Teen eaten out by oldy young old and pornstars

Teen eaten out by oldy young old and pornstars
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I was again logged in with my Fake-Facebook Account and browsed through Sarah's friend list, not quite sure what to do next. After all I didn't blackmailed girls into becoming my cam sluts on a regular basis. I watched Anne's profile. She seemed to be a close friend to Sarah, had cute a face, brown eyes and looked nearly as innocent as Purn hub full sex stories vi. Trying to use Sarah to get Anne into my little plot might be interesting, but could also backfire leaving me empty handed.

While musing about it, another profile catched my eye. This girl, her name was Nora, looked to be the exact opposite of Sarah: Black long hair, dark eyes, a white skin, silver necklace and a black dress with a deep cleavage. She would probably call herself a goth, punk or emo - I really didn't know anything about this scene stuff, but I knew that she looked damn hot.

And considering the amount of naked flesh in her picture, she sure wasn't shy - or unexperienced - about sex. A new plan formed in my head. It was a gamble, but really the only one who could loose was Sarah so I was very willing to take that bet.

I sent her a message with a simple "Hey Nora" and vixen angela white fucks a huge cock. After about 15 minutes, she responded: Nora: "Hey yourself. Do I know you or are you just trying to chat up random girls?" You: "Not yet, but we have one common friend - Sarah" Nora: "Oh really, how exciting. I suppose you are her new boyfriend the other girls are talking about? Well anyway, why should I care?" Now it was time for the daring part.

You: "Actually I'm not her boyfriend, she is just my little slut" Nora: "Haha, yeah right. Be happy that I don't care enough to tell her you wrote this, or she would dump you in a heartbeat for this BS." You: "Wellwhat can I say, its true, she just loves to do the dirty stuff for me." Nora: "Maybe in your dreams, you probably haven't gotten to first base with Miss Innocence.

I actually doubt any guy ever has" You: "I suppose a picture says more than 1000 words. www.imgar.com/JKesoXA" The link lead to a picture which showed Sarah from our last cam session. She was naked and more noticeable had a bottle logged deep into her vagina. Nora: "What the hell?" You: "Doesn't she have a sweet tight pussy? Son blackmail mom on house you know that there was cum in that bottle before?" Nora: "Where the fuck did you get this picture from?" You: "I told you, she likes getting of for me on cam" Nora: "This is probably just a shop, I don't believe that she would be into that kind of stuff" You: "Tell you what.

I will proof it to you. Visit Sarah today at 5 pm, just say you have some school work to talk about. You won't be disappointed. And if I lie - no harm done, just a normal social call" Nora: "And why would I want to do that?" You: "Come one, you can tell me that you aren't intrigued that Sarah might be not as innocent as she pretends to be.

She might be even into other stuff. like girls. who knows. See you later. Oh and don't tell Sarah before." With that I logged off and concluded that this went pretty well.

I wasn't sure if Nora would show up, but she also showed some interest and didn't quit talking to me. If I was going to take a guess, I would say she was wet by now imagining the kinky prospects of the evening.

I sent a short message to Sarah: "Cam time, today 16:50. Be there in time.". There was no need for convincing or pressuring anymore. Sarah knew she was in my hands and that with all the pictures and videos I had of her by now, she would be in serious trouble if she refused to do anything I demanded.

So I didn't waited for an answer, turned my PC off and watched some TV to kill the time till the evening. A few hours later, I was ready for the fun today. I got my Guy Fawkes mask on, made my camera point to my face and logged into the private video chat. Sarah was already there waiting. Even through by now she had also her mic turned on, she always spoke to me in text. Sarah: "Listen, this really needs to stop now.

I did everything you wanted and you had your fun. Can you please move on now and leave me alone?" You: "Aw, and I just thought you started to enjoy our chats after blonde milf gets fucked by knight hero in the nature came so hard on a bottle last time." Sarah blushed visibly.

Sarah: "You know you made me do it. It was just a normal body reaction. And its dirty." You: "Really? Let's check if that is true.

Finger yourself." Sarah: "Not again. Please?" You: "You know what happens with all the good videos and pictures if you aren't a good girl. So stop arguing and get started." Sarah sighed, but she indeed knew there was no choice. She stood up, unbuttoned her blue jeans and slowly pulled them down to her knees. Then she sat down again, spread her legs as far as the pants would allow it and moved her panties to one side, so that her pink pussy was exposed.

Using one finger she started to massage her clit slowly while trying not to show any emotion or sign that she might be turned on by her masturbating. But of course after some minutes, her body started to betray her and her breathing became faster and erratic while her finger worked harder on her now very wet pussy.

Just as she was going to get into it, I heard the sound of the doorbell ring. Sarah's eyes opened wide in shock and she nearly fell over as she stumbled up and pulled her jeans back over her hips. She reached forward to turn of the PC, but I intervened quickly: You: "DON'T YOU DARE. Leave the cam on!" She looked undecided for a moment, but when the bell rang again she turned around and went to the door. Not to my but very much to her surprise Nora was standing in front of the door.

She observed Sarah for a few seconds, quickly noticing her red colored cheeks and open button at her jeans and then went on: "Hey Sarah. I just was in the area and thought I would quickly stop by to talk about the history project we have to do for our class.

I have a good idea what we could write about, can I amateur teen couple hardcore fucking in home video in for a second?".

Sarah looked uncertain trying to think of a reason to send Nora away and responded: "Uhh, hello Nora. well. actually, now is kinda a bad time. but. maybe if you could". Nora interrupted her: "I understand, don't worry, it will just take a few minutes". With that she practically shoved Sarah away and went into her flat, taking in the surroundings.

Her eyes widened a bit when she recognized the bottle on the floor from the picture I sent her earlier and then went to the PC, first noticing the camera with the red light on and then seeing me on the monitor in a small chat window. I gave her a small wink and a small grin hushed over her face. By then Sarah recovered from the unexpected intrusion and closed the door, before going after Nora. "Really, this is just not.", but again she was interrupted by Nora: "So, what were you doing right now?

Chatting with some guy? Host mask. What is his name?". Sarah was pretty much out of words: "No. yes. I mean I don't really know him. We were just talking a bit". "Really? Shouldn't you introduce me?", Nora laughed like it was a good natured joke, but without waiting for an answer she horny euro babe sucks cab driver off to the keyboard, set on the chair and started to type.

Nora: "Hey stranger? I'm Nora, a friend of Sarah. What are you two up to" You: "Oh well, if you ask this way, Sarah was just trying to get off by fingering herself, but you interrupted her unfortunately" Sarah was standing behind Nora, following the chat and paled by my answer. Nora laughed and looked to Sarah: "He is joking, right?".

Sarah didn't responded so I typed: You: "Tell her Sarah. She just has too look at you still wet fingers to know anyway." Sarah lowered her eyes and said in a defeated voice: "No, he is right. I masturbated. Can you please leave no Nora? This is pretty private you see". But Nora ignored her request and went on questioning her: "Why do you finger yourself in front some random guy?

Isn't that a bit kinky?".

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That was too much for Sarah and she blurted out: "He is blackmailing me! If I don't do what he says he is sending pictures of me to all my friends. I had to do it!". Nora of course knew what kind of pictures Sarah meant, after all she had seen one of those a few hours ago. However rather than being sympathetic for Sarah she was turned on by this whole situation.

She put on daughter of father xxx sex stories story understanding expression and asked: "Did you try going to the police". Sarah shook her head: "What should they do? I don't even know his name and if he found out. you know what. And. it would be embarrassing to explain them everything.". "So you have to do everything he asks you too?", Nora asked with barely concealed excitement.

However Sarah was too distressed to notice the finer undertones in Nora's words and only nodded while sniffing. I decided it was time to go on. You: "Sarah, you were not finished before. Please continue fingering yourself" Sarah now didn't bothered about typing anymore and responded directly.

"What? But Nora is still here!" You: "I know. I want her watching. Sit on the desk and face her while you do it" Sarah's mouth hung open in shock for a second before she shook her head and said: "You must be kidding! I can't do this! Not in front of her!". I was going to response was some kind of threat, but before I could type, Nora took over: "Its okay Sarah, I don't mind and I won't tell anybody.

If it helps to avoid that he is releasing all these picture of you to everyone who knows you, I will stay". I laughed under my mask and was glad that the sound was only one way.

Sarah seemed to be less happy and now with Nora encouraging her to give in to my demands, she didn't have much fight left. Without another word she started to pull down her jeans again and set on the desk in front of the chair where Nora was sitting. Her face was bright red with shame and her eyes closed when she brought her fingers back to her wet pussy and slid them slowly in and out in a steady rhythm.

You: "Nora, tell her to open her eyes and to look directly into your eyes while she fingers herself". Nora smiled and then forwarded my command to Sarah: "He wants you to look into my eyes". Sarah forced her eyes open and set them on Nora. The humiliation of being forced to look into her eyes while fingering herself was almost too much, but she kept her eyes open.

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You: "Make her to tell you that she is my cam whore" Nora again gave my command to Sarah: "Umm. he says, you should tell me that you are. umm. his cam whore.". A tear indian girl shows off perfect pussy on webcam down Sarah's eye as she complied: "I'm his cam whore, Nora". I don't know if Sarah noticed it, I could clearly see that Nora was getting off on this situation.

She rubbed her legs together trying to get some release from this and I guessed it took her a lot willpower not to finger herself in front of Sarah. Before I could type in my next command, Nora said: "He says you should go faster, he wants you to cum". I smiled to myself. Sarah on the other hand started to speed up.

Given that she had already played with herself before Nora interruped, she couldn't avoid the building orgasm. Her breathing become hard and her body started to twitch as she let out a muffled cry and cam hard in front of Nora. She leaned back against the table trying to catch her breath and to get her body back under her control. You: "Now its time for your treat Nora. Tell her to kneel in front of you" Nora didn't hesitated a second: "Kneel in front of me.

Err, he said that". Sarah looked confused: "Why? Isn't it over yet?". Nora just shrugged and Sarah was still weak from her orgasm, so she didn't felt like resisting and knelt in front of Nora's chair. You: "Pull up your dress and put your panties to the side, Nora" I probably didn't need to tell her this and she sure didn't looked surprised and complied in a heartbeat. A moment later her black dress was shoved up over her hips and the black tong she was wearing put aside, giving a clear view on her smoothly shaved and unsurprisingly very wet pussy.

Sarah on the other hand was alarmed: "What. what are you doing?! Is he telling you to masturbate too?" You: "Tell her to lick" Nora ignored Sarah's question and just gave her a one word command: "Lick!".

"N. No way. Tell him I'm not into girls. I can't do such a thing, its just.". Nora seeing Sarah's face just inches away from her dripping pussy really wanted to get off and lost her patience. While Sarah was still arguing she grabbed her head with both hands and ungently pulled her into her sex.

Sarah let out a surprised scream, which also made her taste her first piece of pussy. When she realized that she quickly closed her mouth and looked up to Nora pleadingly. "Sorry, Sarah, he told me to do that. You know what we risk if you don't comply. Now he says you need to open your mouth on put your tongue into my pussy.

Don't worry, its ok, I don't mind". Sarah felt betrayed be Nora, but knew she had no choice. Tears of shame flowed down her cheeks as she opened her mouth and started to tentatively move out her tongue until she came in contact with Nora's wetness.

She fought down the urge to pull back and retch and started to move her tongue in small circles over Nora's clit. Nora couldn't stop herself from moaning out loudly as her former innocent friend kneeled her in front of her eating her out against her will.

You: "Hey Nora, time to return the favor. Grab the cam and get me a good view of the action!" Nora took the webcam from the desk and held her in front of Sarah's head getting me a good picture of her tongue licking up Nora's juices and working on her clit.

By now I was jerking myself and was already pretty close - that was no doubt the hottest show I had ever seen. When Sarah noticed that something was going on in above her head, she pulled her eyes up to see what was happening and looked directly into the camera, her head still in tight grip of Nora's hand pushing it into her cunt.

That view was too much for me and sent me over the edge into on of the best orgasms I ever had. Once I recovered a bit I typed: You: "Thanks Nora, I'm good.

You can use her to finish you now" Nora gave me a smile, put the camera back on the desk and now grabbed Sarah's face with both hands again, while grinding her pussy all over Sarah. She basically masturbated, but instead using her hands, she used Sarah. I could see she was getting close as her movement became faster, harder and Sarah's muffled protest louder.

Finally with a loud cry she buckled her hips and came all over Sarah's face. She let go of her head and Sarah pulled her face back, red-eyed and coughing while Playing with my tight pussy while youre away juices dripped slowly down her face onto her tank top.

Nora on the other hand was panting from the climax and probably felt like being in heaven right now. You: "Great show, see you both soon". With that I logged off. (Female and intrerested in roleplay chat?

PM me ;) )