Sex appeal legal age teenager gorgeous babe kneels homemade hardcore

Sex appeal legal age teenager gorgeous babe kneels homemade hardcore
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After Alexis and I fucked each other until we were both too sore to do anything else, she programmed her number into my phone, bid me a fond farewell, and went on her merry way. I went to the grocery store to pick up some things, headed home and put them away, then headed to the back yard to do some katas, I got through several forms and was part way through a spinning back kick when I heard my phone ringing.

I picked up "Steve Edwards", "Steve…Jason Kendricks here, I have a business proposition for you, if you're interested" he went on to explain the deal&hellip.which peaked my interest, he closed with "so you'll have to fly up here, and meet with the investors, sign some doc's, then we'll have a little get together…what do you say?" "Have someone get me at the airport Thursday, I'll message you the info" I replied and hung up.

I spent the next couple of days getting ready for the trip, faxing papers back and forth, securing the licenses I needed, I asked Janice (my neighbor on one side) if she would mind watching my place for a few days, Janice sent Denise over (I had had a wonderful time with Denise and her friend Charlie). Denise bounced (literally!) into my place, came up and hugged me, her tongue trying to play hockey with my tonsils as she kissed me "hey stud& got time to take care of a lady before you go?" she purred, as her hand rubbed my cock through my pants, "sorry baby doll, as much as I would love to…I gots to go!" I said, as I tweaked an erect nipple "no parties&hellip.all the booze and internet porn you can handle, okay?" I kissed her and headed out the door.

My flight arrived without incident, I grabbed my bags at the carousel, and started looking for someone with a sign with my name on it, I don't see one and I'm starting to get pissed when a vision in white walks towards me and asks "are you Steve Edwards?" 5'6", blonde hair to just below her shoulders, 38C's making their presence very known by straining the fabric trying to contain them, and an ass that was sculpted by the gods…"excuse me…earth to person&hellip.are you Steve Edwards?" she repeated "ahhh…ummm…yes…yes I am" I stammer out "well hello Steve, I'm Sherri Kendricks, Jason's wife" she said diligent russian milf needs cash fast from a loan agent a smile that could power a small city.

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"are you always so articulate" she laughed holding out her perfectly manicured hand to me, I took her hand, bowed to her, kissed her hand and said "I am generally never sexy asian babe katsuni endures hardcore ass fucking a loss for words, but was so taken by the beauty before me that I lost the power of intelligent thought for a moment, it is indeed a pleasure to make your acquaintance Mrs.

Sherri Kendricks" "Oh my…Jason never told me that you were such a charmer" she blushed as she reclaimed her hand and looked me over "let's get you where you need to be before I decide to keep you for myself you flirt" she said. I grabbed my bags and followed her to the car "so how come I never see you with Jason Steve?" she asked as we got in the car "because I don't do a lot of business up here" I replied, to which she says "what a shame" under her breathe with a sidelong glance at me.

Sherri drops me at Jason's office and tells me "I'm taking your stuff to our place, you'll be staying in the guest house&hellip.see you later hot stuff!" laughing, she drives off leaving me with mixed thoughts, dirty…mixed thoughts. The meetings go well, we hammer out the details, contracts are signed, and I walk out 1.2 million dollars wealthier, hands are shaken all around, and I hear "see you at the party" a hundred times, Jason and I finally roll out the door heading to his place, I can't wait to take a shower&hellip.some of the people I had to deal with made me feel so&hellip.slimy!

Jason gets me to his place, and shows me to the guest house "grab your suit and go for a swim, relax in the jacuzzi…just chill out, dinner starts in 3 hours" and he leaves me to my own devices.

I survey the pool and decide that a swim, and soak would be great, I change into my trunks and dive in, come to the surface lay back and just float looking up, some movement up and to the side catches my attention, I see Sherri standing on a balcony overlooking the pool in a yellow and black bikini that would make a bikini model blush! She's looking at me and licking her lips, purses those perfect lips and blows me a kiss, then disappears inside, suddenly I think back to something my father used to tell me about "things that are black and yellow have a tendency to be dangerous" as my cock twitches.

I move over to the hot tub, slide in and let the jets wash over me, relaxing me, after about 25 minutes I figure I'm par-boiled enough, and head into the guest house.

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diamond foxxx giving him the hard sell I strip out of my shorts and move into the huge shower, I have my eyes closed as I'm washing my face when I hear "my god, you look even better up close" I quickly rinse the soap from my eyes, and there is Sherri in that bikini, but not for long as she walks towards me she unties the strings it falls to the floor.

She presses herself to me and kisses me hard, I break the kiss…"whoa…hold on a second&hellip.I'm not going to do this to Jason" I say, "fuck Jason…no better yet…fuck me, and leave Jason to his own, he has his playthings, besides…he's nothing to me" she counters, and sinks to the shower floor, wraps her hand around my cock and starts licking it and talking to it…"so big& strong&hellip.I want it" and slides her mouth over the head.

I was ready to protest…the words were going to leave my mouth…until she started sucking my dick&hellip.then the lower half of my conscience took over, I leaned back as she was devouring my growing meat, listening to her blow me "guk.guk.gukk&hellip.slurrrrp&hellip.guk.guk.guk.gukk.mmmm" then she would lick the length of it, and lick my balls, as much as I love having my cock sucked, I pulled her off, wrapped her in a towel, wrapped myself up in one and walked her into the bedroom.

"Is this what you really want?" I asked her, giving her a chance to back out, to which she replied "oh fuck yeah…I want this cock slamming my pussy" and pulled the towel off me and slurped my junk back into her hot mouth, I was through questioning things at this point, so I pulled the towel from around her, and moved her around so I was laying on my back with her perfectly waxed snatch above my face.

Petite teen babe lucie gets fucked by stepbros large cock she continued to swallow my sword, I breathed in her heady aroma, then slowly licked from her taint, between her inner and outer lips up one side, then back down the other, I felt her moan on my cock, so I pushed my tongue into her slit lapping her juices (damn she was wet!) and worked it towards her clit, when I reached her clit I slipped my tongue under the hood and jiggled her clit.

Her body started shaking like she was having convulsions and she tried to scream with my cock in her mouth, it came out like "rwaaaaaaaaaarrrr" then I thrust my tongue as deep into her as I could, her hips started gyrating on my tongue, my cock plopped out of her mouth as she screamed "oh fuck…oh fuck…oh fuck" I smiled inwardly, started lapping at her clit with my tongue, and started fucking two fingers in and out of her now sopping cunt.

She was pushing herself back, trying to get my fingers deeper into her, when I felt her pussy start to clench my fingers like it was trying to suck them deeper and she started wailing "ahhhhhh…oooo.oooo…ahhhhh…fuuuuuuuck", my forgotten cock slapping against her cheek as she bucked, at this point I slipped my ring finger into her ass as far as it would go, and continued to fuck her hard in both holes with those three fingers.

"eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee&hellip.ahhhhhhhh" was all she screamed out, then her body went rigid, her legs thrust out straight, her pussy and ass tried to amputate my fingers, then she went limp, I could feel her still breathing so I calmed down (fuck I thought I'd killed her), after a couple of minutes she moaned out "damn&hellip.and you didn't even fuck me yet" She slowly moved so that she was face to face with me and kissed and licked her juices from my face, slowly got her legs under her, reached down and grabbed my cock and slid the head along her slit wetting it with her juicy pussy, she looked down between us and said "damn&hellip.that thing is going to be almost to my stomach" moved up and slid the head into her.

"fuck&hellip.that is big" she moaned as she worked the head deeper, she pulled back up until just the head was inside, then pushed herself down further "uhhhhh……uhhhhh&hellip.uhhhhh" she would grunt each time she thrust herself onto my cock&hellip.taking it a bit deeper each time&hellip."fuck& much of that monster is left&hellip.I feel like I'm going to choke on it soon" she groaned as she pushed harder& it in a bit deeper&hellip.

Her juices were running down my shaft as she worked her incredibly tight cunt up and down my cock, my hands were busy caressing her breasts, feeling them jump in my hands as she rode faster and faster. I pulled on her nipples, rolling them between my thumb and forefinger, she cried out "oh fuck&hellip.yessssssss" and she slammed herself all the way down my cock until our pubic bones collided, and I felt her pussy spasm around my shaft as she came, she fell onto my chest, panting heavily as her body quivered all over, her pussy rippling along my cock almost pushed me over the edge.

When the spasms had subsided I pulled out of her, moved off the bed behind her, and slowly started feeding my cock into her pussy again, "oh…god&hellip.I can't take it anymore…ahhhh." she cried out, I pushed into her deeper, and deeper, until my balls were slapping against her clit as I plunged tamra millan wants a big white cock to clear a debt cock into her again and again, fucking her with an urgent need to cum.

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I could feel it sunny lone saxy bf vedio along the shaft, I plowed my cock into her, she felt it swell inside her and screamed "ohhhhhh…fuuuuuuuuuck"… and I yelled out "I'm cumming in your cunt" as I blasted spurt after spurt after spurt of my sperm into her cervix, her pussy made squishing noises as I continued to fuck into her, she collapsed onto the bed moaning, as she fell forward my cock slipped out of her with a "plop" and our juices gushed out of her abused hole leaving a growing puddle under her.

I laid on the bed cuddling her until we were able to move, she dreamily moaned "god&hellip.that was fucking incredible…I have never come that hard in my life&hellip.will you marry me?" I laughed and said "no…but I will offer up a shower so we can be presentable&hellip.and yes…it was great for me too".

We washed each other (we were both too sensitive to do anything else), she dressed in her bikini, and a wrap I hadn't seen her wear in, kissed me and slipped out the door, I fell asleep for a bit, got up, dressed for the party and made my way to the main house. Jason and Sherri were greeting people, Jason saw me, pulled Sherri over to me, shook my hand "Steve…thanks for coming, I'm glad we were able to do business", Sherri then took my hand "I'm also glad you came, I look forward to getting to know you better in the future" as she winked and smiled at me, I raised big tits hidden cam sex eyebrow at her but she didn't see me, as she had focused on someone else "there she is&hellip.where the hell was she all afternoon" she mumbled to herself just loud enough for me to hear "Steve&hellip.there's someone else I'd like you to meet…Steve Edwards& my sister Carrie Devlin, Carrie…Steve Edwards." I turned to her and she said "Steve…so glad to meet you…and you're so much more handsome than my twin sister said you were" I quickly recovered from my surprise, took her hand and said "the pleasure is all mine Miss Devlin all mine" and gave her a wink, she moved like she was kissing my cheek and whispered "no…I do believe it was mine, but we're sisters and we like to share things", I thought to myself…"yep, I'm going to like doing business up here"