Alison tyler and alaina fox

Alison tyler and alaina fox
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Sitting in the library of my Lexington Ky home, I realize women 18 to 25 no longer satisfy my sexual appetite. So I eliminate names and numbers from my black book.

My black book now contains the names and numbers of women 26 to 40 that hunger to be in my lair. These women are frustrated both emotionally and physically with men, they have dated and attempted to have a relationship with.

They know entering my lair requires commitment to multiple animalistic sessions, but the results are multiple orgasms and sexual euphoria. After the sessions they are emotionally and physically satisfied, their bodies ravished requiring a week to recover. I flew to Chicago to see Bianca, she is a 34 year old Asian model. I went to Bianca's apartment, She answered the door with arms full of laundry.

Since it is a Saturday she is busy trying to get everything done so that she can then relax and enjoy herself. To her surprise it is me at the door. I had never went to her place - I was always too busy - but here I am, and there is a funny look in my eyes." Hi John, come on in and make yourself at home while I put the wash on." She pointed to the living room with her elbow and went into the hall way, not realizing that I had followed until she turned around and found me standing there, that funny look still on my face.

" John? Was there something you wanted?" she asked politely. She had been taught to be polite. " I heard a rumor today, Bianca." My voice is thick with the drink, she can smell on my breath.

" John, can't this wait till tomorrow?" " No Bianca, it cannot." " All right, John, why don't we go into the living room?" she offered, and is puzzled when I shook my head. " No, here is fine." " John?" She tried to step back as I moved towards her, a strange look in my eyes and my hands stretched out to grab her.

" John, what are you doing?!" She tried to get away, but I held her tight, my hands moving over her body. " Rumors have it that you are the biggest slut in the office, and I intend to find out if these rumors are true," I growled, grabbing her by the shoulders and dragging her into her bedroom and onto her bed. I held her in place as I hissed, " Are you the biggest slut in the office?" " No John, I have not had sex in a long time!" Bianca moaned.

I stood redhead in fencenet pantyhose and latex gloves abruptly. " I'm going to see for myself. Get out of your clothes and spread your legs. I want to fuck you." Bianca has only seen this look in my eyes once before and she realized that if she didn't obey I would tear her clothing from her.

She didn't want that to happen. " Yes John." She slowly unzipped her jeans and reluctantly pulls them down, followed by her panties, her white, practical, cotton panties. " All the way off, Bianca. I want your legs spread wide when I fuck you." " Yes John." She took off her slippers and slid her jeans and panties off with them. She was going to lie down again, but my voice stopped her.

" No, Bianca. I want you naked for this." Bianca looked at me for a brief second as if I had lost my mind, but she didn't dare make a sound or show reluctance, not with me looking this way; not with me being horny. " Yes John." She slipped her t-shirt over her shoulder, then undid her bra with the clasp at the back and removed this also.

" Now lie down," I ordered. " Spread those legs, Bianca. Bend your knees, hold them in your hands and keep still." I knelt between her legs and work my fingers into her pussy, feeling her very tight pussy.

It is still very tight, just as I had known it would be. I shook my head, when Bianca tried to get up to get dressed, saying: " Sorry, Bianca. I must admit I didn't fly all this way just to see if you were doing your exercises and using the products." Give me pink examining her tight pussy with speculum and toys voice is calm, though containing a hint of menace. " John?" Bianca didn't understand. This was her boss, not one of those guys she had to contend with day after day.

" Please, John, you're scaring me!" " Am I, Bianca? Good, because I want you to be scared." This wasn't the man, she knew. This is a stranger, a monster. " John.!" " Another word, Bianca, I'll ruin your modeling career." Bianca is speechless. John was going to have sex with her. But why? She hadn't done anything to deserve it.

She wanted to fight me as my hands touched her in places no one else had ever touched, but the look in my eyes was primal lust.

Bianca lay still as I squeezed her tits, sucked them and moved down to her pussy. I stripped myself naked while kneeling over her, ensuring that Bianca went nowhere until I was ready for her to go. She can't take her eyes off me and when she saw my cock, she almost fainted. It is the size of a horse's cock, if not bigger, and it isn't fully erect. Bianca is mesmerized by it, as I move down between her spread legs.

I maneuver to a position where my cock head pressed against her slit, then without warning I thrust myself inside her, muffling her scream with my mouth. Blood flows out of her cunt from the tender walls being abraded by my cock, the pain is excruciating at first.

I continue to fuck her until she relaxed, seeming to surrender and become more willing to accept my monster cock inside her. " Good. Now keep those legs spread wide, Bianca." She didn't think of hesitating or refusing, spreading her legs wide like before, bending her knees and holding them to her with her arms. " Well, Bianca, you are in for a treat today." She shook her head from side to side, she never thought she would have sex with me. I didn't give a damn.

All she got out of my gesture is pain of having her legs yanked brutally wide. Knowing what I intended, she is paralyzed with fear, fear of the pain she knew would come, the pain she can do nothing to prevent. The realization chilled her more than anything else. My first thrust is searing pain. Her tightness robbed from her, unaccustomed to any sort of intrusion, protesting loudly to me.

Her pussy feels like a ring of liquid fire. She is not very wet. I didn't care, I simply lovely hottie in latex dress gets punished hardcore and bondage on despite the resistance.

When the pain of me stretching her very tight pussy, she could no longer her scream, she screamed out in agony. Tears are flowing down her face as she realized that her torment would probably last all night.

It quickly became obvious, though, that I was getting impatient. I had fucked her with long hard strokes and she had more or less gotten use niqab ma x xxx full movi it. Suddenly, I speeded up, starting to push my cock deeper and harder. Holding her by the waist, I'm pulling her into my thrust, ensuring that every stroke went as deep as possible. My large body laying on top of her small body made a sound as it collided with her, but the strength of my thrusts are punishing.

Her tears keep flowing as she sobbed. I put my entire body into the fucking, I'm grunting as I push myself as far into her as I could get as my cock released the first load of the night. It feels hot and slimy as it filled her, a strange feeling, but soothing after the fiery pain of the penetration.

She realized that I was going to fuck her sore pussy until I got tired which could take a long time. Her pussy is filled with flowing fire from the friction of my cock sliding back and forth. As I continue fucking her, her pussy now feels like molten lava.

Though my saliva had coated it, I encountered resistance due to its girth. Her body is wrecked by agony, she threw herself around in the hopes of escaping from my impalement. But I held her legs in a grip as hard as stone, nullifying all her exertions. Then my cock reached her cervix, she almost fainted as it is forced against her cervix. Her pussy gripped my cock like a vise, easing her pain. I establish a steady rhythm of fucking, causing her mild pain.

My large bulk makes it impossible to fuck fast, but I mt weight behind my thrusts, I use this pinning her down. My cock slides out slowly then slides forward until my pelvis is against her pussy. Suddenly, my cock started swelling… she can guess at the meaning of that, her guess turns out to be right. Seconds later, I exploded into her pussy. My load came with even more force than before, and I kept on cumming. This time I continue to shoot into her. Without being able to tell time, she figures that I kept filling her for more than five minutes maybe ten!

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After a few minutes, she got a funny feeling in her abdomen, that feeling gradually changed to pain as she is filled by the continuous stream of cum. The more cum I pumped into her, the more the pressure forced my cock back and the tighter her pussy is sealed.

She can do nothing but mewl in pain. I finally stopped shooting off, she thought I was finished with her. My monster cock forced her to keep my cum inside her. Had she not been on the pill, I could have ensured her impregnation, by preventing leakage.

She is forced to lie there for more than fifteen minutes, enduring the pressure inside her, before my cock finally starts to go limp.

The pain is there, but she welcomed it mom and son xxx foxing story red xxx wap she knew it would mean relief soon. As soon as the thickest part of my cock came out, the cum leaked out, completely soaking the bed and her thighs.

Now satisfied, I left her to sleep. Her physical and mental fatigue is great, she took a long hot bath before going back to sleep. She washed the cum off her body, but somehow she still feels dirty when she came out of the water.

She feared for tomorrow, but what could she do? Nothing, except go to sleep and hope for the best. The following day, I acted like nothing had happened, ignoring her like I use to. For a while, she felt hopeful… maybe I had regretted my action, and would not repeat it?

She expected to get the answer to that by evening, but she found out sooner than she had expected. It is 2 pm, we had just returned from a long lunch, " Bianca, go to the bedroom." She turned around, I couldn't mean that, could I?

It is early afternoon, then she saw the bulge in my pants, she knew I meant it. She walked over to me, feeling the fear she had experienced last night return, she had thought it couldn't get worse, but now I'm demanding a blow-job. When she reached me, I pulled my cock out of my pants. My cock is rock hard, pointing forward at an angle. I sit on the end of the bed with my legs spread, making it easy for her to reach it. Bending down and smelling the sweaty scent of my hairy balls.

The faster she got my rocks off, maybe I would leave. She quickly swallowed my cock. She found that she could allow it into her throat with a minimum of discomfort, probably owing to the forced deep-throat last night. Necessity is a good teacher. Regardless, she noticed how the involuntary contractions of her throat had stimulated me, now beginning consciously massaging me with her throat muscles. She would swallow, constrict-constrict, pull back and lick mt cock head, repeating this pattern several times.

Soon, she had me squirming and groaning: " Bianca!" Reluctantly complying, she backed up a little and opened her mouth, while I closed one hand around my cock and jerked it a few times. I had obviously been very close, I came after two strokes.

My accuracy is remarkable, my first wad hitting her mouth. She swallowed quickly and opened her mouth again, not daring to displease me in any way. She swallowed the next wad, when I finally stopped shooting. What happened next, surprised her, I tell her what to do, I picked her up and turned her around, just like I had done last night. " Please John!" She prayed, hoping that I would extend her the mercy of not fucking her still sore pussy, which had not recuperated from last night's ordeal.

" Bianca," I grinned, surprising her. I pushed my hard cock into her pussy, while my finger caressed her clit, giving her pleasure. She moans, enjoying sex for the first time. My finger rubbing her clit brought her to an orgasm for the first time. She feels like she is drowning in pleasure, when it suddenly is replaced by excrucating pain. A look between her legs, I had forced my my monster cock into her all the way, stretching it more than before.

Cute teen gets cum in her ass hadn't given her a chance to get use to the girth within her, I start fucking her hard as soon as I got it in. My hands are holding her in place, a necessity since the strength of my thrusts would have sent her forward.

She is stretched to the point of tearing. She wonders briefly whether I will stop fucking her if her pussy tore, but quickly dismissed the thought. It is too sickening to consider. The stretching feels like she is giving birth, she is pulled from those hazy thoughts when I erupted inside her. My cock was a tight fit, when I finished, she was not surprised by the order I whispered in her ear. She assumed her submissive position, with her head on the bed and her ass high in the air.

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There was no point in giving me an excuse to fuck her harder. Her preconception was confirmed when she feels my cock entering her ass. It is still sore from the previous night, she feels stretched but that changed after I had done four strokes, when my cock swelled in size. Had it not been for the experience with me before, her ass would have been torn open, but the pain is just as blinding as the previous night. I was neither gentle nor careful, I thrust fully into her as soon as I was sure that I was lodged within her.

After a few thrusts, that left her grinding her teeth in pain, I took her in the same grip I had used previous night, lifting her into the vertical position. The difference is that, due to the different angle of approach, this position afforded better anal penetration than the doggy position I had used before. I attained full penetration as she is forced down onto my cockstretching the sensitive sore skin of her ass around my fat base.

Her ass stretched took in my cock to the hilt, causing her excruciating pain in the process. While the pain has not lessened, she found that she was getting used to it, that she is able to ignore it, at least in part.

Doing so, she became conscious of the pleasure I was intentionally causing her. The feeling of warmth and fullness in her ass again, feels somehow erotic and she suddenly found herself on the brink of cumming. Although this is only the second time she tried it, she felt that she was getting addicted to it. That maybe she would again engage in these filthy, humiliating and painful acts voluntarily, just to experience that blinding pleasure again.

Her screams of pain turned to mewls of pleasure as it hit her. The pleasure flooded over her and she is drowning in it. While it happened, her body responded eagerly to me. She pushed herself down on my hard cock, enjoying even the pain in her ass as the orgasm turned everything to pleasure. When she came down, a few minutes later and realized what she had done, she felt humiliated.

For the first time, she realized she helped me to abuse her body and she knew within herself that she had not done it out of fear stepbro dives deep into vanna bardots curious cunt anything else. She simply wanted me to do it so that she could experience the effects it had on her.

A few seconds later, I started fucking her with long hard strokes. As I came, I thrust up with all my might, most of my load filled her ass. Finished, I dropped her on the cum-covered bed beneath us. She lay there panting while I left, not caring that the bed, she was lying on was a mess. Her ass is smarting, from having my cock buried inside a second time. She slowly dragged her way to the bathroom for a hot bath.