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Teen girl fucks daddy first time language barrier is not a reaplayfellows son for wild
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DISCLAIMER: This story was inspired by a story I read called "Burning Sage" from CreepyPasta. It, however, in NO way reflects my own personal preferences, views, or fantasies.

Take note that the actions depicted in this story are extremely violent and cruel and could be considered sickening. I would never personally condone such actions in real life, and I would never allow myself to disrespect women, let alone to the following degree.

You have been warned. Do not vote this story down because something here sickens you. If you don't like it, for the grotesque nature, then stop reading it. Otherwise, I'd love feedback on if it's a good story or not. If it is a bad story, I'll accept criticism and low ratings, but not for the shock factor that I am warning you of now.

Once again, this does NOT reflect me as a human being in any kind of way whatsoever. Enjoy :) ------++++++++------ "I don't know what is going on. I don't want to buy or live in this house anymore, but the weird things I think I saw here are compelling me. I wish you could tell me what was going on here." Sarah looked anxiously at the medium. Her curiosity was bubbling up in a mixture of horror and excitement when she noticed the worried and knowing look the medium expressed. "This house had a recent owner that I had warned to move out.

The spirit that resides here was becoming violent. However something feels different now… the house… feels occupied… more than it had before." Sarah's gaze shifted with increased curiosity between the medium and the house. "I'm sorry, I don't quite understand what you mean-" "This house has a history of an evil and demented soul turned violent that resides within the walls.

It is probably for the better that you didn't buy it. The activity has increased within the house I can sense it.

It seems to be outside the house as well, almost… wait." The medium looked at Sarah with a look of confusion. Sarah looked back at the medium with equal confusion when suddenly her face fell as she felt a twitch and an icy cold sensation wash over her uterus.

It wasn't just an odd two fetching girls having sex on red couch pantyhose and lesbians. She hadn't imagined niki porn star vieos free had happened to her in the house.

The horrible truth dawned on her and she began to feel utter fear. She reached out for the medium for help and the medium attempted to catch her hand, the same look of fear washing over her face.

Suddenly the thing inside Sarah's uterus violently yanked her away from the medium and towards the house. Sarah hit the ground hard and began screaming. The medium attempted to grab her and began chasing her as Sarah was dragged up the front walk, kicking, screaming, and scratching at the ground and sidewalk. The front door opened as Sarah was pulled inside. Her screaming cut off abruptly as the door slammed shut, sealing her in… ------++++++++------ "Looks a little run down.

When was it last occupied?" "Oh it's been a bit. Not too long though." Savannah shot a suspicious glare at her real estate agent. "Jane. That's not the answer I was looking for. Tell me exactly how long it has been on the market." "It's… uhh… it's- been on the market… about seventeen months," Jane responded meekly. "That's quite a while. What's the reason it's been left out so long?" Jane looked uncomfortable. She clearly knew, but was backed into a corner, knowing she would lose the pricing battle with this information.

"Jane." Savannah said firmly. "Okay okay." Jane finally broke. "A few years ago a couple used to live here. Neighbors heard yelling, crying, and screaming and it finally came to light that the husband was abusive and possessive. Eventually, having no other alternative, the wife shot the husband to death and ran away. Police searched for the wife for 2 months before they found her corpse in a forest about 30 miles away.

It was heavily bruised, disfigured, and mutilated. Another family of 4 moved in, hoping to refurbish the house. They sold it and left town seventeen months ago reporting hearing, seeing, and feeling odd things.

The family's 13-year old daughter was a total mess when they left." Savannah looked firmly at Jane. She knew that history was her death blow. "You said 315?" "Yes," responded Jane weakly.

"Drop it to 250. You know this history means no one would buy it at any greater than that." The house seemed somewhat run down but oddly in otherwise good condition. It was a relatively old Tudor style home with 3 stories. It looked somewhat haunting but also homely in an odd way. Other than the history adding a dark tinge to the home, it was in good condition, but suffering a bit of overgrowth.

"Nothing that couldn't be refurbished," Savannah thought to herself. She figured she could build the home up to look very nice. She looked at Jane who was struggling with herself over the $65,000 drop in commission she would suffer, but Savannah knew that Jane knew she was right.

No one would, in their right mind, buy it at any greater than that. "Fine. 250 it is." Jane said, defeated. Let's get the papers signed. ------++++++++------ Savannah was coming in from a significantly smaller place, and didn't have much to move in.

The move took her 4 weeks, after which she spent another good month buying more items to furnish her new significantly larger house. Finally, after almost 2 months, her new home was all filled, and she had settled into her new life. The stress of moving took her 5'7" figure and cut it down to a toned athletic build disrupted only by her C-cup breasts and her round but tight butt.

She marveled at her figure framed nicely with her chest-length medium brown hair rivaling the tan nature of her skin thinking if only she could just move every 3 months, she'd always be this fit! Sleeping in her home in the new town, she felt comfortable in the 2nd floor master bedroom and had hece04 wm xxx orgasm girls used to the time difference and her new job. She was out by midnight. 4 months into her stay, she awoke abruptly to the sound of her door creaking open around 1 a.m.

Savannah looked at her door. Nothing. Perplexed, she kept watch on the door for as long as it took her to drift back to sleep. Savannah wasn't one to believe in ghost stories, so she didn't think much of it as she continued at her job for another couple days until once again, a few nights later, she awoke to the same feeling.

She could have sworn she closed her door, but there it was, open. She kept watch again until she drifted off to sleep. Now, curious, the following day, she decided to look up stories or reports about the previous family's experience in the house before they moved out.

After hours of research, she found reports of what felt like a presence in the house. The presence seemed to haunt the parents when they slept, attempting to gain entry into their room.

There were reports of an unnatural cold at various places at various times. Sometimes there was a voice that could be heard. The family decided enough was enough when the entity seemed to target the daughter. Claims included possible attempts to strangle, and a cold feeling running up the daughter's legs and in her mouth. The family moved out shortly after. Savannah decided to inspect the house personally so she could know all she could see outside of the milf give wild cock riding hardcore and blowjob reports.

She noted that the rooms were all empty outside of what she had furnished them with. The basement was unfinished. Everywhere she went she felt even temperature and decided maybe she was uncomfortable for no reason. A couple nights later, Savannah awoke to see amazing pornstar jynx maze is showing off her fantastic big white butt door half open again. This time she decided to go close it, putting her feet on the floor, she felt a sudden cold in the room she had never felt before.

Getting somewhat nervous, she quickly and lightly rushed over to the door, closed it, locked it, and jumped right back into bed. Slowly she drifted back to sleep.

The following morning, she found her door open again. 3 weeks later, she experienced the same event. She closed the door, locked it, and jumped back in bed. She watched the door, when suddenly the door clicked unlocked, flew open and a rush of subzero air blew into and filled the room. A cold voice whispered in her ear "Come baby. Let's make love again just how I like it." Savannah did not sleep that night.

She witnessed no more anomalies, but her previous convictions of the supernatural were now hashed. She knew something was terribly wrong with this house. ------++++++++------ "I think there's something in my house. Something… not human." Savannah spoke over the phone to someone she never expected she would talk to.

"What else did you feel?" responded the medium. "I've seen my otherwise locked door opening and I've felt a giant cold I've never felt before. What is it?" "Seems like something out of the ordinary. I'll be in town in 2 days. Please stay safe and vigilant during the course of those days. If it gets worse, find a hotel." Savannah did not sleep much at all the next two days, instead, passing out from exhaustion at work. The next night, she was lying in bed when her door opened again.

Her eyes went wide and her pupils dilated as the room temperature dropped to freezing. Savannah could see her breath as steam in the air. Suddenly her heart sank as she saw another visible breath. Ten feet away from her bed she could see the unmistakable mist from another breath coming out of thin air. Something had to be making it, but that something wasn't visible. Savannah pulled the covers up tighter around her and kept an eye on the breath for the remainder of the night.

The following night, Savannah couldn't sleep whatsoever. The medium would arrive tomorrow, and Savannah knew she would be watched tonight. The question is, how hard? The door flew open again, Savannah's eyes darted straight to the door, but nothing happened. Savannah was scared and anxious and her eyes began darting around the room.

She couldn't spot anything from her position so she poked her head out of the covers a bit more. Suddenly she realized how cold it had become. The air was colder than ice and she could see her breath again. Savannah managed to see some of the floor towards the walls of the bedroom and realized that the otherwise defined hardwood floors that could gleam moonlight were nowhere to be seen.

A fine black cloud of mist was lining the floor. She could see it moving. She looked up and her heart sank. A black figure stood about 5 feet from her bed, humanoid in nature but with no features. It didn't seem to have facial features, but in a way it also did seem to have a face.

It stood 8 feet tall and seemed to be made from the black smoke. It continued to stare at her and she couldn't take her eyes off of it. They stared at each other for what could have been hours until suddenly the creature spoke up. "Ready to make love, dear?" Savannah stifled a whimper and pulled the sheets over her head. Shaking and cowering in fright she was ready for the entity to yank the sheets off of her and pounce on her in what could possibly be the last night of her life.

She couldn't see anything in the darkness under her sheets, but she felt the cold become even colder. Suddenly something touched her foot. It didn't feel solid but in a way it did. She could feel the entire sensation as whatever was contacting her foot began snaking up her right leg. Savannah's breathing quickened and deepened, but she was frozen. She didn't know what to do and her mind was blank and devoid of everything but a fear she had never felt before.

The sensation made it up her legs and she felt the cold thing touch and part her pussy lips… That was the final straw. She began kicking and squirming and ran her hands down to her legs to try to push off whatever was trying to grab ahold of her.

The thing quickly retreated and suddenly warmth flooded the room and the fear that filled Savannah began to melt away. Curious and still entirely afraid, she peeked out from her sheets to find her room empty. She quickly jumped out of her bed and slammed closed her bedroom door. Then she ran into the bathroom and slammed that door shut and sat on the floor with her back on the door for the remainder of the night, breathing heavily in shock, and tears beginning to creep down her cheeks.

------++++++++------ "I hadn't realized before that this was the house you had bought," said the medium as Savannah opened the door. "This house has a terrible history. I would have told you never to buy this house. How long have you been here?" "It has been almost 6 months. Things didn't start happening here until 4 months in." The two sat down at the kitchen table. "I have seen this house before," said the medium.

"I know its history. 4 years ago, this home was built and first bought by a newly married couple, David and Michelle Grier. Their families joined them in marriage after they barely got to know each other and the poor girl probably would have never married the man if she knew of his dark side." "I heard. He was very abusive, right?" asked Savannah. "Not quite," replied the medium. "David wasn't exactly abusive for conventional reasons. Whenever the couple made love, David would try to become rougher and rougher.

Michelle would tolerate his attempts until she began to complain that he was hurting her. This didn't stop David, but rather made him more fervent.

Their lovemaking became more and more violent thanks to David and Michelle began to fear any kind of lovemaking by his part. She began to avoid David, and tried to hold off on any lovemaking by making excuses or not being home." "I'm guessing that didn't work, huh?" Savannah replied, completely enthralled in the story and becoming both absorbed and anxious.

"That didn't sit well with David. When he wasn't getting his way, he began trapping her at various times and raped her. Whenever he did, it would be very rough and painful for Michelle.

She would end up consistently bruised and scratched. The see how this large pumped up stranger girlfriend homemade beautiful girl was being worn down.

The official reports mentioned her dead corpse covered in bruises and scratches. Those wounds floozy exposes her oral skills pornstar hardcore there from before.

Then to Michelle's ultimate horror, she found herself pregnant with David's child." "Oh god no," gasped Savannah.

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"She didn't have the baby, did she? "Never got the chance," replied the medium. "She didn't want to have David's child, but it was not in her morals to abort either. She at least hoped that the following 9 months would be easier on her, but they weren't.

David continued to rape and treat her as he always had. 3 to 4 months into the pregnancy, Michelle finally snapped. Police reports found a handgun on the living room floor with Michelle's fingerprints all over it, and David's body nearby with 8 bullet holes in it. Michelle was nowhere to be found after killing her husband, but chances are she either hid in the forest until she withered away with her unborn child, or deliberately committed suicide after those events.

Autopsy reports couldn't tell given the trauma she suffered. What is weird though, is that they never found any remnant of a fetus in her womb." "Was she not pregnant?" asked Savannah. "Oh she definitely was. There are ultrasounds to prove it. A fetal body was not recovered, however. No one knows what has happened to it." "So this thing that is stalking me… is that the baby?" Savannah asked. "No. It is definitely David. He's the only one that was found to have died in the house.

Spirits normally always move on to the afterlife, but some spirits, if dying by significantly violent means, may be stuck in this world in the general vicinity of their death.

The baby was nowhere near this house, as Michelle had run away soon after killing David. Therefore, it was only David that died here, and it's David's spirit that haunts this home." "So it likes to attack people?" "Not quite. Mostly it wanders aimlessly being of minor disturbance.

But if it comes in prolonged contact with living beings and other live souls, it begins to rediscover its likeness and personality and becomes closer and closer to manifestation. At this point, David's spirit can remember who he is, and can begin to exacerbate his personality and actions to an alarmingly great degree.

Humans naturally have a dark side, so usually their spirits display inflated manifestations of this dark side, which is how people experience hauntings. Most of the time, since the only spirits that get trapped here are those that live or die by extremely violent, painful or otherwise peculiar cruel means, usually that sparks their dark side which can then manifest into a violent spirit." "So it's a violent version of David's spirit that is haunting this house." "No.

It's a violent version of David's spirit that is haunting you…" Savannah sat there, mouth agape. "What did I do?" "Nothing. You were just here… for far too long. I want to see just how bad David's haunting has become. Please follow me." The two left the table and went to the living room, stopping near an open space. "Around here was where the body was found," said the medium.

She stood across from Savannah, looking intently at her before speaking: "To the spirit of David. We all know you are here.

We all know you haven't left this world. We all know you have awoken again. I call upon you to present yourself peacefully and explain to me what you are doing." Savannah was already shaking with a look of open fear at what could happen. She saw the medium's pupils dilate, but her facial expression hadn't changed.

The medium, however, was in a state of open fear as she saw two large spindly claws appear behind Savannah and close in on her body. Maintaining busty black babe has her face creamed straight face, the medium continued. "David, this is not your wife. This is not Michelle. Michelle is long gone and will never return. This is not your wife. Please leave this poor soul alone.

She means nothing to you." Savannah could feel her body run cold. She was staring at the medium with pleading eyes.

"Keep your eyes on me," the medium said calmly. I promise I won't let him hurt you. Savannah stood still, though shaking, and continued to stare at the medium, not out of obedience but being petrified with fear. She nubile films lesbians are better at making love move, though the first thing she wanted to do was run out of the house screaming.

The medium's eyes began to go wide as she saw something long, and large appear between Savannah's legs. The black smoke manifested itself, and before she knew it, the medium was staring at a pitch black, tar-like manifestation of what was obviously a monsterous member protruding from between Savannah's legs. Horrified, the medium bounded forward, grabbed Savannah by the arm, and yanked her away, and all the way out the front door.

"My poor girl, that spirit has manifested heavily in your presence. It is now hunting you, and longing for you. I don't believe you are safe in there anymore… what's on your arms?" Savannah and the medium looked down, horrified to see the appearance of bruises and cuts all along Savannah's limbs, and body. Savannah's eyes began tearing up. "My dear," the medium said, quite shaken "You must not step foot in that house again. You are marked, and in great danger whenever you are within those walls.

Find a friend to stay with! Don't go back!" "I don't know anyone well enough to stay with them!" Savannah said through tears. "Then find a hotel! All that matters is that you cannot be in that home anymore. You must move out immediately!" "What about my things? I can't take them?" "Hire movers. Have them do most of the job for you. If you absolutely must step foot in the house, I suppose you would to pack clothes and the like, then do it only in the middle of a these sluts got it on and got wet day.

Never near cover of darkness…" The medium sighs. "If you absolutely have no choice whatsoever, then lock yourself in a small secluded space within the home, and keep this on you at all times." The medium fishes a small pouch out of her bag with a string tying it closed linked to a set of charms of various symbols. Savannah could see the Cross, Star of David, and many others. The pouch itself had something inside which carried a strong but somewhat sweet smell.

"What is this?" "It is a ward. In it are rare and sacred blessed herbs blessed by various figureheads from around the world. It should be able to ward of all evil and promote healing.

Keep it with you at all times and hopefully it may be able to shield you. Once you are well rid of the home, please contact me to return it. Many others will need it as you will." The teary eyed Savannah hugs the medium. The two of them briskly reenter the home long enough for Savannah to pack some small bags, and then she locked the doors and left.

------++++++++------ 2 weeks had passed since the medium's visit. Savannah woke in her hotel room naturally and consistently feeling much better than she had the day before, and the day before that, and significantly better than she had over the past 2 months. Her wounds had disappeared, she felt warm, her thinning figure reversed back to fitness as she was able to nourish herself well and even have the energy to exercise.

Her phone rang. "Hello, this is Savannah." "Hi Savannah, this is Todd with moving and storage. I wanted to confirm that you still planned to meet today?" "Of course! Half-past noon?" "Yes ma'am. We'll see you there." "About how long do you think it will take?" "If everything goes perfectly smooth, we can be done by 8.

However, with average delays, I'd plan for 10." "Why so late?" Savannah tried to sound as respectful as possible and hide the irritation from her voice. After all, they couldn't possibly understand her issues with being around that house around dark. "Sorry ma'am. We'll need to survey the place to get a complete idea of all of your belongings and then plan how we will move all of them.

Given the estimation you have told us, we expect that it would take 2 trips to move all of your things to storage which would include loading and unloading times for each load.

I hope you understand." "Okay," she said hesitantly. She reached into her pocket and clasped the herbal pouch tightly within her hand. "I guess that is fine." "Good. We'll see you at 12:30." A familiar feeling of dread washed over Savannah as she realized the possibility of having to be around that home for extended periods of time.

She clasped the pouch, took a deep breath and told herself "Okay. Just one more time. One more day, and I'll be free from there. I won't ever have to come back. Just keep the pouch with me at all times and stay alert. If I feel anything out of the ordinary, I'm out of there." Moving went pretty well on schedule. The movers made their space estimates and said they should be able to manage two trips. Savannah did all she could to help and speed up the process. At around 7:30, the sun was nearly gone from the horizon, but there were only a few heavy items remaining.

Suddenly, Savannah found herself alone in the master bedroom. She looked out the window and saw the movers loading a dresser into the truck. Savannah began to get nervous. She felt for her herbal pouch and found it nestled reliably in her pocket. She turned around to see her bedroom and bathroom quite dark from the lack of daylight but something was different. She didn't feel dreadful. Nothing felt ominous. The room was relatively warm and temperate. Gaining courage, Savannah walked all around the second and third floors, opening and closing the doors to all bedrooms, bathrooms and closets, coming back down to the second floor, it dawned on her that the pouch must actually be working.

Savannah began almost laughing to herself as she started to skip down the stairs and out the front door. She happened upon the site of the movers standing at the truck scratching their heads. "Something wrong?" "We apologize ma'am. We may have miscalculated, but I don't think we can fit your bed in this load. We underestimated the size of the frame." We'll go make this run and be back by 9 p.m.

to grab the bed, and to show our good faith, the rest of this job is on us." "Uhh, okay? I guess?" Savannah's confidence felt tested knowing now that she would have to be in the area alone." "We will be back ma'am.

We'll get it done tonight so you can get out of here." The movers left. Savannah decided to close the front door, and lean against her car out in the driveway. While she continued to clutch the pouch in her pocket, she thought to herself that the next and last time she would step foot in the house was to grab her backpack of her immediate effects off her bed, and help the movers get the bed out of the house.

She could still be away from that house forever by 10 p.m. Her heart began to sink when at around 8:30, she saw storm clouds begin to roll in at an alarming pace. Within minutes, it began to rain. The rain got harder and harder until it was coming down like a wave. The wind was blowing with the storm. Savannah, thoroughly soaked, jumped in her car to avoid the rest of the rain and pulled the pouch out of her pocket and placed it on the dashboard to prevent it from soaking in her wet pockets.

------++++++++------ The rain was coming down very hard now. Savannah's eyes darted between the pouch, her surroundings, and her phone which she was counting down to 9:00 when the movers said they'd be there. The rain got worse, and at 8:50 her phone rang. It was the movers.

"Ma'am, I'm sorry, but we won't be able to come back anymore." "Why? Why not?" "Ma'am, have you seen the outside? It's raining too hard to be driving at all. The roads are flooding quickly." Savannah didn't care to pay attention to the storm itself. Upon looking outside at the weather, she realized that the rain was sending heavy droplets down all over her car. The driveway around her was dealing with 3 inches of standing water while the rain continued to fall like a monsoon.

The wind was blowing, and checking behind her, she could see a steady stream of water moving fast down her street like a river, 2 feet deep. The movers were right. No one, not even herself, could drive in this rain. She was stuck in drenched clothes in her car with all of her effects sitting upstairs on the bed. "I guess you're right. The storm's pretty bad." "Ma'am, I'd recommend you stay inside. It could flood. We'll come first thing after this storm clears up tomorrow." "Okay." Savannah was hesitant to end the call, but she realized she had no choice.

"Okay, I'm going to keep the pouch on me, run upstairs, lock my bedroom door, grab my backpack, run into the bathroom, lock the door, and stay there the night. That's a small enough space," she thought to herself. After taking several deep breaths, she threw her car door open, grabbed the pouch tightly in her hand, her phone in the other, and ran into the house.

She took the stairs 2 at a time, ran into her bedroom, grabbed her bag, and took to the bathroom, locking both doors behind her. She breathed a sigh of relief that she had made it, and realized that she did not feel bad or weird in any way the entire run. Concluding that she needs to have the herbs with her at all times, she parted with her drenched clothes, pulled out a clean dry set from her bag, pulled out her toothpaste, hairbrush, and other products from her bag, and then turned on the shower to warm.

Keeping the pouch in her hand, she stepped into the shower. She put the pouch in a corner of the shower as far away from water as possible, and began to clean herself. The past few weeks helped to return her figure to almost the same athletic build she had after moving in.

Lacking the care to marvel over her fitness, she paid extremely close attention to the temperature of the water, ready to grab the pouch in a moment's notice at any slight change in temperature. The water stayed warm throughout, and Savannah began to feel comfortable in the warm shower. Realizing that she was getting sleepy, she shut off the warm water, exited and began to dry herself off.

She went to the sink and examined herself in the mirror. There were no cuts or bruises, she still felt warm, and didn't find anything wrong. She turned on the sink water and began to wash her face and brush her teeth.

After swilling and spitting mouthwash she continued to finish washing her face when something caught the corner of her eye. She looked at the door next to her to see black mist seeping out from underneath it. Suddenly all of the warmth was sucked from the room. Lightning flashed and an immensely loud clap of thunder followed shortly and the bathroom lights went out, as did the whole house.

Savannah frantically looked around for her pouch, and then saw it sitting in the corner of the shower. Washed with fear, her heart beating out of her chest, and a grapefruit lodged in her throat, she runs for the pouch. She feels something icy cold on her ankle, and next thing she knows, she's on the floor.

She looks down to see a tendril from the black mist gripping her ankle tightly. She opened her mouth to scream, but nothing escaped her frozen windpipe. She watched in horror, as more mist spilled into the bathroom and began growing into a tall figure. Before her eyes, the creature formed right in front of her. It was David. "Come dear… let me love you." It called in a growly low voice. The black mist surrounded Savannah and gripped her on all sides. She couldn't move.

Tendrils sprung from David and wrapped around her limbs, torso, breasts, and neck and began to squeeze slightly. Everything was icy cold. She felt like all of the warmth was being drained from her body. Savannah shut interracial threesome session with a redhead bint pornstars brunette eyes tight in pain. When she opened them again, David was standing above her head looking down at her with that featureless face, almost featureless, except for an eight inch wide smile three big shafts for a sexy lass formed out of nowhere on his face with thin, long, razor sharp teeth in a toothy malicious grin.

"You are mine." It growled. Savannah's fear stricken eyes watched as an appendage began to grow from David's figure. The black mist encircled it big butt hottie anita peida pounded hard dissipating to reveal a large, black, tar-like solid member about a foot and a half long and almost two and a half inches wide.

She was horrified. "Come. Show me how much you love me, dear," growled David as he lowered himself upon Savannah. An ice cold tendril grabbed her head and violently tilted it back. The creature's toothy grin came very close to Savannah's before his mouth opened.

A squirmy, snakelike tongue slid out of its mouth and forced itself between her lips. The tongue began darting around and tasting all parts of her mouth. Angered, Savannah bit down hard, but got no reaction from the creature. Instead, the creature conjured a claw from his arm and slammed it hard down on Savanna's stomach. Elena and her tight crack got filled with hot jizz creampie brunette the air in her lungs escaped her and she began gasping, wide mouthed.

The creature's tongue went to work feeling all parts of her mouth and throat before snaking down her esophagus and deep into her body. She lost sight and feel of its tongue as it continued to slide further and further into her body, but she could feel it snaking down her stomach and intestines.

Suddenly, she felt something escape her puckered asshole. A horrible thought flew through her mind that this creature just defied her biology to send its inhumanly long tongue all the way six vidos xxx sex stories downlod her digestive system.

David growled a guttural laugh at the look of sheer horror in her african cougar exploited by fucking big dick. David quickly then retracted his tongue from her system and brought his hips forward towards her.

Savannah could see that monstrous cock approach her face. David placed the tip of the inhuman monstrous cock on Savannah's lips. She kept her mouth shut tight. Her lips could feel the member. It was ice cold, stinging, almost burning, and oddly wet, but not in the classical sense, almost like nearly solid tar. It was also rock hard, harder than steel. David growled a growl so deep and resonating, one would think it came from an alligator.

He bared his teeth at Savannah. Black mist approached her mouth, and seeped in from the corners of her mouth. The ice cold mist grabbed her mouth and jaws and forced them open. There she was, helpless, staring straight up at an inhumanly large evil cock ready to plunge itself into her gaping mouth.

Plunge it did, as David began to roughly face fuck her. The cock stretched her jaw wider than she ever thought possible. She thought her lips were going to crack. The tip of the cock began jabbing and rubbing at her tonsils and the back of her throat and she began to gag. Tears streaming down her eyes, she continued to gag and cough at this giant member being force-fed to her.

After what seemed like an eternity, David pulled out almost all the way to the tip. Savannah spent a good half second hoping it was over before her entire world turned black and her throat and chest erupted in icy, burning pain. David had thrust his full length deep into her throat, and with her staring straight up at the member, it slid perfectly down her throat and down her esophagus. Her esophagus triggered to try to push the materials in it into her stomach. David began fucking her food tube.

Savannah's gag reflex triggered and her stomach began to retch. Slowly vomit seeped up her occupied esophagus and mouth and barely out of her lips. The tendril wrapped around her throat began to squeeze her windpipe along with the giant cock. She couldn't breathe. Blinded by her tears, and in excruciating pain, her eyes began to roll back in her head. She began to feel lightheaded and her ears began to ring.

Suddenly, David, with that alligator growl of his, thrusted his entire staff all the way down her throat. Savannah's gagging and retching and struggling was enough, that David fired what he had deep into her stomach. Jet after jet of mess, filled Savannah's stomach. David quickly removed his member and Savannah turned over in time to vomit a combination of her dinner and David's load.

The load was black and tarlike like his cock, but this tar had a liquid but thick consistency. It was also ice cold, and the entirety of Savannah's inner chest and mouth felt frozen because of it. After vomiting a fair load out, she began gasping for air. Her lightheadedness began to fade into an excruciating headache, and her hearing began to return.

She was able to make out a guttural laugh coming from David. As she struggled to get ahold of herself, the tendrils that bound her began to weave all over her body, tightening, loosening, winding, unwinding, feeling each and every nook and cranny, bump and crevice on her toned and tortured body. Slowly she began to gain strength again, as she struggled dad nhome son fucking hi mom get ahold of herself.

David mocked her. "Michelle, you seem sick! Do you need me to help you feel better?" This time, his voice was not only deep and guttural, but had another tone that sounded a lot more human. Savannah realized that this must be David's original voice. "I'm not Michelle! Leave me alone!" Savannah tried her hardest to scream, but her voice was hoarse and her vocal cords crushed from being violated by David.

Gathering all of her strength, she shot a hard kick right in between David's legs. The dark creature bent over and the tendrils loosened. Seizing her moment, Savannah bolted for the door, unlocked it, and ran out of the bathroom, but the black mist grabbed her ankle again and she fell hard.

Seeing stars, she was turned over and was petrified and frozen with fear. "Honey! You're not going to feel better without the doctor to treat you well!" David mocked with both voices. The creature crawled over to her, smiling that razor sharp toothy smile all the while.

Savannah remained frozen in fear until the creature got close. Then, something snapped and she began kicking and screaming bloody murder, struggling hard against the creature. She aimed a good kick at David's face, but he opened his mouth wide, and her foot sunk into his mouth.

She could feel something extremely cold inside grab her foot hard. Terrified, she tried to yank her foot out, to no avail. She then tried to kick him with her other foot, attempting to miss his mouth. After a few attempts, her other foot sunk into his mouth and met the same fate. Slowly the creature began to move forward and swallow Savannah's legs whole. She could feel his icy tongue looping and winding itself around her legs as it slowly snaked up towards her hips.

The creature brought its open gaping mouth all the way up to Savannah's hips before stopping. The mouth closed ever so slightly, and Savannah could feel the creature's freezing ice-pick teeth softly prick her waist. David's icy tongue continued snaking itself up her legs before it arrived at her soft and still warm pussy.

Slowly the tip of the tongue began to part her lips. "No! Please! Don't! I beg you! Let me go!" Savannah's weak voice barely managed to get those words out, cracking from both her sore vocal cords and as she began to cry.

She could feel her womanhood drop fast in temperature until it was both burning with an icy cold, and to Savannah's surprise and horror, tingling with unexpected pleasure. The icy tip of his tongue slowly ran up and down her lips before flying upwards and flicking her cold, but engorged clit.

Savannah shut her eyes tight and attempted to think of other things to prevent her body responding, but David somehow managed to have control over her body enough for it to betray her as her small, smooth, tight opening quickly began to wet itself. "Please stop! I don't want this! Please leave me alone!" begged Savannah, but to no avail. David let out yet another guttural laugh. "Dear! It looks like your body wants me. It wants me so bad! I know you're enjoying this as much as I am." Tendrils sprang from the black mist once again and began to wrap themselves around Savannah's waist, breasts, throat, and mouth.

Savannah's nipples perked up quickly to full erectness from the touch of the icy tendrils, and David wasted no time in playing with her bulbous breasts, rubbing them around and flicking, rubbing, and pulling on her nipples. The tendrils began to lightly squeeze Savannah's throat, and some of them protruded into her mouth and down her throat once again. Savannah was openly crying, tears streaming from her face, as the tendrils violated her body, and David's tongue teased her cold, soaked snatch.

Nasty lesbian action with a hot brunette tongue began whipping back and forth and up and down, rubbing her pussy lips and clit in all manner of directions.

Slowly and gradually it began to speed up. The tendrils clogging her esophagus once again filled her body with sub-zero temperatures as they snaked through her stomach and into her intestines. The tendrils pressuring her throat caused her to gasp for air as she began to once again feel lightheaded. David continued to fondle her breasts with increased gusto, so hard and violently that she was scared he'd rip them right off. At this point, his tongue was moving very violently all over her pussy, faster and harder than a vibrator.

She could hear a low hum emanating from David's mouth as the tongue's vibrations generated sound. Those hums slowly became louder and higher as his tongue sped up on her soaking wet and cold sexy and slut teen aidra begs to fuck her pussy in outdoor sex faster than she ever thought physically possible. In Savannah's delirious nature, she somehow managed to put her hands on the creatures head and attempt to push him off of her legs.

The guttural laughs started up again as the creature slowly clamped down on her hips to stay rooted where he was and as a warning. Sure enough, the razor sharp teeth began to draw blood. Feeling the intense pain and the blood trickling all over her abdomen, she let go of the creature's head and backed off.

The creature stopped clamping and kept his mouth exactly where it was. "Yes dear. You know you can't get rid of me that easily. Don't deprive your body of the pleasure it so definitely wants!" David's voice rang out into Savannah's ears.

She squeezed her eyes tight, started shaking her head. What David described as pleasure, Savannah could barely relate, as any form of pleasure from her violation was overpowered by the icy cold and sharp pains from the creature's ice cold body and from its violently hard and fast action upon her. Suddenly, David's tongue slowed down on her pussy.

It paused for just a short moment, before wriggling itself between her lips and jamming itself deep into her vagina. Savannah emptied her lungs in the hardest scream she could muster through her vocal cords in her suffocated state, her eyes wide in a mixture of horror, panic, pain, and agony in the fact that David had finally and fully entered her womanhood.

The tongue quickly resumed its violent shaking and vibrating. Savannah could feel the cold penetrate the walls of her vagina and the icy sharp pain emanating through her g-spot. Her clit was fully engorged and freezing as it whapped side to side and up and down with the force of his tongue.

The tendrils' action redoubled as Savannah's back arched. Savannah's pussy was flooding at this point from all of the wetness David was somehow drawing from it. So much, that the creature was able to drink her juices like water. Harder and harder the tongue worked lydia cant stop cheating on her boyfriend her vagina. A tendril then approached her tight and squeezing butthole and began to circle hottie sucks and rides well hung pawnbroker quickly before taking the tip and dipping it inside.

The hold around her throat tightened, cutting off all air to Savannah. She could feel her body begin to shudder as it geared up to release all of her sexual pleasure to the creature. She clenched her fists and tried her hardest not to think about her violation, but her body played her ultimate betrayal. She began to convulse and writhe within her bonds as her body and pussy erupted in an earth shattering orgasm, the hardest she had ever had.

Her vagina convulsed around David's tongue, and her bladder emptied as she lost all control over her functions. She was trying to scream but was unable to do so. David did not stop. Savannah's convulsions continued for many minutes.

She lost track of time and briefly blacked out a few times during her oddly long lasting orgasm to David's continued violent assault. Finally her convulsions began to slow down as her orgasm began to wane. David and the tendrils continued to eat her out to every last convulsion and body jerk Savannah had and lifted her a couple feet into the air. Finally her orgasm completed fellow on one hot milf japanese and hardcore David removed his tendrils and tongue from her body and let her limp figure fall to the floor.

Savannah could barely move. Her body was freezing but her nerves were on fire. She gasped for air as her body attempted to reignite her consciousness and attempt to repair itself from the immense damage. Savannah managed to barely turn over and began dry heaving, her stomach trying to empty itself of nothing. Tears continued to stream down her face and her blood began to pool on the floor from the wounds around her waist.

------++++++++------ "You're not going to leave me anymore?" David asked menacingly and mockingly. Savannah was too weak to respond. She could barely turn her head to look up to see the creature standing tall over her, watching her with malice. As much as her body was done, something told her this was not over. "C'mon dear. You know you missed me ravishing your body just like I used to. That's why you came back!" Savannah could barely gasp as she attempted to once again insist that she was not David's wife.

But the words could not escape her body. "It's a shame that you shot me. We could have had so much more together." Savannah looked up incredulously at the creature. "You could have had my child! My boy! I could have taught him so much about taking a woman thoroughly. I could have taken you for so much longer! We could have had a beautiful daughter that I would teach to take me in rough! Why did you shoot me dear?

Did you not love me? Why do you hate me?" Savannah had no words. David was rambling complete and demented nonsense at this point to her, and she didn't know how to respond. "No matter. Now we are together again, I will give you a night you will never forget." Fear washed over Savannah's face as David once again began to descend upon her.

She began shaking her head as hard as she could and somehow she managed to formulate words once again. "No, I'm not Michelle I'm not Michelle I'M NOT MICHELLE I'M NOT MICH-" her panicked words were cut off as an arm sprouted from David's chest.

A large stewardesss hot handjob service on flight more on hdmilfcamcom hand swooped in and violently grasped her throat. Two more claws sprouted from his shoulders and grabbed her hard at the hips.

The black mist began to wash over her and held her down by her stomach as two tendrils once again reengaged her breasts. David brought his mouth close to hers, and his tongue shot out of his malicious eight-inch smile and lengthy pecker in adorable virgin twat hardcore blowjob its way down Savannah's throat once again.

Savannah barely managed to look down to see his member engorged to its full foot and a half glory aiming and poised to plunge into her wet, cold, and sore pussy. She tried to shake her head with David's tongue down her throat. She tried to grab at anything with her arms, but the black mist engulfed them and held her still.

With one inhumanly hard and fast jerk, David thrust himself forward into Savannah's waiting pussy and sent his cock all the way to the back of her vagina. Savannah was nearly bent backwards from arching her back as her birth canal struggled to accommodate the inhumanly large member that was now forcibly occupying her body.

David began pumping her rough and firm causing her to crunch up from the pushing and causing her fists to clench hard in pain. All of her nerves were on fire, but her pussy was in complete agony and pleasure from the force fucking from his impossibly hard, stiff, stinging cold cock as it continued to push against her cervix like a battering ram.

His fondling tendrils and his tongue did not decrease in action either as he thick white girl fucked good hardcore and blowjob to threaten to rip Savannah's breasts off and completely liquefy her digestive tract.

The claw around her throat tightened and Savannah started seeing stars. She shut her eyes tight praying it would be over soon.

It wasn't. Another tendril sprouted from the mist and entered her butthole, being sure to push against the back side of her g-spot as it forced its way up her rectum and into her colon. The creatures pumps became faster and harder and more forceful before suddenly he backed off ever so slightly. Savannah was too scared to open her eyes for whatever was coming next. Then her eyes snapped open in fright and pain and all the air escaped from her lungs as David gave a forceful thrust and the head of his cock broke through her cervix and entered her uterus.

Savannah would be screaming constantly if she had air left in her lungs, but she could barely inhale. Tears streamed down her face as David redoubled his thrusts pushing over a foot of his length deep into her. Her stomach started to heave from the force as David's tongue met the tendril halfway within her digestive tract.

She could feel her insides stretch and rupture as both ends surpassed each other and continued their journeys through her body. She could feel her vagina straining under its forced expansion from David's monstrous cock. David sped up even more. The tendril escaped out Savannah's mouth as her eyes began to roll back in her head. David's tongue reached her anus and began circling around her anus and pushing against the back of her g-spot. His thrusts increased in violence and speed until his hips and cock were nothing but the blur of a hummingbird's wings vibrating so fast and ravaging her body.

Further and further Three hot bitches have kinky outdoors sex was pushed to another painful and ecstatic orgasm until once again, David sealed his control over her body as she began again to convulse and writhe in an orgasm that probably wasn't physically possible.

Every nerve in her body was on fire from agony and pleasure. Her vagina was twitching, jerking, convulsing, and squeezing around David's unyielding cock. The creature continued to ravage her broken body, squeezing her throat and jackhammering her pussy until it started to growl hot babe masturbates in the shower masturbation brunette alligator growl once again.

What little thinking capability Savannah had was dedicated entirely to praying that it would be over soon. The creature's growl increased in volume and it started to vomit that evil, pus-like, black tar all over her. The tar covered her head, face, throat and chest and began to seep and flow down her mouth, esophagus, and windpipe. The pain made Savannah want to black out, but the pleasure he was forcing upon her kept her body awake through the torture.

The creature's cock slowly inflated in size before Savannah could feel the inside of her uterus explode as his cock blew gallons of his slime into her, flooding her uterus and inflating it, distending her abdomen. Savannah's body continued to violently convulse in a painful orgasm that must have lasted hours while David gave one final, resolute, and definitive thrust putting everything he had inside Savannah's poor body.

Together the both of them continued to convulse for an eternity, Savannah with her painful orgasm, and David filling all her orifices with the freezing tar. Finally both of their orgasms completed and David violently removed himself from Savannah. Savannah was slowly losing consciousness. Black tar was falling off her face and body. She could no longer breathe as it clogged her systems. Tar was dripping and spilling from her ripped asshole, and flowed strongly from her broken pussy as her uterus emptied to return to normal size.

The black mist began to engulf her, and as her world faded to black, she could hear that guttural laughter slowly fading away. Her mind was scrambled but for some reason, she had one thought echo through her head. "Michelle…" ------++++++++------ Savannah awoke abruptly.

As her blurry vision began to return she realized she was upright. Looking around she could see a rundown room around her that she quickly recognized as the basement of the house.

"I have to get out of here," she thought and attempted to move, but couldn't. Looking around at herself she realized that her naked body was tied up arms and legs spread out in all directions and on her wrists and ankles, tightly bound, she could see the black misty tendrils.

She looked down to see the black mist everywhere. "Let me go let me go LET ME GO!" She screamed. "You've had your fun! I'm not your Michelle, now please leave me be!" "Ohhhh but you're so much better than my Michelle. You were so beautiful and hardy.

I don't know why I would ever want to let you go." The creature assembled from the mist right in front of her, features the same as usual, monstrous cock hanging between his legs, and that toothy evil malicious grin on that otherwise featureless face.

"It doesn't matter anyway my sweet little playtoy. Even if you did escape here, you wouldn't be able to leave anyway. You are now mine, and you have given me new life!" "What do you mean?" inquired Savannah. "What do you mean I can't leave?" David smiled even wider, which should have been impossible.

He turned around and walked away and through the wall. Savannah was in a panic and angry. "What do you mean?? WHAT DO YOU MEAN!?!?" ------++++++++------ "I don't know," said Jacob.

"It's quite a bit run down and kinda creepy. You sure you like this house?" "I'm sure I can build it back up! And a free bed! And I'm getting an amazing deal for this thing!" exclaimed Sarah, excited at the steal she was managing. The house doesn't seem all that bad! It just needs work, and with the money I'm saving, I'll definitely be able to give it the facelift it needs!" "Yeah, but are you sure there isn't anything wrong with this house?

It was abandoned 2 years ago, and for almost 2 years before that. You sure there isn't something weird about this house?" asked a hesitant Jacob. "Weird? Like what? Supernatural stuff? Ooooooohhhhh," Sarah mocked. "You know, this is why you have no girlfriend you superstitious fraidy cat!" "Low blow, Sarah.

Low blow." "Awww I'm sorry buddy! You know I love you! And once I'm settled in, I'll help you find your dream girl yet!" she chirped happily. ------++++++++------ Savannah was struggling against her bonds with a newfound strength, but to no avail, as the tendrils were stiff and steadfast. Getting frustrated, she looked around and noticed something very weird.

The small windows to the outside kept going dark and light very quickly. First they were bright yellow, then white, then reddish, all in a matter of a few seconds, and then they were black for another few seconds, and then back to light again. What was going on? Something weird was going on outside. The cycles kept going for a while before suddenly it stopped at bright white and sunlight flooded through the window, stopping dead only at the black mist.

Savannah heard the front door open. She heard voices - Voices that weren't David's - a man and a woman, talking. Finally! Help was here! "HELP! HELP! I'M DOWN HERE!" Savannah screamed at the top of her lungs! "HEEEEELLLLPPP!!!" "You hear something?" Jacob asked. "Something? Like what?" Sarah inquired. "I don't know" Jacob answered. "It's faint, and sounds like voices - kinda haunting really." "Oh please, sunny leone and woman sex chided Sarah.

"There's no such thing as ghosts or spirits or hauntings! Stop being so paranoid!" "HELP ME!" Savannah yelled. She heard the man ask the woman if she could hear anything. She could hear the woman tease him about spirits. She could hear him describing her voice as faint and "haunting." Suddenly, it dawned on her why she couldn't leave.

Suddenly everything made sense. Suddenly she knew why she was conscious, why the light was cycling so quickly outside her window, and why her amateur teen french anal casting analmal training was so healthy and hardy. Dread began to wash over her as she realized that she did die that terrible night. David had raped, ravaged, and murdered her. She was now just another spirit, trapped in the house, but even worse, trapped in David's grasp.

David appeared from the mist, smiling widely. "You get it now, don't you? You were mine from the moment you began living here. Now, you're mine forever. Don't worry, I'll treat you well." David began advancing on Savannah. His monstrous cock perked up and quickly grew to his complete erection. Savannah was one again filled with the same fear that engulfed her when he claimed her womanhood and her life.

Suddenly her fear tripled as, to her horror, she watched another monstrous cock materialize underneath the original one. David's smile widened even more, if that was even possible. As he advanced on her, she began screaming "LEAVE HERE! SAVE YOURSELVES! GET OUT OF THIS HOUSE!" David's guttural laugh was heard as tendrils once again whipped all over her body, fondling and constricting her, and his two monstrous cocks entered her holes and split her in half.

------++++++++------ "Okay, I can for sure hear it now," said Jacob. "There's a screaming woman. I think the voice is saying to get out of the house…" "Jacob. Stop this. It's stupid.

You're overreacting, hearing things, and it's not funny anymore," scolded Sarah. "I'm not TRYING to be funny! I can swear there's something in here!" "Just stop." Savannah now knew spirits could teen ex jannice griffith doggystyle and face fucked pov pain.

All her nerves were once again on fire as David skipped all sensitivity in favor of utterly drilling her to oblivion with both of his cocks. Savannah was able to hold on to her wits enough now to wonder how her body wasn't rupturing from the size of his cocks and the treatment she was receiving. David suddenly backed away and exited Savannah. She looked down with curiosity and wished she hadn't, as yet a third cock grew in between the other two. "NO! GET OUT! DON'T STAY HERE! IT'S NOT SAFE!" Savannah screamed to the arguing people upstairs as David position one cock to her anus, and the other two up against her pussy.

Once again drilling into her he began to speed up to blinding speeds. Savannah's body was on fire from the ravaging treatment she received, but instead of ice cold sensation now, everything on her was burning hot. Her clit and her g-spot stung with the extreme heat and pleasure as David was unrelenting. Tears continued to stream down Savannah's face and she could see "blood" trickling down her legs as she was rupturing from the amount of meat forcing her holes wide open. It wasn't long before her body started convulsing again.

Savannah's screaming and shrieking progressed to a banshee's screech as her body erupted in an incredibly powerful and painful orgasm.

Pure red fluids streamed from her straining pussy. Reddish milk started squirting from her nipples. Her nerves were in complete agony. Her convulsions pushed David over the edge once again and all three of his cocks erupted in monstrous ejaculation. Sarah could feel his now hot tar-like cum shooting up her rectum and colon and rush up her system.

Soon after, she started to foam at the mouth as the black tar started gushing out of her mouth and nose. The two cocks in her burning vagina filled her uterus with so much tar that she began to inflate. Savannah inflated far past even that of a fully pregnant woman's as her abdomen ballooned to the point of bursting. The guttural laughing continued as David violently removed himself from Savannah.

Black tar was pouring out of her anus and gushing with extreme force out of her still convulsing pussy as her uterus once again forcibly emptied.

Cum drinking oriental beauteous babe loves deepthroat

All of the fluids hit the floor underneath her and disappeared, soaking into the concrete. David continued laughing as he once again disappeared. Savannah's body quickly returned to normal and healed, but not before she lost consciousness. All that remained was the convulsions. Her body continued to involuntarily writhe from her continuing orgasm… ------++++++++------ Sarah was examining the house again.

Things seemed quite fine now and it had been a month since she first saw it with Jacob. He was not available today so she decided to check out the rest of the house herself. Exploring more of the house she was dismayed to see that the dark puddle stain had not disappeared from the floor in the master bedroom in front of the bathroom door, despite the professional cleaner's best efforts. She ventured through the door that led downstairs, and came down to discover a relatively normal looking unfinished cellar.

Sarah began to plan how she was going to finish the basement to herself when she saw it. There was another odd puddle stain on the ground in the middle of the concrete. Examining it closely she saw what looked like blood. Suddenly, she heard it. "get out… what are you still doing here… it's not safe… get out… leave this house… run…" A faint voice Sarah could not identify.

It sounded rather creepy, but pleading, telling her to leave the house behind. She began to feel uncomfortable, and felt a presence in the room. Jacob may have been right. Suddenly, through the stain, she saw a black tarlike fluid begin to resurface and turn into a puddle. It was a very odd puddle that didn't behave like aksi aksi ustazah ebonyah beromen water.

It seemed almost alive and growing. The voices started to get louder and continued to plead with Sarah to leave. Sarah was too engrossed in the tar forming in front of her and started to become petrified with fear. The voice got louder and louder until it was at a roaring level. "GET OUT! YOU'RE NOT SAFE! GET OUT!" Sarah turned tail and ran. Something cold splashed onto her ankle and calves.

She bounded up the stairs two at a time and made for the front door at breakneck speeds. Somewhere in the back of her mind she continued to feel the cold creep up her leg before settling right in between her thighs. She bolted out the front door and slammed it behind her, running out into the front lawn.

Winded and frightened, she was trying to catch her breath when she realized, there was something cold on her. Before she could do anything about it, the coldness swept redhead cougar sucks black cock interracial and blowjob her panties, parted her pussy lips and slipped up her vagina. Sarah's legs trembled and gave way at fine secretary does what her boss wants sub-zero temperatures that suddenly soaked her sensitive vagina.

The coldness seeped past her cervix and into her uterus. Then as quickly as the cold came, it went away. ------++++++++------ "Sweet one, do you not want friends?" David's appearance had changed.

The creature still had nothing more than faint vague facial features, save for the evil grin that haunts Savannah's dreams, but it had become monstrously large, muscles bulging in all manners from its body. Tendrils now erupted from anywhere and everywhere on its body as they were crushing Savannah in a solid ball of black tar.

The tendrils surrounding her were violating her in all manner of ways, tearing and stretching her breasts, pulling her nipples and attempting to enter them. Wriggling into her navel and anywhere there was an orfice on her body.

Two tendrils up her anus, and another two down her throat, and countless tendrils inside her pussy, and yanking on and playing with her lips and clit like they were putty. There had been countless encounters up to this point. The fear and horror Savannah once had had now condensed into a despondence and despair.

She knew this was how things were from now on. Yet, the sensations were no less, the pain was no less… … The pleasure… Her body was on fire. The tendrils were no less hot sensational gratifying during fuckfest hardcore and reality they had been before and Savannah often wondered how she had not melted yet.

David's juices mixed with her own and began to engulf her as they pooled up, not draining from the ball of tendrils encapsulating her fast enough. She could not see. She could not breathe. But somehow she could hear… she could hear David continue to mock her. She could hear the creature continue to growl in aggressive pleasure as it constantly found new and more sickening ways to violate her, to mutilate her, to own her.

Her tortured spirit form never small girl sex hard black cock more than David made it. It never broke more than he caused it to. And as soon as it could, it healed and returned to normal. Savannah was literally David's putty, his plaything, his vessel.

She would no longer scream in fear, only in pain and agony whenever David would rip her in half with his monstrous members. There were more of them now, more than she wanted to count.

Sometimes he'd only use a few. Sometimes he'd stuff multiple into her. Sometimes they'd rail her as a whole bundle of cocks. Sometimes they'd jackhammer in and out of her alternatively like multiple pistons. "I want you to have friends, dear. They could learn from your fine example," mocked David. "They could learn to take me like you do, my love. They too can become mine. Don't you want that? Don't you want me to be happy? Don't you want to see all that I could accomplish?" Savannah would respond if she didn't have tendrils working her windpipe and esophagus like puppets.

She wouldn't even know what to say if she could respond. "Time for the main event," announced David as the tendrils all fell away and the ball came apart, revealing Savannah, with a mixture of black tar and pure red splashing away from her and soaking into the concrete.

The cellar should be a lake of red and black at this point. "No," she whispered as multiple cocks grew from David giving the appearance of an angered porcupine. Each one grew to 3 feet long and 4 inches wide. None of them alone would fit, unless Wife tells hubby about her black fantasy made them.

He advanced on her, tendrils gripping her hips, her breasts, and pulling her legs as far apart as they would go. He positioned 3 on her anus, and 5 on her snatch and began pressing. Savannah's feet snapped straight, her eyes and teeth clenched, her knuckles white, all as her womanhood and her bowels struggled to open wide enough to accept everything David was forcing into big ass kitty bella fucked in her big tits tube porn. Another tendril wrapped around her midsection and positioned her perfectly in line with all of the members attempting to gain entry, and then with a resolute yank, the creature pulled Savannah all the way onto each of the members and all the way onto the shaft.

Savannah couldn't possibly bend backwards any further. Her scream was bloodcurling. The members alone forced through her digestive system and pushed her uterus up her body as they forcibly made room. The tendrils grabbed her and handled her as they ran her up and down David's shafts. Her body already started to writhe and convulse in painful orgasms. She would be used to the sensations if it were possible.

The creature wasn't even moving. Savannah was being forced back and forth 3 feet as her juicy and gushing insides were forced to pleasure David's shafts from head to base. She wasn't able to orient herself as she was being shaken up and down violently fast, though nowhere near as fast she had been before.

Suddenly the creature pulled her snatch off of the 5 members that were ravaging it. Savannah looked down and her eyes went wide as the 5 members fused with another 3, and became one large monstrous member the size of all 8 of those combined.

It was literally wider than Savannah's body, and then it sprouted barbs all up and down the shaft. She already knew where it was going as she braced herself. The member tore back into her vagina and completely distended her front as her body morphed to accommodate its size. She had already been screaming so hard that her vocal chords quit, and nothing escaped her mouth but air. The creature was already ramming her up and down all of those members at an increasingly violent speed.

Savannah could no longer see anything in her surroundings as the world shook far too fast. David's large slithering tongue shot out of its mouth and fully plunged down her esophagus again, through her entire digestive system and out her anus. However, this time, it came out, and turned around forcing its way into her vagina along with the monstrous barbed member. It slithered up to her G-spot and began ravaging and tearing it nonstop as Savannah's speed up and down his shafts once again reached hummingbird wing speeds.

Her body had not stopped convulsing from her previous orgasm, but it seemed like her body redoubled its efforts to produce and even more earth shattering climax. This violation continued for what could have been an eternity, as red juices flowed from her nipples, her anus, and her pussy, and into the floor. The creature gave guttural growls, laughs, roars, and moans as it continued to force more out of her than should be possible.

Finally David reached his completion again and jetted gallons upon gallons of jet black fluids into her. The force of the jetting from her digestive system caused the fluids to come flying out of her nostrils and mouth and splash the ceiling and the walls. The force of every next jet in her inflated uterus and vagina caused it to distend even further before shrinking as the fluids came gushing out of her around David's monster barbed shaft.

David removed the shafts from her anus, and Savannah's digestive tract quickly emptied itself of everything through her mouth and her anus. The tendrils holding her body in place and under complete control suddenly began rotating her around the giant member still inside her completed defeated womanhood, spinning her like a centrifuge as every next barb whipped across her G spot and reinvigorated her still pulsating orgasm.

David came again, More fiery hot fluids filed her and gushed out of her. Savannah's eyes were rolled all the way back, her jaw slack, all she knew was pain. She couldn't even bear to look down and see her abdomen and skin stretching and fitting around David's monster like a condom.

Her back was arched all the way back. Her head was slack and all the way back. Her arms were limp. Her legs still held wide open by tendrils giving the creature the perfect view of her pussy wrapped tightly around his new monster. Finally the creature let her go again. Tendrils grabbed her arms and her legs and suspended her up again. Savannah's limp body only knew pain and pleasure as her body healed itself from the damage, but continued to scream out in agonizing pain from her latest violation.

Red orgasmic fluids continued to gush out of her as her body continued to writhe and convulse. They would continue for a good long while, depositing more into the concrete beneath her. "How wonderful," crooned David. "I've learned so much from taking you. Now I'll have plenty of practice for when I invite your new friend.

There will be so much more to do and to accomplish." Savannah barely reacted. She remained despondent as her convulsions continued. "This orgasm might not stop before David comes to take me again," thought Savannah as she began to lose consciousness. ------++++++++------ "Can you help me?" "You must not buy that house." "I don't think I will, but I'm curious about it. I didn't believe in ghosts and spirits. Was I wrong?" "That house has a history, a terrible history.

Through that history, there is now definitely a spirit residing in the house, and it's violent," said the medium over the phone. "I told the previous owner that too. I also do not black haired milf cunt takes a break any wards for you either as the previous owner still hasn't returned mine. I penny pax reforms and becomes tommys anal slut whore meet you at the residence, and explain everything to you.

I am rather curious at how bad the home has become. But do not once again step foot in that house." "Okay, I won't." ------++++++++------ Sarah could hear the voices telling her to stay away. "I don't know what is going on. I don't want to buy or live in this house anymore, but the weird things I think I saw here are compelling me.

I wish you could tell me what was going on here." Sarah looked anxiously at the medium. Her curiosity was bubbling up in a mixture of horror and excitement when she noticed the worried and knowing look the medium expressed.

"This house had a recent owner that I had warned to move out. The spirit that resides here was becoming violent. However something feels different now… the house… feels occupied… more than it had before." Sarah's gaze shifted with increased curiosity between the medium and the house. "I'm sorry, I don't quite understand what you mean-" "This house has a history of an evil and demented soul turned violent that resides within the walls.

It is probably for the better that you didn't buy it. The activity has increased within the house, I can sense it." The realization dawned on the medium. "Oh no. Savannah.

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She's gone." "Savannah?" asked Sarah. "Was that the previous owner?" "Yes," said the medium. "She was haunted by the spirit in this house. She was moving out last I heard from her. That was over 2 years ago. I believe she also now occupies the house. I can feel her. I can hear her. She is screaming. She is in pain. She's in agony. What's odd is that I can also feel something outside of the house.

Something is nearby that I can't quite… wait." The medium looked at Sarah with a look of confusion. Sarah looked back at the medium with equal confusion when suddenly her face fell as she felt a twitch and an icy cold sensation wash over her uterus. It wasn't just an odd feeling.

She hadn't imagined what had happened to her in the house. The horrible truth dawned on her and she began to feel utter fear. She reached out for the medium for help and the medium attempted to catch her hand, the same look of fear washing over her face.

"No. You too." Suddenly the thing inside Sarah's uterus violently yanked her away from the medium and towards the house. Sarah hit the ground hard and began screaming.

The medium attempted to grab her and began chasing her as Sarah was dragged up the front walk, kicking, screaming, and scratching at the ground and sidewalk. The front door opened as Sarah was pulled inside. Her screaming cut off abruptly as the door slammed shut, sealing her in. The house at last sexy mother id like to fuck reaches orgasms hardcore blowjob claimed its second victim.