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Shy but fly hardcore babe evanni solei interracial pornstars
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I heard the crunch of tires on gravel and mentally steeled myself to face Nick's anger. Taking a deep breath I forced myself to remain where I was and tried to ignore the nervous excitement vibrating in every fiber of my being.

I concentrated on the warmth of the sun on my bare skin and made a conscious effort to stay calm. I nearly jumped out of my skin when the car door slammed.

My fingers clenched on the satiny smooth arms of the redwood lounge chair as I listened to his footsteps sexy teen casey calvert asshole rammed by big fat cock pornstars hardcore the wooden steps to the wide deck on the front of the A frame cabin looking out over the blue mountain lake.

Another deep breath, though, and by the time he reached the top of the stairs I knew I was the picture of serenity. I didn't open my eyes as his shadow fell across me. His anger seethed, boiling off of him in palpable waves. He waited in silence for me to acknowledge his presence and I knew his fury was growing with each second that I didn't.

I couldn't help the slight smile that curved my lips. Without even seeing him I could feel his body tense. "I'm pregnant," I said softly, my eyes still closed. That was surprise number one and I knew it quenched some of the fire fueled by his rage at my disappearance three days before.

I heard him move and when I finally opened my eyes he was standing by the rail looking at the spectacular view. I sat up and swung my legs over the side of the deck chair and rose gracefully to my feet.

Barefoot, I padded silently to stand beside him. I watched otters frolic around the floating platform anchored fifty feet from the end of our dock, waiting for him to speak. He leaned against the wooden rail, his elbows resting on top it as he stared toward the distant shore on the other side of the lake.

"Just because I'm not going to beat you while you're pregnant doesn't mean I won't find other ways to hurt you," he said after a long silence. He continued to stare out over the water. "I know," I said smiling softly. He gave me a sidelong glance. I turned my back to the rail and leaned against it. Nick straighten up, his eyes running over my bikini clad body taking in the fullness of my breasts and the gentle swell of my belly.

His gaze wandered to my hips.

Slut does her best to get cum in mouth flirty little ruffle skirted bottom of my swimsuit left very little to the imagination. He lifted me to sit on the rail and pushed my knees apart to stand between my thighs, his hands on my back at my waist. I leaned back in his strong arms as he bent to press his lips against my abdomen just below my navel. It was easily a twenty foot drop to the shale covered ground that sloped sharply away toward the lake.

I knew Nick wasn't going to let me fall. He lifted his head and looked into my eyes. "Don't ever do that to me again," he said huskily.

"I emailed you to tell you where I was," I said, wrapping my arms around his neck. "And then didn't answer your phone or email for the next three days," he said, his hands sliding to the hook on the back of my top. "It's too isolated for you to be here alone. Especially now." He unfastened the hook and slid the straps down my arms. "I wasn't alone," I said as he disengaged my hands clasped at the back of his neck to pull the navy blue top off. His eyes left my breast to return to mine.

"What do you mean?" I slid off the rail. "I have a surprise for you," I said reaching for his hand to pull him toward the sliding doors into the cabin. "I don't like surprises," he reminded me as I tugged at him. "You're going to love this one," I promised as he began to reluctantly follow me. Once inside I dropped his hand and skipped toward the the back of the house, glancing over my shoulder to see if he was still following before I disappeared into the guest bedroom.

He was loosening the blue and gray striped silk tie as he crossed the living room and I realized he must have driven straight from the office. I smiled widely, knowing that in a few seconds hot babe rides my dick so good telsev was going to know that everything I'd put him through the past few days was worth it. Nick stopped dead in the doorway, staring at the girl I had bound naked to the sawhorse at the foot of the queen sized four postered bed.

His eyes roamed her ripe young body. Her limbs tied tightly to the four legs, the crossbeam of the sawhorse pressing cruelly into her spine, her body was stretched beautifully. Her skin was taut, corrugated by her ribs, her breasts flattened to small round, mounds topped with tiny, pink buds.

Her head hung down at one end of the beam. She'd been tied to it for several hours in anticipation of Nick's arrival. She didn't have the strength to hold it up anymore. His eyes met mine across her body. "Where did you get her?" he asked drawing the tip of his finger from the base of her throat down to her navel. I couldn't take my eyes off of the rapidly growing bulge under the gray fabric of his trousers.

Her perfect, unmarred skin quivered at his touch. "At the park near home," I said smiling. "She was sleeping in the restroom." "Run away?" he asked. "From Kansas," I said grinning. He lifted her head to inspect her face. A pretty girl, she had long, dark hair and huge, almond shaped, cinnamon brown eyes. They were focussed on Nick now and brimming with fresh tears. He caught one as it spilled from the corner of her eye and raised his finger to his lips to taste it.

"You're not in Kansas anymore. Are you scared?" he asked her. Her chin quivered. "Help me," she said so quietly it was barely audible. Nick chuckled quietly as he let her head fall back.

The malicious sound sent a chill of excitement along my spine. He slowly circled the girl, his hand brushing my waist as he passed me. He stopped again at the opposite end of the beam, his lascivious gaze locking on the smooth, hairless slit at the apex of her silky thighs. Her pale pink labia protruded slightly between the outer lips of her pussy like the folded petals of some exoctic flower.

I could feel her body cringe as Nick's hands parted her flesh to expose the tight opening of her vagina and the tiny bud of her clitoris peeking shyly from beneath it's hood. I bit my xxx hot srx story play lip trying to hide my excitement as his forefinger flicked at the erect nub at the top of her slit before he drew it down to plunge it into her little cunt.

His eyes flew to mine as he encountered the obstruction I'd already known he'd find there. "How old?" he asked me. I lifted the girl's head. "Tell Daddy how old you are," I ordered her. "He's not my daddy," she said defiantly.

I wrapped her hair around my fist and pulled it hard. She cried out in pain. "Tell Daddy how old you are," I pak istan xxx storys com harshly. "Thirteen," she shrieked. "Please let me go." Nick was unbuttoning his shirt. "What's your name, baby?" he asked as he shrugged it off and handed it to me.

"Jennifer," she whimpered. "Please. Please let me go." I folded Nick's shirt and laid it neatly over the back of the chair in the corner of the room. He unbuckled his belt and and rolled it up before holding it out to me. I put it on top of the dresser as he unbuttoned his trousers and opened the zipper. Jennifer was crying loudly, still pleading pathetically for her freedom.

He pushed his pants and undershorts down and pulled them off together. I picked them up and folded the pants along the crease, laying them on top of his shirt. Circling the weeping girl bound to the sawhorse, Nick paused by her head, stroking his hard cock. I licked my lips at the sight of the creamy, clear pre-cum oozing from the tip. He tapped her chin with the spongy, mushroom like head and she cringed, turning her face from him. He laughed and ran his hand over breasts.

Her nipples hardened in response to his caress. Nick pinched them, twisting as he pulled the mounds of soft flesh into small, tight cones.

Jennifer screamed and tried to arch her back. Nick laughed softly and let his finger tips glide across her perfect skin as he continued around her tautly stretched body. Standing between her silky thighs he worked his finger between the puffy, rose colored lips of her pussy and began to slowly rub up and down. The teenager jerked and moaned every time he stroked her clit. Nick pulled his finger away and closed his fist around his thick cock. He stroke it a few times then rubbed the head through the dampening folds of her vulva.

The girl's body stiffened as she strained against her bond, knowing what was coming next. "Please don't. Please don't. Please don't," she chanted breathlessly. Nick guided the head of his cock to the opening of her cunt. He groaned deep in his chest as he pushed it into her. His hands grasped her hips and his eyes locked on mine as he shoved the entire length of his raging cock into her virgin pussy, shredding her hymen.

Her body jerked as she screamed. Without a care for the freshly deflowered girl's pain, Nick began to pound his dick into her bleeding vagina. I knelt by her head and pushed her up as far as I could so she could watch his cock ravage her cunt. I kissed the side of her pretty, tear streaked face.

"Tell Daddy how good it feels," I whispered, my tongue flicking at the tears pooling in her shell like ear.

"Tell him how much you like it." Jennifer just sobbed as Nick continued fucking her like he was possessed. I grabbed her hair and pulled her head back hard. She shrieked in fear and pain as her neck was bent at an excruciating angle.

"Tell him," I said roughly. I lifted her head again. "It feels good," she stammered through her sobs. "I like it. It feels good." "Call him Daddy," I whispered against her ear. "Call him Daddy and beg him to keep fucking you. If you want to live through this, make me believe you mean it." She swallowed hard. "Please, Daddy," she whimpered. "It feels so good. Please fuck me. Keep fucking me." Nick's fingers dug into her hips and she cried out again.

He drove his hard cock as far into the little teenager's cunt as he could. Jennifer grunted when the head of his penis slammed into her cervix each time he bottomed out in her pussy. "She's so fucking tight." he groanedhis breathing growing ragged as he thrust into her faster and harder. "Daddy's going to fill your little pussy up with cum," I said pressing my lips against Jennifer's ear. She looked panicked. She shook her head as she watched Nick thrust into her cunt.

His breath hissed through clenched teeth and he pounded his tumescent cock into her so hard that the sawhorse started sliding across the floor. I braced it with my body so Jennifer could really enjoy the power of his thrusts Nick shoved into her and groaned loudly. He ground his pelvis against her vulva and shuddered as his balls emptied themselves, his cum rushing through his pulsing cock to wash her womb.

I stroked her hair as she lay there whimpering then stood up to move to Nick's side. "Do you like your surprise?" I asked, smiling up at him. He leaned down and kissed me. "Which one?" he asked when he lifted his head. I could smell her sex on him and it excited me. "Jen," I said with a breathless laugh. "She's beautiful," he said running his fingers up over her abdomen as he moved toward her head.

"You can take your time with this one," I said, watching him across the length of her naked torso. "So many possibilities," he mused out loud. He pushed his thumbs hard against the sides of her face, pressing the inside of her cheeks between her back teeth and forcing her mouth open. She started crying harder. He slid his half flaccid cock into her mouth and began fucking her face with a slow, steady rhythm. I pushed two fingers into her wet cunt and matched the rhythm of my thrusts to Nick's.

Jennifer moaned as we fucked her from both ends. Nick closed his eyes and thrust deeper into her throat. I watched her neck swell and contract with his movement as I pushed another finger into her slick pussy. She gurgled around his cock, her body straining against her bonds as his swelling penis began to cut off her air.

I pushed a fourth finger into her body and tucked my thumb against my palm to fuck her sopping cunt. The soft walls of her vagina clung to my hand as I thrust violently into her young body.

I could feel the tips of my finger tips brushing the mouth of her womb. Nick's breath was coming in rapid raspy grunts as he thrust into Jen's mouth fast and hard. Every muscle in her taut, young body was rigid as his rampant cock slammed into her face, his balls slapping against her nose. I quickened the rhythm of my thrusts, curling my fingers into a fist to pound the teenager's tight cunt. "Oh, fuck. Fuck, fuck. Uhn. Uhn. Uhn," he grunted as he buried his hard prick in Jennifer's pretty face.

As Nick released his semen into the girl's throat I felt her pussy clenching around my fist and I let her spasms push me out of her vagina. He held his cock in her mouth and I saw him give a little shudder. Jennifer made a gargling sound, her throat convulsed as she tried to swallow Nick's piss. It leaked from the corners of her mouth and ran in rivulets into her dark hair. He stepped back, his limp penis sliding from her mouth. She coughed and sputtered as she gasped for air.

Nick sat on the end of the bed and stared intently at the young girl as his breathing calmed to normal. "Untie her," he ordered me as he rose to his feet and left the room. I heard the water running in the master bathroom as I kneeled to loosen the ropes binding Jennifer's arms to the sawhorse.

I untied her ankles and helped her sit up. She was shaking as I helped her lift her leg over the crossbeam. She stood unsteadily and leaned heavily on me when I helped her walk to the side of the bed. I laid beside her on the heavy brocade coverlet and held her close in my arms. "Why are you doing this to me?" she asked quietly in a tremulous little girl voice. "I thought you were my friend." "I am your friend." I assured her gently.

"I cleaned you up and fed you. And you're never going to have to worry about where you're going to sleep again." "He hurt me," she complained woefully. I kissed her forehead. "I know, baby," I said in my most comforting tone as Nick came back carrying a large, glass mixing bowl filled with ice cubes. "He's going to hurt you a lot more before we're through." She struggled to sit up as he spread her legs to sit between them. She kicked at him and Nick brought his fist down on her stomach with enough force to knock the wind out of her.

She cried out and he punched her again before grabbing a handful of her silky hair to pull her face close to his. "Fight me," he snarled grabbing her hand and pressing it against his rapidly rising cock. "I love it when you fight me. It makes me hard and gives me a reason to hurt you, not that I need one." He released her hair and she fell back on the bed sobbing. I wrapped my arms around her again and held her as Nick spread her legs apart. She shuddered as he caressed the silky skin of her inner thighs.

"NOoooooo!" she wailed as he pushed a piece of the ice into her cunt. Using his forefinger, he shoved it as deep as he could reach.

He picked up another piece and circled her areola. The pink flesh puckered. He rubbed it over her nipple until the little bud looked achingly hard. That cube joined the first deep inside Jen's tender, young pussy. Nick fished another piece of ice from the bowl and shoved it unceremoniously into the girl's virgin anus.

She shrieked and lifted her ass off the bed. Nick grinned and pushed the next piece into her pussy. He continued, alternating between her swollen cunt and tight rectum, until the bowl was empty.

Jennifer was shivering violently as the ice melted inside her. Cold water from the melting ice dribbled from her vagina and ran into bridgette b just wants some passion in her life crack between the firm, round globes of her ass.

Nick stood and lifted her into his arms. She struggled weakly as he carried her from the guest room. I followed him through our room into the master bath. The large triangular, jetted tub was nearly full. She gasped loudly as he dumped her into the cold water.

Without giving her time to protest he shoved her head under the water and held it there. I counted silently to thirty before he let her up.

She hardly had time to expel the air in her lungs much less inhale before he pushed her under again. She kicked and struggled furiously as he held her under longer than he had the first time. She sucked air in desperately as her head briefly broke the surface and Nick shoved her back under using miley ann is not only gorgeous she also has a large natural rack hands to hold her firmly against the bottom of the tub.

He kept her there until her struggles grew weak. He grasped her upper arms and pulled her up. She sputtered and wheezed as she drew deep, ragged breaths. "Towel," Nick barked at me.

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I grabbed the large, fluffy bath towel from its rack and thrust it at him. He shook it open and spread it on the side of the tub. He lifted her out of the water and sat her on the towel before wrapping it around her shivering body. Pulling her into his arms, he held her tightly against his chest.

"You belong to me, now," he told her, his voice softly soothing. "You breathe because I allow it." Jennifer lay still in his arms sobbing quietly. "You live to please me," he continued. "I'm going to use you any way I want. Do you understand?" I saw Jennifer nod her head.

"When I'm finished with you, when you don't please me any more, I'm going to kill you," he whispered against her hair. Her eyes grew wide as he turned his head a little and pressed his lps against her cheek. "No," she croaked hoarsely.

"Please, no." "You're going to keep me happy, right?" he asked nuzzling her throat. "Yes," she promised tearfully.

"I'll keep you happy. Anything you want, Daddy. I'll keep you happy." Nick stood and started to help her to her feet. "Can I. I I need." she stammered nervously. "What?" he ask brusquely. "What do you need?" Jennifer jumped at the tone of his voice. I was sure she was remembering her fate should she make Nick unhappy. I laughed and reached out to stroke her arm. "She probably needs to use the toilet," I offered.

Jen looked at me gratefully and nodded. Nick glared at her as she stood waiting for his permission. Finally he nodded curtly. She started toward the john then turned to watch us expectantly. "What now?" Nick asked impatiently. Her eyes were wide with dismay.

"Are you gggoing to watch me?" she stuttered. Nick closed the space between them. He caressed her pink cheek softly then pulled the towel she held clutched to her pert, young breasts away from her. Her breath caught in her throat as Nick's eyes roamed over her body. "Yeah," he said quietly.

"I'm going to watch you." She shuddered then sat down. Squeezing her knees tightly together, she kept her eyes on the floor and rocked miserably. Nick grinned at me then turned back to the frightened girl. "Spread your legs," he ordered her. "Hurry up and go." A pathetic little whimper escaped her lips as she complied.

Nick stood over her as she voided her bladder and bowels. She refused to meet his eyes as she quickly and thoroughly wiped herself before standing to flush the toilet. She cried out in surprised pain as he closed his fingers around the back of her neck to drag her back to the guest room.

I hurried after him and pulled the coverlet to the bottom of the bed as he pushed Jennifer toward it. She sprawled against the mattress and turned quickly, scooting toward the middle as he followed her. The sheets rustled stiffly beneath his knees and he turned to look at me questioningly. "Plastic mattress cover," I said in answer to his unspoken question.

Nick held his hand out to me and I climbed onto the bed. "You think of everything," he said pulling me into his arms to kiss me.

He laid me back on the pillows, his hands sliding down over my waist. I raised my hips to allow him to remove my bikini bottom. He turned to look at Jennifer. She cowered in the center of the bed. "Know what would make me happy?" he said to her. She stared at him apprehensively. His hand curved around the back of her head and I opened my legs as he guided her pretty face to my wet pussy.

She made a mewling sound and pushed back against his hand. "Lick her," he said, forcing sunny leone xxx story 20195 face against my cunt. I felt her tongue tentatively flick at my moist flesh. Nick thumped his knuckles on the back of her head and she jumped. He dug his fingers into sides of her neck and she yelped in fear. "Do it right," he demanded. "Get your tongue in that pussy and lick her. Suck her clit and make her moan." She lapped at my wet cunt, the tip of her tongue parting my labia and flicking at my clit.

I slid my fingers into her hair and rocked my hips against her face. Maybe she was motivated by fear, maybe she just decided it wasn't as bad as she thought it would be, but she started eating me out with an enthusiasm I hadn't expected.

My breathing quickened as she thrust her tongue into my vagina, swirling it around the opening. Sucking on my forefinger first, I slipped my hand between my thighs and began circling my clit as I watched Nick knead her ass.

He squeezed the fleshy globes together then spread them apart. His cock was long and hard, the tip drooling clear ooze onto his thigh. My eyes locked on his as he grasped his cock and placed the head against the tiny pucker of Jennifer's unprepared anus.

I wrapped my fingers in her hair and held her face firmly against my dripping cunt as Nick shoved his cock into her tight little ass. Her body jerked and she screamed against my pussy. Nick rammed his thick rod balls deep into the thirteen year old's virgin ass, his fingers digging into her hips as she bucked wildly, trying to dislodge him. His palm cracked against her squirming cheek and she cried out again. "It hurts. Ow, Ow, it hurts," she wailed looking over her shoulder at him, tears spilling from her eyes.

Nick leaned forward and shoved her face back to my cunt. "If she doesn't cum before I do this is the last time you're going to have to worry about taking my cock," he threatened. "I'll slice open from your fucking cunt to your you ribs and show you your guts." Jen blubbered against my pussy, grunting into me as Nick slammed his cock into her bottom. She licked up and down my slit and tickled my clit with the tip of her tongue.

I watched Nick through heavy lidded eyes and rocked my hips against her face. "Use your fingers and suck my clit," I instructed her. "Daddy is going to blow his load in your pretty little ass soon and I'm not going to fake it to save your worthless life, you fucking slut." She started thrusting her finger into my pussy, stroking the rippling walls as her lips closed around my rigid clit. She sucked and stroked it with the flat of her tongue. Nick was breathing hard and fast as he pounded his steely prick deep into Jen's bowels.

I felt my climax beginning to build in the pit of my stomach again as his violent thrusts drove her face against my pussy. "Fuck, baby," I moaned as I pulled her hair. "That's it. That's a good girl. Oh fuck. FUCK, yes!" I clamped my thighs against her head and lifted my hips as my orgasm rocked through my body and flooded her mouth with my cum.

She lapped at my juices mixed with her tears as I cooed to her and Nick slammed into her torn and bleeding ass. Jennifer laid her head against my tummy, grunting as he thrust into her harder and faster. His breathing grew ragged and his head hung down, chin against his chest, his balls slapping wetly against her cunt. I stroked her hair and murmured nonsense to her. Nick slapped her ass hard and she squealed. He slapped her again then groaned loudly as his cock swelled and pulsed inside her spraying his semen deep into her bowels.

He collapsed onto her back, pressing her against the mattress between my thighs. She cried quietly while he caught his breath. His cock softened and he pulled out of her and pushed up onto his knees.

Sitting back on his heels, he pulled her up by her hair and shoved her face into his crotch. She shrieked fingers in her wet crack make her moan tried to push away from him. "Suck it clean, you filthy bitch," he snarled holding her face firmly against his lower belly.

"Do it now or I'm going to beat you unconscious then fuck you to death." She lifted his flaccid penis and sucked it into her mouth, gagging as she tasted her own ass and blood on his flesh.

Her head bounced up and down in his lap as she obediently sucked and licked his cum and her shit from his hardening cock. I sat up and watched Nick stroke her tangled hair. When he was satisfied she'd cleaned him well enough, he left her curled up on the bed and collected maybe you can give her more sperm ropes that I'd used to bind her from the floor.

He rolled her onto her belly and straddled her thighs as he tied her wrists together behind her back. He pulled her up to sit with her back against one post and wrapped the second rope around her throat, young couple having sex in their car her to the bed. "Do you have food in the house?" he asked me.

I nodded. Nick stood up and offered me his hand. I slid to the edge of the bed and he pulled me to my feet and into his arms. He kissed me lightly then slapped my ass playfully. "Fix me something to eat," he said pushing me toward the door. "I'm going to take a shower. *** Jennifer's tears had dried and she seemed to have resolved herself to do whatever she had to to survive.

She watched warily as Nick wrapped one end of his belt around his fist as he walked back toward the bed where he'd tied her spread eagle to the posts. "Please," she pleaded quietly.

"Don't hurt me anymore." Nick smiled and she squeezed her eyes shut as he raised his arm. She shrieked in agony as he brought the belt down sharply against her small, round breasts. Without giving her a moment to recover he raised his arm again and landed the next blow on her flawless stomach. She screamed again and again, writhing as the belt whistled through the air to strike her thighs, her belly, her breasts and even the tender flesh between her thighs.

He didn't stop until her screams ceased and she lay limp and still. I climbed onto the bed and knelt beside her inert body lightly tracing the beautiful welts and cuts his belt had left. After untying her ankles, Nick knelt between Jen's legs. With his hands on the backs of her thighs, he pushed her knees up to her chest. He rammed his hard cock in the the unconscious girls bruised, bleeding cunt and began to thrust viciously.

I stroked her hair and watched her face as he fucked her. Xxx story khon nikalne wala made soft, little grunting sounds, but her eyes remained closed. Nick paused in battering her abused pussy and slapped her face sharply.

She groaned and slowly opened her eyes. He slapped her again and she cried out in pain. He began thrusting into her tight cunt again, his strokes slow and hard. Jen moaned and started rocking her hips to meet his thrusts. "That's it baby," Nick murmured against her throat. "Fuck me back." She writhed under him, in pleasure this time, rolling her hips as she lifted them to take him deeper.

Nick sank his teeth into the soft skin where her neck curved into her shoulder and the girl arched her back and screamed. His hands left her thighs to roam over the curve of her waist and the little slut wrapped her legs around his hips. "It feels so good," she moaned. "So good, Daddy." Nick's hands closed around her throat and he pushed up to thrust deeply into her wetly sucking cunt.

Jennifer's eyes widened and locked on his as he cut off her breath. Her hands still bound, she twisted her body beneath his as her hips bucked wildly. "That's it, baby," he groaned. "Cum for me." Her body arched against his, her arms straining to be freed. Nick pounded against her rigid body, grinding his pelvis against her clit. He released his hold on her throat and slipped his hand under the pillow to pull out the knife he had hidden there.

Jennifer began to cry when he laid it against her ribs. "Please don't," she pleaded. "Please, no more." He laughed softly as he drew the knife across her belly. She renewed her effort to buck him off her body and he pressed the point against her belly.

She shrieked as the tip broke her skin. "You'd better hold still," I warned her. "If he stabs you it will be your fault." "Don't kill me," she begged. "Oh, God, please don't kill me." I watched as he laid the blade flat against her stomach to push it under her skin.

She sobbed as he slid a little more of the blade into her without doing any real damage. She was trembling so hard I could feel it in the mattress. He pulled the knife out and blood welled from the wound. Nick pressed his hand against the cut. "I'm not going to kill you," he told her as he held the knife out to me.

"Haley is. I'm just going to fuck you while you die." I stared at the knife in my hand. The smooth, wooden handle was curved and there was a slight indentation where the pad of my thumb rested. It felt good in my hand. I knew how sharp the 4" blade was. Almost all of the scars that marked my body as Nick's had been given to me with this knife.

Jennifer's eyes were locked on the blade, too, as she waited for whatever torment came next. Her chest was rising and falling rapidly and tears still streamed from her brown eyes, but I don't think she believed she was really going to die.

She had decided this was just another kind of torture. "Haley," Nick said softly bringing my eyes to his. I knew how I wanted to do the filthy little whore. "I need her cunt," I told him, rising onto my knees by her thighs.

Nick laughed and pulled out of her drenched pussy, rolling to the side. I unceremoniously shoved the knife into her sopping pussy thrusting so deep it was embedded in her belly. She screamed and thrashed against the sheets as Nick grabbed her legs and pulled them up to give me better access to her vagina and to keep her from kicking me. I twisted the blade inside her and left her impaled on it, her petite body writhing, as I pushed the rest of my hand into her, feeling for her cervix with the tips of my fingers.

With Nick holding her legs open, her knees at her shoulders, I found it easily. She wailed and squirmed as I tore open her womb, trying desperately to free her legs from his firm hold. With three fingers lodged in the mouth of her uterus, I worked my other hand into her tight pussy.

She moaned loudly as I stretched and tore the delicate tissues, the sounds coming from her lips driving me to a frenzy. Nick's cock was thick and rock hard, the head an angry red as he watched me work to end the teenager's life. I grasped the handle of the knife inside Jen's body and guided the tip to her battered cervix.

I slid the point in carefully beneath my fingers. Pulling my fingers out I pushed the blade in as far pov brunette latina gets cunt nailed to orgasm in bed I could. She arched her body hard as the point of the blade broke through her skin from inside her. I pulled the knife out of her cunt and watched the blood run freely.

Nick started to move between her legs. I laid a bloody hand against his chest and he looked at me questioningly. "I'm not done," I said, grinning at him. Jen lay panting shallowly. I suspected that she was going into shock. She was still conscious, barely, but her eyes were beginning to glaze. I knelt by her hip and pushed the two middle fingers of my right hand into her dripping cunt, curling them up against the top wall of her vagina.

I felt the thick, spongy bundle of nerves that marked her G spot. I stroked it lightly for a few seconds. "Watch this," I said as I began tapping the little mound in rapid succession. Jennifer came quickly, harder than she ever had before in her short life.

The intense orgasm rocked through her, lifting her back off the bed as it arched her tight body. Her ravaged uterus contracted with the violent release and blood gushed from her cunt.

Nick shoved his raging hard on into her pussy and began thrusting furiously into her ruined cunt. I pushed two fingers into her and pressed them against the underside of his steely cock. He groaned as he fucked her bloody cunt hard and fast. I felt him swell and pulse as she began to convulse beneath him. He pounded her dying pussy, his arms wrapped around her body, holding her tightly against his. I watched her face as he thrust wildly into her body. I watched the light fade in her eyes the way it had in my friend Jeannie's when I'd given her to Nick.

I felt the rush of power as the life seeped out of her young body along with her blood. She blinked rapidly as her shallow breaths rattled in her chest. Her last breath left her lips like a whisper as Nick slammed his cock deep into her cunt and I felt the semen rushing through his cock to flood her dead pussy, mixing with her blood before it leaked out of her lax vagina.

He collapsed onto her, his breathing fast and ragged. I laid my cheek against his sweaty back and stroked Jen's soft cheek.

"She's beautiful, isn't she?" I said breathlessly. Nick raised his head to look down at the dead girl lying beneath him. She stared glassily over his shoulder, her pale lips slightly parted. His eyes shifted from her face to mine.

The lust in his gaze sent a thrill along my spine. "You're beautiful," he said as he pushed up onto his knees. I laid back on the bed next to Jen's still warm body and opened my arms to him. His belly and thighs were coated with the girl's blood and smeared my skin as his body covered mine and he pushed his still hard cock into my wet vagina.

He leaned down to kiss me as he began to thrust into me me with slow, deep strokes. I met each hard thrust, rotating my hips to grind my clit against his pelvis.

His hands roamed frantically over my body and I thrilled to his touch. Reaching out I turned Jen's face toward me bored babe gets dicked in a party her dead eyes were watching Nick fuck me wildly in celebration of her demise.

I traced her lips with my finger tip as he drove himself into my willing body again and again. I could feel my belly tighten as my orgasm began to build. Nick's hands closed around my throat and tightened as his thrusts grew faster and harder. "The baby," I reminded him breathlessly before he cut off my air.

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His hands left my throat to close over my shoulders, gripping them painfully. I slipped one hand between our bodies and, when he had withdrawn all but the head of his rampant cock in preparation to slam it back into my cunt, I lifted my hips and pushed down on the top of his shaft just enough to guide the tip asian cutie plays with a stiff dick his penis to my anus.

He rammed the entire length of his steely cock into my ass, groaning loudly as he began to fuck me frantically. I wrapped my legs around his hips and rocked my hips to meet each hard thrust. "Oh, fuck," I groaned, shoving two fingers into my drenched pussy, rocking the heel of my palm against my swollen clit. "I'm gonna cum. Fuck, fuck, FUCK!" I arched my back as my orgasm rolled over me. Nick shoved his cock deep into my body and I felt him spray one brothers swap sisters in swingers fuck rope of semen after another into my clenching ass.

He buried his face against the side of my neck and I held him tightly as his breathing calmed and his cock twitched and softened inside me. He moaned softly against my hair and shivered as he let loose a stream of hot piss to wash warmly through my bowels *** The moon lit a path of silver across the black water of the lake.

I loved looking up at the stars out here away from the city. The tiny points of light seemed brighter and closer in the dark sky. Nick cut the boat's engine and just let it drift. He used his knife to cut a slit in the white plastic ot the mattress cover that was Jennifer's shroud so the fish could get to her flesh. He lifted the bundle into his arms and let the body slide silently into the deep water.

I knew she wasn't going to float to the surface. I had gutted her in the shower and filled the abdominal cavity with rocks before wrapping the body with duct tape.

The blood soaked sheets and her innards had burned to nothing in the gasoline fueled fire Nick had lit in the large metal barrel he used to burn trash up here by the lake. The loons sang a mournful funeral song for the little run away that would never be found as she sank slowly to the bottom. It was the most beautiful memorial she could possibly had been given. The cool water gently embracing her lifeless body as the loons cried and the stars shone softly above.

The engine roared to life again and Nick turned the boat back toward the lights shining from the floor to ceiling windows on the front of our cabin on the distant shore.

I watched the sky above, trying to identify the constellations I knew. A contented smile curved my lips as Jennifer's face filled my mind. Jennifer's trusting smile when I'd convinced her I was her friend. Her excitement when I'd brought her up here to the cabin. The look of betrayal in her beautiful brown eyes when she realized I wasn't the friend she'd thought I was.

The torment and pain that marked her face in the last hours of her short life. No matter how many women and girls came after her, beautiful Jennifer was the one I was going to remember for the rest of my life. However long Nick allowed me to live.