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Blond babe double fucked by black cocks
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I could be sitting here telling you about a fake good time I had or I could tell you the truth of whats going on right now. The fucking truth, today I dont know what the truth is.

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It started early this morning about five. I had woken up early to some commotion out side. Some Lilypups were fighting over a newspaper. I took it and started reading about some store going out of buisness, then some team plasma assholes invasion towards south. I went to town to see if the cops would need any help.

Biggest mistake of my life. The invasion had already started. People were acting like it was the apocolips. I should have followed them. Instead I was a dumbass and tried to help. I went to the station and some cops asked if I could help.

Of course I had to say yes. I followed them into thier car, next thing I knew I was being gagged and tied up. Thats why I no longer trust the fucking police for one, even though they were corrupt and were part of team plasma. They knocked me unconcious for a good 8 hours. I finnaly woke up and I was in a room, my hands still tied behind my back.

There were 2 girls there (they looked a little familiar) and a kid about my age with green hair. There were some gaurds that took us all to another room where there was a dark green haired man wearing some sort of robe and a red monacle over his right eye. If I was able I would have bashed his fucking face in. That basterd. There were 2 regular cops tied up on thier knees. That guy pulled out a GUN. And he made us watch as he blew thier brains on the floor. "MOTHER FUCKER" I yelled at him, he turned towards me and pulled out a knife.

He went towards me and I purposley fell back as he slashed out at me. He grazed my stomach and as soon as he did one of my pokeballs opened ( they didnt think we would reach them) and out came Garchomp, to save my ass agaiin.

He used one of his arm daggers to slash down his little bitch face. The guy fell back and when he did his gun went off and hit a bunch of propane tanks in the corner. Next thing I knew was chunks of the building were falling apart and a wall sexy les masseuse fingers pornstars and massage fire seperated me and everyone else.

I yelled at Garchomp to get everyone out of the building. I started running in the other direction in a hall. I then jumped out of the window at the end of the building and fell about a story onto a dumpster. I rolled off and dragged myself behind it out of site of the rest of the alley. And now here I lay thinking of a way to get this damned rope off my hands. I just found a broken shard of glass but I hear some footsteps.

and crying. I risked a look to see one of the girls that were in the building. I climbed out from behind the dumpster while she leaned against the wall. She saw me and ran over to me and called out my name through tears "Ben!"(my nickname) Then I recognized her, it was Caitlen from the elite four ( shes only 13).

Trust me I've been there enough times to know it was her. The other girl was Shantal another elite four member ( they're sisters).

When she got to me she started crying on my shoulder. I asked where everyone else was and she told me she got seperated. " All right " I said " help me cut this rope off then I'll cut it off of you". I did what I said then I had Braviary go to find Garchomp. Then I leaned against the wall holding my stomach. Caitlen tore off some amateur gringa tetona con lechazo en la cara amateur her dress to press against my wound.

I knew this was tough for her, she's told me before that she had a crush on me thats part of it, the second part of it is that she just recently turned 13 so she's still kind of a kid. Thats why I still let her cry on my shoulder.

She's a good friend. Garchomp got back with the other two and Braviary, I rode on Garchomps back into town, which was in ruins. We found a barely intact hospital. They took me in and healed my wounds( remeber I also jumped out of a window). I remember the green haired kid to, N.

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He left as soon as we got to the hospital. Mika and Ashley and Adam all went to the hospital to see me. I wasnt shocked when Lucario came in but I was when Gardevior did. Adam told me that he checked about what the Gardevior's deal was and that it was wild so he was able to adopt it, so her and Lucario could.

I told him he was a good friend. Mika was showering me with kisses and crying tears of joy becuase I was ok. We all drove home after that. Adam stayed over that night to do the labor that I couldnt. Caitlen and Shantal are staying over until the league is rebuilt. I let them have my room.

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Mika, Adam, and I took the guest room. As you may have guessed by now my room is basically my and Mika's room. Adam gave us privacy in the room for a while. Mika just lay next to me while we talked.

She then said " you know what would be fun?" I asked" What?" and she said " if we could sleep with anybody we wanted." That was funny becuase she had probly seen some boy she thought was cute. I replied " that would be fine" We were both happy then and we had just opened up a whole new world for us.