Adorable and kinky suzuka ishikawa uses a red rope

Adorable and kinky suzuka ishikawa uses a red rope
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The Island My name is Don. Cathy and I have been married nearly 14 years. This was my second marriage and Cathy's first. We had a good marriage although not as perfect as some thought, however many envied us.

Including her younger second cousin, Paula. Her and her husband were having trouble and she sot our advice. I at first decided not to get involved but it became inevitable. I first met Paula at Cathy's family reunion before we were married. She was a very cute young lady.

Nice body, fair complexion and a beautiful white smile. The next time I seen her she was at our wedding. Even more gorgeous and only a senior in high school. At the reception, for some reason I couldn't keep my eyes off of her and it seemed that every time I took a glance at her, she was looking at me. Oh well, I passed it off, after all she was just a kid.

Well a kid she was but she had great looks and hormones that wouldn't quit. She began dating a guy named Jeff. For some reason I didn't like this guy. There was just something about him and I made my feelings known to Cathy, who I hoped would pass on some advice to Paula. Cathy just told me it was none of my business and you can't judge a book by it's cover. A couple months later, Cathy informed me that Paula was pregnant. She also found out that Jeff who was two years older than Paula had fathered a child to another girl but they didn't marry.

He opted to pay child support. Well, here is my story as I did get involved. Now! What did I tell you Cathy? I told you Jeff was trouble. What is he going to do for Paula and their unborn child? Well they are going to get married, Cathy replied. Where does he work? Probably don't even have a job! Yes he does, Cathy said as to be sticking up for Jeff. He works for a swimming pool contractor. A swimming pool contractor. This is Pennsylvania! Pools here are seasonal and luxury items.

Does he make good money and have benefits? No he don't have benefits but he is a hard worker. Ha! Swimming pools? Is that a year round job? No he is usually unemployed four months of the year but after the baby comes, Paula is going to go to work at a beauty salon.

Oh that's just great. Hey, I told you to tell Paula to beware of this guy. We attended their wedding. It was all I could do to keep from planting jessie sinclair new blonde slut first anal adventure sz full of knuckles on his nose! After all, Paula didn't have a father as he had passed away when she was only two years old and her mother never remarried.

Now this playboy has ruined this young girl's life! Cathy told me I couldn't be her fatherso don't be taking up sides. Be happy for them and wish them well. At the annual family reunion Paula had just given birth to a son. Cute little tyke. They named him Cody. Well Jeff was there and it seemed they were getting along so why make waves. Paula was still as beautiful as ever even if she did put on a few pounds and a little width to her hips.

I caught her looking my way several times during the day. I often wondered if she was checking me out or was it me just checking her out too often. For some reason there was a silent attraction between us. I thought she may be looking at me as a father type to her since I was nearly 14 years older than she.

I wanted to be the father type to her but my thoughts were not of the fatherly intent, she was a beautiful young woman! We were not a very close family and if I didn't make the reunion or there wasn't a death in the family, it may be a year before I would see Paula but each time we were at the same function, I would be tempted to look at her and again I would catch her looking my way. Well Cathy informed me that Paula was pregnant again. Damn I said! How old is their first? Well Cody is 14 months old now and the new baby will be due in six months.

Does the playboy still work for the pool contractor? Yes Cathy replied but he's making more money now and they rent a small home with a fenced in yard just outside of town. They are happy and that's all I know.

How is he going to support his two children, Paula and the child he pays support to? Oh well I told you he wasn't good for Paula! As time passed by, we stayed out of their business as best we could and from all indications they seemed to be getting along but I knew they were going nowhere fast.

Eight years had passed and Cathy got a disturbing phone call from Paula. Cathy in turn passed along the information to me. It seems that Paula and Jeff had separated. Jeff had been having an affair with Paula's best friend, Tara.

Three months later, Jeff came home crying to Paula and he wanted her to take him back. He admitted his guilt and his love for her and their children, so Paula took him back. I told Cathy that in all reality, he was probably broke, having to pay support to Paula, their children and to the other child. He probably had no money for the good times with Tara. Cathy again took Jeff's side and told me to drop the subject as we were beginning to argue over others problems.

So be it I said. I don't want to know anything more about them until she divorces the bum! A couple months had passed and I was doing some shopping at Wally World and just as I went to enter another aisle, I was bumped into by a shopping cart. A female voice said Mature wife fucks black bull in the back of a van am sorry and I turned to see who she was.

To my surprise it was Paula. Why hello Paula! How are you? Paula greeted me with her big smile and a hug and said fine, how about you Don! Well we exchanged some small talk and she sensed I knew about the trouble she was having with Jeff. So I quickly changed the subject and asked where she had gotten the campaign button that was on her jacket? Clark for state Representative. Oh, Paula said, I took on a part time job to help make ends meet along with my regular full time job at the beauty salon since Jeff is out of work.

Clark's campaign manager will be paying me to distribute political signs along the highways and passing out buttons to all I come in contact with. Is Jeff helping you, I asked? Ha! She replied, are you kidding? He isn't interested in politics and he isn't even registered to vote! Paula, can I help you out. Look, I know a lot of people at the factory where I work and I am scheduled all afternoon shift, freeing me up in the mornings.

Driving those country roads isn't good for a lady to be doing on her own. Besides, I am supporting Clark and we really need him in office to represent us! Great Paula replied. I have to pick up my supplies in a couple of days and I would appreciate the help. Fine I said.

Do you have my email address. That would be the best way to contact me. So we exchanged email address's and with a quick hug we were on our separate ways. Later that day at work, all I kept thinking about was Paula. She sure was a cute girl! Well, cute lady. After all she was now 31 years old. When I returned home I read my email and there was one from Paula.

She thanked me for offering to help with the Clark campaign and asked if I could meet her at the mall on Wednesday in the food court at 1:00 pm. Wednesday was her day off and she would have the campaign buttons for me to distribute at work. Well Wednesdays was my special day I kept open for my morning bicycle trail workout but for First night wife sex story I would make this Wednesday the exception.

I showed up at the mall's food court about ten minutes early. It was a good time too because I could get my meal there before I left for my afternoon shift at the plant. Moments later I seen Paula approaching. God was she stunning! Sexy? The understatement of the year! Dressed in a loose fitting pink colored shirt with it's tail tied in a knot about her waist with cut-off jean type shorts allowing her navel to show.

As she got closer I could see that she had a red sports bra under the shirt. Hey Don, nice to see you! I was at a loss for words as she approached and I couldn't even say hello! She was carrying a box of campaign buttons and she set them down on a table, then turned to give me a hug.

It was then that I was able to speak. I asked her if she would like to have a sandwich and a cold drink.

Brunette teen gina valentina fucked doggy style explained that I had to eat lunch before going into work and I would be honored if she would join me. We ordered sandwiches and drinks and as we ate, I couldn't keep my eyes off of her. The other day at Wally World she wasn't dressed like this but it wasn't as hot as it is today and after all, today was her day off from work.

She had on a special fragrance that filled the air about her and just talking to her gave me an erection. Now lucky for me we were sitting at a table because trying to hide nearly seven inches of cock with better than average girth in tight fitting Levi 505's wasn't going to happen! Damn I thought, what's wrong with me. I met her for business and I was 14 years older than she. The reason I even offered to help her with this campaign deal was to be a father type person and here I sit in front of her lusting!

As she finished her drink she said she had to be going so that she could meet Cody and Stacy, her son and daughter at the school bus stop. As I stood to bid her good bye, I picked up the box of buttons. The top of the box came off in my hand and all 144 buttons hit the floor and were rolling everywhere. Quickly I got on my knees and began to pick them up and Paula did the same. It was then I really noticed the most beautiful 34 C's that I had ever seen!

I stared at her cleavage in hopes of getting a look at her nipples but the red sports bra wouldn't allow that. I pictured them to be hard and long and just then she went to place a hand full of buttons back into the box that she caught me ogling.

Oh was I embarrassed and as I stood, I knew she seen my now raging hard on! I couldn't speak as I picked up the box top and placed it over the box of buttons. Paula broke the silence by thanking me for lunch and wished me luck in passing out the buttons at work.

With a hug and a light kiss on my cheek, she said she would email me as to when she needed my help in placing the roadside signs. She was on her way back to her car and as I walked to mine, I still had the bulge in my jeans which I was able to hide by carrying the box at waist height. I made it to work on time and passed out the buttons to all I worked with and later associated with at the local bar after work.

All this time I could not get Paula out of my mind. The way she was dressed. Her voice and the fragrance she wore. Her shoulder length light brown hair and her round brown eyes that stared into mine as we ate all left images in my mind that I would never forget. Even her figure, although she had a couple extra pounds on was still stunning! The next day I got a email from Paula requesting my assistance with the highway campaign signs on Sunday morning.

We both had the day off so we met at a local restaurant for breakfast and we went over the routes we were to cover. The day went by very quickly. She would drive and when a likely spot for a passing motorist to see a sign came upon us, Paula would stop and I would get out and plant a sign. The story of unbridled love time we got a moment to speak, Paula told me more about herself. She was a very nice person with her ambitions cut short by becoming pregnant before she graduated from high school.

She told me that it wasn't all Jeff's fault but he had experience. After all, he had already fathered a child with a former girlfriend and he should have had enough sense to use a condom. She told me, he took her virginity one day after school at her house before her mother came home from work and in seconds after he entered me, I was pregnant.

Ha she said jokingly, just call me fertile Myrtle!

She went on to say she had plans for college to become a teacher. She wanted to date and meet other men in college and start a teaching career before marring Mr. Right. All of this cut short by a moment of bliss with her hormones in overdrive. She had tolerated Jeff and his short comings and many times throughout our conversation, she spoke of how much she loved her children and wouldn't trade them now for the life that she had once wanted.

Hey Don, I really had a great day just talking with you. I hope I didn't bore you too much by laying all my troubles at your feet. No Paula, I enjoyed the day and your company. Anytime you need someone to talk to, just let me know and please keep in touch. If you need to get in touch with me real quick, call my cell number and by all means, keep me in touch with the emails. Oh, hey Paula, don't tell Cathy about me helping you out today.

You know, the older guy and beautiful girl thing being together sometimes up sets certain people. Know what I mean? Paula gave me another hug which was more like an embrace then a kiss on the cheek. She then placed two of her fingers on her lips and then placed them on mine.

I understand Don. I'll not mention our day together to Cathy or anyone. I know how people can be! She turned away and got in her car and drove for home.

For me I stood there watching her drive out of sight. My tongue licked my lips where her fingers had just touched them. Again, I started to get an erection. God, I was going to have to get a grip on this situation. All that was constantly on my mind was the time I spent talking to Paula. The following Saturday, my day off from work. I got a call from Paula. Don, I need to talk to you.

I just need someone. Will you please meet me at Lenny's Restaurant. I have to leave the house. I need to talk, please! She sounded very upset.

I was just finishing a project in my garage. It was near dark and I was very tired but I agreed to meet her. I pulled into the restaurant parking lot. It was now dark and at first I didn't see her car. She had parked in the back away from the regular customer parking area. I parked beside her car and she got out and entered my pick-up truck.

Oh Don, thanks for meeting me. I could tell she had been crying. What's the matter Paula? Oh Don, I think Jeff is seeing Tara again. I asked why she thought that. Well I came home from work yesterday a half hour early. I had a 1:00 pm appointment cancel and my other clients came in early through out the day so when I got home, the children were still at school.

I knew it would be 45 minutes before the school bus dropped them off. Jeff and I hadn't had sex in over a week and I was feeling quite amorous. So I began kissing Jeff, rubbing up against him, pulled his fly down and began to massage his penis.

I couldn't get him to respond. It was totally unlike him. He just said he was tired. As I looked around the horny big tit brunette slut humps electric bull outdoors to orgas, nothing had been cleaned up. The breakfast dishes were still in the sink and he couldn't explain what he had been doing all day! I just know he's screwing Tara again!

She began to cry. I really felt bad for her. I knew not what to say or do. I let her cry hoping it would help and when her crying became sobs, I reached out my right arm and ask her to move over next to me.

As she did, she asked me to hold her. She then placed her head on my shoulder and I offered her a tissue from the glove compartment. We sat together without saying another word until she she could speak without crying or sobbing. Looking at her long legs exposed to her hips in her short shorts, the smell of her hair, touching the soft flesh of her arm and shoulder with my hand sent messages from my brain down to my crotch. My member was becoming hard and I knew it would be noticeable in my khaki shorts.

Paula, may I ask what Jeff's problems are with you? Yes, It's about sex and my weight. You see I won't let Jeff cum in my mouth and I totally refuse to have anal sex with him. He's too rough with regular sex and I know he will only hurt me real bad if I let him have his way with me. I guess Kara allows him his pleasure! I understand Paula. You don't have to give in to him. Look. Suggest to him that he go for counseling and besides what is not to like about your body? You are a stunning knock out and so if you do have a few extra pounds, he has to understand that you gave birth to momswithboys milf housemaid laurie vargas anal fucks young cock children.

It's only natural that you gained a few pounds. He needs to grow up! Paula began to snuggle closer to me and began to sob once again. A few minutes passed and she realized how late it was getting and she needed to get groceries before returning home.

That is the reason she gave Jeff so that she could meet with me. She was done sobbing and before exiting my truck, she moved her head from my shoulder, and leaned to kiss me on the cheek good bye. In doing so, she pushed up on my leg with her right hand. Her fingers were extended and they went around my now rigid cock. I could see her blush momentarily and I as usual, was embarrassed with a loss for words once again.

Well Don, thanks again for hearing my troubles. Your so kind and mature. I know of no one to turn to at times like this. Even my mother don't want to hear of my problems ever since I took Jeff back. I'll tell you what I am going to do over winter. I am going to go to the weight watchers club and borrow a friends exercise bike. I am going to fit into that old two piece swim suit I wore when I was a senior in high school! Hey, good for you Paula, you do that and remember, I am here for you anytime you need me.

Oh! By the way. I see you have a bicycle rack on your SUV. Do you ride much? No Don. Not anymore. You see, Tara and I would ride around the side streets in the evenings after work but since we are no longer friends, that's done with. Well, how about I make you a offer. In the spring, I will be starting to ride my bicycle again along the bike trail beginning at Elm Grove State Park.

You know the old railways that the state tore out along the Elk River. It goes for miles. There are rest rooms and vending machines along the way. No motor vehicle's are allowed. Just hikers and bicyclist's. Great exercise and great scenery! How about it? Hey Don! That sounds great. I am only sorry that the cold weather is upon us because I would like to start now! What day do you ride? Always on Wednesdays. I usually arrive at the park about 9:00 AM and I am back home by 1:30 or 2:00 PM in time for me to go to work.

Great! That's one of my days off and the time would be perfect as the kids are at school and Jeff, well he should be working! I am going to take you up on your offer. I'll be in touch and remember, vote for Clark! With that remark, she was gone! I knew it was going to be a long winter and the thought I may not see Paula until spring was discouraging but I would keep in touch with her with emails.

One night after work I stopped at the the local bar with the guys. I had quite a few beers in me when I returned home. Getting on the computer to check my email, I seen one from Paula.

It was titled, "How do you like me now"? Well we often passed on jokes so I thought it was just another forward. She said in the message that she had lost twelve pounds and nearly two inches off her hips! I opened it and was I pleasantly surprised. It was a picture of Paula in a two piece swim suit!

Whew! I mean to tell you, she was absolutely stunning! With the beer in me, I emailed her back saying. Whoa! Wow your foxy lassies pleasure dicks in an orgy Send more pictures and in the mean time I have to take matters to hand.

Stubby is on the rise! Clicked "send"! Well you know once you hit send, you can't bring your message back for editing! I went to bed and three hours later I had to go to the bathroom. It then dawned on me what I had said in my reply to Paula. What a drunken fool I was. I had to email her back and apologize so I went into the computer room, logged in and fired off an apology. I told her I had been drinking before I replied and what I really meant to say was that Jeff was a lucky man!

I regret my remarks. Please accept my apology. Take care, Don When I returned home the next evening, I had another email with an attachment to it from Paula. I dreaded to open it after what I said in the night before reply. The email said. No need to apologize Don.

I am thrilled to know I got you excited. By the way, who is "stubby"? If it is who I am thinking it is, well I certainly got a different impression of him on at least two occasions! Hope you like the pictures in the attachment. Can't wait for spring to arrive! Your new bicycle buddy, Paula I clicked to open the attachment. Wow! Two more pics of Paula! In one she wore a skimpy lacy red silk night gown, lying on a bed, revealing her long legs and her cleavage.

In the other she wore only a red thong but her back was turned to the camera. Whew! I closed the attachment and went into the kitchen to get a beer!

Spring finally arrived and I made plans to meet Paula at the Elm Grove park at 9:00 AM for our first bicycle trip along the Elk River. It was the first nice Wednesday of the year.

The morning air was cool but warm enough for short sleeves and shorts. She was right on time and she wore gray sweat pants and a sweat shirt. We greeted each other with a warm hug and headed to the trail. I asked her if she had a preference for going up river or down. I explained the only difference would be that we would be going down a slight grade most of the way down river and on our return we would be going up keisha grey xxxx sex stories com 12 slight grade on our return, meaning we would need a little more time coming back if we took the later.

She said she didn't care. So I used my best judgement to go up river first and this would allow a easier and faster return, so that she would not burn herself out on the first part of our trip. The first leg of the trail was seven miles. We were now at the small village of Newell.

Here we stopped to use the public restroom and get a bottle of water from the vending machine. Paula was in great shape and holding up well.

The temperature was on the rise so when Paula returned from the restroom she had removed her sweat shirt and tied it about her waist. She wore a tight fitting red T shirt that now revealed her 34 C's. Red was definitely her color! Along the way we talked. Mostly about our pasts. She asked me how long I was married to my first wife and the ages of my two, now adult sons. She was making me feel old but I was old.

Well older than her! I told her I had gotten married when I was 21. We were too young just like you and Jeff.

We had things going smoothly until she started going to the clubs with a friend. This is where our trouble started. She met another guy, so to make a long story short, we divorced. Paula asked if that was when I met her cousin Cathy. No, I was too busy raising the boys to date but I did meet another woman at work. Well as it turned out, she wanted nothing to do with my son's and we broke off our relationship. Several months later, I met Cathy. She was fine with the boys.

She treated them as if they were her own. So I married her. Well Don, how is Cathy with you? Did you marry her just to have a mother for your sons? I replied, I was attracted to Cathy to a point and she treats me well. That's not what I asked you Don.

How about your inner feelings? What about yourself. Are you really happy? Paula, my sons needed a mother. I wanted the family atmosphere back in the house and Cathy came along to fill the void. I really don't want to talk about myself. With that, Paula changed the subject by suggesting we stop for a rest. The trail was rather active with other cyclists this time of the year. I guess most folks were bored with winter and needed to get out for some fresh air and sunshine.

The trail offered much recreation and scenery. Elk River was a wide river but very shallow. It provided a mixture of beauty, slow moving clear water with a rock bottom.

It has many bends and it's banks consists of steep hills, flat lands and several small towns that the railroad once served. To our pleasure, the railroad was replaced by the trucking industry and now we have trails to ariella ferrera with jorde boy sex story. I asked Paula if Jeff knew where she was today and noted she was beginning to get a sunburn.

Well yes he does but I told him that I was taking up riding with Marie. I asked who Marie was and she replied that they were very close friends and that they work at the salon together. That's good thinking but what if Jeff asks Marie about the bike trail or your time together. I don't want to cause you any problems. Oh no need to worry Don. Marie and I are like sisters. I told her about meeting you today and about our time together last fall with the Clark campaign.

I trust her because sunny leone xx with husband too has a similar marriage as I. Married to a low life jerk! We share everything! How about Cathy? Have you mentioned you had company for your regular Wednesday ride? Oh no, I didn't mention anything to her about having a friend along. Not that there would be any sort of questionable activity taking place between us but I am sure it would create a bit of concern to her knowing you were in my company.

We continued along the trail for a couple miles continuing conversing all the while. Look Don, a island. Lets walk down to the river bank and check out the view from there. I need a rest and I am a bit too warm. It's really warming up!

With that Paula seductively removed her sweat pants. Whew! She was built. She had white shorts on under the sweatpants.

I could see the out line of her panties under them and I wondered what color they were. She folded her outfit up and placed them in a bag tied to the seat of her bike.

We walked our bikes off the trail then walked to the waters edge. Paula led the way. Hey Don, isn't this the most beautiful place you ever seen? Hey, sit down on this rock with me. Take off your shoes and lets put our feet in the cool water and enjoy the view.

I sat on the rock with her and dangled my feet into the water with hers. She even had her toe nails painted the same as her fingernails. I thought about her beauty. How well she took care of herself and as I sat beside her I wondered if she shaved or just trimmed her bush. Again, I was getting a boner! Don, do you think someday we could wade out to that small island in the middle of the river?

Wouldn't it be neat to just sit along it's shore and look at the beauty of the rivers bends from both directions? We could see so much more! Paula you have to realize this. The river is shallow looking because the water is very clear but I'm sure we would have to swim at least part way over. Can you swim? I am a good swimmer Don, how about you? I am a good swimmer also but I just wanted you to be aware of the conditions. With that she waded out into the river.

She was up to her knees in the cool water and began to splash water on me. Hey! That's not nice. That water is cold! She continued to splash water on me as I waded out to stop her. I grabbed her arms just as she slipped backwards on a rock but I pulled her firm body next to mine. Paula gasped at my reaction. Our eyes met and my now hard cock was pressed into her mound. I met her lips with a light kiss. I broke it off.

I was astonished that I let it happen but Paula moved her head toward mine begging for another. Our lips came together again this time with much more passion. They locked together and opened slightly so that our tongues became entwined. My hands moved from her arms down to her breasts as hers went around my hips pulling me closer to her. Then came the sound of voices. Several voices indicating a group of cyclists coming our way.

Reality once again raven haired teen delivers a sensual handjob piercing brunette in and we broke our embrace. The group passed us by. Neither of us seemed to find a word to say. Finally Paula broke the silence as we sat back down on the rock putting on our shoes. Oh my, Don. We must be getting back.

My children will be returning home from school and I don't want to be late getting home to greet them as they get off the school bus. We began our cycling back to the park. It took about fifteen minutes before we began to cute little russian teen enjoying anal masturbation again. I am sure the fact of our embrace and passionate kissing played heavy on our minds.

Our conversations returned after we met another couple riding in the opposite direction and bidding them a friendly hello. After that we talked as nothing had happened but we both knew that if we were to ever to be alone again, our lives would be forever changed. At work that same day I couldn't take my mind off of Paula.

The remainder of the work week and through the week end my mind was on her. I had to have her and I was sure her intentions were the same as mine but I knew that one of would have to come to our senses.

I wanted to email her and tell her how I felt about her and wondered if there would be another Wednesday bicycle trip on the trail. I guess I was feeling guilty. After all, I was older and shouldn't have let the situation get to the point that we embraced each other like we did or passionately kissed or even kissed at all. It wasn't until Monday evening that I had even gotten a email from her. I think she was feeling the same as I.

Pure guilt and wanting to find a way to tell me we shouldn't be together again. So reluctantly, I opened her email and to my surprise or rather my delight she did want to be with me again on Wednesday morning. Her email: Hi Don! Hope your feeling fine. Sorry, I haven't had the time to contact you but my thoughts were of you constantly.

There's Cody with scouts, Stacy with dance recitals, work at the salon, cooking, cleaning the house and putting up with Jeff. I just have been really busy. I want you to know that I enjoyed our time together on Wednesday.

I am looking forward to riding with you again this Wednesday. Could I make a suggestion? I would like to meet at the park earlier so that we could have more time together. Around 8:00 AM. Maybe we could wade or swim over to that small island and have a picnic. I could bring a blanket, a couple bottles of soda and make us some sandwiches.

I have a water proof back-pack that I once used on a canoe trip years ago. What do you think? Thinking of you, Paula My fingers were shaking as I clicked reply. I knew what would happen if I consented to go along with her suggestion to go to the island.

I could stop all of this crazed lust I had for her with just a few words typed from my keyboard.

Instead, my reply was, I like ham salad sandwiches. See you at 8:00 AM. Take care, Don I returned home from work on Tuesday evening.

One email from Paula was awaiting me. Hi Don, Ham salad it is! Wear your swim trunks as I am wearing my new two piece swim suit under my clothes. Sleep well, see you in the morning! Paula I could hardly sleep thinking of what tomorrow would bring.

Was I reading her wrong? Would we have sex on that island? After all, we would be alone and secluded from all who passed on the trail. No, I thought, you old fool, she just wants my company and a sexy gf anal rammed and caught on camera picnic. With that thought, I fell asleep. Morning came and I met Paula at the park.

We greeted each other with just good mornings and smiles as I dismounted our bicycles from our vehicles.

We headed down the trail. The morning air was fresh and Paula's fragrance of her freshly bathed body added to the moment. As to our routine, we stopped at the town of Newell. Used the public restrooms and continued on our way passing several others, like us who were out exercising and enjoying the pleasant weather. We reached the area of the trail where we would begin our crossing to the island. We hid our bicycles in some under brush off of the trail.

Removing our shoes, Paula removed her shorts and shirt reveling her red, skimpy, two piece swim suit. God was she sexy! I also removed my shorts and T-shirt leaving just my swim trunks on. I carried Paula's back pack as we began to cross the river to the island. The water was cold at first and although "stubby" was nearly fully erect after watching and looking at Paula, the shock reduced him to below normal size very quickly!

She cant handle the black gang bang

However, the waters chill only added to Paula's nipples making their appearance even more present through the material of her bikini top. I was right about having to swim part way across as the water deepened to at least seven feet.

When we reached the island, we found a nice grassy spot. The view of the rivers bends and the steep hills that bordered it's banks were nearly breath taking. I spread the blanket on a grassy area as Paula opened our sodas and unwrapped the sandwiches. We sat close to each other on the blanket while we took in the view of the landscape and once we finished eating, both of us were at a loss for words. We sat there just like teenagers on their first date. The sun was warming us and beginning to tan our bodies.

Paula had packed some sun screen in her back pack and asked me to apply some to her back as she undid the clasp on her top. As I applied it to her smooth soft skin, taking my time to thoroughly and gently rub it in and leave no area unprotected, I gently pushed the straps of her top to the sides of her arms.

First one then the other. My cock was hard and standing at attention as I lowered my lips softly kissing her neck moving up to her cheek.

Paula turned and leaned back to meet my lips with hers. Ours lips parted and our tongues entwined. There would be no disruptions or turning back this time. We both knew what we wanted even though it was wrong. After removing her top,I broke our long kiss to get my first look at her now bare breasts and her long hard nipples. They were just as I had imagined!

First I licked her nipples making them even harder and longer, then I began sucking and kneading them between my fingers very gently, listening to Paula's soft moans of arousal. I began to move my kissing to her navel as she lay back on the soft grass under the blanket as I used both of my thumbs to slowly remove her swim suit bottom.

I then felt her tense a little. I stopped my kissing and moved my lips slowly back to her neck and whispered in her ear asking her if innocent young blonde gets fucked by teen blowjob young pussy sex should continue. Tell me no, it's okay, I understand. Paula's reply did not come from her voice but from her hands as she placed them on my head gently clutching my hair, pushing my head back down to the point where I had left off.

As I moved her bikini bottom down her long firm legs and off her feet, I stared at her now naked body. She was every man's dream. Her bush was trimmed short just as I had envisioned and her vaginal lips were beginning to swell emitting their warm love juices. I lowered my head to her folds that shielded her love cave, savoring her scent as I began to flick my tongue between her confines in search of her clit.

I could sense from our conversations that she enjoyed having Jeff, the only man that she had ever had sex with, go down on her but he never spent enough time to pleasure her to the point of having a orgasm. Today, I was determined to give her the pleasure she deserved. Paula bucked her hips toward my face and sighs of ecstasy came from her throat as I licked the sides of her now swollen clit. Finding just the right spot, she tightened her fingers about the back of my head holding me there as her first ever oral orgasm erupted into my awaiting mouth.

As Paula's bucking hips and orgasmic contractions subsided, I pushed my trunks down my legs allowing my raging hard cock the freedom it needed to seek the pleasure of her love tunnel.

Moving upwards along Paula's beautiful and sexy body, I stopped to lick and suck both of her breasts again. They were so firm and completely natural, with no sagging and long hard nipples.

Paula's hands grasped my hard manhood and directed it's head to the entrance of her dripping wet pleasure cave. My tongue carried her orgasmic juices to her partially open mouth so that she too could taste her love juice that she had given me.

I positioned my body above hers with the head of my hard cock at her opening. She spread her legs further apart anticipating the added thickness and length of my cock that she had never before experienced to enter her wet and tight canal.

Paula raised her hips as if to beg for my hard cock and with that invitation, I buried my seven inches into her in three quick thrusts. Paula's voice was screaming words of Oh my God! Yessssssss! Oh Don! I wanted you for sooooo long, I neeeeeeded you! Please don't cum yet, I need more of your big cock! Please! Oh Yes, oh yes she yelled with every stroke I gave her! I sucked and gently bit her nipples as I pounded my length into her wet hole.

Her orgasms were only seconds apart and I knew I wasn't going to last much longer. When my cum was ready to explode from the head of my throbbing cock, I pulled out sending my first hot stream of cum into her navel with my second and third jet of cum landing in her groomed bush.

I had never experienced a orgasm so intense. Paula's hips had met my every stroke. Her hot juices coming out of her love hole had us lubricated to the point that my balls were wet making slapping sounds as they made contact with the cheeks of her firm ass! We lay together catching our breath allowing our orgasmic spasms to subside.

Neither her or I said a word as we began to pull on our swim suits. I folded the blanket noticing the wet spot from Paula's orgasms. I knew I had performed well even though I didn't last as long as I would have liked but her beautiful face, her sexy body, the moving of her firm round ass under me, meeting my every thrust and her moans of pleasure were too overwhelming. I was just glad to have enough control to pull out before I came! The slow moving currant of the river washed away our love juices and the sense of guilt we had as we swam and waded back to our bicycles.

It was only then we spoke a word to each other. We both knew we did wrong and we couldn't change that now. The lustful act we shared together was done. We would both have to live with the guilt. Arriving back at the park parking lot I secured Paula's bicycle to her car's carrier.

Once I had done this, Paula reached out with both her arms to give me a hug. I held her tight and kissed her good bye. With that mutual kiss and caress, I knew we would be going back to the island another day. Paula emailed me the same day saying she arrived home in plenty of time to greet the children returning home from school and to start their dinner.

The next line is what I wanted to hear. She thanked me for the "fulfilling day" and the consideration I showed her before we made love and the fact that I pulled out before I came.

Her closing line was. Don, I forgot to tell you that I am no longer "Fertile Myrtle, the "next time" we make love you can come inside me. I had my tubes tied! See you next Wednesday. Okay? Wow! I couldn't wait to reply! Okay? Hell Ya! Until next Wednesday, take care! Don Our next trip to the island was the following Wednesday. We were both more relaxed this time. The weather was warmer and our love making more intense. We hadn't even finished our picnic lunch before Paula was all over me.

She pulled down my trunks and began sucking my rock hard cock alternating her slow licking and gentle sucking action from the under side of my cock's head to the underside of my balls, readying my seed for a powerful eruption. While Paula was performing the best oral that I had ever had, she removed her swim suit and moved on top of me into a hot blonde masseuse angel smalls banged by her client position. I licked her swollen lips darting my tongue into her pink folds finding her blood engorged clit until her powerful orgasm sent her love nectar into my mouth.

She continued sucking me to the point where she knew I would cum. She turned her body around, still on top of me, she directed my raging cock into her wetness as she lowered herself all the way to it's hilt. Before she began to ride me, she opened her mouth showing me my pearl of pre cum on her tongue. Swallowing it, she began lifting herself in a rhythmic movement up and down my hard shaft. Paula's eyes closed and her moans of pleasure became louder as she fingered her clit to another intense orgasm.

She then collapsed forward onto me as I sucked the long hard nipples of her breasts for several minutes before I moved on top of her without removing my thick seven inches that filled her contracting vagina. Once on top of her I gave her the ramming of her life. I was able to thrust into her for more than fifteen minutes as I had total control while she came several more times.

When I knew she was totally satisfied, I grunted and moaned with each shot of my hot seed I pumped deep into the confines of her cum lubricated love tunnel. Our love making became more intense in the following weeks. We knew all of our sexual cravings and how to satisfy them together. There was only one Wednesday that summer that it rained and we cancelled our trip to the island.

I couldn't go two weeks without Paula's love. On Friday morning of that same week, I drove past her home. I noticed Jeff's car was gone from the driveway and the school bus had just picked up the children. I drove around to the alley in the back of their home cute cambabe in white panties shows her sweet pinkish holes parked my truck. I knew Paula had to work that morning but I knocked on her back door that lead into the kitchen.

Paula peered out the small window of the door surprised to see me. She opened the door and I stepped into her kitchen. She was dumbfounded and speechless to see me. I asked her what she was doing as I softly clutched her shoulders. She had only a buttoned down thin nightshirt on. Nothing else. Paula replied I was just cleaning the breakfast dishes off the table. I then replied, it's as good a place as any!

I began unbuttoning her shirt and pushing her gently back toward the table. Paula exclaimed, you have got to be kidding! Your crazy!

I just continued to smile as I moved into her as her buttocks were now on the table. I can't believe you! I said tell me no as I kissed her passionately on her warm lips.

During our kiss, I lowered my pants and my hard cock was aimed at her glistening pussy. Paula said, please Don, I need a shower. You surprised me. You see Jeff and I were, well you know, intimate this morning before he left for work and I really need to shower. At this point I didn't care.

I placed the head of my hard cock under her hood and onto her already swollen and aroused clit. As I moved it around, Paula's legs parted as she leaned back on her elbows with the palms of her hands gripping the edge of the table.

I slowing inserted my hard curved shaft into her tight hole just enough to contact her G-spot and began to move in and out of her with short strokes. Oh! Don, I love what your doing. I, I, I never felt, Oh! God! I am cumming! Her wetness gushed from piyanka cupra xxx story downlod slit as I rammed my length into her.

Her screams of pleasure were unlike any I had heard come from her throat before! I held her against me forcing her breasts that were bouncing to and fro with each of my thrusts into my chest as I continued my deep thrusts into her cum saturated love cave.

I was about to flood her womb with my hot cum but I pulled out and turned Paula around so that I could do her dogie while she continued to hold onto the table. I slammed my raging cock all the way into wetness so that had my balls were slapping her clit with my every thrust causing her to cum again.

Hearing her screams of pleasure I could hold back no longer as I released my thick white ejaculate to mix with her already cum filled vagina.

My grunting and Paula's screams of shear pleasure filled the entire house! Our breathing still hadn't returned to normal when my now softening cock slipped from her dripping hole. I grabbed a couple of napkins from flithy sexy japanese orall service hardcore blowjob table and cleaned our love juice from my now nearly limp member.

I didn't care if some of the cum was Jeff's because I had the satisfaction of knowing that I finished the job that he had only started! Paula began to button her long nightshirt again as I pulled my boxers and pants back up. She threw her arms about my neck and kissed me wildly about my face and lips as she rubbed her wet mound against me. I sensed her feelings of being sexually satisfied. No words were needed!

After a few minutes, we broke off our kissing and embrace as I headed to go out the door. Paula knew she would be late for work if I stayed longer, so we kissed again and I turned to leave. Before I got to my truck, Paula said with a voice that was half laughter. Hey you! You know what they say about pay back? Ha, I laughed and waved her good bye as I drove away. On the following Sunday morning I had just gotten out of bed and started reading the newspaper sipping on my first cup of coffee at our kitchen table.

Cathy told me she had to go to Wally World for a few things and to meet with Paula. My ears picked up on that part of her sentence. Oh, Paula?

Well tell her I said hello. Okay, I will. She has the kid's new school pictures for us and I need to pick up a few groceries. I shouldn't be too long. With that being said, she kissed me good bye and was out the door. Only two minutes later, the door bell rang.

I thought who could this be calling so early on a Sunday morning. I had only a pair of cotton sweat pants on. I set my coffee down and looked outside.

It was Paula! I opened the door. She stood there and asked if I was going to ask her in. Oh sure I said, ah come on in. Cathy just left to meet you at Wally World. Oh really! Well it's pay back time big boy! She had her cell phone in her hand and said, listen to this. She dialed Cathy's cell phone and as she answered Paula told her she had a stop to make before she got to the store and she ran into a friend.

Cathy told her that's okay. I have shopping to do so take your time. Call me back when you arrive and I'll meet you in front of the store. Paula snickered and said, okay. Then she hung up. Paula was wearing a pull over top and shorts.

She old man with a donkey dick the top over her head and unbuttoned her shorts letting them fall to the floor. Her bra and panties she removed as she directed me down the hall into the bedroom.

I was awe struck but getting harder by the second. I said you set Cathy up didn't you? Paula just smiled and said, pay back can be a bitch! Now off with those sweats and on the bed. I loved being dominated and I think she knew it! I could tell she was already turned on because I seen the wet spot in her panties as she stepped out of them as I lay on the bed.

I was now fully erect! Paula sat on top of me and stroked my rigid cock as she placed it at the entrance to her love cave, only stopping to pleasure her clit with it's head.

She rubbed the underside of my exceptionally sensitive area all about her wet inner lips then back under her hood to her blood engorged clitoris. Oh god Paula, that feels so good and your so wet. Please cum down my shaft before you lower yourself.

Paula's eyes closed and her low moans she made before she came I could plainly hear. I knew when she reached her orgasm as her whole body shook and a dam of cum broke covering my entire rock hard shaft. I pushed upwards with my hips just as she lowered herself and in these two movements I was buried to my hilt in her sopping wet vagina.

Paula rocked back and forth and raised herself up and down my cum lubricated pole. Her breasts bounced and swayed with her every movement with their hardened nipples begging me to suck them. Paula leaned toward me and as soon as I began sucking her rose buds, her second orgasm over came her with moans that turned into screams between her heavy my dock upp my moms ass and push holes. At this point I could not hold back as the thrusting of my own hips took over the wild ride she was on and I launched my hot liquid deep into her womb.

Our pleasure juices were now running down to my exhausted balls as she rolled off to my side. We kissed and Paula went into the bathroom across the hall to clean up and get dressed. I just lay on the bed as she exited the bath and entered the bedroom again. With a big grin she leaned over me and kissed me good bye.

Standing in the door way, Paula said with a big smile on her face, I had better get out of bed and get "stubby" cleaned up before Cathy came home! As she went to leave herself out, she yelled, get lots of rest before Wednesday's trip to the island!

On the following Wednesday, we had another good romp on the island. It was more like love than lust this time. Things were changing emotionally with our relationship. I needed to have more than a couple of hours or a quickie with her and I sensed she did too.

I had a plan. As we rode our bicycles back to the park, I asked Paula if she could get away for a couple of days as I would like to take her to a special place. Oh Don, I would love to but the kids and missing work, oh I couldn't. Paula, when was the last time you his girlfriend doesnt want him to leave away on a trip or vacation?

Well not since I was in high school. How about your honeymoon? Oh, ha ha! Honeymoon, ya right. After the I doe's, Jeff took me to a tractor pull contest at the county fair and afterwards to a seedy motel. Knowing Jeff I guess I shouldn't be surprised but listen, just two days. One could be your regular day off. Get your mom or Jeff's mom to look after the children when they come home from school.

We will only be two or three hours from home. How about it? Hummm Don, I don't know. The idea is sure tempting. I need an alibi for Jeff and I am not good at things like that. Hey, how about talking out a plan with Marie. I'll bet the two of you could come up with something. For my part, I'll tell Cathy I am going to be on a two day job off site meeting with one of our major customers. It's a common thing that our company sponsors and she will sexy big ass anal first time talent ho okay with that.

We arrived back at the park and went to our homes without a plan but I knew that Paula was deeply interested and I seen the gears turning in her head. Three days later, Paula with some help from her trusty friend Marie came through with her alibi.

Her plan was to be on a two day bus trip with Marie to New York City for a city tour. She would drive to the bus garage parking lot and I would pick her up from there.

Marie and her mother would be taking the trip to NYC. When they returned from their trip, they would have bought souvenir t-shirts for the kids with the logo, I love NY on them. Well it sounded like a plan to me so I used a search engine on the net for a romantic get a way. I wanted to spare no cost for Paula. She was very special to me and she deserved the very best.

The perfect place was just a three hour drive from our homes. The accommodations were in a rustic cabin. It featured a kitchenette, bathroom, living room with a fireplace, large screen TV and stereo system downstairs with a loft type upstairs.

The loft featured a king size bed, a balcony with double glass doors overlooking mother natures finest scenery and a red heart shaped Jacuzzi which had mirrors all around it! I made the reservations. All was a go! I picked up Paula as planed and we drove to our destination. Arriving early, we couldn't check in so we decided to tour the small town near to where we were staying. It was a small quaint town surrounded by farm land with many small shops displaying the communities ethnic goods and crafts.

We walked along the streets holding hands stopping now and then to hug and share light kisses. Paula and I were having a great time together. A closeness we hadn't felt before. The time came to check in. As I registered, Paula made herself busy in the office picking up brochures for the areas attractions. We then drove to our cottage.

The area surrounding it featured a small waterfall, many trees and above all, it was secluded. Paula was taken breathless as she looked around. She immediately jumped into my arms and began kissing me like a child on Christmas day receiving a long awaited gift. As I unlocked the door, we went inside.

Paula was all smiles! I told her to check out the loft while I brought our luggage in from the car. Upon returning you could her Paula's screams of joy a mile away. Oh my God she kept saying over and over. I asked, is there a problem? Oh no Don, it's just that I can not believe my eyes. A heart shaped Jacuzzi! She then ran down the stairs and jumped into my arms hugging and kissing me almost uncontrollably.

We washed up and changed our clothes to go to one of the areas fine restaurants for dinner. Paula was stunning. Her dress, her make up, her fragrance along with her smiles over joyed me as we ate and talked. Returning to our accommodations, Paula used her cell phone to call home.

She talked to each of her children asking them how their day went in school and told them about the "big city" then she spoke to Jeff. She tried to remain up beat while talking to him but I could see a look of disgust on her face. Whatever he was saying was upsetting her. I worried our evening together would be spoiled. After she talked to the children again, she wished them a good night. Told them to brush their teeth and how much she loved them before she ended the call.

I then called home and made up my line. I hoped I sounded convincing to Cathy as to how my day went and then I ended my call. Paula was now seated on the couch in front of the fireplace. I could tell she was a little upset so I gave her sometime to herself as I built the fire. Once I had the fire going, I poured us both a glass of the areas finest wine, compliments of the establishment and sat beside her placing my arm around her, gently pulling her lovingly to my chest.

After we drank our first glass of wine, Paula was more herself and I suggested we drink another while I began to fill the heart shaped jacuzzi with warm water and scented bath oil. Her bright smile once again arose from her lips as I went upstairs to the loft. Minutes later she joined me dressed in a red sexy silk negligee carrying the bottle of wine and our glasses. I turned the lights down low and with the stereo remote, I turned on some soft rock to set the mood for the evening.

Paula hugged and gently kissed my lips as she slowly unbuttoned my shirt then my trousers allowing them to drop to the floor along with my boxers. I fondled her firm breasts and tweaked her erect nipples with my fingers through her thin negligee, kissing her lips and as they parted, my tongue met hers. I gently placed my thumbs under the thin straps upon her shoulders moving them down her arms, allowing her red lace to fall to her feet, all the while our lips were together and our tongues played tag.

Breaking our blissful embrace, we entered the jacuzzi. We sat in the warm water allowing the pulsating jets to relax us even more as the bubbles ascended about our chests. We continued to embrace each other until we had finished our glasses of wine. Her hand stroked my hard member under the swirling water as I placed two fingers into her love cave and massaged her clit with the palm of my hand. I could fill the slickness of Paula's arousal deep inside her as it blended with the warm water.

I had to taste her. I needed her natural wetness to enter my mouth so I placed my hands under the soft cheeks of her firm ass and placed her on the edge of the jacuzzi. I started to lick the bubbles from her hard nipples that were supported by her firm breasts, as I worked my way with my lips and tongue down her waist to her trimmed wet bush, just above the prise I hoped to conquer, her sensitive clit.

Paula's soft moans were not to be heard above the sound of the Jacuzzi jets but I knew from the gyrations of her hips when my tongue was satisfying her wanton desires of climax. I worked in circles about her hard bud knowing where and when to pull her trigger. Her fingers tightened about my head as she watched herself in the mirrors surrounding the jacuzzi as I took her over her peak.

Her soft groans of pleasure were now deep growls of bliss as her climax sent her hot juices flowing into my mouth and down my chin. Oh God Don, she said repeatedly as her spasms and vaginal contractions began to subside.

She lightly pulled up on my arms wanting me to stand in front of her and as I did she began to slowly massage my hard shaft in slow but long strokes while the finger tips of her other hand gently caressed my tight balls, coaxing my seed to send it's pre cum out of my tiny slit.

Paula then teased my sensitive cock head with the tip of her tongue flicking the white pearl into her mouth spreading it about my girth as she began slowly sucking my hard length.

Paula's head bobbed up and down my long thick shaft taking most of my length into her small but wet mouth as I watched all of the pleasure she was performing in the mirrors. The sensations in my genitals were building and she knew I was about to unload my seed when she slowly withdrew my member from her mouth. Paula then stood in front of me as we kissed. I knew she was ready to move to the bed when she picked up a towel and began to dry our bodies. We stepped out of the jacuzzi and bbc ludus fucks texas big booty mixed freak lizzy the large king size bed.

Paula pulled the spread down to the foot of the bed as I arranged the pillows. The music continued to softly play throughout the loft. The acoustics were great and the mood was set for a long lasting love filled evening that would drain our bodies of all our sexual juices.

We made love for what seemed to be hours in several positions. Me on top then her on top. We lie on our sides facing each other still connected barely moving while we passionately kissed then I would get back on top again. Our hands caressed and massaged each others bodies touching many areas we as lovers had not pleased before. Paula had numerous orgasms and I fought hard to hold back mine several times.

When I sensed Paula tiring, I unloaded my hot liquid deep within her womb with long deep thrusts allowing my hard shaft to contact her swollen lips surrounding her clit causing her to have yet another orgasm sending a flood of our juices to drain from her satisfied love cave onto the satin sheet that we lie on.

We lay together totally spent from our love making and the long day we spent together. Paula's head lay on my chest with one leg over mine as I held her tight with my arm.

Soon we were both in a deep sleep. Paula awoke first and went down stairs to shower. It was a beautiful morning with not a cloud in the sky. I called the resort office for delivery of our breakfast and then went to the shower. Paula was blow drying her hair as I 25 se 30 minat tak la xxx the bath.

One look at this beautiful woman set my heart racing. I pulled her to me holding her tightly against me and kissed her on the neck and behind her ear. Minutes after I had showered our breakfast arrived. We sat at the small table eating, drinking our coffee, talking all the while as we stared into each others eyes.

Paula was wearing nothing but a thin night shirt. The soft material brushing lightly against her nipples made them hard. Our feet began to touch under the table in a sensuous way. All I had on was my boxers and naturally Paula's beauty had me hard.

Sipping our last drops of coffee, Paula got off her chair and moved toward me. Looking down she seen my hardened member had innocently poked through the hole in the front of my boxers.

She bent towards me and began to kiss me about my neck then on my cute blonde toy fucks herself in bed. She then straddled my lap and the sensitive head of my cock felt the warm wetness of her aroused and swollen labium. Her slight movements had the head of my hard cock at the entrance of her love hole and she lowered herself upon it slowly taking my seven inches into her wet vagina.

Once I was completely buried to the hilt she began her rhythmic rocking of her hips while we continued to kiss with our tongues swirling together.

She built up her movements to the point I was almost out of her then she would go back down then up again. The feeling of her satin inner walls engulfing my length as she rode me had me ready to cum. Her breasts with their hard nipples protruding through the thin fabric of her shirt sent my hands under it to firmly hold them and lightly pinch each nipple between my fingers. Paula's moans and breathing were equal to my own and again we climaxed together in earth shattering orgasms.

Since Paula was in complete control, my hot seed erupted from the head of my cock near her entrance rather than deep inside her, making her slit look like a cream pie! Paula remained sitting on my lap as my softening member slipped from her wet folds. Whew, I said, I think I need another shower and a change of under ware! We looked at my boxers, our cum had left a big wet spot on them and we both began to laugh.

We left our room to do some sight seeing and to give the maid service the time they needed to tidy up. The hours spent with Paula were passing by too quickly. We hit it off so well together and we just simply liked to do the same things. We spent the afternoon together sitting next to each on the balcony relaxing and reading.

Taking a few moments now and then to caress and kiss. Paula noted the time as her kids would now be home from school, so she went inside to call home.

I could hear most of her conversation from where I sat. Hi baby! Paula said to her daughter. How was school. Yes Mommy will be home in time for your dance recital tomorrow night. Put Cody on. Hi, how's my big boy. Hey! You got an A on your math test today. That's wonderful! Yes Mommy misses you too, I 'll see you tomorrow when you come home from school. Well alright, put your Dad on.

There was a long pause. Look Jeff, this is the first time I have ever been away from you since we were married. I am having a wonderful time, too! Then another pause. Hey, that's it Jeff. Listen, I am sick of your crap. I have had it with you and your lazy ass. When I get home tomorrow, things are going to change. Did you hear me Jeff? Your not running my life any longer!

With that last remark, I knew she had hung up on him. I remained on the balcony knowing Paula was upset and needed some time alone. When Paula finally returned to where I was sitting, I pretended to not have heard her conversation so I asked if her children were okay.

Oh yes. Cody got an A on his math test and Stacy is all excited about her dance recital scheduled for tomorrow evening. Well that's nice. You'll be home in plenty of time to attend. Say, where would you like to go for dinner? We went out to another fine area restaurant then returned.

The sun was going down and we knew our time together was short. Our evening and night together was much the same as the night before. We relaxed with glasses of wine while in the red heart shaped jacuzzi and made very passionate love in the large bed well into the early hours of the next day.

Paula slept in my arms most of the night and when we awoke, we made love again. We were both sexually exhausted now. Our desires and our fantasies fulfilled, we packed for our drive back home. Back to reality! Sad in one respect but we knew right from the start, the time to return to our real lives would real homemade black on black incest all too soon.

Paula didn't have much to say as I drove. I could see there was a load on her mind and she needed to be with her children. When we arrived at the bus garage to pick up her car, true to Marie's plan, there were several T-shirts with "I Luv N.Y." on them in a bag sitting on the passenger's side seat. I laughed, Ha, that Marie really came up with great plan!

I kissed Paula good bye, expecting to get a wet passionate kiss in return and asked if we were still on for Wednesday? Paula still looking down thanked me for the wonderful time. I'll email you and she drove away. Something was really troubling her now and I couldn't quite put my finger on it. Tuesday evening was the soonest I had heard from her. That was not like her. Her email said her children were home from school because they were both ill and she wouldn't be meeting me at the park.

I wished them well on my reply and told her that I missed her very much. I almost told her I loved her very much and honestly, I did! lusty delight with wild pretty babe homemade and hardcore

Billie star bound ballgagged tit slapped whip

The following Wednesday we met. Going more than two weeks without her was more than I could stand so as she parked, I practically ran to her car to to hug and kiss her not caring if anyone seen us. To my dismay, Paula wasn't herself again. We talked small talk along the trail to the rock where we would hide our bicycles and clothes from view of others on the trail. We waded and swam the short distance to the island then to soft grassy area that we enjoyed several times before.

I spread the blanket upon it. I knew this time would be different as I wasn't in control of the situation or knew what to say to bring the puzzling mood that Paula was feeling to the surface. Donald, Paula began to speak and she always called me Don. Donald. There is something I must tell you. I love you! I can not live a day without you. I never intended for this to happen because other than my children, I never loved before.

I am scared to death of this dangerous situation. I can't see you anymore. Paula's eyes were filled with tears as they began to run down her cheeks. What we are doing is wrong. I know we both know that and knew it from the beginning but I never in my wildest dream thought I could love you.

My love for you will hurt all in my family. I wish things were different. Please forgive me! Paula was crying and sobbing aloud now. I knew she was right. I too never thought we would end up this way. Perhaps if I had not married into her family things would be different but then I would have never met her.

I held Paula tight to my chest and wiped away her tears. I told her I loved her too and never thought we would ever get involved to this point. I apologized by saying it was my fault and accepted the blame for her tears and her heartsick feelings. Paula's sobs were almost gone. She told me how I had helped her regain her self esteem and how to love.

She said that if things were not to work out with Jeff and her, she could leave him knowing that she could find another man and find real love. She said her guilt was also an issue at this point because Tara had another lover and would be soon moving in with him. Jeff was applying for work at the local industries in the area, even where I worked.

He promised to become a better husband and father so she told him she would give him another chance. Still holding her tight, I couldn't find the right words to say to her and she too had no more to say or tears to cry. After several minutes I started to get up to leave but Paula's arms went around my neck and pulled my lips to hers. We kissed lightly and then more passionately. Our lips parted and our tongues met. Paula broke the kiss and placed her hand on my hardening member within my swim trunks.

Now do know why I can't be alone with you anymore? Her lips went back to mine as I unsnapped her swim top and moved the straps down her arms as she moved her hand under my trunks gently fondling my firm erection.

Asking her if she was sure she wanted me to continue, she said yes. Donald, this will be our last time together. Let's make love one more time.

We took our time to please one another and when my seed met her love juice, the whole world shook! As we swam then waded back to our bicycles, the slow currant of the river not only carried away our spent juices but our guilt, just like it had after our first trip back from the island.

Paula emailed me a few days later. She asked how I was doing and wished me well and that she still thought of me each day. She promised that she would repay me for all I did for her and reminded me of her pay back. She closed with LOL!!!! See you at the reunion. Love Paula I wondered what she was up to now! The next Wednesday came and I thought about not even going bicycling but decided it was something I needed to do hotel erotica season 1 episode 13 the competition full forget my times with Paula.

I arrived at the park as I always did. I thought of going it alone gave me a sick feeling in my stomach and I felt empty. I knew that when I came in view of the island, I would call out Paula's name but there would be no answer. I dismounted my bicycle from the car's carrier and thought I would just travel the opposite direction. I began to feel better now just by the thought of changing my normal route.

From behind me came a voice. A woman's but one I did not recognize. She said excuse me in a timid tone, Are you Don? As I turned to reply and see who was addressing me, there stood this beautiful blond. I would say she was in her early thirties, nice figure, dark tanned skin and at least D sized breasts. Her long blond hair was pulled through the back of a ball cap and she wore tight wife sucks lots of cocks in publicc and a loose fitting pull over top.

I said yes, I am Don but a neon light must have lit up across my forehead saying WOW and I knew see could see it! As she approached me and extended her hand, she said, my name is Marie. Ah, I am good friend of Paula's. I couldn't speak. I couldn't believe my these horny college hot sexy beauteous cuties as to what they were seeing nor could I believe my ears for what they were hearing!

Marie broke the silence by saying that she was an avid cyclist but new to the trail and asked if she could tag mom and stepson xxx vedix vediporn. I replied sure as I pointed the way. As we started our ride, Marie said she had brought an extra ham salad sandwich that she would gladly share with me if I knew of a nice place to have a "picnic".