Brunette ava group study ends up in threesome sex with milf daisy striptease pornstars

Brunette ava group study ends up in threesome sex with milf daisy striptease pornstars
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AMY "Are you ready, babe?" Rob called out. "We're gonna be late!" Rob paced in the living room. Amy was always late when they went out but it was always worth it. At 40 years old Amy was absolutely stunning. She had a perfect hour glass figure and all the right curves.

She had ample 38DD breasts and a nice round butt. Rob always knew he was a lucky man to have such a sexy, gorgeous wife. They were going to a party at their friends, Mike and Laura's house. Nothing fancy, just a casual get together of about 20 or so people.

Mike just finished getting a pool installed and he wanted to have a party to break it in. Plus his son Billy along with some of his friends from college, were in town on Spring Break.

An outside party BBQ sounded like a lot of fun. Amy sauntered into the living room. Rob's heart skipped a beat. She was so fucking hot! She wore a skimpy little sun dress with adorable skinny chick gets her wet vulva and small butthole penetrated bikini underneath.

Her long blonde hair curled around her shoulders and flowed down to her luscious breasts. She was wearing her smoky eye makeup. "Damn", said Rob, "all the guys are gonna be drooling over you tonight!" Amy batted her eyes at Rob and giggled, "Yep…I'm gonna give 'em all boners!" Rob loved it when guys flirted with her and they always had the most amazing sex when that happened.

He knew at the end of the night it would be him fucking her brains out, but the thought of watching other men fucking her was very erotic. He sometimes pictured several other men having sex with Amy when he was banging her hard. He asked her on several occasions if she would want to do something like that and she would smile and say, "That does sound pretty erotic!" Amy was a natural flirt, and Rob encouraged it.

He enjoyed her flirting with other men and he knew that she sometimes did it on purpose. Sex was always more intense when they got home from a night out and she had been flirting with other amateur assistant blowjob fucking ms police officer. Rob would imagine him teaching her a lesson, letting her know she belonged to him by fucking her harder and longer.

They headed out and stopped by the liquor store to pick up some Tequila. Amy had decided she wanted to let loose, do some shots since she wasn't driving. Rob had cautioned her; it had adorable and kinky suzuka ishikawa uses a red rope a while since she had been drinking, but especially tequila. Amy just laughed and said, "Yeah&hellip.I'm ready to get drunk and have some fun!" When they got to Mike and Laura's, Laura met them at the door and greeted them.

Laura was pretty hot in her own right, and tonight she was in her bathing suit. Rob could feel himself getting aroused with these sexy women around him. Laura smiled and said, "Come on in! Everybody is out back! Billy and some of his college buddies are here. I'll bring you some lemon wedges and salt for that tequila!" Rob and Amy smiled and headed for the back door.

Mike was on the deck, holding a spatula with a 'Kiss the Cook' apron on. Amy gave him a big kiss and a hug, and could feel her breasts being crushed against his chest through her little sun dress as he hugged her back.

She could feel his boner and knew this was gonna be an interesting evening! Mike crushed Amy against his chest and could tell she was in a skimpy bikini top. He felt a bit aroused, and was beginning to feel anxious about getting in the pool. His wife, Laura, was hot, but her breasts were nothing in comparison. Shaking out of his naughty thoughts, he said, "Good to see you guys! Glad you could make it. We're gonna have a hell of a party tonight!

Just in case, we have plenty of room for you guys to stay if you get too drunk." He was cooking up some burgers and brats. He pointed out that Laura already had some side dishes on the picnic table, in case they wanted to go ahead and nibble, but also opened the invitation to go ahead and get in the pool whenever they were ready.

Billy came over and gave Amy a big hug. He was wearing his swim trunks, and had obviously already been in the pool. Amy had not seen him in quite a while and he had filled out nicely. She could feel her breasts pressing against his muscular chest and she had a fleeting moment of desire. Billy held her close a little longer than he probably should have, but Amy was enjoying it. She chastised herself for the naughty thought, after all she always felt like a second mother to him.

But he was a beautiful grown man. Ready to cool off, or, maybe she wanted to 'show off' Amy shed her sundress and jumped into the pool. She loved swimming. Rob was talking to Mike and drinking a beer, but he noticed Billy and his friends watching Amy. Rob smiled to himself. Yep, she's still got it! He could tell by the look on their faces they were picturing her naked and doing nasty things to her!

Rob felt a little turned on that these young guys were drooling over his wife! Amy noticed them watching her, too. She decided she needed to give them a little show. She went underwater and pulled her top down a little.

When she came up, her breasts were barely covered by the bikini. Billy and his friends about fell over, their eyes popping out of their head! Amy turned away from them and laughed to herself. She looked over at Rob, who was laughing, and they winked at each other. The sun went down and the outside lighting came on. Everyone had already had a few drinks and were now all playing in the pool. The boys were playing a game with a ball, and kept 'accidentally' surrounding Amy and trapping her in the middle.

Amy was enjoying the attention she was getting from Billy and his friends. They liked to rub up against her as they played and swam by her. Then they would move her out of the way by grabbing her and throwing her in the air, letting her splash back in the pool.

She could tell they were excited as they pressed their hard young dicks against her. Amy would squall a protest, but giggled as she resurfaced, letting them know she enjoyed the game. Rob was enjoying the show and getting quite turned on. He swam up to Amy and his hand went between her legs as he whispered, "I think these young studs would love to get their hands on you, babe!" She smiled a naughty smile and Rob got really turned on thinking about it.

He noted Amy's nipples were standing erect, partially from the cooler temperature as the sun went down, but also from the excitement. Out of the corner or his eye he could see the boys watching and knew they had noticed him touching her. As he pulled away from her he pulled her top and it came loose. He swam away with it as Amy pretended a protest, trying to cover her breast with her arms while still trying to tread water.

Rob threw Amy's Bikini top over toward the boys, gave a wink and then swam up to Mike and Laura who were splashing each other and trying to dunk each other. Two of Billy's friends grabbed her top and swam around Amy playing a game of keep away, coaxing her to jump and reach for it.

Billy swam toward Amy somewhat protectively, and pretended to help her keep her modesty by hugging up against her. The other two then, swam to join them. They sandwiched Amy, pressing their bodies against her from all sides. Cock hungry mom bangs younger boy julia reaves could feel the one behind her reach under the water and grab her around the waste, pulling her against his hard body. Sunny leone xxx bfy story sex stories black guy allowed it, and looked over at Rob who was smiling at her.

Billy reached up and cupped her breasts and held her nipples between his fingers and thumbs, pulling her closer to him. She pushed her butt back and could fell a hard shaft poking into her butt through the suits.

The other boy went under the water and was rubbing between her legs as she tread the water. Billy pressed up against her in a hug covering her now very engorged breasts, rubbing his own hard member against her mound. Finally, she pushed him away gently and swam off, giving the young men a teasing look of 'come hither'. She had to get out of there before she let them fuck her right there in the pool!

Rob started splashing and playing with Mike and Laura. There was some light touching and rubbing. Laura had this devilish grin on her face as she went under water. All of a sudden Rob felt someone underneath grab his shorts and pull them down.

His eyes got wide and he gasped! Laura was down there and she started sucking on his dick. Mike started laughing and said, "Yeah, you gotta watch her or she'll get you!" She sucked a few times then surfaced, gasping for air. Mike swam up on the other side of her and grabbed her head, dunking her. She grabbed his cock and sucked a few times before surfacing. Then aurora is smart enough to not stop sucking his cock started taking turns on Rob and Mike.

Mike said, "If you think she's good now, just wait till we drink that tequila!" Amy, having noted the game the other adults were playing, was over her modesty. She couldn't help feeling how wonderful it was to feel these young guys coming on to her. She got out of the pool, thinking about those young studs.

She needed a drink! Rob too was getting out and heading for the tequila after what Mike had said. The salt and the lemon wedges were all ready set up at the table. Mike and Laura joined them and they all started doing shots. They joked and laughed about Amy's missing top, and not needing the tequila for her clothes to fall off.

There was some innocent (or maybe not so innocent) touching and brushing up against her as they teased. By this time, many of the other guests had left.

The only ones there were Billy and his 4 buddies who then joined in with Mike, Laura, Rob, and Amy. Mike also had a couple of bottles of tequila and the 9 of them went through all three bottles quickly. They were laughing, touching, rubbing and after all that tequila, they were feeling pretty good. Billy introduced his friends to Rob and Amy. There was John who was rather tall and lanky, Pete, who had a thick, medium length but rather scruffy beard, Joe who had a stocky build with a thick muscular body, and Ron who was rather small and wispy, but full of high energy.

The four of them could not hide their excitement as the adults seemed to be getting very drunk and the sex play between them was open and obvious. They could not keep their eyes off Amy's breasts as they bounced with each laugh and touch. The boys joined in the touching and grabbing as the adults continued to laugh about the tequila's affect.

Amy excused herself and got up to go to the bathroom. She was feeling pretty tipsy as she stumbled her way into the house. Billy came up and asked if she could use some help.

Amy giggled and said, "Yeah…I think I had too much tequila!" Billy laughed and said he could tell! He helped her into the house and to the bathroom. When Amy came out, Billy was waiting. She practically fell into him and he caught her as she giggled.

He was holding her kind of close and she looked at him and smiled. It was a very naughty smile. Just then one of his friends approached her reverse cowgirl is katsumis favorite position when doing anal sex behind and they sandwiched her between them. Amy closed her eyes and moaned as she felt a hard cock pushing on her front and a hard one pushing against her butt.

Then the other 3 guys were there and they were all around her. Billy pressed himself against her, kissed her soft neck and whispered, "I've been wanting to do this for a very long time." They all started touching her and Amy loved it. She leaned her head back, exposing her neck more, giving Billy permission to continue with the kissing and groping. She moaned her enjoyment and approval as she reached down and grabbed two hard shafts, one in each hand, pulling the owners closer to her keeping their interest peaked.

One of the young men reached around and cupped her breasts, pinching the nipples while one pulled her bikini bottoms aside and rubbed her clit between two fingers, messaging the labia.

Amy opened her legs for more, and climaxed, squirting down her legs. Then they picked her up and she giggled as they carried her into the spare bedroom. Billy locked the door behind them. The four young men laid Amy on the bed and and pulled off her bikini bottoms, then spread her legs and arms each holding one. Billy crawled onto the bed, straddling Amy, and leaning friends mom fuck me forest he laid his chest on hers applying just enough pressure to hold and entice her.

He whispered in her ear, "I've wanted to do this since I was 12". Amy gasped, sucking in air as Billy leaned in to cover her mouth with his. He fondled her breast, as the boys tied her legs and arms and then began touching and fondling her body, finding every single erogenous zone. Ron was holding her head, rubbing and combing through her hair, and playing with her ears.

Joe was rubbing tied up slave face fucked by bbc her arms while John was rubbing gently up and down her legs and her inner thighs.

Pete had crawled up from the end of the bed and began licking her vagina nipping her clit, and teasing her opening causing her to regain her wetness. She could feel his beard tickling her inner thighs. Amy was in heaven. All these young studs were seeking sexual gratification from her.

And she was ready. She was gonna show these boys what a real woman could do! As Amy's arousal heightened, she wrapped her legs around Pete's head as he was licking her pussy, and squeezed. Excited, he began fucking her with his tongue. Billy had peeled off his shorts and scooted forward, rubbing his cock between her breasts. Joe and John on either side both grabbed her breasts and pushed them inward, allowing Billy's shaft to be tightly enclosed for a good titty fuck.

Billy fucked Amy's breasts, coming closer and closer to her mouth with each thrust. Ron lifted her head slightly allowing for Billy's tip to hit her mouth. Amy kissed his tip, wetted her tongue and began licking with each thrust forward until Billy was close enough for her to take it in. She sucked quickly on his gland, scraping her teeth on the rounded edge and causing Billy to let go a bit of pre-cum. Billy slid forward and Amy took in his whole large shaft, gagging a bit, but sucking hard to keep from ejecting him.

Billy pulled out and Ron moved in, kneeling over her head and touched his hard shaft to her mouth. She immediately latched onto it and started sucking hard. Joe kneeled next to her head on the other side and she reached up and grabbed his thick cock, stroking it. Then she would go back and forth between the two sucking on them. Billy said, "I'm going first!" Pete moved out of the way and Billy untied her legs, pulled her closer to the edge of the bed and climbed between her legs as she opened to him.

Pete and John stood on either side of her and both began sucking on her nipples, sucking, pulling and teasing in unison. Amy moaned loudly around the hard penis in her mouth and arched upward when she felt a hard shaft touch her wet opening. Billy was teasing her pussy and spreading the wet before suddenly slamming into her. She squealed with delight, letting out a muffled cry around the shaft in her mouth. He was much bigger than Rob. Billy sank himself all the way inside her. At the same time she was going back and forth sucking on two cocks while the other two continued sucking on her nipples; nibbling on them, pulling on them with their teeth and letting them pop back.

The physical stimulation was almost overwhelming. She peaked and climaxed several times, before squirting on Billy's dick as he pounded her without mercy. Her whole body bounced furiously up and down on the bed. Hot girls get to please each other cried out and exploded inside her. Billy pulled out and John took his place and started fucking her. John's long hard shaft touched her to her very core and Amy could feel herself building back to full excitement.

She climaxed again and again without rest and then squirted once more just as Ron shot his load down her throat. She swallowed and kept sucking, making him shudder. She came again as John exploded inside her. Pete laid back and they put her on top of him. She started riding him when Joe came wam outdoor threesome with wet clothed lesbian behind her and she could feel his hard throbbing shaft penetrate her ass.

She groaned in a low animalistic tone as the two of them fucked her. John stood in front of her, grabbed her hair and pulled her head onto him and started pumping her mouth. Billy and Ron stood one on each side of her as she reached up with both fat penis stuffs juicy snatch pornstar hardcore and started stroking them.

She was getting sore, but it hurt oh so good and she wanted more. She pretended to object and wriggled to get loose, but they wouldn't allow it.

They grabbed her and held her down on the bed, covering her mouth, exciting her more. They took turns fucking her hard in every hole and she couldn't get enough. She loved it. Just then there was a knock on the door. It was Rob, "Amy& in there? Let me in" he said, "I know what you boys are up to in there!" he laughed.

They all froze, then Billy got up and opened the door. Rob walked in and was amazed at what he was seeing. Here were these young virile guys all fucking his wife. Everybody stopped and looked at him, waiting for his reaction.

He smiled and said, "Don't let me stop you! I just want to watch!" After Rob had watched for a while, and masturbated a bit as the young studs fucked his wife repeatedly, he finally said, "Okay boys. My turn!" As they backed away, Rob climbed between her legs.

He was hard as a rock and he wanted to fuck his wife real bad. Amy reached up and sunk her nails into Rob's back, pulling him to her and giving him brace to pump her hard. She looked into his eyes and smiled as he penetrated her wet pussy. She whispered in his ear, "Fuck me…fuck me good…show these young studs how it's done!" He thrust himself into her and pumped her hard and fast while the others held her down, toyed with her every orifice, and took turns making her suck their cocks.

Rob grabbed her legs and pushed them back toward Amy's head, handing them to Ron and Joe who were on either side of her. He got on his knees and began pumping her harder and deeper.

The thought of her getting fucked by all these guys was so erotic Rob exploded inside her in no time. Rob bent down and whispered in Amy's ear as she sucked on Pete's dick, "Are you having fun babe? She nodded her head yes. He said, "Enjoy it baby. I'll be back later." He got off her and grabbing his clothes said "have fun boys", then walked out the door. Ron climbed on, and taking his lead from Rob, pulled Amy's leg up toward her head started fucking.

Rob stood outside the door listening for a moment and could hear the slap of the fucking as the boys violated his wife over and over, as her muffled cries of agonizing ecstasy escaped around the thick meat she was devouring. Rob stumbled into the living room, still feeling drunk from all the tequila. Laura lay passed out on the couch and Mike was fixing another drink in the kitchen. Mike walked back into the living room, and noting Rob was looking at Laura, he stood over her, looked down at her, and said, "Isn't she hot?" Rob nodded in agreement.

Mike reached down and slid his hand under her bikini top and squeezed her breast, pinching the nipple. Laura groaned and slightly opened her eyes. Mike pulled her top up to fully expose both of her small but pert and perfect breasts. He searched Rob's face for a reaction.

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Laura looked at Rob and said, "You want to join us?" Rob grinned real big and looked at Mike. Mike smiled and pointed to Laura's other tit. Rob slid his hand under her pulled up bikini top and cupped the other breast. Laura was sitting up on the couch and Rob and Mike were standing behind it, leaning over and playing with Laura's pretty breasts.

They weren't as big as Amy's, but they were definitely perkier and had smaller, but harder nipples. Mike pulled his hand out and Rob slid his other hand in to replace Mike's. Mike walked around the couch, knelt down and grabbed Laura's bikini bottoms pulling them off. He dove between her legs and buried his face. Laura groaned and spread her legs wider, hooking her heels around Mike's head to pull him in closer.

Laura enjoyed rough sex, and was not shy to ask for what she wanted. She looked up at Rob and said, "Harder&hellip.squeeze them harder! I want to feel some pain!

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Show me you own them. Rob gripped them tight and she arched her back in ecstasy. She looked up at him and said, "Bite me&hellip.on my neck&hellip." Rob leaned down over the back of the couch and clamped onto her neck.

He bit down and she cried out grabbing his hair. He squeezed harder on her breasts. Then he bent down further, pulled her bikini top down and bit mature mother and son sex nipple, hard. She lurched forward and screamed, "YESSSSSS……DO IT&hellip." and he bit her some more all over her breasts and nipples. Mike buried his tongue deep inside Laura's vagina and then bit her clit as she squirmed and wrapped her legs around his head and squeezed, crying for more.

Using his fingers he began playing with her clit while he continued to plunge his tongue deep inside her, causing her to wiggle and moan loudly. Glancing up, Mike caught Rob's eye and gave him a slight nod. Seeming to understand Rob bit down hard and Laura cried out and climaxed, her juices flowing all over Mike's face.

He pulled away as her body went limp. Rob pulled his hands out of Laura's bikini, grabbed her wrists and pulled her over to the end of the couch; her head hanging over the arm. Holding her in place, he nodded to Mike who then grabbed Laura's legs and swung her bottom half around onto the couch, spread them wide and crawled between them.

As Mike pulled down his shorts and his hard cock sprung out aimed at Laura's groin, Rob was getting more excited. He pulled his shorts down and his own hard on sprang out.

Using some of the pre-cum drips, he rubbed his tip on her lips, and pushed just enough to get his tip barely between her lips.

As Laura's tongue lashed out toward him, he rubbed his tip on her tongue, getting his tip very wet, and causing her mouth to salivate. As Laura's mouth became more wet, Rob plunged his cock in about half way and began pulling in and out. Using one hand to hold her arms above her head, Rob used his other hand to slap his dick on Laura's lips each time he pulled out.

Rob grabbed her hair, letting go her wrist and pushed his cock all the way in her mouth. Laura reached around and grabbed Rob's buttocks and dug her nails into his flesh increasing his thrusts. He could feel his balls bouncing across her face. As he pumped her mouth, he could hear Amy in the other room yelling, "YESSSS&hellip.YESSSS&hellip.FUCK ME HARDER&hellip.I WANT IT ALL&hellip." He smiled, knowing she was really enjoying those young studs.

His arousal could not be any higher as he listened to Amy, fucked Laura's mouth, and watched Mike pounding into Laura's pussy. Mike thrust himself forward, burying himself deep inside Laura. She screamed her pleasure around Rob's cock, and Mike's thrust became harder and faster. Mike watched as her breasts were bouncing in rhythm to his powerful thrusts while she arched her body up and down to reach Rob's cock and maximize Mike's penetration.

He didn't know how long he could hold back when Laura began to gag on Rob's cock, swallowed hard, and suddenly squirted all over Mike. His excitement peaked and he let go, exploding his rachel starr behind the scene load into her, shuddering and pushing deeper into her and holding her tight.

He looked up at Rob and said, "You want to switch so you can fuck my wife?" Rob grinned real big and said, "Hell yeah!!!" They switched positions but Rob flipped her over so her stomach was over the arm of the couch. He grabbed her hips and rubbed his rigid member around her wet pussy and ass. She let out a low groan.

Rob looked up at Mike as if asking permission to do anal. Mike smiled and nodded his head. "She loves anal!" he said. Rob spit on his cock for a little lube and pressed it against her anal opening. Mike watched for a moment, then following suite, he wet his dick, grabbed her hair pulling her head upright and rammed into her mouth.

As Rob teased around her anal opening, Laura moaned softly. She wriggled her butt toward him and hissed "YESSSSSSSS…&hellip.DO IT……" Rob pushed slowly and deliberately until his cock nick moreno y torbe vs candy alexa y antonia all the way inside and he held it there.

She could feel him throbbing inside her. As Mike grabbed her hair and pushed his dick into her mouth she willingly swallowed it whole. She wriggled her butt like a puppy wagging it's tail in pleasure and teasingly to incite Rob as much as possible.

Taking the hint, Rob began pumping while smacking her ass with every thrust into her. Her butt cheeks began to turn red. She squealed her delight around Mike's shaft as he fucked her mouth harder in excitement. Meanwhile in the other room the boys had all been taking turns with Amy.

She was sticky mess, oozing with cum from every orifice as well as covered in it. Yet she was enjoying herself and still wanted more. She was wearing out those young studs. She knew they were waiting for her to be done, but she just kept fucking and sucking like there was no tomorrow. They had to take turns in order to take breaks and regain their stamina and erections. It was Billy's turn again "Let's stand her up", he said. They stood Amy up and Billy bent her over, grabbed her hips, and slammed his cock inside her.

He was determined to finish her. Amy reached out and grabbed hold of Joe, holding on to him for support so she wouldn't fall over. Joe reached under her and cupped her luscious breasts as he pushed his dick into her mouth. She moaned around the shaft as they both pumped her fast and furious. But alas, as Billy climaxed, Amy was still pushing back at him, wanting more.

He could not believe her stamina. Amy pushed her butt toward Billy, but he was done and seemed wore out. Joe then erupted in her mouth.

She noted that his cum was sparse and knew he too was near done. Pete and Ron stepped in to try for more, and as before, as each one came, another would step in and start on her.

Amy couldn't believe how much she wanted and enjoyed this. Finally, she wore them out. One by one they dropped out and did not return. They lay on the floor and the bed passed out. Amy shook her head and said, "Amateurs!" She put her sundress on and grabbed her bikini, walking out of the spare bedroom. Her legs were still a little shaky not only from being drunk, but from all the sex, and having been stood in a bent position for a while.

She stumbled into the living room just in time to see Rob and Mike fucking Laura on the couch. Amy smiled as Mike girlfriend get ass to mouth in kitchen Rob pumped Laura hard from both ends and it got her excited again.

She walked over behind Mike as he was pumping Laura's mouth, put her arms around him and said, "Thank you so much for a wonderful time tonight!" Rob looked up and Amy smiled at him as he gave her a wink. Mike, with his dick still in Amy's mouth turned to respond to Amy. Amy kissed him hard and rubbed her hard nipples against him, begging for attention. He pulled out of Laura's mouth and turned to Amy.

She pulled her sundress off, showing him her yearning breasts, grabbed his hands and put them around her waist. She then grabbed his shoulders and jumped up to wrap her legs around him. He responded by lifting her up off the floor sucking and biting on her breasts and nipples.

Amy groaned and pulled his head into her cleavage, sliding herself julianna vegas great ass perfect ass bubble butt position so her crotch was rubbing along his happy trial. He reached down and pulled his dick up and pushed into her wet and wanton pussy. Holding her tight, and still sucking on her breasts, he supported her butt as she began to ride him hard. Rob kept pumping Laura's ass and getting very excited watching Mike take his wife's breasts in his mouth.

Laura's head and body bounced back and forth from Rob violating her ass over and over. Rob stopped his onslaught on Laura's ass and flipped her over so her head was hanging over the arm of the couch. He grabbed her legs and hooked them over his shoulders and started pounding her wet pussy. Laura reached up and grabbed Mike and Amy and pulled them toward her face so she could lick Mike's cock and Amy's pussy at the same time, causing Amy to squirt all over her face.

Mike pulled Amy off him and set her on her feet. He turned her around toward Laura. Amy bent over and grabbed Laura's breasts and began playing with her nipples as Mike helped her to bend deeper and took her from behind. Laura reached up and took Amy's nipples into her mouth one after the other nipping and pulling causing Amy to pinch hard on Laura's breast.

Both Women screamed as their breasts were assaulted inciting them to each do more to the other and push back more as the men assaulted their pussies. Then men, excited by the screams could hold back no longer, and the four climaxed together. They collapsed into a mangled pile on the couch, exhausted. Amy was the only one with any energy left, as she stated.

"OMG what a great fucking party!!!!!"