Arousing wet crack poundings smalltits and hardcore

Arousing wet crack poundings smalltits and hardcore
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She laid there on the blanket, the taste of the wolfs cum still in her mouth, feeling it dry on her breasts and thighs, as she fought to catch her breath. her body was sore, faint bruises already forming where the wolf had wrapped it legs around her narrow hips.

It was the soft whine of one of the two remaining wolves that brought her attention him. he was standing not that far from her head digging at the ground in front of him. he was already hard, she could see his massive wolf cock hanging from his sheath.

he was larger than the other two had been, and clearly in need. "Oh you poor baby." She made a soft cooing noise to go along with her words and rolled over so that she could crawl across the ground toward him, keeping her head lower than his showing him that she thought he was more dominant then she was. "it has been awhile for you hasn't it, it is okay baby I can take care of you." She continued to coo at him as she reached forward circling her fingers around his hard, throbbing cock.

it was already slick with precum, She gave it a few hard tugs earning a growl mixed with a frustrated whine from the wolf. he turned as she set up lifting her fingers so that she could lick them clean but she never got chance. The wolf turn and knocked her over, climbing over her so that his back legs were on either side of her head.

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She knew what he wanted and she opened her mouth eagerly, accepting hicock as he shoved it past live college sex with a stunning babe hardcore reality soft lips bruising them with the force of his thrust, his huge cock pushing her mouth open wider as he slid down her throat almost making her gag.

She moaned around her mouth full and half closed her eyes, hand lifting to lay on his flanks as he started to jerk himself roughly in and out of her mouth, each thrust shoving himself down her throat. She panted making moaning sounds as she pressed her tongue up against the underside of his cock tasting it hungrily.

The second wolf did not want be be left out, and gave a small pathetic wine as he moved closer to her, stepping over her so that it could rub, it hard, slick cock along the underside of her breasts.

She moaned, squirming at the sensation of the wolfcock rubbing against her breasts. She dropped her hands off the flanks wolf that was still pumping himself into and out of his mouth and reached down cupping her own breasts and then pushing them down against the cock below them. The second would whimpered again and turned himself driving his dark red cock up between her breasts causing her to moan around the cock shoved down her throat.

She had just started rolling her breasts around the huge dripping dick between them when she felt the wolf above her start to throb against her tongue, his thrusts becomes faster, more desperate.

he lifted his head and let out a sound that was as much growl as it was howl and empties himself in her mouth and throat. she gagged and then swallows mouthful after mouthful of hot sticky cum, as yet more of it dribbled out the side of her mouth running down her cheeks and into her hair. As soon as he had pulled himself free of her mouth with a soft popping sound she gasped for air, but did not stop instead she turned her attention tot he skinny german ebony anal gangbang bukkake orgy wolf that was so desperately fucking her large, cone covered tits.

"it is okay boy, I got you, I will take care of you." Her words were spoken in a soft purring coo as she set up causing the wolf to snark and snap at her in irritation. She didn't give him long to be iterated though before she was rolling over onto her knees once again, spreading her long legs wide as she watched him over her shoulder.

"That's it, come on, you're such a good boy aren't you. you're going to bury that cock of yours in my pussy aren't you? yes, my good boy is." She reached under herself using her fingers to spread the lips of her pussy wide, one fingers stroking her own clit lightly making her shiver and wiggle her hips.

The wolf moved forward shoving his head between her legs and sniffed her, his hot breath against her sensitive skin making her moan again, gasping in pleasure as his tongue flicked out over her fingers. "Thats it, good boy.

Mmm do you like the taste of my pussy, mmm yeah?" He continued to lick and nips at her pussy making her moan even louder her head dropping as she twitched and shivered, spreading her legs even further. he gave her no warning just pulled his head back and moved forward, filling her tight, dripping pussy with his long, thick wolfcock.

he put his paws on her back shoving her head and shoulders down. She moved her arms putting her head against them trying to muffle her own desperate panting and moaning against her own skin as her body was rocked back and forth by monster black dong for a latina cutie interracial brunette force of the wolf's thrust into her body hitting the deepest parts of her.

his claws left red marks against her pale skin before he stepped back wrapping his legs around her and yanking her ass up against the soft ,warm fur of his stomach as he pounded himself into her again and again.

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She felt her orgasm building between her legs and in her stomach her body trembling and her muscles clenching around the cock buried deep inside her body milking the wolf as he continued to drive himself into her. She lifted her head and cried out in pleasure giving something almost like a howl herself as the orgasm washed over her, her juices spilling out around the wolf cock dripping down his cock and into the fur covering his balls as well as down the inside of her own legs= mixing with the dried cum already there.

She held collapsed back tot he ground, the only thing holding her up was the wolf's legs s wrapped around her sips. She felt his throbbing, growing larger inside of her, and a moment later felt it as gush after gush of cum filled her body. The wolf pulled himself free of her, and she collapsed onto top of the towel, now damp with the wolf cum, and her own but she didn't care she was too tired to move.

She started to close her eyes and drift off but before she did she felt four warm bodies settling themselves around her.