Fantasyhd rikki six works out guys dick

Fantasyhd rikki six works out guys dick
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Thanks Fiction, Romance, Incest Sitting on his stomach I was surprised as to how far I had to spread me legs apart just to get my knees to touch the bed on either side of him. It almost felt like I was doing a split. As I prepared for my next step the butterflies swelled up in my stomach. Was I really going to do this? The hot wetness between my legs told me yes, and so did my desire to have him. I was going to take that final step, the one that would finally make me a woman. Leaning forward, with my hands on his chest, I lifted my hips up from my seated position and inched my way backward.

What felt like a trip across the country, in actuality, was only a few inches as my anticipation of feeling my prize grew. My heart was pounding in my ears and my breath was only a slight little flutter as it felt like my body was floating in midair, not connected to anything on the earth, but longing to be anchored to him in the most personal and intimate of ways.

My desire pushed me to move further, hoping that what I longed for was still there. Then I felt it. The soft smoothness of the tip of his cock coming to rest against the delicate folds between my legs, indicating that I had found my place, the prize I was after.

Then his stiffness became apparent as I moved further back over him, probing, almost daring me to push against him. I was a long way up from being able to sit down on him again. Would I be able to take all of him inside me? My mind raced around in wild circles as my weight began to push the end of his stiff member up inside me, digging him in just a little deeper.

Looking down at him this very pleasant smile came across his face as his cock started to enter my pussy. It was plainly evident he liked the way I feel to him from his expression and his movements. His big strong hands came up and gently enveloped my hips, taking almost all of my weight with his strong arms. My heart was now pounding so hard in my chest that Veronica vain sex stories nude storys am honestly surprised he could not hear it.

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It thumped over and over in my ears leaving me almost numb. I was really doing this! But then the sensations from my pussy took over once again and I snapped back into the reality of the situation. It was time to become a woman. With the support of his hands to help steady me I eased myself down, biting my bottom lip as I felt him begin to push up into me. Wider and wider my pussy stretched open to welcome my first guest ever into my most secret of places. Though having only taken in just the head of his cock it already felt like I was full.

But my trek down had only just begun. Thankfully I was soaking wet so his entry seemed almost effortless so far. But as that first inch disappeared up inside me I started to feel the hot hardness of his girth begin to spread me farther open.

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I couldn't help myself and I dug my fingers into his chest, not out of pain, but from the intense sensations from inside my pussy.

I was being pried open wider than I had ever been before, but I still had a long way to go. The look on his face also changed as another inch of him slid up into me. His mouth was now open but his smile was still prevalent as my pussy slowly began to encase his manhood.

A very slight audible moan escaped from his lips, urging me to continue, urging me to please him. I was more than happy to oblige in that very quest. I was going to have him, all of him, and that is all there was to it. I might have been afraid before, but now, we were way past that.

It would be pointless to stop now in that he was already inside me. I had to go on, I had to continue. If not for him then for me, I had to do it. I had to become a woman and complete my quest. As I saw it there simply was xxx blue film old man in bengali movies other choice.

I pressed down harder with my hips, teen girl ass fuck bigbreasted platinumblonde sweetheart cristi ann is on vacation to envelope all of him.

It felt like my pussy was being ripped wide open as more of his length entered me and eased up in toward my stomach. He felt huge inside me as I opened up wide to take him in. I swear it felt like my legs were being pushed out of the sockets at my hips as his cock dug deeper into me. Now I could feel him entering the pit of my stomach. I was almost there. The first few light wisps of his pubic hair began to tickle my ass and the inside of my thighs as I finally approached my destination.

I took in a deep breath and pressed down with my hips, forcing my pussy to swallow up the last bit of cock he had to offer. I thought my heart was pounding hard before, but those last two inches I took with my last move caused me to freeze in place.

I couldn't help the loud moan that resonated from my throat when my ass came to rest on his groin. I had reached my goal. My body felt like my skin was pulled tight over every last inch of me. I was trying to accommodate something inside me that was too big for a small 4 foot 10 frame.

And as it was now, with the feeling of a huge pole stuck up inside me into the pit of my stomach, I don't think I will ever be able to bring my legs together again. I rested all of my weight on his hips while I tried to assimilate the feelings I was experiencing. I felt so helpless yet in charge of the situation at the same time. My pussy was screaming at me, having been stretched open wider by this big hard cock than any of the hairbrushes or pens that had been in there previous to this day.

And the hardness, oh yes, the hardness. From the mouth of my body to my smashed cervix I could feel every last inch of that hot hardness mounting me on top of him. I was wide open from top to bottom. I could have just sat there for the next few days and enjoyed every last second of it, but the movement of his hand snapped me back into the hear an now and sent me flying over the top.

As gentle as a kitten rubbing his head against your hand in an attempt to get you to pet it, he eased his hand between my wide spread legs and lightly rubbed my hardened clit with his thumb. A bolt of lightning straight between my legs would not have been as powerful as the jolt I received when his thumb brushed over my hardened little nub. I arched my back and my pussy vainly tried to clamp down on the oversized pole stuck in me as I was sent blasting into my first cock induced orgasm.

I just barely remember seeing the look of pain on his face just before my eyes closed when my fingers sunk into his chest.

I couldn't make a sound as my body jerked forward in an attempt to increase the sensations. Every last muscle in my body tensed up, locking me in place to ride the tidal wave that was hammering me sexy hot girls had a party and group sex with pervy men a rag doll under a steam roller.

Each surge coincided with the movement of his thumb as my body jerked back and forth in uncontrollable spasms. His cock held firm, preventing me from any real movement while my pussy clung to that hot hardness. And my nipples ached because they were so hard, stabbing out into the open air from my round breasts while my clit screamed out my pleasure.

Sparks and lights flashed in my head and my body tingled all over as a hot flush consumed me like a wild fire. I was cumming bigger and harder than any of the "orgasms" I thought I had given myself while masturbating in bed.

I could just barely feel anything when I fell forward onto his chest, gratefully coming to rest on something firm after my trip through the stratosphere. I was breathing so hard yet we had just started.

How was I going to please him? I grasp onto his sides and tucked my hands under his back while I pressed all of my body down onto him. My breasts smashed out flat between us and my nipples finally got some relief as his hard chest took all of my weight. He brought his big hands up and cupped each of my ass cheeks, gently pressing me down and holding me in place while I recuperated from the intense pleasure he had just given me.

A low deep hum resonated from inside him as his arms moved up my back to give me a firm hug, making his chest vibrate under my super sensitive breasts. He was enjoying me! I knew I could not stay like this forever.

Even though my body did not want me to move I had to do it. I had to return the pleasure he had just given me. I had to make him feel just as good as he had made me feel. When the tingling had finally left my head and the world quit doing it's summersaults I quickly roused myself and resumed my seated position on him. I still felt very full, almost to the point of busting, but that was not going to hinder me any further. I gently placed my hands on his chest again and pushed down while lifting up with my hips.

Although my weight was coming off his hips my pussy was not letting go of its meal. My grip on him pulled at my insides, making it feel like I was pulling my pussy out of my body. Farther and farther I eased up but my grip was unrelenting. I was beginning to worry that I would not be able to get him out of me when he suddenly slipped free and pulled about a quarter of the way out. The sensations of his cock sliding out of me were 1000 times more powerful than I expected.

I could tell that I had blond babe double fucked by black cocks a lot in that his cock felt slick on its easy retreat. Not wasting a moment I pulled up about halfway, leaving my body feeling vacant where his cock had just been so nicely stuffed.

I didn't hesitate a moment before I pushed back down, driving him back in to where he had just been. He felt fantastic! The loud moan that came from him only encouraged me to continue.

Quickly I raised myself up again and repeated what I had just done, then again, and again, and again. I was fucking and loving every last moment of it! My pussy was finally getting the use I had so long desired.

Looking down I could tell that I was doing a good job and he was really enjoying what was happening. His big hands engulfed my tits, making them disappear from sight while my pussy did the same thing to his cock.

The expression of his face could only be described as pure pleasure as my body worked its magic on his now completely slick pole. All that was left now was to finish the job. For several minutes I bounced up and down his shaft, doing my best to take him as deep inside me every time. I now knew why my friends bragged about fucking all the time, it feels great! But then the feelings started to change.

His cock warm cum inside the pussy makes her sex good like it was getting bigger and harder. His breathing changed to short quick gasps and his ass rose up from the bed, pushing him deeper into me on each down stroke I made. I thought he was going to split my pussy open when he sudden released his grip on my tits and grasp me by my hips, pulling me down forcefully onto his now super hard cock.

Then I felt it. It was just a small little surge at first, almost like a twitch, but there was an undeniable hint of extra wetness inside me. Deep inside me. What happened next really took me by surprise. While his grip held me down he lifted his head up with his mouth wide open and let out a long howl as the first major blast from his cock erupted inside me. Instantly I could feel the hot wetness of his orgasm blast against the inside of my pussy.

But the heat was not where his cock was, it was in the front, right behind my bladder. His fingers tightened on my hips and I could feel his strength as his body tensed up. Blast after blast from his cock entered me, making the pit of my stomach feel hot and gooey.

I froze in place with my own mouth hanging open while my pussy accepted the deliciously hot gift. Finally, after what seemed like forever, his cock quick twitching and he dropped his ass back down to the bed.

I leaned forward onto his heaving chest, relishing the warm sensation in the pit of my stomach while I basked in the aftermath of my first real sexual experience.

It was right then that I felt that familiar twinge in my right side just below my belly button.

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The egg I had just released was going to have a lot of company in just a little while. I nuzzled my cheek into the crease of his neck while I hugged myself against him as tightly as I could. I was so happy. I had just become a woman with the man I loved the most in the whole world. And now, as my plan would have it, I was going to have his child. I picked my head up and kissed him very sweetly on the cheek, noting the bit of stubble he had from his long day at work.

When my mouth was just inches from his ear I said the only thing I could think of………"Thank you daddy." The End