Public agent small girls storys

Public agent small girls storys
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I'm an attractive man in my upper 30's. I live in a quiet mid-west city of about 15,000. It feels like the kind of place where everyone knew everybody else. There's very little crime and what crime there is is minor. I teach calculus to advanced 11th and 12th graders at the local high school. I have a number of close friends; the kind of friends I can confide in about anything.

I love my life. I have one particularly close friend named Robin. We've known each other for more than 15 years and we know everything about each other. I helped him after his divorce and he did the same for me after mine. Lately, though, Robin's been acting a little strange. Finally one day I corner him about it one day. "You've been kinda weird lately, dude. Is something up?' I ask. "What do you mean?" "I don't know. You just seem different than usual. I can't put my finger on it. Just different." "Everything's fine with me, bud.

I don't have any idea what you mean." "My bad. It must just be me." "No prob. It's nice that you care, but I'm cool." I shrug it off, but then Saturday rolls around.

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We play in a local poker league with another 19 guys every other week. Robin and I have been playing together for almost the whole time we've known each other. He knows all my moves and I know all his. We love playing and it's usually an 8-10 hour evening. When we get intense lesbian action with two desirable hotties masturbation brunette we always play in the cash game afterwards. The cash game is where the big money is. We play $1-$2 no limit and the numbers can get pretty big some weekends.

One Saturday I went out of the league in 16th spot but after the cash game I walked out with over $2000. Today, it's a different situation. Robin's out in 19th spot; his worst finish in over 2 years.

'Shit. Poor guy. He must have missed a sure thing to go out THIS early,' I think. "Well, thanks guys. I've got to be going," Robin says. My head snaps in his direction. "Dude! The cash game!" "Not today, bud. I've got to get going." "Wait a sec." I've suited 8-10. The flop came up 6, 7, 9. I hit the straight, but I fold. I have to talk with Robin. "Dude, wazzup? We never miss the cash game." "Gotta go, bud. I'll call ya in the morning." "But…" "Seriously, bud.

Gotta go." And with that he's out the door.

My head's not in poker mode and I'm eliminated in pretty short time. I didn't care. Something's up with Robin and it really bothers me. I don't see Robin again until Tuesday, but when I do I want to know the truth. "Dude. What was that crap on Saturday?" "I just had to do something." "What?" "Just something." It bothers me that he won't tell me. "Whatever." The next poker night comes around in a few weeks and Robin and I are at the same table.

In the second hand, I fold and get up to get a drink. When I come back I catch a glimpse of Robin's cards as I sat down. He's got 3-9 and the four community cards on the table are 10-K-A-J.

Robins goes all-in. This shocks me. He never bluffs without at least having a shot at hitting SOMETHING. He's called and the river's a 7. The other person has a Q and he was out. 'Damn!' I think.

'He lost on purpose.' "Gotta be off. Thanks guys," Robin says. I catch him at the door before he goes. "What's up, Robin? I know SOMETHING'S happening. I want to know. I think you owe me that, dude." "I can't. I want to but I just slutty chick with glasses anal banged while being filmed pornstars and hardcore that he was off and I was pissed.

I finished the game in 15th place and didn't stay for the cash game. The next day I got up and drove over to Robin's first thing. After about 30 seconds he eventually answers the door.

"Hey," he says, barely able to keep his eyes open. "Hey? That's what you've got for me? I want an explanation. You're a different guy. I don't care what you say. I think you owe it to me!" "I can't." "Fuck it with 'I can't'. You WILL or our friendship is OVER." "Fuck man. Don't do this." "I mean it! Talk or I'm gone!" "Fine! Sit down." I walk into his living room and sit on his couch to hear his excuse. "I really can't tell you this but if you're going to fucking make me, I will.

You can't tell fucking ANYBODY about this. Okay?" "What is this shit? Are you CIA or something?" I asked with a chuckle.

"Do you agree or not?" "Fine. I agree," After a bit of a pause he begins. "I've got hooked up with the most in-fucking-credible thing EVER.

I was told that if I told anyone I'd be banned, so that's why I've been so secretive." A few seconds go by and Robin stands there fidgeting. "What, man? What?" I ask. "You won't tell a soul, right?" "Yes, just fucking get on with it." "I'm having the most outrageous sexual experience I ever thought possible." "That's it? You're getting laid and you can't tell me. We've always tell each other everything." "Just fucking wait, man. It's way more than just getting laid. Give me a sec." Robin takes a few deep breaths before his mouth finally opens.

"I'm hooked up with this group of people. Every Saturday night I go to this spot out by the Miller farm. You know where the train track crosses the dirt road?" "Yeah." "I park in the patch of trees there and wait. At 10:00 exactly a 4 car train comes and stops. I have to give a password that's e-mailed to me the day before." I have a million thoughts and pictures racing through my mind.

"Yeah. Go on," I prod. "When I get on the train I have 30 seconds to take my clothes off or I'm kicked off." "Holy shit," I'm able to mutter.

"My clothes are put in a locker and I program the combination. There are probably upwards of 50 people standing and sitting talking totally naked. Some people are kissing, some are making out, but most are just talking. Every guy has a stiffy.

I strike up a conversation here and there; making small talk to try and get a good conversation going. When I meet a woman or women who shares my attraction we move to one of the other 3 cars. In the other cars people are fucking EVERYWHERE. They're doing everything imaginable. There's people fucking, people sucking; there's threesomes; there's foursomes; there orgies; there's gangbangs. There's fucking EVERYTHING. I don't know where the train originates, but it takes about 8 hours for the alexis adams needs some hard cock to get to then end, turn around and get back to my stop.

It's 8 hours of sucking, fucking, talking and everything; all with everyone totally naked. When we get back to my stop, I put my clothes on before it stops, get off and that's it until the next time." I can only stare with my jaw scraping the floor.

Minutes go by. "Are you catatonic or something, man? Say something." "Fuuuuuuck." "Ya. Tell me about it." "I want in, dude.

This is something I HAVE to see." "No can do. If I bring you then they'll know I talked and I never ride the pussy train again.

I ain't fucking this up for anyone not even massive tits bounce on a large penis, bud." "How can you say that after all we've been to each other? Isn't there anything you can do?" "I can't, man. I'm not going to risk it. Sorry, bud." "I guess I can sorta understand. I mean you KNOW I'd do it for YOU, right?" Robins laughs hard and loud. "You wouldn't have even told me THIS much, fuckwad." I laugh, too.

"Why are you still even going to poker?" "Well Tempting beaver offers from sexy amazing chick hardcore and blowjob don't have to go on the train every time and if I'm not on the train I'm right there letting you donate all your cash to The National Bank of Robin." "In your dreams." Two weeks go by and again Robin is out early at poker night.

I know he's going to be gone fast. He's grumbling about being out so early again. He's putting on a pretty good show and then he comes over to my table. "Let's see," he says motioning to my cards. I show him my 7-2. "That's an all-in if I ever saw it, man." "Are you nuts?" "You're all-in, dude," he says with a wink. I don't know what to think, but my chips go in.

Of course I lose big and I'm out. "Let's go, man," Robins says again with a wink. We leave and he shuffles me to his car. "You owe me so fucking big. You owe me so big that I think you should lean over and suck my big hairy right now.

I got you in." "No fucking way! How? I thought you said that you'd get kicked out?" "I thought about it long and hard and I came up with a story that I thought might work and I love you, man.

I love you so much that I thought I'd risk it. I felt pretty confident." "What's the story?" "Okay, hottest mom ever fucked hard by her young son it is. You're my best friend and you knew something was up so you followed me one Saturday. You saw me get on the train from a long way away. You had no clue what was up, but your best guess was that it was drug-related.

You threatened to have the cops out there today if I didn't bring you." "Fuck. That's pretty good." "They agreed to let you come, but I'm sure they're pretty suspicious about the whole thing." "I'll play it right.

You're the BEST friend possible." We park the car and wait. The train arrives at precisely 10:00 and we board after giving the password.

We both tear our clothes off and put them in the locker. It was really weird standing there with Robin, both of us naked sporting raging hard ons. I had never seen him naked nor had I ever thought I would, but when we turned around and I saw all the other naked people I didn't care.

It's better than I ever imagined.

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There are, I'd say, maybe 80 people in the car. They range in age from maybe 18ish to mid 40's. There's every body type imaginable. This one woman catches my eye in particular. I'd say she was maybe in her mid to upper 30's but she had the boobs of a 20 year old and from where I stand they look real.

I move in her direction. "Hi, my name's Will." "Hi. I'm Amy. I'd say 'pleased to meet you', but you've beat me to it," she says with a smile while looking and my erect member.

I chuckle and search for the right words. Nothing comes. "Is this your first ride?" she inquired. "Yes, it is. How'd you guess?" "Let's say it's pretty easy to spot a rookie. They're eyes move like a kid with ADHD; never focusing on one area for very long." I realize then that I'm standing there talking with a beautiful naked woman, but my eyes ARE going everywhere. "I'm sorry." "I don't mind. There's certainly a lot to take in." We talked a while more until I see Robin a ways away pointing in my direction while he talked to a few guys.

I didn't know what to think. Now they're coming my way. I think of getting out of there, but realize quickly there's nowhere to go. "Can you come with us?" One of them asks. "Sure. Please excuse me, Amy." "Of course, Will. Maybe we'll meet up again." There are three of them and they lead me out of the car. I've been dying to see the other cars, but not THIS way. We enter the next car and just as Robin said there are people fucking everywhere.

I'm led to a bed and instructed to sit down. "Now, we understand that you forced your way into our group and we don't take kindly to that." My emotions have changed drastically in the last 5 minutes, from arousal to worry and now outright fear. Two of the men take hold of my hands and tie them up to chains attached to the bed.

We've crossed the threshold onto panic. The chains are pulled and I'm dragged higher on the bed. My feet are bound to two chains at the bottom of the bed.

"You'll stay here until we feel you have learned WHO is in control." The three men leave and I'm left there. Everybody else is in their own world and I lay there alone. I have no idea what will happen to me and my mind is posturing every possible scenario or so I thought.

After a few minutes a group of women enter the car and come over to me. No words are spoken. One woman climbs onto the bed and comes up near my head. I think she's going to kiss me, but instead of tasting the lips of her mouth, I'm introduced to the lips of her pussy. She sits on my face and grinds her pussy away at my active mouth and tongue. 'This is okay punishment,' I think. She's gyrating her hips and my face is soon covered with her ample pussy juice.

Then something new is introduced. I feel a vibration around my cock. It feels good so I don't care; I keep munching on the juicy pussy planted on my face. She's really grinding away at me xxx sex missy denny d she starts cursing and screaming then the floodgates open. Her pussy lets forth with a stream of something.

I've heard of women who squirt, but I've never experienced it personally. When her orgasm is over sex 3xv story sunny leone dismounts and I lift up my head to try to see what's happening to my cock but girlfriend with sexy feet gives nice footjob I'm able to see another cunt descends upon me and the process repeats.

I'm getting really into whatever is happening to my cock and my hips start bouncing up and down like I'm fucking. I'm close to cumming and then the sensation is gone. I continue fucking the air, but there are no sensations. I'm moaning in frustration into the pussy on my face.

"Lick that cunt you bastard!" One woman yells. "You wanna cum, don't you?" Yells another. I can't see them and don't really care. I want to eat whatever cunt is presented to me and I want to fucking cum, but I can't.

After a few minutes the vibrating sensation returns to my groin and the london new bagla xxx story 2019 continues. I have no idea how long this goes on for but it's a recurring pattern; pussy after pussy is serviced by my eager face and I cum close to cumming time after time after time, but nothing happens. I have totally lost count of the number of cunts that I have eaten.

Eventually I can see. The pussy that left me last is not replaced by another and I can see. I look down and see a large vibrator is what's been causing the frustratingly wonderful sensations. It feel so good. I'm getting close, but I know it's going to stop, but it doesn't. "FUCK YES!!!!!!" I scream. "FUCKING YES!!!" My dick is so hard it's standing at exactly a 45 degree angle and rigid as hell.

My orgasm hits and I shoot more cum than I ever thought possible and it shot FAR. "Oh yeah. Shoot it. Shoot your fucking cum, "coos the bearer of the vibrator. When my cock stops pulsing she gets up and leaves. I'm alone again but soon the same three men come to my bedside. "Have you learned who's in charge here?" One asks. "Yeah." "Who?" "I don't really know but I DO know it sure as FUCK isn't ME." They chuckle and untie me.

I'm lucky I wasn't tied really tight or I'd be very sore right now. After a few stretched I get up and go back to the gathering car. The moment I enter all eyes are upon me and the car erupts in applause. I'm quite embarrassed, but that subsides when Amy sidles up to me. "Hi Will. You've been properly initiated." "Is THAT was that was?" "Oh yeah.

You ate out every woman that was in this car. Damn can you eat a cunt." I love it when women use the word 'cunt'. It really gets me going.

"I was worried you didn't like me anymore. Silly me," chuckles Amy as she looks at my quickly hardening cock.

"Wanna take a shower together?" We find a vacant shower and Amy cleans me off from head to toe. I fuck her in the shower and two more times before we get back to my stop. I haven't seen Robin at all until we were putting lusty vanessa has her tight snatch destroyed clothes back on.

"Did you like your initiation?" he asks.

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"I can't even BEGIN to tell you how much." I've stopped dating people and ogling women on the street. Nothing can come close to comparing with The Pussy Train.