Amateur assistant blowjob fucking ms police officer

Amateur assistant blowjob fucking ms police officer
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This is a continuence of Jim and julies life together there are a few twists 4 months later. In the hallway between. Classes I'm talking to the guys in the hall when I get a text it was Julie it was only containing 8 words "meet me outside of the girls bathroom NOW" I usually got texts like this because she wanted me to walk her to class or skip a class to spend time alone.

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I walked stood outside of the bathroom the final bell rang "oh well" i thought "I'll make the class up tomorrow" she walks out of the bathroom in a skin tight deep blue aeropostle shirt denim skinny jeans that I bought her hot interracial session with a fantastic latina brunette and cumshot day before and her highlighted blond hair in a bun her sky-blue eyes looking at me with a nervous apprehension and a little bit of joy she says "let's go walk to the park" "ok" The park is a 5 or 6 minute walk from the school we often went there to talk during work and school hours cause only a hand full of people were there we useally went to the the more forested area to a bench we had found one day and moved it to a secluded area we had said nothing on the way there we sat down her head on my lap gazing at me while I was doing the same I leaned down and kissed her she kissed back but only for a second I pulled away looking into her eyes thinking I was with the girl of my dreams in the most beautiful spot around "Jim" "yes baby" "Do you love me" "yes more then I ever thought was humanly possible" "would you love me even if my body changed" "no doubt I love you for you nothing less nothing more I love you for your personality looks mean nothing.

and why did you ask me if I loved you you knew the answer "because I have to tell you something you might not be ready for" "ok here goes"(she gets up faces me becomes serious pulls a stick from her back pocket she asks me "do you know what this is" "I have no idea never seen one" "it's a pregnancy test it's mine and it came back positive" "you mean you are REALLY WERE GOING TO BE PARENTS!!!" "you're ok with this?" "absolutely iv wanted to be a dad since I can remember are you ok with having a baby at 16?" "yes.

yes( in happy tears ) I'm going to be a mom and have a child with the guy I truely love I couldn't be anymore happy" "I love you so much Julie ( I get down on one knee no ring but I feel it's right) Julie marie Joseph will you marry me" "yes.( between sobs of happiness) I love you to Jim" We walked back to school a few hours after it ended every one was gone except a few teachers we got in my car we drove to a 7 eleven to get a couple of drinks and another pregnancy test even though we were sure I didn't wear protection and she didn't use birth control while standing at the counter waiting for the person in front of us from an isle away we hear "Julie"( in a drunkin slurring voice ) Julie says to me "let's forget about this stuff and go somewhere else it's my dad" By the time she finished this guy (her dad) in a dirty shirt and black pants walked up to us and grabbed her wrist and tried to pull her away from me I grabbed her dropped the stuff pulled his hand away and walked out.

I made sure she got in the car Igot in backed out of my parking space he ran out of the store as soon as I stopped to shift into first I tried to shift and stalled (thinking oh shit) he yanked the door open and tried to to pull her out trying his hardest to get her out ( wich isn't very hardconsidering he's drunk) I pulled him off of her and yelled at her to roll the window up and lock the door as I'm trying to hold him from making another attempt to get her out of my car.

He takes a swing at me it his me but I don't feel the pain yet I throw petite hussy has fun with a dildo to the concrete he gets back up swings and misses I punch him in the stomach then throw a right hook knocking him to the ground he does not get back up "you piece of shit you hit your daughter your pathetic" ( I walk away but turn back) "don't ever try to come get her your out of her life your out of our life were getting married your not in the list oh yeah and she's pregnant with my child that you'll never see" I get in my car restart it and tear away the whole time julies cries are getting louder and louder I pull over behind a supermarket "Julie Julie baby look at me" (with tears in her eyes she lifts her head from the fetal position she had gotten into on the seat) "Jim I'm so sorry I got you into this" (crying) I grab her back I turn her to me pull her close kiss her fore head "julie I don't care what problems your life had before me or during our relationship.

All I care about is you and the baby nothing else. Julie you are the heat when I'm cold you are the sun when I am the earth my life thrives when I'm around you. You don't know how much me being with you has changed my life for the better even a million word love poem couldn't even compare to how much I love you because my love for you is everlasting" She looks up at me her eye filled with tears and blood shot she kisses me "I can't even imagine my life without you Jim I don't deserve you and I don't deserve what we have"(sobbing)"I love you so much I'm happy I'm carrying your child" "I love you too Julie"(tears rolling down my face I couldn't help it we cried for a little bit then I started the car she lifted her head off of my chest we looked at each other) "oh shit Jim you need to go to the hospital" "why?" "the left side of your face is cut really badly" I reach up yupthere's that familiar feeling of blood on skin a really slick feeling I remember the punch but didn't feel the pain he must of caught me with his ring I remembered the first time I cut my head open I vomited and I vomited a lot But this time in my head I thought don't freak out you have to drive but now shock has started to set in i don't vomit but my hearing has sinstress takes a smoke break with her sissy slave and tunnel vision is happening "Julie your going to have to drive" "wha why" "Julie I'm going into shock I panicked when you said I have a big cut on my head "oh ok let me find something to wrap your head"(I walk around the car an she has found nothing I say "let's just" then I watch her pull off her shirt (bra on) fold it and wrap it around my head I really don't remember the whole drive sorta trying to stay awake talking and listening to music to help but I do remember me and her hobbling into the E.R.

Looking like a complete mess my whole upper left side of my body covered in blood her halfway naked covered in blood as I'm wheeled into the OR for minor but needed surgery to pull the vein that got severed on my temple back down and stitch it to itself I remember waking up with Julie by my side still covered in blood but in patient gown that dosnt show much more than her cleavage and my parents looking down at me "hi mom hi dad sorry for big sister gives brother jerk off instructions joi Jim don't be sorry Julie told us and a police officer what happened" "oh ok can I ask you guys a favor" "sure" "can me and Julie be alone for a couple of minutes I need to talk to her" "of course honey then we have big news to tell you ok have her come get us when your done" "ok love bubble butt milf kendra lust gets pounded outdoors guys" "love you to"( walking out of room) "Julie" "what did you say to the police officer" "the truth" "but won't that mean when he gets arrested and you belong to the state for now" "no I said I wanted an emancipation from my dad then your parents walked up and said no they were gonna adopt me the police caught the whole thing on tape and your parents and I agree to press charges for assault on a minor/minors public intoxication and DUI the police man said the state will come ask your parents questions about adopting me I know your parents will answer them right I also told them I was living at your house so they said I'm ok for now ok Jim don't worry about them maybe you'll be out of here tonight so I can get this blood off me" "Go home baby" "NOT WITHOUT YOU!!!" "ok" "do you think we should tell your parents about me being pregnant" "better now than never" "ok please go get em" "ok"(leaning out the door to call them in) "Hey Jim me and your mom have something to tell you" "yeah" "your going to have another sibling living with us" "yeah she told me you were gonna adopt her" "yes and no Jim your moms 2 months pregnant" I think holy crap noone's ever gonna believe this "congrats mom dad me and Julie have 2 things to tell you and trust me I don't even believe you won't either" "what Jim" "julies pregnant yeah your going to be grand parents and were getting married" It never struck my parents that we were sexually active "oh my god.

You guys are too young to be parents" "no no were not we love each other I love her as much as dad loves you I see that spark that you guys have and I see that in us " "ok I believe you what are you gonna do for money" "We still got 2 years of high school then I'll work days and go to school at night her we don't know she wants to be a ENT specialist and I support her so she'll go to school even if I don't i wanna give her the chance and I am" "well ok"(just then the doc walks in) "hey guys first thing he's going to be fine no permanent damage except a 5 inch scar on his face but plastic serjury can fix that if needed secondly the serjury was flawless no petite teen pov hardcore mouth fucking blowjob throatfuck girlfriend took about 35 minutes or so to do everything that's needed any questions" (julie)"when will he be able to leave" "tomorrow morning keeping him over night for observation" (Julie)"damn"under her breath"ok" "that's it by Jim"( leaves the room) "well Jim we have to go" "ok by guys" "by Jim .

Julie" "oh no I'm going to stay her with Jim" "you sure your covered in dried blood" "yeah I'm sure thanks guys" "ok bye""bye" As soon as my parents leave the room Julie turns towards me clearly exhausted of the eventful day she collapses down in the chair next to me and turns on the tv and changes the channel to a movie one it has dumb and dumber on just starting up I look over "Julie thank you so much" "what for babe" "you stepped up when I needed you the most and you didn't panic" "oh I panicked but after I got you here I was scared I broke down as soon as they rolled you away from me I couldn't handle your pain the pain you handled so well" "well at least you got us here in one peice by the way where's my car" "oh the valet took it I have your keys don't worry" "ok" Looking at her she was a mess blood in her hair on her neck arms and I assume chest she did have on a patient cover up on with her bra underneath "cmon Julie"(standing up heading to the shower/bath room hand held out) "ok why" "I'm not having my girlfriend covered in my blood all night there's a shower in there We'll get you cleaned up and comfortable ok baby" "ok"(sleepy voice and tired eyes) Luckily I find a bag of our clothes outside the bathroom guess mom and dad already knew the answer about Julie staying at the hospital just asked just in case we step in I close the door I slowly undress her I turn the water on and clean her up she gets dressed her self and tells me to go lay down I do so also I'm worn out to she steps out of the bathroom in one of my shirts and blue form fitting ravishing oussy penetration for hot rina mayuzumi stockings japanese looking like she's about to pass out she heads towards the chair "Julie come here get in the bed with me there's more than enough room for you I don't want you to be uncomfortable" "alright babe let me turn the light out" She walks over to my right side I grab her by the hand and help her into the bed we face each other "julie have I told you that your gorgeous blue eyes make me feel inferior but loved when you look at me" "no but that was the most beautiful thing I ever herd" "it's the truest thing I've ever said except I love you" "i love you too" We kiss we break apart we stare into each others eyes kissing and snuggling slowly we drift into blissful sleep.

2 hours later.

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"ahhhhhhhhhhhh" "JIM! JIM! Calm down baby calm down what's wrong" Nurse comes running in "jim are you okay!!" "yeah sorry bad dream and nurse debb could you give me a little more pain killer" "sure Hun"( and puts a bit more morphine into my iv ) "thank you" "no worries"(walks out) "Jim you sure you're ok" "yeah I'm good sorry" "yeah you better be sorry I almost fell out of bed JERK" (giggling) "hahahaha ok I get it I'm sorry" "it's ok what was the dream about" "do I have to say Julie I'm tired" "yeah I wanna know what scared yo babe" "your not gonna wanna hear this but here goes it was me and you driving some where at night late at night were movin then flashes of what happened and the thing that scared me is the moment of impact I was looking at your face your looking at me you were scared and I was sorry then I woke up screaming" While I said that my heart starts racing beads of sweat appear on my forehead and Im breathing heavily "it wasn't the crash that scared me it was your face and the pure terror and how much you ment to me and how much my life has changed with you and i love you and I didn't wanna loose that" "it's ok now Jim were still in the hospital babe I love you" "I love you too"( we start kissing) Suddenly I'm aroused realizing the love of my life is on top of me making out on a hospital bed were alone I guess she noticed the bulge between my legs "Jim we can't do that here" "sure we can what says we can't We'll be alone for the next couple hours" "it dosnt seem right all the hurt people here" "nurse I'm hurt can you help me please"(smirk on my face) "oh I'll help you alright" She reaches down and grabs my penis firmly He strokes are long and soft she works me better then I work myself were kissing I reach for the shirt pull it up we break the kiss but only for a moment I pull it off now she's topless and only In her underwear she pulls her hand away from my dick She crouches downwe dry hump she's moaning into my mouth I'm twisting one nipple and rubbing her clit at the same time were breathing heavily she moans into my mouth the vibration echoes through my body she does it again and again lower sexier in need of Then it happens she hits her climax her legs are wobbly she moans loudly but with a low rumble she collapses onto me shedigs into me nails griping my head her chin into my shoulder and her toes curled "oh Jim every time that happens it only gets better" "then I'm about to make it better" I kiss her even more I rub her back all over gently suck on the luscious silk skin of her neck I take in the sweet aroma of her sex deep into my chest I shudder a little bit the thought of her being mine and only mine made me all the more excited "Julie I love you so much and I'm gonna show you that I do" "then do it" I pull her underwear off I look at her I focus on her eyes I gently push my throbbing cock all the way into her we never break each others gaze I pull out slowly and push back in at the same pace I lean in kiss her for a long while We never break the gaze into each others eyes were quiet but our bodies are screaming in lust I slowly feel my orgasm building I feel her start to speed up the pace I know this isn't sex this is making love we've made love before it just hasn't been this intimate i feel were not separate but one flowing body She wispers to me right before our climax "Jim I love YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUU" We hit our orgasms at the same time she constricts around me like a boa constrictor my sperm jumps out of me spurt after spurt I lost count after 10 the loss of blood flow to my head had me spinning probably not the best thing for my injured head but I could care less I was I mean were were in a state of complete and utter pleasure As she doses off to sleep I dress her get back in bed and wisper in her ear I love you too The next morning I wake up around 4:30Julie is sleeping but I have a boner not a horny one but one you get when you need to pee I get up a bit too quickly I get light headed but it goes away I walk to the bathroom and dirty busty mature enjoys sucking on a hard loaded cock myself I walk back out the light is still out the sun still down but starting to get light so I close the blinds and curtains I don't want her wake up cause shes beautiful when she sleeps so peacefully I often wake up before she does and bcause of her beauty I just stare I turn the tv on I turn on the subtitles and mute the volume I watch the news for a while then watch nick at night it usually has on family matters or everybody hates Chris.

About 25 minutes later nurse debb came In to give me more pain meds "she's one beautiful girl you got there" "thanks were getting married because I love her and she's pregnant with my child we just found out yesterday right before the fight" "oh good for you guys" "thank you" "your welcome anything else before I go" "no thank you" "ok bye" 2 hours later. "hey babe"(sleepy voice) "hey Julie you sleep good" "after last night I was exhausted" "yeah so was I" "but it always gets better" "it does defiantly" "what time is it" "6:30" "the doc come in yet" "no not yet" "ok whatcha watchin" " "the 24 hours of lemans" "you and your cars" "you know me 1st comes you then cars" "awe that's so sweet"(mushy type voice) "ok ok I get it but I do love you more then my car" "hmmmph hahahaha love you to babe" She walks over and sits on my lap her head next to mine we watch the race together "I'm happy your fond of cars or else I'd be screwed hahaha" "I'm ok with them" "fine by me haha" The doc walks in along with my parents "hey guys" "hey son" "hey Jim seemslike your doing well so we'll discharge you as soon as possible" "ohhhhkay"(smiles on mine and Julies face) "so let's get dressed babe" "ok Julie" We get dressed I get discharged they give my parents prescriptions for pain and to make sure I don't get an infection mom goes and gets her Beamer suv and julie gives dad the keys to my car he waits till mom arrives then walks over to the valet parking lot gets in the car and waits for us mom pulls away and were headed home 10 minutes later.

I closed my eyes after seeing Julie asleep in the back I told mom I was gonna rest since It would take us a while to get home it was about 20 miles away and I live in a city of around 3.5 million there was no rush on a Friday considering rush hour but we were on the highway I had my eyes closed for about all of 20 seconds then the familiar sound of my mustang flying past us "your dad is something else" "yeah at least I inherited my speed freak from both of you" My moms doin 90 and my dad at least 115 in a 70 "yeah alright Jim go back to sleep I'll wake you when were almost there" "ok love you mom" "love you too honey" I'm shook awake "Jim were here" "ok" "you want me to wake her up" "no I'll take her in" "you sure" "positive" "ok" I get mom fucking son in tabomovie and open her door she's sitting up I grab her she's nothin to me I walk into the house up the stairs and half way down the hall before I hear "Jim"(groggy voice) "yea" "we home" "yeah"(laying her on the bed) "ok" "let's get some sleep" "ok by the way I herd you say i love you that was sweet" We lay together fast asleep