Naughty czech sweetie gapes her tight slit to the peculiar

Naughty czech sweetie gapes her tight slit to the peculiar
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After that first day when my son Steve decided to make me suck his cock and then fucked me up the ass later that night, I thought that the days following would be awkward at home. This had to be some sort of fluke and he'd probably feel weird around me knowing what he instigated and followed-through with. Well, was I wrong!

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He got even worse! Apparently, he began to assume the role of the man of the house and I was still surprised at how my sixteen year old son seemed to know too much for his age.

And this is what he'd learned from looking at porn. Wow, I had been clueless. Steven enjoyed (and still enjoys) walking around our double-wide in his underwear and a t-shirt.

That first morning after when he got up I was sitting at the table looking at a catalog or magazine or something and I looked up to say hello to him and he lesbians know a lot about satisfaction toys down and stuffed his tongue into my mouth, kissing me in a very sexual and lustful way, kinda making this moaning sound like he was eating something really good.

At the same time, he had his hand on the back of my neck. To say the least, I enjoyed how this felt, while at the same time I was thinking "I must be crazy to allow this." So then he stood up full in front of me and pulled his dick out of his underwear and pointed it at my face and said "Here mom, suck my dick" kind of grinning at me.

So, I went down on him and he pumped his young dick in and out of my mouth while reaching down and sticking his hand down my oversized t-shirt and squeezing my tit. He then pulled back and put his cock back in his underwear and said "That's good for now.

I'm hungry." and he started getting something together to eat. After he ate, he made me scoot my legs out from under the table and he spread them wide.

He then got down and spread my lips open and began to flick my clit with his tongue. Oh my gosh, did it feel good! It was like he knew what he was doing, but how could it feel this good from him?

Maybe it was the fact that I found my own son to be a sexy young man and I hadn't realized it before. He probed and got his finger into my pussy which began to get wet and started to finger-fuck me as he continued to lick and suck on my stiff clitoris. I started moaning and gasping and running my hand through his hair. I started pushing his head into my cunt and rubbing it on his face and then he stood up and said to me "Come on, I need to fuck that." and he guided me into my own bedroom where only the night before he had sodomized me.

He slipped out of his underwear and then came over milf models for the camera street racers get more than they bargained for got me out of my t-shirt and panties. He moved me onto the bed taking my arms with his hands and pushing me back.

Then he was at the edge of the bed and I was laying down and he got my feet up onto his shoulders and he stuck his very erect dick into his mother's wet cunt! He started to jackhammer me like mad and his face showed that he was intoxicated by what he was doing.

"Fuck yeah, you're such a good fuck mom. I knew you would be you dirty whore." I reached forward and squeezed his young, firm ass cheeks as he thrust his cock in my wet pussy over and over and I started moaning and breathing so heavy and I yelled "Oh god, fuck me Steven, fuck ME!!!" He then pulled out and turned me over onto my stomach so my legs were hanging off the bed and my feet were near the floor and he climbed up and took me from behind and again began to drill my gushing cunt.

He reached around and was kneading my tits firmly and he said "Fuck you nasty whore. No wonder you fucked all those men here in the trailer park.

You have a hot pussy.

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Fuck I like fucking my mother's cunt." and he pounded harder and harder into me. He then started moaning loudly and he pulled out and pulled me by my legs onto the floor and said "Open your mouth." as he stroked his dick and jacked his hot cum into his mom's mouth, moaning and his body riveting as he emptied his balls into his mother's willing mouth. I swallowed every drop of my young son's cum and it tasted so good.

Each day went by and he was expecting a blowjob from me, or to fuck me in my pussy or up my ass, whatever he felt sexy babe ava koxxx gets her pussy stretched at the moment. Well what could I say? No? I don't think so! I started to feel more devious a woman than I ever had before, knowing that people would freak out if they knew what was going on, yet I let it continue and even started to provoke it at times.

But nothing had prepared me for what happened about two weeks into this. Steven came home from being at his friend Patrick's one day and Patrick came home with him. Patrick was seventeen and the sporty type, a "jock" I guess you'd say.

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He walked in wearing a ball cap and sweat pants (which I might add displayed a healthy package) and t-shirt. He had his hair buzzed under the cap and he was quite tall with a great physique. Silly me was oblivious to what Steven was up to.

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He got behind me when I was at the kitchen sink and started massaging my tits and stuck his tongue in my ear and then said "Patrick wants to fuck you too." I stopped what I was doing and just looked at him like "are you serious???" Steve was staring at me with an evil grin and Patrick was standing nearby grinning at me and I could see a semi-erection develop in his sweatpants.

"Come on mom, stop doing dishes and mia khalifa hot sexy xnxx story go fuck. You know you want to." I paused for a moment and then decided "why fight it?" So, I dried my hands and walked to the bedroom with both boys following me in.

Steve then looked at me and said "Suck Patrick's dick mom." So, I walked over to the boy who had been over many times before but I never knew one day I would be having sex with and I got down, pulled down his sweatpants and boxer shorts and took his cock into my mouth.

It was uncut and quite healty in size and he had very firm, fuzzy balls which I began to massage as I worked his dick in my mouth. "Oh.oh wow.Steve, you were right, man." and he put his hand on my head, overcome at how well I sucked his dick. Steve laughed as he was behind me and said "Yep, what I tell you bro?" and he pulled up my summer dress and got it off me and then pulled off my panties and then began to fuck my pussy from behind while I continued to suck his friend's dick.

"Fuck yeah mom, I knew you'd be a good slut for us." Patrick took my head and began to pump my face with his cock and was groaning and breathing rather heavily.

I was moaning both from my son pumping my cunt with his dick and from sucking on Patrick's dick. Steven put his finger into my mouth and had me suck it, then he pushed the same finger right up my ass! "Fuck Patrick, you gotta fuck her up the ass." Patrick looked like he could have cum just from the thought and he said "Yeah? Let me do it now." So Steven got on the bed and laid down and had me get on top to ride his cock and he was already busy pumping up into my cunt when Patrick got behind me and started to push his cock right up into my ass as he pushed down on my lower back.

I could hear he was going crazy from having his dick in my tight ass and he only made it about 10 pumps and I felt him stiffen up and then release his cum into my hot ass and with that, Steve lost control and squirted his cum right into his mother's cunt. Good thing I was on the pill or I'd have been a little worried! Both boys were groaning and pumping their hot juice into my holes and I felt like such a whore.

After that, I made the boys some dinner and we all sat and ate and had a good conversation. It was funny because Patrick was always shy and still was even after the sex, but during the sex he didn't seem so shy! That's what a hard on must do to a man I figured! I just wondered what Steven would come up with next for me. It seemed to be a growing adventure. End of Part 2