Very old ladies porn storys

Very old ladies porn storys
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A new job with a special duty I had been working at the firm for about three years and really liked my job. I started right out of college. My name is Victor, everyone calls me Vic. I spend quite a bit of time at the gym and am on the company softball team so I am in pretty good shape. One day, Mr.

Banks, my fifty something balding boss, called me into his office. "Vic, you have been with us for a while now and you have been doing a fine job. Don Wilson is going to be retiring and we will be needing a new department manager. I am considering you for the position. Would you be interested?" "Yes Sir", was my prompt answer. "Come with me to dinner at Ralph's this evening and we will talk about the job requirements.

Meet me there at seven." Again my answer was, "Yes Sir." Ralph's was one of the nicer steak houses in our part of the city. After work I went to my apartment and got cleaned up and put on some nicer clothes. I was at the restaurant promptly at seven. Mr. Banks had asked the host to watch for me and when I arrived, he showed me to the table in the bar where Mr. Banks already was. He was sitting there with a drink in front of him.

He waived the bartender over and asked me what I liked mom your boobs are big drink. I hesitate, not sure if I should drink in front of the boss when we were meeting to talk about a new job for me.

"Don't worry Vic. It's fine for you to be relaxed." I said I would have a rum and coke. Mr. Banks got another drink for himself also. "It will be a few minutes before they have a table for us. Let's just sit and chat." We made small talk for a couple minutes and then talked about the job that was opening up. Then the conversation got a little strange. Mr. Banks started telling me about his personal life. I was on my second drink and he was on his third and he was telling me that that he and his wife, Jill had been happily married for almost thirty years but now he was having sexual problems and she was getting pretty uptight about his not being able to satisfy her needs, and she still had strong needs.

"Vic, this job offer nacho vidal fucks julia roca susy gala claudia bavel lilyan red penelope cum compilation and group s come with a special duty. Jill Has told me that she needs to find some way to get her needs taken care of and she confided in me that she really has a crush on you. She thinks you are very handsome and she says that curvaceous milf rides hard on a bbc has noticed that you have a very nice bulge in your pants.

Would you consider spending some time with her occasionally to help me keep her happy?" I sat there in shock and finally said, "I don't know. Are you sure that it would be OK with you?" "I'm not sure but I think so. I don't want to lose her and you know that a happy wife is a happy life. Why don't you come to the house tomorrow night and we will see how things go." I thought about it for a minute and then agreed. We were called to our dinner table and enjoyed a great meal, on the company.

We did not talk about the arrangement any more but when we finished eating and had one more drink, Mr.

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Banks smiled a little smile and said for me to be at his house at eight. I showered and shaved and dressed and at eight I rang the doorbell at the Banks home. I was nervous. Mr. Banks came to the door and greeted me, handing me a rum and coke. "I'm glad you came, Vic." We went into the living room. Jill Banks was sitting in a chair.

She was wearing a very nice dress. Mrs. Banks was also fifty. She was not a beauty but not a dog either. She was five three and weighed about 160.

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She had large ladies who suck two cocks together compilation that her bras had to work hard to keep in shape.

She gave me a big smile and said Hi Vic. After a couple minutes of talk that did not mean anything, Jill looked at me and asked if Don, that was Mr. Banks, had talked to me about what she had wanted him to discuss. I told her yes. Then she got up and moved over to the couch. She patted the spot next to her. "Are you interested in helping us out?" I had been thinking about it and had decided. I looked at Mr. Banks and he nodded yes. I got up and went and sat on the couch next her. As soon as I sat next to her, her hand went gently to my crouch and rested there.

"From when you first came to work at the company, I have had fond feelings about you. I love Don but he has sexual problems now. He can't get an erection even with taking a pill. We both still enjoy giving each other oral sex but my body needs more. I've had wet thoughts about having you between my legs to satisfy my needs. I may be older than you but I think you will still find me a good fuck.

Will you come to bed with me now?" I stood up and reached for her hand. She stood and went over and gave Mr. Banks a kiss. Then she took my hand and led me to their bedroom. I was about to become Jill Banks' boy toy. After we entered the room she turned to me, reached up and unbuttoned the top of her dress, pulled her bra cups to the side and let her large breasts out in public.

They did not sag as much as I thought they would. Her nipples were large, dark and hard. "Don really enjoys my girls. I hope you do to." She took my hands and placed them on her jugs.

I squeezed them gently and Jill moaned.

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I backed her to the bed and lay her down. Sitting next to her I bent over and started nursing on her melons. I rolled my tongue around her nipple, sucked on it and nipped at it.

Then I did the other one. Back and forth from one to the other I went. Jill put a hand behind my head and pulled me tight to her chest. Within no more than two or three minutes she started a hard shaking orgasm. "Oh, God that's so good. Bring stranger bangs cute luscious cutie girlfriend and homemade your cock. I want to see and suck your cock." I got up and she watched me as I stripped out of my clothes.

While I was doing that, Jill wiggled the rest of the way out of her dress. She was not wearing panties. I noticed that she had trimmed so there was just a little patch of pubic hair above her pussy. Her outer lips looked like a clam shell that was slightly open and the clam's foot was peeking out.

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I was half hard and about six inches. I got on my knees on the bed next to her head. Putting one hand around the base of my prick, Jill licked around the head and slurped up the little bit of pre-cum that had already appeared. "You're already as big as my husband was when he could get an erection.

I knew you had a nice sized package." jeune salope de ans suce un mec de ans Then her lips slipped over my cock head and she started working her way down the length of my shaft.

She pulled back and licked around the head. Then she pushed back down, taking another inch. She repeated this several times, each time taking more of me into her melina mason perfect fucking strangers mouth. When she thought I was fully hard, she pulled off my seven inch bone. "I knew you were going to have a big cock.

I'm really going to enjoy being filled with it." Then she pushed back down till her nose was buried in my pubic hair.

I could feel the ridge around my cock head rubbing on the walls of her throat as she throat fucked my cock. Jill gave one great deepthroat blowjob.

I reached out and gave one tit a hard squeeze. After several minutes I could tell that I was close to coming. I warned her so she could pull off but she doubled her efforts, taking me all the way to the root and holding me there. Soon my cock swelled and erupted. Jill swallowed and I could feel her throat muscles contracting, milking my shaft. I drained four of five blasts if my seed straight down her throat.

Jill pulled off, smiled and said, "The only problem with that was that I did not get to taste your cum. Next time I will." It was time for me to return the favor. I repositioned so my head was between her legs.

I bent forward and slid my tongue between her outer pussy lips. Her big clit was easy to fine. I licked it and then sucked it between my lips. Jill moaned and jumped. Her hand went behind my head and pulled me tight to her. I spent several minutes eating het cunt and brought her to two hard orgasms.

Finally she pulled my head up and said, "Stop, stop. Get up here and fuck me. I've gotta have your wonderful hard cock in me. I need to be fucked, now!" As I was climbing up between her legs, I noticed that Mr.

Banks was standing in the doorway watching with a smile on his face. If he wanted to watch, it was OK with me. Jill's pussy was dripping wet and I easily planted my flagpole in the entrance. I expected to fall into an older woman's long used pussy but she was surprisingly tight and I actually had to push a little to get in.

Jill looked at me, "You're bigger than Don so I should be pretty tight for you. I hope you like the fit. Fuck me as hard as you want. I'm so ready for it." I took her at her word and slammed into her only to hear her yell out, "YES!" As I started pounding away in her tighter than expected fuck tunnel, I saw her smile at Mr.

Banks, then waive for him to come over. He got on the bed next to her head with his limp five inched hanging there. Jill took it in her mouth and sucked him in and out. While I fucked her, she blew him till he moaned and his still soft manhood emptied its small load in her mouth. Don bent over and kissed her and then went back to his watching position.

I was still going strong and now Jill could concentrate on her pleasure. I screwed her thru two more orgasms. Each time she would grab the sheets, roll her head and tits from side to side and yell out, "Oh, Fuck yes.

Yes !!!" as she came.

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If their house was legal age teenager adorable babe strokes dong smalltits hardcore on such a big lot I bet the neighbors would have heard. Finally I was ready. I asked Jill if she wanted me to pull out to which she replied, "NO. I want to feel you fill me full with your hot cum. I need it in me." I unloaded a big load of sperm deep in her.

After hold in still for a minute as we both came down from our conclusions, I pulled out and watched my sauce running out of her fuck hole and drip onto the mattress.

I leaned forward and gave her a little kiss which Jill returned. "Vic, come up here so I can clean you." I moved up by her head and she took me in her mouth and gently licked and sucked me till there was none of the mixture of her and my cum left to clean off. We got up and dressed. Don gave me a smile and thumbs up. As I left the house, Don and Jill were standing together.

He had his arm around her shoulder and his hand holding her breast. The next morning at work, Mr. Banks called me into his office again. "Vic, I have not seen Jill so happy for years. Thank you and I wanted to let you know that even if you have not come to the house last night, you were still going to get the promotion. You deserve it. However, we would like it if you decide to come spend more time with us sometimes." I replied that I enjoyed my visit and would like to come and spend more time with them in the future, even if I were not getting the promotion." 315