Nasty babe likes to strip down outdoors

Nasty babe likes to strip down outdoors
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RALPHIE AND ME We became fuck buddies soon after we met. It was not long after we began school that year. He was new in school, in my class, and turns out he moved into a house two doors away from ours over Labor Day weekend. His name was Ralphie. He was my height with brown eyes and dark hair.

On the first day of gym class when we had to shower, I caught him looking at my crotch. I am not that well endowed, at least when soft. And I was still a growing boy. My pecker actually looked like a plump acorn on top of two large balls.But when hard it was then almost four round inches.I would grow another two inches or so before graduation.I had a sprinkling of black pubes. He winked at me as he began to soap his chest. He was slender maserati xxx gets fucked by a stranger gloryhole pale, with a thick patch of dark curlies in his crotch.

His dick hung like a long sausage, impressive for one his age. When he caught me looking he winked again, and shook his cock at me. He then turned around and dropped his soap.When he bent to pick it up, I saw a nice round butt, with fine black hairs running down his ass crack, curling around a pink boy hole that I swear also winked at me.

We became fast friends.

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On Thursday, of the second week of school, his parents had to go out of town to a funeral. They would be away until late Monday afternoon and would be taking his four year old sister with them. They didn't want Ralphie to miss three says of school so early in the school year and asked my parents if he could stay with us. My folks had met his at parents night and they all liked each other, and were glad I had a friend my age living on our block, so they readily agreed.

Ralphie came by after supper. We watched some TV with my folks before going up to my room, which was over the garage, on the other end of the house from the rooms of my parents and older sister. I even had my own bathroom, so Ralphie and I would have plenty of privacy. I was glad of that, since he had repeated his display again in the showers. "Don't forget that you still have school tomorrow so don't stay up too late," my mother said as we climbed the stairs.

"Neat room, Ben," he said as he saw my room, complete with a double bed. "Hope you don't mind sharing the bed." "I was hoping we would." He winked. "Let's shower." We quickly striped, I turned on the water and set it to a comfortable temperature, and we got in.

We took turns getting wet and soaping up until he asked me to wash his back. He handed me the soap, turned around, put his arms on the wall, and bent over.

The water running down his back and into his ass crack was making my dick grow a bit. I began with his shoulders and worked my way down, until I got to his ass.

I washed each cheek as my pecker grew to its full four inches. I could feel that clear stuff that oozes out before you shoot begin to drip.

He removed his hands from the wall and spread his butt cheeks exposing that hole to me. "Soap up my ass hole real good." I soaped my hand real good and ran it over his pucker, letting my fingers graze his opening. "Get your finger real soapy and stick it up my ass." I couldn't believe it. I was hoping we'd jerk each other off, maybe trade blow jobs, but who knew where my finger in his ass would lead.

I did as asked, surprised at how easily my soapy finger invaded his ass channel. He sighed. "Ohhh! That feels good.

Move it in and out and wiggle it a bit." I wiggled it and rubbed it around, concentrating on this little nut I felt inside him (what we later found out were our prostates). "Feel my cock," he asked. I took hold of it, never having touched a dick other than my own. Of course it was wet from the shower, but it was rock hard, and long. We measured it later, and it was a full eight inches, twice mine erotic muff diving for cute nubile hardcore blowjob length, but not quite as thick.

The head was spongy and despite the shower, was sticky with that thick fluid. "Stroke it a bit, and keep your finger hitting me there.

Ohhhh, yeah, yeah, yeaaaaahhhhh!" This kept up a while until he said, "Get your dick real soapy now. I want you to fuck me." "What?" "Fuck me. Put your cock up my ass. It'll feel real good." I soaped my wiener real well. He bent over, spread his cheeks, and Just as in the gym showers last week, his pucker hole winked at me.

I lined myself up impressive orgasm mila jade masturbation and striptease him and poked my pecker at his hole. I pressed a bit harder and it slid in to my balls. "Easy, man. Hold it still for a second." I felt him squeeze and relax a few times until he sighed and said, "OK, fuck me." I did as bid and began.

He felt tight and slippery. It felt as if he was massaging my willy with each thrust in and out. I reached around again and began stroking him in rhythm to my pounding.

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Soon he put his hand over mine and we stroked together until we were in a fury of young passion. "I don't think I can hold back much longer," I said.

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"Come in my ass." I pumped away, grasping his cock even harder. He held onto me as he began to grunt. I could feel the sperm running up the shaft of his dick as he was about to shoot, causing me to pump my first shot of cum up his ass. I must have deposited three or four spurts until it was over. I could feel that he too, shot out a few spurts.

He stood up and I slipped out of him. We quickly cleaned up, dried, and fell into bed. "That was fun," I said. "Yes.

I am so glad we met. I wondered if there would be anyone here to fool around with." "What do you mean? "A few of the guys in the projects where we lived used to fuck me a few times a week. Once japanese babes covered in hot facial cum a while they let me fuck them, too. Once, Jorge, the oldest came without touching himself while I was fucking him." "Wow!" I was getting hard again, and so was he. "My turn. Roll over." I flipped over onto my stomach.

"Raise your ass a bit," he said as he crawled behind me. I could feel hot breath, but what happened next got me rock hard. I felt his tongue on my butt hole, tentatively at first, then more aggressively.

It was pure pleasure. Then he put his finger in. I let out a moan. "Oh yes. Oh yes." "Just wait." He continued like this for a few minutes, my prick drooling onto my bed. "Get on your back again." I rolled over. He went to the duffel he'd brought and got out some Vaseline.

I guess he planned this. He rubbed some on his boystick, some on my hole, and pressed the head against me as he held my legs up, placing them on his shoulders.

"I know I'm pretty big, so I'll go slow." He pushed his cockhead in. He wasn't that thick, so it slipped in easily, causing little discomfort.

Then he slid the rest in, bit by bit until I could feel his curly bush against my ass. "You OK,?" "Yeah. Fine.

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Fuck me now. I'm ready." He began to pump in and out of me. The sensations, a little bit uncomfortable at first,soon gave way to feelings that grew into intense pleasure. Ralphie knew how to hit that pleasure spot that caused me to arch my back and tighten my ass grip on that boy cock.

He reached down and grabbed my little pecker and began to stroke it, using that gooey stuff to lubricate me. After about twenty minutes or so he began to thrust harder and faster, wanking me faster and faster, too.

Soon, I couldn't take the battering my joy spot was getting and the vigorous jerking he was giving my dick. I arched my back and grabbed onto his cock with my ass as I exploded onto my chest with rope after rope of hot white sperm juice. He grabbed onto my hips with both hands and thrust so deep into me I thought I was gonna feel him cum in my throat. He grunted and bent over and bit my left nipple as I felt him shoot gob after gob of spooge into me. When he was done, he collapsed onto me, rubbing himself in my stuff.

He slipped out of me and, surprisingly, kissed me. We slept in each others arms that night, giving each other handjobs before we showered for school next morning. On Saturday, my parents and older sister teen hoe zoe clark gets humped and creamed at a wedding all day.She was a bridesmaid.

Ralphie and I made the most of it, producing sperm as only the young are capable. But more of that later. Sent with Writer. Sent from my iPad