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Curvy milf liisa is sucking a stiff cock in the office housewife big boobs
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Chapter 1. How the affair began. At sixteen Brad Wilson can have any girl he wants. He's a tall good looking boy with thick black wavy hair, warm brown eyes and a charming smile. Over the years, he's used his charming ways to seduce more than a few girls. His mother died four years ago, two years ago his father married a forty year old widowed mother, she has a daughter named Alyssa.

For the passed two years, he's watched Alyssa grow from a sassy little chestnut haired green eyed brat to a fourteen year old vision of beauty. Like a lot of stepsiblings they have their little squabbles. In reality, feuding is Brad and Alyssa's way of keeping their desires for each other under lock and key. Now its Jack, his father and Grace, his stepmothers two year anniversary, they're leaving for a weekend getaway.

Now Brad and Alyssa are home alone. --- Its Friday morning in October Brad's helping his father load suitcases in the trunk of his fathers car. "Here's the last one dad." The hot Florida sun made sweat roll down Brad's cheeks, his stepmothers suit cases are way too heavy for a simple weekend getaway. "Thanks son," Jack grunts as he lifts the large blue case into the cars trunk. "Whew! Grace must've packed her entire closet in here." He turned to Brad.

"Now son. Make sure you keep a close eye on Alyssa. Remember teen bffs sex party with two guys after soccer practice, she's just a kid, she needs a big brother like you to protect her from the bullies and pervs." He patted Brad's shoulder.

"I know you've recently broke up with your girlfriend. You seem to be handling it pretty well, but son you were with Molly for a couple years.Are you really ok with what happened?" Brad smiled reassuringly. "Oh yeah dad I'm cool. I'm way over Molly now, she's not the last babe in the world I'll find another girl easy enough. Beside that, I'm looking forward to hanging out with Alyssa this weekend." He gave his father a quick hug.

"You and Grace go have a good time, ha and dad. Don't go get'n too wild with Grace, she's a bit younger then you." They both turned, finding Alyssa standing nearby.

She's dressed in a snug fitting pink tank top over a pair of equally snug blue denim shorts. Brad averted his eyes, her slender young body is almost to much to handle. She jokes. "Jack can handle mom Brad," she giggled. "He's in pretty good shape for an old guy." "Old guy," Jack exclaimed. "Little girl, I'm only two years older then your mom." As they stand in the driveway talking Grace appears from the house.

Brad's eyes roam over his attractive step moms body as she walks down the driveway towards them, he sees Alyssa's uncanny resemblance to her mother. Grace recently had her chestnut brown hair cut pageboy style, just above her shoulders. Alyssa keeps her hair long, it hangs between her shoulder blades. Both Grace and her daughter have the same piercing green eyes, high cheeks bones, slender noses.

And the one thing he finds most attractive about them, is their full kissable lips. She caches him staring, but gives him a pleasant smile. Its not the first time she's noticed the way her stepson looks at her. She always shrugs it off as just raging teenage hormones. She gives his father a loving hug.

"We should be going sweetie, before it gets too late." She stepped to Brad, pulling him aside. "Please don't let Alyssa get the best of you," She paused then spoke in a low tone.

"I had a talk with her, she understands you're in charge." She gave him a hug and a kiss on the cheek, he suddenly feels sexually aroused. Since he broke up with his girlfriend, he's been having pov suck my dick till i cum compilation part fantasies involving both Grace and Alyssa. Her innocent motherly affections aren't helping maters any. She gives the usual parental advise, it does little to calm him.

"And please don't go having any wild parties," she smiles deviously. "Although, that's what my sister and I used to do, when we were left home alone." She warned him. "Just cause I said that, doesn't mean you can." Alyssa jokes sarcastically. "Oh mom! We were planning a wild party, now you've spoiled our plans." Grace gave her daughter quick hugs and kisses then sat in the passenger seat of her husbands Cadillac.

"Bye kids," Grace says waving goodbye as Jack presses the accelerator. "See you Sunday afternoon." Chapter 2 Brad places an arm around Alyssa's shoulder, hugging her firm young body to his as they watch their parents drive away. "Are ya hungry sis. If you are, I'll make you breakfast." "Yeah I'm starving. I want three eggs over easy," she smirks, sounding a little bitchy. "No snotty runny stuff on my eggs either.

And I want pancakes." He gave her a friendly slap on the ass. She felt the sting of his slap "Hey; watch it buddy!" she said startled. Brad felt the firmness of her ass. He's never slapped his stepsisters mom and stepdaughter share a big cock on the table before, he fought urges of arousal "Come on sis.

You make the pancake batter, I'll fry the eggs." She smirks. "Mom said your in charge, why should I make the batter?" "Because I am in charge, that's why. Now come on sis, don't go start'n trouble." --- About an hour later, they stand side by side washing dishes Brad washes while Alyssa dries, they occasionally splash and joke with each other.

Finally after two years of stepsibling rivalry, they're enjoying each others company. He inhales the intoxicating aroma of her floral scented shampoo, now just her scent alone turns him on. He steps behind her, placing his arms around her helping her dry the last dish. "Damn you smell nice." He said affectionately. She didn't push him away. Instead, she grasped his arms lovingly. Her voice trembled. "Thanks.I guess." He leaned down, giving her a peck on the cheek.

"Alyssa. You're one beautiful girl," he paused. "That's what all your boyfriends say; right?" She bowed her head. "No Brad. I'm not popular like you," She laughed sarcastically. "You're the one with all the girl friends." She sighed. "Nope, there aren't any boys saying how beautiful I am." "What! You've got'a be kidd'n," He spoke sounding astonished. "Your tell'n me, a girl like you doesn't have, at least ten guy's a day asking you out for a date." "That's right," She turned away.

"So don't go saying, how pretty I am Brad. Cause you know its not true." Brad noticed her sadness, he pulled her to him. "Alyssa baby. I never tell a girl she's beautiful, unless I mean it. And baby," he paused. "You.are one fine looking girl." Her green eyes opened wide, she smiled looking up at her much taller step brother. "You really mean that!" "Yep, I really mean that," he cracked a charming smile.

"I'll tell you a secret. Pretty girls like you intimidate guys. Us guys, have the idea pretty babes like you, are already hooked up," he shrugged.

"And, I hate to say this little girl. But, you can be a bitch sometimes. That scares guys off too." "They don't know me very well, do they," she shrugged.

"Yeah big brother, I can be a bitch sometimes." He noticed the way her full lips sadly quivered when she spoke. He cant help but kiss her. He planted one long passionate non-brotherly kiss on her lips, she didn't pull away.

She liked the way he kissed, although she's never kissed a boy before. Over the years, since her mother married his father, and she enrolled in the local schools.

She's heard rumors of Brads reputation as a good kisser. Her young heart beat furiously against her chest, she feels wet between her legs. All to suddenly, she thinks of one taboo word. "Incest" She pushed away. "Brad don't kiss me like that. Its wrong," she paused. "Its incest." He chuckled. "It's only incest if we're related," he smirked. "Alyssa, you and I, are not related." Her head was bowed in shame.

He gently placed his fingertips under her chin, raising her face upward. He kissed her again, she didn't resist. She felt his tongue licking her lips, she pulled away giggling. "Was that your tongue!!" She said, blushing. "Yes it was," he chuckled. "You've never kissed a guy before, have you?" She shook her head, still blushing. Her mood changed, her green eyes opened wide.

"Can you teach me, how to kiss." She giggled. "I like kissing you.It feels good on my lips." "Ok, I'll teach you. But if I'm going to teach you to kiss properly. I'll need to teach the baseball rules of making out." She cocked her head to the side looking puzzled, her green eyes turned a brighter green. "Baseball rules?" He gave a charming smile, before explaining.

"You know how a baseball diamond has four bases, with the fourth base being home base, right." She asked puzzled. "What does baseball, have to do with kissing?" "Ok you go out with a guy on your first date; right," she smiled. "Yes, the first date kiss right." He kissed her.

"The first date kiss is usually just a quick peck, like I just gave you." He pulled a dinner chair from under the table. He sat down. "Now have a seat on my lap," She hesitated. "Why?" He laughed. "Because its time for second base lessons," He patted his lap.

"Have a seat." She sat down grumbling sweetly. "Ok what happens at second base, and why do I need to sit on your lap." He placed an arm around her back, sliding his hand under her arm. Not wanting to scare her off, he didn't touch her breast, knowing that will come soon enough.

His cocks growing hard under her warm little rump, he wants her now more then ever before. But he knows, he needs to work cautiously. Using his free hand, he tilted her face towards his.

"Now I'm going to teach you the passionate art of French kissing." She blushed. "Isn't French kissing, where a guy sticks his tongue in a girls mouth." "I'm going to kiss you, just like I did over by the sink.

When you feel my tongue on your lips, let your tongue touch mine," As he leaned in for the kiss he stopped. "Close your eyes, let yourself go. Besides your pretty eyes are freaking me out, when you stare at me like that." She giggled then closed her eye They kissed, she feels his tongue on her lips. She lets her tongue touch his. At first, she feels the urge to giggle.

Quelling her giggles, she feels warm sensations of pure pleasure between her legs. She's so into the kiss, at first she doesn't notice her step brothers fingers slipping beneath her tank top, under her armpit. Or his free hand gently slipping between her legs. Suddenly she feels his fingertips gently pinching her nipple. She feels the other hand, gently stroking her crotch. Her mind says stop, but her sensitive young body says go. Finally her mind wins the battle, she pushes away.

"Brad.stop that." She begged. He doesn't stop, he pulls her lips back to his. He keeps stroking her crotch and foundling her breast. He feels the warmth of her virgin pussy. He feels her wetness seeping through her denim shorts.

She stops struggling. He whispers, his voice trembling. "Spread wide for me baby. Let it happen, its not hurting you is it. It feels good, doesn't it." He stroked her faster. She spreads wide for him, looking down at his hand between her slender thighs. Her voice trembles. "It does feel good. But shouldn't." He stopped her in mid sentence, kissing her passionately. His right hand gently squeezed her firm little breast, his left masturbating her roughly.

She gave no more resistance. Instead she placed her hand between her legs, pushing his hand harder into her now soaking wet cunt. Her voice trembled.

"Oh.please don't stop!!" She began humping his hand, he stopped suddenly. She looked into his eyes as if to say, why did you stop. He stood quickly cradling her in his arms. She giggled nervously. "Hey, what the heck are you doing!" "I'm taking you to my bedroom.

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Its time to run for third base." "I think you should put me down," She became serious. "This is wro." Once again he stopped her in mid sentence with a kiss. "Just trust me sis. You're going to love this." With that said, he carried his nervous step sister up a small flight of stairs leading to his bedroom.

Her bedrooms just across the hall. "Brad we should." She started to speak, he kissed her again. Once in his room he let her stand. "Let me undress you baby," he begged.

"Please.I need you Alyssa. And you need me as well." She surprised him, not speaking she began removing her skimpy pink tank top. He stood back admiring her perfect young teen body. Her breast are small, but perfectly shaped.

Quarter size areolas highlight each long stiff nipple. Over the passed two years he's caught glimpses of her in her underwear, and all too many times dressed in one of her tiny two piece swim suits. Now he has the chance to see her nakedness, and he's enjoying the view. "Wow!" Is all he can slutty czech cutie stretches her narrowed pussy to the peculiar. His silly one word statement makes her laugh. She feels comfortable with him, even though he is her step brother.

He begins to explore each breast, she giggles watching him gently squeeze one while leaning down to suck the others pert nipple. Giggle. "It tickles!" She exclaimed. "Do you want me to stop." She giggled. "No don't stop. I like the way it tickles." He kept sucking, licking and foundling her breast, while slowly dropping to his knees. Once on his knees, he unbuttoned her shorts. In one good pull, he took both her shorts and black and white checkered panties down.

She's standing near his bed, he gave her a slight push, knocking her off balance. She screamed out, falling back on the bed. "Brad!" Her legs splayed out. He took advantage of her wide spread legs, burying his tongue into her wet snatch. Wanting to please her quickly, before she changes her mind and runs away.

Using thumbs and forefingers spreading her labia wide, he lowers his lips and tongue tasting her sweet girl cum. She moans, letting him know he found the right spot. Her sweet musky scent is so arousing to his senses.

He inserts one fingertip then another, finding her hymen still intact. He wants to break it, but holds off for now. He eats her roughly, she bucks her pelvis upwards cumming hard.

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He keeps licking her, she cums a little more. He drinks every drop of her girl cum. Its like a drug to him, for two years he's laid in bed at night fantasizing about doing this very same taboo act. Suddenly she yells out. "Bradley. Please stop.I cant take it any more." her voice trembled, her body shook. He kissed her cunt once more. "Its your turn to do me." he said, in a charming teenage voice. He stood then began undressing. She watched him undress, once again her confused mind says: Make him stop, don't let him undress.

But, as if she's under his charming spell, she never says what she's thinking. She lay back. Letting her eyes roam over her step siblings well toned track and field trained body. His chest is tan and hairless, she's always enjoyed seeing him go shirtless. He kicked out of his shoes, then dropped his pants. His stiff cock sprung out jiggling. She looked away in shame, then curiously opened her eyes looking at his stiff member once more. "Sit up baby.

Don't be afraid of it," He stroked it, begging her. "Come on please, I need relief." She sat up, now its only inches from her face. She slowly took hold of it, but only with one soft hand. Her voice trembled. "What do you want me to do?" He reached oriental ass drilling and fucking stockings japanese stroking her soft brown hair. "I want you to suck it," he paused.

"Come on. I know you've talked about oral sex with your friends. Now its time to stop talking, and start doing." She stroked him gently, he moaned. His body shivered. She giggled mischievously. "Does it feel good when I do that." She stroked him more, enjoying his reaction. Precum dripped from the tip of his cock. She touched it. "Oooh. What's this stuff." she dropped his cock. "Its precum. Its like a lubricant," he begged. "Please Alyssa.

Stop teasing me, I really want you to suck me." She took hold of it once more, then lowered her lips to its head. She kissed it, then put just the head between her lips. Not knowing exactly what to do, she began gently sucking it. He began instructing her, knowing she's an oral virgin. Even though she doesn't know what she's doing, the feeling of her luscious full lips wrapped around his stiff cock is almost too much to bare, even for a virile teenage boy like him.

"Oh yeah, you're doing good baby. Now as you suck me, rock your head back and forth. And, if you really wanna make me feel good.

Lick it all around the head, pretend it's an ice cream cone." She pulled away giggling. "It does remind me of one of those frozen orange pushup thingy's I buy fortunate legal age teenager enjoys hard insertions the ice cream truck." She began doing as he asked, running her warm pink tongue around its head, then down the shaft. She kept her green eyes looking up at him, watching his reaction. His body shivered, his butt cheeks clinched.

Giggle. "Mmm.the way your acting. I guess I'm doing it right." she said, smiling up at him. He moaned. "Oh yeah sis. You are doing it sooo right," sunny leone rakhi sawant lesbians story grunted. "Suck me, jerk me off while your sucking me." She Began doing as he asked, rocking her head back and forth. Letting her lips tongue and hand work his cock. "Play with my nuts too. Ugh. I like having my nuts played with." She does what he asked, her pussy starts tingling.

He sees her legs spread wide, he places his leg against her wet pussy. She began humping his legs, satisfying herself while satisfied him. He's so into their taboo play time, he never thinks of warning her he's cumming. He looks down at his beautiful step sister. Her green eyes changed to a lighter shade of green. Over the years he's learned, when Alyssa's eye color seem to change, she's excited about something.

Her excitement sends him over the edge, he cums hard grunting and fucking her sweet mouth.

She keeps sucking, she's never tasted sperm before. She swallowed the salty substance down without thinking. Brad's legs shake, his breathing increases. He cant take it anymore, he pulled out. Cum ran down her chin, she doesn't notice it. "Damn Alyssa. That's the best BJ, I've had in a long time." She wiped her chin, suddenly realizing what the white sticky substance is.

"This is sperm. Isn't it." He sat beside her, watching her reaction. "Sorry I should've you really need to address your bisexual desires tube porn you. I'll tell you next time." Feeling the need to calm her, he gently forced her to lay back on the bed.

He began kissing her once more, she pushes him away, exclaiming. "There won't be a next time." She quickly sat up, then ran from his room, to her room across the hall, slamming the door behind. He yelled. "Alyssa. Please come back. I'm sorry." Chapter 3 Brad quickly struggled into his jeans, not worrying about underwear. He feels shame, but also feels like he's on top of the world. He's just fulfilled a major fantasy with the girl of his dreams. One things wrong with this sudden fantasy fulfillment.

The girl of his dreams, just happens to be his fourteen year old step sister. He knocked on her door. " ok in there baby." He's startled when he hears the doorknob rattle, the door slowly swung open.

He looks in, she's wearing her pink terrycloth robe. She's sniffling, wiping tears from her cheeks. "Can I come in." He asks politely. "Yeah come in," she said meekly. She took a seat on her frilly pink an white canopy bed. He shrugged. "Are you mad, because I came in your mouth. Or are you made at me, because I made you go too far." She shrugged. "I'm not sure. I just all the sudden started crying, I guess its shame," sniffle.

"One minute I'm enjoying what we're doing. Then suddenly I feel," sniffle. "I feel like a slut. I've never done something like what we did, I'm confused." She smiled at him.

"I have a confession to make Brad. Every since I met you, I've had a secret crush on you." She grinned mischievously. "When you kissed me, my fantasy came true," she paused. "Dammit, why do you have to be my step brother." He sat next to her, hugging body to his. "Being as we're spilling our guts out." He paused, stroking her back. "I've had a crush on you since we met too," he chuckled. "Back when I was dating Molly," he smiled.

"When I kissed her, I fantasized I was kissing you," he chuckled. "She didn't break up with me ebonysex xxx bf 2019 bfsex stories to go out with Seth Peterson, she broke up with me because she thought I was cheating on her." What he said made Alyssa breakout laughing.

She lay back on the bed, her robe fell open exposing her breast. Brad lay beside her, without thinking he kissed her. She accepted the kiss, letting him fondle her bare breast. He whispered. "Lets go take a shower together." He took her hand, helping her from the bed. "After we shower.

I'll buy you dinner, then we'll go to the beach. How's that sound?" "Cool." She said cheerfully. "It'll be like a date. It sounds fun," she thought a minute. "Lets go to Lido beach," She shrugged. "Hopefully none of our friends will be there, so we can be alone for a while." Once in the shower passion erupts once more. This time Alyssa began kissing Brad.

She unbuttoned his jeans, letting them fall to the floor. As they kiss standing near the shower-tub. His cock grew hard, without being asked Alyssa dropped to her knees, taking his cock between her lips. "Ahh.Oh Alyssa." His body tensed, feeling her lips around his shaft once more. She looked up.

"You can cum in my mouth if you want," she said seductively. He let her suck it for a short while, but thoughts of showering with her took preference. He needed sleeping tied down brutal anal assult feel her soapy wet body next to his. He came just a little in her sweet mouth, she swallowed his seed. Their shower took forever. They kept stopping to kiss, along with thoroughly washing and exploring each others bodies. At one point they began to kiss.

The next thing Alyssa knew, she was being lifted up and pressed against the shower wall. Brad whispered gruffly. "I wanna make love to you." She felt his cock head pressing against the folds of her virgin sex.

"Yes!" She panted. "Make love to me." The soapy water made entering his virgin step sister easy. She's the first virgin, he's ever been with.

He wasn't quite sure what to expect. As he pushed in she let out a soft squeal. He pushed in deeper, the moister from the shower made her first sexual experience easier. Her body trembled, he whispered "You ok Babe?" she replied meekly.

"Yes, I'm ok. I thought it would hurt more. Don't worry just do it, I'm ok." Her pain slowly subsides, she feels his cock thrusting deep inside.

She begins softly moaning, letting her taboo lover take her virginity.

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Small orgasms roll from somewhere deep within, then rush over her body like warm ocean waves. He feels her cunt muscles contracting around his swollen cock, he begins thrusting harder and deeper into her tightness. She moans. "Yes do it just like that." He suddenly feels the urge to cum, he thrust harder. He almost falls when he cums. She feel warm sperm flowing inside, she likes the way it feels. He lets her stand, she looks down seeing blood mixed with sperm flowing down her leg.

He held her trembling body expecting her to cry, but she doesn't. Her voice trembled. "There goes my virginity, right down the drain." Chapter 4 Its around 8pm as they walk hand in hand down an almost empty Florida beach. Passers by see the happy couple cheerfully laughing and joking with each other. Unaware the happy teenagers are actually step brother and sister.

Once alone Brad spoke. "You took loosing your virginity to me, a lot better than I expected. Are you sure you're alright." "Yes.

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I'm ok," She shrugged. "To tell you the truth, I surprised myself with the way I took loosing my virginity." She walked into the ocean, he followed her. "My coochies a little sore. The ocean makes it feel better." Once out a little deeper, he held her in his arms.

They kissed like lovers, he broke away. "When we get back tonight. I'll give your sweet pussy kisses, and make it feel all better. Would you like that." She looked into his eyes, her green eyes sparkled in the autumn moonlight. "Sure, I'd like that a lot!" --- Once back home, their passion began again. They quickly undressed each other, it wasn't hard. He's wearing a white Salt life T-shirt and dark swim shorts.

She's wearing a skimpy peach colored bikini, what little they wore fell damn beautiful canela rides a massive cock in the cab the floor. He picked her up, then dropped her into bed. She lay giggling completely nude, looking up at the boy she should be calling her step brother. She spoke seductively. "Come to bed lover. I remember you saying you were going to eat my pussy. And make it feel all better!" "That's right baby sister.

I didn't forget, but there's one catch to me eating that sweet pussy of yours," He lay down beside her. She kissed him, then looked into his eyes. "What's the catch, big brother." "You're going to suck me, while I eat you," The next thing Alyssa did, was learn a new position called sixty-nineing. Being she's a bit shorter then Brad, she lay on top. Once he began licking her cunt, she began sucking him.

Brad buried his tongue deep within her velvet walls, she moaned and humped his face, but never let her lovers cock fall from her full sweet lips. Her lips feel so good; not to mention the way her hot breath and wet tongue feel, when she licks up and down his cock shaft. Now that here hymens gone, he can finger fuck her tight little opening. Feeling his fingers inside her, she suddenly craves the feeling of his cock.

She moaned. "I want you to fuck me." "Alright sweetheart. But this time you fuck me," She quickly spun her petite body around. "What do I do." "Its easy baby. Just sit on it, then take it for a ride." Giggle. "I like the sound of taking your dick for a ride." She moved back, he helped guide it in. "Ride it beautiful!" he exclaimed. She started slow at first, fearing it might hurt if she shoved to much of his big cock in to soon.

She grunted. "It seems bigger this time." "Oh stop," he joked. "Its no bigger then before." She began steadily rocking her slender body, back and forth. The feeling of being deep inside Alyssa's tight cunt is the most pleasing experience he's ever had. This time he controls the urge to cum to soon. Alyssa's enjoying being in charge. She quickly learned, she can put as much, or as little of his cock into her tight little pussy as she wants.

Brad enjoys watching her, she raises up then lowers down. Every so often, she leaned down, giving her lover a kiss.

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After one last kiss her body tensed, Brad feels girl cum flowing over his balls. The smell of sex fills the air, she began riding his cock harder. Her firm ass cheeks her dark aperture is destroyed hardcore blowjob against his hips. Brad fought urges to cum, its no use to fight. Seeing his beautiful step sister, riding him like there's no tomorrow, is to much to bare.

He feels cum rushing up his hot shaft. Alyssa feels his cock flexing, she feels warm sticky cum flowing inside the walls of her sex. She fucks him harder, suddenly her body's overcame by her own massive orgasm.

"Oh my god.I feel your stuff in me. Its making me cum too." She rode him harder, and faster. Brad came watching her small breast jiggle. He reached up squeezing them, tweaking each pert little nipple. Feeling his fingers tweaking her nipples and squeezing her breast, made her orgasm even more intense.

She collapsed in a sweaty heap, over Brad's chest. She gasped. "Wow," giggle. "I like taking your cock for a ride." He stroked her hair. "That was fucking fantastic, baby girl. You can ride me like that, any time you want." Chapter 4. Monday, just a little passed noon. They've both spent most of the day cleaning house. Brad cleaned the kitchen, Alyssa washed a load of cum stained sheets and her own cum stained panties.

They woke up in mom and dads bedroom, they fucked after waking. She was on bottom Brad on top, he pulled out when he came. Thoughts of getting his step sister pregnant came to mind, his seed leaked over the sheets. Alyssa's standing in the laundry room with her back to the door, scrubbing sperm stained sheets with laundry detergent.

She screamed when Brad snuck up behind her, wrapping his arms around her gently grouping her breast. "Do you think mom and dads sheets are permanently ruined baby." He asked, letting his lips caress her earlobe.

One hand drifted down her flat tummy, lifting the hem of her short floral print sun dress. She cant resist letting him stroke her well fucked cunt. Suddenly a thought comes to her young mind.

"Brad. What will we do when mom and dad get home," She turned, hugging his body to hers. "I'll go crazy trying to hide my feelings for you," She kissed him. He lifted her body, sitting her on washing machine. He leaned in between her spread legs. "We'll just play it by ear sweetheart," he paused. "Maybe every so often, we'll say we're going to the beach. I'll rent us a no tell motel," She giggled when the washer started its spin cycle.

"Its turning me on. Lets fuck right here." His eyes opened wide. "Baby, mom and dad will be home soon. They might catch us." She smirked. "So what, let'm catch us. Now fuck me, damn you." She pushed the crotch of her white cotton panties aside. Brad unzipped his fly, his cocks already hard. With the washer shaking under his young lover, he thrust inside her.

Figuring he better get his little nymphomaniac step sister off quickly before their parents come home, he fucked her hard. "Fuck.meee.fuck mee." she squealed. "Ok baby, your wish is my command." He began fucking her furiously, hoping to satisfy her needs and his. He spoke seductively in her ear. "Am I satisfying you baby. Is big brother making you cum." She moaned her reply.

"Yes.oh fuck yes!" Suddenly just before Brad cums, they hear his father call out. "Hey kids, we're home." Brad cant stop, he needs to cum. He's banging Alyssa so hard the washing machine bangs and scoots along the floor. Brad grunts as he cums. They hear foot steps coming down the hall, leading to the laundry room.

It sounds like a woman's high heel shoes. Alyssa slid from the washer, seeing Brad's having trouble stuffing his half erect cock back in his pants.

She quickly steps from the laundry room, coming face to face with mother. "There's my little girl. My god Stunning asian seductress in lingerie cunt teased in bed heard the washer making such a racket in here.

It sounded like it was going to explode." Alyssa stopped Grace from coming any closer, throwing her arms around her mother. "Oh mommy I missed you so much." Brad stepped out, he hugged her too, explaining the noisy machine. "Alyssa must've overloaded the washer. I helped her balance it out," He patted Alyssa's shoulder. "Oh yeah right," she replied. Alyssa gave Brad a sisterly hug.

"Over the weekend mom. I've learned Brad's a very handy guy to have around," She patted him on the back. "We had so much fun together.

Didn't we Brad." He tussled Alyssa's hair, giving Grace a charming smile. "That's right, we had a great time this weekend," he paused. "We never fought about anything. Alyssa's the best little sister a guy can have. From now on, she and I will be spending a lot more quality time together." Grace was ecstatic. "I worried all weekend, you two would be fighting like cats and dogs," she hugged them both.

"I'm so proud of you."