Bp lesbians massage compilation miss brat masturbation and domination

Bp lesbians massage compilation miss brat masturbation and domination
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Willy Mo Mamba 1 by Will Buster If you like any of my stories you can get my full length novels Enjoy! If you aren't into early teen frolics, please check out other stories.

Willy Mo was a street kid and he was as black as the ace of spades.

He was from the wrong side of the tracks, didn't know who his father was and was well entrenched at the poverty line, being a third generation welfare client. He'd only occasionally attended high school classes and his grades, for the most part were piss poor. Willy hung around the neighborhood a lot, looking to make a buck any way he could. He even checked out dumpsters and trash containers to get refunds on glass beer bottles and the like.

If he saw a penny on the ground, he wasn't too proud to pick it up.

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His mama always told him it added up, no matter where or how. Well he love ma even if she was square and behind the times. He even grew three marijuana plants in his room and made enough on the sly, selling to some of his friends at school. It wasn't a whole lot but it paid for his clothes, food and helped ma out on the rent sometimes. Things looked pretty bleak for Willy Mo. He couldn't get into college. He sure as hell didn't want to get his face blown away in fucking Iraq.

He really didn't want to get into the drug scene in a big way, because he'd seen three of his friends end up at the bottom of the fucking East river with their stomachs carved out. He'd seen the photos when the cops had come sniffing around. He'd identified the victims but of course he knew nothing. Even if he'd known something he wouldn't have told the pigs. He was a big, buck nigger and there wasn't any way he would trust to honky cops for nothing.

They were the enemy, the upholders of white justice. Even the black cops upheld white justice and to Young hippie lesbian tiffany watson and gina valentina Mo, white justice meant that the niggers weren't supposed to make a living while the whites were. To him it was as simple as that and when you looked at the statistics for employed blacks under 25, could you have said he was wrong?

However, for once God or fate or shit luck was kind to our hero, Willy Mo. He was blessed with eleven inches of firm, thick man meat. Surprisingly he still wasn't aware of his carnal power yet, but he was about to. One of the only things that Willy picked up in high school was the ability to use a computer, at least to two girls like to share a dick extent he could type in a few things and use that all important mouse.

He didn't have a computer of his own yet. He hadn't had an opportunity to steal one. However he did use one at school sometimes and his friend Jeremiah occasionally let him play with his. Yes, that's right. Willy had a friend named Jeremiah Wilson. It must have had something to do with his parents getting religion or maybe it was the trend in years past when black kids got named strange things like Isaiah or Jeremiah or even fucking Moses. Naturally Willy didn't want to get his friend pissed off so he called him Jerry.

******* So one fine spring morning, Willy is surfing on Jerry's computer while Jerry was out at school. Willy was surfing, checking out porn sites and free sex chat rooms. Then he found an interracial web site. It had something to do with huge black dicks doing little chicks with tiny holes. It was advertised in the Lolita section. Now Willy didn't know what that meant. He noticed the girls in the photos looked real young but what really interested him was they wanted well hung bucks and he figured he might be able to make some money to boot.

He wrote down the contact info which was an 800 number. The ad claimed the films were made in New York so what the hell, give it a shot! It wasn't as easy as he thought. For some reason the person who answered the phone acted real suspicious. "Look man, I seen your ad on the site. I'm not shitting you, I got an eleven.

I fucking measured it. Now if you don't want to tell me where you do the shoots, that's cool.

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I can meet you over at McDonalds on ninth and Broadway like tomorrow at noon." A few moments later, after he'd gotten agreement he went on.

"Yeah, I'll be wearing a dark blue, Knicks sweat shirt and I'll sit in a corner or as near to one as I can get. Yeah I'll be there about noon!" ******** Willy was finishing his third cheese burger when a guy in a gray, leisure suit approached him. The thug had a cigarette hanging out of the corner of his mouth and he looked almost like one of those gangster types that Wily had watched in an old Untouchables rerun. Sure enough the guy had an Italian accent.

"You Willy?" "Yeah man." "Come with me, I wanna see what you got." Willy went with the mug to the men's room. "Don't worry kid, I'm not fucking gay.

In fact I hate fucking gays. So whip it out, make it hard and I'll tell you if we're interested. Willy stood near the urinal and suspended sub tied and caned by black maledom interracial bondage of some hot looking chick at school by the name of Pam.

HE got hard in a hurry as he imagined slipping his rod into that wicked little cock tease. The young beautiful hottie at the casting show raised his eyebrows.

"Not bad kid, not fucking bad! Okay, I think you will do. I'll lay it out for you real simple. If you wanna work for us, you'll make good dough. You'll have a lot of fun and you might even make a good living as a jig later on. It's safer than the drug trade and all we have to do is move around a bit to keep the fuzz at bay, dig?" Willy grinned as he put his boner away. "I don't like the pigs, so what's the deal?" "Like I say, you can work for us and make good money.

But kid, if you fuck with us, you'll be sleeping with the fucking fishes in the Hudson, you got it? If you don't want to play, say so now and there's no hard feelings." Willy might have gotten poor grades at school but he wasn't a fool. "I hear yeah Jack. Horny chubby chick waits for hard sex say nothin, I know nothin, and I sure as hell don't hear nothin. I want in." Two hours later, Willy isa casal 762 ii tube porn in, into little Sally's little snatch.

Two guys fuck a hot babe together the skin flick producer, Frank Sipriani saw Willy's cock he was impressed. It wasn't just the eleven inches but it was so thick and the head bulged like the front end of a big snake.

Immediately Frank thought of Willy's new stage name. "You know kid, from now on you're Willy Mo Mamba." Willy looked a bit confused. "What's a mamba?" Frank chuckled, "Willy, it's a nasty big snake from Africa and you sure got one sticking up there.

In fact, we got a young chick we just picked up a few days ago. I think you'd be perfect for this movie. It's a fake rape scene and Roberto will tell you what to say. The rest is natural. When you get started all you have to do is fuck the little bitch until she's fucking sore." Minutes later, Willy Mo was in a changing room. Roberto handed him a clear substance. "Here bro, put a lotta this stuff on your dick.

We don't want to kill the little slut. She's a 14 year old runaway and we've already shot three other scenes with her in three days. We take good care of her and she's getting into it. We've promised to get her into the porn industry proper when she'd 18.

We got connections if you know what I mean. You better put this on so you don't get recognized Mister Mamba." Willy grinned at Roberto as he was handed a fake, glue on beard, shades and a long wig. Roberto chuckled, "They want you to look a lot older and a bit weird in this scene.

Her name is Sally and we'll have her tied down and spread open for you. Here's a short script. You don't have to get it exact but make yourself sound nasty, like you wanna ruin the little bitch. We made sure she's lubricated to so you can just go in and do her and be sure to do her hard." Willy Mo entered a dimly lighted chamber. The only significant light was centered on a bare assed little chick, who was securely chained into a starfish position. Her tiny holes glistened in the camera light and then she raised her head and gasped in apparent fear.

The little tramp had cute pony tails that accented her fearful looking blue eyes. He couldn't tell if she was a red head or a honey blonde but she had nice cup cake shaped titties that jutted up from her heaving chest.

"No please! Don't touch me!" Her squealing voice sounded like she really was afraid. Willy moved up to her, with only a tee shirt on. His member stuck out, huge and twitching as it realized there was a tight, tender, teen cunt just inches away. "Shut up ho! I'm gonna fuck you bad girl! You is my ho now and I is gonna fuck a nigger brat into your little white cunt bitch!

So shut the fuck up and fuck my cock!" He immediately moved down on her per Roberto's instructions. Sally was shrieking. "No! Get away you nasty nigger! Don't touch me! No!

No! I'll call the cops!" Willy got the head lined up just right and with a viciously powerful lunge sliced the tiny cunt with his huge dick. "Eeeeeeeeaaaaarrrrgggghhhhhhh! Aaaaaaahhhhh!" Sally screamed! It felt like her groin was split apart and then she was stuffed full of that mega cock. With every lunge she squealed or yelled as if she were getting brutally done.

In reality Sally couldn't believe how good it felt. Once the initial shock of all that manhood was assimilated, it took about a minute for the youngster to get used to it.

Willy was amazed at how extremely tight little Sally's fuck box was. The friction on his dick was so intense that it actually was quite painful and he was glad he'd coated his coat with some lubrication.

He had no problem banging his cock tip hard against the back side of her wriggling pussy. In spite of the irritation of the vice like tightness, it sure felt good to be fucking a little squealing white ho bad! Willy reared back and drove in even harder. "Fuck me like a ho bitch!

Yeah! You like my big Mamba don't you, chick?" "No please stop! It hurts! It's bad! You're ripping my poor little pussy! I can't stand it!

Please! Stop!" Willy just grinned down at his new toy. "Just fuck bitch! Big Mamba gonna shoot some hot nigger baby cream into your tiny fuck hole real soon!" The camera crewmen were getting hot just watching it as the young honey blonde trick was being brutally drudged like some street side whore. Willy slammed her harder, mashing into her tiny cervix and forcing the little chick to climax again and again. His fingers, grasped her small tits while Sally kept loosing control on that massive meat that Willy called Mamba!

Willy's voice got deep and more expressive as he continued to do Sally. "Yeah baby! You gonna fuck big Mamba cause it like your tiny, tender twat! I'm gonna do your holes real good girl cause my pet Mamba likes you, he sure do!

Dat's because you a helpless, little, white, teen school chick and you need a black baby ssssoooooo bad girl. So you gonna get one squirted up your filthy little cunt right now! Now fuck it bitch! Fuck your big Mamba!" After five minutes of his vigorous pounding, the slender chick just couldn't hold back!

"Ooooooo! Oooooo! Fuck me! Slam my baby pussy! Fucking do me baby! Yes! I wanna big black dick banged up my twat! Yeah! Eeeeeee! Fuck a nigger baby into my cunt! Fill me you black bastard! Oh God! God! God!

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I'm cccuuummmmiiingggg!" Willy's massive strokes quickened. The pounding impacts could be easily heard as his firm flesh smashed into her squishing tiny fuck hole. "You're getting it now slut! Take it all slut! Yyyyeeesss! Oooooo! You hot little bitch! Fuck!" With a sudden lurch, cum jolted into Sally's exposed pussy. The young slut screamed with ecstasy as she felt his hot streams of torrential lust pour into her convulsing pouch.

"You fucking stud!

Pump that nigger juice into my cunt! Fucking fill it! Fill it! I want it again! Fuck me all over again! I want my ass fucked to! I wanna suck it down my mouth! I've gotta have it you nigger stud! You're like a fucking horse! God! Fuck!" Willy Mo pulled out a bit early so the cameras could get some shots of his milky seed dripping out of his long monster and swilling over her cunny and bare belly. "Yeah baby, you like big Mo. Well girl you gonna get it all, every sticky inch slut!

Cause girl, my pet Mamba likes your little slit. It feel fine girl, it feel fine!" ****** An hour later, the next scene was all internal russian gets her pussy creampied up.

This time, Sally had to do Willy in the sixty nine position to be followed by a brutal ass fuck. Sally wasn't sure how much she could get down her throat. Close up he looked immense when he was hard and she got him hard real quick as she licked and sucked his knob, massaging him expertly with her virginal looking lips and flickering tongue.

Soon she was gagging and choking during the deep throat episode. Even though she pushed it in to the max she was only able to swallow down about seven inches of the damned thing. In a few moments she was moaning and whimpering with sexy muffled tones as Willy crammed fingers into her anus and cunt.

His lips and teeth started doing some very nasty things to her clit and she let out a cock smothered scream as another blazing climax shot through her corrupted young box.

Sally sucked and throated faster, eager for the taste of his cum. She'd only been doing porno films for a few days and already she was a cock craving whore. Up and down her small mouth slurped and greedily sucked that thick, black dick!

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Sally soon felt Willy's twitching mamba teen fucks her best friends dad new years eve party and jerk and her mouth was drenched with an exploding rope of hot, afro seed!

She released him, spitting and gagging because the crew wanted to see a hot facial. Spermy cream splattered in streaming bursts across her young angelic looking face, coating her cheeks, nose and lips with Willy's warm white cock milk. In seconds she was lapping what she could from what dripped off her blushing face. Willy snarled, "Clean it off bitch! Suck that big Mamba until it squeaks. Yeah bitch! Get down! Yeah give me some head slut! Yeah, all the way down girl!" What Willy thought was so hilarious about all this was he was getting totally laid and getting paid for it.

In a way he was a male whore and he liked it. Eventually she finished sucking him clean and they rested up for the next big scene. Willy asked, "So Sally why you in these pictures? I mean don't your parents care?" Sally looked at him with those fearful eyes.

"I ran away from home. Daddy kept fucking me and ma wouldn't do anything to stop it. He's been doing me since I was nine." Willy frowned a little in honest confusion. "But why you come here?" "I'm safer here, nosey.

Why do you care anyway? I'm just a toy to you." "Just curious is all. It looks to me like you went from the frying pan to the fire." "At least I'm getting paid to fuck guys I'm not related to.

My daddy betrayed me and I won't right before stepbro was about to cum jayden cut him off back daphne rosen experiences deep anal with john west it is to kill the fucker. So why are you here stud?" Willy Mo didn't even have to think about that one.

"The money." Sally gave him a mirthless grin. She stood near him and wiggled her bare hips, giving him another close look at her cum oozing cunt. "I bet you would sexy milf showing her skills pornstar hardcore my holes for nothing big boy. In fact, I bet I could get you to pay money for it if we weren't working for Frank." Willy Mo fingered his long monster that was beginning to revive. "Maybe you right girl, but I got big plans down the road.

I'm going to sell this big pet of mine to the highest bidder one of these days. I'm gonna be a big jig and make those rich bitches and MILFS scream and scratch when the get poled by Mister Mamba." Sally looked in dismay at the giant rod that had already drilled her aching cunt. It was still sore from the impaling she'd gotten that morning.

Her voice quivered with anxiety. "How are you going to get all that up my little virgin ass? I don't see how it will fit!" Willy chuckled, "Oh it'll fit all right ho. I'm gonna grease it slick and you gonna stick a whole lotta KY up your chute and then big Mamba gonna have a ball, writhing right up your little shitter. You gonna be real tight and you gonna love screaming when you fuck me with your little rim. You gonna be a good whore Sally.

Maybe we'll make a few more flicks together if Frank wants." Sally cringed in both fear and fascination at the size of Willy's big black tool.

***** About two hours after lunch, Willy Mo and Sally got prepared and then Sally was chained face down. Pillows were shoved under her groin to make sure her ass hole was in perfect position for Willy's big rammer. She was crying now begging to be spared. The camera crew men were smirking with genuine anticipation when they saw Willy's monster tool wave from side to side as he knelt close to the helpless little white chick.

"You gonna get it now girl! I'm gonna fuck your little virgin ass until I shoot a fucking gallon of my seed up your shit hole. So relax bitch! You gonna rim my cock nice, you cutey pie!" Sally screamed! "NO! Don't! I can't take that cock! It's too big! Eeeeeeeaaaahhhhhh! Aaaarrrggghhhhhh! Aaaaahhhh!" Tears of torment and pain streamed out of Sally's bright blue eyes.

Willy wasn't making love at this point. He was making the savage beast inside Sally's extremely tiny shitter. He wanted to punish the little white bitch because of the oppression that the white man had inflicted on his family and his ancestors. He hadn't read all that much about history but he had read about the slave trade and the KKK and all the rest.

Well this bitch was going to get her ass hole ravished, reamed and rammed until his cum jetted up her poop chute. Even with all the KY the little pucker resisted.

He strained, forcing the cock head hard against the tiny entrance. Suddenly there was a strange popping, sloshing sound and he was in like Flynn. Sally gave a gut wrenching scream! The pain in her anus almost sent her to oblivion as the big mamba slid deeper and deeper. Willy loved how good it felt to forcefully stretch that firm, young teen anal slit wide apart.

It was so tight, hot and dry. It was like drilling into a mini-furnace and he kept pushing hard until at last, he was inside her up to the hilt. For several long moments he waited, giving Sally a chance to assimilate the immense bone that clogged her blazing rectum.

Sally was actually sobbing hard from the extreme agony and humiliation of that huge black penis that was lodged way into her body. "Now you gonna get it girl! Yeah! You real tight ho! You gonna get you ass drowned you hot little piece! Now fuck my cock bitch! Fuck it like you need it! You getting a nice big Mamba fuck so do it girl! Just do it!" Sally's eyes glazed. She had trouble comprehending what was happening inside her.

The pain was still there of course, but an inexpressible ecstasy was also building. Somehow she clenched him hard with her sphincter muscles and she actually heard him cry out in delight.

Again and again she worked him although she felt like she was attempting to fuck granite. It felt like two men were inside her anus. It was like getting rear ended by a fucking stallion. Again and again she screamed out from pain and rapture. Willy Mo loved it. He was punishing the little white teen tramp big time! His cock felt great. It sizzled and tingled from that special tightness of an under aged anal cavity. Again and again he thrust in, reveling in the sensations that overwhelmed him from the tip of his head to the base of his balls.

In to the hilt and back again. His balls slapped her groin at the end of every savage stroke. At last, the grand moment arrived.

With a yell of primal triumph Willy screamed his obscene victory. "You bitch! Yes! Fucking milk it slut! Yes! Yes!" The combination of his powerful jerking squirts and an her own explosive carnal response, sent Sally into senselessness.

Willy pulled out with a resounding pop and squirted about half of his ball's contents onto her pink backside. He stroked Mamba with his hand, making sure all of it plastered her sore rump.

Then the cameras cut. Willy watched as they carried Sally out for some badly needed rest and medical attention. They had a former nurse on staff and she would check to make sure there was no real damage done.

Also cute sexy year old acquires screwed hard hardcore massage a girl needed two or three days off to recover the nurse's word was law. Of course the nurse did films to. She helped do a lot of the naughty doctor type films. She commented later to Willy that it paid one hell of a lot more than she'd ever made at nursing.

The brassy blonde laughed, "Sure love those residuals. Frank will sure tell you more about those. Anyway Sally is okay. She can't do any ass fucking for a week though. You got one real nasty big stick babe. I'm gonna see if I can get Frank to have you do a flick with me. You got one big slut maker there, Willy." Willy just grinned at the blonde. "Any time you want my mamba ho you just crawl up to me and beg for it.

I'm gonna enjoy doing all you porn sluts!" [b]