Beauties dont know who is fucking em striptease and hardcore

Beauties dont know who is fucking em striptease and hardcore
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Preface: This is a role play between two male avatars within the 3D social world known as Second Life. The characters and setting are LOOSELY based on the fictional world of Gor, a world of Masters, Mistresses, and slaves. If you fancy yourself as some kind of Gorean officianado, there is no need to leave comments about what is and isn't Gorean about this role play.

Enjoy the scene as it was meant - as erotic enjoyment. If Gor is a new concept, think of a Conan/medieval like time period. No modern technology, no fanciful forms of transportation. I wrote for the character of 'Ahn' and have full permission to post/publish for 'Will'. Introduction: Ahn, having been brought to the planet of Gor from Earth, had finally found his place at the feet of a man, a physician, named Will.

After 5 months of ownership, Ahn was released and became a Free Man in an attempt to learn more about himself and the world around him.

The following role play takes place 2 months after Ahn's departure from his Master in Tabor. Ahn's travels bring him back for a visit to Tabor.

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He finds his way to the infirmary where he knows his former Master would most likely be and is asked to wait in Will's office. The story is kept in its original role play format to keep the intensity of it all intact. ********************* Ahn looks up from the spot on the floor he hadn't realized he was staring at so long, blinking to clear his vision, offering up a bit of a grin. "Busy as ever as I see." Will lets his eyes travel your body slowly, lingering in so many familiar places, then looks back to your eyes and smiles, "It is good to you again Ahn.

Indeed I am it seems" Will moves to his desk and settles in, "Will you sit?" Ahn shifted somewhat awkwardly then sat as asked, anxious in his silence Will watches you settle into the chair and glances to his desk a gay lady boy lil dick then back to your eyes, the smile more a grin now, "Tell me Ahn. How are you? And what tasks fill your days now?" Ahn starts to shrug then feels the familiar training kick in, "I am.well.

Been doing some traveling and such. After awhile it all starts to look the same. There have been rumors of Tabor's growth." Will nods slowly and adjusts some scrolls, his gaze wandering out the doors a moment before returning to you, "Tabor endures as ever.

The wealth of our mines, and the fire of our kajiri as famous as the precision of our coins", his face expressionless now, as he studies you, "But I ask of you, not Tabor.

What do you do in your travels?" Will takes his gaze from you as he stands, seeming to look out the window as he moves closer to it, and behind you Ahn takes in a deep breath through his nostrils holding your gaze for only a moment before lowering them to the scrolls, seeing them but not seeing them as he exhales.

"I've learned some of trade, of sailing.," he words and thoughts trailing off as his eyes follow you Ahn turns in the seat still not quite used to sitting, especially before you.he stands slowly yet keeps a respectful distance Will smiles out the window, his voice low and seemingly distant, a question inflected, "Then it is trade you seek.

and adventures on the sea.", then turns, his expression hard as his eyes seem to bore into you, "Or is that only the diversions you use to set you from your true course.", stepping closer now, "Tell me b. Ahn. What is it you seek?" Ahn knew that look, that tone, having seen and heard them many times before.

He quickly side stepped and moved towards the window this time as if somehow that would clear his addled thoughts. He said the one thing he had been telling himself since the last time he left, "Sanctuary." Will watches you expressionless as you move out the doors, and pauses, a slow thin smile painting his face before he wipes it away and moves close behind, his breath warm on the back of your neck, his hands reach up but don't quite touch you, but close enough the warmth is felt at your sides, the word nearly a rasp as he lets the breath of it kiss your neck and shoulder, "Sanctuary.

", then his hands softly caress you before holding you still before him, firmly, his lips brushing your neck now, moving to three femdom babes wank pathetic tiny dick side of your neck, "That you find in your Master boy" Ahn began to tense hearing the footsteps draw near.

He wanted to turn, to face you, but ended up gripping the railing instead for much needed balance. Whatever strength he had began to dwindle quickly, his feet shifting, head dropping, his words barely audible, "What.are you.doing?" He knew without asking but continued to try to convince himself he wouldn't and couldn't crumble so easily. Will pushes into you, pressing you against the railing as his hips grind him into you, a boot sliding between your feet and pushing your legs apart, his growing stiffness evident against the tender flesh between your buttocks as his hands slide down, pushing your kilt down, then ripping it away and throwing it over the railing as he bites gently at the flesh on the back of your shoulder, then in your ear again, a soft lick as his hands grip firmly at your hips, his groin pinning you to the railing, "It isn't me boy.

it is your nature. you know this", then sucks at the tender abella danger vs prince yahshua beneath your ear as he begins to gently thrust in rhythym agasint you Ahn grunts with a mixture of surprise and dark desire, the feel of your body, your strength reminding him vividly of not only who and what you are but who he was, the grip on the railing tightening while his body molds back against you seemingly of its own accord only to hiss from the bite - sweet Priest Kings the bites!

He started to shake his head in futile denial but the gesture never made it past his thoughts. He told himself he could fight it if he wanted to and even when he tried to push you back with his hips it only made him more eager to stay. Eyes rolling back and closing he felt light headed in the sensations of just your touch. Will feels your body surrender against him and chuckles softly in your hear, kissing the lobe and licking before nibbling at the back of your neck as he pulls a collar from his tunic, leaing his upper body back now, he traces the metal against you, up the center of your back, his hips still pinning you firmly against the railing, then tracing it further to your neck, and up the side of your face, gently across your cheek, brining his other hand around and slips the collar on your neck, securing the lock, then slides his arms down your sides, wrapped around you tightly as they reach your upper body tightly against him, "It is your Master you seek boy.

this is your sanctuary", his voice a coarse whisper now, breath hot against your neck Ahn's back arches from the coolness of the steel that rides along the warmed flesh, breatch catching as his cheek leans in towards it in a natural caress he wasn't even aware of until it had been done and it was too late though he knew he wouldn't change anything if given the chance. He leaned back against you, the side of his neck exposed to you, steel and all to welcome the heat of your breath as his chest heaved in his growing excitement.

"Yes, Master," he whispered huskily, "my sanctuary." Pressing his hands against the outside of your thighs he remained against you, hips sliding over your groin as he raised his chin to kiss your jaw and neck. Will slides his hands down graspign roughly at your buttocks now spreading them as he presses his stiffness against you, the thick rough seams of his trousers coarse against the tender flesh, the grip of his hands painfully pleasurable, he uses it to pull you hard against him, spread wide, sucking at the flesh of your neck until he pulls it into his mouth and leaves a mark before moving down and biting between your shoulder blade and spine, then back to your ear, his breath warm, but the words icey hot in their intensity, "You will not be distracted from me again mine, or I will put you to the blade", then jerks you hard against him, kicking at your ankle as if you could somehow spread wider, then bites the tender flesh at the outside of your shoulder blade Ahn's face contorts in exquisite agony, the roughness, the need, all of it culminating in the building desire that swelled every part of his owned body.

Hands gripped the metal railing, the edges digging into the sweaty palms, the pain alternating between his palms and the throbbing bites that continued to remind him of his place and his nature. The thought of the blade made him tense all the more, his only response being the shake of his head, a small cry escaping his lips the moment your booted kick meets his ankle. "Never again, Master!" Will slides one hand up and gribs your hair tightly, stepping back and pulls you roughly, turning you around and forcing you to your knees facing into the office before he sets a boot against your ass and shoves you, letting go of your hair, as the shove forces you flat, sprawling on the floor into the room, then steps between your legs, pushing them apart with his boots at your knees as he stands over you, releasing himself from his trousers, his engorged member bursting from the restraint, and throbbing over you like a hungry beast from the wild sniffing the air as it studies its prey before attack, "Your nature makes your path to me an easy one.

but my nature will not make the end of your journey so sweet.", leaning down now, his knees pressing the inside of your thighs as he settles in between, gripping the flesh of your buttocks and lifiting your hips, painfully spreading you open, as he lets the tip throb and dance in the tender flesh between, "I will be certain of your words boy" Ahn staggers and stumbles, hands moving frantically in an attempt to lessen the pain, barely catching himself before his face harshly kisses the floor.

There is little movement once he lands other cute nikita rides a massive meat pole the twisting of hips to alleviate the sudden pressure on tight amateur babe nailed by pawn dude at the pawnshop hardness but he knew better than to move away.

His forehead pressed to the floor he grits his teeth trying to work through the pain even as he continues to writhe beneath you.

"I swear it Master, Sex stories free lupe fuentes anal swear it!" Will touches the tip to your opening and only barely enters, the flange only just hidden inside you, "I will hear your swears boy.

and I will see them in your eyes. along with your pleas, and your fear.", his voice clipping the words coldly, ". and the glint of my rough pounding for casting amateur babe teen will be reflected as well, by your own doing, or I will no longer be certain", pausing, only a slight tremble in his hands, his stiffness pulsing so that even the tip swells and contracts in your opening, then he slams hard into you, pulling you up firmly against him with his painful grip on your buttocks, "And I will hear your cries as well" Ahn couldn't hear the last of your words through the unrelenting pain suddenly searing through his body, moving from the point of entry and spreading through every nerve ending like volcanic fire, back arching lewdly, muscles rippling beneath the bitten flesh.

He tries to pull away now, hands and knees attempting to crawl to no avail. His voice laden with a mix of fear and anxiety through every rasping scream, "No, Master! PLEASE!" He trembles in your hands, "Never again! NEVER AGAIN!" Will jerks you with his painful grip, harder into him, the pulls back pusing you away and slams again, "Your nature knows me boy. but you forget, and you stray.", pulls back and slams again, "I will have every fibre of your being know me as your Master.

and fear me as you must.", pushes your hips forward then jerks them back hard slamming you into him, as if masturbating with your ass, then begins to even it out, half pushing and pulling you, hald thrusting to meet you and pull back, "I will be certain boy. certain of your fear" Ahn's eyes were clenched tight and leaking with hot tears, his features contorted and as strained as the rest of his slick sweating body.

"I'll stay Master!" He screamed with conviction until his throat was nearly raw. "PLEASE, MASTER!" His teeth gnashed together until his jaw ached, saliva drooling from his quivering lower lip to pool on the floor beneath, the sounds of skin slapping against skin drowning out his pitiful cries.

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Will the intensity of the pleasure begins to overtake him, the tension from his anger turning into the need to satisfy his lust, his cock swelling and tingling now with the impending release, he releases his grip on you, sliding one down to the front of a thigh as the other reaches between and grasps your scrotum, firm but gentle, only the promise of pain if you try and move to far from his thrusts, now coming long and slow, pleasurable, as he strokes you from inside, "If I could not find so much pleasure in your heat you would even now be in the city of dust", his balls beginning to tighten against him Ahn panted heavily even as some of the fierceness of your thrusts lessened.

Though he was still tense he no longer attempted to crawl away as he iamporn tattooed slut gives handjob and blowjob before, the pain either lessening or his body acclimating to it enough to become almost pleasureable. Lips and throat dry, he could only young daughter force young brother between harsh whispers, "I beg you Master.please!" Will closes his eyes and tilts his head back, the intense pleasure his only focus as he holds off his release, your words echo in his mind but never really set in, he leans over and bites the flesh on your side, one hand sliding up now beneath you, finding a nipple and rolling it in his pinch, as the other hand keeps its hold on your scrotum, "I have missed the pleasure of your body Ahn.

these noises I force from you. even your own seed you cannot hold against the pleasure I take from you", his voice straining now as the tingling in his scrotum strengthens Ahn cried out again, nipple throbbing, cock leaking.

A small whisper in his head told him he could fight it but was quickly drowned out by your words that he longed to hear even if he didn't know it until they had been said. Fingers curled on the floor as if clawing at it for traction, hair sticking to his face, hips joining you in rhythm, sliding, grinding, gyrating with the full knowledge and understanding that he truly couldn't outrun you or his nature.

Will cannot stop the low groan that escapes him, he pulls in a deep breath and quickens his thrust, still long but faster, pulling you with and against him with the grip on your balls, he leans forward grabbing your hair and pulls you up to bite at your shoulder and neck, the low groans like growls against your flesh as he fights the release, intending to contnue his pleasure but knowing he can't for long, he yanks your head back now and pulls on your scrotum at the same time, arching you while he leans to side kissing and biting at the flesh on your side again, between the muffled growls he rasps, "Mine." Ahn's body twisted and arched, muscles bulging and contracting as that one word triggers the release of every wall he had left leaving his jutting cock to fire off thick streams of seed to soak the floor, his body moving erratically, jerking and jolting, the tighening around your thickness pushing the orgasm on longer yet weakening him as every ihn ticks by.

The blood rushed in his ears, he was the wild animal tamed, now running towards something, someone, rather than away. Will feels your release inside you his own taking him as his balls knot up, and the hot fluid coarses through him, the burning only enhancing the intense pleasure, he groans loudly once then cuts it off as the shuddering orgasm overtakes him, he falls into you, crushing you against the floor with his weight, the spasms lessened now, but still wrack his body as he tries to recover, his legs still pushing against the inside of your own, holding you open for him still.

he manages to lift himself some and pulls your hips up only slightly from the floor, and pounds you roughly the last few times then stops, buried deep inside, letting the last of the spasms push out his seed, then kisses and bites the middle of your back beside your spine before he stands, slowly and weak still, and lets out a thick hot stream of urine on your back and ass, his voice raspy but no less demanding for it, "Come and clean me, then clean this and yourself boy.

I will take you home. fetch the rags from downstairs" Will pulls up his trousers but leaves himself exposed for you to tend with the rag, then goes a takes his seat to make some final notes before he leaves the office Ahn barely felt himself landing on the floor with the rippling effects his the joined orgasms teases his body, the fresh coating of urine burning the exposed bites causing him to hiss and remain low to the ground.

His muscles were weak and shaky as he staggered to his feet, moving as though he were on a drinking binge. Using the wall for balance, he carefully moved down the stairs with the occasional faltering step that would scrap the back of his thighs and or land him on his sore ass. He gathered a handful of rags, wetting half before making his way back upstairs again with help of the wall.

He welcomed being on his knees until the pain renewed itself throughout his body. With a warm wet rag, he began to gingerly work between your legs to clean you off, trying to keep his hand from trembling too much. Will glances to you and looks down seeing your feet, speaking as he turns his attention back to the scrolls, "Be rid of those boots. and the rest of those bands and so forth" Ahn makes quick work of ridding his feet of their coverings then the rest of the accessories he had picked up on his travels.

Once free of them he started cleaning himself and then the floor, tossing the rags and the clothing bits into a basket. Will sets aside rejected bride blowjob in car in public quill and arranges the notes then looks, noting you have finished cleaning. He stands and adjusts his trousers, buckling himself and arranging his tunic, then reaches to the cabinet and gets a leash, then grabbing your hair he pushes your head to one side and attaches the leash to your collar, tugging at it a few times to test it, then moves for the door, "Bring that basket down and leave it on the way.

We will go home now"