Really blonde teen and drink cum piss fast times with family strokes

Really blonde teen and drink cum piss fast times with family strokes
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Carry On My Wayward Son By Jax_Teller©2017 It had been a great week of celebrations and rowdy parties around camp and tonight had been more of the same. I was walking through the cabin when I heard a noise and went to investigate. I looked into the den and got a glimpse of a young woman sitting naked on mans lap bouncing up an down. I looked away and then noticed the pants in a pile at their feet as my Son's pants.

I looked away and closed the blanket door as I walked on. I smiled euro sluts are all about gangbang hardcore and groupsex myself in the knowledge that he was maturing, as it seemed just last month he had ignored a woman dancing naked around the fire pit who was obviously performing for him.

He was a good guy always willing to help anyone in need, but the dancing woman was curling her finger at him and bending over while dancing always facing him. He seemed oblivious to the females who were coming on to him. I was walking back out to the fire pit when it occurred to me I didn't recognize the young woman currently riding my son's dick like a wild stallion.

I went over and asked Sheila who the girl was that Mark, my son, had gone off with. She said she hadn't seen, and that the only younger female around this evening was Sue.

I said you mean the neighbor's son/daughter Sue? Sheila said yeah, that she had noticed how feminine and well dressed she was tonight. I thought about the scene I had walked in on and yeah, I guess it could have been Sue. Sue was transitioning from male to female and had a nice set of tits growing, due to the hormones.

I knew Mark and Sue had played together as children being less than a year apart big brother wife and small brother sex age and next door neighbors. Tom my neighbor wasn't happy at his son's choices and had thrown him out a few times only to take him back a few days later when he calmed down. A couple of those times Sue had stayed with us, and I wonder now, if there was anything between Sue and mark sexually then. Either way it didn't matter now, as long as they were happy I really could care less.

The fire was dyeing down and most of the a bit of butt with legal age teenager attractive girlie had paired off and went to nest for the night.

Sheila passed a bowl to me and I partook enjoying the rich flavor of the herb. Sheila was 40 yrs old single by way of divorce and a regular at my camp. I asked her if she'd like to stay the night, giving her my best twinkle of the eyes look, and she looked me up and down and asked if I was feeling frisky. She knew me all too well, as she had been there for me when my wife died. She had pulled me through some hard times and never asked for a thing.

I said yeah I am, and you look well, you are just glowing in fire light tonight. She smiled and leaned into me melting into my side. I put my arm around her and kissed her, softly at first and then deeper with more of an urgency a primal need.

Sheila and I had slept in the same bed before and made love a few times, but the look in her eyes tonight was lust. As we broke our kiss, she walked over to the picnic table, I thought to grab her things, to go to my nest, what usually had happened in the past.

This time though she pushed things back, clearing the end of the table and then she turned putting her butt to the edge of the table. She undid the buttons on her blouse and let her shorts fall to the ground. It was at that moment I realized she was bra-less, and had no panties on under her shorts. She stepped out of the shorts and sat up on the edge of the table. I didn't need any encouragement stepping between her legs hugging her to me and kissing her some more.

I fondled her breasts as we kissed and she undid my pants letting them drop to the ground, as she grabbed my cock. She stroked and tugged on my cock pulling me into her. We broke our kiss and our separation allowed the right angle for her to rub the head of my cock into her wet slit. I saw the raw lust in her eyes in the flickering light of the fire dancing behind me, and grabbed her behind the knees pulling them up as she laid back to her elbows.

I pushed and my cock slid easily into her wet pussy. Sheila cried out oh yes! And I noticed some movement on the trail down to where we were. It didn't matter as I could care less who saw us or if they wanted to pull up a chair and watch. I pulled my cock back and slammed it in her rocking her backward and then repeated. She Fuck yes, please, please I need to come. I did my best to fuck her hard and deep, picking up my pace as I felt her get wetter and wetter.

The sound of my cock sloshing in and out of her and her vocalizations, grunting, moaning and begging for more, filled the night air. By this point I knew I was going to come no matter what happened, nothing would stop it at this point. I could have been shot in the back of the head it didn't matter my cock was about to explode.

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I could sense that there were eyes on us and I didn't care, fucking Sheila to orgasm was all that was in my mind. Then it happened Sheila yelled "I am coming" and that was all it took my cock exploded dumping load after load of come in her pussy as she jerked and squirted come all over me as I continued pummeling her pussy until I could barely stand.

I held her legs up and open as I let my cock escape her pussy and shoot one more volley of come from her clit to her chin. I heard a female voice say wholly crap, and then gasp and silence.

I didn't look, it didn't matter, I had a beautiful woman in front of me glowing in post orgasmic bliss covered in my come. I let Sheila's legs drop to my shoulders as I knelt down and began to lick her pussy, eating my come from her. Sheila moaned and held my head in place as she had another orgasm. As I lifted my head I saw Sue sucking on Sheila's right nipple, and then I saw Mark opposite Sue sucking on Sheila's left nipple. I leaned back and stood up, and Sexy gf anal rammed and caught on camera hand met with Marks as they met at Sheila's pubic mound.

They continued to rub circles around her clit occasionally taking a finger of come to their mouths to lick off. As if a silent word had ordered them they stopped and looked at me, all three, and separated. Sue and Mark sat together as I helped Sheila to her feet and then to the bench opposite Sue and Mark.

I sat as well and Jessica another friend came out of the shadows naked and asked if anyone would like a beer. We all said yeah in unison, and she sauntered over to the cooler. I noticed the sway of her cute little butt never having seen it before. She brought back the beers and passed gorgeous slut eliza ibarra was seduced by daisy for a lesbian fuck about.

She said she had heard stories of the table fucking sessions but never witnessed one before tonight, and that she had an orgasm, watching us from the edge. It seemed like the perfect ice breaker and I said well done, and maybe next time you can ride the table to orgasm. We all giggled and laughed, and drank, and as the fire danced I caught Mark's eye and he said are you ok with this, nodding to Sue's hand in his, and I said son if you are happy I am happy for you.

We finished another round of beer, and then Sue and Mark went off to his nest. Jessica was a beautiful woman of 28 yrs, classic golden sun touched skin, perfect teeth and smile, she had been around for years, but I'd never seen her naked before.

Her tits weren't very large but had no sag, and puffy large nipples. Her suntan had no lines, and as she adjusted I could see a slight landing strip of fine very blonde hair. Sheila asked Jessica if she would like to sleep with us, and my mind just went off the charts hyper active. Jessica asked if there was room for her, and Sheila said oh yeah honey we'll make room for you. I knew I liked her but now she was my best friend. Sheila got up and went over to Jessica and held out her hand to guide Jessica to her feet.

As Jessica landed on her feet Sheila pulled her in close and kissed her, letting her one hand drape down and grab Jessica's butt.

I stood and gathered clothes and they followed me to my nest. I stoked the fire in the fire place just to take the chill off the cooling night air, and when I turned to the bed, Sheila was buried face first in Jessica's pussy. Sheila's butt was fully exposed and wide open, one of her hands ran between her legs rubbing her clit.

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I stood for a second watching them, and then moved onto the bed laying next to Jessica. I kissed her and began playing with her tits, lightly twisting the nipples when she grabbed my hand and forcefully grabbed and pulled on her tit. It was way rougher than I would have been not knowing what her preferences were. Jessica's body shuddered and shook as we broke our kiss and Sheila looked up at us as she licked her way up to Jessica's belly button. She slithered up Jessica and laid on her other side, and we went to sleep on her, lightly kissing one another until we were all asleep.

In dream land deep sleep, we moved about and adjusted until we were all on our sides, Jessica the filling of our sandwich. I was stirred awake by Sheila getting out of bed, and I snugged back to Jessica, my soft cock resting in the curves of her cute little ass. The next time I woke it was the sun shining in my eyes, and the urgency to pee. Standing up I looked over Jessica and hoped she'd still be there when I got back. When I stepped out of the bathroom Jessica was just nearing the door, and I let her pass by.

I laid back down and noticed the sounds out side, indicating there were folks out at the fire pit. I could clearly hear the morning after party clean up. Jessica stood in the bathroom doorway and the light shone on her luscious skin.

She asked if she should go help, and I said no, Mark would handle the morning, it was his thing. She said he is a good guy, I said yeah, he's all right.

Jessica then turned slightly and told me how she'd hoped chanell heart and jenna foxx take big white dick big black cock average tits hookup with him, and was slightly disappointed, but happy that he found someone. I told her that I thought he was just slow, and that I had not seen him and Sue hooking up and wondered how long they'd been involved.

She said she had been interested in Mark for a few years but he'd been under age. I heard a truck pull in and then there was a knock on the door. Mark said the UPS guy has a package that needed signed for. I told him I'd be right there, and as I got dressed I knew I wouldn't be back to bed.

After signing for the package my sense of smell kicked in and noticed the bacon smell permeating the house. I met Jessica on the way to the kitchen where Mark was making breakfast. As he moved about I could tell he'd had a change, that he was content, happy. Sue came into the kitchen wearing a loose fitting pair of cut off shorts and a sports bra, and it was clear that they were now a couple.

Jessica and I ate and then she left out for work, her life, and all I could do was hope she'd come back around soon. I went back to my room, and on the mirror in the bathroom was a phone number written in soap.

I went about the rest of the day getting used to seeing Sue and Mark openly affectionate with each other. Sue was very attractive and unless you knew about him, sexy brunette rides dildo on cam camgirl and boobs would think he was a woman. The evening brought back the regulars, and Sheila came right to my side and began flirting with me. She wasn't usually the initiator, but it seemed that had changed too.

Chris a young buck was drinking heavily and he came over to where I was and said so I heard that the table got a work out last night. The rumors of the table fucking were always afloat but this time it was a reality. Before I could say anything Sheila spoke up and said yeah, it's true Jax here fucked me silly right there on the end of the table. Chris said lucky bastard, and Sheila said why, you want to get laid or something. Chris said he'd help pull that train.

Sheila said well then, and moved some things from the end of the catering big ass teen fucks her client. Chris started over to the table eyeing Sheila when she said well drop your pants and get up on grandfather fucked daughter in law sleeep table. He looked at her like she'd dared him to commit suicide. He said no I thought, and she interrupted him and said do you want to come or not.

More people started to gather round watching the banter. He stuttered for a second and she nudged him backward to the table pulling at his pants until they were around his ankles. His cock popped out of his underwear hot babes babes and slimy blue soap she yanked them off him. There were a couple cheers as she pushed him back and grabbed his cock fisting it roughly.

She roughly fucked his cock with her hand almost punching down hitting his balls. She slid her mouth over the head of his cock continuing to jerk his cock at a speed blurring vision. She slid her mouth off his cock and pointed to Terry a fifty something cougar that was standing very close by and she took his cock in her mouth. Terry took over jerking his cock in her mouth and Sheila barked at him do you wanna come or not you pathetic little bitch.

He glared at her, and moaned loudly as she slapped him across the face. Do you ? She barked at him and he answered yes mam. She moved next to Terry and took some of the drool from his balls and shoved two fingers in his asshole. He cried out in pain and she said shut up you little bitch, and shoved her fingers in deeper.

He jumped as Shelia started slamming her fingers in and out with lightening speed. You ready to come you pathetic fuck? And before he could answer she turned her hand and used her thumb to massage the spot under his balls as she continued to finger slam his asshole. Terry slid her mouth off his cock and jerked his cock as come began to flow in a solid stream at first and then spurts.

He jerked and cried as his dick spewed load after load of come all over himself. He collapsed on the table to a round of applause and cheers, Terry and Sheila both stepped back and kissed and then turned away. Chris laid there for a minute covered in his own come and it was then he noticed a few of the party goers had cameras recording him. He tried to get up but was so spent he just laid back and the crowd disbursed. Sheila said now there is evidence of the table fuck for everyone to see and she offered him a hand up to his feet.

He bent over to pull his pants on and Terry slapped his ass hard, and said if your a good boy, maybe you can come again later. He jumped to his feet and buckled his pants, and Sheila said now you know what it feels like to be on fucking display. The rest of the evening went as usual,some folks coming in and others going out. The unusual part was the videos being shared with the incoming folks of Chris getting pegged on the table.

He hung around and there were some tense moments when one guy offered to fuck him on the table, but he hung around anyway. Terry stayed around too, and clearly circling Chris for some action later. It was dark the fire roaring and most of the folks had either gone home or paired up and gone off to nest when Terry called Chris out. She said so You wanna ride the table again sweet cheeks. Chris said no quickly but she wasn't letting go, and said she'd let him taste her pussy and if he was good maybe she'd let him fuck her.

He pretended not to be interested at first but she kept on him and then Sheila said she'd make sure he came again and he gave in. He wasn't expecting them to pounce like they did but with in a minute they had him naked on his back on the table again. He tried to say no cameras, but Terry was just pulling her panties off and shoved them in his mouth, and said no deal, I want a recording. He didn't fuss much as Sheila pulled his arms over his head and knelt on his arms smothering his face with her pussy.

Terry said hey I thought he was going to eat me, and Sheila said fuck him, then make him eat you honey. She said even better and moved up onto the table sliding his cock in her pussy. She rode him like a bronco to the point the table was starting to creek at the motion.

She stopped moving and then rocked for a second taking his load in her pussy. Sheila said switch and yanked the panties out of his mouth as she dismounted him.

Terry quickly mounted his face his fresh load of come dripping from her pussy onto his face. They stayed that way for a few minutes and Sheila pulled a strap on cock out of her bag and strapped it on. The few still gathered around cheered and clapped as she stepped between Chris's legs stroking the big black cock dangling in front of her. She grabbed him behind the knees bending then up to his chest and Terry took hold of them. Sheila worked her cock around Chris's balls gathering hiscome on her dick and then pushed slightly in his asshole.

He jumped as much as he could with Terry sitting on his face her legs holding his arms down. Sheila barked stop it or it will just hurt more, and as he relaxed she pushed the huge head of her cock in his asshole. All could hear his muffled cries as she pushed in and out until a large portion of her cock was deep inside him.

He settled down and Sheila started to fuck him with a steady rhythmic pace, and then pointed to his dick drawling the attention of the few who had phone cameras on. When they drew closer she said look the little bitch is loving it his little clit is getting hard again. She grabbed his cock and started stroking him as she was fucking him. She was in her glory slamming the cock into him as hard as she could. Terry slid back off of his face sitting on his arms, and said you want more don't you you little come slut.

Chris said no mam, please no more, and Sheila stoked his cock faster and harder, not fucking as hard. She said you want to come don't you bitch and he said yes mam, and she looked hot make out and blowjob from horny lovers at Terry and nodded. Terry scooted forward propping his head up in her lap so he could see Sheila fucking him.

Sheila said you want to come don't you slut, and he said yes mam, I am going to come, mam. Sheila stroked him faster and as he started to come she directed his cock so his come flew right into his face.

Chris tried to move out of the way and closed his mouth, but Terry held him in place and told him to open up. When he shook his head no, she slapped him until he opened his mouth tasting the last of his own load in his mouth.

Terry said good boy, and Sheila let her cock slide out of his asshole to grab his balls and pull down on them. His softening cock stood up right and she slid one hand up the shaft of his cock draining the last of his come into her hand and then she fed it to him.

He licked and sucked on her fingers cleaning his come from them. Terry said good boy as she moved off of him sitting on one of the benches. Sheila helped him to a sitting position and then ordered him to his knees leading him down with her fist of his hair.

She lifted the big black cock of hers and said now clean it up bitch. He looked up at her, and to the lights of the phone cameras and opened his mouth taking her cock until he gagged.

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She face fucked him for a few strokes and then let him go standing back,her big black fake cock in her hand. She helped him up to a bench seat and said good boy as she stood next to him.

He looked directly up at her bare tits towering over him and said thank you Mam. That night Terry took Chris home with her and later sitting around the table I asked Sheila why she had a strap on cock with her in the first place. She said she liked women and men and sometimes she liked to be dominant with her cock. I said as long as she hot flexible teen fucked in the hotel try it on me, and we both laughed.

In reality I had been fucked up the ass before and enjoyed it, it was just the roughness at which she played that I wasn't interested in receiving. Sheila slept next to me but it wasn't a sexual at all, and I awoke alone at day break. I got up and went down the hall to the kitchen and as I past Marks room he was coming out.

I could see Sue laying naked in bed just as the door closed. He said you cool with her living here with us, and I said if you are happy then so am I. It was a quiet morning just Mark and I working around until Sue came out. We sat and talked as she ate breakfast, She knew my rules about consent and the clothing optional aspect of my place as we talked about it in depth. She was a good kid and I am sure Mark loved her as much as she loved him. Mark asked if they could have a wedding here, and I said sure and hugged them.

I voiced that I thought they were moving very fast, and Mark spoke up telling me they had been in love for a long while and just recently became sexually active. Mark went on to say that they had privately been engaged for a year and that now that they were out to me, that they were going to be out to the world.

I said Carry on, Son and a wedding we planned. The End Jax_Teller©2017