Danny d drills alessa savage in the ass so deep hardcore and cheating

Danny d drills alessa savage in the ass so deep hardcore and cheating
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Worlds Sluttiest Boss- Chapter 1 She knows. She knows she's better than me. She knows she can taunt me. She knows she can do anything to me and I will simply comply without question. But I love it.

---------------------------------------------------------------- A year ago, while employed as a sales rep, the insurance company I worked for was forced to declare bankruptcy. Without a job, I went into unemployment.

Luckily, after just a few months, I was able to get back on my feet and get a job working for a national insurance agency.

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With this positive outcome, I moved from my small town out to the New York and to go work. As it turned out, luck would stay on my side. The first day on the job I walk into the comfortable office space, being greeted by the cute receptionist. "I'm Matt, I'm the new sales rep." I told her, looking around the unfamiliar building.

From behind me, I hear, "Hello, I'm Lauren, I'm the branch manager here." As I turn to shake her hand I'm forced to stop. With my jaw dropping like an idiot, I'm confronted by the most beautiful women I have ever encountered. With blonde hair, blue eyes, a small cute face, big lips, breasts that were most likely larger than D cups, cleavage that left nothing to the imagination, and a tight, skinny, atheletic body that could beat almost any model.

Barely capable of uttering a word, I managed to stutter out "Ummm&hellip. hi… ummmm&hellip. I'm… Matt." Of course during all of this I was staring straight at her big tits that seemed to be right in my face, enthralling my gaze. Eventually, I was able to break out of my transfixion and look up at her, to find that she was staring at me staring at her tits. With the cutest smile I've ever witnessed, she said "Well now that you're done gawking at my tits, let me show you around the office." Completely embarrassed, and hard as a rock, she lead freckled cam cutie its cleo blows amp bangs pizza tim around the office, introducing me to my new co-workers and showing me to my desk.

"Thank you," I said, still trying to make an effort to not undress her with my mind. "Oh of course," She responded "I'm more than happy to help with anything you need. I want you to see me as a friend, not a boss. Anything you need, or want, please cum and ask." As she walked back to her office, I couldn't help but check out her ass, which, to my great pleasure, was the most gorgeous bubble butt I had ever seen.

I spent the rest of the day trying to process what had happened. "Is she into me? Was she playing some trick on me? Is she just an unimaginably large slut?" All of these questions jumped around in my mind as I attempted to contemplate the situation. After lunch, I decided I had to I had to ask someone. After considering who to talk to, I chose Jacob, one of the sales reps, to ask about what happened. Even though I didn't know him, he seemed like someone I could trust.

"Hey jacob can we talk?" I asked as I approached his desk "Yeah, what about?" "So when I showed up this morning, Lauren seemed kind of… playful. I was just wondering if that's her normal behavior, or was she just being nice because I'm the new guy?

Or am I just going crazy?" "Oh yeah. You definitely are NOT crazy. Lauren is one of the biggest sluts in the whole world. The only reason she's branch manager is because she let every executive of this company fuck her in the ass. Personally, I've fucked her on 20 different occasions in every hole. Also, during the last company christmas party, she pulled all of the guys into her office into her office for a bukkake.

And, although I've never seen it, she apparently has a sex mujhe chodne ka tarika jungle, where she brings her favorite fucks.

Odds are you'll have fucked her by the end of the day." With that, I walked back to my desk. Never have I heard such good news.

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Now my cock was ready to rip out of my shorts with excitement, with just the idea of waiting to fuck the brains out of my incredibly sexy boss. Still though, I had to hope that this wasn't just an elaborate prank to mess swallow dick and balls first time sally gets dicked down the new guy.

As the boring day dragged on, I tried to get some work done as I continued to adjust to the new atmosphere, but nothing was actually to be accomplished. Eventually, six o'clock came and everybody began to leave. Sadly, I had to stay for an extra hour to get some paperwork finished. When seven o'clock came, I decided it was time to pack up to leave the now completely empty office.

While walking on my way out, I passed by Lauren's office and noticed the door was slightly ajar. With my cock, not my mind, leading the way, I decided to glance in, and see if she was still here. As I began to open up the door, I heard "Cum in," from the sexiest sultry voice I've ever heard.

Knowing what was likely in store, I did as she asked. When I had fully entered I could tell what was going on. The entire room smelled of sex. But I couldn't see Lauren, as she was turned around in her large chair. "Step forward" she instructed me. I walked up to her desk, embarrassed from walking in but horny for the same reason.

I looked around her room to see that it was not your ordinary office. Hanging on her wall were large pornographic images of all kind, from gangbang shots to harcore lesbian action.

On her desk was an array of toys, whips, and lubes. Also, she had a cup that read "WORLDS SLUTTIEST BOSS" in big red letters. She swiveled her chair around to face me. To my complete surprise, she was fully naked, bar her high heels, with her legs spread wide.

Not only that, she was holding what was at least a thick, 10 inch black dildo. Now that she was naked, I finally had a perfect view of her sexy body. Her fully exposed pussy was perfect.

Completely shaved, except for a small landing strip, it was glistening with her juice, inviting me to fuck it right then and there.

She stood up from the chair and walked around her desk towards me. She walked behind me, came up close, and began to whisper in my ear "Tonight, you can fuck me however you desire. Fuck me hard. Use me like the slutty toy I am," while reaching around with her hand to tease at my cock through my pants.

"Unbelieveable" I thought, as slight moans of pleasure escaped my lips, while trying not to just cum adorable skinny chick gets her wet vulva and small butthole penetrated my pants. With a feeling of bold lust, I turned around, grabbed her by her beautifully large ass and pulled her into me.

Our lips, then tongues, met in what, at the time, was the hottest, most passionate kiss of my life. As my mind began to melt from the experience I managed to pull myself back to reality. I knew what I wanted. I pulled back from our kiss and whispered into her ear "deepthroat me." She smiled as our eyes locked, obviously pleased with my command. Slowly, she bent down onto her knees. Teasing me first, pulling at my cock and stroking it through the fabric of my pants, she managed to get horny ballerina gets the dick inside her ramming from behind pre-cum out of me before even getting me out of my pants.

After a few minutes of this painful teasing, knowing she was torturing me, she reached for my zipper. With painfully slow, teasing, speed she unzipped my pants. Reaching for my waistband she pulled my pants and boxers down in one motion, revealing my completely hard, 8 inch dick. Smiling up at me, pleased with the size of her new fuck toy, she began to stroke it.

Slowly at first, from the base, she pulled at my cock towards the tip. After a few times of repeating this motion, she moved down and gently licked the tip, sending shocks of pleasure through my entire body.

Gradually, she began to place her mouth over large cock, sucking at the tip while continuing to stroke from the base as she went. I knew I was close to cumming, and so did she. Suddenly, she went from only sucking and licking the tip to engulfing over 6 inches of it in one move!

I was in a state of pure ecstasy. Even though she was gagging, she held this for a few seconds, while expertly using her tongue to pleasure the cock in her mouth, before coming back up for air. She smiled up at me, knowing I wasn't expecting it, but enjoyed it equally. She cupped my balls in one hand, massaging them, while she moved her hot, wet mouth back towards my cock.

With this, I grabbed her by the back of the head and with a slight amount of force, pushed my cock almost completely into her mouth, making her gag as I truly began to dominate her. I knew I was about ready to cum so I released my grasp on her. My hand shot straight to my saliva covered cock and with just a few strokes I exploded. As I moaned with a loud intensity at the shocks of pleasure throughout my body, I surprised her with shot after shot of built up cum.

It blew out of me and onto her her large breasts, face, and hair. Seeming like it would never stop, the biggest orgasm of my life continued to roll through me. Eventually, it ended, after I had finished exerting every last drop of cum, completely coating her in my hot seed. Smiling, I watched as she sexily scooped up my fresh semen with her fingers and licked it into her mouth, savoring every bit. I watched her do this, especially focusing on her beautiful tits, now covered in my cum.

She leaned in once more, and cleaned off the tip of my cock with her expert tongue, taking in the last drop left. Exhausted, she stood up and we kissed again. With a tired passion from us both, we continued to make out for what felt like an eternity. Eventually, we broke apart, and we got cleaned up, dressed, and ready to leave, knowing that this would definitely not just be a one time encounter.

"I'm going to enjoy working here" I thought as I left her office to go home.