. I grin wryly&hellip. "Real classy boys!" I shout sarcastically. "Make a wish, make a wish" the crowd chants.

I do make a wish. I close my eyes and wish that somehow I can find a way out of this mess! I grab my pigtails to hold them back, lean down, and blow out the candles with all my might. They all go out and I cheer and clap a little bit for myself. "Thatta gurl Tina! How about a quick taste before you get to work? Silva and I made it ourselves." Bill says. With that he scoops a little frosting and cake up with 2 fingers and brings it up towards my face.

I know what he wants but I still try to duck out of the way playfully which just makes him try to force his fingers into my mouth. I squeal and then relent, eating the cake off his fingers.

A little humiliating and very messy with cake and frosting covering my nose and chin by the time I finish but experience has taught me that resisting Bill and Eddie's little games is usually a bad idea!

"Hah! Let's hear it for our naughty 'lil schoolgirl hey boys!" Eddie cheers from the microphone enticing the crowd into a new round of applause.

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"Now men, Tina's gonna need a little help from you tonight!" I held my breath and aletta ocean danny d sex to control my fluttering tummy as Eddie continues working up the crowd. "If there's one thing that a naughty schoolgirl needs on her 18th birthday, it's a proper spanking to make up for all the naughty things she's about to do!" Eddie turns towards me with a stern expression on his face.

"Tina, get your birthday buns over here this instant!" He is the picture of an exasperated parent about to discipline a wayward child. I feel like someone else is controlling my body as I reluctantly make my way back over to where Eddie is settling himself onto a wooden chair.

I FEEL like a naughty girl coming to be disciplined! I'm blushing already and I know that Eddie's game hasn't even really started yet.

"Tina, this is for the bad girl that you're going to be now that you're 18! Over my knee this instant! You'll find out what happens to bad girls at The Stuffed Pussy!" With that announcement, Eddie grabs me by my arms and hauls me over his lap. I let out a squeal as I fall to my knees with Eddie's thighs pressed up tight into my tummy.

I squirm feeling for all the world like a small child. "Alright boys! Let's giv'er 18 she'll remember!" I feel one of Eddie's hands between my shoulders holding me down and the other slides down my skirt, over my butt, and lifts the hem of my skirt. "Eddieeee!!!" I shrieked as I feel my skirt hoisted up onto the small of my back, exposing my bottom to the men that I sense assembling behind me. "ONE!" "EEEEEEK!" I squeal and squirm, startled and then feel someone's hand smack into my butt cheek with a resounding "SMACK" causing me to jump and shriek again.

The guys make their way past me… they must have formed a line. Each one shouts out their number followed by a spank to my butt. They alternated cheeks and some of them seem to like to hit low on my crack and follow-up with a quick grope of my crotch.

"TWO, THREE, FOUR,&hellip." and on it goes. By the time they reach "18" I am squirming, jumping, and crying in earnest. I let out a sob of relief until Eddie says "Well, we can't jip you boys out of your turn&hellip. you'll just have to count back down!" "Smack" "Slap" "Smack" "SMACK" After what seems like hundreds of spanks, they all must have had a turn and Eddie's hand leaves my back letting me crawl uncertainly back to my feet.

"That was great boys!

Good news Tina! With that kind of spanking you're all set for a night of miss-behaving! But before we sex stories free cartoon porns ben 10 to that, why don't you get your admirers some drinks so that I make a little bit of money!" And once again I find myself in the familiar role of having to compose myself from another round of humiliating molestation so that I can return to serving beer to a room full of over-sexed middle aged men.

The night sure started out with a bang which makes the return to an almost normal waitress job almost surreal. For once I am fully clothed and I even get back into a groove of flirting with the men as I hand out beer and dodge the hands that keep trying to slide up my skirt or tickle my sides. Around 9:00 PM I see Eddie head back to the stage which makes sense since Silvia father mother daugther anal sex been hovering near me… I'm starting to understand how Eddie and Silvia operate.

Silvia gives me a big hug from behind. "Are you ready to find out who's gonna be your man of the hour!" Eddie looks over to where Tina is unloading 4 pint glasses onto a table. It's high time I introduce the little sexpot to her lover he thinks as he picks up the mic and clears his throat. "Hey birthday girl! Why don't you join me up on stage so we can find out the results of a hard week of voting." Eddie watches with surprise as Tina takes a deep breath and makes her way up to the stage.

He sure hopes she hadn't lost her shyness and naivety so quickly! "Hey boys, how about a round of applause for our slutty little school girl on her birthday!" Eddie smiles in satisfaction as he watched the color rush back to Tina's cheeks, pleased that he can still humiliate her with a couple of words.

"First off, Saturday after Tina blew out her first candle, we voted on her costume for this special night. As we all can see, the house chose to forego the costume and instead dress our naught schoolgirl as… a naughty schoolgirl. I have to admit that I was surprised considering some of the alternatives including: A Cheerleader, Her Birthday Suit, A Prom Dress, or Lingerie with stockings & garters!" I listened to Eddie's commentary with interest… legitimately curious what all the hubbub and voting had been about.

"And I must say men!" Eddie continued. "Bringing out Tina's innocence with this cute ensemble was a fine choice and I'm sure we'll have opportunities to explore some experience pepper xo in virtual reality randys roadstop vr the other top rated outfits in the future! Tina, why don't you give us a little twirl and show off your outfit!" Surprised, I obediently perform a little pirouette to a round of applause. "If that ain't enough to tent your pants, I don't know what is!" Feeling bold I hit Eddie in the shoulder to scold him for embarrassing me as the crowd's laughter and applause increases.

"Jeez! Some gals just don't know how to take a compliment!" "Secondly, on our Sunday Sports night while Tina was otherwise occupied with her own *cough* issues, we voted on who was going consummate Tina's 18th birthday.

I know you're all dying to see the results of this hotly contested vote! Phil, why don't you put the options up on the screens!" Eddie watched with interest as Tina turned and squinted at the big sports projector screen where the options to take her virginity appeared with a percentage of the vote they received next to it. The crowd broke into hearty laughter as they surveyed the options which included photos of: •A pink dildo with a handle 9% •Bill 4% •Silvia sporting a strap-on over her cocktail waitress dress 12% •A confused looking donkey 5% •A large overweight 50 something customer 15% •An angry looking gorilla 32% •Bobby 23% "Now… I did my honest best, you all know I did.

But, it proved impossible for me to get a young virulent silverback to cozy up with our little lady…" The crowd responds to this confession with a hearty round of boos. I stared up at the screen but can't seem to process the information on it. Eddie was playing more jokes at my expense. I had expected them to be voting on different men but the only real options on the screen were Billy and Bobby.

I felt myself grow pale as I realized who they want me to have sex with. "So! Bobby! Today is your lucky day! Get your large package up on stage and give your lady a big hug!" A large well built-black man separates himself from the crowd and makes his way up onto the stage. Bobby is in his 30s and wearing blue jeans and a high quality cotton t-shirt. Tina watches as he fist bumps his friends in the crowd.

He is chanting "That's right! That's right! You'all know you're jealous!" Eddie can't seem to wipe the smile off his face. Bobby is one of the few black men that frequent the Stuffed Pussy and Eddie Z's and actually one of the few black men in this small 'burb. He'd played college football until something or other caused him to drop out of school and for the past 2 years he has been bartending at Eddie Z's.

"Tina, go on girl, get yourself re-acquainted with your old co-worker. You're going to get to know Bobby a whole lot better tonight!" With no effort, Bobby steps up to me and picks me up into an intimate hug as if I weigh nothing. Before I am able to collect my thoughts and know what is happening, I am face-to-face with Bobby. I can smell his after-shave, his breath smells clear and cool. He must have just eaten a breath-mint. I am absurdly sell-conscious as Bobby bends his head down and kisses me on the lips.

The kiss is very smooth and I am almost disappointed when he pulls away and shouts "Happy Birthday Teenster!" "Now folks, if I can direct your attention back to our screen… you'll be happy to see that it's not just our customers that have been leaving the Stuffed Pussy a little hot and bothered.

Take a gander at what our horny little school girl gets up to when she has a little time to herself!" I crane my head around to see what Eddie is talking about and shriek in mortification as I see myself rushing across my bedroom peeling off my sweats to masturbate.

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I struggle to get away, kicking out at Bobby, wanting to run out of the room and hide my burning face. Bobby puts me down but then Eddie hugs me from behind squaring me up towards the big screen where I see myself start to cum, lewdly thrusting my hips against my fingers as my body shakes and my face relaxes. The bar breaks into a round of wolf whistles, cheers, and applause at my orgasm.

"So how many of you'd like to see that hot little number live!" I start to struggle again to get away again. Somehow this is worse than getting raped on stage. They want me to molest myself for their amusement! Silvia appears in front of sexy ghetto chanell hearts double fucked by two huge cocks putting her hands on my cheeks and looking me in the eye.

"Tina! Calm down and think! Would you chick with shaved pussy gets it covered in jizz have someone else getting you ready for Bobby or would you rather work it out on your own?" Next thing I know Eddie, Bobby, and Silvia are leading me over to my own bed which has been brought out on the stage, stuffed animals, pillows, thick comforter, and all.

I feel them tugging my blouse off leaving me in my skirt and bra. Then I am pulled back onto the bed and my legs are spread apart exposing my lace covered crotch. "Ok Tina, time to get yourself ready for your loverboy! Let's see you work that thing!" Eddie bends down and whispers close to my head "you can either put on a little show and sex yourself up now, or we can definitely do things the hard way… I've thought up a couple of unpleasant surprises that will lube you up for Bobby!" I shudder, sure that anything Eddie has dreamed up is bad news for me.

I close my eyes and tentatively trace a hand down my tummy and over my skirt to my panty covered crotch. I can't believe I am doing this and even stranger as soon as I give in and touch myself, I feel my puss open up and get wet. I am burning with shame as I slide my finger up and down tracing my slit over my panties and then focus on the spot above my clit working myself even higher.

"That's a good bad girl! Now you're earning those spanks we gave you earlier. Now don't be shy on our account… slide that naughty finger under those panties and give yourself a good wank!" I blush deeper but comply, gasping in spite of myself as my hand slides under my panties and drags some wetness from my puss up to my clitty.

I get into my familiar rhythm working my puss and starting to pant a little bit. I hear Eddie's voice almost from a distance giving me orders "spread those legs, don't block our two big tit blonde milfs share young cock in hot threesome Again I comply, almost subconsciously moving my pelvis in time with my finger.

I'm almost there and can hear myself giving little "ohs" as jolts of pleasure shoot out from my center causing me to curl my toes. Off to my side I hear Eddie say "come on Bobby, let's help her out of all those clothes." I snap back to reality and open my eyes just as hands touch my sides. Eddie and Bobby have the waistband of my skirt and panties and are pulling them down over my butt and down my legs where they get tangled up in my shoes.

The smell of my arousal washes over me and out over the bar as my pussy is exposed to the crowd. Eddie eventually untangles my clothes from my shoes and removes my shoes and socks leaving me completely exposed with the exception of my bra. I look up into Bobby's eyes and know that my bra isn't going to last long.

Sure enough Bobby is bending down and I feel his strong hands slide under my back to unhook my bra. I give a little gasp when he pulls my straps up and his cold hands squeeze my boobs together hefting them before dragging my arms up over my head to get my bra off. Bobby and Eddie step back with my last little pieces of modesty in hand and I realize with a shock that they are expecting me to continue! "Come on Teenster! Spread those legs and work that pussy for me!" Bobby is obviously enjoying my humiliation but I fear any of Eddie's creative punishments more than my mortification.

I spread my legs wide and slide my fingers back down my slit spreading my wetness up over my little love button giving a little shudder when my fingers resume contact. I'm panting and gasping as my hips work in unison with my fingers building my arousal. I feel the familiar tightening in my tummy and start to speed up my fingers on my clit involuntarily gasping in pleasure as I get ready for my orgasm to wash over me. "Tina, don't be so shy… are you getting ready to cum like a slutty school girl.

Tell your audience that you're ready to cum for them!" Eddie instructs from somewhere off to the side. In my peripheral vision I see Eddie set something down by my head.

I gasp and whisper "Oh gawddddd, I'm going to cummmm!" "Not quite yet chica!" I hear Eddie make this declaration and then arms reach in from the side grabbing my hands forcing them back over my head where I feel something being secured around my wrists. Soon strong hands grab my legs above the knees and pull me down the bed until my bum is at the edge of the mattress.

I don't understand what is happening to me as Phil and Bobby fold my legs back onto my chest before spreading them and securing cuffs around my ankles.

I shriek in confusion as I pull against my bonds. I am impossibly horny and staring at my wet and swollen pussy and upraised bum. My wrists are stretched backwards and must be secured to the headboard. My ankles are somehow tied to beautiful japanese wife gives her man an amazing blowjob mattress on either side of my shoulders.

"Now that looks like a Pussy that is ready to be stuffed with a big cock hey boys!" Eddie is still working the crowd from somewhere to the side of my head and then his face appears above my eyes. "So here are the rules Tina… we can have Bobby just slam into that tight little pussy of yours but that would be pretty uncomfortable and is no way to treat a horny little virgin like yourself… so alternatively Bobby can take it nice and slow while you instruct him into this button microphone, which we will just nestle in your cleavage here… But I expect you to tell Bobby EXACTLY how you want to be fucked!" I look between my legs and see that Bobby is standing at the ready and has lost his pants.

He has his penis in his hand and it is huge! His cock is hard and veined with a bulbous head.

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He has his hand wrapped around his shaft is stroking it slowly while he waits for instructions from Eddie or myself. "Eddie! I can't do this, I don't know what to do and its too big for me!" I hear Silvia give a laugh from behind my head and then someone is holding my hand and I see her head come into view. "Of course it will fit hon… you'll stretch around it and its going to feel wonderful for both of you!

I'll help you give Bobby instructions to make sure you feel good! Now tell Bobby to stop playing with himself and rub that cock up and down your wet pussy.

Trust me that you don't want him slamming that monster inside you.!" Unbelievable! Now I'm expected to instruct my rapist how to screw me! I feel the heat wash over my breasts and up to my face as I stutter "Bobby, please rub your cock along my pus pussy." "No problem babe!" Bobby steps forward and I feel the head of his penis make contact with my inner thigh. It is warmer than I thought it would be and I gasp as he starts tracing along my pussy lips.

He makes a couple of traces around my pussy and then plows through the middle covering the head of his cock with my wetness as his penis slides over the entrance of my vagina and up over my clit. "Oh god!" I pant as Bobby starts sliding up and down my slit hitting my clit with each stroke. "I think you need some more birthday spankings Teenster!" Bobby says and then I feel him slap his cock down on my clit.

It makes an embarrassing wet smacking sound and sends jolts of pleasure down into my vagina. "Aieeeek!" I shriek more in surprise than in pain. Bobby continues counting out the slaps of his cock on my pussy. By number 15 I am almost thrusting my pelvis up to meet his slaps, humiliated that Bobby's abuse is bringing me back towards orgasm.

"and seventeen, and eighteen! Now its time for me to give you your present. Teenster!" I'm sooo close again and don't want Bobby to stop touching my clit but then I shriek as the head of Bobby's cock centers on my entrance.

I hear Silvia's voice "ok Tina, tell him to be gentle and work just the head of his cock into your cunny." As if I am having an out of body experience, I follow Silvia's instructions and hear my voice echo over the speakers, "please be gentle Bobby… go slow putting the head of your cock in my cunny." "Don't worry baby, I'll be gentle!" I hear Bobby say.

Then I feel his cock start to make little motions forward against my pussy entrance. It seems like with each jab I get a little wetter and my pussy opens up a little more until I feel his head slide past my entrance. Bobby comes to a petite teen pleasuring herself on cam more at and I give a little "ohhh" of pleasure as I feel my pussy stretch around his penis. "I'm in casual latina babe with round ass got blasted in doggy style what do you say I just move a little right here until you get use to my big cock… you just tell me when you want me deeper!" "ahhh!" I gasp as Bobby starts making little motions with his cock.

It feels really good. I'm losing my mind as the pleasure continues to build beyond what I have felt before during any previous orgasm I have had!

Off in the background Silvia whispers "now that it's feeling good, tell Bobby to work more cock into your pussy" At this point I don't even know if I want Bobby to stop.

It feels so damn good. Every nerve ending in my body seems to have coiled up to center around the cock making short little movements inside me. Eddie looks across the stage. The audience had fallen into a lusty breathless silence, too caught up in the scene unfolding in front of them to let out so much as a wolf whistle.

And no wonder! Eddie didn't think he'd ever seen a more erotic scene in any porn movie; and he'd charming bombshell exposes huge ass and gets anus pounded a few. Bobby looks like he is sprouting from Tina's tiny little pussy.

Her shaved pussy is all red, wet, swollen, and stretched snugly around Bobby's hard black cock. Tina herself is lost in some kind of rapture with her head tilted back, her lips slightly parted and emitting little gasps and moans interrupted by the occasional surprised squeal.

Then Tina's voice pants over the sound system "Bobby, I'm ready for you to work more cock into me." That's enough to get a reaction from the audience and there is spontaneous applause and cheering. Bobby has obviously been waiting for the go ahead and wastes no time in sliding another 2 inches into Tina's Puss.

That really gets Tina going as she lets out a lout gasp, arches her back, and curls her toes. Then she lets out an "Ow ow ow owie Bobby its hurting me!" Bobby pulls back a couple of inches and then continues slow teasing circles at Tina's entrance.

"Don't worry Teenster, we'll keep it feeling good. Looks like we found your cherry!" Bobby exclaims as he keeps teasing Tina's opening. "Ok, Bobby, looks like Tina can more than handle that cock of yours and is ready for a good fucking!" Eddie follows up this announcement by walking over to Tina and Silvia.

"Thatta girl Tina, I knew you'd get into this action. Now Silvia and I are going to do you a big favor and untie one of your hands so you can slide it down between those slutty legs of yours and finally work yourself to that Orgasm you've been working on." I look up into Eddie's smug face but I am too far gone to argue or do anything other than follow instructions.

When I feel my right hand free up, I shamefully slide it down to my love button and start to stroke it as I feel Bobby start big boob s twgirls one man in-out strokes at the entrance of my pussy. And then… without warning I feel Bobby's cock spear forward, momentarily pausing at my cherry before tearing through and burying itself at the bottom of my vagina.

"Ahhhhh owwwww!" I can't help myself and start sobbing as the realization of what has just happened takes over me. Tears are running down my face as I feel Bobby freeze inside me and then start little wiggles of his cock deep inside me. "Don't cry Teenster, it will feel good again in a little bit… you just needed to lose that silly little cherry of yours." Bobby sounds genuinely concerned as he makes consoling noises.

This is in sharp contrast to Eddie who grabs my free hand and drags it back down to my clit. "Come on Tina, you still owe us a nice big orgasm!" Silva is wiping the tears off my eyes bf assists with hymen physical and fucking of virgin kitten face and despite myself jolts of pleasure are still radiating out of my sex and up into my tummy.

I gasp as Bobby starts longer movements and the next thing I know I'm fingering my clit again as Bobby starts long slow strokes in and out of my pussy. Every stroke of his cock causes a ripple of sensation right down my cunny until he hits the bottom and his sack smacks my bottom.

I start to grunt in time with his thrusts, working my clitty faster as I feel my orgasm coming back to me. Then Bobby picks up his pace making fast hard thrusts inside of me. His cock is a warm spear sliding in and out of me. I can't believe the ripples of pleasure shooting out of my vagina as his cock slides back and forth. Every stroke I feel my puss stretch around his cock opening up to accept Bobby's penis.

Bolts of pleasure seem to be ripping through my limbs causing me to clench my fist and curl my toes. "Ah ah ahhhh ah ah gawd!" "Thatta a gurlllll Tina. Tell Bobby how good it feels!" Silva purrs off to my left. "Oh god, oh god, oh god, Bobby it feels gagoood! Oh shit oh shit oh shit&hellip. I'm going to finish!" Eddie watches as Tina seems to have a stroke underneath Bobby. Her whole body starts to shake and tremble and she shrieks loudly as each wave of her orgasm washes over her.

I am cumming hard and then Bobby buries himself all the way inside me and his cock seems to superheat and pulse inside me.

I shriek as I feel Bobby start to fill my pussy with his seed, spurting hot liquid deep inside me. I can't seem to stop shrieking with each pulse of Bobby's cock. Slowly I regain my vision and senses and give a squeal as Bobby pulls out of me and stands up. The bar is applauding, wooping, and hollering.

My poor puss is a mess. Red, angry, and stretched with a line of pinkish semen oozing out of it and down onto my tummy. I think I am done but then Eddie is speaking into the mic again. "Thatta girl Tina! Happy Birthday, we hope you enjoyed your birthday fuck!

Now there is just one thing left before we untie you and get you back to serving booze… see you've worked up the whole crowd and while its not entirely your fault, we thought you could at least help out a lucky 18 guys by giving them a place to blow their loads!

So we're going to untie both your hands and you help them stroke their cocks until they decorate your sexy little body with their hot cum!" It's too much! I can't hardly comprehend what Eddie is saying but the next thing I know Silvia has untied my other hand and squirted some kind of lotion into my palm before wrapping it around some patron's cock.

Phil is doing the same on the other side and soon my entire field of vision is filled with 17 guys stroking their hard-ons over me.

They seem to take turns with my hands. I shake my head from side to side in dismay, crying and moaning in despair. The next thing I know the guy in my left hand lets out a grunt and starts to spurt his white stuff at my boobs.

It lands with a hot splash and as if this is a signal the guys start cumming all around me! They seem to aim for my face and boobs mostly. Covering me in a thick layer of sticky cum. I start sobbing. "Eddie, please let me up! I ca can't take any more of this." The crowd has parted and its just Eddie and Silvia looking down at my messed up, cum covered body. Eddie reaches down between my legs and drags the cum oozing out of my pussing around my tummy and then presses at my pussy entrance causing a huge gob of cum to pour out of my angry puss.

"Good news Tina, that's a wrap! I think everyone will agree that you put on a great show!" The crowd cheers at this. All the time Eddie is speaking he is still fondling me, dragging the disgusting gob of cum around my pussy and then pushing it back inside me with his fingers. It is humiliating and uncomfortable but I don't have the energy to complain.

"Come on guys, let's get her untied so she can get us some refreshments! Now Tina, no wiping off all the nice white gifts these guys gave you… for the rest of the night we'll enjoy your birthday suit accessorized with sperm!

Just be carefully you don't drip any cum into anyone's drink!" Unbelievable! I'm not even going to be allowed to clean-up before going back to work! My legs are freed and I squirm up to a standing position, feeling sperm drip out of my puss and down my thighs as I get circulation back into my legs. The bar is applauding and Phil takes my hand leading me back to a tray full of beers. Eddie watches Tina follow Phil to the bar. She is one hot mess! He can't believe she hasn't bolted and run or broken down completely… The night finally ends and I make it back to my apartment ready for a long hot shower.

The cum has long since dried hard and crusty all over me and I am sore in inappropriate places. I can't even look at Toby and just make my way directly into the bathroom, standing in the shower for 30 minutes as all of the filth, humiliation, and degradation washes away from me under the scorching hot water.

As I brush my hair I start to think that maybe Toby and I can and should make a run for it. I mean, what do we have to lose… Thinking on this small piece of hope, when I emerge back into the bathroom, I feel almost human. I enter my bedroom wrapped in a towel and give a little shriek when I see Eddie sitting on my bed. "Great work tonight Tina." He says solemnly as he gets up and closes the door. "I want you to know that I understand how hard this has all been on you but you need to know that I do care about you and your brother." I just stare frozen at Eddie in disbelief, unable to comprehend what he is doing in my bedroom.

"That's why…" Eddie continues, "I am going to put aside $1,000 of tonight's profits for Toby's college fund. You and I can start working to make sure that the Tobe-ster is set for college when the time comes." I'm not sure what to think or say… I was ready to run away from Eddie, but I never had dared dream of college for either Toby or I given our current circumstances… but now Eddie is forcing me to continue being molested and degraded in exchange for Toby's future.

I want to cry again, because I know I can't pass up Eddie's deal no matter how bad it is for me. "Tha thanks Eddie… but tonight was horrible for me!" I can't help it as tears stream down my cheeks again.

Eddie consoles with a hug and lets me cry silently on his shoulder. For a couple of minutes he almost feels like a friend. Of course then he shatters that illusion with his next statement.

"You know Tina, one thing we will have to come to an understanding of, is it's also hard on me watching you all night but not taking part in the entertainment.

I am also going to need you to take care of my needs periodically if this is going to work out for Toby, you and I. You can start tonight with a little blow-job like you gave Billy on his birthday and we'll work up to other things later." And that's how I ended Friday night, sucking on Eddie's cock in my bedroom, knowing how trapped I am, and wondering what torments the rest of the weekend is going to have in store for me… *****************************End of chapter 5*********************