Girls and horas xxx sex

Girls and horas xxx sex
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Becca knew she was attractive, and was fed up with stupid middle school boys. What do they know anyway? Macy was thirteen years old,and five feet and six inches tall. She wore a 34 C cup bra, and a size 2 jeans. She was a lot taller than most of the boys in her 7th grade class. She was a very sexual person.

She was loud, opinionated, and bright.

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And, she had a body to die for. But for some reason, Macy never could get a boyfriend. This frustrated her. "In high school," she thought, "guys will stop caring about if my skin is perfectly clear, if I have blonde hair, or if I'm a cheerleader, and they'll FUCKING notice my body!" Well, she was right.

High school guys DID notice her body. And this is a story of one guy who definatly did. Becca had a brother. He was sixteen years old, and very sexy. At six foot six inches, he towered over most people. He had long, blonde hair that he would swish out of his face while he played his guitar.

Macy ADORED her brother,Avery. Little did she know, he adored her too. One day, Becca had just got home from a track meet. She had just won first place in long distance running, and she was on the high school team! Random pieces of hair stuck out from her previously perfect ponytail. The first thing she did when she got into the house was to run upstairs and tell her brother.

Avery heard the door slam, heard the stomps up the stairs, so he knew that Becca was coming upstairs.

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He also knew that she was coming into his room because she was yelling, "AVERY!" None the less, he made no effort to hide his throbbing, cock. His hand was going up and down his shaft, and tiny beads of sweat were forming at his forehead when Becca threw the door open. "GUESS WHAT!" she cried. Then, she got a good look at her brother, turned a deep shade of red, that matched her hair color, and said, "OH!

I'm sorry," and began to back out the door. "No, Becca! Come back here, what were you going to tell me?" Avery asked her, still not moving his hand off his dick.

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He imagined himself squeezing his sister's perfect tits while she sucked his dick. He smiled at the tought, and jerked off faster. "Um. ok." she said. Becca tried to look around the room, but it was too hard with that huge cock, just SITTING there.

"I won first place on the Long Distance!" "That's GREAT! And against all those high schoolers too. You go, girl!" "Yeah," she giggled. "Thanks." Her eyes kept wandering back towards his dick, and her pussy started to drip as she thought about what it must feel like. Avery noticed her wandering eyes. He leaned his face towards her and whispered, "You can touch it if you'd like." Becca giggled some more. Then, slowly reached forward and gripped his brother's cock tightly in her hands.

It felt like rubber, and it was so hard, it couldn't be bent. It was so much different than the little boys' limp things whom she baby sat next door.

Avery groaned. Becca began to rub her hands up and down the thick shaft. She was very nervous. Butterflies whirled around her stomach all the way to her pussy. She was very wet. Avery's hand shot forward and rested on her boobs. The butterflies multiplied as he groped his own sister! "Is this all right?" he asked her. "It's VERY alright," Becca giggled.

Her nipples errected immediantly to his touch, and her underware was getting rather soaked. She had watched porn before, so she was pretty sure she knew what to do next. Oldnanny granny lesbian and teen strapon fucking tore off her bra, leaving her in a thick, purple, tank top bra with little padding.

Then, you looked pleadingly at her brother and said, "May I suck it?" "Please do," Avery said. Becca leaned in hesitantly. He smell of his sweaty balls both repulsed her and excited her. Remembering what she had read online, she covered her teeth with her lips, and gently put her mouth over the head of her brother's cock.

She pushed her head over the dick and only got about 4 of his 7 inches in her mouth before gagging a little. She came up, licked the precum from the head. Then, put her mouth back on his dick. Avery groaned a little, and placedhis hands on the back of her head.

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Her took out her ponytail, and began to push her head further onto his dick. She got all 7 inches in her mouth an used her tounge to play with the dick taking up her mouth. "Um, Becca?" Avery said. "I'm going to cum. Is it alright if I do it in your mouth?" Becca tried to nod her head, but couldn't with his pole in her mouth.

He took the fact that she wasn't moving as a yes. She felt the dick tremble in her mouth, and 4 streams of hot cum began puring down her throat. Avery shool, and pulled his dick out of her mouth. "You're a good sister," he said, and kissed her forehead gently.