Cybersex with the boyfriend is very fun and good lately

Cybersex with the boyfriend is very fun and good lately
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She had set the whole thing up. It was one of those, "strengthen the marriage" type of antics that I was lucky enough to be the recipient of. I knew something was up as soon as I opened the door from the garage into the house. The kids were nowhere to be found, and she was dressed in my favorite outfit…old blue jeans and a white, bra-less t-shirt.

She greeted me with a warm, wet kiss and tasted like what she had in her right hand, a cool, crisp, champagne glass.

"Mmmm, surprise, huh?" I said. She only smiled, nodded, and took me by the hand to the couch. She sat me down, took my shoes off, and rested her head on my left thigh. I knew something good was going to happen, I just didn't know what. Then japanese gay sex english subtitles said her first words of the day to me, "Enjoy your champagne" as she pushed the hand I was holding my glass in up to my mouth.

As I raised it, she reached for my belt and began to unbuckle it. I moved to oblige the effort and quickly wriggled out of them. My half hard cock lay turned to the left and growing by the second. She immediately took it in her hand and stood it up, giving it a long, wet, lollipop lick from the base of my balls all the way to the tip. That was enough to stimulate a total hard on, which she wasted no time engulfing in her mouth. She had waited all afternoon to do this and had obviously worked herself up to fervor.

"Wow!" I blurted, "You sure have prepared yourself!" She popped my cock out of her mouth, looked up and said, "Lots of wine and my favorite sexy movies" she opened her mouth wide and covered it again. She moaned and grunted while she sucked my cock with purpose, her right hand clutched the base and occasionally stroked my shaft while her left hand gently massaged my balls.

She knew me well and was wasting no time in making me cum. Just as I began to tense up and indicate that I was going to cum, I could see her look up behind me out the front window to the front porch just as the doorbell rang. I twisted around to see who was there to see two apparent Jehovah Witnesses dressed in their white shirts looking in the window at me.

She forcefully pulled me back around by my cock and continued sucking me. "They can wait" was all she two lovely babes and two sex toys before going back to work.

As I was in the throws of a strong orgasm, I could only sit there. Her head began bounding up and down, her right hand was tightly gripping me and stroking me with desperate ferocity. I took a deep breath and let out a moan with my first spurt of cum. She kept it in her mouth with the first spurt, then put the head on her chin and let me cum on her nose and chin as she continued to lick the sensitive side of my cock and stroke my shaft onto her face.

When I finished, she had rubbed the head all over her face and collected the cum and put it back into her mouth, sucking it all down.

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Her face was flush this hottie takes it up the ass sex and wet from cum and saliva. Just then, she stood up and began walking to the door. "What are you doing?!" I asked in desperation as I struggled to pull my pants back up. "Letting the callers in" she calmly replied. I was completely confused, this was not like her. Something was wrong.

She showed the men in and brought them in to introduce me. "This is my husband. Honey, these two boys were here earlier and I asked them to come back at 6:00 to talk to us." "What!?" was my reply, she knew I had no interest in this shit and that I would be irritated with the whole thing. Although, she obviously figured since I had just enjoyed an awesome blow job I might be more pliable.

She sat them to my right on the couch and sat in front of them on the footstool. "So, what was it you two wanted to talk about?" she said with a calm confidence.

"Well", said the tall one looking at the other one, "We are here to talk to you about salvation." "Hmmm, that sounds interesting", she purred. It was right then that I knew she was up to her mischief. "Go ahead" she purred, as she leaned back onto her hands displaying her bra-less tits complete with rock hard nipples for their enjoyment.

Just as he began his shpeel, she noticed him looking at her left tit. She looked down to where he was looking to see a large blob of my cum resting just above her nipple.

"Oh…looks like I missed something here" as she reached her right index finger up, scooped it up and put it in her mouth.

"Go on ahead boys full me in on the lord." She allowed the apparent leader, the taller and older of the two begin talking for five minutes or so before she began to move closer to him. He began to stutter.

"Go on", she said as she sat on her feet in front of him. He continued. Without looking up, she put her right hand on his left thigh and began to gently rub it. "This is so interesting", she purred, "please keep talking" she said as she reached with both hands to his belt and began unbuckling it. He froze. The other one said, "Madam, what are you doing?!" "Just helping him relax", she calmly replied as she unbuckled his belt and unsnapped his pants.

"There, isn't that more comfortable?" She said, moving her hand under his tighty whiteys and squeezing his cock. "Hmmm, looks like there's some interest here honey" she said to me as she pulled his underwear down to reveal a very respectable, especially veiny cock.

"Let's get a better look" she cooed as she started pulling at his pants. Apparently reactively, he lifted up his butt and she pulled them down his cock standing at full attention. The other guy was completely stunned, "John!" he scolded, "What are you doing!?!" he said in desperation? "Shut up!" was all he said as she grabbed his cock with her right hand and ran her tongue from his balls to the tip of his cock.

"Hmmm", she purred as she did it, "I like it it tastes nice and salty". She put the head in her mouth and began slowly sucking this young boys cock. "I cannot be a part of this", said the other one. She pulled his cock out of her mouth and scolded the boy, "Hey if you want to be next you'd better shut up!" He froze and sat back down. "That's better" she said, stroking the leader's now saliva covered cock. "Now sit down, take your damn pants off, and watch!" He did exactly as commanded.

She went back to work on the leader, this time with more intensity and speed. She knew how to do it and knew she would have him cumming any moment. With her right hand she squeezed the base only lana rodes sex story his cock and stroked the shaft, with her left hand, she massaged his balls as her head bobbed up and down with increasing speed.

He began to breath faster and grunt. She knew he was going to cum and started to grunt and whimper as she bobbed her head feverishly. He let out an open mouth "Ahh, ugh", she popped it sexy blonde gets eaten by her girlfriends of her mouth and put her tongue on the sensitive underside and licked it as he shot six or seven respectable spurts onto her cheeks, running down onto her bra-less white t-shirt.

She had turned her head so that the young one could see the whole thing clearly. "Oh my God" was all he could say. Before the leader was even settled down after his orgasm, she dropped his cock and moved over to the young one. "Ready", she said, with cum all over her shirt and left cheek. "M hmm" was all he could say with a nod. She started in the same way with a long lick from his balls to his tip, letting out a long purr.

"This one is a nice, young cock. Look at this honey" she said, "You could cut diamonds with this thing!" "Don't chip a tooth" I replied glibly. She went to work on that kid like she was starving and this was her last meal. Stroking, rubbing and sucking, she had that kid in disbelief. I'll bet it wasn't 3 minutes and she had him grunting preparing to cum.

"Oh my God, oh my GGGOOO" he stammered as he began to cum. Again, she pulled it out and this time shot it straight into the air. This kid had some power as his first two spurts must have gone up two feet, landing in her hair and on her arm. She continued to stroke him and lick his shaft until he was completely spent.

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"Now you to don't move. Don't pull your pants up, don't move" she said as she stood up and pulled her pants off, giving me a nod. I knew what she wanted. She pulled her pants and shirt off, and bent over, putting her hands on the couch in between the boys. "Come one honey, you know what I want now", she purred as I stood up and moved in behind her. She wanted to be fucked right in between those boys and for them to watch is happen.

I quickly obliged and thrust my cock into her soaking wet pussy. "What do you think boys" I said loudly, "I'll bet you never saw this coming today, huh?" "No sir, the young one responded, "Didn't see this one at all." Looking over her left shoulder, I could see the leader was getting hard again at the site of me fucking her and her tits jiggling and swinging in the breeze. In a display of confidence, he lifted up his ass to move his cock closer to her face, hoping that she might suck it again.

"Oh no young man" she replied, this time you need to stroke it before you cum!" He instantly began jerking off, as did the younger one. There we were, I was bumping her from behind, and these two boys were stroking their cocks like there was no tomorrow. As they did, she leaned over to the leader and put her tongue out to lick the head, he began short stroking it to allow her to take the head into her mouth, moving to the rhythm of my thrusts. Germanic porns full ed sex stories print was a site, her tits jiggling forward and back, her head moving in the same way, and her mouth over the top of a young man's cock as he stroked it.

The site of it all was enough for me to feel that familiar sensation. "OK honey" I muttered, indicating that I would soon cum. A few more trusts later, "Here it comes!!" as I pulled out of her and began stroking it, the leader began to cum as well, he was still stroking his cock, she pulled her mouth off of it, I shot my first stream right at where her head was, when she pulled it off of his cock, my cum landed right on his cock and hand he didn't miss a stroke as think, wet streams of cum jetted from his cock, shooting it on her left shoulder, and hanging tits.

As I finished, I came to my senses and said, "OK boys, I think you've had your time here time to go." "Yes sir", they quickly replied, pulled their pants up and scurried out the door.

We both plopped onto the couch and let out a deep breath. "Wow", was all I said. "Hmmm" was her reply with a big, warm, smile.