Small tits brunette teen miranda miller fucked by stepdad

Small tits brunette teen miranda miller fucked by stepdad
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We had been together in the past and had remained good friends. He had been an interesting conquest and to this day, is still one of the biggest cocks I have ever had the pleasure of having in my mouth, pussy and ass. When we were together, I loved unbuttoning him when he was driving, running my hands over his beautiful cock, loving the feel of it under my skin, pulsing and hard. I used to lean over and lick him gently, knowing others might see us and yet not care.

Just as long as I could feel his cock along my lips and in my mouth. He thought I was so filthy whenever I did, calling me a dirty bitch. He was never a big fan of feeling my lips massage his shaft the best of hot italian porn movies stroke his balls whilst sucking hard on the head he was more interested in the excitement of possibly getting caught and then getting me home as soon as possible and throwing me over the first piece of furniture he could find so he could impale me with his cock and eventually fill me with his cum.

We had been out for dinner and a catch up and he had chose to avoid drinking, instead giving people a lift home and one by one, he drove across the city, dropping off friends until it was just him and me.

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Me, being very drunken on many glasses of wine, spirits and liqueurs, and sprawled quite comfortably in his huge leather passenger seat.

It felt nice and cool against my skin and so comfortable. We laughed and chatted as he drove and soon we were at my door. I pouted, telling him I wasn't ready to go home and asked if we could go for another drive. He took country roads, which was much more exciting, the sports handling on his car leaving me sliding on the leather seat, as we turned corners, followed by giggling like a little girl.

I looked over at him and noticed his chiselled jaw and exposed neck and I wanted to kiss it. The collar on his shirt open, exposing a little skin at the top of his chest and I began desperate to undo the buttons. Vodka makes me do crazy things because I started to flirt shamelessly, which he laughed off, telling me I was drunk and would feel very stupid and hungover in the morning. I ex girlfriend brianna oshea getting fucked and taking cumshot pornstars and hardcore some more and tried to be as sexy as possible, which may have looked daft and drunken!

I pouted and ran my hand over his thigh and traced the seam of his trousers up to his crotch. I looked over at him with innocent eyes and continued until my hand was gripping his growing cock through his trousers. He gasped initially but continued to concentrate on the road. I could tell in his eyes that he would struggle to say no to me he always had and I could guess he wanted to know what I would do next and how far I would let this voyeurism go.

It was still quite light outside on that summer evening, so I slowly moved my hand up my thigh and pulled down my French knickers, lacy and damp. I removed them altogether, holding them up for him to see. I threw them at my feet and slid my skirt up so I could play with myself for him, using two fingers to enter my pussy.

After around ten minutes of him shifting himself uncomfortably in his seat, he had to adjust his hard cock with his hand. I took this opportunity to lift my hand and put a finger in his mouth, letting him taste my juices.

I could see him looking along the road, looking for somewhere to stop, until he suggested somewhere quiet. I refused him, being stubborn and bitchy and he looked at me desperately, frustrated at being so horny and frustrated at my attitude.

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He started using a pet name he had used on me when we were together, followed by 'I want you'. I only managed another mile down the road before asking him to turn off the road and find somewhere.

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He looked relieved. He parked up, turning his lights off and I was already on him, breathing in his aftershave the one that makes me go crazy - and kissing his mouth, my fingers running through his hair as he held onto my lips with his. But this was not about foreplay. I knew what I wanted and I could see from the glint in his eyes that he wanted it too. He positioned my chair as far back as it would go, pushing me backwards, and then turned the handle until the chair eased backwards, moving me horizontal.

My legs were still open from my playing and he lunged at my body, positioning himself over me, kneeling in the foot well.

He pushed his hands up my skirt, grabbing my ass and pulling me down the seat towards him. He was forceful with me, gripping my thighs hard as his tongue tickled mine. I'd never thought about the logistics of positioning for sex in the car but here I was legs spread, with my ex boyfriend unbuttoning his flies, and me eager to be fucked.

It felt so filthy, looking outside, seeing it get dark and wondering who might disturb us. They could watch for all I cared it would be a hell of a show. His cock lined up with my pussy lips, coated with wetness, and he pushed into me. He was trying to hold back I could tell, so I whispered in his ear to 'Fuck me. fuck me deep'.

He rammed my hole for all it was worth, still holding onto my ass, gripping it tight as my cunt gripped his cock. He began to pound my pussy hard and fast as I shook underneath him.

He whispered 'You can't take it, can you hunni? It's too big for you' with me moaning into his shoulder than I would take all he could give me.

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God, I loved his cock inside me, stretching me. It was frantic, leaving me moaning and clawing at the back of his shirt, holding on as his cock battered into my pussy.

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He was getting to the point of no return and I wanted it, desperate for him to fuck me harder and faster until he filled me. His nails were digging into my ass and thighs as his orgasm took over.

"Fuck yeah" followed by some almost painfully deep thrusts as his cock began to spurt cum deep into my pussy, twitching as the walls of my pussy held and massaged his shaft. His body was rigid as he filled me with lots of his hot cum. He basked in his orgasm as I kept squeezing his cock more gently now.

He let go of my ass and thighs, staying buried in me and kissed me, before looking around for any signs of life in the outside world, or at the very least outside the car but it was all clear.

He moaned as inch by inch, he removed his cock from my wet sunken cunt, battered and used by him. He moved back to his seat, unable to drive yet and breathless from our antics. I put on my Mom big boobs bathroom xxxsex knickers, feeling cum leak from me, soaking my thighs and then the gusset of my knickers.

Once I was home shortly afterwards, I put my fingers in my cunt and removed them to taste the mix of cum and my juices. God it tasted good.