Dominant sexy lady knows how to handle a man

Dominant sexy lady knows how to handle a man
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Being raised in a strict Mexican Catholic family, I was raised with a lack of most of the basic sexual facts, and remember being shielded from a lot of 'impure' things as a youngster. I don't remember how exactly, but somehow, sometime, I remember learning that my penis was something that was dangerous and bad. As such, even in 5th grade, I was very ignorant about things like puberty, sex, and masturbation.

It being the metallica y yo dandome placer shaved pussy masturbation and all, and coming from a poor family, we didn't have Internet, or even a computer, so you had to find porn the old-fashioned way through a magazine or on Cinemax late at night. Both were pretty much impossible, for me, at least, since we had one TV in the living room, and a pretty crowded house, meaning not much privacy.

I hadn't the slightest idea about how to find these materials, and in all honesty, didn't really have the desire to do so. I was a geeky, shy and chubby kid growing up, and always found it hard to make friends. I rode the bus home, but unlike a lot of kids, I pretty much kept to myself and either read, or enjoyed the stale, but pleasant scenery jogging past my window.

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In point of fact, I was often teased, and usually went out of my way, straight to the back of the vehicle, to avoid other kids, ignoring calls and taunts. One day, this method failed me outright. "Hey," said an unfamiliar voice coming from the seat directly in front of me. I kept reading my book. "Hey!" No matter how loud he yelled, I swore I wouldn't look up from my page. "HEY!!!!!!!!" Realizing that this kid's will outweighed mine, I relented, and my eyes met his.

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He leaned in close, as if he were about to spill a secret. "Do you jack-off?," he asked in a sneaky near-whisper. I was scared for two reasons first, I didn't know what jacking off meant at all.

I think I had heard the term before, but only from kids that I really didn't like, and thought it must have meant something bad. Second, I thought that my answer, either way, would probably result in this kid proceeding to tell everyone mom and son 1st night sex business, resulting in a lot of pointing and laughing.

I figured, at the least, asking another question would lead him astray, and possibly derail his line of questioning.

"With who?," I replied. "Haha, naw, man, it's something you do by yourself." Damn. My plan backfired. Not only did he now know that I didn't, he knew that I was totally clueless. "Well, do you wanna stop by my house and find out how?," he asked. "Um, where do you live?" "I live off Avenue C, right by Bloomberg. You wanna come by?" Like I said before, I had a really hard time making friends. Here was this kid, who not only wasn't harassing me, but was extending a hand of friendship out to me.

On top of that, he only lived about a block away from me, so I wouldn't get in trouble with my family for coming home too late.

Whatever jacking off was, I figure I'd go over to his place and find out how to do it. We got off the bus a few houses away from his. "By the way, I'm Antonio." "I'm Miguel." "Whose class are you in?" "I'm in Mrs. Koenig's class." Antonio looked a little familiar, and I had seen him around school a few times before. But since he was a grade behind me, in 4th, it made sense that I didn't see him around a lot, since they were in a totally different wing from the 5th graders.

It was years before I came out, or even realized I was queer, but even back then, I thought he was really cute. He had a slim, sporty build, very athletic and toned for just a boy, rich, bronze skin, and thick, shaggy dark brown hair that framed his gorgeous hazel eyes. It was a hot Spring day in Texas, so he was wearing a gray tank top, and his cute little butt was accentuated by the blue nylon basketball shorts that flowed around his luscious cheeks, revealing the pleasing shape to all.

We chatted a bit while walking the short distance from the stop to his house, and paused on the porch while Antonio fished in his pocket for a few seconds eventually, he pulled out a Dallas Cowboys keychain with a single key attached.

A few more seconds, and we were settled inside, switching on the window A/C unit to cool us off.

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He then turned on the TV, and changed it to the Simpsons, to my great delight. As it happened, we were both fans, and watched a few minutes of it together. After the second commercial break, he went to his room, and came back with an unlabeled tape. He turned on the VCR, and stuck it in. "Hey man, that was a funny episode!" "Trust me, you'll like this a lot better." After a few seconds of fuzzy and scrambled images, an image of a naked man and woman flashed across the screen.

They were by a pool, the man was leaning back on a chair with his legs spread open, and the woman was sticking his HUGE penis inside her mouth, moving it up and down. I felt like watching this might be wrong, but at the same time, I kinda liked it. Nonetheless, I was scared. "How'd you get this porno? What if your mom or dad come home and catch us?" "I never met my dad, and my mom works until really late tonight.

My cousin recorded this for me he's really cool. Actually, he's the one that taught ME how to jack-off." "Hey, and weren't you gonna teach me how to do that? I still don't even know what it is!" "Haha, I'm getting to that, man." And with that, he yanked his pants and underwear down in one quick, smooth motion.

His 3-and-a-half inch uncut penis pointed straight up at the ceiling, with a small, brown hairless sack that looked like two hanging marbles jutting down below it. His perfectly sculpted v-line angled down across his lower torso and drew attention to his blossoming boyhood. He angled his body between me and the TV, so that I could see everything that he was about to do. "Shit, I almost forgot!" he yelled, as he ran off to his bedroom, his little cock bouncing, and succulent cheeks jiggling with each hard step.

He returned to the living room with a lotion dispenser, squeezed out a few dabs, and proceeded to rub it all over his penis. "Watch and learn." He took his cocklet in between his index finger and thumb, and gently, slowly stroked up and down. I could hear the porno on TV, but for now I was transfixed on the incredible sight before me. I could feel the tension building in my pants, my own tiny boner gaining rigidity with every stroke Antonio took.

"C'mon, man, now you do it!" I was suddenly jolted from my dream world, and without a second of hesitation, dropped my shorts, peeled off my undies, and revealed my bare boy dick. It was somewhat shorter, only about 2 inches, and also uncut, but Antonio didn't seem to care or mind.

All he wanted was a j/o buddy, and by God, he found one. "Here, man." He squirted out a few more dabs of lotion, and tenderly applied it to my rock-hard xstory sex sex stories amazing ind. These few seconds were electric, sending a tingly feeling throughout my body. He proceeded to stroke me a few times, eliciting a tiny whimper of pleasure from my lips. I slowly started bucking my hips to his rhythms.

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"You can do it tons of different ways, but I like this way the best with just these two fingers." I suspected he liked stroking me off, but was possibly afraid of being considered "a fag," so stopped after a few more strokes.

Tragic, really for those few strokes, I was in heaven. "Ok, now you try," he said, sending me hurtling back to earth. But the trip didn't last long, as the electricity flowed once again after I started wanking my little boner. I had never felt so great in my life, and for some reason, it seemed even hotter that I was whacking it with Antonio. I tried not to get caught staring at his dick, but was able to sneak glances every now and again. It helped that he would go between watching the porno vid, and closing his eyes, as if he was imagining getting his dick sucked by the busty blonde on the screen.

Whenever he was off in his own fantasy, I fed mine by eyeing his adorable cock, the head playfully coming in and out of view with each movement of the foreskin. I always knew I felt differently about boys than I did girls, but I think it was at this moment that I knew there was something VERY different about me that I might actually be attracted to guys that I might be gay.

During this whole time, we were jacking off and standing right next to each other. I was totally loving the situation, but figured we could get a little more comfortable. "Hey, do you always do this standing up?" "Haha, nope hold on, man." Antonio yet again dashed to his room, and this time came back with a few towels he placed them on the couch, took off his shirt, and sat down. He had the torso of a young Dominica phoenix and jessi joy threesome by nasty stranger sun-kissed skin tautly drawn over a boyish-set of pecs and abs, adorned by two brown, gumdrop nipples.

I followed suit, removing my shirt, revealing my body, which I sort of found embarrassing given my bit of flab, and somewhat larger nipples. I situated myself on the couch next to him, and found a comfortable position reclining on the couch, my thighs spread open, and my right arm drawn across my stomach, fondling myself. After a while, Antonio's prankster aspect came out, when I least expected it. "PURPLE NURPLE!!!!!!" He squeezed my left boy tit sexy tiffany doll has hot bathroom sex all his might, sending a totally jarring shift of focus from the pleasure in my penis to the pain in my pec.

"OWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!! You asshole!" "Haha, c'mon, I'm just messing with you, dude," Antonio replied. A playful bit of wrestling followed, as I tried to repay the favor. Soon we were on the floor, rolling around, american teacher fuck a student boy stiff, lotioned cocks occasionally brushing against each other as we shifted position.

I can't help but wonder if this is exactly the response Antonio was hoping for, but whatever the case, I was on cloud nine, savoring the body contact of two young, horny boys, riding this moment out as long as I could. Finally, I was able to get my revenge, and delivered a titty twister of my own. "AWWW!!!!!!!" squealed Antonio. "That's what you get, bitch!," I yelled, as we both descended into fits of giggling. We got back on the couch, and after that whole escapade, I was definitely getting close to reaching my first orgasm though I didn't know it at the time.

Apparently Antonio was, too. A crucial part of the lesson that Antonio left out was what happens at the end what happens when you cum. He showed me how to lube up, how to jack off, but he never explained what happens at the end. After about another minute or so, I could tell Antonio's pleasure was intensifying.

He sped up the rhythm of his strokes, making a fast 'fap' sound each 18 cute girl play with puss his palm hit his bare pubic area. His breathing also sped up, and he was biting his lower lip just a little bit.

It looked like this little dude was ready to pop. After yet another minute, he let out a deep grunt, and his penis started twitching rhythmically, as if it were possessed and trying to break free from his body. He drew in a quick burst of air, before moaning and letting out a relaxed exhale, catching his breath from the weight of such a strong dry orgasm. "So, that's what happens when you cum," he said.

"It feels awesome. Keep jacking and you'll see." Immensely turned on, I kept stroking, and the pleasure was building so rapidly with each movement. I stared at the porno and started pretending it was my dick that was being teased in a mouth, but not the blonde's mouth& Antonio's mouth.

I fantasized about seeing his face grinding against my pelvis, his warm, moist mouth sucking my little pecker ferociously, trying to bring me to orgasm.

I imagined seeing his pretty little face gazing up at me as he gave me the blowjob of a lifetime. With that final thought, I sent myself over the edge and came for the very first time in my life. But, I was very surprised to see that my orgasm was quite different from Antonio's whereas he had a totally dry orgasm, I shot three spurts of a clear, slightly sticky liquid all over the floor in front of me.

Hot blonde pleasures a big black dong cumshot facial eyes got as large as saucers. "WHOA! You had a wet cum!" He took his petite index finger and grazed the top of my head, sending a shiver through my exhausted cock, and played with my fresh boy juice. "Um…is that a bad thing?" "Haha, naw, older guys do that. My cousin who taught me how to jack off can have a wet cum, but he's 15.

Look, check it out." He went up to the VCR and hit fast forward for about 30 seconds, before hitting play. The man on the screen started grunting vigorously, pulled his dick out of the blonde's pussy, went to her face, and gave her a vicious facial. It was a monster orgasm he shot at least 6 thick streams of pearly, white jizz all over her face and hair. It was one of the most intense things I had ever seen.

Since our lesson was over, he ejected the tape, put it away, got dressed again, and changed it back to the Simpsons, which was just about to finish.

"Yo, I gotta go, man I don't wanna get in trouble with my parents." "It's cool, dude. You can come back whenever you want my mom's out a lot, and it's just her and me here." With that, I gave my farewell, and headed back home.

The entire walk back, the world seemed like a different place. I had learned about the hallowed secrets of masturbation, secrets which would stay with me for the rest of my life. And I had a new friend, a very special one, in Antonio, who in the coming weeks, would be my partner in sexual experimentation. END OF PART ONE If you guys like this, I'll write more chapters.