Nina kay all porn sex stories

Nina kay all porn sex stories
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Steven and I slept on the floor with only a thin mat between a worn green rug and our bodies. We silently masturbated each other until we fell asleep. The next morning, we took our ritual bath together. We entered the small bathroom together. He went to turn on the water. "NO!

We can only wash using distilled water!" I exclaimed. "We can only wash in distilled water?!" He asked with a chuckle to his voice. "Yes, distilled water is pure.

Please kneel in the tub and I will bathe you," I explained. The both of us were still completely naked as Steven knelt in the tub. I opened a bottle of distilled water and poured it on his head. He winced from the sensation as the water travelled down his body.

"It's cold," he said in obvious discomfort. "It's supposed to be," I said as I xxxx barzzers full story com water on his arms and chest. "I hate to bathe alone," he said. "It wouldn't be appropriate if I joined you," I explained. "Did you get a bath in this dilated water?" He asked with a touch of sarcasm.

"It's distilled water and yes, I did. Tranquility bathed me." "Which one is he?" "Tranquility is female." "Sorry I missed that," he said with a smile. I poured the water on his cock and stroked it. He knew I enjoyed touching him. "I hate to bathe alone. Why don't you join me and explain your ritual?" He said. "I'm really not supposed to," I said as I continued to stroke his cock. "It will be our little secret." "We don't keep secrets here.

You'll need to learn that." "Bathe with me and teach me what I need to learn." Reluctantly, I stepped into the tub. I knelt down, facing him. His cock was getting harder and I felt it against my pussy. Steven took the bottle of water and poured it on me. The cold water stung my nipples. He rubbed the water on my breasts. "So Carrie, tell me about the New Light Rainbow Group. I want to learn all about my new family," he said as he fondled my breasts.

"There step mom forced young son much I can tell you, but who wanta a blowjob from a fantasy blonde milf more that I can't," I said as I felt the cold water touch my clit. "Oh that's too bad, I want to learn everything I can about it&hellip.and you," he said as he put my finger on my pussy.

"I can tell you that we believe that the water purifies everything it touches." "So if I put this water on your pussy, I will purify you?" "Yes, that is what we believe." "Stand up for me please," he asked I stood in front of him as he remained on his knees.

He cupped his hand and poured the water in it. He placed his hand on my pussy. "I'm purifying you," he said quietly. "It's so cold on my pussy." "I can take care of that," he said. He placed his warm, wet tongue on my clit. The warm and hot sensation was making me shake with arousal. "Tell me more," he said as he licked my pussy.

"I can't tell you everything, you will need to find out in time," I said as I moaned from the pleasure. "Tell me everything, right now!" He said as I endured my sexual interrogation. "Oh God, Steven, please eat me, fuck me, I'm begging you!" "Does your little pussy want a licking?" He asked mockingly.

"Yes, please do it!!!" He licked me a few times and then stopped. "If you want more, then you tell me more," he ordered. "I can't tell you much more." He put his tongue close to my clit. "You can't tell me anything else?" "I told you, I can't." He flicked his tongue near my clit, but never touched it. "Oh God, I can't take it!! Please eat me. Give me your cock. I need you to fuck me!" "OK," he said, knowing he had full control of the situation. "We're going to make a deal. You talk to me and I lick your pussy.

You stop talking and I stop licking. I want to know everything about what goes on here and who you really are. Then, if you're a really good girl, I'll let you suck my cock and I'll fuck you. Do we have a deal?" "I don't want to betray my people," I said. He put his tongue between my pussy lips and gave it a long, slow lick. "I can do that for hours," he said with a hint of exaggeration.

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"We have a deal," I said. We got out of the tub and barely dried off. I led him to one of the empty rooms in the back of the house. Milf and teen lick their moist pussies locked the door behind us. I sat on an old, shabby reclining chair in the corner. "Spread your legs," he said in that familiar cold-tone. I spread my legs wide for him as he knelt in front of me.

He opened my pussy lips and looked up at me. "Remember our deal," he said. The second he started licking me, I started talking. I didn't care what the consequences were. My need for him was far greater. His tongue danced around my pussy lips before gliding towards my clit. I felt the jolt of pleasure captivate my body as he was in complete control.

He only stopped licking to ask me a question and I was too happy to give him whatever answer he wanted. I told him the truth about everything. As I told him Zip's real name, he fucked me with his tongue. "I gotta cum so bad…oh please make me cum!" I begged to him. "What's your real name?" He asked. I paused, not wanting him or anyone to know. "What's your real name?" He asked again. "I will make you cum right now if you tell me who you really are." "Tell me your real name!" He ordered as he started to lick me again.

"My name is Kaitlyn Baker!!" I screamed. I felt his hands grip my outer thighs as his tongue propelled me to an incredible leg-trembling, body-quaking orgasm. I felt the massive throbs of pleasure as they seized my body. Steven pulled back as it happened.

"Oh fuck, you squirted!" He said out of breath. "Did I tell you want you wanted?" I asked breathlessly. "Suck my cock!" He said as I got up from the chair. I knelt in front of him, gripped his cock and sucked it. "That's it," he said with irresistible hottie gets to ride a pecker smile of satisfaction.

"You are a good girl, you know that?" I smiled and nodded, not taking my mouth of his cock. His demeanor changed, but I didn't care. I wanted his cock. I couldn't get enough of it. I held it as tight as I could without hurting him, licking up and down the shaft and teasing the tip.

"I want to fuck you," he said as he pulled me away from his cock. "Bend over the chair, I'm going to fuck you in the ass," he ordered. "I never did that before," I said. "You never did anything before last night," he said.

He bent me over the chair and pressed his cock into my asshole. He wasn't very rough, but not exactly gentle, either. I cried out from the pain, trying to relax, but I couldn't.

"It's almost there," he said as he pressed further into me. Maybe he was feeling pleasure, but I wasn't. "Virgin pussy and virgin ass, I hit the fuckin' jackpot coming here," he said as he fucked me. As badly as I wanted and loved him, I wanted it to end. I tried to relax, but the pain was too great.

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Relief finally came when he shot his cum into me. He pulled his cock out and jerked it hard a few times. I put my hand on my ass. Steven lay on the floor looking at the ceiling. He had a huge smile on his face. "So your name is Kaitlyn Baker and you gave it all away, didn't you?" "Yeah, I told you my name and what does that supposed to mean?" "For me, dear Kaitlyn, it means a big promotion," he said. (To be continued)