Our cocks are meant for blonde phoebe

Our cocks are meant for blonde phoebe
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I was exited coz my aunt Aisha was coming to visit me specially from out of city. i was xpecting the best birthday gift from her coz she was my favrite aunt. lemme give a brief detail about her.

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28years of agefair complexionblack long hairsheight.maybe around 5'5" .a neat curvy ass.and one of the best pairs of breasts i have ever seen in my life. she came early the morning of my birthday. every one was happy coz i was the favrite kid for them and i really got things going around the house. in the afternoon the parents decided to go to the market to buy things for the party and had no hesitation leaving me behind with my aunt. me and aunt Aisha were very close to each other.apart from the age difference we talked about everything whenever we got a chance to talk.

she was dressed in typical asian SARHI which was dark blue in color. there was some space between the blouse and the skirt of SARHI .leaving her belly bare .but that was covered with a thin cloth which wasnt really HELPING much.

after the parents leftaunt Aisha and i started to talk about different things like my skool and frendsthen she asked me something to which after listening to i hot booty gf riding a huge toy in this video for a moment.

she asked " Shahzad do you have a girl frend" ? after a sec or two i replied " yea.infact im working on my third one " i said with a cheeky smile. "Have you ever been close to them . i mean u know wat im trying to say? " she said. now why would be she intrested in this . i asked my self dat.but i replied " yes aunty i have been.and the girl i have now a days lost her virginity to me " she replied with a huge laafter and said that i was getting naughty day by day.

then she asked "Shahzad have you ever thought about me ? " "WAT" ?

was my immediate reply to her rather unusuall question. she asked " have you ever thought about touching ur aunty without thinking she is ur aunt and just a girl?


i was shocked to hear such questions from her.but kept my cool and frankly said " Well there are times when i think about kissing u.and you know see you naked young boy old lady xxx ultimately DO IT with you.but hey im not gonna sign a document about it ".

i said doing my best to keep my calm "Shahzad you have always been so close to me.i share everything with you.and now i want to share my body with you ". she said in a soft seducing voice my brain was having a heartattck.was my aunty really offering her body to me ? " i said aunty Aisha its true that i have thought about you that way but never thought about doing it in reality" i said in a low tone " Shahzad i know you dont wanna miss this chance ( which obviously i didnt ).come in my arms ".

with that she pulled me towards her and tried to kiss me. " AUnty plz." i said in a objecting manner but i was a lil too late . her lips had already touched mine and were moving slowly rubbing up and down in a soft gentle manner. this was one of the best kisses i ever had with any of the girls.her lipsticked hot lips were touching against mine in a very romantic movement.

i wanted to break apart but her hands were locked softly behind my back and the feeling forced me to do the same. after a long passionate kiss we finally broke apart .ah.her eyes were sparkling like crystals and her satin lips were asking me to touch them.

we again went in a kiss but this time it was me who took the initiativei managed to open her mouth which allowed are toungues to meet and went into a soft dance. "Mmmmmmmmmm." she mumbled during our kiss while i was moving my hands slowly upon her bare part of the body ( between the SARHI and BLOUSE).

her breath was getting heavy and finally we broke from our long kiss. i then pushed her closer to xianna hill is giving bambino a deep throat blowjob body and starting to lick her neck with my toungue.during my dick got hard and because she was close to mewas pressing again her body. she noticed it and unziped my pants and put her hands inside it and started to rub it gently.

THAT WAS IT.i decided that im not going to be an obidient nephew any more.i pushed her back on the beautiful arab teen bj lesbosss sons with mia khalifa started to kiss her wildly with her hand stilll in my pants after i broke with the kiss i dropped my pants and the dick popped out right infront of her mouth. "Are you going to." before i complete my sentenced i felt the warm touch of her tongue rapped around my dick in her mouth.

i could hardly believe it that my aunty Aisha was giving me a blowjob and she was better than any of my previous girlfrends.she sucked on it with some skill and the pain in my balls were growing every seconed. i told her dat i was gonna shoot . but she ignored my warning and kept on sucking and licking my dick. i couldnt take it much longer and shot my load in her mouth . and surprisingly she drank and sucked every drop of it.

after that thrilling moment i took her blouse and sarhi off .and to my surprise she wasnt wearing a underwear . she saw that i was a lil surpise at NO UNDERWEAR thing and said " dont worry this was suppose to be a surprise ".

then she took out my shirt and we just started rubbing our body parts while our tongues were locked in each others mouth.i slowly broke the kiss and went for her breasts which were just perfect . juicy and round with tiny but hard nipples. i started to suck her breasts and she started to moan .i went for the left breast and then the right and she moaned something like " mmmm.ummmm.uhhhhh ". after i was finished with her breasts i told her to move into 69.which she did xposing her pussy to me for the first time.

it was beautifull .without wasting any time my tongue was up there in her pussy licking her soft walls and i felt my dick in her mouth with her tongue continously licking it from shaft to the top.we did that for nearly 15 minutes and she had a couple of orgasm which i licked with no problems.then see took a moment and stared at my naked body and said." Shahzad ur just the way i imagined ." " and you're way more beautifull than i imagined aunt Aisha" i replied. then she gave me a stare and i could see the sign flashing in her eyes " FUCK ME".

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i told her that lets do it now.and i got between her legs and placed my dick rite on the enterance of her pussy.and with a jerk i inserted my dick into her warm pink pussy.

"AHHH" she cried while i moved in a gentle movement from right to left .and i started to pick up pace and switched to inward and outward movement .

her moaning got a bit louder while i was fucking her with xtreame pace " FUCK ME SHAHZAD.FUCK ME . OH GOD.OH FUCK.FASTER .OH FUCK .SHAHZAD FASTER.AHHHH AHHHH." she kept on repeating with xtreame pleasure.

after 10 minutes i told her that i was going to come but before i finished saying that i felt her cum bursting on my dick inside her.while she was screaming in pleasure.and then busty chick isabella clark gets impaled by fake agent came .and sprayed my love juice inside her pussy. after dat we layed there for about five minutes kissing each other while my dick was still inside her.then we went to the bathroom to take a bath together .she gave me two blowjobs in the shower while i kept on sucking her beautifull breasts.