Deep lesbian ass licking and dildoing tube porn

Deep lesbian ass licking and dildoing tube porn
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My older cousin Dawn let me tell you the true story of how I ended up sleeping with my older cousin Dawn. First let me start off by telling you a little something about my cousin Dawn.

My cousin Dawn lives in a house with her parents my aunt and uncle and her two brothers.

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Her brothers were my best friends and we hung out every day. Dawn was very sexy to me. She is a very curvaceous girl, big hips, a fat ass, and big juicy breast. Dawn always made a conscious effort to look good. She's always in the salon getting her hair and nails done. Always buying designer clothes and perfume, that was just her thing and she looked good too. I was at my cousin's house practically every day.

After a while I started to notice something. Every time that I was over there I started to notice that Dawn would change into something sexy. Even the times that she wasn't going anywhere. She would put on miniskirts, tight jeans, tights, really short shorts. But one of my favorite things that I loved seeing Pink snatch of a amazing teen gets licked hardcore and russian in was this old blue nightgown that she would always have on.

It was really short. And from being so old it was soft and just clung to her thick body. It drove me crazy looking at her and made me want to go to my cousin's house even more. Could it be that my cousin Dawn is trying to catch my attention? Well I thought so and she did catch my attention. Surprisingly, I acted like I wasn't interested I don't know why I acted like that maybe I was trying to be cool.

But in reality I wanted to fuck her so bad. I jerked off to her many of times. Usually at night right before I went to bed it made me fall asleep quicker. I remember one time when I went to my cousin's house. I was heading towards mike and Kevin's room (Dawn's brothers).

To my right was another hallway that led straight to the bathroom.

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As I look towards the bathroom what did I see, Dawn butt naked standing in the doorway of the bathroom. I said hi to Dawn and she said hi back. It was real nonchalant almost like and then after giving wonderful cook jerking girlfriend and homemade wasn't standing there completely naked. I stared at her naked body for a couple of seconds all along smiling. Dawn reached for a towel that was on a stand right outside the bathroom. I continued to walk to Mike and Kevin's room.

Hanging out in the room with Mike and Kevin I couldn't help but think about what I just saw. I started to think about her naked body and how I wanted to just go inside the bathroom and fuck her.

Thinking about Dawn made my dick get hard. I realized I better stop I would have a hard time explaining to my two male cousins why I'm sitting in their room with my dick hard. About a month later I went by my cousin's house again. Dawn let me in she told me that her brothers wasn't home that they went downtown shopping. Dawn was home alone. I told her that I would hang out for a little while. I went inside the living room and started to watch some TV.

Dawn had on that same short old blue nightgown that I love. Dawn and I engaged in a little small talk. You know like how you doing what you doing later that type of thing. After a while, Dawn told me she'll be right back and left the living room.

Shortly after she returned to the living room she had changed into something sexy again. She had changed into this really short spandex like shorts with a small T-shirt. Dawn was looking really yummy to me. She sat next to me on the couch and we continued our conversation. I told Dawn how good I thought she looks. I told her that I love the fact that she always got her hair and nails done and that I thought she has a really nice body.

Dawn thanked me for all the compliments. I told her that one of my most favorite things that I like seeing her in was that Short blue nightgown. And she said with surprise "that old thing" and I said "yeah". She told me that was her favorite thing to sleep in and that it was very comfortable.

Dawn said that since I like the nightgown so much that she was going to put it back on for me. And before I could say a word Dawn got up and headed to her room. She returned wearing the nightgown I couldn't believe she actually changed back into it.

She sat back next to me on the couch. I was excited and nervous at the same time. I brought up the time that I saw her naked standing by the bathroom.

And that it is an image that I just can't get out of my head. Dawn asked me if I liked what I saw and I replied yes very much so. She then told me that she had a confession to make. She told me that on the day I saw her naked. She had just finished taking a bath when she heard me come hot latina bangs big cock on webcam the house. And that she knew that I would pass by the bathroom to get to my cousin's room. So she waited there so I could see her naked.

Hearing her confession made me even more nervous and more excited. I told Dawn that if she wasn't my cousin I would've definitely got with her. And Dawn said "don't let that stop you". We look at each other for a couple of seconds then I move closer and started to kiss her. It was a slow soft and passionate kiss. I started to rub on her legs then I moved my hands up to her breasts then to her face.

Dawn then climbed on top of me. I was beauty french sex fairy tales hot french orgasm upright. She started kissing me some more while I caressed her ass. I slid her panties to the side and started to caress her pussy. It was really wet. I started to unbuckle my belt Dawn opened her legs wider to give me room.

I pulled my pants down but not my boxers I just slid my dick through the hole. I inserted my cock into her pussy and Sani leinsaxi story sex stories story began to ride it.

She started groaning and fucking me harder and faster. I wanted to cum so bad, but I wanted to last a little longer.

So I start thinking about something else to get my mind off it. Dawn let out a loud groan and her butt cheeks clinched, she came. Dawn then got on her knees and started to suck my cock. I still didn't want to cum yet so I made her stop. I then made Dawn standup and I removed her panties.

I told Dawn to stand on the couch in front of me. I was still sitting upright. Dawn positions her hands on the wall and I started eat her pussy. Dawn started to fuck my face. Dawn started to moan heavily she took one hand off the wall and grabbed my head. She pressed my mouth harder against pussy.

Her butt cheeks tightened up Dawn had another orgasm. I then lay Dawn on her back. I climbed on top of her and started fucking her some more. I quickly came and ejaculated all over her stomach. I then got some paper towel that was on the dining room table nearby. I gave some to Dawn so we could both clean up. I now felt like I needed to get out of there. I guess I just didn't want to be there when anybody got home.

So I told Dawn that I was leaving and she walked me to the door. We started to make out some more. I started to feel on Dawn's ass it felt really good especially seeing that she didn't have any panties on.

I started to finger Dawn her pussy was still very wet. It wasn't long before my cock got rock hard again. Dawn took my hand and led me to her bedroom.

Dawn lay on the bed with her legs spread wide. I pull my pants down and climb on top of her. I started to kiss Dawn my cock slid into Dawn's pussy hands free. I just couldn't get enough of Dawn. I put Dawn's legs up on my shoulders, Dawn was spread wide now. My dick was rock hard and the position made it go deep into Dawn.

I was fucking Dawn really hard. Our bodies started to make that clapping sound. After a few minutes Dawn's legs stiffened up and started to shake. Her legs stiffened up so much that they actually pushed me back so much that my cock slipped out of her pussy. I just leaned back and watch her as her body was just shaking I have never seen a girl come that hard before.

This made Dawn want more. Dawn started to rub on her pussy as I watched.

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I told her how good it looks. I reach for my iPhone that was on the stand next to her bed. I started to record Dawn rubbing her pussy and it made her even more excited. It wasn't long after that Dawn came again. We continue to have sex and I continued to record the action. I counted at least 8 more times that Dawn secretary fucks herself with a dildo hardcore toys an orgasm.

I could always tell because her body would tense up and start to shake. I would ask her, are you coming again and she would say yes.

She told me that she never came that many times at once before. Soon after I felt like coming I pulled my dick out of Dawn and came. I definitely felt like it was time to get out of here now. So I cleaned up, got dressed said goodbye to dawn and left. It made me wonder if it was normal for a girl to orgasm so many times. At a later date I actually googled it.

And yes it was normal for some girls to orgasm many times during sex. One girl wrote that she only has one orgasm during sex but it could last up to 10 minutes, Wow. I can't imagine coming for 10 min. strait I would've lost my mind LOL. Anyway my experience with Dawn was incredible. And it is something that I will never forget.

And best of all I have some of it captured on video. Seeing dawn orgasm turns me on every time. If you would like to see the video you can see it at (punny dot net/dawn) To be continued