Blackmail father forces rape daughter japanese

Blackmail father forces rape daughter japanese
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First time writer. Any and all criticism is appreciated. and hope you enjoy. Dont think I can ever become a Ann_Jack or BadUncle Series writer. but i do respect and enjoy there true tales.

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And hope to enjoy many more from both. Im not the best looking guy in the world. Average looks, heavier than I'd like, and I smoke. But I do have some sexy eyes and a sweet southern twang.

And being up north, thats a big assest. So I was completely surprised the other day. I was out job hunting, and following a good lead, when i saw her. In my head insan janwar ki sexy movie looked like a Pharmacist I had once worked with name Linda.

Just a good 50 pounds slimmer. The closer we got the more I was sure it was her. She was close to 5' 10 inches. A very curvy and ample 130ish in weight.

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Dyed Blonde hair with those black roots. On her it looked great. And those huge breast. I later found to be 42 DD. But its the same Doe shaped almost blue gray eyes that always have me stunned. We are less than 5 feet from the other and i stop and go " Hey Darlin! How are ya?" She smiles wide Im damn good. How you been?" Oh GOD! I say to myself when I hear the voice isnt Lindas. Covering fast I ask.

" Didnt we work together?

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Your a Pharmacist right?" desirae rose goes deep pornstars and hardcore Still smiling wide looking me over, she replies. " Nope Im a prison guard." "Damn you have a sister then?" Turning a bit red by it all but liking the way shes looking at me. "I've 2 sisters and a brother but were all in law enforcement." Her smile and eyes have me melting for her. I say something I thought witty, but came off as corny.

Not wanting to loose a chance with her, I ask if i could buy her a coffee or something. And surprisingly she agrees if I can give her a second. I agree and off we go. She heads to the restrooms and stops at the family restroom and goes in. Two seconds later I hear a well are you going to come in?

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I must be dreaming I think. But sure as hell am not passing on this. I walk in and shes sitting Naked on the sinks. Leg spread, and touching herself. I see nothing but lust in her eyes as im undressing quickly as i walk the few feet between us. Without a word I kneel down, looking at her swollen outer lips and how wet they are. Shes got them pulled back so I can see her inner lips looking like petals from a rose. My hands quickly find her thighs and open them more as I let my tongue slowly dance up her slit.

I dont know if it had been so long, or if she really had graduated teen came to become a new fashion model sweetest pussy I've drank from. the more I was tasting of her, the more I had to have. I faintly hear her telling me to stop teasing her and eat her clit. My mouth covers over it as my teeth graze it. letting my tongue give it the attention its needing and graving.

Shes one hand in my short hair, to use me to fuck her pussy with. the other is pinching and pulling her breasts. Her moans deepening but Im lost in eating that golden pussy of hers. She shifts a bit as Im still eating her clit.

and working 2 fingers to her as i start to finger her. God shes wet. Not planning on doing it, I slip my thumb in her as crack rubbing her smal star and she tenses up. Nearly screaming. "No,no, no, no." but her body tenses up and she comes before I can explore that avenue.

Still shuddering a bit, she pulls me off big dick tested the tight shaved pussy of adria flooded pussy. Her want and need still not filled.

She tells me to get on the floor. I quickly obey. Taking my hard aching cock in her hand as she rubs my head over her like a toy.

I cant stand it any longer, and pull her down upon my hips. All of my 6.5 inch cock is in her as she takes it all balls deep.

My hands go to cup those massive titties as she begins to set her tempo. I can tell its going to be a quick ride as shes nearly slamming her hips to grind on my hard cock.

My mouth is going from one breast to the other. nibbling suckling, biting each and loving there taste and responses."God Yes bite me sex stories saxy ved15 yara those nipples baby and chew on them." She tells me as she grabs my head and feeds me her left breast. My hands glide down and hold each of her sweet ass cheeks. pulling and palming over them as those hips thrust hard on my cock.

My mouth sucking hard on her breast my teeth chewing down as hard as I dare. her moans near screams. My balls are tightening and I know Im close. trying to buck my hips as I draw a hand towards her clit.

She suddenly slams her hips forward and locks me hard. Arching back, rubbing herself with one hand the other behind her supporting her. I feel her hot cum flooding over me. Then it hits me. OMG! Shes squirting. I loose it and cum hard.

Arching myself up so we can hold each other kissing violently as our lips meet. till we are both so spent we just lay on the floor. I'm not sure how long we laid there, but wasnt long enough. Her phone went off and she sprung to her feet and answered it. Her hubby wanting to know why she still hadn/t made it to Lord and Taylors.

She dresed quickly as did I. As I was taking a leak I heard the door closing.