Lana slowly leans in to kiss and caress adrias skin

Lana slowly leans in to kiss and caress adrias skin
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It was a Monday morning on the wheel of fortune and they were starting to record the weeks shows. It was teen week and the audience was full of teenaged boys and girls. The show successfully recorded the first episode of the week and were waiting for the stage crew to redo the stage for the Tuesday episode Vanna was down talking to the crowd when the wrap around dress she was wearing became undone dropping to puddle around her feet. This left her topless since she wasn't wearing a bra and a small pair of silk thong panties.

Trying to mikhalifa sex story sex stories play up she turned to run and tripped on her dress the boys in the crowd rushed forward to assist her but mostly got in each others way and kept her from going anywhere.

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The camera crew sensing an opportunity turned their cameras towards Vanna and the crowdstarted the cameras recording unbeknownst to anyone on the floor a disgruntled employee in the control booth started broadcasting live and left locking the booth behind him.

As Vanna struggled trying to get to her changing room through the crowd a petite girl slipped through the crowd and stuck a needle into Vanna's ass cheek pressing the plunger home she smiled as she injected Vanna with a powerful aphrodisiac.

It didn't take long for the drug to work as Vanna moaned with excitement. The girl reaching in pulled Vanna's thong off of her and as the boys accidently held her down the girl inserted her right hand into Vanna's pussy and doing the same to her anus with her left hand started pistoning her fists into Vanna's holes.

Vanna screaming with the orgasm yelled yes fuck me harderfastergo deeper. The girl finished and turned walking away as she licked Vanna's juices from her hand. The boys had watched all this started pulling out their younghardening cocks to fuck this beautiful woman not even thinking that she was old enough to be their mother.

All they saw was a beautiful lush tanned blonde woman laying naked and ready before them.

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They were right as the cameras played up and own her body showing that Vanna worked hard keeping her body in excellent physical condition. Starting at her petite manicured feetthey moved up her long muscular legsstopping shortly to take in her smooth shaven pussy that was slowly opening for everyone to see like a blooming flower already wet with drops of dew dotting the petals. The cameras then moved up past her flattoned stomach that displayed solid six pack to her well rounded lush almost d-cup breasts that had half dollar blood darkened aroused aureoles topped by pink eraser sized nipples that were leaking ssxxx story sex stories 2019 bf. One of the crew said out loudoh my God Vanna is pregnantjust as two of the boys dropped down and started suckling at her breasts.

Sighing one of the boys said delicious it's like tasting ambrosia. The camera men continued moving up to her face recording the emotion playing across her features. Her beautiful lushplumpred lips opened in an O of passion. The nostrils of her petite nose flaring as she tried to take in enough air.

Her brown eyes were closed as her body was rocked by powerful orgasms and her thinplucked eyebrows lowered down clenched in an emotional overload. Her below the shoulders silky blonde wavy hair splayed out beneath her. Pulling back the cameras took in the boys gang banging Vanna as one young boy lay down on the floor and the others lifted Vanna up placing her asshole onto his stiffened tool and pushed her down on him so he slid deep into her bowels. Then the next boy straddled her waist pushing his cock balls deep into her vaginal canal being so large and long he actually brushed past her cervix and entered her womb.

Oh my God the two boys said as they pumped into herI can feel my penis rubbing against his as we move in and out. Finally one of the young women in the audience lifted her skirt and straddled Vanna's face. Vanna immediately started licking the young teens pussy and sucking on her clit.

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Oh yes Vanna eat me free nude liseli sex stories sikis and Vanna did bringing her to a powerful orgasm and Vanna sucked up every bit of the teen orgasmic flow.

One of the boys with a well endowed penis lay down on the floor and told the boys to pick Vanna up and place her cunt on his penis once they had done that he told them to grab her wrists and ankles and run clock wise around him.

Thus Vanna was spun like a wheel and where she stopped everyone won. The camera crew recorded every minute of Vanna being ravaged which went on for eight hours.

When they were finally done seventy boys and thirty girls had in some way sexually abused Vanna. The cameras playing up and down her body showed her vagina that had been turned to bright red raw meather anus was a red gaping hole.

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Her breasts were turning a black and blue from all the pinchingbitingsuckingand squeezing that had been done to them. Vanna White the celebrity letter turner became even more popular as a sixty two year old sex symbol desired by all ages and being fucked by many of them on her new internet show "Sex with Vanna White everyone's Slut". The show was extremely popular getting a regular million hits daily.