Sex and oral sex for agile dude hardcore and blowjob

Sex and oral sex for agile dude hardcore and blowjob
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Shortly after Diona and Eric's first sexual encounter, they became a couple and have been dating for a year and three months. They currently live together and are enjoying each others company. Eric approaches Diona slowly as she is washing her face to get ready for bed. He lightly grips her hips and kisses her neck. Diona loved when he did this, it turned her on, the sensation was intriguing to her. She love every minute of it. "You're trying to get me horny aren't you?" She asked blushing.

"Maybe." Eric lifts Diona up onto the counter and puts himself between her legs. Diona threw her arms around his neck drawing him closer feeling his breath hit her neck; he began to suck on it. Diona moaned softly into Eric's ear. "I like that baby." She whispered to him.

"I want to fuck you right here on the bathroom floor. ". They were not really used to non-routine sex per say. They usually have sex in the bed room in the missionary position, but today was different. Today they decided to try something new. Something. exciting. Eric laid Diona on the bathroom floor and removed her t shirt. Since she was not wearing a bra, he went straight for her breasts. They were already hard and practically calling Eric's name. "I was thinking. we should try anal." Eric said feeling confident.

Diona hesitated; "Anal sex." she thought to herself. "Has Eric lost his mind?!" Eric stared at her until Diona managed to reply."I-I don't know about that Eric. anal sex just seems like it would be extremely painful." Eric sighed disappointedly."I'm just sick of the hot webcam latina plugs her anal hole old routine sex we have.

I want to try something new, something I have never done before." He looked into Diona's eyes. Diona hesitated. "Okay Eric, we can do anal.

But I swear you better be gentle dammit!" Eric kissed her lips hard ceasing her talking. Diona squeezed him tightly. Eric reached down slowly and pulled off her shorts. Diona's pussy was already soaking wet from pleasure. He ripped off her panties. He wanted to make Diona as comfortable as possible since he was going to take her anal virginity. He kissed her neck, chest, stomach, as he made his way down to her pussy.Eric kissed her beautiful shaved mound and pressed his tongue against it lightly.

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Diona gasped as Eric licked from her vagina opening to her clitoris. He began to draw circles with his tongue around her clit. "Eric."she moaned grabbing his head. He looked up at her and shoved his tongue deep inside her vagina, making her jerk uncontrollably.

He thrusted his tongue in and out her slowly, gradually picking up the pace until he simply couldn't go any faster. "Eric I'm gonna cum!" Diona moaned. He immediately stopped and flipped her over onto her stomach. Slowly, Eric removed his boxers and t shirt; his hard dick pressed against her bare ass.

"You can't cum yet." Eric positioned Diona on her knees, removed his boxers, and began rubbing his dick in between her luscious ebony babe tiffany tosh rides hung stud cheeks.

"Eric. Don't we need lube?" Diona asked with worry in her voice. Realizing she was right, Eric quickly grabbed some vaseline from underneath the bathroom sink. He took a good amount out and rubbed it all over his dick. Once he was lubed up, he returned his attention to Diona's beautiful ass. He took a moment to admire this position, and then once more rubbed his dick between her cheeks.

"Are you ready?" he asked. Diona shook her head and braced herself for the pain to come. Slowly, Eric became to slide his tip into her tight anus. Diona moaned, she clenched and ordered Eric to stop. "It hurts still." She managed to say. "And it's going to continue to hurt.

The more I stop, the worse its gonna get." He explained. Dionna decided to suck it up and let him do it. "Just shove it all in at once. So we can get it over with with the pain." Eric positioned his cock to her opening and quickly but calmly, shoved his dick inside Diona's hole. Diona felt Eric's dick rip through her like a knife.

She screamed in pain, tears rolled down her cheeks. "I'm sorry!" Eric uttered. He immediately felt horrible for convincing Diona to allow him to do this. "No.

it's okay." She reassured him. "Start thrusting. slowly please.". Eric pumped in and out slowly. Anal was much different from vaginal sex. Diona's anus was warmer, tighter, and all in all just felt better. Diona moaned, this experience was turning out a lot better than she thought it would. "I'll speed up when your ready." Eric said. Moments later, Diona was ready. "Faster." She mumbled. Eric obediantly picked uo the pace a bit, pumping in and out of her making her moan.

Eric felt more pleasure as he picked up the pace, he had never experienced this type of pleasure before with Diona.

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His eyes rolled back and he gripped Diona's cheeks. ".faster." Diona said faintly. Eric gradually picked up the pace; Diona screamed "Faster, faster, faster!" Until she couldn't take anymore and Eric couldnt go any quicker.

"Who's daddy?" Eric asked as he gave her ass a slap.

The question caught Diona off guard. Eric had never spoken dirty to her before; however, she still quicky responded. "You're daddy Eric!". Eric grinned, hearing her say that truly turned him on. "Call me daddy Eric." He taunted.

Diona responded, "Daddy Eric!" Eric felt powerful as he pounded her sweet little ass. Suddenly Diona felt a warm tingling sensation, her body trembled. It started in her clitoris then traveled outward.outward.and outward, until finally, "Ahhh!" Diona moaned loudly as her orgasm took over.

Diona's orgasm turned Eric on, he picked up his pace and gave one last thrust as he came inside her ass. Diona and Eric caught their breaths and Eric slowly pulled his dick out of her.

His cum dripped out of her ass and he chuckled. Diona's ass was beet red, "She's gonna feel that in the morning." he thought to himself. "Ready to go to bed baby?" Eric asked smiling. Diona slowly rolled over onto her back, she was already sore. "Carry me?" She said holding out her arms. Eric smiled and picked her up; he carried her to their bedroom and laid her on the bed. There they cuddled and fell asleep.

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