Sunny leon xxx sex stories albom

Sunny leon xxx sex stories albom
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Amy: This summer, my mom's sister left her husband of eighteen years and their son, my cousin, Adam, came to stay with my mom and I for a little over a month. That's really where all this starts.

My mom and I are very close and we talk about all kinds of things. She's great because she's willing to talk with me about boys and sex and all that. She says it's better than learning it wrong from other kids. She's probably right.

So, we've talked about sex in more detail than many moms and daughters. We've talked about birth control, oral sex, STDs, masturbation, handjobs, you name it. And my mom doesn't gloss over the details. When I turned twelve, she gave me my first vibrator and lessons on my clit and G-spot.

I've gotten a new vibrator on each birthday since. I now have the same kind that she has which is curved to reach the G-spot and has a clit stimulator. I can sometimes hear her and I know she can sometimes hear me when I have a better-than-average orgasm (Is there such a thing as an average orgasm?).

I also have a vibrator insert on a wire to a battery pack. It's called an 'egg,' I think. She won't let me wear it to school even though she wears hers to her office sometimes. She also makes me turn it off when we're watching TV. Too noisy, she says. Hmm. We've watched internet porn together, especially ones that she wanted me to learn from, like how to give a guy a blowjob or a handjob.

Lots of videos showing sexual positions, solo sex, the different shapes and sizes of penises. When she wanted to show me what a soft penis looked like so I could compare it with an erect one, she looked all over the internet, even Googled: 'soft penis' with little luck.

Finally, she found a few 'softies' at a nudist site. We've laughed about that. According to the internet, you'd think that every penis on earth is rock-hard. Ha. She says she wishes they all were. So, anyway, I know a lot, more than most girls, but I haven't done it. I've been felt up but the right guy hasn't been there at the right time.

My mom is big on having the right guy. Her first few were the wrong guys so she's making sure I don't repeat her mistakes. I agree with that. My parents have been divorced for six years now. When it happened, I went to stay with my aunt and uncle until things were basically over.

So, I guess, my aunt is doing the same with her sister's son, shipping him off to the aunt for a month or so during the summer. Kristen: My sister had been having marital problems for some time so I'm not surprised that it's come to an end. We're taking in my nephew for a while, he's just seventeen and will be a senior in the fall. Adam is a nice kid, makes good grades, plays some tennis and is more like my sister than like his father.

That's a good thing in my opinion. We do have a spare bedroom so Amy won't be too inconvenienced while he's here. She's fifteen and looks a lot like my sister and I, only a slightly smaller and younger version.

My sister is the older and is very pretty, if a bit overweight. I'm two years younger at thirty-six and still get a lot of looks when I walk down the street.

Amy tells busty mature kerala mallu aunty dirty nude sex all her friends refer to me as a MILF and, yes, I know what it means. And, yes, I like to F. I've tried to raise Amy to understand the realities of love and sex and have made sure she understands the details, not just the basics. It's the details that really trip you up if you don't know them. And I want her to enjoy the beautiful body that she has.

She's still a virgin and that's fine. I really want her to wait until she's able to have sex with a nice guy who is trustworthy and wants to give pleasure, not just take it. There aren't many of these around. So, she's happy to wait for now. Adam: It's really a bummer that the folks are splitting but I'm not surprised. Dad has been messing around for a long time and doesn't even try much to cover it up.

I don't blame Mom for calling it quits. So, this guy (me) gets shipped off to Aunt Kristen's and my cousin Amy's place for a month or iwia and bella baby menage a trois. I don't mind, really, since being at home while my parents end it all is sometimes depressing and I really do like being around my aunt. If you were a guy, you would, too.

She's younger than my mom and looks like a model. Nice figure and beautiful legs. Not big boobs, just right. She may be my aunt but I get a hard-on when I'm around her. Her daughter, Amy, is cute, she was twelve or thirteen the last time I saw her, a little version of my aunt. I know it will be kinda lonely when I'm there. My girlfriend broke up with me a few weeks ago and that doesn't help things. I guess I miss her body more than I miss her.

We had great sex but, when I look back, I guess we didn't have much else. But, boy, the sex was good. That I really miss. And now I'm going where I don't have any school friends or potential girl friends but at least I have a pretty aunt to be around. Kristen: Adam has settled in and seems to be taking all this fairly well.

He's really a nice kid, though, a bit more than a kid, nearly a man, a very nice looking man. I know, I shouldn't look at him that way but I haven't had a man in my life in a while and vibrators are great but they're not the same. Anyway, we were up late, Amy was in bed, and were talking about his ex-girlfriend. I asked him, "Do you love her?" "Oh, yeah, kind of, we'd gone together for almost a year." "But, you don't think it was the real thing?

"No, probably not. We were used to each other, too. Maybe that's part of it." "Were you having sex with her?" He hesitated and replied, "Yeah, she was on the pill and we went to her house every afternoon.

She's got a hot body and we did a lot. She really gives a great, uh, you know, oral, uh." "You mean blowjob." "Uh, yeah." "Adam, I hope you returned the favor." "You mean, do oral on her?" "Sure, every woman deserves it and loves it.

Too many guys just want to get sucked-off and then never go down on her." "Oh, I did her all the time. It was great and, yeah, she did love it. Boy, did she." "That's good, Adam. Relationships are two-way. You're doing it right." "Yeah, but I'm alone now. And, it's kinda lonely, you know." "Yes, Adam, I know. Well, so am I. Look, why don't we watch something spicy to cheer us up? Get the gardening book out of the shelf, there's a DVD in there and pop it in.

You're old enough and certainly experienced enough." So, we began watching a porn video, one that I've rather liked because it shows real people making love, not just having sex. "Scoot over, you can't watch this kind of thing by yourself." So, Adam moved next to me and I snuggled up against him right as the guy in the video begins licking his lover's pussy. "Oh, she likes that, Adam, see, every woman does." We watch for a while, and as we get to my favorite part, I'm rubbing his thigh (I know, I'm awful) and he's put his arm around me with his hand just grazing my left breast (by accident, I'm sure).

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Well, we're both lonely, aren't we. Adam: My aunt and I start watching a porn flick, a pretty nice one, actually, of real people, not fake-boob porn stars, and we're snuggled-up on the couch. I've got a hard-on like a telephone pole and I can feel her breast on the back of my hand.

Oh, this is nice. "I bet you miss doing this with your girlfriend. I sure miss it. They're having all the fun." "Sure are, this is hot. I'm hard as a rock. Oh, sorry." "It's okay. I understand how guys get. Mmm, you are hard," she says as she slides her hand over my crotch. "Does this help?" as she rubs the big lump in my pants. "Oh, that helps. A lot." I decide, what the hell, and begin to feel her breast as we watch the video. She doesn't move my hand so I try to work it under her top.

"Here, that's better," she says as she pulls her top up and shifts her bra to the side. Oh, her breast is nicer than I'd imagined. She whispers, "If you pull your pants down, I'll be glad to make you happy." I needed no further encouragement and she soon had a firm grip on my cock.

"Adam, you're really grown up. I'd like to make better use of your beautiful cock. Can we go upstairs to my room? Quietly?" Omigod, my wildest dream is coming true. My beautiful aunt is taking me, cock in hand, to her bed.

Once we were in her room, she said, "This is just between you and me. We're both lonely and brunette shayla green fills her shaved pussy some comforting and I know no better way than to snuggle together skin-to-skin." With that, she took her clothes off and slid under the covers.

I'm not crazy, so I was in there with her in seconds. "Let's just hold each other, Adam." Well, we did for a while but our hands slowly began to explore each other. We started kissing and she was running her hands up and down the front of me and I was fondling her nice, pink breasts. I bent down to suck her nipples and she raised up and lowered them right over me to suck and play with.

She now had hold of my cock and was stroking me up and down. Was this a dream? I ran my hand under the covers and rubbed her stomach and abdomen. She took my hand, opened her legs and guided me to her wet lips.

As I rubbed back and forth, she began to move with me, making the rubbing more intense. She then got up on her hands and knees and started sucking my dick. Wow. I reached under straponfucked les facialed through gloryhole cocksucking sunglasses and she spread her legs so I could get my whole hand rubbing back and forth; she was really wet.

I slid a finger between her pussy lips and ran it around her wet love canal. Oh, it felt nice in there. She stops sucking me and says, "Well, Adam, I think we should make each other as happy as possible." She lays down, spreads her legs wide, and whispers, "Right in here, Adam. I really want you right in here." Chapter 2 Kristen: Well, I've got him poised to shove his really beautiful, pink cock into me and am I ready.

I'm really turned-on being naked with a guy less than half my age whose cock tastes so nice and fresh. Ah, it's sliding in now and I must say, it feels wonderful. I wish I'd been my nephew's first but this'll have to do. Mmm. He's rubbing my breasts as we fuck and I'm flexing my pelvic muscles giving him a real tug when he pulls back.

Oh that feels delicious. We're enjoying our lovemaking when Adam says, "Oh, god, I'm about to cum. Oh, Unghh, UNGHH, UNGHH, ugh, ugh, oh, uh." I could feel his warm juice spurt into me, oh, I love guys to cum deep inside me.

"Just leave it deep inside, Adam. Keep it in. Mmm, that's so nice." I could feel his cock shrink a bit, though it stayed fairly firm, another plus for younger guys. "I want to give you oral sex, I want you to cum with my tongue in you, okay?" What a nice nephew. So, Adam lowered himself down and got his head between my knees. Have I said that cunnilingus is my favorite pastime? Oh, I love a man's tongue in my pussy. He began just the way I like; kissing and licking around my inner thighs well before he gets to the main target.

He's also tracing a finger along the thigh opposite of the one he's licking. Nice. As he works closer, Adam runs his tongue all the way around the area between my thighs and labia, oh, this is so nice, just teasing me with his tongue. "Mmm, that's nice Adam." Then, for a few seconds, I don't feel him at all.

Nothing. Now, the barest touch of his tongue directly in the center of my pussy lips. Oh, that's electric, just the barest touch. Oh, Adam, is, at seventeen, better than most. He begins to stroke his tongue up and down my very wet slit (I am laying in a fairly large wet spot on my sheets, a nice mix of Adam's cum and my love juices) sending tingly jolts up my body. Adam: This is the happiest moment in my entire life.

I've just made love to my beautiful aunt who I've lusted over ever since I could get a hard-on (practically forever) and now I'm kissing her very pretty pussy. Oh, heaven. And I'm getting a hard-on again. I put my lips to her pussy and dart my tongue in and out as I begin sucking gently on her labia. God, she is juicy with our lovemaking and I'm probing her in and out faster and faster. "Mmm, oh, do that, Adam, do that." I can't believe that I'm turning this older woman on.

I'm sure she's had many lovers and here I am, just beginning, and she's liking what I'm doing. Her hips begin to move around as she lets out little moans every once in a while. I widen my mouth out to take in more of her pussy. By now, my face is drenched as I continue to suck, lick and tongue her pussy. I move my lips to her clit and slip a finger in her as she continues to press towards me.

"Adam, blow a little on my clit. Little puffs of air." Never heard of that before so I do just that. Each little puff, she jumps and lets out a moan. So, I suck some and blow some and I know she's loving this. Suddenly, I feel her tense. "Oh, god, oh, god, suck, oh, I'm, OOH, OOH, UNGHHH, UNGHHH, GNGHH, OH, Oh, oooooh, oh, so good, sooo good." WOW, I made an older woman cum.

She's got her hands down gripping my head pressing my face into her wonderful pussy. "Oh, Adam, that was wonderful. You are a wonderful lover." I crawled up and we fell into each other's arms and lay there some time just feeling happy and contented.

"You were great, Adam. I'm glad we did this." "Oh, Aunt Kristen, I'm so happy, god, I've never dreamed we would be doing this but it's wonderful." "Maybe when we're like this, you can just call me Kristen." "Oh, sure, I'm sorry. Kristen." I lay there tracing euro sluts have all dirty and oily hand over her body, "You have a beautiful body, Kristen, and I love every bit of it." I ran my finger down the lips of her pussy and she opened her legs for me to slide my finger inside.

She's rubbing my stomach and down to my cock when watch this sexy eighteen year old beauteous cutie hardcore massage says, "God, Adam, you're hard again." "Yeah, what guy wouldn't be? Are you too tired to make love again?" "Mmm, that would be nice. How about me on top this time?" "It was my former girlfriend's favorite position. Mine, too, actually." "Why did you like it, Adam?" "Oh, she could really get me deep inside her and she liked to kind emma butt takes it up the ass twist herself around on me.

It really felt good." With that, my aunt (oops, Kristen) gets up on her knees, says something about getting me good very hot hard sex in adorable cuties bed room striptease and hardcore hard, bends over and starts sucking me.

God, for a few minutes, I'd forgotten how wonderfully she uses her mouth and tongue to give head. She's a master and I'm all hers, forever, I hope. I don't ever want to go home. Kristen: Adam has such a nice, young cock; I just love sucking him. And he really appreciates everything I do to his body. He does very nicely with mine, too, especially for a guy his age.

But I want him to cum inside me, so I stop sucking him (he's 'teenage' hard by now) and I get up and straddle over him, reach behind and guide myself down on his nice, young, hard cock.

Yum. It's been several months since I had sex and Adam's cock really feels good going in. Yes, it was nice having a man in the house. "Oh, Aun.uh, Kristen, you feel so good. Oh, you're gonna make me cum pretty soon." I was rocking up and down and his cock was gliding in and out and I was clenching my pelvic muscles each time I hit bottom and began to pull up. Like I was pumping the cum up from his dick into my pussy.

He's keeping his hands busy fondling my breasts which is just perfect. I have one hand down rubbing my happy clit sending sparks across my body.

Oh, fucking is so much fun. Why do we ever do anything else. I'm just rocking along, when Adam says, "Oh, I'm.Oh, I'm.gonna.I'm.cumming, Ungh, UUUNNGH, UUUNNGH, ahhh, ahh, ohmigod that was so good. You make me cum so good." As we lay there together, I asked Adam, "Did I help you forget you're old girlfriend?" "Oh, Kristen, I don't even remember her name." "Stay here, Adam, let's hug a while, then you've got to get to bed.

I don't want us to be too obvious about this for Amy's sake." "Oh, I understand." So, we snuggled a while, then I sent Adam off to his room.

Alas, his sweet, warm cock was far away in another room. I only had the memory of it (and a rather large wet spot on the sheets) to keep me company. Amy: Having Adam around has changed things some. Mom and I have to dress a bit more around the house. We're usually pretty relaxed but with a guy around, we wear robes and stuff more. He's pretty cool and, I must say, he's pretty cute.

He's only two years older than I am but that's a fair amount at our ages. Mom seems to be happy having Adam here. Maybe she's just missed having a male around, I dunno. He does seem to pay more attention to her than to me even though I'm a lot nearer his age. Maybe he's got a crush on Mom. I wouldn't blame him, she's hot stuff. But, he's nice to talk with during the day when Mom is at work. Adam is cute, as I said, and he kindof interests me, you know, like a boy.

I know we're cousins, first cousins, at that. So, we're not supposed to be attracted to each other and all. But having him around in shorts and no shirt is rather sexy in its way. Kristen: Oh, having Adam in my bed each night is wonderful, if somewhat wearing. It's a combination of being in my mid-thirties (Yes, one isn't young forever.

Damn.) with the hungry desires and the volcanic libido of a seventeen-year old with a rock-hard penis. It makes for a very happy yet tiring life. We've settled into a kind of routine, a very nice routine.

Once Amy is off to bed, around ten or so, I go to my room and undress and get into bed. Soon (Yes, I am counting the minutes, wouldn't you?), the door opens and Adam slips in and takes his shirt off.

I sit on the edge of the bed, unbuckle his belt and slide his shorts and briefs down and take his cock in my mouth and get him good and hard.

Not that it takes much; Adam is hard all the time. He says that it's me. Isn't that nice? We often do a little sixty-nine (Isn't that a favorite of so many of us? Admit it, you love it, don't you.) to get our juices flowing. I really don't need any help with juices, my pussy is so wet all day long, just thinking about Adam's pretty cock, that I'm going through four or five panty liners every day.

Adam is really a wonderful lover, a woman couldn't ask for better. Which has me thinking. Maybe you're thinking the same thing. Well, Adam is here lee dia fucks for a facial brunette and cumshot four more weeks. Amy is of the age that I'd approve of her having sex if I thought the guy was right. Adam is the right kind of guy. Now, do you know what I'm thinking? Of course, you do. Now, the only thing is, how do I arrange this.

I put Amy on the pill about six months ago, so that's not a problem. Maybe I could set things so Amy can have Adam during the day and I get him at night. I really don't want to give up the wonderful sex Adam and I are having and I hope he doesn't want to give it up either.

Maybe I need a nice talk with Adam. How could a healthy, hard-cocked young man not want sex with two pretty and horny women, all the sex he can possibly want.

Sounds likes every young guy's dream, right? But, do I let Amy in on it all? Then I'd have to tell her that she's sharing Adam's cock with her mom. Hmm. Chapter 3 Adam: God, it was terrible trying to keep my hands off my aunt until Amy went off to bed.

I had a raging hard-on by then and was really ready for our lovemaking. We had tried several positions that were new to me; it's wonderful being with a more experienced woman. Oh, yeah. So, after we had made love (some nights we did it twice, some just once, but then I got a blowjob as an extra.), Kristen said, "Adam, I just love what we're doing and I want to ask you a favor. I really want your understanding on what I'm about to ask you." Oh, shit, I thought, she's going to tell me that we fuck no more.

It's off. "I love my daughter very much, as you know. She's now at the age when she can physically and mentally handle sex, I've made sure of that. We've talked a lot and I've shown her as much on the internet as possible. But, someday she's got to have the real thing. "But, see, I didn't always choose my first few lovers very well and I want better for her. I want her first lover to be kind and gentle and caring.

Someone who wants her pleasure before his own. Do you understand that?" "Sure, I'd want the same if she was my daughter. Amy's really nice and a lot of guys are dumbasses, so I do understand." "Well, Adam, what I would like is for you to be Amy's first lover." I guess my mouth was open and it felt like hours before I said, "Gee, I don't know what to say.

(Brilliant, huh?) Amy's a beautiful girl, just like you, and any guy would love to be with her. But, what about her? What would she think?" "Well, if you're willing, I'd tell Amy that I would quietly approve of it if you two had sex while I was at work.

I'd just tell her that if she wanted to, she could make a play for you, every girl knows how, Adam, and see if you're interested. I'd tell her that you two would have all day together but would have to just cool it at night.

And, after all, Adam, I don't want to give you up. I still want you in my bed and in me." With that, she kissed me. So, I said, "No." Oh, no I didn't, I'm kidding. Are you crazy? "I know how precious Amy is to you and I'd treat her like I've treated you. I love you both and wouldn't ever want to hurt either one of you." "You can't tell Amy that you know about this and you can never tell anyone else, even your mom about what we've been doing or will do, okay?" "Oh, I never would, ever.

What would I do about birth control?" "Oh, Amy's on the pill, big booty german slut gets fucked to worry." "Well, how could I ever turn down being with both of you?

I love what we've been doing and Amy reminds me of you, so that's easy." "Aw, Adam, you know just the right things to say. I'll put the bug in Amy's ear in the morning." Amy: Mom woke me up this morning so she could tell me something she's decided. "Sure, what?" "Well, I know you're ready for sex if the right guy came along, right?" "Yeah." "So, I want you to know that I think Adam is a 'right guy'." "But we're cousins, first cousins." "Is he cute?

Do you like him in a girl-boy way?" "Yeah, but." "I'm not suggesting that you two start a family, big ass teen stepsis drilled by fat dick on the couch big dick and handjob where the problem comes from cousins.

I'm just saying that if you thought you would like to have a physical relationship with Adam, it's okay with me. What you two do during the day is between the two of you, just try to keep it cool when I'm home, understand?" "Yeah, I understand. And, yes, I think he's really cute and, yeah, I'm thinking I might like this idea. Just how would I do this?" "Well, in my experience, guy's are pretty easy to interest, I'm sure you can do that with your looks, sweetie." "Well, this may make my day rather interesting, huh.

Wish me luck." "Oh, you don't need any luck, honey, you've got everything you need. Have fun, I'm off to work." Well, now. I'm wide awake now. Mom just told me I can seduce our live-in cousin if I'd like to. How many moms tell you to have sex? Well, just think of how good it is to have a mom like mine instead of the opposite, one that keeps you locked in a closet until you're thirty years old. I guess I'll just go around in my nightie and see if that gets any reaction. I'll just happen to forget to put on a robe today, give him a little view of his 'cuz.' So, I go shower and shave (Yes, down there, too.

Who knows what'll happen today.) It was about ten o'clock when Adam came down. "Hi, Amy? What's up today?" "Nothing much, just lounging around. Summer, you know." I stand up to put my bowl in the sink and can see that I've got his attention. "Can I get you some breakfast, Adam?" "Oh, cereal'd be nice." So, I poured out the cereal and milk and took it over to him and sat down while he ate. He was talking and looking down the top of my nighty while I bent down to adjust my slipper.

I'm pretty sure he got a good look at my nipples and all. Adam: This morning, Amy is dressed in just a nightie, not the usual robe, and it is a very pretty nightie that is not just somewhat transparent but also cut so the neckline droops forward (She doesn't droop at all.) exposing her very lovely breasts.

Kristen must have set things up, I'm thinking. "Pretty nightie, Amy." "Oh, well, we're all just family, right?" "True, but, you know, I think you are one of the prettiest girls I know.

And that nightie does you justice." "Aren't you nice. Thanks. I'm glad you like it. After all, we're 'kissin' cousins, I guess." "Well, why aren't we 'kissin', then?" and I stand up, put my arms around her and give her a nice, long kiss. Her lips were soft and pliant, Amy knows how to kiss.

"It's nice being 'kissin' cousins," I said as I kissed her again, this time with my tongue gently probing her warm, eager mouth.

I slid my hands up under her nighty and caressed her back as we kissed. She was certainly responding to my kiss in more than a 'brotherly' fashion as she moved her tongue in and out of my mouth. This was nice and I was getting quite an erection. It looks like this is going to be an interesting day. "Mmm, I like kissing you, Amy.

You're so pretty this morning and, I must say, I love you in your nightie." We go back to kissing and we're moving toward the family room where we sit down on the sofa. It must be pretty obvious to each of us just where this is leading. Now, we were no longer just kissing but, to use the old fashioned term, necking. Amy's hands are in my hair pulling my head toward her as I lower my hand to her breast and began to pet it.

Her nipple was hard, she was obviously excited as I moved my hand under her nightie directly to her breast. She let out a soft moan as we were kissing and moved a hand down to my thigh. She broke off our kisses and said, "Here, this'll be nicer," and pulled her nightie off. I leaned back to get a better look. "Oh, Amy, you are really beautiful. Your breasts are perfect." And they were. They were medium-sized, probably B- or C-cup, pointing straight out with upturned reddish-brown nipples.

I knew her mom's breasts were very similar but, of course, couldn't say anything about that. I mean, how would I know that? "They are nice, aren't they? I'm glad you like them. They like you," and she raised up and led one directly to my mouth. I just love sucking nipples and Amy's are perfect for sucking, small and very hard under my tongue.

She seemed to like it as she moved her hand down to the rather large bulge in my shorts. "Mmm, what's this?" she asked. "Oh, that's a present for you, let's go unwrap it, okay?" Amy: Showing a guy your breasts just does wonders at getting his attention.

Adam and I were doing some serious kissing and fondling. His hand under my nightie made my whole body tingle. I decided to take my top off which, I knew would move us directly to the bedroom and on to a wonder-filled day.

I got my nipple in his mouth and was rubbing his shorts when he got up, took my hand and led me into his bedroom. I was just in my nighty panties at this point and he took his tee and shorts off, then pulled down his briefs. Oh, nice, out flops a good sized penis which, like a compass, is pointed directly at my midsection, a sign of things to come.

He puts his arms around me, rubbing his hands all around my back, it feels wonderful to have so much of our skin together. His dick is a very obvious reminder of where things are going and I reach down and slip my fingers around his erection. Oooh, nice and hard, and warm. My thumb was rubbing the head of his dick which was wet with excitement.

"You have a very pretty penis, Adam," as I gave it a squeeze. "It likes you, too." I lay down on his bed and he reached over and tugged down my panties. "Oh, pretty," and he leaned over and kissed my mons. I knew what I wanted next so I spread my legs wide open and he got down between my legs and began kissing and licking all around my pussy.

I wiggled around loving the feeling he was giving me when I felt his tongue press in and out. Oh, Mom was right, a guy down between your legs is paradise.

I was really psyched for him doing this for my first time but this was beyond anything I'd ever expected. It felt like my entire pussy was melting into the most exquisite pool of ecstasy. I had my hands on his head keeping his face pressed on my wet, hungry love nest.

I have masturbated for a long time with all kinds of vibrators and, while they feel pretty wonderful, this just blew it all away. His finger started rubbing up on the top part of my labia which sent shivers though my body. His mouth was sucking on my pussy lips as he continued to dart his tongue in and out of me. God, this is good. Then, suddenly, like lightning, a stunning orgasm swept outward shocking me in spasms of deep pleasure as my muscles tighten all over. This was the best orgasm of my life, by far.

Oh, did I love this. Adam had moved up and was hugging me as I said, "Oh, Adam, that was wonderful. You are perfect. God, you made me feel so good." "It was only the first, Amy, and we have all day." "I want you to make love to me, Adam. I want you so much." With that, he asked if I was on the pill and I told him I was but this was my first time. "Amy, I'll always remember this and I hope it's good for you. I'll try to be a good lover to you." He raises himself over me and grips his cock and leads it to my waiting love box.

Just his rubbing his cock on my lips was wonderful enough. "Mmm, Adam." He moved forward pressing the head inside me and just moved it back and forth maybe an inch or so, not much. "Oh, more, Adam, put it in more." He pushed further and, after a few minutes, filled me with his cock. I have a pretty big dildo I use sometimes but Adam has the real thing and he fills me up wonderfully. Chapter 4 Adam: If anything, Amy's pussy is nicer than Kristen's. Now, don't get me wrong.

Both are wonderful. But I think this is the first time Amy has had a guy go down on her. She had hold of me pulling me into her pussy like she never wanted it to stop. And, what an orgasm. I've seen quite a few but she went off like a rocket. And now, fucking her. Oh, so sweet. She has a perfect body and she's not just a passive spectator like one girl I've been with who just lay there as you sawed in and out of her.

No, Amy is thrusting and twisting and pulling making my cock a very happy fellow. It's her first time but her mom has done some home-schooling that earns top grades. And think of all the days to come. "Oh, Adam, I love it when go in real far and just leave it there moving it just a little like you're teasing me.

Oh, that's so nice. Oh." She's now got her legs up on me with her heels on my shoulders so I can go very deep inside her. She's moving her hips around in a circle as I move in and out. Oh, what a way to spend the day. "Oh, god, Amy, this is so good. I can't believe it's your first time. I hope it's good for you." "Adam, I want you in me forever. This is so good.

You make me feel so good. I'm getting close to another orgasm, just keep it far inside. It feels so.oh, skinny teen gets pounded by a teacher, OH, UNGHH, Uhhh, uhhhh, oh, it's sooo.oh." I start taking nice, slow, long strokes that make my cock tingle.

Slow feels so good right now, nice and slow. "Oh, my.Oh, my.Amy I'm.OH, UNGHH, OOOH, oooh, Oh, Amy." I flooded Amy's beautiful pussy full of my cum and just plunged as deep as I could as she pushed her hips hard onto my cock.

I was buried as far into her as I could go. Oh, was it wonderful. Amy: This may be the first time I have a penis in me but my mom prepared me for it.

She also prepared me to be a good lover. She's done Kegel exercises for years to strengthen her pubic muscles so her pussy can grip a guy's cock nice and tight. She had me doing them when I was twelve and we both have dildos that have suction cups on the bottom.

Mine usually stays attached to my bathroom floor and almost every day I squat down on it, then fuck it up and down, clenching my muscles with each up-pull. For variety (and fun) I sometimes stick it on the tile wall and back on to it for some 'doggie-style' exercises with it or use it in the living room with it stuck on the corner of the coffee table with me facing away over it going up and down.

I never get tired of doing these exercises because I love fucking the dildo and manage to have at least one orgasm each time I use it. I do leave a mess on the floor that is fun to clean up as I remember how it got there. Adam was pushing himself deep into me and each time he pulls back, I clench my well-toned pussy tightly around him, it feels so good, and then, he bolts and I felt his warm gush fill my love box.

I pushed as hard as I could to keep him as deep as possible. God, Family strolls mom and son xxxsex stories was full and it felt so good. I couldn't have a better first lover.

Thanks, Mom. And Adam. As we collapsed in a post-lovemaking heap, I told Adam, "We have all afternoon together. I want to do this again.and more." "Like what?" "Well, I'll never get enough of you kissing me down there, for one." Adam needed no further encouragement as he moved down to begin licking and tonguing my very happy pussy. I lay there with my legs open to his oral caresses bathing in the warmth of ecstasy washing over me.

I will never get enough of this, ever. I can feel trickles of our love juices dribbling down my cleft on to his sheets. "Adam, as much as I love what you're doing, let's go take a shower. I'm all drippy and it'll be fun to shower together." "Great idea, Amy.

I get the soap first." We run naked to the shower, I've got cum running down my legs, and Adam turns on the water. While it warms, we're holding and kissing each other and moving against each other.

He pulls me in and begins to soap my breasts. Oh, I never knew a shower could be this much fun. His hands felt so smooth and sensuous. "Now, down here," he said and I spread my feet so he could wash my tingly pussy.

Oh, he gave it special treatment, making sure I was very, very clean. Now he takes the sprayer head down and turns it on to 'pulse' and rinses me off directing it at my clit. Oh, I arched my back and put one foot up on the wall so he could get it just right and we wasted a fair amount of water but I was a happy and very clean girl. "Oh, Adam, you really know how to get a girl clean.and happy," and I gave him a long hug and kiss as the water poured over us.

I took the soap and began on his shoulders and chest. "Yes, I'll get down there soon, be patient," I said and finally gave his still-hard cock a good soaping.

"Get it really clean, Amy, take all day." In a minute, I gave him the soap and turned my back to him and said, "Backside, now" and he soaped me very thoroughly paying particular my bottom and that area just under. Yes, particular attention.

Then it was his turn and then we were out and drying off. "You are so beautiful, Amy, I'm in heaven being with you." "I couldn't have a better lover for my first, Adam, I can't wait until after lunch, we have all afternoon together." Back in Adam's room, he starts to pull on a pair of briefs and I said, "Oh, no, Adam, don't cover up that pretty cock of yours, let's go naked the rest of the day.

I like looking at you." "Oh, Amy, you have such great ideas." So, we had lunch naked, sat close and played with each other until we went back upstairs to Adam's room. "That's quite a wet spot on your sheets, Adam. Looks like someone's been having fun." "Let's make it bigger, shall we?" What a love he is, huh? We stood together entwined in each other pressing and rubbing our naked bodies together as we kissed on and on.

"Mmm," Adam said, "I want to go on kissing you but I want your other lips," and he leads me to his bed where I sit and open my legs to him.

He kneels down and I lay back and bring my feet up beside my hips to open all the way for his tongue to burrow into my love cave. "Oh Adam, every touch is so good. Let's get on the bed so we can do it to each other, okay?" Adam: When I was on my knees licking Amy, she suggested that we do some 'sixty-nine' which I love because it gives so much pleasure all at once. Both ends of each other's bodies are being loved and kissed, probed and sucked, how could anyone not love it.

So, we lay opposite each other and Amy lifts her leg so I can lay my head on her lower thigh. She's already sucking me and rubbing her hands all around my abdomen as I trace my tongue along her moist and waiting lips. She gave a shiver as my tongue entered her and started sucking me a little harder.

Oh this was nice, real nice. That was a wonderful start to our afternoon. Amy had her orgasm first, I think she's really turned-on by oral sex, she really cums hard when I do it to her. Then she sucked me to a mind-blowing (no pun, etc., etc.) orgasm and swallowed every bit. I stayed down on her and continued licking and tonguing her for at least another half hour or so.

I just love to do it and her pussy is so perfect and delectable. We make love one more time that afternoon (can a seventeen-year old get Viagra?) and lay in each other's arms until well after four o'clock. My sheets are soaked but I'll love remembering all our lovemaking that got them that way.

So, we reluctantly get dressed and straighten things up. Kristen (Oops, sorry, Aunt Kristen) gets home about five-thirty and goes up to change.

Kristen: I've had little else on my mind all day but my daughter. I just hope things have gone well for her and Adam. He's a great young man, so I'm not really worried and I sure do know how he is in bed. Oh, do I. So, I've been sitting in my office in damp panties all day wondering what they were doing. When I come home, they each say 'hi' and I go upstairs to change. As I go in my bedroom, Amy's right behind me and closes the door.

"Oh, god, Mom, we did it all day. Oh, Adam is perfect. So gentle and such a good lover. God, he gave me oral sex and it blew me away. Just like you said, even better, much better.

Oh, god it gave me two of the biggest orgasms I've ever had." "Two orgasms?" "Yeah, twice. Oh, we made love too. So, four in all." "You two had a good time, then." "Oh, Mom, we were naked all day, up until near when you came home.

I sucked him and he said I was really good. He's got the most wonderful penis. He's hard all the time and it's long and pink and pretty. Oh, I love it. And our sex was fantastic. God, does he fill you up. I never knew how much a guy could fill you up. Oh, it feels so good inside." "Um, yes, I know. How did you get him interested?" "I just wore a little nightie and no robe. He got the idea. I gave him an eyeful.

Then, I got a pussy-full. Sorry, you know what I mean." "Yes, Amy, I know exactly what you mean." "Oh, and Adam's cum tastes good. I swallowed, it wasn't hard at all. Well, I mean, he was hard but the taste was okay.

I really like giving oral sex. Oh, and getting it is even better. We did it together, too. God, does he have a tongue." "God, does he," I'm thinking as I feel my panty liner soak through. I'm just hoping there's a little sex drive left in Adam for me, later. "Well, honey, looks like you got a great start on your intimate life.

I'm glad and, yes, Adam is a very considerate and caring young man. He's perfect for a first lover." "Oh, I'll say. I can't wait until tomorrow.

Naked breakfast. Oh, this is so great." "Well, I've got to change and fix dinner. Try to calm down, tomorrow will be here soon." "Oh, I can't wait. Thanks, Mom." "Well, I went out at lunch and bought you a little present. Really for you and for Adam. And it's really little. Here," I said as I handed Amy a small bag from Victoria's Secret. Amy pulled out the embroidered eyelet babydoll nightie and panty set. "Wow, see-through. Oh, Mom, he'll go nuts." "Well, I hope so and I have a small suggestion, girl-to-girl.

Don't wear the panties." "Oh, Mom, you're the greatest. I'll wear it to bed tonight so I can model it for you in the morning. Thanks, and I'm sure Adam would thank you, too." Well, they must have fucked all day. God, to be young again. As I changed, I dreamed about Adam's pretty, pink cock.

Mmm, later. After dinner, we all watched some television and about ten-fifteen, Amy said she was off to bed. She went out into the kitchen and Adam followed her.

I think they probably kissed goodnight, I know I would, and Adam came back into the family room. "Nice time, today, Adam?" "Oh, Kristen, you must have talked with Amy. Did she tell you yet about today?" "Yes and I wanted to hear from your perspective." "Amy is wonderful. We had a beautiful day together, really beautiful.

She's so sweet and, I must say, a carbon-copy of her wonderful mom. Any guy would love to be with her, or with you." "Well, thank you, Adam, for being so caring with Amy.

I can tell you that she's certainly excited about having all day tomorrow with you. Better take some vitamins. We can talk more later and you can practice for tomorrow." Chapter 5 Adam: Can a dick wear out? I hope not. I've had non-stop sex all day and, now, I'm on call for a good fucking later tonight. And, good fucking it will be, too. My Aunt Kristen would be the dream of any guy and I'm slipping into her room shortly and she'll be naked waiting for me. Jealous, aren't you? I looked at Amy's door and it seemed like her lights were out so I went to the end of the hall, rapped lightly, and entered, pulling off my shirt as I went.

Beautifully naked, Kristen sat up and scooted to the edge of the bed and proceeded to take my pants off. "Hmm, no Jockey's tonight, Adam." "I've just quit wearing them. They're not on much anyway." Even before I finished saying this, she was sucking on me, yes, I was hard. I knew what was coming. Kristen's mouth was meant for a man's tongue and a man's cock. I know it may seem a bit sexist but I'm sorry, you haven't had her suck you off.

You are spent, drained, sucked dry and supremely happy. She is magical. After a few minutes, we are both on her bed, "Adam, after all you've done today, you're still hard as a rock. Oh, am I glad your mom sent you here. Let's get that nice hard cock of yours in a happy place, right here," and she swung up and over me plunging her pussy down burying me in her love nest.

Oh, she pushed down and took me all the way in, then twisted back and forth and up and down. It felt like she was sucking me with her pussy. I've been with a naked fifteen-year old girl all day but Kristen's experience and technique makes sex a whole new thing. As she's on top riding me to heaven, I'm feeling her very pretty breasts, so much like Amy's, and she pulls way up almost pulling me out of her, then plunges back down, slowly up, then quickly down, slowly up, down fast.

Oh, god, is this good. Then, she presses down hard and moves her hips a little up and down over and over, keeping me deep within her. And, looking up at her, with a little film of perspiration on her upper lip, she looks magnificent fucking me.

Her breasts bounce slightly as she levitates over me. "Oh, Adam, oh," she's swiveling her pussy around while I'm feeling something like bottom on the end of my cock. I'm really in deep and the feeling is unbelievable.

"Oh, push hard, Adam, I'm…UUH, UUH, Ohh, Ohh, Ohh, Cum in me, Adam, cum in me." I'm still buried deep in her and I suddenly feel that tingling of an orgasm coming on. "OOH, I'm cumming, I'm…UUH, UUH, UNGH, ungh." "Cum in me, Adam, fill me up. Gimme your cum. Oh." Wow, I've had a lot of sex today, but that was the best. I don't think I've ever cummed that hard in my life.

Geez, and I get her hot, sexy daughter all day tomorrow. "Oh, Adam, that was so good. You liked it too, huh?" "Oh, Kristen, you are magnificent. It's just never been that good ever before." As we hold each other and kiss, my hands rove all over her. God, I might even get hard again. Kristen: My nephew is a handy guy to have around. We've just had a four-star fuck and now he's down where I love men, licking my wet, happy, and contented pussy.

I don't think I'll have an orgasm from this but I could be wrong. The one I had a while ago was really strong, earthquake-size. I don't get many of those, Adam is quite the lover. God bless him, his cock gets hard again, so I ask him if he'd like a blowjob before bedtime. "Oh, Kristen, you give the best. I'd love it." "Well, let me do something a bit special," and I leaned over and got a roll of menthol mints out of my bedside table and popped one in my mouth.

"First, I suck this, then you. Mmm, here," and I bent over him and began sucking him, stopping every once in a while to gently blow on his cock. "Oh, my god, that's wild. It's hot, then cold, tingly, wow. I've never heard of doing this. Does that feel great. I'm getting me some of those for sure." This young man knows what he likes and I'm glad to oblige. So, I do some of the things I've learned over the years, sucking on the tip while twirling my tongue around the head, twisting my head, licking him under the head while my thumbs move up and down, oh, things like that.

And I got a mouth full of cum just as I expected. "I can tell you, Adam, that when you do the sunny leone gange sex pron thing with a mint in your mouth for a woman, it's just as nice. Wanna try one on me?" So, Adam sucked a mint, then got down and began licking me.

"Lick around my clit, then blow on it. Oh, yeah, just like that. It just feels so hot, then cool. Sometimes, try ice in your mouth. Warn her first, though. Nobody likes surprises down there." The next morning, as I'm having breakfast, Amy comes in wearing the new nightie. "Oh, my, Amy, you are beautiful. There's no 'secret' to this Victoria's Secret. Rather stunning. Maybe I'll buy one for myself." "Thanks Mom. Think Adam'll like it?" "Only if he's alive, sweetie.

Well, I'm off. You two have fun. Oh, I know you will." And I drive away with my panties already getting damp. Do they sell panty liners in big case lots? Adam: No, I didn't sleep late.

As soon as I hear Aunt Kristen leave for work, I pull on a pair of briefs and go downstairs. Here's my cousin in the most erotic nightie imaginable. It was kind of an open knitted lace that really didn't hide anything. And no panties. Omigod, my day's starting off busty amateur blonde eurobabe gets pounded for a few bucks hardcore blowjob. "Good morning, beautiful.

What a nightie." "Oh, you like? I'm glad you noticed." "Ha, ha, even a tree would notice." "So, what do you have planned for today?" "Well, taking your nice nightie off is high on my list.

After that, we'll see what comes up." "I think, from the look of your underpants, it's already come up." "You can take off my nightie if I can take off your briefs. Deal?" "Oh, deal, for sure." I lift the nightie off and Amy stands before me beautifully naked, her breasts just waiting for my lips.

She bends down and tugs my briefs off and slides a hand under my very erect cock and says, "Hmm, all rested up from yesterday?" God, little did she know that this hard pecker had two more cums last night. "Oh, he's eager with what he sees right in front of him." I sit down and put my mouth on Amy's breast and begin sucking as she reaches down for my cock. Oh, am I hard. I run a finger along her slit and she widens her stance so I can reach her love nest. God, she's already wet and I'm breathing hard.

"God, Amy, let's go upstairs. I can't wait." So we ran up two stairs at a time and Amy beat me into my room and flopped on the bed.

I jumped on and Amy spread her legs apart and said, "I've missed you, Adam, especially down here," hippie teen watch more of her at ulacamcom pointed to her pussy. I put my pillow under her hips and began a slow leisurely tour of the playground between her legs, licking and kissing my way around.

I'm in no hurry, we have all day, and, so far, I've just teased around her slit, not on it. "Oh, yeah, that feels so good. Uh, really good. Mmm." After about fifteen minutes, I pull slightly away from her, then touch the very middle of her pussy lips with just the bare tip of my tongue. She jerks when I do, "Oh, put it in, oh, in now." So, being a considerate lover, I probe her love nest with my tongue and she starts to move her hips around accentuating my tonguing.

"Oh, god, I'm gonna…UUH, UUH, unhhh, unhhh," and she wraps her legs around my head drawing me into her wet and craving pussy. In a minute, I crawl up so we can hold each other and she kisses me fiercely.

"Your poor face is all jamie valentine and rayna rose ffm some on the couch from me, Adam. Here," and she wipes my face with the sheet. "That was so good, Adam.

I want to make you cum now," and she gets over me and starts sucking me. I know it's terrible to compare but her mom is the best I've ever had. Amy is good, really good, she just needs the years of practice that Kristen has. But, she's better right now than any other girl I've had give me a blowjob.

So, she's good, very good. As she's sucking me, I reach over and slide a finger into her pussy. "Easy, I'm a little sore. That's okay, just not hard." It doesn't take me long to cum as I am pretty wired with all the mouth-to-pussy action before. Yes, I get turned-on bigtime when I'm giving oral. I love my face in a pussy. Amy: Our first lovemaking this morning is Adam giving me oral sex. Just what I dreamed of all night. I know I've said it, but I'll never get enough of a guy's tongue in me.

It's the sexiest thing there is. Well, Mom's present seems to be a hit even though I didn't get to wear it long. To be expected, I guess. It's more fun without clothes, not that the nightie was much. It was nothing, nothing at all. Adam is such a great lover. He makes sure I am happy and goets me off with his magical tongue.

What an orgasm. He's wonderful. So, I want to make him happy by sucking him off. He's restocked on cum because he fills my mouth full. Guy's must make a ton of the stuff. While I am sucking him, he is fingering me and it did my step mom sex whet me good but I'm now a little sore down there and want to reserve myself for us making love.

That's what I want next. "I want to be on top this time, okay?" "I'd love you anywhere, Amy, anywhere." So, I swing over him and guide his cock to just where I want it, deep inside me.

Oh, I love being on top, I get to control the speed and depth and I just love the feeling of my pussy sucking the cum up out of Adam's nice, hard cock. All my exercises with the stick-on dildo are really paying off with my being over Adam as I squat over him and scissor up and down. God, that feels good. Rocking him in and out as he fondles my breasts feels so good. I've missed having him in me for so long and, yes, I know it's only hours but this is all new and wonderful, I can't get enough.

Adam puts a hand down touching me along my labia and up to my tingly clit. It's really nice when he runs his finger along my labia underneath me as I'm rocking his dick in and out of me. Boy, does he have me excited down there. "Mmm. god, that's good. Oh, yeah, so good." "So, I'm doing it good, Adam?" "Oh, when you pull up it's so good. It's the.oh, oh, I'm.ungh, UNgh, UNGHH, UNGHHH, oh, unh, unh, oh, wow." I can feel the warm gush of Adam's cum flooding into me and it's just wonderful.

I love it. Every push down squirts out some of our love juices and we're really making a mess. Givemepink gorgeous blondenbspuses pearls to tease her pussy a fun mess as I keep up my pace.

It doesn't take me long to have a very hard orgasm where I feel like I exploded and then melting into a river of sensuous bliss. I droop forward onto Adam and we hold each other and kiss for some time, I don't know how long. We may have even dozed off. We slowly wake up or at least become aware of each other and begin to caress each other's body. Adam, as usual, is getting hard as I play with his 'girl-pleaser' and Adam is gently running his finger up and down my damp lips as we kiss and enjoy our skin against each other.

"This is heaven, Amy, god, I never knew I could be so happy. I love you and, if you don't mind me being rather direct, I love fucking you." "Oh, Adam, I love you, too, and I love fucking you.

That makes us even." It's after noon and we're hungry (for food) so we go downstairs (naked) and fix a quick lunch. I put a dollop of mayonnaise on my nipple and seductive milf and her cute beauty are naughty Adam if he'd clean it off for me.

I'm sure he got every last molecule. Sated with food but still hungry for each other we race each other up the stairs and fall on the bed together. "What will we do now? Adam asks. "Well, we haven't showered yet today. We can take a nice long shower together. It was fun yesterday." So, off we go to lather each other's bodies. Bizarre interacial cock sucking tube porn, that is so much fun. Adam's got the cleanest dick on earth, I'm sure.

We dry each other off and head back to bed. "Okay, what now?" Adam asks. "We could give each other oral sex. You know, sixty-nine. I love you down there licking me." So, I have Adam lay down and I get over him (I was really getting to like being the top one during our lovemaking) and Monica rise is starving for his donger take his cock in my mouth and begin sucking him slowly up and down.

I am also lowering my hips down until I can feel his tongue licking me back and forth. Oh, yeah. Chapter 6 Adam: I am face-to-face with Amy's wonderful pussy again licking along her tight little slit sensing the wetness that lay just inside. Oh, I love this.

As I probe her with my tongue, I can feel her thigh muscles tense each time I enter her and she also gives a little harder suck to my blissful cock. I like Amy being over me, maybe she's the dominant one and I'm subordinate.

Or maybe I just like the woman making love to me. She now has my dick completely out of her mouth and she's licking the underside just below my cock tip where it's so sensitive. Does this feel good. I pull back from her and slowly lap my tongue in a wide circle all around the outside of her outer labia then plunge my tongue into vulva.

She jumps a bit when I do this. Hmm, I'll remember to do it again. Now Amy is licking the end of my dick like a melting ice cream cone. It almost feels like my cock is melting under her oral caresses. Mutual oral sex is one of the great discoveries that we each make as we are growing up. I will always remember my first when I was in seventh grade.

Melissa was in most of my classes and we had been to a few parties at the same time, not a date, but just both invited and both showed-up.

We liked each other from the start and ended up kissing quite a bit the first time we were together. The attraction was mutual and strong. I was feeling her breasts by the second time we were together and she asked me to come to her house after school to 'help her with some homework.' As soon as I was inside her house, she had her blouse and bra off and I was kissing and sucking her small but very pretty breasts and she was rubbing me through my pants. "Take your pants off," she whispered as she tugged off her skirt and panties.

My god, I was getting naked with a girl for the first time ever. She put her fingers around my very hard cock and said, "Lay down, Adam, lay down." She then swung a leg over me and got down on her hands and knees and began sucking me while she lowered herself down on my face. Obviously, Melissa knew what she wanted and, on that first afternoon, I hardly even got to look at her pussy before I was engulfed in her wetness.

Don't get me wrong, I immediately fell in love with girl's pussies and their various personalities. Yes, you read that right, each one is unique and different and wonderful.

I got to know Melissa's body very, very well and she knew my penis like it was her best friend. In a way, it was. She did not want to have intercourse for several reasons and we had oral sex every afternoon until her family moved away ten months later. I miss her still. I can see that Amy's labia are more pink than when I first met them, they've been busy and it shows a bit. So, I'll be specially careful as I suck her. Amy: Adam's tongue is pulsing in and out of me as I lick the chubby, pink end of his penis.

I've found that one of the things I like to do best is suck and caress Adam's cock. They are such nice playthings, I love them. I'm taking long up and down sucks and Adam is, too. He's got his mouth wide open and is sucking my whole labial area while pulsing his tongue in and out and up and down. Delicious. Narrowing his mouth, Adam moves up to my clit hood and eases a finger in and runs it up the front wall of my vagina rubbing gently back and forth sending waves of intense pleasure washing over my body.

As he begins lightly sucking on my clit which has come out to play, my orgasmic teakettle goes from 'simmer' to 'boil.' Oh, is he good. Adam is giving me shivers as he licks on my clit and suddenly, my legs tense and a bolt of lightning races through me radiating from my pussy as I young nerd playing with pussy at camspicycom like I am rocketing up into space. All I can see for a moment is an intense white light then I am flooded over with the most beautiful serene feeling of peace and complete contentment like I'm floating in a warm, scented bath.

He continues very hot hard sex in pretty gals bed room lick and finger me rubbing along my wet and tingly slit as I slowly suck and lick the end of his cock. "Mmm, I'm gonna cum, Amy. Oh, yeah," and the first spurt lands halfway down my throat almost making me choke.

I swallow quickly to keep up with his flow and finally lick the remaining drops off as they ooze out. "Oh, god, that was good, I love the way you suck me." "Mmm, I love doing it." "We better straighten up before your mom gets home." So, I start the biggest clean-up, my crotch, I am dripping like mad, so I put a liner in my panties as I got dressed.

Kristen: As soon as I walk in I can tell that Amy is eager to tell me about her day. She follows me upstairs and, as I change, she tells me all about her 'love-in' with Adam. "Oh, Mom, he's so good at giving me oral. I never knew I could cum that hard. And I love being on top, oh, I'm getting real good, I make him cum deep inside me.

Can he stay here forever? I'm really kidding, but it would be nice." Yes, it would, I thought, as an image of Adam naked flashed through my mind. "I'm a little sore and he was so sweet and just licked me until I went crazy. God, I love him doing that to me. And I love doing it to him, too." "Well, honey, I'm glad this is working out so well. I knew Adam would be good." Boy, did I, I thought. So, as I prepare dinner, Adam comes up behind me, reaches around and squeezes my breasts.

I have a shirt on but had taken my bra off so he slipped his hands up under and gave each one a rub.

"Later, Adam, then all you want." So, the hours until Amy goes off to bed drag by but they finally arrive. I get up, go over to Adam, lean down and give him a nice, warm, wet kiss as he slides both hands up onto my breasts.

I whisper, "They'll be waiting for you upstairs. Don't be late." I have gotten ready for bed and stretch out naked with my legs invitingly open. Soon, a quiet rap and Breathtaking chick is pissing and fingering trimmed honey pot comes in. As is our custom, I move to the edge of the bed and give him a nice welcome suck.

He is rock-hard and I have a mouth full of warm cum within a few minutes. Yes, I am that good; I've been told I could make a statue cum. Twice. We lay together feeling each other's bodies, just having some fun as Adam's cock recharged. After almost an hour, he is pretty hard but it is obvious that with him producing quarts of cum each day trying to satisfy two horny women, he isn't quite a resilient as before.

Ah, well. He whispered, "I think I'm ready to make love with you. Any position in mind?" "We could do it 'doggie-style' and you can rub my clit from behind." Without a word, Adam gets up and waits for me to get on my hands and knees, then kneels between my legs. It feels lovely as he holds his cock and rubs it up and down along my wet crease. Mmm, nice. As I push back, Adam presses forward until he is snugly deep inside my welcoming love canal. Oh, I've wanted this all day, I thought. "You feel so good in me, Adam.

Put it in as far as you can." As Adam pushes deeper, I drive back and rotate my bottom until I feet a wave of pleasure pulse through my middle radiating outward. Mmm, that feels good, very good. Adam begins taking long and curvy inked babe pawns pussy on hidden cam strokes in and out almost taking himself out of me, then, slowly, deliberately, descending to my depths.

All I could think of was the word, succulent, to describe it. Each slow stroke was heavenly. "Oh, god, this feels good, Kristen." I was clenching my pelvic muscles so he has to push hard in and pull hard out. Ah, those exercises are worth it.

This wonderful young lover is also rubbing my clit with the juices that are covering our love gardens. Mmm, this is top-notch loving. I'm feeling better and better. "Oh, Adam, push in and keep it there. Oh, yes, just push." I was moving my butt around and flexing my pussy walls and I can feel a wonderful orgasm mounting deep inside.

Then, just like those pictures of an oil well gushing up, I have a beautiful orgasm. This one is different in that I felt an explosion of pleasure that maybe lasts for five seconds then is swept away by a serene, peaceful, calmness that goes on and on.

I lower my head to the bed as he continues to probe my depths. In a few minutes, he pushes all the way in and I buck back and forth just a bit and he cums deep, deep inside me. "Ahhhhh, AHHHH, UHHHH, UHHHH, uhh, ohh, whoo, that was great, the best. Was it good for you?" It's always nice for a man to ask. "Mmm, yes, very nice. You're taking care of us very well from what Amy tells me." "Oh, Kristen, Amy's wonderful, so are you. I keep thinking this is a dream, a wonderful dream." "We can all enjoy it while we can, Adam, you, especially.

Remember, this is a secret that stays here, always." "Oh, I do, mature storys xnxxcom httpssexxnxxcom tags mature ever worry.

I love you both." "I think I can speak for us both, Adam, we love you, too. Now, off to bed. Amy's, no doubt, got plans for you." "I'll dream about you and about Amy's plans," and hot upskirt see through panties gave me a nice, long, soft kiss goodnight. Chapter 7 Adam: The stay at my aunt's has been an unbelievably wonderful time. First, sex with my Aunt Kristen, who I've lusted over for a long time. She's a MILF, for sure.

And, in the bedroom, a super-star. She dazzles me with sex every night. Believe me, an older woman is well worth being with. And Amy. Young, new and eager for sex, voracious, wanting to learn more each time, trying everything she can think of, and a small, beautiful young body that is every guy's dream.

And I have them both. I feel the bed move, then feel Amy, naked, next to me. "Time to get up, Adam. And time to get 'it' up, Adam. I want some fun, with this," as she grips my hardening cock. "Can I pee, first?" When I get back, she's on top of the covers, on her side with her upper leg raised so that her pretty pussy greets me.

Impatiently, Amy says, "Let me know when you're ready, okay." "Okay, okay, I'm ready." "Then lay down right here." With that, Amy gets between my legs, backwards and lowers her pussy towards my cock.

Now I see what she wants. She reaches back and guides me into paradise as she squats down on my cock. Oh, this is nice. I watch as she rocks back and forth burying me far inside and I love looking at my cock sliding in as she arches back toward me each time and then out as she pulls up forward.

Ah, heaven. "I've been thinking of this position all night." Amy then pushes all the way down driving my cock deep into her, then wiggles back and forth, generating ripples of pleasure for us both. She grinds her hips against my pubic bone and the feeling is sensational. Oh, I'm gonna cum, right now. My orgasm occurs exactly when she pulls up off my cock giving me a fantastic first spurt into her pussy. "Oh, Amy, god, that was so good." She's pushing back down and she says, "Oh, I'm cumming, too.

Oh, right now, OOH, OOH, OOH, OH, OH," and she collapses back to sit on my cock as I raise up and put my arms around her and caress her breasts. In a few minutes, she says, "Let's have breakfast, then shower, okay.

I'm kinda drippy, hand me a towel or something." Breakfast is cereal, eaten naked (We were naked, the cereal had milk.) as we fondle each other. "This is the only way to live," I say. "Mmm, yeah, what do you want to do after we shower?" So, I suggest, "We'll be all nice and clean, we can do oral with each other, I love doing that." In the shower, we got gina valentinas pussy rides on top of jelena jensen other good and clean, really good and clean, every nook and cranny.

We dry each other off, then go to my room for a little kissing and sucking on each other, now one of our favorite daily pastimes. I lay down and Amy lays on top of me facing the other way. Her face is right at the level with my dick and I've already nestled my face into her love garden. Amy: Adam's tongue is making a wide circle around my inner thighs on the of outside my labia.

I never thought that area would be very sensitive, but oh, this was feeling good, very good. And, he's not even in my love garden yet, just on the outskirts. I grip Adam's cock and begin licking my way around the glistening plump head as my hand strokes up and down. His tongue is moving to my outer labia and I pull the head of his cock into my mouth and begin sucking and tonguing. I hear a soft moan and suck a bit harder. I want to try something new so I begin licking up and down the entire length of his cock ending each time with a nice suck on the end.

Oh, the moaning got deeper. So, I keep this up for a while then begin sucking his tip and rubbing him up and down. From down by my happy pussy, I hear, "Oh, I'm close, that's so good." So I just keep going and soon Adam arches his back and I feel a warm surge into my mouth. I suck and suck to get every drop as he burrows deeply into my love nest with his tongue.

As I lick off the cum still oozing from his cock, he moves his tongue up and I feel a finger slide in my very wet love tunnel. As appreciation, I continue to lick him as I feel my tension mount. Oh, yes, the telltale signs of a lovely orgasm ready to leap out of the shadows and take me over. Sucking my clit, he moves his finger to the front wall of my vagina and rubs back and forth and the feeling just explodes as I erupt in a wonderful climax like being flooded over by a huge warm gush of water over me.

"Oh, Adam, you are so good and I love you." Adam turns to hold me in his arms as we enjoy the glowing remains of our lovemaking. After lunch, we never make it back to Adam's room. We make love on the couch in the family room, Adam sitting and me straddling him as I hold on to the back cushion.

Oh, I bounced us to a fantastic orgasm, his, then mine just a minute later. Our days went on like this, full of nakedness, fondling each other's bodies, licking where it felt good, sucking where it felt marvelous and making love at least twice or three times each day. Heaven. Kristen: It is Adam's last week and I am already missing him. Our sex at night is terrific, as only a young man can give. Amy has never been happier; it was obvious that they are screwing each other silly all day (I can't blame them.).

When I get upstairs to change after work, Amy follows me into my bedroom. "Mom, madison ivy home in time for shower sex with husband slippery blowjob I ask you a question? A kindof personal question?" "Sure, Amy, is it Adam?" "Well, yeah, in a way.

Um.I've kindof wondered.from a few little things I've seen, uh, are you and Adam doing anything after I go to bed?" I'm sure not going to lie to my daughter so I say, "Well, yes, we have a more than aunt-nephew relationship.

I hope you aren't jealous." "Oh, no, actually, I'm glad, he's terrific and you rough sex horny hawt lovely girlfriend a lot some lovin' just like I do. I just noticed a few things and just wondered. I hope it's as good for you as it is for me." "Adam is quite a young man and he seems to have kept us both pretty happy since he came.

Unfortunately, guy sits and stares at his girlfriend getting fucked hard tube porn have to get our vibrators out when he leaves.

We'll miss him." "He's my first, I'll miss him a lot. We should throw him a party. A naked party." This from my daughter! "You don't mean the two of us?" "Well, why not? It's every guy's fantasy, right? Two babes wanting him all night long." Amy does have an idea, a pretty sexy idea. Good girl.

Hmm. "What if, the day before he leaves, I take the day off work. We can have a last fling with Adam and he'll never forget it. We'll have to swear him to everlasting secrecy but I trust him and we've already done so much anyway. What do you think, Amy?" "Well, we'd have to be pretty bold to do all this in front of each other. You are my mom." "True. Do you think you could do something like this? Naked and having sex with a guy and me being there and having sex with him, too?" "Can I think about it?

How about you, Mom, could you do it in front of me, with me doing things, too?" "Hmm, let's think about this and talk again tomorrow, okay?" "Okay." Well, there's something I'd never thought of, a mini-orgy with my nephew and my daughter. It's awful, maybe, but my panties are soaked just thinking about it. Amy: Omigod, I can't believe I thought of having a sex party for Adam with my mom and me being the only guests.

This is the stuff porn movies are made from. My mom is pretty liberal when it comes to things like sex and stuff, but this does take it to a new level, doesn't it? Fucking in front of Mom.

Giving a blowjob in front of Mom. Watching Adam lick me while my mom gives him a blowjob. Watching Adam lick my mom while I fuck him. Fucking him while Mom sits on his face. God, am I wet. My mother planned all this as my freshman introduction to sex and it looks like I might be taking a graduate course next. We would have all day Thursday and until Friday afternoon when Adam has to be at the airport at four-forty. So, a day and a half of wild threesome sex with Mom and my cousin.

I do trust Adam and so does Mom. God, this is some idea, huh? Do real people do stuff like this? Sure, in some ways it would be really exciting, downright erotic, to do this. We both have to go back to our vibrators after Adam leaves. It would be a hell of a memory.

I go to sleep thinking about it. Oh, and I did sneak out into the hall and, yes, I'm sure they're together in Mom's room. Oh, well, I'm kinda sore anyway. During the night, I keep waking up thinking about the threesome idea. I finally slept with a towel between my legs. The next morning I get up and slip into bed with Adam.

"Mmm, naked, how nice." "Mmm, so are you, Amy, mmm." We snuggle together as I felt his cock harden against me. I burrow under the covers and discover a very nice, hard penis waiting for a good-morning kiss. I run my hand under his balls as I begin to suck on his tip.

He moans a bit and I pull the covers off, it is getting warm and I am pretty hot, too. Sucking him, I have my butt up in the air and I feel his finger tracing up and down my wet pussy lips, then slowly press inside moving around in a circle caressing my insides. "Mmm," I moan as I suck on.

His finger is soon joined by another and it feels twice as good. His thumb is gently rubbing my outer labia. Oh, if we keep this up, we'll never have breakfast. I pop up, "Breakfast time. How about waffles, they're frozen but they're pretty good. Let's go." We run downstairs, I look back at Adam's dick bouncing up and down as he flys down the stairs; I have plans for it later. As the waffles brown in the toaster oven, we play with each other's fun parts. I just love playing with his dick, I even dab some syrup on it and then, of course, have to very carefully and thoroughly lick it all off.

Somehow, he gets syrup on my nipples. Pretty careless, we are. Back upstairs, we take a long and leisurely shower and towel each other off with great attention to little hidden spaces that are fun to dry. We make love nice and slow and each have very strong orgasms. This time I am up on my knees and elbows and Adam is behind. It is a position that I've since come to love especially when your lover reaches around and caresses your clit.

Then it's cum-time, for sure. Afterward, we give each other oral sex and I have a lovely orgasm. What a nice day. After lunch we take a quiet, naked nap and I slowly wake with the happy presence of a wonderfully hard penis next to me.

We quickly find just the spot to put it. I am on my back with my feet over Adam's shoulders and his cock is buried deeply in my love nest. When he holds himself down in me, I flex and relax my muscles to give us the most wonderful feeling like I was milking his cock. All those exercises have been worth it. The afternoon drifts by and sooner that I imagined, it was soon time to straighten up for Mom's arrival home.

Chapter 8 Kristen: These two teens have permanent smiles, it seems; that well-fucked look. Amy follows me upstairs while I changed. "About our little party for Adam, um, I've been thinking.

It would be pretty daring, you know, doing all that in front of each other. But, I think Adam would love it. Where else can a guy find two prettier women who want to make him happy. I think I'd like to do it, even in front of my mom." Well, the ball seems to now be in my court. My daughter is a pretty hot young lady. "Well, it would certainly be unforgettable for Adam.and for us, too.

I've never done anything quite like this before. I've tried to raise you to be open to sex and to enjoy it, I know I sure have. I guess maybe Adam is in for the going-away party of his life." Amy throws her arms around me and says, "Oh, we'll fuck him crazy. He'll be cummed-out for a month." "Well, Amy, you have quite a way of putting it, but I guess you're right. Lucky guy." Okay, that's it, a naked send-off party for Adam. I'll buy myself a Victoria's Secret babydoll nighty to match Amy's.

Adam'll like that. "Maybe we could have the dinner two nights before he leaves and I can take two days off from work and we can take him to the airport on the second afternoon.

He may need a stretcher. Now, just how do we do this?" I ask Amy. "I thought we could have a nice dinner, some champagne, if yong blonde beauty was cruelly fucked striptease hardcore okay with you, and then we could go change into something sexy, maybe even nothing, and come in together.

He'd burst right through his pants." "Oh, Amy, you think like your mother. I like the champagne idea, two bottles, maybe, we're not going anywhere, and I'll get myself a nighty like flashing on a bridge and fucking in cornfield p one I gave you. We'll be 'twins.' How's that?" "I can't wait to see the look on his face as we come in wearing those babydolls.

Wow." "Frankly, I can't wait to see the bulge in his pants. I'll tell him later that we're planning a nice dinner two nights before he leaves." So, it's set. Later, Adam raps softly and comes in. Naked, as usual, I get up and give him a nice long, wet kiss as he feels me all doggystyle fucking with mother i would like to fuck. "Let's get these pants off, then I have a surprise for you." "Oh, I can just imagine." "Maybe, maybe not." I tug his pants and briefs down, suck him for a few minutes, then pat the space next to me and say, "Sit down, Adam." I explain that I may not be home at dinner time on the last day he's here (A little white lie to cover the fact that Adam is getting almost two whole days of Amy and I, lucky dog.), so Amy wild anal copulation for cute asian schoolgirl I want to fix him a special dinner and dessert two nights before he leaves.

"Well, that's great, you don't have to but it would be nice." "Oh, Adam, we want to and it will be nice." Little does he know. "So, let's snuggle, I've missed you today." Wiggling against Adam's nakedness was lovely after a long day at work, his cock, an insistent reminder of things to come.

"Mmm, what's this? I ask as I reach sharon mitchell jay pierce marco in vintage sex scene. "Oh, that's for you, Kristen. I thought maybe you might think of something to do with it." "I have just the perfect place for it," and roll over on my back and spread wide for him.

Adam gets up on his knees between my legs, bends down and gives me a very nice lick and suck and tongue before he presses into me. Oh, he feels so good going in. No wonder Amy is so happy to have him all day. As we make love, my mind is really on what the upcoming dinner party and threesome may be like.

I've certainly seen Adam naked (he's really almost beautiful, something I'd probably never tell a guy, but he is.) and I've seen my daughter naked. Well, not a lot since she's become as developed as she is now, but we've never hidden away from each other, either.

But this will be a bit different. Well, she's fifteen and, in a couple of years, will be in college. I never thought I'd have the occasion to watch her give a blowjob or fuck a guy. And in two days, I'll be watching her do just that. And, she'll be watching her mother do just the same. Well, it's all part of life, isn't it? Even with my mind dwelling on the future, I manage to have a very good orgasm and I make sure that Adam had not a single sperm cell left in his body when he went off to his room.

The big day will be here soon enough. Amy: I've got a few days to psych myself up for our big fuck-fest (sorry for the directness but I'm entering new territory here and I'm pretty wound-up over it, wouldn't you be?) for Adam. Oh, he'll finally have a soft penis. We'll drain him dry. I'm imagining the scene a few nights from now as Mom and I ravish Adam; the poor guy doesn't have a chance. I know my Mom is pretty at-ease with sex, more than I am, so I've got to get over any shyness I've got about our new adventure.

Anyway, I get up to see Mom before she leaves for work to have a few minutes to talk. "Any advice for me, Mom? You know, about our party for Adam?" "Well, sweetie, confidence is always a good thing. Spend some time naked in front of your mirror looking at the beautiful body you have; convince yourself that you are the most desirable woman on earth.

That any man would want you, that you have a sexual power that is irresistible and a desire to give and receive pleasure as much as you're possible." "Well, I have learned that I'm desirable, Adam has shown me that. But I like your advice." "Well, I'm off to work and, at lunch, I've got a little shopping to do at Victoria's Secret. Gotta go. Have fun, you two." Oh, we do have fun, lots of fun. I love being naked all day with a handsome, also naked, guy as we fill the hours with each other.

We often tease each other to have some fun. I'll bend over him and say, "Suck, please," as I press a nipple to his lips or he'll grab my foot, open my legs, and ask, "May I kiss your lips, they're so pretty?" Or, I'll lift up his dick and ask, "May I put this away?

I have just the spot for it." Yes, a bit silly, but we've gotten very relaxed around each other. He's seen more of me, in great detail, than any other human being. And I love all the parts of him that have been inside me. Oh, do I. Kristen: Well, it's Wednesday afternoon and the big party is tonight. The dinner is already done and I've bought my nighty. Oh, it looked so good in the fitting room.

Watch out, Adam, we're coming after you. I'm quickly finishing up a few things knowing that I'm away from the office until Monday and as I do a final email check, my little 'egg' vibrator's battery runs out and my pussy tingle is fast fading away. Ah, well, it'll get tingly again very soon, I'm sure. When I get home, Adam and Amy are in the kitchen playing Scrabble (I bet they had fun today.

It's my turn soon.). I run upstairs to change and Amy follows me up. "Did you buy the nighty?" "Right here. Wanna see it on?" "Oh, yeah. Let me get mine, we'll try them out first." By the time I get mine on, Amy's back and she's slipping into hers. There's not much to these nighties, and we look good, very good. "Oh, Mom, you really look great in that.

Are we wearing the panties, too?" "Thanks, Amy, I need all the complements I can get at my age. I used to have breasts like yours. Just perfect, but there's a bit of droop these days. Still, not bad, though. Oh, panties? Nah, they just get in the way." "Oh, Mom, you are something. Poor Adam, he's in for a night." "Amy, you look so sexy. You have a perfect body.

Adam must love having you naked all day." "From the look of his 'dangly-part,' I'd say he does. It's usually pointing right at me." "The first of many, I expect, pretty daughter of mine. Now, let's dress for dinner and think 'sexy.'" Adam has on a navy Polo shirt and khakis and we're dressed in a nice, casual way.

Amy's skirt is shorter than mine and, I must say, for a fifteen-year old, she certainly has the legs for it. I don't know if she's wearing panties under it but I'm bare under mine. And a little damp. The candles are lit, champagne chilled, dinner served; it is a lovely time. As we finish, the three of us do a quick clean-up and Amy and I ask to be excused to get dessert ready.

Adam may have wondered when we go upstairs to get dessert but he just waited like the gentleman he is until our return. Upstairs, we chang (Yes, Amy was panty-less at dinner, she's her mother's child, for sure.) into the eyelet nighties, did a twirl in front of the mirror, look at each other and agree that Adam is truly a lucky fellow.

I pick up the can of whipped cream I'd left in my room earlier to warm a bit (I've done whipped cream on 'dessert' before and too cold is not sexy.). We skip down the stairs into the den where Adam is waiting. "Omigod, both of you. Both of you. I can't believe it. You two are so beautiful. God, no panties. I don't believe it." "Well, Adam, you better believe it.

Amy and I are here to give you a going-away party you'll never forget. And one we'll never forget. And, here's something that might help you if you need it," as I hand him a bottle of Viagra I keep around for guys who need a little help getting it up for seconds. "Geez, seventeen and Viagra. I might need it. Look at you two. Oh, wow. I never imagined. So, you both stacked stunner sophie dee gets nailed pornstars big tits, I finally figured out that you and Mom were having some fun after I went to bed.

I'm glad you did." "Well, Adam, isn't it about time you joined Amy and I and got naked?" I say as I pull off the nighty. As Amy sheds hers, Adam quickly gets undressed and presents us with his beautiful, hard cock. "Mmm, you look like you're ready.

How about your dessert?" I ask as I spray a dollop of whipped cream on each nipple and hand the can to Amy. "Oh, the nicest dessert I could ever want," he says as he bends over and sucks it all off.

"Oh, and Amy, too." I sit down, lean back and run a ribbon of whipped cream all around my labia. "Lots more, Playgirl is double permeated homemade and hardcore he's lapping up my love garden, Amy is writing, "Kiss me" on her stomach with an arrow pointing down. He looks up at her and laughs, whipped cream all over his face.

As soon as I'm clean, he's licking Amy's written suggestion clean, right down to her vulva which she has traced with cream.

So, I draw a nice big heart around my pussy and one little dab right in the middle. Adam is soon licking me clean, then Amy has him sit down where she sprays the topping all over his raging-hard cock. Over about the next twenty minutes, we take turns sucking it off and putting more on.

The one of us who is not busy cleaning him off leans over him rubbing her breasts in his face as he gropes for each of us. Chapter 9 Adam: Unbelievable. I have two of the most beautiful women in the world making love to me.

I've lusted over my Aunt Kristen ever since I first started getting erections. Now, her daughter has bloomed into a junior edition of her: hair, breasts, hips, legs and all. Kristen is sucking my whipped cream-coated dick and Amy is rubbing her breasts in my face as I rub her pussy between her wide-stanced legs. I may die from all this. Who cares. My two lovers switch places and I watch Amy spray her mouth full of whipped cream then lean forward and plunge her mouth over my cock.

The feeling is very soft and sensual. I plan to always have a can of whipped cream in my fridge the rest of my life. It is sensational. Kristen gently pushes me back on the sofa, then gets up on the cushions straddles me and presses her beautiful pussy to my face. I kiss and suck on her as Amy, down below, kisses and sucks on me. Oh, heaven. These two must have cooked this up and I couldn't be happier.

I've kept these two women separate in my days and nights and now it seems a bit weird to be made love to by both. They don't seem to be shy at all in front of each other and I'm getting all the benefit.

Oh, am I. They keep changing places often enough that I haven't cummed yet but I've been close a couple of times. I have never been so erotically stimulated in my life and, sadly, may never, ever again. Kristen stands up and says, "Enough fun, now we make love until we can't any longer, then we sleep and we have all day tomorrow and tomorrow night.

We can stay in my room. I've got the king-sized bed and Adam, here, is looking king-sized for sure. Let's go up, shall we?" These two must have worked out a plan but I was happy just to be led along not knowing what was next. There are candles and another bottle of champagne. Kristen pops the cork and pours us some. "A little taste?" she asks as she dabs a bit of the wine on her nipples. As I suck it off, I can see that Amy is also rubbing a bit on her nipples and along her slit.

What a way to go through a bottle of champagne. As I sit on the bed sucking Kristen's champagne-glazed nipples, Amy is underneath dipping my cock in her glass of champagne which she proceeds to lick off. Champagne and whipped cream, these two are pretty classy in the bedroom. "I guess we shouldn't make you choose which one of us you want first. Any ideas how to decide," asks Kristen.

"You go first Mom, I'd like to watch and I'll find something to keep myself busy with. Go ahead." So Kristen asks me to lay down then she swings over me and guides my eager cock into her waiting love tunnel. As she presses down, the feeling is lovely, like my cock is returning to where it belongs. She pushes all the way down until I am buried in her as deep as I can go, then she swirls her hips around setting off the fuse burning toward a fantastic orgasm in my very near future.

Amy gets up and straddles my face while holding on to the headboard and begins to gently rub her pussy all over my face. I've got my tongue out as she sweeps back and forth. She's going to grow up to be just like her mother. Think of all the lucky men in her future and I'm her first. That familiar electric feeling is spiraling up from my midsection and it burst through in a mind-numbing ejaculation into Kristen's deepest reaches. "Oh, Oh, UNGHH, UNGHH, uh, uh, oh, Kristen, oh." She doesn't slow down at all, just keeps going as I empty everything into her warm, deep clasp.

Amy lifts off my face, turns and gives me a beautiful, soft, deep kiss as her mother keeps grinding away on top of me. Soon, Kristen slides down on top of me and my cock partly pulls out of her as she kisses me. She has the sexiest ways to kiss and I love being kissed by her. Kristen and I are holding each other as Amy lays down on the other side and I'm sandwiched between these two naked beauties with their hands roving all over my body.

Yes, I'm getting hard again. "How about a double blowjob, Adam? That should be something you'd remember," asks Kristen. "Double? You mean, both of you?" "Exactly." "Oh, yeah." Amy: My mom is hot stuff. She's suggesting that we both get down and give Adam oral sex. What guy would not want that? So, I get up on my hands and knees and begin to suck Adam. My mom also gets on her hands and knees and starts to lick along the side of his cock as I concentrate on the tip.

Soon, we both started licking up and down and I feel his hand begin to rub back and forth along my wet and excited pussy lips. I look back and Mom is getting the same attention and is moving her butt around helping him rub. Good idea, so I did the same and, oooh, that feels nice. Mom starts sucking his tip as I feel his finger gently sip inside my tingly slit.

Mmm, nice. I am licking around the base of his dick; we are trying to share Adam's cock between us as he fingers us both. Soon, I take over sucking the end of his dick. It's almost like we are in a race to see who can make Adam cum first.

Mom is now sitting over his face as she tongues his navel and is having her pussy licked and tongued by Adam who I can hear begin to moan softly as I milk his cock with my mouth. Adam begins to tense and buck as I suck him to orgasm. "UNGHH, UNGHH, UGG, ugg, uhh." At the same time as Adam is filling my mouth with his warm cum, my mom, who seductive babe gets fucked by a strapon toy rubbing her pussy back and forth across Adam's face, begins to moan loudly, "Mmmm, mmmm, oh, god, Adam, suck me, suck me, UUH, UUH, ohh, ohh, god, Adam, oh, oh." In a minute, Mom gets up off Adam and I take her place.

I'd like a little pussy-licking myself. And Adam is great at it. Just ask Mom. Adam: Amy sucked me off as Kristen rode my face and tongue to a terrific orgasm; she really got off from my oral; oh, is she sweet. For a while, they were both licking and sucking on me with their butts in the air while I rubbed and fingered them both.

Two beautiful butts; Amy's small and cute with pretty little lips winking back at me, Kristen's plumper, rounder butt with a pair of larger lips with glistening inner labia peeping out so invitingly. Now Kristen is squatting backwards over my cock gripping it and rubbing it back and forth up and down her orbed pussy lips still moist from my tonguing.

I may have just cummed in Amy's mouth but Kristen's wet pussy lips felt wonderful being rubbed over my cock tip. Amy has the sweetest, prettiest pussy I've ever seen. It is perfectly in two halves like a peach, each side a plump half-moon of sensual delight. I could live happily forever with her pussy in my face. As she rubs her wet vulva up and down my tongue, she starts to circle her hips and bear down a bit more. "Oh, god, Adam, you're making me cum, oh, OHH, OHH, OHH, uuh, uuh, mmm." As Amy climaxes, she keeps sweeping her drenched pussy over my happy face.

Kristen, by now, has reenergized my cock and has it inside her, bobbing up and down. Amy girl in stockings gets her ass drilled me and begins to uncensored amazing sex stories free solmom julia ann and lick our juices off my face, stopping once in a while to kiss me deeply. Oh, heaven. Kristen, as she can do so well, is gripping my cock in her, just milking me each time she pulls up.

She is in beautiful physical condition and Amy has told me that both of them do exercises to tone and strengthen my sexy fit tanned sister with big ass pelvic muscles so they are better in bed. Boy, it works. For both of them. And, I get the results. She keeps rocking back and forth and I know that, soon, I'm going have all my cum sucked out of me, again, by Kristen's experienced and supple pussy.

This is a woman who is proud to be a woman and loves being a woman. She told me late one night after fucking for almost two hours, that a man has a penis and a woman has two nipples, a clit and a G-spot for her pleasure and that she was happy with being a woman.

She can cum multiple times and that she uses a makeup brush to keep her clit and labia sensitive. It has just the right softness, she said. And it can send her into a dreamy state of tingly arousal. Kristen: God, what a night, so far. By far the most erotic event in my lifetime. And Amy is a little tigress. For fifteen, she's way over the sexual skill and sophistication of any guy her age.

Yes, even Adam. There are two happy pussies and one happy cock in my bed right now as Amy and I lay in an 'Adam' sandwich. We are both playing with his pecker, I feel her hand as I touch and fondle him. "I'm sticky and sweaty, you two, how about a nice warm shower? I ask. "Good idea, Mom, sticky is right.

Adam, your cum is everywhere." "Oh, I know, and I love it. I put it in the two prettiest pussies on earth. Now I can go wash them and make 'em nice and clean.

Let's go." Adam says he'd like to shave first so he doesn't chafe us (isn't he thoughtful?) and Amy and I decide that we should shave as well. We take turns shaving Adam (Amy gets his face, I save the best for me.). Then Adam shaves Amy and I, both underarms and pussies, which he takes great care and attention in lathering.

My shower is the largest and I got it nice and warm, we got in, got wet, then I turned it off and Amy and I let Adam soap ebony full sex stories sexi story all up.

He really has practiced coed showers while staying with us, he's never been cleaner, I'm sure. So, Adam has Amy and I all lathered and we begin rubbing our soapy bodies all over him. Oh, this is a nice way to shower; I'm sure Adam is loving it. Amy is making sure a certain part of him is very, very clean. All clean now, we rinse off, get out and Amy volunteers to towel off Adam while Adam dries me, then Amy.

"Well, we three have all day tomorrow so I suggest we get a good night's sleep. And I propose we all sleep together in my nice, comfy king-sized bed; clothing optional, of course. Adam, you get the middle; Amy and I like to share. As you know so well. As I turn out the light, I turn to snuggle against Adam, reaching down to his cock only to find Amy's already there.

"Sorry, Mom, we can share, okay," as she moves her hand so we can both grip Adam's lovely and well-used cock. It takes a while for sleep to come; each of us finding something to feel, fondle or kiss keeps sleep from intruding too quickly on our triple lovefest.

But it does come. In the middle of the night, I feel Adam gently sucking on my left nipple. Mmm, this is nice, I thought and just drifted back to sleep, a warm tingle softly cuddling me to slumber. As the daylight slowly filtered in, there began some movement among the three of us.

Arms moving over one another, hands seeking out familiar places, legs entwining. We had the entire day ahead of us, Adam, Amy and I. I get up to pee and when I come back, Amy is down sucking on Adam's cock.

I tell her to save his cum for after breakfast, so she sits up, turns and puts a leg over Adam's head and begins rubbing her pussy down. So, I told them I was putting the coffee on and to come down for breakfast and asa and jessica bangkok back at it again asa akira pornstar to be too long.

Like mother, like daughter. Chapter 10 Adam: I'm in one of my very favorite places, Amy's pussy. What a way to wake up in the morning, a fifteen-year old pussy pushed into your face.

And her naked mother, telling us we need mom like porn with son her panty removal full vid movie come help get breakfast ready. This must be a dream. I have cummed so many times since I came to stay, it's a wonder I can even get a hard-on.

But I do. I tell Amy that I love her pussy but I need to pee and then we need some food. "Just eat me, I'm very nutritious", she teases. As we enter the kitchen, Kristen is at the stove wearing an apron cooking bacon which smells wonderful. "Got all dressed up, huh, Mom?" "Bacon grease is very unpleasant when it spatters. I take no chances. And Adam can admire my behind as I cook," and she gives her butt a little wiggle. I walk up behind her (my hard cock reaches her first.) and slip my hands under and around to the front of the apron cupping a breast in each hand.

"That's nice, Adam, but you are distracting me, nicely, but distracting. Go feel up Amy, I'll be finished in a minute that you can feel me up all you want.

And all I want." What an invitation. So, I go sit at the table next to Amy and begin to suck her left breast and play with the right. She reaches down and begins to fondle my dick which is ready for a new day with these two seductive creatures.

Amy spreads her legs as I'm caressing her breasts and I drop a hand to play with her delightful pussy. "Put a finger in, Adam," she whispers and I comply as any man would.

She is very wet as she was earlier when we were upstairs. "Okay, come and get it. Everything's ready." It was surprising how relaxed we are having breakfast together, me and my aunt and my cousin, beautifully naked. It is starting to seem natural. Except that I still had a raging hard-on. "What's that under your napkin, Adam," Kristen asks. "Oh, something that I'm saving for the two of you.

For after breakfast." "Can I peek?" asks Amy as she lifts the napkin. "Wow, that looks nice. I can't wait." After the kitchen is cleaned up, we trail one another back up to the master suite and Kristen asks me if I would like to take turns giving them oral.

"I'd love nothing better." With that Kristen gets a chair and pulls it over near the bed. She sits on the bed facing the chair, has Amy sit in the chair facing her and asks me to sit on the floor between both their legs. I happily comply and have two beautiful pussies on either side of my head as I sit between them. I am in heaven. I don't know who I started on but it was sweet and wet and I am rubbing and fingering the other. Surrounded by pussy.

When I am licking one, she is petting and stroking my face as I look up at her contented eyes. I really never want to turn away from one to the other but I also want them to both have all the pleasure I can give. Was I hard. As I lick and suck Kristen, she's rubbing her clit and I take turns licking and sucking it as well. Her clit is really out, I've never seen it so exposed and easy to suck on.

She squirms when I suck there and soon she stiffens and pulls my head into her love garden and humps my face as I suck away. "Oh, god, Adam, suck me, oooh, yeah. Mmmm, mmm." I turn my wet face up look up at her and she's smiling down at me and say, "Thank you, Adam, that was lovely, really wonderful." With that, she lay back on the bed and I turned my attention to her daughter. Amy's legs are wide open, her feet up on the edge of the bed, ready for my mouth and tongue which is wet with Kristen's moisture.

As I burrow between her thighs, I feel Kristen take my cock in her mouth and begin a gentle sucking. She is on the floor and turned so she can reach me as I lick and tongue Amy. This is unbelievable. As I lick up and down, Amy pulls her labia apart and I begin to suck up near her clit. She bucks against me a bit and I slide a finger inside her waiting warmth and twist up toward her g-spot.

"Mmm, Adam, that's just right, do that, right there. Mmm, don't stop, rub right there. Ohhh, mmm." She's squirming in her seat and I'm trying to keep my attention on her clit and pussy though Kristen is sucking me into heaven.

"Oh, oh, god, oh, oh, oh. That was so good. Wonderful. My pussy is so happy. I want to suck you." Amy stands up and pulls me to the bed and gets over me and begins sucking where her mother just left off. "I'm getting up on top, Adam," says Kristen as she climbs over me and lowers down over my face. Sucked by Amy, pressed into Kristen's gaping wetness is my idea of bliss. I suck and get sucked until my body simply melts into an enormous orgasm.

I've had some good ones in my life and a number of fabulous ones from these two goddesses who are so adept at extracting the cum out of the male penis. "Oh, my god, you two are fabulous. I love you two so much." "We love you, too, Adam," says Amy as they both surround me with their arms and legs and breasts. I am pressed between two beauties that have just taken me to the stars and back. Kristen's hand is rubbing my poor spent cock which can only respond halfheartedly.

Amy: I just love sucking Adam. He has given me such wonderful orgasms with his cock and tongue and I just want to make him happy as much as I can. One thing I have certainly learned in the last few weeks is that this fifteen-year old girl can make a guy very happy with her body.

And, I've learned just how much of both fun and joy it is to do just that. I have never felt so happy, so sexy, so satisfied in my life. Adam and I have all day, every day to make each other happy. I've gotten so used latin babe alessandra miller gets fucked and cum sprayed being naked that when I do get dressed, it feels odd, confining.

And, being nude all day with a guy has given us an intimacy and comfortableness that I love. I think nothing of just bending down to give Adam's cock a suck whenever I might feel like it.

Or he'll just start kissing and sucking my breasts while we eat lunch. We just have total access to each other's bodies all day long. And now, I'm getting a first hand view of my mother and how she handles sex. I just hope to someday be as experienced and adept at lovemaking as she is.

I watch her give a blowjob to Adam as I am riding his face. She really is good, I learn a few things as I get my pussy sucked on. Nice way to learn. At first, seeing my mother naked seemed strange. We do live together but really haven't ever paraded around naked in front of each other.

Oh, there have been glimpses and all, but with our threesome with Adam, I think I know ever bit of my mom's body. And I'm sure she knows mine. We decide to shower and all three ease into the master shower stall. It was a bit tight, but we slide around each other after we soap up and help each other get clean.

Mom and I tke turns getting Adam's dick clean, clean, clean. Returning to Mom's room, she starts laughing when we go in. "Look at my sheets. Spots everywhere. Somebody has been having lots of fun in here." "Look, Mom," I said, "Adam's getting refreshed, it's up." "Come on ladies, give me a few minutes. If you both lay down, I'll kiss you both." So, we both get on the bed with our legs spread wide and Adam starts on me first. I look down and his hand is over between my mom's legs fingering her.

This guy is having a busy morning. We break for lunch which gives Adam a chance to rest his cock. As Mom prepares sandwiches, Adam and I sit at the table as I play with his dick. "Look Mom, Adam's getting hard again. Hurry with lunch." "Oh, Amy, let poor Adam have a little more rest." "Let her be, Kristen, it feels nice. She can do that all she wants." I am sitting there with my legs apart so Adam can pet my little kitty if he feels like it. I have gotten used to sitting with my legs apart since Adam and I started having sex.

Usually, girls keep them closed but I know I'll get some extra fun if I keep them 'open-for-business.' Mom suggests that we all take a nap so "poor" Adam can rest up. She just wants his cock nice and hard. Well, not a bad idea, actually. So, off to nap time after lunch. We sleep 'til almost two o'clock. Chapter 11 Kristen: We wake up slowly, each of us fondling something nearby, laying there comfortably in a nice afternoon haze of sexual bliss.

Amy says, "Hey, Mom, I got him hard again. Time to wake up." That's my girl. I turn to Adam and, sure enough, his cock is at full mast. "Oh, how nice, Adam," I say as I bend down and give his rested cock a nice suck. "Mmm, that feels good. Oh, yeah." "Well, let Amy have a little, too," and I relinquish Adam's cock to my daughter who begins to suck away enthusiastically. "Not too quick, Amy. We have all afternoon." So, Amy mounts him facing away and I mount his face, facing away.

We both rock back and forth in a slippery tempo of pleasure. I look back and can see Amy is using all the muscles in her pelvis to tighten around Adam each time she pulls up. Good girl. And, as you might imagine, Adam has a fantastic orgasm and fills my daughter's pussy with his happy cum. I can see some of the cummy juices squeezing out as she continues to move up and down. In the meantime, Adam's face is buried between my legs as I scoot back and forth across his mouth.

Oh, this feels good. A man's lips and tongue always feel good on a woman's pussy. I've heard other women say the knew men who wouldn't go down on them but, thankfully, I've never known any.

In the time Adam has been with us, he's had his lips on a lot of pussy. I know I love it, always have since the first time when I was thirteen, and Amy has told me that she loves her pussy licked. Adam is her first and I know he's good at it. Oh, I know for sure. And he is bringing me to orgasm soon, I can feel it. My orgasm comes soon after Adam's and I get off him and lean down to kiss his beautiful, wet and smiling face. Amy is down licking the traces of cum off his cock as he fingers her kneeling next to him.

"I want your tongue now, Adam, are you up for it?" asks Amy. "You gave me such a great cum that I want to give you one, Amy, bring that beautiful little pussy to me." Adam: I decided at lunch to take one of the pills that Kristen gave me, Viagras, you know. Maybe it'll keep me hard longer. These two are more even that Bigtitted destiny dixon in lingerie sensual tease can handle and I seem to have a hard-on all the time.

So, I did get a very nice hard-on and my face felt warm and, as far as I can tell, the pill helped me keep an erection in spite of the two beautiful women trying to make my dick go limp, I want to keep myself as hard as I can to satisfy Amy and Kristen. They deserve it. Oh, do they deserve it.

Kristen has me lay on her bed crossways in the middle and she and Amy lay down, Amy with her pussy near my head, Kristen with her mouth near my cock. We just pleasure each other for I don't know how long. Kristen is licking and sucking my dick and she is masterful at it.

I am licking Amy's pretty pussy as she strokes my face lovingly with her hand. Soon, Kristen says, "Oh, you are nice and hard again. My turn, okay, Adam?" "Oh, yeah, you want on top?" "I love it and, Amy, you can find something for you to do with your tongue, can't you, Amy?" "Oh, I'll try." So, Kristen lowers herself onto my newly invigorated shaft and Amy squats over my face, presenting me with what might be the prettiest pussy on earth.

Certainly the prettiest I've ever seen. She has the most beautiful, compact body of any female I've ever seen. And I love each square inch. And I've licked every square inch. "Oooh, you're hard, Adam. Did you take one of those pills?" "Yeah, it helps, huh?" "Well, you feel like you have an iron rod in your cock. Mmm, nice. Wasn't sure what it would do on a guy your age but with the workout we've given you, it seems to help." "I do feel harder, maybe even bigger." "I'm getting jealous, you two.

I want Adam next, Mom. Okay?" "God, I love this." "Oh, Adam, you're going to miss us, Amy and I." "Don't talk about it. Let's just have fun now, okay?" Kristen is pumping up and down over me as she flexes her vaginal walls sending me into ecstasy.

She can work my cock like a machine. "Oh, Adam, suck me. I'm gonna, UGH, UNGH, UNGH, oh, Adam." Amy leans forward, releasing my mouth from her wetness as she lays there panting. "Oh, god, I love you sucking on me. That was lovely, Adam, thank you. Whew, I need some rest." Kristen now leans back, still pumping me in and out of her pussy which is wet and shiny as I rub my thumb around her clit which is swollen and pink. "Oh, Adam, you are so hard. Feels so good, I think.uh, uh, oh, yeah, oh, yeah, here it comes, I'm.UNGHH, UNGHH, UNGHH, unghh, oh, oh, so good, Adam, so good." Amy: I just love watching my mom have an orgasm.

I know that sounds weird and all but she is such a sexy woman that it just gets me off to see her made so happy. Boy, she just had a great one, too. We are all just cuddled together basking in the warm intimacy of our lovemaking.

I reach over to hold Adam's cock and feel my Mom's already there. "Well, Amy, you get Adam next, take over," and she places my hand on his cock which I caress with my fingers. I tell Adam that I want to make love 'doggie-style' so I get on the bed and he pushes into me from behind.

Ah, yes, I think Mom is right, Adam is harder. Maybe even bigger. All I know is his cock feels wonderful fucking me from behind. As he pushes forward, I press back and he goes even deeper; it feels deeper than he's ever been in me before. "Mmm, Adam, god, are you deep. Oh, just keep it deep like that." It was a whole new feeling layered on to of the ecstasy of lovemaking that I was feeling.

Every time he pushes in me, I push back on him. This is fabulous. I look back and Mom is standing next to Adam and his head is turned toward her sucking her left nipple.

This guy may never live through all this. He pushes, I push, he seductive blonde has her juicy snatch hammered, I push and soon, I'm getting the feeling that an orgasm is on the way; a big one.

Oh, yes. "Oh, yeah, oh, yeah, UNHHH, UNHHH, ughh, ughh, oh god, oh so good, oh god, oh, oh." I'm rather sore but oh so happy. "Oh my god, Adam, that was so good. Best ever. Wow. I feel drained. And so, so happy." He is holding still now as I buck against him, tensing my muscles to grip his cock tight.

"Uhh, uhh, UHNG, UHNG, oh, uh, uh. Oh, wow, that is fantastic, Amy, fantastic." We turn to each other and fall on the bed in a massive hug and hold each other as the feelings slowly come slipping back to earth. Mom lay on the other side of Adam and the three of us just laze in the peacefulness of the afternoon. As the light begins to fade, we three nestle there in the collective warmth of each other. Chapter 12 Kristen: "I've got a lasagna ready for the oven.

Let me go put it in. You two behave yourselves while I'm gone." As Amy reaches for Adam's cock, I say, "Amy, must you play with Adam's dick all the time? Poor guy." "Mom, if Adam doesn't want me to, he can ask me to stop." "No I won't, ever." "Well, I may play with it myself when I get back." So, the dinner is in the oven and the timer set. I have just enough time to get back upstairs to play with Adam myself. "My turn, Amy," I say as I bend down to take Adam in my mouth.

Amazingly, he's somewhat hard so I begin to do my famous mouth-to-cock resuscitation technique on him. There is life there and he should be a ready young man after dinner. How nice for us both. We each have a glass of red wine with dinner, naked at the kitchen table, taking turns playing with our favorite toy under the table. Back upstairs, Adam sports a very nice erection which Amy and I both admire.

As he sits on my bed, I walk to him, take hold of his cock and say, "I believe I get this next," and lay down and motion Adam to kneel in front of me. I pull my knees to my chest and Adam movs forward to press his cock against my pussy which is peering out from between my thighs. He leans forward on my shins and pushes inside my wet lips. Ah, yes, that wonderful feeling of a man's cock filling me up. Heaven. Amy is sitting in the chair across the room watching us as she slowly fingers herself.

The position I chose is one of my favorites as it holds my pussy lips tightly closed and allows the man to drive deeply into me. The best of all worlds. Good for him, good for me. "Oh, Kristen, this feels so good, god, I love fucking you." "Mmm, me too. You are nice and hard. I love you deep in me. Yeah, it feels really good, deep, nice and deep." "Oh, man, I'm not gonna last much longer. You.unh, UNH, UNH, ugh, ugh, oh, yeah, oh." I can feel Adam's cum and my juices trickling down my butt, my sheets are a mess from all the lovemaking among the three of us.

But what fun we've had. "Let me lick you, Kristen. Maybe I can get you to cum." Adam's is a proposition I never refuse. Ever since my first time, I have always loved to have a guy down between my legs making me cum. I was thirteen at the time and Bill Michaels had dared me to do oral sex with him. I don't take dares lightly and, that day, I ended up with a mouth full of cum and the most fantastic orgasm of my life. Well, up to that point. Oh, the ones since, many of the best were from oral.

Adam: Kristen has all the experience needed to make a man supremely happy in bed. She is a sexual powerhouse who has worked hard at making herself an erotic superstar with a man's cock. I can't even imagine her daughter when Amy is her age. All I know is that they have made me supremely happy. I love being between Kristen's legs, her love box is so sensitive, every lick, every suck, every kiss I know sends waves of pleasure through her.

I could live between her legs. Sucking her clit, I slide two fingers into her yearning labia and feel around inside her lovely pussy. "Mmm. Mmm. Oh, Adam, that's nice. Oh, right there. Right there. OH, OH, UHHH, UHHH, uhh, uhh, oh, oh. Oh, Adam, don't stop, honey, don't stop." God, I love giving this woman orgasms.

She really has strong orgasms and lets you know that you have pleased her enormously. I love that. "Come here, Adam, hug me, baby." I move up and Kristen wraps her arms around me and we hold each other in a fog of sensuousness.

I feel Amy crawl next to me with her front pressed to my back. It feels wonderful being sandwiched between these two lovers of mine. We must have fallen asleep for a while because it was about ten fifteen when I felt Kristen get up to use the bathroom. Amy snuggled closer and rubbed her hand on my semi-hard cock. "Mmm, you're soft, Adam. Want a little suck?" "Amy, hon, I was asleep, it gets soft sometimes when I'm asleep." "Oh, Adam, not when I'm around.

I love playing with your cock." As wonderful as Kristen is, I simply am overwhelmed at the budding sexuality of her daughter. She is a sex kitten growing into a sex tigress. Oh, I love them both.

"Can I see if I can get you hard? Pretty please?" How can I turn down this offer. She disappears under the sheet and begins to suck my hardening cock. Kristen, in the meantime, comes back to bed and says, "My god, Amy, let the poor guy get some rest," to which I reply, "This guy is getting hard again. Anyway, it feels good." "I forget how you young guys are, Adam, sorry." Kristen says she's going to sleep as we all have a busy morning in bed tomorrow and that she wants to be fresh to enjoy each other on my last day.

Amy climbs up from under the covers and we hug and play with each other for a while and doze off ourselves. Amy: It's so nice to drift off to sleep next to Adam, all nice and naked. The last thing remember is holding his cock and rubbing the tip with my thumb. Sometime in the middle of the night, I hazily feel one of my nipples being sucked and feel Adam's breath on my breast. "Mmm, that's nice," I whisper. "Nice way to wake up." "I want to fuck you, Amy." "Let's get on the floor so we don't wake Mom, okay." "Put your pillow under your butt so I can get in you really deep.

Sound good?" So, we have a very nice, but quiet, little screw on the floor right under my sleeping mom. It takes about fifteen minutes until Adam cums and I lock my legs around him holding his cock deep inside.

"Can you cum, too, Amy?" "It's okay. It was nice just like this. Don't worry." "I'll lick you then." And sweet Adam gets between my legs and begins making me a very happy girl.

I still didn't cum but I am so very happy when we get back into bed that I drift off to sleep and don't wake up again until almost eight-thirty. Mom is already up and Adam has a leg thrown over my hip, so I have to sneak out from under him to go pee.

Hot brunette babe rides a big black cock

When I come out of the bathroom, he is there waiting to use it after me. I can't believe he has an erection. Mom and I'll take care of that after breakfast. Mom is making scrambled eggs and toast as Adam come in and sit down.

As we have been for a day and a half, we are each naked except for Mom who is wearing an apron. Her butt looks pretty peeking out from the apron strings. "Sit here, Adam.

I'll play with that if you like," as I take hold of his half-hard cock. "Oh, Amy, you can play with me anytime." "Okay, you two, time to eat. The food, that is. You teenagers can't keep your hands off each other, can you?" "Oh, Mom, you just want to play with Adam yourself, right?" "Well, I can eat one-handed." So, Mom begins to rub Adam's cock as we eat.

Adam seems happy and I had a middle-of-the-night fuck that I can still feel a little bit. After we clean up the kitchen, it is back upstairs for brushing teeth and a nice, soapy threesome shower, Mom and I taking turns on our favorite part of Adam. All, clean and dry, we fall into bed together. Mom starts sucking Adam, I love watching her, she really knows what she's doing. And, Adam really does seem hard. Maybe he took another of those pills Mom gave him. Hope so, it's more for me.

She gets up over him and I watch Adam's cock slowly slide into my mother's wet pussy. If that sounds weirdly erotic, it was. And we both seem to be very wet women. Drippy pussies that just need to be licked dry as often as possible. As soon as Mom is in place, I think I'll get up over Adam and give him a face full of my little pussy to lick on. As I swing my leg up over Adam's head, he says, "Oh, pretty," as I lower down and feel his tongue trace an outline of my labia.

A shiver of pleasure goes through me as my mom rocks up and down just behind me. I couldn't help but think about how odd it seems that I've been fucking a boy as my mother watches and that she has sex with him at the same time.

Well, it is fun and exciting. I look down at Adam as I sweep my pussy across his face. He looks happy and I know I is happy. And my mom sounds happy rocking away behind me. The three of us all have orgasms within about two minutes of each other. After, we all collapse in a pile of naked arms and legs.

Adam finds my pussy with a finger as I widen to let him in. Mom leans over Adam and whispers, "Happy, Adam?" "Oh, I never thought for a minute that I'd be this happy, ever. I love you both. You two have given me so much, so much of yourselves.

I love you." We all hug in a naked and happy heap and sexy shoplifter mia martinez gets her cunt smashed pornstars hardcore doze off in a lazy cuddle. Chapter 13 Kristen: As I wake up, I can see Amy up over Adam sucking his cock as he licks her pussy.

What a nice way to wake up with all this lust and loving going on around me. I know my daughter is happy. Unfortunately, we have to take Adam to the airport later this afternoon and then return home to a male-less household. As I watch them, Adam wrenches and cums into Amy's mouth as a bit runs down her chin. Ah, it's happened to me many a time. She starts bucking against Adam and I can see her close her eyes and clench her teeth as she orgasms from Adam's tongue.

We lay there for a few minutes, then get up for lunch. Adam asks for another one of my blue pills that I keep for when things go soft and Amy and I take turns groping him lesbo stunners spread their deep anuses and bang big toys the table. As we are putting our plates and glasses away, Amy says, "Look, Mom, Adam's hard again," and, sure enough, his pretty cock is standing ready to greet us for our final hours of fun. "Wow, this stuff works, even on teenagers.

I teen cutie vienna black gets humped and cum sprayed believe it, I'm hard as a rock. Well, I need to properly thank my hostess for everything she has given me while I stayed here. I've enjoyed every minute." So, we go back to my room and Adam says, "Kristen, I want to make love to you the way we did the first time." So, I lay down, spread my legs apart and he enters me deeply.

I can tell he was very hard, rock hard, oh, it feels good. Amy is kneeling behind him with her arms around him rubbing his chest, pinching cute blonde teen shoplifter having a quick freedom fuck nipples and running one hand up under him. I am getting what is known as a 'hard fuck' as Adam thrusts in and out taking very long and deep strokes.

Each time he pulls up, he almost comes out, then plunges in as hard as he can. God, am I getting fucked. And, even though I'm a bit sore, am I loving it. "Push all the way in and hold it there, Adam." Mmm, oh, he's really deep. I clench my pelvic muscles and ask him, "Just move in and out a little, just back and forth. Mmm, that's good, just like that. Feel good?" "Oh, does it, you are wonderful. Oh." Watching Amy's hands caressing Adam's body adds something to the eroticism of our lovemaking.

I guess Amy is well-schooled in sex by now, she's had a lot and she's watched her mother do it all kinds of ways. Family fun, I think with a smile on my face.

Adam's hard and swollen cock is giving me the familiar 'I'm about ready to cum' feelings as he continues to take slow, short movements deep inside me. Oh, I love it this way. Deep and slow. "Oh, Adam, I'm near, just keep, ooh, ooh, UNGHH, UNGHH, uh, uh, oh, Adam, oh, Adam. Mmm." No sooner than I cum, Adam begins speeding up and "Oh, god, oh, Kristen, your pussy is so.unh, unh, unh, oh, soo good," and slowly collapses forward on me pushing as deep as he can go. "Oh, Adam, thank you, that was so good.

You are so good. I love you." "Oh, I love you too, and I love Amy, too. This is so great. I love you both. So much." "We're going to miss you, Adam, a lot.

I want you and Amy to have some time alone before we have to get ready. About an hour, okay. I hope you two enjoy each other." And I get up, grab a robe and leave the room with cum running down my legs.

When I get downstairs, I wipe it all off and lick my fingers. It may be the last cum I taste for a while. Adam: I lay on Kristen's bed with Amy sitting next to me playing with what has become her favorite thing when she says, "Can I suck you and see how hard you get, see if you're ready, yet?" "Oh, Amy, you don't need to ask." So, Amy takes my just-beginning-to-recover cock in her pretty, little mouth and begins to suck life back into me.

Oh, does this feel good. "Mmm, you're pretty hard again, Adam. I want to get on top, this may be our last time for a while and I want to give you something to remember me by." So, Amy gets over me and squats down on my revived member and I watch as she descends slowly taking me deep inside.

She is so nice and tight inside and when she goes up and down on me, it sends waves of pleasure all across me. Oh, am I going to miss Amy. I close my eyes as she pumps up and down. Again, she's using her muscles to simply suction the cum out of me.

It is the most incredible feeling, only surpassed by her mother who, I think has taught her daughter almost everything she knows. And does she know how to fuck. "Oh, mmm, Adam, you're really hard, french teen sex on bed feels so good. Um, mmm, mmm." I love Amy up on top of me so I can rub her pretty breasts and her little clit which I do as she rocks me to heaven.

"Oh, Adam, that's so good, oh, Adam, I.UNGH, UNGH, oh, god, that's so good, I love fucking you, oh, Adam. Mmm. Thank you Adam, that was wonderful." She's grinding down on me and twisting her hips as I am driven to her depths. It feels like I am being massaged on the tip of my cock and that's all I needed. "Oh, god, Amy, Uuuh, UUH, UUH, oh, yeah, oh yeah, mmm. Oh, Amy, blonde and maid take two black cocks was fantastic." And she falls forward and we kiss for a long time.

It feels so nice to still be inside her and we kiss more and more. "Adam, I love you and will never forget all the love we've had together." "Mmm, I love you, too, Amy. I'm so lucky to have been with you like this. Oh, I do love you. You are so sweet and wonderful." We kiss a bit longer as the tip of my cock remains in the warm and welcome spot between Amy's legs. There's a knock on the door and Kristen tells us that we had better be finishing what we were doing because we need to get dressed and all.

"Yeah, we better get going. I'm gonna miss you Amy. We'll email and IM each other, okay? I'll send you some dirty emails. That'll be fun, huh?" "Are you going to copy in my mom?" she snickered. "Nah, I may send her some of her own." "Ha, she'd like that, for sure." Amy: Oh, am I going to miss my first lover. This has been so wonderful.

And the last day and a half has been a really wild experience. Adam and my mom and I all naked together in a wonderful love session. What other fifteen-year old girl is going to have that experience? But now it's time to take him to the airport. Oh, I hate this part, I've known it would come all along and as we became more and more intimate with each other, I knew our parting would be difficult.

But, there's nothing, really, to be done about it.

So, we load up Adam's suitcase (I snuck a pair of my favorite panties into a little pocket on the inside, angelina jolly xxx sex stories full sax and drive to the airport and park. We know we can't check through with him or wait behind the security area, so we make our goodbyes in the ticket area.

Mom takes Adam aside and they kiss and talk for about five minutes. I just hope no one realizes that she and Adam are aunt and nephew; they sure aren't kissing like that.

Then, Adam comes over to me. We hug and kiss and tell each other that we love each other and that we can't wait until we can be together again. Sadly, the flight is announced for boarding and we must let Adam go. As Mom and I are driving home, my phone rings and I look at the picture being sent; a nice, clear image of my favorite part of Adam.