Anna bell peaks mom in the kitchen floor

Anna bell peaks mom in the kitchen floor
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Luna was deep in Cerulean cave walking through the maze of crystal lined walls. She was on a mission to capture what no one has before, Mewtwo. When she emerged out of the maze there was a platform but no Mewtwo. "Oh no!

He's not here" Luna said pouting. Shaking her head her short honey brown hair bobbed side to side. She walked forward on long shapely legs that matched her slender body. Luna had shocking yellow eyes that was always hard to look away two lovely honeys lick each others pussies. She was wearing a pink skirt that went down to mid-thigh and with a tank top with a matching pink cardigan.

She climbed onto the platform and looked around but Mewtwo wasn't there. Dammit Luna thought and sat down on the platform frustrated.

Luna decided to wait for him while she fed and healed her Pokémon. The ground was warm and laid down on it she started to feel drowsy. Her Charizard laid down next to her and put his head on her hip and they both dosed off. Luna awoke suddenly her heart pounding as she heard Charizard fighting with something. When her vision cleared Luna saw what caused Charizard to feel like he had to protect her.

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It was Mewtwo. "Charizard! Stop!" Luna yelled as she got up off the ground. Charizard stopped his attacks as Mew two stood in front of them staring intently. Luna called back all her Pokémon except for Charizard ready for battle. The Mewtwo just stood there and stared at the pair. "Why have you come here?" Mewtwo asked.

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"I'm here to capture you!" Luna said excitement filling her. "You wish to capture me? Ha!

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You have to battle me first!" Mewtwo said arrogantly Luna smiled and Charizard stepped forward letting lose a flamethrower, but Mewtwo dogged the attack and used psychic to throw him into the wall. Charizard emerged from the rubble and went to use aerial ace but Mewtwo just used his psychic attack and threw Charizard into the ceiling.

He fell hitting the ground hard and Luna screamed racing towards him. "You did great" She said returning him to his Pokeball. Mewtwo stepped towards Luna and looked at her. She released another Pokémon but it was just as easily beat.

Soon Luna was all out of Pokémon and she was extremely frustrated. How?

How could he have beat me? She thought looking at Mewtwo. "You fought well, girl" Mewtwo said. Luna turned to look at him her small breasts pressed together showing clever. She smiled slightly at the Pokémon but noticed something strange.

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Something was poking out of a sex tv xxx chums daughters do as they must between his legs. Luna's mind started get fussy as her hands went to stroke the knob. It poked out more and she could grip her hands around it now stroking it. What was she doing she thought and tried to stop even though she couldn't. Luna realized she was giving Mewtwo a hand job and blushed firefly.

Her slender fingers were wrapped around the hard flesh stroking fast as Mewtwo moaned. What was she doing? Luna thought as she watched herself stroke this Pokémon.

Her fingers would play at the tip of his cock and precum oozed out. She couldn't believe it but the girl was getting turned on. Her head started to move towards his cock and licked at the tip lapping up the precum. "Aaahh~" Mewtwo moaned. She licked at the tip then down his shaft slowly tasting him. Luna's panties started to get wetter and wetter as she licked at his large hard cock. She placed her mouth on the tip of his dick and started to suckle there.

Luna couldn't believe how much she liked the taste of Mewtwo's cock. Mew two pulled back from her and used his psychic ability to make Luna lay on her back. He slid his hands down the girl's legs and to the hem of some very sexy panties that were torn off. One of Mewtwo's fingers rubbed against the wet slit of her pussy and the girl gasped.

The slightly larger rounded part of Mewtwo's finger entered the tight hole of her pussy. This caused Luna to moan and squirm against him making his finger go in deeper. Mewtwo fucked the girl with his finger and she moan and gasped while grinding against him. She came fast as his finger pleasured her little hole. Mewtwo flipped the girl over to her hands and knees a ladyboy ami rides hard white dick tube porn himself against her wet pussy.

"I have been waiting for this" he said and forced his large cock deep into Luna's tight hole. She screamed from a sudden shock of pain then started to moan from the pleasure spreading through her. Mewtwo grunted as he thrust deep into her. His cock was large and stretched her around his cock as it squeezed around him. The two moaned and grunted as Mewtwo fucked her, gaining speed. With a few more thrusts he buried himself in Luna then came in large hot spurts.

This made the girl cry out and grind back against his cock as she orgasm. Mewtwo pulled out and his seed spilled out of the girl and released her from his psychic. Luna sat up and looked over at Mewtwo feeling quite embarrassed. Then she remembered something and started to dig through her bag. Her skirt was hiked up to her hips and Mewtwo was distracted with her ass.

Luna brought out a master ball and tapped Mewtwo with it causing the red beam to draw him into the Pokeball. Luna smiled brightly and gave a hoot of victory as she finally caught Mewtwo. Then smiling wickedly she whispered against the ball "Let's have fun again, you and I"