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Niqab ma x xxx full movi
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Brothers Forever 1 My big brother has always been my hero. When we were younger he always took up for me; because I was so much smaller than the other boys I was often picked on but Jeff would never let them get away with it.

He was also my younger sister's hero, he always made sure no one picked on her either. When this story begins Jeff was 13, I (Jack) was 11 and Shelia was 10.

Our father had a good job with IBM and my mother, once a teacher, was something of a June Cleaver. We lived pretty well and everything was just great. Then IBM pulled a lay-off and my dad lost his job, things just seemed to get worse from there; we lost our home and had to move into a smaller one and dad couldn't seem to find a decent job so mom went back to teaching. Our new house was very small in a neighborhood that was not very nice so we spent a lot of time inside.

In our other house we all had our own bedrooms and they were large enough for each of us to have our own study area, TV, stereo…the works; now we all three slept in the same cramped bedroom, even in the same bed with me sleeping between Shelia and Jeff.

That first summer was terrible, three tattoo babe asian toysex maturbate livecamshow adultsmartlinksorg bodies in one cramped bed, but during winter it felt pretty good to be in a warm bed with two other people.

The only problem is that I would often wake up with Jack's hard dick against my side or butt. By the time Jeff turned fifteen things had not changed much except that Jeff seemed to always have his body pressed against mine in bed and Shelia was beginning to grow tits and I would intentionally press my body against her twelve year old butt.

We were pretty normal kids, joking with one another and often looking curiously at each other's bodies; this was just fine until it got a little out of hand one night. Shelia was not feeling very well and she ended up sleeping with mom while dad slept on the couch. I was almost asleep when Jeff exclaimed, "Damn I am horny, look at my dick, bro." I rolled over and stared at his hard dick gripped in his hand, it seemed huge compared to mine. "If Shelia was here right now I would pop her little cherry," he said as he slowly moved his hand up and down his cock.

"Jeff, she's our sister, you shouldn't even joke about that," I huffed. "I am not joking, if I don't fuck someone I am going to go nuts," and he kept stroking his cock, "Come on Jack, use your hand, at least that would feel better than just jacking myself off." I don't know why I did it but I reached over and began imitating his actions.

"Damn, Jack, that feels good, don't stop." As I continued to jack his cock I noticed mine getting hard; I knew this was not right, but I had no control at that point. When Jeff saw what was happening he looked at me, "Let's move around a bit and I will help you out too." I didn't know what he meant until he swung around and put my little cock in his mouth.

I had only been able to masturbate while I was in the shower because there was always someone around and that had never felt as good as my big brother's hot, moist mouth around my dick; I almost came at that point. I have no idea what motivated me to put his dick in my mouth but I took as much of it as I could, wanting him to feel the same pleasure I was. I was surprised by the taste and the texture. He almost choked me when he pushed further into my mouth, moving back and forth but I was willing to do just about pretty blonde kenzie reeves recieves a hard pussy fucked to ensure the pleasure he was providing for me did not stop so I kept sucking his rock hard shaft.

Suddenly I felt my balls tighten as Jeff pressed his xxx vidos janwar lalke bf download against my little asshole and I shot my little seed into his mouth as I groaned around his cock. Just as suddenly Jeff began to stiffen and shake then shot his load while holding my mouth firmly against his cock.

I coughed and sputtered but swallowed most of his cum.

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His cum was not bad tasting, perhaps not what I would want on a roast beef sandwich, but not bad. The truth of the matter was that it tasted pretty good and later wanted to taste it more and more.

I don't know when we got back in our original position because I fell asleep immediately but we were back where we belonged when I awoke. Neither of us said anything until we got home from school. Mom and dad were still at work and Shelia had stopped at a friends house on the way home, so we were alone.

"Jack, you can't ever tell anyone what we did; everyone would call us amateur pov girlfriend slut gets a cumshot and if you don't want to do it again I won't try to make you." I thought about it for a moment, "I won't tell, but it sure did feel good; if that is being queer I am not so sure it is a bad thing," I replied, "Can we do it again tonight?" "Do what again," came Shelia's voice as she came through the door, "You better tell me or I will tell mom that you guys were doing something you were not supposed to last night." Jeff and I were both shocked, we had not heard her come into the room, "Nothing, shrimp, just forget about it." Shelia just walked out of the room, she would not forget about it, she remembered everything so we knew we had not heard the last of it.

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That night Shelia was back in out bed. Jeff and I waited until we knew she was asleep, "We have to be very quiet," Jeff said as he reached between my legs and grabbed my little cock. Very slowly we got into our position and I pulled Jeff's cock into my mouth and began sucking it just as we had done the night before.

Jeff easily took my entire cock into his mouth and began sucking it as he tickled my anus. "Can I play too?" Shelia whispered, sitting up in bed. We were both so shocked that our dicks immediately shrank, "Sorry, sis, you don't have the right stuff to play this game," Jeff responded. She looked sadly at us, "Maybe mom can tell me what to do about that.

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You guys have always included me, why won't you do it now. I'm not stupid, I know what you are doing and if you don't include me I am going to tell mom, dad and everyone else about it." We were stuck.

Shelia was right about one thing; we had always been close and did everything together, but this was different. "We will talk about it after school tomorrow, just go to sleep for now," Jeff responded. She looked at us, "Ok, but you better not do anything tonight unless you include me," she pouted.

Well, we didn't get to have that discussion. Dad was taking mom to work and an older man ran a light at a pretty good speed and hit their car head on, both of them were killed. Now we were without our parents and had no idea what was coming next.

Jim was my father's brother and, unlike my dad, had not gone to college but worked amazing babe shares her boyfriends big dick with her slutty redhead friend the off shore rigs near Galveston.

He may not have had a college education but he had done very well; he owned a very nice home in Houston and was more than happy to take us into his home. We had been awarded a pretty good sum of money for our parents death but we were too young to live on our own so we were happy to have a place to stay where we would be taken care of.