Xxx vedfor simple 2g phone

Xxx vedfor simple 2g phone
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The night after Richard fucked me on my desk I was scheduled to work alone with him again. I couldn't sleep the next day, and a few hours before work I called off saying I wasn't feeling well. My boss didn't hesitate to give me the night off knowing I only called off if it was serious. I spent the next few hours trying to sleep but failing.

I was unable to get the thoughts of what Richard did to me out of my head, but I must have finally passed out due to exhaustion or just zoned out completely because the next thing I remember is my phone ringing and seeing Richard's name on my caller ID. I hit ignore sending it to voice mail. My phone started ringing again a second after I ignored the first call. I ignored it again, and again my phone starts ringing.

I decided to answer the phone. "Hey I hope everything is alright," Richard said, "They told me you called off and I just wanted to make sure you're ok." He said it as if nothing out of the ordinary happend at all.

His voice made my pussy tingle and my skin crawl at the same time. I wanted to scream at him. I wanted to curse him and tell him I was going to the police and he was fucked. "I'm fine," I said weakly, "I've just been having trouble sleeping that's all." "Ok cool, I just wanted to make sure you were alright." He replied, "Do you need anything?" I need you to leave me alone, I need you to not be acting like everything is fine, I need you to acknowledge what happend at least, my mind screamed.

"No I'm fine." I said. With that I hung up and my head was spinning. I was dead tired and weak from the lack of sleep and not eating. I staggered to my bedroom and collapsed face down on interracial daddy amateur black male squatting in home gets our mummy officers squatting bed and passed out. I dreamed of that night.

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The way Richard grunted as he forced his big cock into my tight cunt. The way I struggled and bucked to get away, probably only making it more pleasurable for him.

The things he called me and the way it made my body react. The way I came while he fucked me like a dirty slut. The way he moaned as he flooded my cunt with his hot cum. Suddenly I was awake, my breath heavy, and my body shuddering as an orgasm shot through me.

I laid there trembling kaylee haze in usd to get the pussy out of impound panting recovering and realizing that my arm was pinned between my body and the bed, my hand was in my panties, and I was drenched. I got out of bed and unsteadily made my way to the bathroom to shower.

My whole body was tingling and my knees were weak. I turned on the shower and stepped in. The hot water felt good on my tired body. I grabbed the soap and lathered up my body slowly. My hands sliding across my skin easily with the slippery soap. I cupped my tits and lathered them for longer than I should have causing my nipples to get hard.

They were still sore from Richard's bites and the pain sent small shivers of pleasure through my body. Before I realized it my other hand had found its way down my belly and between my thighs. I took my left nipple between two fingers and pinched ittwisting it slowly till I yelped with the pain but moaned out at the same time as my fingers found my clit.

I pressed my back to the shower wall as my hand explored my tits, squeezing and pinching. My other had steadily working my clit. I felt an orgasm building and I worked faster begging for release, desperate for relief.

I suddenly shoved two fingers into my pussy, finger fucking myself and whimpering. I was on edge and closed my eyes. "Oh fuck!" I moaned, "Oh god yes Richard!" The second his name left my lips I came hard, my knees buckling causing me to slide down the wall as I fingered myself faster, and I humped my hips up to meet my thrusting fingers.

As my orgasm subsided and I slumped against the wall sitting on the floor of the shower and busty teen cheating bf with his big cock bro letting the water run over me. Once I recovered I got out of the shower and dried myself off. I laid in bed and decided to just watch movies until I passed out.

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After watching a few movies I finally passed out. I woke up the next morning with a knot in my stomach, but forced myself to eat. While having breakfast I made the decision that I had to go back to work. I couldn't use up all my sick days just to avoid Richard. That night I knew I wasn't going to be alone with him and felt I'd be safe enough.

When I got to work and pulled into my parking space I sat there for a second mentally preparing myself to see him. When I got inside and checked in I didn't see Richard anywhere and sighed with relief. I talked with my other coworkers a bit, told everyone I was feeling better and then finally settled at my desk as the previous shift slowly filtered out for the night leaving us to get to work, and that's when I saw Richard.

He must have been running late because he rushed through the doors and clocked in just in time. He walked over to his desk greeting the few stragglers as he passed. He just smiled at me as he passed my desk. I did my best to stay busy, but eventually ran out of stuff to do for the night and decided to browse the Internet for a while.

That's when my other coworker Steve asked how I was feeling, and started making small talk. Steve was a playing tennis blowjob milf riding long cock man with a big beer belly.

He was in his early 50s, with gray hair that he cut short and slicked back, a short gray beard, and a kind face. A kind face that hid the fact that he was a huge pervert. Fingering her sweet wet tight teen pussy on webcam would constantly make dirty comments or would turn anything I said into something sexual. On top of that he would blatantly stare at my tits any time I talked to him. We talked back and forth for a bit, his eyes never leaving my chest even let me show you how sexy i am I was wearing a t-shirt and showed no cleavage at all.

After a few minutes Richard settled in, and joined the conversation. He acted as if nothing was out of the ordinary and I did my best to play along. I went back to my desk and continued browsing while Steve and Richard went to the break room and back still chatting and joking. After a while I realized it had gotten quiet. I looked back to see Steve at his desk with his eyes closed and mouth open clearly asleep, Richard was back at his desk.

I must have started to doze off because I felt a hand on my shoulder suddenly and I jumped. Richard was standing beside me looking down into my eyes. "Is everything alright?" He asked, "You're quiet tonight." "Yes I'm fine," I lied, "Just tired." "Not as tired as Steve," he laughed, "He's dead to the world back there." "Yeah," I laughed "It looks like he is." I'm not sure why but I was starting to feel at ease again.

Richard and I talked a bit longer and I started to wonder if I had just imagined what happend the other night. The moment was short lived however, because Richard looked back at Steve then down at me.

He undid his fly and pulled out his big cock. I was stunned by this sudden turn and Richard took advantage of my delay. He grabbed the back of my head taking a fistful of my hair and shoved his thick cock into my mouth. I gagged as he forced his hard cock into my throat. Richard paused and looked back at Steve before he started fucking my mouth.

"Oh fuck that's so good slut!" He moaned gripping my hair tighter, "That's right suck my cock!" I grunted around his shaft trying to push him away. Drool running from my mouth as he forced my head back and forth on his cock.

"You're my slut now," He grunted, "I'm going to use you every chance I get" I gagged again as the head of his cock hit the back of my throat.

"You're such a good little cocksucker," He moaned. I felt myself blush, his words filling me with a sense of pride. Why did I care if he thought I was a good cocksucker I thought as I absent mindedly swirled my tongue around his shaft. Richard kept pumping his cock into my mouth occasionally looking back at Steve to make sure he was still asleep.

"You're gonna make me cum slut!" Richard grunted, "You're going to swallow it all or I'm gonna punish you!" "Oooooooooh fuuuuuuuuuuuuuck!!" He bellowed and his cock pulsed in my mouth filling it with his hot cum. I did my best to swallow it all but there was so much and some dribbled out the sides of my mouth and down my chin. Richard pulled away as his cock pulsed a few more times shooting cum across my nose and chin.

I gasped and choked trying desperately to catch my breath. "You didn't swallow it all whore." Richard said. I jumped up in an attempt to get away but Richard was too fast.

He grabbed me by my waist and I screamed. Richard slapped me and I shut up. He looked over at Steve who was still out. I'd think he was dead if it wasn't for the steady rise and fall of his chest. "That was very bad slut," Richard growled, "I'm going to make you pay for that!" He sat down and forced me across his lap.

He pulled my pants down exposing my black and pink batman panties. " How cute," He said, "For me?" He tore them down and exposed my ass.

Before I could react his hand came down hard with a loud crack causing me to yelp. My ass was stinging with pain when suddenly Richard's hand came down on my ass again just as hard as the first time. I yelped again, tears starting to run down my cheeks. Riches left his hand on my as gently rubbing where he just spanked me in soft slow circles before raising his hand again.

CRACK! His hand coming down harder on my ass this time I yelped and whimpered as Richard resumed rubbing my ass. Slowly his hand strayed from my sore ass cheeks to my thighs, and then between my legs. He held me down across his lap with one hand and started rubbing my wet pussy with the other.

"You're so wet back here," He laughed, "Naughty girl likes being spanked it seems." I just whimpered as he slipped a finger into my slippery cunt. He fingered me slowly at first but steadily increased his tempo until he was finger fucking me and all I could do was wiggle in his lap and moan.

He added a second finger and I gasped, his thick fingers not slowing down at all. "Ugn fuck," I moaned "Don't fight it little girl," Richard whispered, "Just let go." "Noooo," I whimpered, "Ugn I ahh can't oooh." "Oh no?" He asked, "We'll see." He looked back at Steve then lifted me up off his lap and stood up.

"I just need to up the stakes" He said as he undid his pants. Richard forced me over my desk again, bent over with my ass up and making me look directly at Steve as he slept peacefully. I felt Richard position himself behind me and press the head of his cock against my lips.

"Oooooh yessssssss" He moaned as he forced his cock into me, "So fucking tight." He pumped back and forth forcing more of his cock into me until he was balls deep in my cunt. I had my head down grunting and moaning as he filled me with his cock.

Richard reached down and grabbed my hair forcing me to look up at Steve. "Better not scream again slut," Richard grunted, "What do you think Steve would do if he woke up right now?" He started moving his hips fucking me in and out with his big cock.

"Do you think he'd jump up and save you?" he said breathlessly, "Or walk over and shove his cock down your throat?" I let out a long moan at that. "Oh you like that idea?" Richard gasped still trusting hard into me, "Maybe I should go wake him up." "Oooh no! Aaaahhh Please," I grunted as Richard pounded my cunt. I tried to stay quiet as Richard used me again. His big thick cock hitting just the right places. I knew I couldn't hold back any more.

I dropped my head to the desk, but Richard grabbed my hair again pulling my head back up. "OOOOOOOOOH FUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!" I grunted, my pussy clamping around Richard's cock. "That's right cunt!" Richard moaned, "Cum for me!" He kept pumping into me deep and hard, pulling my hair forcing me to watch Steve as I came screaming out.

"I'm cumming!" Richard grunted as he pumped his load into me. I collapsed on the desk below me as Richard slowed then finally pulled out of me with a wet squelch. I laid face down on the desk panting as Richard put his cock away zipped up his pants, then went back to work. Once I recovered I went to the restroom group of girl learns to have no fear clean up.

When I returned I found Richard at his desk working and Steve still sleeping. "Sleeping pills in his ground into his coffee" Richard said not looking up from his work.

"They should wear off before the end of the shift." I looked at him stunned but seeing he had nothing else to say I german teen picked up for first anal back at my desk and went back to work.