Horny as hell black slut rides strapon wearing girlfriend like an animal

Horny as hell black slut rides strapon wearing girlfriend like an animal
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Ana is 18 and a freshman in college. She is 5' 4" and weighs 110 lbs and has long dark hair. She is shy around people, She has been thinking a lot about sex and has been very horny. She has pretty much given up on guys in general, but She had been thinking about buying a dildo or vibrator. Xxx sexy storyes of amisha patel what She had been fantasizing about when She masturbated. So, she decided to go to the metal warehouse looking building off the interstate across town and out a few miles.

When she pulled in to the parking lot there were a few cars, but not too many so she tried to find a place that was close to the door, but not too well lit up so her car wouldn't be noticed in case someone would recognize it. When she went in the door the desk clerk asked her for her ID. The clerk looked at her ID, then at her and said come in as he handed her back her license.

She put her id back in her purse then he said to her, "Can I help you find anything?" Embarrassed and nervous she looked around the place.

It didn't seem to be as big as it looked from the outside. She didn't see any toys. "I'm looking for a toy." She said, not looking right at him.

" For a friend." She added. She didn't see him smile but She could tell he was from his voice. "OK, they're behind you to your left." " Thanks." She said and walked away, in the direction that he had said. She looked up to find her way and caught the gaze of an older man, looked to be in his mid 50's. I smiled and said " Hi." She said " Hi " back as She hurried by.

She was embarrassed to be there but She was also excited: the way that I had looked at her made her feel sexy: She could tell I wanted her. She found the toy section and started looking for one that might be nice for her.

It was making her wet thinking about how each one would feel inside of her. She was getting a little nervous about buying one to try one out.

She noticed me who said Hi to her had come in to the same aisle as her. She could feel me looking at her, She looked up and our eyes met. I smiled and nodded at her. She could feel her cheeks flush with embarrassment. I walked closer to her.

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"Is this your first time in a place like this?" She just nodded. " It's OK, we're all here for the same thing." My honesty and forthrightness put her at ease a bit.

" Sometimes I wish I was a girl, because you have all these neat toys to choose from. All we really have blonde housewife diana doll fucked and cumshot on spy cam our hands." This made her giggle and She looked up at me. I had short cropped salt& pepper hair and hazel eyes, I was about 6' 1" with a muscular build and with thick arms and hands.

The fact that I was standing here talking to her was a bit embarrassing but also turning her on. I asked her about her age and She told me She was just 18 then I asked her about her school. She told me She was a freshman in college.

I asked her about boyfriends and if She still lived with her parents. She told me no boyfriends. " Well, There are private preview rooms. There is a theater, which is open like a theater, so public, then there is the arcade, which takes dollar tokens and winds up taking too much money, but the private preview rooms you pick out a movie and you can preview it in private for six dollars." " Oh, well that's a good idea." " You probably still live with your parents, huh?" I asked her.

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" Yes." She said. " Well, I'll pay for your preview and throw in a little extra to help you buy your toy if you promise to stop in and say hi while I'm watching my movie.

There's only client fucks his gfs bff after massage rooms back there.

I'll leave the door cracked a little bit, I'll probably be the only one in there anyway." I pulled a $20.00 out of my pocket and handed it to her.

" Take it in any case, it's my pleasure to help out a young lady." She blushed and took the money. I walked off toward where the DVDs were located.

She kept looking for her toy and heard me pay for my preview and I walked back and was buzzed through a door. She found a nice pink squishy one that looked about right, then She went and picked out a DVD, which was the first one She saw.

She had never watched a movie like this before so She figured it wasn't like She needed to be too picky. Besides, She didn't want me to think She was just going to leave. She knew what I was going to be doing in there and it turned her on. She was hoping to be able to see. She never saw a guy do that before, but thinking about it was always something that turned her on. She took her DVD up to the counter and asked to preview it.

The clerk asked if She was going to pay for her dildo. She said sure, he rang her up and She paid him. He told her, She was in room 2. She put the dildo in her purse and went back to where the door was for him to ring her in. Her heart was pounding as She walked through the door, and She could feel the wetness growing between her legs. She didn't know people did this kind of stuff! It was so exciting! There was a small hallway with 2 doors on each side.

The first one on the left was open some and said one on it. There was a little red light above it that was on. The one next to it also had the light on and said 2. She walked over to number 2 and opened the door. Standing there, She could see in room one, where her new friend was sitting on a loveseat looking up at ben 10 ebony cartoon xxx storys. I smiled and said " Hi.

" She stood there with her hand on her door for a second. She waved and said " Hi." " Can I see what you got?", I asked her. " You can come in for a sec if you want." She walked in to my little room and I scooted over on the loveseat while pulling up my pants. She caught a glimpse of my long hard thick cock for a second but not too much to really see it.

" Close the door." I said to her. She closed the door and sat down next to me. I asked her if she liked BIG, hard cocks that she could gag on and ride all night? She was very hesitant, just like I said, but then she nervously said, " I don't know." I want to see you scream, moan, groan, cum, gasp and beg for more!' I replied.

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I called her over and put her hand in my trousers, she was hesitant to touch my hard cock. She honestly never been more turned on. Her pussy was wetter than it's ever been, and all because not only was I tall, older, muscular build with rugged looks, but my cock was fucking HUGE!

It must be at least 9 inches of long, hard, 4 inchs thick, rippling muscle, and all she could think of was what it would feel like to have a cock that long and thick inside her. She imagined me bending her over and sliding that long, thick, juicy, throbbing cock inside her.

She gasped " OMG " as she pulled her hand out of my pants, she was apprehensive as she unzipped my pants to pull it out. She sat next to me as I slowly took off her top and her bra, and began kissing and sucking on her hard nipples. She smiled and pulled away from me, I could tell she was nervous. " It's OK if you just want to sit for a while it will be ok.

If you want to leave, you can, it's OK." Xxx sex stories ebony story downed laid her down, pulled off her pants and lace panties, and spread her legs wide.

She was completely naked and she hadn't been exposed like this in front of a man ever, she was blushing from embarrassment. I loved her body, the scent of her perfume mixed with the scent of her pussy and the adrenaline that was rushing through her body was making her tremble from head to toe. I slowly kissed and licked her all over, from her neck to her nipples, then down across her stomach to her thighs.

She arched her back in pleasure as my finger started to slid inside sexy friend bad masti sex stories com pussy, she grabbed my hand " please stop.I have never had a man touch me there." She said. " Relax. for me." I whispered. I began licking and sucking her swollen hard clit. She was having second thoughts, if she could actually do this and handle that big cock.

It was so BIG and THICK! The head was already glistening with pre-cum, the shaft so thick and ugle looking with purple veins all around it.

It looked ready to explode and bobbing up and down. I started licking, sucking and massaging her breasts and nipples. I pushed two fingers in her and started fingering her pussy again. She started gasping, " aaaaaahhhhh.uuuuhhh," pleading for me to stop. " Please. Let's just forget it. I'm sorry if I gave you the wrong idea. but I'm not ready. I'm sorry, so sorry. Please!" I grabbed her thighs and started spreading her legs apart.

She grabbed my head, trying to get it off of her mouth, so she could whimper and beg one more time. I forced my tongue into her mouth and continued kissing her, waiting a few seconds before removing my lips from hers.

" Please. Please, I can't. Please. Please. I can't ." She pleaded. " Please, I wasn't serious I was just flirting." Ana struggled furiously to relieve herself of my weight, but I held her lovely teen babe likes hot sex hardcore and blowjob as my hands began to roam over her body.

" Stop," she sobbed. I ignored her pleas, my hands roughly explored her breasts before moving down over her waist to the curve of her hips. " No!" she wailed as I shoved two fingers back into the tight opening of her pussy.

She grabbed my wrist with both her hands and tried to push my hand away, I continued my brutal assault thrusting into her hard and deep. She gasped " AAAAAIIIIIII "as she felt me slide a third finger into her.

She was moaning and groaning, " AAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIII.OOOOOOHHHHHH! AAAAAAAHHHHHH! OOOOOOHHHHHH! MMMMMMmmmmm!" in pain and pleasure at what I was doing to her, her slippery cum squelching as I pushed my fingers faster and deeper, the sound of my tongue exlploring her turning her on like nothing before.

Just as she felt like she was about to cum I stopped, raised myself up and my beast of a hard cock swayed like a snake.

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It was like a snake, even though it was big and rock hard it couldn't stand up. I wielded it like a sword, for the first time in her life, she feared it trying to enter her. She sat up and, in awe, began sucking on my cock. It was so big it barely fit in her mouth, and her poor attempts to deep throat ended with her gagging - to the joy of me.

She had never sucked on a cock before! She sucked tentatively trying not to gag, just the head filled her mouth, making her pussy wetter. She couldn't wait to feel the hard long thick snake trying to slide into her, and I must have read her mind because I pushed her back down on the loveseat, rolling her over, pulling her up onto all fours, spreading her butt cheeks wide and, after quickly fingering her pussy again. She suddenly felt the huge long wide cock sliding up and down the crack of her ass.

She felt my hairy sweaty thighs aganist her inner thighs, my big, sweaty cock pressing aganist her anus. The heat from the big thick rod spreading through her thighs as I pushed towards her wet pussy. My cock pushed aganist her pussy, aganist her small tight wetness, pushing, I was grunting ' uuuuuhhh! uuuuuhhh!' then I felt the large mushroom head push past her labia. The head pushing into the mouth of her vagina, as the pain started to surge through her body. " OMG! WHAT A MONSTER!

" She screams, her pussy has never been stretched. It slid in slowly, forcing her to scream, " OMG! OMG! IT HURTS! PLEASE! PLEASE IT HURTS! OMG!" and gasped out of genuine pain.

" Noooo.Noooo.Take it out.You are hurting me." Ana half screamed as I steadied myself, then I pretty brunette teen aubrey rose sucking on huge dick my hand over her mouth as I thrusted into her, the pain tearing through Ana's body as the long thick hard cock pushed part way into her angela white big tits at busty tight wetness, her body going stiff with shock, and with the excruciating pain.

" You're hurting me. Stop!" She groaned as I continued pushing into her, I could feel her pussy was well lubricated. I could feel a part of her liked it. I thursted hard into her driving 5" of the shaft into her, " OMG STOP!

STOP! OH PLEASE STOP!" Ana screamed. " Oh! Baby, your so tight. My God, ssssoooo tight! Relax Baby." I pull completely out of her. With the head barely touching her lips again, I drive my hips forward using all of my weight. For a moment, her lips resisted, and then split to allow the thick instrument to enter her, slamming through her tight vaginal canal and driving itself all the way in slapping aganist her cervix. A young woman to be stretched or ripped like this, I wasn't surprised when her whole body jerked in response to the white hot pain of the thick instrument slicing into her small tight young pussy as she emitted a screech " OMG!

OMG! AAAAAHHH! ". She screeched " AAAAHHH! TAKE IT OUT! AAAAAHHHH! " Pulling back several inches, I saw lots of blood covering my cock, and dribbling down on to the loveseat. Then I drove forward again, slamming the head right up against her cervix. I drew back and started ramming the young woman as she howled pitifully " OMG! AAAAAHHHH! AAAAAYYYY! AAAAHHHH! ". Whatever it felt like for her, the feel of her unprepared tightness milking my cock sent shivers of excitement through my body as I slammed her with my cock.

Her cunt resisting each thrust, clamping down in a vain attempt at stopping each subsequent penile impalement. Tears were pouring down her face as her tight young pussy was stretched, scrapped and even torn by the sustained assault I was inflicting on her.

Gradually, the beating my cockhead gave to the back of her pussy caused it to give a bit, and I was able to baby girals xnxx storys com the last few inches in. It felt great, having her tight young pussy grasping the base of my cock, convulsing from the trauma, twitching as her whole body heaved from the sobs and screams, " OMG! IT HURTS!" she was emitting. I fucked my new friend for several more minutes, loving the tightness, and getting off on her screams.

I felt my orgasm approaching and started slamming harder, wanting to pound the fuck out of her pussy as I pounded into the wailing woman, "OOOOOOHHHHH! AAAAAHHHHH! OOOOOHHHH!" without mercy until I let out a loud groan as my orgasm came, and I drove in, holding it there as I pumped my semen into the crying woman. I held my cock there for a few minutes, feeling her pussy spasming then struggling to expel me.

After a few minutes of this I pulled it out and looked at the blood on it, and the blood and sperm dripping out of her split open pussy, as it still twitched 3x ghian ghirl sex vidaig18 the trauma it had just endured. She sobbed heavily for a few more minutes. I stood up and pulled up my pants. " Thank you." I said. " I hope to see you again sometime." As I walked to the door, She meekly asked " if we could meet here again in two days." " At 9pm Wednesday night." I replied.

She got dressed, trying not to look at the clerk. All the way home, She could feel her blood and cum still oozing out of her pussy reminding her of her experience. Wednesday night she parked as close to the door as She could, turned off the car and sat there for a few seconds, trying to calm herself down. She was so excited and She felt so naughty for being here again. She walked in and showed the clerk her ID. This time it was an older heavyset lady.

She didn't see anyone in there at first, She walked over to the DVDs and started browsing around when She saw me, She started walking around and She could feel my gaze follow her. Her dress, unbuttoned from her knees up almost to her crotch giving me a good view of her bare legs and let a cool breeze in on her wet throbbing pussy. She picked up a DVD and stood holding it in her left hand while her right hand slide into her dress to rub her aching pussy.

I walked up next to her, She didn't look at me but She took her hand out with her fingers visibly wet and pulled open the top of her dress some so that I could look down and see her breasts. She circled her fingers around her hard nipple then took her hand back out of her dress. She put the DVD back and walked over to another aisle. She could feel me continuing to watch her and it made her so excited! She knew I was horny and wanted her.

This time when She went over to look at the DVDs, She squatted down and picked one up that was on one of the lower racks, letting her dress fall away from her legs exposing her pussy. She began to finger herself while looking at the cover of a porn DVD. I came over closer to her. She just kept looking at the DVD cover and fingering herself. I walked over right next to her and She kept on sliding her middle finger in and out and breathing heavily.

" Nice pussy!" I said to her quietly. " Thanks," She said quietly without looking up at me. She looked away from me and said quietly, so the clerk wouldn't hear, if she even cared, " I think I'm going to watch this one in the preview booth.

Maybe you can stop in and say 'Hi' to me." She pulled her finger out of her pussy and deep penetration in a tight slit homemade hardcore up. She lightly brushed past me as She made her way to the clerk's desk, and asked to preview the movie.

I was now in line behind her! She was so excited, and so honry. She was shaking with anticipation and her pussy was aching and throbbing. The clerk told her to go to room 2She walked over to the entrance and was buzzed in.

She went to room 2, stepped in and left the door open. She undid the rest of the buttons on her dress, slipped it off and laid it down on the love-seat. She stood back from the open door, naked, with one hand rubbing her pussy and the other squeezing her nipple, waiting to see me walk in the preview area. It wasn't long before I walked in the hallway and looked at her standing in her room with the door open.

She smiled and said " Hi." I stopped in front of the door and asked if I could come in. She said sure. I walked in and started closing the door. I put my hand up to stop him. " I want to leave it open." She said to me. " I would prefer it closed.

I want to fuck your tight ass. Have you ever been fucked in the ass? " She looked at me with wide eyes. " NNNNOOOO.NNNNNNOOOOO." She replied. I closed the door then walked over to her I grabbed her rolling her onto her side bending girl and her best friend get fucked striptease hardcore leg forward, then I caressed her ass and parted her cheeks roughly as she cried out," STOP!

PLEASE NO NOT THERE! NO! NO! PLEASE!". When I touched the head of my cock against her tight puckered little anus, she went wild, struggling aganist my grip with renewed vigour as she screamed, " OOOOOHHHH! NNNNNNOOOO! PLEASE NNNNNOOOO!" There is nothing to compare to the feel of fucking a woman's tight virgin ass.

Well, no better time than the present. I lined my hard rod up nicely and leaned in hard, pressing the swollen bulbous head against the resisting ring. Her entire body tensed, in an effort to resist the coming impalement with all her might. I was experienced enough to know that I would win this battle. Pushing hard, I had to hold on to my cock to prevent it from sliding off of her ass.

She wriggled, clenched her sphincter and grunted with exertion as my cock head fought against her resisting ring. I could feel the ring was starting to give, ever so slightly. She could sense it too, and she started crying out from exertion and fear as the ring slowly started to lose the battle. I pushed a bit harder and suddenly the her anus lost the battle and parted as my cockhead forced it's way in.

Her whole body arched, her head going straight back as she emitted an agonized screech, "OMG! OOOOOHHHHH! AAAAAHHHH! OOOOOOHHHHH!", when her anus was forced much wider than it had ever been in her life. She shuddered as if she was trying to shake the pain from her body, yet couldn't get rid of it.

The pain was about to get worse.much worse. Once the head was in it was the beginning of the end as I was able to now force inch by inch, slowly into her rectum as she convulsed and howled, "OOOOOOHHHHH! OOOOOOHHHHH!" from the pain as her rectum was stretched, and forced open very deep within her. Finally I got my entire cock in as her traumatized sphincter clenched and convulsed around the base of my rod.

It felt so fucking amazing, so unbelievably tight. The violation of her body, with my cockhead right up in her was sheer ecstasy for me as it was agony for her. I pulled back and then shoved it in again, causing convulsions from her and high pitched noises, " AAAAAAAhhhhh!

AAAAAAAhhhhh!. Her tight ass forced the thrusts to be slow, as it resisted every inch. Slowly I worked it back and forth, getting longer and longer with each of my strokes. It took me a few minutes to finally get that tight ass wet and loose enough to allow my cock to move in and out somewhat freely, but by the time I did, Ana was moaning in pleasure beneath me.

."OH fuck baby&hellip.mmmmm&hellip.i love &hellip.mmmmm&hellip.fuck…your cock in my tight&hellip.oh fuck fuck…ass.

Oh baby…fuck me deep&hellip.mmmmm. .I was so fucking turned on. I pushed my body up onto the loveseat with her, and eagerly began fucking my way in and out of her tight ass as hard and fast as I could. Our bodies were soaked with sweat as I humped her like dog on her. Ana exploded in a whole new set of mini orgasms, causing her ass to lock down around my cock much tighter than her pussy. That was all it took to finally push me over the edge to my explosion of the night.

I thrust my hips down hard against her ass as I pumped load after load of orgasmic cum into her tight young ass. The more she shook beneath me, the more I pounded her from behind.

Her ass was still locked so tight around my cock; the blood could not escape to let it soften. After 10 great minutes of fucking, I slid a hand under her waist, and rolled over onto my back with her still impaled on top of me. Ana quickly grabbed onto my knees and continued to feverishly fuck her ass up and down on my cock. She was bouncing that sexy little ass up and down on my shaft, while also moving a hand to her pussy to finger herself.

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I clawed my nails down her back and felt her cum again as the long red claw marks appeared down her silky flesh. Finally we were both spent.

Ana fell back on top of me, never pulling my cock from her ass. We lay there panting against each other as our bodies finally started to relax. Her ass was still super tight analacrobats massive dildo and bbc for skinny blonde keeping a firm grasp of my cock. One of my hands reached around her and found her wet pussy lips and I gently teased and massaged at them while my other hand reached around and found one of her hard erect nipples.

Ana got up off of me, then I felt her lips. The soft tender wetness of her lips locked on to the head of my now soft shaft. She sucked the tender piece of flesh into her mouth and gently began teasing and sucking it back to life.

" Can I spend the weekend with you sometime ?" she asked. " Let me see if I can rearrange my meetings.

Call me at this number on Friday" I replied. "