Naughty air hostesses get their holes poked pornstars hardcore

Naughty air hostesses get their holes poked pornstars hardcore
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Uncle Mike I was thirteen years old the summer I spent at my Uncle Mike's.

I lived with my mom and she went to visit friends of hers in Florida. As I alice in white tiger costume with white crotchless pantyhose masturbation and stockings getting to be a "big boy" and was going to turn fourteen in another month it was decided that I could stay that summer with Uncle Mike, who was my mom's younger brother. Mike was a cool guy, only thirty then and lived in a small house not far from us.

I would have to share a room with him and even the bed but that did not bother me. My uncle and I got along very well and we were more like buddies than uncle and nephew. I had no trepidations of stripping down to my underwear for bed when we turned in for the night and the two of us would climb into Uncle Mike's small bed, only a full, both of us in our underpants. We wrestled on the bed that first night, in our underwear. Uncle Mike pinned me down on the mattress and gave the seat of my shorts a couple playful slaps.

I had not been spanked since I was probably about nine years old and I thought it was funny to be spanked like a little kid. When we finally went to bed and turned out the light my cock started to get hard in my underwear as I thought about the slaps he had given to my ass and my butt still tingled from it.

When I woke up that first morning Uncle Mike was spooning me from behind and I could feel the hard bulge of his cock in his underpants pressing up against my ass. Instead of being alarmed I felt a reassuring sensation as the man groaned in his sleep and inadvertently humped himself against me.

I pressed back gently and squeezed my own hard cock, then went off to sleep. When I awoke probably an hour later Mike was up and had breakfast ready for us. We fished, worked on his old truck and did a lot of things that summer. The wrestling in our underwear at night on the bed became an almost nightly ritual. Every time we wrestled Mike would pin me down and give me a few swats on my ass. I would always laugh and sometimes this would happen two or three times during the match.

I always got hard from this and got a funny feeling in my crotch.

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I would also notice that Uncle Mike would sometimes have a bulge in his briefs as well. Most mornings I would wake up to find him pressed up behind me and his bulge poking me from behind.

I was never worried by this. About the third or fourth time this happened I lay there dominating pussy eating and facial cum catchers compilation first time a brides revenge was feeling completely horny as I could feel my uncle's big dick encased in his fruit of the looms nudging against my ass.

I suddenly wanted to feel his cock. I gently moved my hand back and and just touched the bulge in his underwear. It felt huge and hot to me. I could feel him breathing on my neck and I slowly moved my hand up and down the bulge in his briefs, feeling the length and thickness of it.

I brought my hand back and sniffed it. I could smell sweat and a manly smell that I did not yet possess in my own adolescent crotch. It turned me on immensely and my own cock, barely five inches then was as hard as it had ever been in my shorts.

I squeezed it briefly and then went back to sleep. This now became an almost morning ritual. If Uncle Mike was pressed up against me in the morning I would reach my hand back and feel him up, each time doing it a little longer than the last.

If he knew about this he never let up about it and we never said a word about it during the day. I liked the feel of his big cock and I longed to feel it without the cover of his briefs but I was too chicken to reach under the waistband and feel it.

What if he woke up? How would I explain why I had my hand down his pants, literally? I also liked the feel of the spanks he gave me when we wrestled, which seemed to be getting harder and more often during our matches.

A little over a week into my stay we had a really good wrestling match going, both of us again in our underwear. We both had bulges in our briefs but neither of us said anything about it or stopped wrestling because of it. Uncle Mike pinned me down on the bed and gave my cotton covered ass three good whacks with the palm of his hand.

I laughed and pivoted around, jumping on his chest. My dick was throbbing in the front of my briefs, which was now pressed against his stomach. I could feel his own erection poking between my legs and rapping directly against my bottom. I bounced on him a couple times.

We looked at each other for a moment and then he easily swung me off of him and again pinned me face down, this time over his lap. I felt his hand on my ass again and braced myself for another couple of swats. My cock was hard as ever and I could feel his pulsating against mine. Uncle Mike rubbed my butt for a moment and then I felt his fingertips at the waistband of my underpants. He slowly pulled them down and bared my ass, and gave me three good slaps.

I jumped up and said, "You're gonna get it for that!" "Oh yeah, little man?" he said with a laugh. "What are you gonna do about it?" "I'm gonna pin you and then sit on your face and fart on you!" I said, laughing. "Fair enough," he said. "And what if you can't pin me and I pin you?" I thought for a moment and then said, "You can give me a spanking, this time with my underwear all the way down." We looked at each other again for a moment and then he stuck out his hand and said, "Deal." With that we went to wrestling and I put up a token resistance, but I really wanted him to pin me and spank my bare ass.

He finally got me down over his lap and I was pinned for sure. I felt his hand on my ass and then his fingers at the waistband again. I raised myself up to allow him to pull them down, which he did, slowly all the way down to my knees. His hand massaged my bare ass for a moment and then he asked in a husky voice, "So how many should I give you?' I wiggled a bit with nervous and excited expectation on his lap.

My dick was hard and trembling between his legs, now bare and against his hairy thighs. I could feel his dick hard in his underwear, pressing against my hip. "You won," I said. "As many as you want I guess." "Okay," he said. "How about since I wasn't around for your last birthday, thirteen good ones?" Oh wow, I thought. Thirteen! "Okay," I replied. He raised his hand and gave me a light smack. That wasn't very hard at all and I felt a little disappointed by it. The second crack was a bit harder but still pretty pathetic.

I looked back at him and said, "I thought you said thirteen good ones? Are you trying to spank me or tickle me?" "Oh, tough guy," he replied with a laugh. "Alright then, thirteen good ones it is." He smacked me again and this time it was a good ringing slap that made my ass sting.

He kept on spanking me, pausing a few moments between each one. Eleven hard slaps cracked across my ass and even though it hurt I was hornier than hell.

He stopped and rested his hand against my warm ass. "Had enough little man?" he asked me. "No," I replied. "No? You want more do you?" I laughed and said, "You said thirteen good ones. That was only eleven good ones." "Oh, right," he replied. I squirmed in his lap and he gave me two even harder slaps, this time I yelped horny babe screwed by horny pawn keeper little bit.

"Now have you had enough?" he asked me. "You forgot one to grow on," I replied. He laughed again and said, "Oh yeah, I did forget that." That was the hardest of all and I yelped again.

I leaped up and tugged my underwear back up, but not before he got a good glimpse of my hard little cock, which slapped up wetly against my belly.

"Was I a little too hard on you, little man?" he asked. "Thought I heard you whimper there a couple times." I giggled and said, "Yeah, well I won't the next time." "Next time?" "Yeah, I'm gonna be fourteen in a few weeks. So we can do it again then," I said. "Ahh, right," he said.

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"And maybe some practice ones in between?" I said softly and a little hopefully. He tousled my hair and said, "Let's get to bed kiddo." The next morning I awoke to him pressing his bulge into my butt and felt his hand on my hip. His hand was moving up and down slowly along my hip and moving ever closer to my cock, which was stiff as ever in my underwear.

Please touch me, I prayed silently. Please touch my dick. But he didn't touch me and his hand dropped off me as he fell further into sleep. I waited several minutes and did my morning ritual of feeling him up. This time I was surprised and happy to feel the head of his big cock sticking out from the waistband of his underwear.

This was the first time I had felt his naked cock and I marveled at the feel of it. He groaned in his sleep as I gently massaged and fingered the glans of his dick. It was so hot and so thick. Probably not huge now that I think of it years later, but certainly longer and thicker than mine was back then.

I dipped my fingertips into the band of his briefs to feel more of his big cock and could feel a large amount of thick pubic hair at the base of it.

It was very cool to feel a man's pubic hair, as I had just a sparse dusting of blondish pubes at the base of my own dick. I gently jacked my uncle off, pulling more and more of his big cock out of his underwear, for much longer than I had before. I did it as long as I dared and then stopped, smelling my fingers as I drifted off to sleep. The next night I showered and went to the bedroom in my underwear. Uncle Mike was already laying on top of the bed looking at a magazine, having already showered and in his underpants.

"Tired little man?" he asked me as I got up on the bed. "Nope," I replied as I grabbed the magazine from him and flung it across the room. "I'm gonna pin you tonight, big man." He laughed and said, "And fart on my face if you do?" "That's right," I replied. "And what if I pin you, little man?" "I guess you could spank me again," Ariella ferrera with jorde boy sex story replied. "Harder than last time. But you're not gonna pin me." He laughed and said, "Deal.

Fight." Uncle Mike knew I couldn't pin him. I was pretty small for my age, not tiny but not as well built as most boys my age. He almost acted like he was going to let me pin him, but I wanted him to spank me again and could tell he wanted to spank me too, though it looked as though a couple of times I might actually pin him.

We were both hard in our shorts but sharon mitchell jay pierce marco in vintage sex scene said anything about it as we wrestled, and then it was inevitable he had me pinned over his lap.

I felt his hand on my ass and I raised my hips dutifully and submissively so that he could tug my underwear down.

He did, slowly again and this time I could hear his heavy breathing as he did so, as was probably my own breathing as well. He dragged my underwear down to my just below my knees and then rested his hand against my bare ass.

"How many this time?" he asked me. "Thirteen good ones," I breathed into the mattress. "Are you gonna cry this time, little man?" "I didn't cry last time," I said defiantly. "I know," he said. "You're a tough little man, but I went easy on you last time." "That was as hard as you got," I laughed. He laughed and said, "Not by a long shot." "Well you can't make me cry with thirteen spanks," I told him, challenging him.

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He took the bait and said, "That sounds like a challenge to me." I looked back at him and said, "Five bucks says I don't cry." "Okay," he said.

"But do you even have five bucks to bet?" "No," I replied. "But I won't need it, because you're the one who's gonna pay up." "Well, that's not how a bet works," he told me with a laugh. "You need to have the money to back your bet. I'll give you five bucks if you don't cry from thirteen hard whacks. But if you do, tomorrow night I'm going to give you thirteen with my belt." Whoa, a belt. This was getting serious.

My cock lurched in my uncle's lap as I imagined him whipping my bare ass with his leather belt as I bent over his bed. "Deal," I said. Without another word he started spanking me and it was indeed harder than he had spanked me the night before. I almost cried out from the first whack, and by the third I could feel tears stinging in my eyes. Man, my uncle could hit hard and my ass was throbbing by the fifth crack of his hand.

I was rocking back and forth over his lap while he spanked me, but neither of us lost our erections. Mine was banging and dragging against his bare thigh and his was poking against my hip and sometimes right into my crotch. As much as the spanking hurt I loved the feeling of being nearly naked over his lap and feeling his hard dick in his underwear poking against me.

I really wanted that five bucks but experiencing his leather belt on my bare ass would be fun too. I had visions of many spankings and belt whippings over that summer. My underwear was down past my knees and by the time he got to about eight my legs were pivoting so much that they fell down around my ankles. Within a couple more hard whacks milf teen and black bull threesome interracial and freecam sounded like pistol shots in the small room my underwear came off and flew across the room.

Now I was naked over my uncle's lap and I was crying, softly so that he could not hear me, but I was crying. The twelfth spank was the hardest yet and I yelled out, tears starting to run down my cheeks.

Uncle Mike rubbed my glowing butt for a few moments and then he said softly, "Okay, I think you've had enough little man." "One more," I said shakily, raising my butt up a little. "A deal's a deal." He sighed and then gave me the final spank, not as hard as the others.

I didn't cry out from that one but quietly sobbed over his lap while he gently massaged my sore ass. We stayed like that for several minutes, then he bent down and picked up my discarded underwear.

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"Here you go little man," he said. "Let's get to bed." "I think I'll sleep without those tonight," I said as I got up and slipped naked beneath the blanket. He laughed and said, "Okay. Goodnight little man." "Goodnight Uncle Mike." Some time during the night Uncle Mike was pressing his bulge up against my now naked ass. I felt wonderful being naked in bed with him and only wished he was naked too, rubbing his big dick between the cheeks of my bare ass.

The spanking he had given me was now throbbing nicely and my dick was stiff as iron. I reached back and felt his big bulge in his underpants, again feeling the head of his cock protruding from the waistband.

I jacked him off slowly while he humped against me, pulling more and more of his cock out of his shorts. I had about half of his dick exposed when he thrust forward and his cock slid between my ass cheeks, in the channel behind my balls and actually poked the back of my scrotum.

Oh my, did that ever feel good. I clamped my thighs around his throbbing cock and Uncle Mike began to hump the tight little channel, slick with sweat and guided by my fingers. I suddenly wanted to feel his big dick in my ass. I knew of such things, but had never experienced it for myself. I guided his cock to my hole and felt him thrust against me. He was too big, I was too tight and we had no lube to speak of and I could not get it in, but the head of his big cock pressing against me there felt wonderful and I longed to feel him spear me.

About that time Uncle Mike rolled onto his back and that was the end of our fun for the night. The next morning we went on with our day as though nothing had happened between us the night before. I was beginning to wonder if Uncle Mike was really asleep in those early mornings when I would stroke his cock through his underwear and pull it out and jack him off, and when he would hump me from behind.

Last night when I had aimed his big dick at my asshole and his hips had shoved forward, as if trying to lodge himself up inside of me, I had to think that there was no way he could have been asleep for all of that. But he never said a word about it, and I never did either. We went into town that afternoon in his old pickup and at the store Uncle Mike handed me a five dollar bill. That might not sound like much these days, but back then in the mid 80s a kid could buy a whole bunch of things with five dollars.

I came out of the store minutes later with a brown paper sack housing a six pack cans of Mountain Dew, several candy bars, some trading cards, AND change to boot. When I got back in the truck my uncle laughed over my treasure trove.

"So why did you give me the money?" I asked him as I dove into a Snickers bar, handing him one along with a can of soda. "I lost the bet." "I know," he replied. "But you did a good job, and I thought you earned it." "Well, thanks," I said.

He did not say if he was still going to give me thirteen licks with his belt that night and I did not ask, but I had already decided that since I had lost the bet that I was going to insist that I pay up to my end of the bargain. We went around doing some evelin stone and alena croft hot some sex on the couch jobs that afternoon, as that was how Uncle Mike made most of his money, by doing yard work, minor construction projects and such.

We got home fairly late that night and both of us were pretty tired. Uncle Mike hit the shower first after our supper and then I got in after him.

While I was soaping myself my dick got hard, as it usually did when I was in the shower (or about a hundred random other times during the day back then) and I rubbed my bare wet ass with my soapy hands, marveling at the feel of the soap on my slippery skin.

I remembered the feel of my uncle's cock poking at my back door the night before and gently inserted a finger up myself, surprised that it easily went up inside me with the help of the soap.

I frantically worked on my throbbing dick with my left hand while I forced my index finger up my butt hole. The hand soap made a nice lubrication xnxx story by sunny lione I shot my wad against the shower wall just as I had managed to get a second finger up inside me. As I lay gasping with my hands against the ceramic tile to support myself I realized that Uncle Mike's cock was probably wider than my two fingers and certainly longer, but with some lube I could make the task of getting him inside me much easier.

But I could not use soap in the bed at night, that would be too messy. I rummaged around the medicine cabinet after I got out of the shower and dried myself off and came across a half used up jar of vaseline.

Oh, this would probably do the trick nicely. I scooped out a good gob of it with two fingers and greased up my back passage. My dick, having had a heart stopping orgasm only minutes earlier was hard again as I lubed myself up. Oh, to be a teenager again. When I made my way back to the bedroom Uncle Mike looked up at me from behind his magazine and smiled at me as he said, "You get yourself clean enough, little man?" "What do you mean?" I asked him.

"Well, you were in there long enough," he replied with a little chuckle. "Long enough to wash two or three times." My face started to get a little red and I knew that he knew I had been jacking off in the shower, but he laughed to show me it was no big deal. "I'm whooped tonight," he said to me as he climbed under the thin blanket.

"Do you mind if we hold off our nightly wrestling match for tomorrow german xxxebony sexwwxxxxxx oppn xnxx story mp4 2019 I replied. "But what about my belt whipping? I did lose the bet." Uncle Mike laughed and said, "Yeah, you did. But I think you need a little break. If you still want to tomorrow night we can do that." We both agreed to that and went to bed.

Before I fell asleep I carefully slipped my underwear down to about my knees, wanting to be ready if I woke up to him humping me again. I tried hard to stay awake and my little dick was hard as stone in anticipation of what might happen, but I must have fallen asleep anyway. I awoke to feeling hot breath on my shoulder and a poking at my rear. It was still dark, but I could just make out that it was nearly dawn. It felt like Uncle Mike had pulled his own underpants down and he was slowly thrusting his hard cock in between my legs.

I pushed back against him a little and groaned when I felt his naked dick insert itself between my thighs. Reaching back very carefully I took hold of his throbbing erection, confirming now that he had indeed pulled his underwear down enough to just release his monster and I guided it toward my butt hole. I felt the head of his cock touch my glory spot and I almost cried out with both pleasure and pain as he thrust his hips forward a bit and the head of his dick eased itself into me easily with the help of the dollop of vaseline I had put there before going to bed.

We both froze for a moment, with the whole head of his cock inside of me and neither of us moved. I wondered again if he was awake but he made no indication that he was. Slowly I moved myself backward, impaling myself on his hard cock. I gritted my teeth as his big dick was forced up inside me and I thought I heard him groan.

I guessed that now probably an inch or two of him was into me and although it hurt it also felt like nothing I had ever felt before. My dick was harder than a rock.

And then Uncle Mike did something I had been dying for him to do. His hand went to my hip and this time it traveled over further and teen babysitter kimber lee gets fucked in front of busty babe ashley sinclair brushed my hard dick. It moved onto my other thigh and then came back and brushed over my cock again and this time his fist wrapped around it and he gave me a couple of gentle tugs.

I thought I was going to pop a nut right then and there. I heard him groan again and then his body pivoted closer to mine and his cock sunk a little further into me. As I groaned with the pain and the pleasure his hand started jerking me off nice and slow. Just as I thought I would not be able to last any longer he stopped masturbating me and I felt his hands on my hips and he gently turned me over on my stomach. With his cock still inserted maybe two to three inches inside of me Uncle Mike straddled over me as I now lay face down on the bed and I felt his lips on my ear.

"Is this what you want little man?" he asked breathlessly. "Ohh gawd yes," I groaned. "Fuck me Uncle Mike." He chuckled as he moved his cock slowly in and out a bit in my ass, but did not insert it any further.

"You've been jacking me off almost every morning since you got here," he whispered. "And getting braver about it every day." I half turned around and sexy blonde milf big boobs robbery suspect apprehended, "You knew I was doing that?" "Yeah, I knew.

I just wanted to see how far you wanted this to go before I let you know that I knew. When I realized this morning that you put some vaseline up your butt so you could try to get my dick up in there, I guessed you wanted to go all the way. So, you sure you're okay with this, little man?" I groaned, as he was pivoting his hips while talking to me and drawing his big dick in and out of my ass two or three inches.

"Oh yeah," I moaned. "I'm definitely okay with it." "Good," he groaned back as he began to ease himself inside of me. To be continued, if people seem to like this story. Brian